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nananaAnyone using WICD on Xubuntu?12:46
archangelpetromaxamillion, !!! finished my dissertation12:59
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maxamillionarchangelpetro: awesome!!!!01:01
maxamillionarchangelpetro: congrats01:01
maxamillionarchangelpetro: what was it over again?01:01
archangelpetroEvolving program solutions to high-level problems01:02
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Jester45where are the icons located at01:15
kalikianaJester45, /usr/share/icons :P01:16
Jester45eerr the program ones01:16
Jester45like gaim ff01:16
Jester45open office, etc.01:17
kalikianaJester45, /usr/share/pixmaps OR /usr/share/icons/THEME/scalable/apps01:18
archangelpetrokalikiana, i'll start looking into the project now mate :D01:24
archangelpetrosee if i can help at all01:24
kalikianaarchangelpetro, That is nice. :D01:25
archangelpetroim gonna get rid of this feisty ubuntu edition01:25
archangelpetroit's crappy01:25
kalikianaWhat's the issue?01:26
archangelpetroit's just slow01:26
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archangelpetroeverything seems to have slowed down01:26
kalikianaAnything in particular?01:27
archangelpetroamarok :P01:27
archangelpetroamong other things01:27
archangelpetroi dont knwo the issues is hard to place exactly01:27
archangelpetroit's just one of those things i've noticed01:27
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BFTDyo all01:47
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kalikianahi Commander ;)01:47
BFTDwad up?01:48
BFTDI got ROL to work in Xubuntu01:48
kalikianaJester45, Did you find the icons? You suddenly "disappeared".01:49
Jester45no, when i pick up the phone thats connected to the same phone wire as my DSL modem the modem messes up01:50
Jester45im thinking its a filter problem but i dont feel like trying ot fix it01:50
Jester45is it hard to change the xfce icon theme i just changed the wm theme to xfce-dusk and i was like oooo01:51
Jester45but now the icons look out of place01:51
Jester45i still would like to know where gaim's icon is located01:51
kalikianaJester45, You could put any custom theme into ~/.icons01:53
Jester45im looking for a dark theme01:53
kalikiana01:17 <kalikiana> Jester45, /usr/share/pixmaps OR /usr/share/icons/THEME/scalable/apps01:53
Jester45thanks both01:54
Jester45there isnt any really important reason to run anti virus right, on linux that is01:56
kalikianaJester45, The chance is pretty low that you encounter a linux virus. Since most of them reside in .exe files or windows executable formats.01:57
Jester45so if they where windows exe format i need not worry because i dont have wine01:58
ToHellWithGAyall running gutsy?  it seems like the base package wanted to update before anything else was ready01:58
ToHellWithGAs/base/xfce base/01:58
Jester45new version name?02:00
kalikianaJester45, Gutsy is the next ubuntu. ;)02:03
kalikianaGutsy Gibbon that is.02:03
Jester45is emerald a wm? each time i start beryl i have to start emerald to get the wm things like close button02:05
kalikianaEmerald is Beryl's decorator. Beryl is the wm.02:05
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Jester45so why do i have to run it02:06
kalikianaJester45, "Emerald is Beryl's decorator. Beryl is the wm." Think about that.02:06
Jester45could you explain what a decorator is02:07
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Grape_JuiceThink:  Makings the windows on the desktop all pretty. :p02:07
orasisHave any of you tryed the 7.04 Feisty release yet?02:08
Grape_JuiceThe window border style...color....how the buttons look.02:08
kalikianaWell, decoration is the title bar, an icon, buttons and border... that's what emerald is for.02:08
kalikianaorasis, Yes, right on. :)02:08
Jester45im confused, if i run xfwm4 i get the decorator stuff is it combined wm and decorator?02:09
kalikianaJester45, Yes, xfwm4 has an integrated decorator. :)02:09
Jester45so thats my confustion02:10
Jester45thats confusion + frustration02:10
Jester45o and02:11
Jester45my panels are transparent with beryl on wich is stupid, could i fix this?02:14
kalikianaJester45, I believe the panel has an option for transparency.02:15
Jester45i think beryl doesnt understand that the panel should be treated like a window02:17
Jester45wen i full screen somthing the windows go under the pannels02:17
archangelpetroJolly good!!!02:19
archangelpetrohola :D02:20
archangelpetroand how are you master Jester45 ?02:20
Sleepy_CoderFreenode certainly has an odd way of linking nicknames....02:22
Jester45and what about you servant :)02:24
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honkytonkwillieHow do I run the file "install.sh" as root?03:13
kalikianahonkytonkwillie, Type "sudo ./install.sh" to run the file from the current folder.03:14
TheSheepsudo sh install.sh03:14
honkytonkwillieThanks.  I'll try that.03:14
=== kalikiana waves at TheSheep
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TheSheephi kalikiana03:14
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honkytonkwillieTheSheep - Thanks a bunch.  That worked for me.03:18
kalikianaarchangelpetro, Hm?03:27
archangelpetrobit drunk03:28
kalikianaarchangelpetro, What did you drink?03:30
archangelpetrocider :)03:31
archangelpetroi cant drink beer03:32
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Jester45vodka is best03:38
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godlessJester45:  Whisky is best.03:41
=== kalikiana drinks seldom. Current favorite is wodka with blueberry.
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godlessI'm patching up an old laptop for a 'friend of a friend' to use ... I expect the extent of things will be document processing, email, and web browsing. I intend to install xubuntu as it has been great for me on old laptops, but I am always fiddling with my computers. Does anybody have any tips (or URLs) to pass on about what to do / how to ensure (as much as is possible) that this machine will run trouble free without expert maintenance for as long as p03:43
j1mchi godless03:45
godlesshello j1mc03:45
j1mcwhat are your concerns?03:45
godlessj1mc:  Mainly that I don't want to take the time to set up this machine only to have it break and be reinfected with windows when the user doesn't know what to do with it...03:46
Jester45godless: dont install non-stable software and enable auto download/install of all updates03:47
godlessI will turn on automatic updates in synaptic and lay out simple menus to get at media, email, documents, and the web... but beyond that I'm wondering if anybody else has had experience with 'ignorant' users they might share.03:47
Jester45im ingorant but i cant think of anything03:48
j1mcgodless: that sounds like a good approach.03:48
godlessI won't have direct contact with the user after I drop it off so I just want to make sure it works as well as possible :)03:48
Jester45nothing really bad should happen03:48
Jester45maybe, use 6.06 its stabler03:48
godlessI don't think so either. Fingers crossed. A new linux user will be born next week! Heh.03:49
godlessJester45:  Yeah I've wondered about that a bit. My 7.04 has been pretty good past initial update teething issues and my own hamfistedness03:49
j1mcgodless: i would probably suggest making sure flash and the multimedia codecs are installed.  for a regular web user... if they don't have those, they will likely ask for windows back.03:49
Jester45i suggest xine, so firefox has plugin03:50
godlessj1mc:  A good point. I find even with the added codecs/flash/etc. some commercial sites still don't work03:50
godlessxine has a firefox plugin? I always use mplayer03:50
j1mcgodless: right.03:50
archangelpetrowhiskey is lovely03:50
godlessarchangelpetro:  cheers.03:51
Jester45vodka thats final03:51
Jester45whiskey is nasty tasting03:51
godlessWhisky is wonderful and subtle. Of course if you're buying blended screech for $15 a bottle your mileage will vary.03:52
j1mcgodless: would the machine in question support regular ubuntu?  what are the specs of the machine?03:52
godlessj1mc:  It's a p3 with 256mb of ram. I've been wondering about that myself.03:52
Jester45what windows did he have03:52
Jester45becuase if he has xp he might not kntice the diffrence03:52
j1mci'm running reg ubuntu on this pIII w/ 256 and 900mhz.  it's a touch on the slow side, but not bad.03:52
j1mcgodless: how fast is the processor?03:53
godlessj1mc:  Yeah I'm not sure how fast the processor is. I'm not too familiar with customizing ubuntu though (last installed it a long time back, have been on xubuntu forever.)03:53
Jester45yea but you dont wanna give him a bad impression plus hows video gonna play with that laptop + ubuntu03:53
Jester45and flash03:54
godlessI'll likely stick with xubuntu just because xfce is what I know at this point.03:54
