dj-fuIs there anyway I can tell apt-get to install stuff to a specific directory12:11
shawarmathat would violate the entire idea of our packaging.12:12
sahafeezI added a question to this doc - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAP-Samba_PDC_%28for_Linux_and_Windows%29#preview12:12
dj-fuIt wouldn't violate my idea of packaging12:12
dj-fubeing a community focused distro and all12:12
sahafeezat the bottom. anyone here have any thoughts as it has not been answered12:12
=== dj-fu grudgingly copies all of the installed php files
shawarmadj-fu: Just symlink it?12:13
dj-fumove it and then symlink to it, symlinking to it is an inapplicable idea unfortunately12:13
=== dj-fu rejoices @ apache 2.2, php, perl, mysql in mod_security chroot
dj-fuIt's a shame that the licensing difficulties are restricting Ubuntu from moving forward, mod_security is pretty gangsta12:20
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r00tintheb0xhey all03:17
r00tintheb0xAnyone know how to keep SSHd from being hammered.03:18
r00tintheb0xLike setting a retry timeout?03:18
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pschulz01I am looking to install an IRC server with SSL. Does anyone here have any preferences? There are the following packages to choose from dancer-ircd, ircd-hybrid,ircd-irc2, ircd-ircu, ngircd, rageircd  07:03
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[miles] morning guys10:26
[miles] I've put apt-proxy on a 6.06LTS server10:26
[miles] it's working for the clients that are feisty10:26
[miles] but for edgy clients, nope10:26
[miles] :-\10:26
[miles] any ideas please?10:26
Kamping_Kaiserwhat 'doesnt work' about it?10:27
=== kjaer [n=kresten@ip0-139.vejen-net.dk] has joined #ubuntu-server
[miles] it just sits there when trying to get the headers10:28
[miles] it's connecting10:28
[miles] I can do a telnet from the edgy client to the proxy...10:28
Kamping_Kaiserdrat. dinner. 30-60 minutes and i'll be back10:28
[miles] also when I do the update, I can see in the server that netstat shows the tcp connection10:28
[miles] np10:28
[miles] :)10:28
[miles] enjoy10:28
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fooNow if only dell sold servers with ubuntu LTS :)11:11
[miles] jeje11:11
Kamping_Kaiser[miles] , are you sure your sources are set correctly for edgy on the apt-proxy/client, and are you sure the mirror your pointing to is currently online/working?11:13
[miles] yep11:14
[miles] there correct11:14
Kamping_Kaiserso if you let the edgy system connect directly to the repository it works/11:14
[miles] nod11:14
[miles] it just waits for headers on the client11:16
[miles] and it's not logging anything to the server11:17
[miles] it's real weird11:17
Kamping_Kaiserthat is odd - works connected directly to the repository, but not the proxy11:18
[miles] nod11:19
[miles] sorry, it's dapper clients, not edgy11:20
[miles] that fail11:20
[miles] mmm11:22
[miles] http://pastebin.ca/46707111:22
[miles] :O11:22
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Kamping_Kaiserhm. bug of some sort perhaps. are you doing fancy stuff with custom python packages?11:25
[miles] mmm nope 11:25
[miles] any good alternative to apt-proxy ?11:25
Kamping_KaiserA. try reinstalling it, and or B, have you checked its log files?11:26
Kamping_Kaiserif you have anotehr 'normal' proxy use it, but not sure about apt-proxy replacemnts11:27
[miles] nope, don't have a normal proxy11:27
[miles] real weird init11:28
[miles] I'll reinstall it11:28
=== Kamping_Kaiser tries to work out hwo to use gpg-agent
[miles] nope.. 11:31
[miles] it still dumps that python bug in the logs11:31
[miles] damn it11:31
Kamping_Kaiserfilea  bug.11:32
[miles] gonna have to I guess11:33
[miles] so strange :-|11:33
[miles] I'm asking in #apt-proxy also11:33
[miles] see if they come up with anything11:33
Kamping_Kaisergood idea11:34
[miles] then I'll file a bug11:35
[miles] but... coffee and smoke calls me...11:35
=== [miles] pisses off to the bar
[miles] ;)11:35
[miles] bbiab11:35
