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tepsipakkibryce: ping?04:23
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brycehi tepsipakki05:51
seb128so, did you start xorg syncs and merges yet? ;)05:54
brycewell, just one module, for practice... protoinput06:00
bryceI put it on my people page but haven't submitted it; I need to learn more about what Timo's plans are and such06:00
jcristaua few input drivers don't build with inputproto 1.4, you might want to wait for it to be fixed upstream06:01
seb128I think there is a good part of xorg that can be synced on Debian06:01
bryceah ok06:01
jcristau(fd.o #10262)06:02
brycejcristau: excellent, thanks06:03
jcristaubryce: tepsipakki started pushing a bunch of stuff from ubuntu on git.d.o, so next time you have to update the drivers most of them can be synced06:16
brycecool, yeah he mentioned that to me last week06:19
tepsipakkialso some of the diff from xorg (the package) 06:45
tepsipakkihi, btw06:45
tepsipakkithe rest of the xorg diff is still under review by gravity, I think06:45
tepsipakkibryce: I know it's probably a bit early, but do you have plans for keeping the ubuntu-packaging in a VCS? I sent an email (before you were hired) to TB asking if it could be maintained in git.d.o, but it's really up to you I guess (or TB/sabdfl :)06:48
bryceheya tepsipakki06:54
brycetepsipakki: since xorg itself is maintained in git, I think maintaining the packaging in git makes a lot of sense06:54
bryceI've some basic git experience via nfs and cairo so that'd be fairly easy for me06:55
brycehow has the packaging been maintained so far?06:55
tepsipakkiapt-get source; <play around>; dput :)06:56
tepsipakkiso git would be a wise choice, yes06:57
tepsipakkibryce: I'll follow up on the mail I sent to TB and add you to CC, so that you can work it out with TB :)07:04
tepsipakkibbl, dinner ->07:04
bryceok cool07:04
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tepsipakkibryce: about my xorg plans; first try to merge the changes appropriate for debian in git.d.o, then start syncing/merging stuff carefully. It should be quite a bit less painful compared to the previous push10:49
brycetepsipakki: I started tinkering with it yesterday, to see what sorts of pre-requisites there are.10:53
bryceIt seems that there is an order that things should be merged in?  I saw on your launchpad page the order you did packages in 7.2 - will it be the same basic order for 7.3?10:54
tepsipakkiyes, although there aren't that many changes since 7.210:55
brycealso, I was curious if we can do the modules in chunks, or if all the packages need to be merged in one go?  How bad are interdependencies?10:55
bryceah, that's good to know10:55
jcristaubryce: the driver abi hasn't changed since 7.110:55
tepsipakkijcristau: are you sure, I remember it was bumped for 1.3?10:56
jcristaubryce: but xserver 1.4 will have a different abi for both input and video drivers10:56
brycewell, to compile xserver I noticed it required newer stuff (e.g. protoinput)10:56
tepsipakkifailed to compile?10:59
brycesorry, configure complained about a missing dependency11:00
bryce(this was the xserver from xorg git)11:00
jcristaufrom master?11:01
brycefrom kpackard, not sure if that's considered master or a separate branch11:01
bryceer, keithp11:01
tepsipakkiok, but 1.3 in debian should be fine11:02
jcristaumaster requires inputproto >= 1.4.2, but 1.3 should be ok11:02
tepsipakkijcristau: wasn't there a plan to put server-1.4 prereleases in experimental?11:03
tepsipakkiwhen there's something useful11:04
jcristautepsipakki: I guess we'll try. There's a mesa upload in new, which was the first step, and I've started merging the packaging of the server to master locally11:04
jcristauI think gravity has a build too11:05
tepsipakkiok, then we could merge with 1.3 in the meantime, to shake things up a bit :)11:05
tepsipakkiwhat compiler is the default in debian, gcc-3.4?11:08
tepsipakkijcristau: ^^, do you remember offhand?11:09
tepsipakkiokay, so it's the same. Ubuntu has had a --no-ssp flag added, but maybe that's not needed anymore?11:10
tepsipakkiI'll check why it was there in the first place..11:11
tepsipakkioops, it was "-fno-stack-protector"11:11
tepsipakkiI'd say drop it11:15
tepsipakkihere is the original bugreport: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/5472611:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 54726 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Random freezes in X" [Undecided,Rejected]  11:15
tepsipakkibug 5465011:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 54650 in gcc-4.1 "GCC SSP breaks xorg-server" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5465011:15
jcristaumaybe there's a difference in how gcc is configured11:15
tepsipakkiof course11:16
tepsipakkisince SSP needs to be turned on, right?11:16
tepsipakkiand it was done for edgy11:16
jcristauyes, it might not be enabled in debian11:16
tepsipakkihum, I'll just reply to the bug and ask for testing 1.2 without that option11:22
tepsipakkifedora has used SSP for a while now, and they don't seem to have that option for the server spec11:27
tepsipakkinot that it proves anything :)11:28
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