Jester45and its simple03:54
godlessI want to customize the menus for ease-of-use and it'll be less work for me to do it in xfce.03:54
j1mcgodless: ok.  :)  anything will be better than win98, anyway.  :)03:54
godlessj1mc:  Amen.03:54
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j1mci'm surprised that thing is even allowed on the internet anymore.  :)03:55
archangelpetrowhiskey > windows03:55
Jester45hehe give him kde :) he'll call you up, "hey, humm whats the text editor theres 10 of them03:55
j1mcJester45: hehe03:55
godlessKDE gives me the heebiejeebies but a lot of hackers I respect use it exclusively so what do I know03:55
Jester45j1mc: im sorry to tell you but anyone on windows will most likly become internet defualt03:55
Jester45i just hate all the diffrent programs03:56
j1mci know, but win98...03:56
Jester45i use many kde apps on my computer because i like qt03:56
Jester45o yea i got my windows to bend03:57
godlessYes, anything would be better. I usually hesitate to port windows users to linux though because I don't want to be on the hook for support :) (I do a lot of gross windows support for a living :()03:57
Jester45im the opposite, i install linux on school's computer when im there so they can "enjoy it", accourse i use DSL much faster03:58
j1mcgodless: well, you'll likely have to do some support.  i would let them know up front about the limited multimedia (esp on the web).  i'd also probably install something like rhythmbox.  gxine won't cut it.  :)03:58
Jester45no for music, does mplayer have a firefox plugin?03:58
godlessYes, rhythmbox is in the plans. Plus as much firefox media plugins and codecs as I can think of.03:59
j1mcJester45: I think it does.03:59
kalikianaJester45, Yes, mplayer in firefox is nice.03:59
Jester45maybe give him 2 media players like gxine and mplayer03:59
godlessthat's my standard setup03:59
Jester45that way if he has problems im sure the other will run it03:59
godlessfor some reason mplayer likes some wm and xine likes others :/03:59
kalikianaI recommend mplayer as the default and gxine for "difficult" files.03:59
Jester45i think mplayer is the best, but i hate the gui03:59
j1mcVLC is great for video, but i'm not sure if there's a firefox plugin for it.  i don't think there is.04:00
godlessVLC plays everything but for some reason I've never warmed up to it04:00
kalikianaVLC is not gtk+2. :P04:00
j1mckalikiana: yeah...04:01
j1mckalikiana: godless' computer will likely have a PIII, so... a little overhead is ok.04:01
archangelpetroyou know04:02
archangelpetroim pretty damn pissed atm04:02
archangelpetromaybe this should be in x*-offtopic04:02
Jester45dudes, my cube is tranparent all the time04:02
Jester45its freaking cool04:02
kalikianaarchangelpetro, Why are you pissed might I ask?04:02
Jester45see all sides at once04:02
archangelpetroi've drank about 3 litres of cider04:03
Jester45and nothing  yet?04:03
archangelpetroJester45, what u doing?04:03
godlessHm. Apparently VLC does have a firefox plugin04:03
kalikianaarchangelpetro, Ah, that explains it. When I drink that much of anything I likely get a very big head.04:04
Jester45my cube is pretty04:04
Jester45its at 10% opacity04:04
archangelpetrokalikiana,  i think the girl i'm talking with is doing that for me ;)04:04
kalikianaJester45, You are repeating yourself. ;) I admit it took me a cuple of hours after the first time I saw the cube to quit staring at it and saying "Whoooooo". :P04:05
godlessYou're scoring girls while chatting on IRC about xubuntu. I think I feel the eskaton drawing near04:05
Jester45its the end of the world04:06
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godlessI can't wait to have a pc with decent specs so I can play with beryl04:06
Jester45or... the beginnign04:06
=== godless is taking donations
Jester45godless: what you got04:06
archangelpetrogodless, im ace like that ;)04:07
godlessI have 3 laptops and 3 desktops in here and nothing is newer than 6 years old :/04:07
archangelpetroshe's online too04:07
=== godless scavenges when his clients upgrade.
Jester45you should of asked before, i had a nvidia gforce 3, i think, and i just toasted it overclocked the core from liike 160 to 360 and the mem clock up able 150 mhz04:08
Jester45up about*04:08
Jester45it got hot fast04:08
godlessDon't touch it!04:09
Jester45i pulled the power cord out04:09
Jester45i didnt havea fan on it at all04:09
godlessMy gf has a decent p4 but she won't let me play with it04:09
godlessof course I'm always welcome to fix it }8[04:09
archangelpetrou have a gf..04:09
archangelpetroand u wanna play with her... computer?04:09
godlessarchangelpetro:  ...04:10
archangelpetrolol :)04:10
archangelpetrour a geek.04:10
godlessNerd happens.04:10
Jester45he is04:11
Jester45i got pentium-pro all the up to p404:11
Jester45and a few amds04:11
Jester45anyone here running beryl04:13
Jester45or could tell me is they tried horixontal virtual size changes?04:13
Jester45its the number of sides on the cube04:13
Jester45i got 14 :) + see through = just about the most desktop space ever needed04:14
Jester45time to spread my firefoxs out04:14
Jester45watch a few movies from behide the desktop04:15
godlessJester45:  :/. Sometimes I think I should get a real job so I can afford nice toys04:16
godlessbut scraping by on a few hours of work a week and a fleet of wheezing p3's has its upside too :)04:16
Jester45how old are you?04:17
Jester45im 15 so i dont work04:18
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godlessYeah I had hot-shit computers when I was your age too :) living with the parents has its perks04:18
godlessIncident;y, if anybody catches me saying 'when I was your age' again, feel free to euthanize me04:18
Jester45yea my parents said as long as my grades stay up i get stuff04:19
godless!language | godless04:19
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spasticteapotAnyone else here got Murrine working? The .deb package of murrine-configurator seems not to be working.04:21
Jester45sill going at that04:21
Jester45did you guys notive as soon as someone wanted help you all shut up04:24
godlessJester45:  That's because I don't have anything helpful to add, and the channel doesn't need us flooding out real questions with useless chatter.04:26
Jester45yea but... i just pulled you back in04:26
Jester45im so genius04:27
archangelpetronn guys :)04:29
Jester45nighty night04:29
Jester45dont let the cider get you04:29
archangelpetroi think the sleeping pills might do that ;)04:30
=== pokieo [i=pokieo@S010600a0d142b6c9.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #xubuntu
godlessarchangelpetro:  I admire your commitment to better living through pharmacology :)04:30
archangelpetrojust wait till my exams are over04:31
Sleepy_CoderI think I might have too much free time:  http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b100/photoricon/too_much_free_time.jpg04:31
archangelpetroi'll demonstrate the beauty of chemical enhancement04:31
Sleepy_Coder*forgot to paste it in this channel. :p*04:31
spasticteapotI'm currently wondering wether I should buy yet another pair of tweeters.04:32
spasticteapotI have too many already of course.04:32
spasticteapotThe little doohickeys that make high-frequency noises.04:32
pokieoI need help04:32
spasticteapotSorry....off topic, I know.04:32
spasticteapotpokieo: You sure do!04:33
pokieomy computer was working fine.04:33
pokieoit started to overwork so I shut it down04:33
pokieowhen I restarted it ti would load the login04:33
pokieoyeah the the cpu would max out04:34
pokieoSo I would get to the login04:34
pokieoit would login and then sit there04:34
pokieoI could access the different session options, when I did that I could eventually login04:35
spasticteapotThat's odd.04:35
spasticteapotWhat version of Xubuntu?04:35
pokieobut it would max out the cpu04:35
spasticteapotDapper, Edgy, or Feisty?04:35
pokieoso I stuck in my install cd to try and recover some files04:35
pokieoand when I do I get an x on some of the files04:36
pokieohow do I get them?04:36
spasticteapotThat's odd.04:36
pokieoit tells me I don't have permission04:36
pokieoon and then when I rebotted later I got an error in the file system04:36
pokieoand now I can even reach the login pae04:37
Jester45many errors in the filesytem after a reinstall are from partly rewritten files04:37
Jester45that1/2 the old is there and 1/2 the new so the filesystem errors04:38
spasticteapotWord of advice - FORMAT.04:38
spasticteapotAnd just back everything up.04:38
Jester45yes you need to reformat the whole partition04:38
Jester45spasticteapot: i think its a clean install  + he cant get to login screen04:39
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pokieobut you see I can't back everything up04:43