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[miles] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adept/+bug/6955111:45
[miles] mmm11:45
[miles] nope11:45
[miles] sorry miss read11:46
=== [miles] needs more c0ff33
[miles] BUGGER11:57
[miles] found it11:57
[miles] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-proxy/+bug/6604211:57
[miles] Found a work around here:11:57
[miles] http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1104006&postcount=311:57
[miles] Delete the line11:57
[miles] Acquire::http::Proxy "false";11:57
[miles] from apt.conf.11:57
[miles] For whatever reason, apt-proxy now works just fine from localhost, as well as the second scenario in which it's a different VM on the same machine.11:57
[miles] nasty!11:57
[miles] nasty nasty!11:57
Kamping_Kaiserwhy does your apt.conf have the false line?11:58
[miles] no idea11:59
[miles] dapper clients have it11:59
[miles] feisty clients dont11:59
=== Kamping_Kaiser is sure his clients dont :|
[miles] weird, but fixed12:04
[miles] now just to get pyzord server setup12:06
[miles] lol12:06
Kamping_Kaiseranyone know how to undo this? my hdd throws out an error when i try and run a sertain comand - i asume its trying to write to some bit of the hdd it shouldnt. it mounts the drive read only. how can i remount it r/w so its usable again?12:06
=== kjaer [n=kresten@ip0-139.vejen-net.dk] has joined #ubuntu-server
Kamping_Kaiserand how can i fsc it? will i have to live cd?12:06
=== Kamping_Kaiser reboots server for fsk
[miles] Kamping_Kaiser: wait12:09
[miles] Kamping_Kaiser: it's mounting it read only yeah12:09
[miles] boot it with a live cd12:11
[miles] and mount it rw no?12:11
Kamping_Kaiserthers a way to remount on the fly, i was thinking someone might know12:11
[miles] mount -w12:11
[miles] well if the partition is in use, you can't unmount it12:12
[miles] obviously12:12
Kamping_Kaiserwell the kernel managed, so i think i should be able to as well12:12
[miles] personally I find the best live cd for shit like this is GRML12:12
[miles] then just mount -w /dev/sdaXX /mnt12:13
[miles] nada mas12:14
[miles] I would'nt recommend actually having the system running if the HD is giving errors mate12:14
[miles] no way jose12:14
Kamping_Kaiseri dont have spare 40 gig drives, unfortunately12:15
[miles] for what?12:16
[miles] I'm saying..12:16
[miles] boot a live cd, and then go about finding out whats up with the partition12:16
Kamping_Kaiserto replace the one thats failing.12:16
[miles] is it genuinlly fucked tho?12:16
[miles] do you feel confident it's really got bad errors12:16
Kamping_Kaiserno, i think its just a filesystem thing.12:17
Kamping_Kaisersince it only does this when it tries writing certain files 12:17
[miles] then12:18
[miles] do what I said12:18
[miles] and fschk it12:18
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shawarmaYou can remount stuff with "mount -o remount,ro /dev/whatever /whereeveritsmounted"12:36
shawarma(for remounting read-only, of course)12:37
shawarmaNot all mount options can be changed that way, though.12:37
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mzunguHi all, not sure if this is the appropriate chan - but here goes:  i've a dapper server, with a telephony card, and am trying to install bayonne.  I have a customised ver, which compiled no probs on the old server, but i get errors when compiling on dapper - ok, step back - let's try the dapper version - sudo apt-get source bayonne - sudo apt-get build-dep bayonne - and this also has the same failure, which i find strange as surely th01:44
Kamping_Kaiserwhats the error (and are we missing some of that comment?)01:46
mzunguok - and no, i just meant my q is long ;)01:47
mzungubayonne.h:2084: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of Conference with no type01:47
Kamping_Kaiserso the source downloads ok, but wont build? thats a bug then probably (if its the source from ubuntu)01:48
mzungui understand the error is caused by declaring type out of a block, but that would mean modifying a mass of code01:48
mzunguwhich i can't believe is the case01:48