pokieofor some reason there is a lock on some of the files04:44
spasticteapotpokieo: Well, you could try booting into Xubuntu WITHOUT the GUI.04:44
spasticteapotThat solves a lot of possible problems right there.04:44
spasticteapotNot if you log in normally, there is'nt.04:44
spasticteapotRename your x11.org file as something else, reboot.04:44
pokieobut withoutthe gui hoe do I transfer files?04:44
spasticteapotpokieo: Well, they seemed to do just fine in 1987 without a GUI, eh?04:45
Jester45no they didnt04:45
pokieono I hear ya04:45
spasticteapot"man mv"04:45
Jester45they hand scraped the data off the disc04:45
spasticteapotThat'll explain it.04:45
Jester45man mv file04:45
pokieoha ha04:45
Jester45mv file04:45
spasticteapotJester45: Actually, that would be 1967. And it was mostly switches.04:45
pokieoso I stick theubuntu cd in04:46
spasticteapotDon't. Boot up normally.04:46
pokieoinstead of the gui install choose?04:46
spasticteapotWithout the CD.04:46
viddtake stack 57 through 125 out of this room and take it to that room....04:46
spasticteapotpokieo: You might want to use the install CD to kill your X11 folder.04:47
spasticteapotThat'll keep the GUI from starting up.04:47
spasticteapotThen, remove it, and boot up. Log in on the command line.04:47
pokieookay well when I boot it goes through a bunch of testrs and the tlls me it can't load anything04:47
spasticteapotCongradulations! You can move stuff old-school.04:47
pokieothen it goes to root04:47
spasticteapot....oy vey.04:47
viddpokieo, before you do anything....04:47
Jester45i would just a live cd out04:47
viddpokieo, can you do [ctrl] [alt] [f1]  to get a cli login screen?04:48
pokieothia it the error I get04:49
pokieothe root files system is mounted in read only mode. Mantenance shell will nw be started04:49
pokieobash: no job control in this shell04:50
pokieothe program sudo-apt get is currently not installed04:50
spasticteapotYou are asploded.04:50
spasticteapotSounds like everything's gotten corrupted.04:50
viddpokieo, you have any data you NEED on this drive?04:50
pokieoyes  some04:51
spasticteapotUh oh.04:51
pokieois the whole drive hooped?04:51
spasticteapotpokieo: Do you have a Gmail account?04:51
viddcan you get net access whith a live cd?04:51
spasticteapotpokieo: Assuming you're not using the Douglas Adams distribution...yeah.04:51
spasticteapotI would say that you have the data equivalent of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.04:52
viddno///its WORSE04:52
pokieoI am using another computer04:52
pokieois the drive toast?04:52
viddbut if you put the live cd in and run it, can you get onto the internet?04:53
spasticteapotvidd: Okay. You've got the data equivalent of a run-in with a Vogon Constructor Fleet.04:53
=== Sleepy_Coder goes afk
pokieodont't know cus I'm on the net with this comp04:53
viddwe are looking to help you save your old data04:53
viddyour system is hosed04:53
pokieoyeah figured04:53
viddpokieo, dial-up?04:54
pokieothe desktop folder and a couple of other key folders are locked04:54
pokieono high speed04:54
pokieoyou need to reboot the modem to connect to a new computer04:54
viddpokieo, no you dont04:54
pokieoonly onw ip at a time04:55
viddyou NEVER need to do that...no matter WHO your provider isa04:55
pokieoand no router04:55
viddyou need a ROUTER04:55
Jester45how is it connceted: modem -> computer or modem -> router -> computer04:56
pokieoyeah I had one with my adsl04:56
pokieomodem to computer04:56
pokieolet me try one thing04:56
pokieothere is a usb connection in the bak of the modem04:56
viddso you unplug the computer then plug the other computer in, plop in the disk, boot machine04:56
pokieodo you think xubuntu will recognise it as a internet connection?04:57
viddabsolutely...its not VISTA or anything04:57
pokieook one sec04:57
viddunless your running on a frame relay04:57
viddbut even that shouldnt matter04:58
=== vidd works for an ISP
Jester45no u dont04:59
pokieoI don't know it seems that when I switch the ethernet from one to the other it get a kimited connection on one unless I reset the modem05:00
viddJester45, i do work for an ISP05:00
Jester45you should thing about getting a router or switch05:00
pokieoit's on ly list05:01
Jester45vidd: i dont believe so05:01
Jester45i see vidd at work it does really work for a isp and a very good worker at that05:03
viddpokieo, cable?05:03
pokieoyep cable05:04
pokieono to connection through usb05:04
viddyour cable company must do a frame reley type authentication05:04
Jester45its true05:04
Jester45im sorry i will shut up05:04
vidd[explicatives deleted] 05:04
=== mydrac [n=mydrac@] has joined #xubuntu
pokieoyean I know krappy05:05
pokieoso how would gmail help me>05:06
=== agentnewb [n=user@c-76-106-67-94.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
spasticteapotpokieo: Backups.05:06
viddyou boot into your live cd...connect to the internet and e-mail your data files05:06
spasticteapot10mb at a time, but honestly, what's more reliable than Google's servers?05:06
agentnewbI'm having trouble with xubuntu wanting to shove outdated restricted nvidia modules over my up to date ones and conflicting with each other05:06
agentnewbit seems ipw3945 is also marked as restricted for reasons I have no clue about05:07
pokieooh see I can't even get some files to move becuse it says I don't have permission05:07
pokieoso how could I move them to gmail if I can't copy them?05:07
agentnewbnvidia-kernel-common is stuck to restricted modules for my kernel05:07
viddthe live cd will give you permissions05:07
agentnewbpokieo: hmm try root?05:08
viddhere is what you do....05:08
viddboot the live cd...05:08
viddmount your broken drive05:08
agentnewbgot it05:08
pokieowhen I click a locked file says permission denied05:09
viddconnect to the internet and then copy/paste your old files05:09
viddchown your drive05:09
viddcan you do that from the live cd?05:10
pokieothat is what I am trying from the live cd05:10
PumpernickelYou can specify permissions with a umask when you mount it.05:10
pokieoit's the desktop folder to be specific05:10
pokieoit's loced05:10
Pumpernickelchown is a bit of a kludge for that kind of thing.05:10
pokieoI try to see what's there permission denied05:11
viddPumpernickel, he needs to recover data and e-mail it to himself... can you help us help him?05:11
=== vidd needs to go to bed
viddpokieo, once you save your data files, you want to do a clean install05:13
viddhow much data you have to save?05:13
pokieocouple of 100 mb05:14
agentnewbpokieo: dude just dump the pr0n and reinstall lol05:15
pokieoi right click on permissions05:15
Sleepy_Coderchmod > right click05:15
pokieoit says owner 100005:15
viddisnt that root?05:15
viddno...root is 005:16
Sleepy_CoderErm....isn't root 0?05:16
Jester45i though root was 105:16
agentnewbrm -Rf > chmod05:16
PumpernickelThat would be the first regular user.05:16
Sleepy_CoderRoot is 0....05:16
Pumpernickel1000, I mean.05:16
Sleepy_Coder1000 is the default user access level for the first account....I believe...05:16
Jester45the lower the number the more permissions05:16
Jester45daemons are 105:16
viddso on the live cd...05:16
=== coldsteal [n=coldstea@user-0cdvhie.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #xubuntu
viddedit /etc/passwd05:17
agentnewbjester45: sup05:17
PumpernickelErr, that number is just a unique user id.05:17
viddchange your user group to 100005:17
PumpernickelIt's not a permissions thing.05:17
pokieoso live cd doesn't give you root?05:17
coldstealhow do i look for samba shares?05:17
coldstealwith this ubuntu box05:17
Jester45agentnewb: hi05:18
coldstealits xubuntu btw05:18
Jester45idk about the shares i liked ubuntu network -> windows -> comptuer05:18
agentnewbJester45: how do I force apt-get to install something without dependencies05:19
Jester45can deluge download more than 1 torrent at a time05:19
agentnewbJester45: I don't want nvidia-kernel-common since its outdated05:19
Jester45apt-get install --force packagename05:19
Jester45you all most had it :)05:19
viddpokieo, when you look at the /etc/passwd list, what is your default user id?05:20
agentnewbJester45: will that install without dependencies? I mean I have them but I don't want them05:20
Jester45i think05:20
Jester45the only option have have used on apt-get is purge05:21
viddit is in the format {name}:x:{number}:{number}:home folder:{bin rights}05:21
pokieois that in the terminal?05:21
Jester45whats the number05:21
agentnewbI tried removing nvidia-kernel-common and other stuff but then it says when I install nvidia driver as root that certain sections are restricted access then xorg says an old driver is present05:21
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@pool-72-82-101-157.nrflva.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidddo sudo mousepad /etc/passwd05:22
viddyou ARE using xubuntu?05:22
Jester45sorry vidd i though you were talking about the shares05:22
viddi got a bad storm going on here....05:23
viddi might lose power05:23
Jester45what region do you live in05:23
Jester45i had one05:23
viddeastern PA05:23
pokieosays I am using root05:24
Jester45im northern MO05:24
pokieosays I am using root05:24
agentnewbpokieo: *poke*05:24
viddthen if you are root, you should have god rights05:24
Jester45i though Pennsylvania was PN05:24
agentnewbJester45: hehe pee 'n05:25
pokieoI guess my system is super hooped05:25
viddyou are the LAST user on the list...not the first05:25
agentnewbpokieo: there are ways to restrict it so even root can't go there but it would require another 0 rank account I think or your a limited root which shouldn't be the case05:26
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45whats 104/250005:26
pokieolive session user05:26
viddwhat are the number sets after the X?05:27
viddshould be something like 1001:100105:28
viddchange them to 1000:100005:29
viddviola! you now own those files05:29
pokieonope now can't find the login shell05:30
spasticteapotAnyone know how to set Sun Java as the default Java?05:30
Jester45spasticteapot: install it, sun-java6-jre05:31
Jester45or java5-whateveryouneed05:31
spasticteapotI installed it.05:31
viddthen change it back....05:31
pokieocan't even access the termianl now05:32
viddthen we need ya to reboot the live cd05:32
viddits save to power off and power on... if yoiu have to05:33
=== Jester45 suggest a reinstall or upload to the internet
viddwe are TRYING to get him to be ABLE to upload to the internet05:34
Jester45anyone know how to remove the home filesystem  trash icons off the desktop05:34
viddpokieo, let me know when your up05:34
Jester45he cant even read them?05:34
viddcan you restart x and get a login screen on the live cd?05:35
=== vidd never uses it
pokieostill loading05:36
pokieodo I start with the kernel05:36
viddthe live cd05:36
=== bigfuzzyjesus_ [n=bigfuzzy@unaffiliated/bigfuzzyjesus] has joined #xubuntu
pokieosecond option?05:39
Sleepy_CoderWhy is Digg dying? 0.o05:39
viddstart or install05:39
pokieosafe graphics mode05:39
pokieodoes it mater05:39
viddyour getting this on the live cd now?05:41
pokieooptions to boot05:42
pokieostart or install05:42
viddstart or install05:42
pokieostart in safe graphics mode05:42
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@pool-72-82-101-157.nrflva.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
pokieoinstall with driver update cd05:42
viddyou want "start or install"05:43
pokieohad that one before05:43
vidddont mind me...i need sleep05:44
pokieothat's okay05:44
viddbasically...what ya need to do is mount your drive05:45
viddset the umount to 02205:46
viddthat should make the whole drive readable05:46
pokieoit;s already there05:46
viddcan you READ it?05:46
pokieoyes but not all of it05:47
viddgrab any text file off it and see if you can READ it05:47
viddwhat can you NOT read?05:47
viddcan you read your data files that you eed typo save?05:48
vidddang fat fingers!05:48
pokieodesktop again05:48
pokieobut others okay05:49
vidd-so where are your data files @?05:49
viddin the desktop?05:49
=== coldsteal [n=coldstea@user-0cdvhie.cable.mindspring.com] has left #xubuntu []
pokieojust a couple key files I had there05:50
viddfor now, e-mail the ones you CAN get to your g-mail account05:50
pokieoI've moved them to my ipod05:51
viddid give ya some FTP space, but i might lose power any minute05:51
viddthere ya go05:51
viddfor the files you cant get to....05:51
pokieoI guess05:52
viddopen a terminal and cd to that folder05:52
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs05:52
viddyou want to use sudo to copy those files to another directory05:54
viddthat SHOULD chown them to the new directory's group05:55
pokieohow do you browse back folders in the terminal05:56
viddthen you should be able to copy them to your ipod like the rest05:56
viddcd /file/directory/name/05:56
viddfor example:05:56
viddcd /home vidd/Desktop/05:57
pokieopermission denied05:58
viddor... cd /[mounted drive]  {enter} cd [folderA]  {enter} cd [folderB]  {enter}05:58
viddthen enable root:05:58
viddsudo passwd05:59
vidd[new root password] 05:59
vidd[new root password] 05:59
viddthen su       {this makes you root}05:59
vidd[new root password] 05:59
Jester45night vidd and pokieo and others06:00
viddthen you should be able to cd to the desired folders06:00
viddnight Jester4506:00
pokieoI can see desktop06:01
viddall data recovered?06:01
pokieohow do I copy it?06:01
viddcp *.* /destination/file/folder/06:02
vidd*.* means all files; all types06:02
viddjust like windows stole from UNIX06:02
viddnow remember...click and drag copies ownership and rights as well as the file... su cp and sudo cp chown as well06:04
=== goblox [n=sean@24-155-28-91.dyn.grandenetworks.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd                or am i mistaken?06:05
viddwhat's up goblox06:05
gobloxhow goes it?06:05
viddit goes06:06
viddpokieo, all data saved?06:06
gobloxI'm wondering....how to disable gxine from starting automatically, anytime I put a cd or dvd in the drive06:06
viddturn off autoload06:06
viddor choose a different program to autoload06:07
gobloxwhere do I find that?06:07
viddin thunar i believe06:08
viddthis autoload is new to me...and i like it...so i never tried to disable it06:08
gobloxahh...ok I think I found it...under Volume Management actually06:09
viddthere ya go06:09
viddnow i know to help the next guy06:09
pokieocan you have spaces in directory names?06:09
pokieomy Ipod is MUSIC HUB06:09
viddpokieo, no06:09
vidduse tab autocomplete06:09
viddor copy it to a folder you already click and dragged from06:10
pokieoah yes06:11
=== goblox [n=sean@24-155-28-91.dyn.grandenetworks.net] has left #xubuntu []
=== goblox [n=klem@24-155-28-91.dyn.grandenetworks.net] has joined #xubuntu
viddtab auto completre is a cool linux feature that lets you start to type something, and you hit tab and the rest of it comes up...or hit it twice and it displays all possibilities06:13
viddall your files get to where ya want them yet?06:14
pokieonice working06:15
pokieoyou roock06:15
pokieoVidd is a God06:15
viddis it safe for me to go to bed now?06:15
gobloxsleep well....and thanks again06:16
viddpokieo, im a mythical creature used to enslave billions of ppl since the dawn of time and as an excuse to start wars and genocide?06:17
viddi think06:17
viddbut are you good? pokieo ?06:18
gobloxpokieo seemed satisfied with the support you provided06:19
viddonce your files are nicely secure you can format and reinstall06:19
viddi hope my anti-theology didnt offend him06:19
=== vidd iss off to bed
=== odat [n=ronnie@c-71-207-39-41.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
odathi everyone06:32
odatanyone know how to get a bttv driver to load on startup06:32
crimsuncan you provide more context to the question?  It's pretty vague currently.06:46
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-144-208-25.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
pokieofor the support06:50
pokieogot some of the files06:50
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@pool-72-82-101-157.nrflva.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== mlocker [n=m|ocker@] has joined #xubuntu
mlockerHi !06:55
mlockerI want to help !06:56
=== honkytonkwillie [n=honkyton@153-211-237-24.gci.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== spasticteapot [n=spastict@66-188-130-15.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
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=== domenic [n=domenic@bas1-toronto12-1088929522.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
domenicim having troubles getting videos and mp3s to play07:29
domenici have looked at that page, but there is no "Applications->Add/Remove"  what is the xubuntu method of doing this?07:30
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDI'm trying to set up this fibre server with Xubuntu...anyone wanna help out?07:33
BFTDcrimsun? TheSheep?07:33
=== keyvin [n=knpric02@74-129-66-9.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #xubuntu
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CaT[tm] is there a xubuntu cd rsync mirror that has actual cds on it?08:35
crimsunerr, do you mean isos?08:35
crimsunand if so, which isos do you seek?08:36
=== BFTD [n=Commande@unaffiliated/bftd] has joined #xubuntu
CaT[tm] xubuntu ones that I can cron an rsync job for and not have to bother updating the local mirror for manually.08:36
BFTDFibre channel array08:37
=== H264 [n=ubuntu@shr-12.oregoncoast.com] has joined #xubuntu
H264quick question...08:39
=== CaT[tm] grumbly wishes it was part of ubuntu-releases. everyone has that mirrored (well almost) and I could just mirror off them...