mzunguyeah - i get the same error with both my source and the standard ubuntu source01:49
Kamping_Kaiserbetter file a bug then01:50
mzungui was hoping it was me doing something stupid (usually the case ;) )01:50
Kamping_Kaiserfrom what you describe its not, but i couldnt say for sure ;)01:51
mzunguhave you tried compiling a std ubuntu source pkg? or anybody on chan? - i figure this must be a common prob01:52
Kamping_Kaiseri have built from source yes. quite a few packages.01:52
Kamping_Kaiserfirefox+thunderbird+hals gui+others01:53
Kamping_Kaiserand apt-get build dep app; apt-get source app worked a treat01:53
mzunguyeah - i also built the telephony card driver from source with no prob01:53
Kamping_Kaiserwhat release was that?01:53
mzungui wonder if i'm missing a dependancy01:54
Kamping_Kaiseri'd bet on yoru compiler myself.01:54
mzunguthe server? dapper01:54
Kamping_Kaiserlooks like (to a non-coder) that ISO C++ is being treated differently this time to when it worked01:54
mzunguyeah - but i wonder how the binary got into dapper universe?01:55
mzungusurely the souce was compiled on dapper?01:55
Kamping_Kaisernot sure what the buildd's run, but the packages are meant to be biult in a clean chroot each time01:56
mzunguah well01:56
=== Kamping_Kaiser forgets whats the app is called
mzunguyes, i saw that - debootstrap?01:57
Kamping_Kaiserpbuilder or similar01:57
mzungui think more headscrathing in order before i file a bug report ;)01:58
mzunguthanks for the help01:59
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maekhow do I restart services in 7.04?08:09
sahafeez... /etc/init.d/serversname restart08:09
maekI thought there was some new service manager?08:09
sahafeezthere is something called launchpad however it is not the default08:10
maekah. thanks. I should have looked before I asked. sorry. I just figured it was all different now.08:10
slackwarelifemaek: you can use gksu services-admin, or install bum08:12
sahafeezwhat is gksu?08:13
sahafeezah, ok08:14
maekoh yeah, bum. I dont have a gui on these boxes though.08:15
sahafeezdoes anyone know anything about the start for ldap changing between 6.x and 7.0408:16
Nafalloehrm... launchpad? :-)08:22
Nafallothat's an odd context to see that word in.08:22
NafalloI use sudo invoke-rc.d service action anyway :-)08:23
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slackwarelifesahafeez: I'm using ldap on a my personal server 7.04  with LDAP e kerberos, I don't find changing, my configuration works fine, I find new gui tool, gtk-authtool to set the clients, but i don'y like it many. 08:47
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kjaerAre any of you part of the soho server project ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDownUnder/BOFs/SmallBusinessServer?highlight=%28SmallBusinessServer%2910:41
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shawarmakjaer: I'm doing SOHObuntu.11:11
=== ||arifaX [n=||arifaX@p54B58DC1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-server
shawarmaWhich is kind of the same.11:12
shawarmaOnly it's an SoC project.11:12
shawarmakjaer: Hvad da? :-)11:12
kjaerHerligt :-)11:15
kjaerJeg s bare at canonical sgte server folk, og tnkte det kunne vre et udemrket arbejde, i sr fordi man kunne arbejde hjemmefra.11:16
shawarmaEnglish is still the proper language, though. :-)11:16
shawarmaAnything in particular you'd like to know?11:17
ajmitchhi shawarma 11:17
shawarmaajmitch: Ahoy there!11:17
kjaerWell, I have used ubuntu to make what is described at that link.11:17
shawarmaajmitch: Shouldn't you be on a plane by now?11:17
ajmitchno, I leave tomorrow night11:17
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kjaerThen I saw http://www.ubuntu.com/employment#head-9a9627b56fd16e9c958afc0774a78ef29d3c9098 , and thought that I could get involved in creating a gui for just that, if canonical would employ me.11:18
kjaerBut first of all, I wanted to know how far the project is.11:18
shawarmaThe one you linked to was never really done.11:18