H264how big should my /boot partition be?08:40
CaT[tm] when I used to make them Il ike 128m so I could keep a good cache of kernels. it can be as little as 10meg though.08:40
keyvinH264: I always make mine ~100 megs08:40
keyvinIn case I feel like having 20 kernels or something08:41
CaT[tm] :)08:41
H264I have enough room...08:41
H264and that partition will work for all my linux installs?08:42
CaT[tm] yes, if you don't use modules.08:42
H264(if/when I add them)08:42
CaT[tm] or if all your linux installs wind up using the exact same kernels.08:42
keyvinand grub configs...08:43
keyvinyou don't *need* a boot partition08:43
H264so what should I do?08:43
crimsunCaT[tm] : I'd check https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors08:44
keyvinIf your going to be installing tons of other linux distros just to play around, I'd almost reccommend just using vmware or qemu08:44
crimsunCaT[tm] : I'm querying a mirror admin ATM for potential rsync service [but no guarantees] 08:44
MyrttiCaT[tm] : wget should work as good as rsync08:44
BFTDI never liked boot partitions08:44
Myrttin'est pas08:44
H264oh, hi BFTD08:45
BFTDhi H26408:45
CaT[tm] crimsun: cool. hope you get it. I don't mind getting the isos a day or so after the release so I prefer not to hit the central release point for them.08:45
CaT[tm] myrtti: wont preserve symlinks unfortunately. (afaik - might via ftp but *Shrug*)08:46
crimsunCaT[tm] : err, do you mean the release ISOs?  Those are mirrored.08:46
CaT[tm] crimsun: where?08:46
crimsunthe download page from xubuntu.org lists some08:47
H264the ISOs for what?08:47
CaT[tm] crimsun: I've not found a single mirror that has xubuntu and I've tried about 20.08:47
CaT[tm] crimsun: rsync-wise.08:47
crimsuntry mirror.anl.gov.08:47
crimsunyou may have to manually cross-reference on LP's archivemirrors page to find one, but it's not much legwork.08:47
H264just torrent Xubuntu.ISO... torrent is very fast :)08:48
H264(or am I not getting the big picture?)08:48
crimsunhe likely has a specific requirement, and thus the rsync.08:48
crimsunfor instance, I can rsync from work but I can't torrent.08:49
CaT[tm] crimsun: nice but hmmm. are symlinks involved there?08:50
crimsunCaT[tm] : quite probably.08:51
crimsuna bit busy ATM08:51
CaT[tm] well time to give it a shot and see which foot bleeds08:51
CaT[tm] ah08:51
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-23-222.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
CaT[tm] well I guess I'll see tomorrow if symlinks are in use. if not then that'll be rather annoying.08:58
H264installing... if I have any troubles then count on me coming back for help08:59
H264thanks :)08:59
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keyvinSo. I guess the real question on all of our minds is: How hard is it to make decent tasting curry09:01
=== grazie can honestly say that question has never crossed his mind
=== _aussieman [n=bobo@57.Red-83-63-146.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== _aussieman [n=bobo@57.Red-83-63-146.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== darrend_ is now known as darrend
graziecrimsun: any ideas on how I can config the volume control in TvTime to map to the correct sound card channel? At the moment the TvTime volume control has no effect.09:19
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
=== odat [n=ronnie@c-71-207-39-41.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
odatwhat is the proc directory for?09:40
BFTDcat /proc/cpuinfo09:40
odatBFTD, is it for like settings?09:41
BFTDnot sure09:42
BFTDgoogle it09:42
BFTD@google /proc09:42
BFTDSeveas what program is the bot?09:42
keyvinproc exposes all sorts of nifty kernel options to you09:46
keyvinits the linux equivelant of sysctl09:46
keyvinoptions and informations09:46
keyvinRather than having to use pesky, troublesome low level C routines to get the information09:47
keyvinor change kernel options09:47
keyvinThe developers opted to expose them as part of the file system09:47
graziecrimsun: or anyone else with ideas. Actually, the above was the wrong question. The TvTime volume control is mapped to Line, but adjusting the level has no effect. However, adjusting Line2 level does change the volume even though the input signal is plugged into Line. Is the alsa config wrong or is the driver not working correctly with this sound card (Creative Audigy2 Pro)?09:50
grazieCreative Audigy2 Platinum Pro  ^^09:51
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=== eirik [n=chatzill@146.84-48-194.nextgentel.com] has joined #xubuntu
eirikIs it possible to have different background-images in different workspaces in xubuntu feisty?11:35
=== McMadd [n=root@ip164-98-174-82.adsl2.versatel.nl] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianaeirik, Nope.11:42
h3sp4wneirik: it if you use e17 as your window manager11:42
h3sp4wns/it/it is11:42
kalikianaMeh, who's using enlightement anyway :P11:43
h3sp4wnMore people than you might think11:44
=== grazie raises hand :)
graziekalikiana: or h3sp4wn: You guys any goods with sound? I've not been able to sort my channel inputs problem above11:45
grazieI'll repost11:45
grazieThe TvTime volume control is mapped to Line, but adjusting the level has no effect. However, adjusting Line2 level does change the volume even though the input signal is plugged into Line. Is the alsa config wrong or is the driver not working correctly with this sound card (Creative Audigy2 Pro)?11:46
grazieUnfortunately I've got to go out...bbl11:46
kalikianagrazie, I have a working sound server but I can't really say I knew much about it. :/11:46
grazieciao kalikiana ...actually it's a Creative Audigy2 Platinum Pro11:48
kalikianah3sp4wn, I wonder why one would prefer e17 over xfce (or xfwm4)?11:49
=== Merchelo [n=Merchelo@deathray.redbrick.dcu.ie] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianahi Merchelo11:51
h3sp4wnkalikiana: I prefer it for the most part (Looks quite nice still as fast as xfce) but it has a few annoying things about it11:53
h3sp4wnMostly engage has been broken for ages so there is no decent systray11:53
=== skirk [n=skirk@ip-103-163.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #xubuntu
Merchelois there such a thing as a defrag util in linux ?11:56
Merchelofor ntfs, or fat3211:56
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sullesuuuuuuuuuuuup ?01:19
squirrelpimpwhat's the best way to have thunderbird make an icon blink somewhere in xubuntu? any special plugin as there seem to be many in apt-cache search01:41
=== AL89 [n=alex@Xc899.x.pppool.de] has joined #xubuntu
ubotua FOSS email client, capable of close cooperation with Firefox, both by the Mozilla Foundation.  To make your thunderbird links open in firefox see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6042701:48
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:49
squirrelpimpbut my links already openin firefox01:49
squirrelpimphowever i'd like to have some notification but theres lots of choice and some simple guidance would be nice01:50
=== ZenDJiNN_ [n=Jin@ABordeaux-156-1-131-181.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
viddsquirrelpimp, you looking for a "you got spam" type icon?01:54
squirrelpimpyeah, kinda01:54
squirrelpimpbut i don't get spam01:54
squirrelpimpmy filter catches 50-100 per day01:54
viddwant me to fix that? lol01:54
=== leaphisto [n=tuuksi@a88-115-205-185.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #xubuntu
=== TheSheep slaps vidd with a Bayesian filter
squirrelpimpit works pretty well, i wondern when all the others will come yelling "wheres my ham"01:55
viddsquirrelpimp, how about mail notification?01:57
squirrelpimpok, i'll try that01:58
squirrelpimpis it an extra program i launch which is to go in autostart01:58
viddnot sure...the discription doesnt say01:59
=== Cinnander [n=cinn@cpc1-cdif4-0-0-cust304.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
viddhmmm...how do i know which php apps i need for my server....there are so many!02:06
TheSheepvidd: well, the best way is usually to start with what do you want to serve?02:08
CaT[tm] you need the ones that do the things you want done02:08
viddweb sites that might include cgi and php scripts02:09
CaT[tm] my recommendation would be to install things as they are required.02:09
TheSheepvidd: then I don't think you need any special php apps02:09
viddjust php5?02:10
CaT[tm] start with the basics and then build on that as need be02:10
TheSheepvidd: and mod_php for apache02:10
CaT[tm] or suphp if you are serving websites for multiple users and like security.02:10
TheSheepor lighttpd and php as a fastcgi app if you like fast things :)02:11
CaT[tm] :)02:12
TheSheepCaT[tm] : so you make excavators and bulldozers? :)02:13
CaT[tm] thesheep: awooka? :)02:13
CaT[tm] thesheep: oh02:13
CaT[tm] thesheep: hah02:14
=== CaT[tm] should've got that sooner :)
TheSheepI like yellow02:15
CaT[tm] me too. my yellow socks rock :)02:16
=== stefg [n=chatzill@e179144007.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #xubuntu
=== carloska [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-399c55073bfb7eb8] has joined #xubuntu
viddwhat is php-pear?02:18
TheSheepvidd: it's a pear implementation for php02:19
viddit was recomended when i installed libapache2-mod-php5 but not required02:20
viddshould i add it?02:20
TheSheepvidd: are you going to be using it?02:21
TheSheepvidd: you can always add it when requested02:21
viddits more of a question of "with the ppl putting up sites need me to have it"02:21
TheSheepvidd: bah, wrong, sorry02:21
TheSheepvidd: pear is "PHP Extension and Application Repository"02:22
CaT[tm] vidd: no02:22
viddCaT[tm] , TheSheep ty02:22
CaT[tm] vidd: the question is, when they put up a site and find they need something can they ask you to install it?02:22
TheSheepvidd: I confused it with some RPC stuff02:22
CaT[tm] vidd: seriously. just install things as actually needed.02:22
viddTheSheep, no problem02:22
TheSheepvidd: http://pear.php.net/02:22
CaT[tm] vidd: that way you have less crud to deal with02:22
viddnow if i could just get some test data....02:23
TheSheepevery package comes with additional bugs02:23
CaT[tm] and a greater chance of security holes02:23
CaT[tm] the less you have the less chance of a hole02:23
CaT[tm] which is why I start with the barest minimum+ssh installed and build up from there.02:24
CaT[tm] it means that I only have to look after the stuff that actually needs to be there02:24
viddyeah...thats what i did02:24
viddthen i added proftpd....then apache02:25
viddnow i need a sample web site02:25
TheSheepecho '<html><body>Hello world!</body></html>' > index.html02:26
TheSheepvidd: here you go :)02:26
viddi was thinking something a touch more ....robust02:27
TheSheepvidd: can't get much more robust than that02:27
CaT[tm] it lacks... cows.02:27
viddyou mean LESS robust02:27
TheSheepI mean more sturdy and foolproof02:28
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-144-208-25.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
CaT[tm] cows are sturdy... except when they're asleep.02:28
TheSheepCaT[tm] : or when they ate too much02:31
TheSheepCaT[tm] : some explode02:31
viddi need something that shows that off whats installed...02:31
CaT[tm] thesheep: must remember to put canvas behind some cows. make millions02:32
viddwhere problems might come up that need to be fixed...that sort of thing02:32
viddTheSheep, you make web sites,,,,got any example sites i can use??02:32
viddlike "demo" sites?02:33
CaT[tm] www.cow.org02:34
=== vidd wonders if anyone ever made an "example.com" web site
TheSheepecho '<? phpinfo(); ?>' > index.php02:34
TheSheepvidd: example.com is ownded by Microsoft02:35
TheSheepah, no, sorry, these were the exmaple ip numbers02:36
TheSheepexmaple.com is reserved02:36
viddTheSheep, not the domain... like an open source example collection of web pages for educationa \l uses02:36
TheSheepvidd: sure, just grab any tutorial02:37
TheSheepvidd: php.info has a few02:37
TheSheepum, sorry02:37
viddwas going to say...php.info is in german (i think)02:38
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ReFoxedhello everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me for some reason my xfce4-terminal has stopped responding and will not execute at all, any idea at all?05:22
ReFoxedlas thing iw as doing was playing around with my xorg.conf to install my 3rd monitor05:23
ReFoxedthough i don think they are related05:23
vinzeHave you tried logging in to an xfterm version and running xfce4-terminal from there?05:24
vinzeSo you could see what the output was?05:24
ReFoxedi'll give it a shot05:24
ReFoxedFailed to execute default Terminal Emulator.05:26
ReFoxedInput/output error.05:26
vinzeI'm afraid I can't help you there... Sorry :(05:27
=== stefg [n=chatzill@e179147086.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #xubuntu
ReFoxedit's ok05:27
ReFoxedi might see if i can get eth gnome one going and then remove the files if it doesnt work05:28
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #xubuntu
ReFoxednot that aswell, must be something deep rooted05:29
vinzeGnome's terminal didn't work too?05:29
vinzeNow that's weird...05:30
ReFoxedall the other binaries excute05:30
ReFoxedlike xfce4-mixer and such05:30
ReFoxedi might be due a wipe of a system anyway05:34
=== Qew [n=qew@82-69-126-225.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
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jgamiohi I was using the biTtorrent when I wanted to close it . didnt close . How could I close the app is not responding i looked the process manager but is not there05:58
vinzePress Ctrl+Alt+Esc05:59
vinzeThen click the unresponsive window05:59
=== abd [n=abd@] has joined #xubuntu
jgamiovinze: thank you i dint know that05:59
vinzeIt's one of the coolest features of Linux :D05:59
jgamioyes is great06:00
jgamiobut this kill the process ?06:01
vinzeI believe it does06:01
=== gothenburg [n=gothenbu@c-e2afe655.118-10-64736c12.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionvinze: well its more of the whole "userspace != system" concept ... so that if a userspace application were to hang, crash, etc. then it doesn't effect the actual system ... just the user space06:01
maxamillionjgamio: yes, its called "xkill"06:01
maxamilliongothenburg: yes?06:02
vinzeIf not, you can also try Applications->System->Process Manager06:02
gothenburgmany peoples here :P06:02
vinzeLittle activity ;)06:02
jgamioI use to use the Process Manager but wasnt there06:02
maxamillionvinze: "sudo aptitude install htop" "htop" <---cli process management application of domination :)06:02
vinzemaxamillion, yeah, you're right06:02
=== vinze is GUI addict :P
=== maxamillion enjoys a fair mix of both
gothenburghtop is nice06:03
maxamilliongothenburg: yup yup ... i made a post to debian-administration the day after i found out about it ... thought it was an awesome app06:04
jgamiomaxamillion: where can i read about the terminal apps06:04
vinzeWhat do you mean with "read about"?06:04
gothenburglike top06:04
vinzeYou mean instructions?06:05
jgamioI want to learn how to use my terminal I am new I just want to get information06:05
vinzeType "man top"06:05
vinzeIn the terminal06:05
jgamioi ok man mean the help for the command06:06
gothenburghere you have06:06
jgamioi know the basic but i wish be far06:07
maxamillionjgamio: it really depends on what you want to do with it ... i mean, you can technically do everything in the terminal you can in a gui (accept 3d of course_06:07
jgamiofor example the other day i use e2label where this come from06:07
jgamiois not something like this are all the app ??06:08
maxamillionjgamio: like ... for irc i use irssi (www.irssi.org), for process management i use htop (http://htop.sf.net), and i use svn/bzr alot, i compile in the command line and i even use vim for coding sometimes (http://vim.org) .... (disclaimer: all those url's are from memory so they might not be right)06:08
maxamillionjgamio: there are far too many cli applications to just have a list of them kept somewhere06:09
abdhello all06:09
abdaudacious play .rm(real media files) ?06:09
jgamioi working in mine i have a diary about the new thinks and command06:09
maxamillionabd: i dont think it will06:09
maxamillionabd: buuuut, i could be wrong ... try it out :)06:10
h3sp4wnabd: mplayer will06:10
=== maxamillion bets vlc would
abdthan , which soft do it ?06:10
h3sp4wnabd: you need to just get the link from inside the .ra06:10
abdmplayer , is not a video player ?06:10
maxamillionh3sp4wn: vlc plays .wmv on amd64 .... no other app can do that :D06:11
h3sp4wnsorry the ram sorry06:11
vinzeWho knows of a video editor that supports Ogg Theora?06:11
vinzePreferably GTK06:11
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: the drm laced ones ?06:11
vinzeI only need to cut off a part06:11
maxamillionh3sp4wn: probably not :(06:11
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: I think my mplayer can play wmv (I will test it out)06:11
h3sp4wn(on amd64)06:11
maxamillionh3sp4wn: i haven't tested extensively, just found a .wma link to some vid on a video game site and thought i would try it out06:12
maxamillionh3sp4wn: oh ... i thought mplayer needed the win32 codec06:12
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
h3sp4wnmaxamillion: Most stuff is native06:12
maxamillionh3sp4wn: ah, good to know06:12
maxamillionh3sp4wn: i have both installed :)06:13
h3sp4wn(I have no idea what the w32codecs actually does for mplayer as it seems to play anything here)06:13
maxamillionjust generally prefer vlc because i can use it on any platform06:13
=== vinze desperately wants to edit his screencast :(
vinzeGotta go, bye06:15
=== maxamillion desperately wants to be done writting this compiler
archangelpetrokalikiana, what language is catfish written in again?06:16
archangelpetrohehe maxamillion how's it going?06:16
archangelpetropython :) ahh06:16