ajmitchanother one wanting to apply11:18
shawarmahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEasyBusinessServer on the other hand is going to be done.11:19
shawarmaajmitch: Yeah.11:19
shawarmaPlease form a queue behind me. :-)11:19
ajmitchshawarma: we'll have to talk about these specs in seville11:19
kjaerajmitch, Plenty of us ?11:19
ajmitchso that we don't overlap11:19
=== ajmitch is doing plenty of ldap/kerberos related stuff right now
shawarmaajmitch: Indeed.11:19
ajmitchfds ftw :)11:20
shawarmaajmitch: Did you finally mail hr?11:20
ajmitchwe'll see how long it takes to get a rejection email :)11:20
ajmitchanyway, I have to run off to work, back later :)11:20
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kjaershawarma, What needs to be done, where can I help ?11:21
shawarmakjaer: Well, UDS is nex week where we decide what to focus on for the next release.11:22
kjaerIn Sevilla ?11:22
shawarmakjaer: As I said, I'll be doing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEasyBusinessServer . I'll feature a nifty plugin architecture so that you can easily help out once the framework is done.11:23
shawarmakjaer: right.11:23
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kjaerDo you have any thoughts on, how to create the user interface and its tools ?11:25
kjaerI really think yast2 is great, since it is both ncurses and graphical. A web frontend, and a curses frontend would be great.11:25
shawarmakjaer: It'll be web based (using nevow).11:25
shawarmaNever used yast.11:26
slackwarelifekjaer 11:27
shawarmaThe basic idea is that each plugins define a number of fields that it needs for configuration. These fields will be presented on the web, and the plugin will generate configuration files. The web interface will handle conflicts (in case of manual edits) in a clever way.11:27
slackwarelifekjaer: openSuse yast2 ??? Yes it's very good to management clients !!!11:27
kjaerslackwarelife, I like that I can ssh into the box, and run yast2 from there. I honestly don't like web frontends for administrivia.11:29
kjaershawarma, I had some of the same ideas.11:29
shawarmakjaer: I don't particularly like web frontends for stuff either. I prefer configuration files. But I'm not the target audience. :-)11:30
kjaershawarma, Have you had a look at longhorn home server, or apples equivilant ?11:31
shawarmaNevertheless, I've got a ton of stuff I need to have done by tomorrow morning, so /me --> afk11:31
shawarmakjaer: Nope.11:31
kjaershawarma, http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/leopard/11:32
kjaerThey have some nice tools, you could borrow some ideas from.11:32
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@0-179.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-server
shawarmaIt's okay to say "steal". :-)11:34
kjaerBut they kind of suck for some things. So don't just copy blindly ;-)11:35
shawarmaLooks shiny.11:35
=== shawarma really goes afk now
sahafeezanyone point out to me why i cannot get phpldapadmin working11:38
slackwarelifeSorry, I'm not so expert, but I don't like web php admin interfaces, these require apache and some other modules which are to big for my clients, for example to manager my ldap I use gq, a little front-end gtk based, it's very fast (it is the reason beacuse I like gtk yast2). Sorry :(11:43
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=== ajmitch wanders back in
=== kjaer [n=kresten@ip0-139.vejen-net.dk] has joined #ubuntu-server
sahafeezhow do i see what version of php apache thinks it is running?12:02
kjaersahafeez, In a php document, you can do <?php phpinfo(); ?> and run it.12:06
sahafeezthanks. just figured out that the docs are wrong an i had to enable php in apache 1st ;)12:07
kjaerElse you can check in /etc/apache/mods-enabled/ which version is loaded.12:07
sahafeezyes! it works. thanks!12:07
kjaerYou're welcome.12:08
sahafeezis it bad form to edit a doc/howto that someone put up in the help section - or should i just add it as coments at the bottom?12:09

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