=== malnilion_ [n=malnilio@] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionarchangelpetro: going well, still writing my compiler ... i got an extension from the prof06:20
maxamillionarchangelpetro: its due tomorrow instead of today :P06:20
archangelpetrohehe :D06:21
archangelpetronice one06:21
archangelpetroi have 3 assignments for friday :P06:21
archangelpetrobut i handed my dissertation in :)06:21
maxamillionarchangelpetro: that's good06:21
abdmplayer did it poorly06:22
archangelpetrohehe )06:23
maxamillionabd: why not just get realplayer?06:23
archangelpetrothese next assignments are ok, the graphics one i have to write themarching cubes algorithm..06:23
archangelpetrokalikiana,  may i msg you?06:23
abdI'm trying VLC now if I find it bad I'll not hesitate wz it06:24
maxamillionarchangelpetro: can't say i am familiar with that algo06:24
maxamillionabd: okies06:24
=== maxamillion hopes vlc works because realplayer annoys him
archangelpetroit sucks, im not overly familiar with it either :P06:24
maxamillionarchangelpetro: heh ... well good luck to you06:25
archangelpetroty ;)06:25
archangelpetrou 206:25
maxamillionarchangelpetro: thankies06:26
maxamillionarchangelpetro: i am mostly done, just getting i/o routines working in assembly and then managing nesting of loops and if statements and all will be well06:27
archangelpetrosounds intense :P06:27
archangelpetroi have an assignment06:27
archangelpetrowheere i have to create a program that represents artificial life06:28
maxamillionuhhhh... yeah06:33
maxamillioni am not a big fan of AI06:34
maxamillioni think the machine should do what i tell it to and nothing more ... the smarter the machine gets, the dumber the general population gets .... now creating more useful interfaces is a positive thing because that just makes the learning curve lesser but the machine will still only do what it is told06:35
=== sparrw [n=kvirc@] has joined #xubuntu
archangelpetroAI is the next generation of computing06:37
archangelpetroit will be06:37
maxamillionarchangelpetro: yeah, which is why i will be that guy at the software company they call "the dinosaur" who will still be using a mouse and keyboard while everyone else is making strang hand motions at sensors06:38
archangelpetroim gonna make skynet :)06:38
maxamillionand i will hack it06:38
archangelpetroand make it annihilate mankind?06:39
maxamillionthat's another thing about AI ... its not secure ... to make an entire computing platform based on AI is a massive security hole because no longer does someone have to actually know anything about how the program works or figure out an exploit ... they can simply "trick the computer" into doing what they wnt06:40
archangelpetrotrue :D06:40
archangelpetroi really hate feisty06:41
archangelpetroit does stuff it's not supposed to06:41
archangelpetroi'm gonna reformat this partition and install another unix06:41
maxamillionarchangelpetro: install debian etch, that's what i run at home06:41
archangelpetrois it a server or a workstation?06:42
archangelpetrour machine at home06:42
maxamillionarchangelpetro: uhmm... just a desktop, so "workstation"06:42
archangelpetrodebian is kinda sweet tbh :P06:42
maxamillionarchangelpetro: i've been a debian user for the better part of a decade now06:43
maxamillionarchangelpetro: i concider ubuntu "a debian" ... just a child distro spin off06:44
archangelpetrowhere are you from?06:44
archangelpetrooh wait06:44
archangelpetroive asked before06:44
maxamillionarchangelpetro: but i got tired of the Universe repo containing broke packages06:44
archangelpetronvm :)06:44
archangelpetrofor ubuntu?06:44
maxamillionarchangelpetro: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdamMiller <---me06:44
maxamillionarchangelpetro: yeah, debian doesn't have a branch called universe06:45
=== gerbiljuice [n=cory@71-81-106-3.dhcp.vinc.in.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionarchangelpetro: they have main, contrib, and non-free06:45
maxamillionarchangelpetro: which is ubuntu's main, universe, and multiverse06:45
maxamillionarchangelpetro: are you aware of how ubuntu started?06:45
gerbiljuicequick question: why am i unable to access my usb flash drive nor change permissions on it to allow me to read & write?06:46
archangelpetronot really no06:46
archangelpetroi think i lack some of the basics of linux/unix that i need :P06:47
archangelpetroand of course06:47
maxamilliongerbiljuice: i'm really not sure ... you should have full read/write to a usb drive06:47
maxamillionarchangelpetro: lets move to #xubuntu-offtopic06:47
archangelpetroJava is my strongest language.. and C/Perl my next best06:47
archangelpetrobut C++.. i really need to learn06:47
gerbiljuicemaxamillion: nevermind, simply unplugging it and plugging it back in seems to have solved itself06:48
maxamilliongerbiljuice: awesome06:49
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kalikianaarchangelpetro, You wanted to talk to me?07:09
archangelpetrocan i msg you?07:09
kalikianaSure. :)07:10
=== ReFoxed [n=Thomas@cpc2-linc8-0-0-cust638.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
ReFoxedhello I came on here about an hour ago, turned out to be a xinerama bug :P07:11
maxamillionReFoxed: well atleast you tracked down the issue :)07:14
ReFoxedhehe yeah07:14
ReFoxedjust chopped up my xorg bit by bit07:14
ReFoxedtill i found the error07:15
grazieh3sp4wn: Been having lots of unexplained lockups and resets for sometime (about 1 or 2 a day) on x86 and I've not been able to resolve the problem. However, on Saturday I removed a KVM switch and I've not had a single problem since. Doesn't seem likely to me, but do you think the KVM switch couild have been the source of the problem?07:22
h3sp4wngrazie: I have never heard of it before07:23
grazieh3sp4wn: me neither....googling gives nothing...but 4/5 days without problems seems more than a coincidence to me07:24
h3sp4wngrazie: Is the kvm switch old or new ?07:25
darrendany recommendations for a music player that doesn't fall in to this list: amarok, gmusicbrowser, quodlibet, bmp  ?07:25
=== mscdex [i=yep@ppp-69-223-47-149.dsl.dytnoh.ameritech.net] has joined #xubuntu
h3sp4wndarrend: opencubicplayer07:25
darrendapart from amarok, none of them read all my collection.  Don't really want the kde libs on my box either07:25
darrendh3sp4wn: thx.  I'll try that next.07:26
grazieh3sp4wn: 3 years old...haven't checked for a firmware update for a while. It also shares the audio channel.07:27
=== illern [n=illern@c83-252-239-167.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #xubuntu
mscdexi have a question, where are the xfce settings stored at? I recently tried to fire up beryl (was working fine so many times before and just decided to enable it one day and then poof) and all the panel applets are gone07:28
kalikianamscdex, ~/.config/xfce07:29
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
mscdexstrange, all of the applet settings files are in ~/.config/xfce4/panel, but there's nothing in between the <items></items> in the panels.xml for the old panels listed in there07:35
darrendh3sp4wn: ok, ocp looks cool - I like the console display, but the wife isn't going to go for it :)  I need something that can be navigated by a keyboard-phobe I think07:35
grazieh3sp4wn: Not sure yet, but I think the KVM swicth is sending signals that the x86 kernel doesn't handle very well. http://www.adder.com/main.asp?id=508_2077_23668&mode=Specification07:37
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=== odat [n=ronnie@c-71-207-39-41.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
odathi everyone08:17
odatneed help getting line-in sound working again08:17
=== j1mc [n=jcampbel@] has joined #xubuntu
odathi everyone08:42
grazieodat: you looked at your mixer?08:42
h3sp4wnodat: in alsamixer you can use m to mute and unmute channels08:43
gothenburgshit :(08:49
odath3sp4wn, it was actually the number of channels that was stopping it from working08:50
odatgothenburg, whats wrong?08:55
gothenburgwhen i'll start beryl and types "beryl-manager" X reboots :D08:56
ubotuBeryl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. See http://forum.beryl-project.org/ - Help in #ubuntu-effects08:57
predaeus!language > gothenburg08:58
TheSheepthat too :)08:59
TheSheepnext :)08:59
gothenburgwhat did i wrong?08:59
predaeusno cursing, keep it family friendly here please08:59
=== ReFoxed [n=Thomas@cpc2-linc8-0-0-cust638.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepgothenburg: try at #ubuntu-effects, they know more about beryl stuff, if they don't help, we can try to think of something else09:00
=== Kresjah [n=a@ti231210a080-8000.bb.online.no] has joined #xubuntu
gothenburgman fr damp p engelska jkla engelsmn som uppfan det sprket..09:02
=== gothenburg [n=gothenbu@c-e2afe655.118-10-64736c12.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #xubuntu []
TheSheepwe are not englishmen09:03
odati am trying to figure out how to use the /proc directory for settings09:03
odatanyone familiar with /proc09:03
TheSheepodat: how owuld you like to use it?09:03
TheSheepodat: it gives you various information about kernel and processes09:03
TheSheepodat: some kernel or kernel module settings can be also modified through it09:04
odatTheSheep, I am trying to get the vicam module to accept some brightness settings09:05
TheSheepodat: then thre is probably some file somehwere in /proc that you need to modify -- that is, put the number in it09:06
odatTheSheep, would it be possible to set parameters for the vicam module through the modprobe options file09:09
=== ReFoxed [n=Thomas@cpc2-linc8-0-0-cust638.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepodat: no idea, probably yes09:11
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
odatTheSheep, because i read statements like this but not sure what to do with them09:11
odatThe two easily adjustable parameters are gain and shutter.09:12
odatecho "shutter=100" >/proc/video/vicam/video0 sets the shutter to 1/100sec09:12
odatecho "gain=128" >/proc/video/vicam/video0 sets the gain to 128/255.09:12
TheSheepodat: ok, so what's the question again?09:12
odatTheSheep, i want to be able to adjust the brightness on my webcam which uses the vicam module09:13
TheSheepodat: just look at the module's documentation to see whet parameter you need to change, and yse the same technique as for shutter or gain09:17
darrendhmm. something's causing music players to hang.  how would I find out what?  running them from the console turns up nothing of interest.  happened now with quodlibet, muine and gmusicplayer.09:26
darrendsound itself seems ok in other apps that access /dev/dsp09:26
TheSheepdarrend: try running them with strace09:27
darrendjust tried aplay too, that hangs09:27
darrendok, the command "strace aplay ~/somefile.wav" stops running with the last line being..09:28
darrendsemop(23003138, 0xbf85b10e, 209:28
darrendno closing )09:28
darrendprior to that is:09:29
darrendsemctl(23003138, 0, IPC_64|IPC_SET, 0xbf85b038) = -1 EPERM (Operation not permitted)09:29
TheSheepso, it waits for some other process to free semaphor, it seems09:29
darrenddoes that help?09:29
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darrendah hang on.. aplay failed because I forgot to kill muine09:30
darrendnow aplay works fine09:30
odatTheSheep, there is no documentatin09:30
TheSheepodat: well, there are always the sources...09:31
odatTheSheep, it really stinks because the camera works its just way to dark09:31
TheSheepodat: you can try guessing too :)09:32
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)09:32
darrendlast few lines of strace are here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/18851/ when muine hangs09:33
darrendthen I have to sigkill it09:33
odatTheSheep, thats the thing i'm not ever sure where to start guessing09:34
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TheSheepodat: try echo "brightness=100" >/proc/video/vicam/video009:39
TheSheepodat: also, looking at the contents of the files in /proc/video/vicam may give you some insights09:39
odatTheSheep, thats just it that file doesn't exist09:40
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TheSheepdarrend: futex is a kind of lock too, used for resource locking to prevent two processes using the same thing at a time09:42
odatTheSheep, that proc locations doesn't exist09:42
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darrendTheSheep: yeah, I gather.  So how do I find the pid of whatever might be locking whatever resource is under contention??09:42
TheSheepodat: then how did you change the shutter or gain?09:42
TheSheepdarrend: 'ipcs'09:43
odatTheSheep, I haven't changed anything I'm just reading posts that refer to stuff like that09:43
TheSheepdarrend: you can also remove them with ipcrm09:43
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morikawahi all09:48
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darrendTheSheep: thx.  ipcs seems to return the same data whether the music player is running or not.  And if it is running, whether it is currently hung or not.09:49
darrendipcrm with any given key that shows me as the owner appears to have little effect, in that immediately after running it, ipcs shows it in the list again09:50
odatTheSheep, any ideas?09:50
morikawahi, who install based x86_64? Solve the problem with JRE?09:51
h3sp4wnmorikawa: what is the problem with it ? (no plugin ?)09:52
darrendok, sorted.  It was someone else's semaphore array..09:52
darrendmusic's back now.  Hope the other person's session is ok09:52
darrend(well actually I don't care)09:52
darrendthanks TheSheep09:52
maxamillionmorikawa: there isn't a problem with the JRE in x86_6409:52
h3sp4wnthe only problem is there is no browser plugin09:53
maxamillionoh .. i never do the browser plugin09:53
odath3sp4wn, know anything about the vicam module?09:54
h3sp4wnNo idea09:54
graziedarrend: semaspore array? intrigued..please tell more09:54
darrendgrazie: man ipcs09:54
darrendI only just found this out from TheSheep09:55
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morikawamalnilion_, that's it, no good news about this right? I make a chroot, but it's like stranger... thnks09:55
graziedarrend: know a bit about semaphores...I was just interested to know how someone else's was screwing your system09:56
grazieoops..sorry for language09:56
darrendah.. another user on the same box09:56
darrendmy guess is (since I was ripping a cd earlier) that some application popped up in their session when I inserted the CD and also decided to hog the sound device in the process09:58
darrendI'm guessing this since I killed a gxine process earlier that was owned by this user09:58
darrendgxine has now been summarily removed with prejudice from this box09:58
grazieyou were both logged on or was there some zombie process?09:59
darrendboth logged on09:59
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odatwhere do i get the Gtk2::MozEmbed module11:09
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TheSheepodat: paerl?11:11
odatTheSheep, for gmusicbrowser11:13
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d29-251.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepno idea11:17
Jester45is it possible to kill a zombied command>11:18
TheSheepJester45: no, but it uses practically no resources11:21
Jester45the resources arnt my problem11:21
TheSheepJester45: tell me more about your problem then11:22
Jester45its xfmedia and when one instance zombies the others stop playing11:22
Jester45the only why to fix this is a reboot11:22
TheSheepJester45: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_process11:23
Jester45o and11:23
Jester45i allways wondered why compiz has gnome dependacies11:23
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Jester45and hi TheSheep its been a while11:24
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odatwho in here using gmusicbrowser?11:27
Jester45wow init is smart11:27
Jester45odat: i tried it11:27
odatJester45, just tried?11:28
Jester45last week11:28
Jester45it wasnt my cup of coffee11:29
Jester45well i will be right back i need music back11:30
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Jester45how can i check what bit the audio output is, i have a 24bit card but it doesnt ssound the same in linux11:49
Jester45also allmost all the bass is gone how could i add some11:50
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TheSheeplimetang: you think you could disable that script?11:57
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limetangSorry, TheSheep, I didn't realise ame would send the message over all servers,11:58
TheSheeplimetang: no problem, it would just be annoying if we all had them :)12:00
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kebhow can i see what command is associated with a menu item?12:01
TheSheepkeb: look into associated file in /usr/share/applications/12:04
kebthanks that worked12:06
kebit would be nice if, for a given window i could see what command had launched it12:10
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TheSheepkeb: you can check that with ps auxwww12:14
TheSheepactually only one of thse options is needed, but I forgot which :)12:15
kebprobly one of the w's12:16
TheSheepkeb: but which one? %)12:17
TheSheepBFTD: @12:17
BFTDi'm confused12:17
TheSheepBFTD: it shows12:17
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kebps shows me all the processes, but does not tell me how one particular window was launched if i have several similar ones open12:20
kebhow do i match up the window and the command?12:20
TheSheepkeb: I don't think there even exists a connection12:22
TheSheepkeb: you see, obe command can launch several windows, and one window can be affected by several commands...12:22
kebi would have to be running some kind of X debugger i guess12:23
kebanyway, my initial problem was how to get a terminal launcher onto the panel, and that is solved ^.^12:24
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