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makii like to install edubuntu in my school12:29
makion 1.7 ghz machines with 256 mb of ram12:29
makiwill the live cd work12:30
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paolob-parroquiaHi guys! I used updated-manager to upgrade edgy -> feisty my edubuntu server, but it left ltsp-server out of the upgrade. Is it a known bug?12:41
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cliebowpaolob-parroquia, :this help any?12:46
cliebowboy it looks kinda  old..12:47
paolob-parroquiacliebow, no, the problem is that I followed those instructions, but update-manager didn't work for me, it left the server in an non-totally-upgraded state01:00
bimberimaki: yes the livecd should be ok on those01:03
makii asked on #ubuntu and they sad to me tha ubuntu needs 512 mb of ram for live cd01:05
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cliebowpaolob-parroquia, i dare not tread whrere i am unsure..01:06
cliebowbut ..dpkg -l|grep ltsp-server should be like 5.0.601:07
paolob-parroquiacliebow, yes, but I had to manually apt-get install ltsp-server, which unistalled another package01:08
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Burgundaviaajmitch: auth server, have you proposed a spec for that?01:20
ajmitchwhich I think I'm subscribed to01:21
Burgundaviaeither of those, really01:21
Burgundaviahmm, no ogra01:21
ajmitchI thought that I had added something to the status whiteboard01:21
ajmitchI guess not01:21
ajmitchadd what you think is appropriate01:24
Burgundavialet me chat with ogra first01:26
ajmitchI guess he'll be busy with UES01:26
ajmitchI think he wasn't going to put e-n-a-server on the schedule01:27
BurgundaviaI think the user config stuff superceded it01:27
Burgundaviamaybe then we shoudl propose fds?01:27
ajmitchit could be useful01:28
Burgundaviaseems the Sevilla scheduel is starting to come together01:28
ajmitchis it?01:28
=== ajmitch doesn't know *anything* about the schedule
ajmitchI see network-auth is on the agenda01:36
Burgundaviadid you propose it?01:36
ajmitchnot that I recall01:36
ajmitchthough there's no history on these things01:37
ajmitchthat's ok01:39
ajmitchBurgundavia: you saw that mr tracker is going?01:40
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Burgundaviatell us how tracker can save the world?01:43
Burgundaviabut how you actually program that, nobody knows01:48
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kelsa|martalliWhen I want to upgrade ubuntu or kubuntu, I used the "alternate install" disk, so that I did not have to download as much stuff...how could I manage that with the new disks for edubuntu?02:32
kelsa|martalliCan I do a version upgrade with the desktop cd?  Should I use the edubuntu DVD? (some of the computers don't have dvds)02:33
cliebowmany are in sevilla and out of touch tonight02:37
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bimberikelsa|martalli: Edubuntu's equivalent of the alternate CD is the "Classroom Server CD".  You can upgrade using it or the DVD. You can't upgrade using the Desktop CD, only fresh install.02:56
bimberikelsa|martalli: There is an Ubuntu Education Summit (UES) being held in Sevilla.02:57
kelsa|martallibimberi:  So, if I am upgrading separate installs (not ltsp comps), then the basic packages will come out of the cd, but the gnome/etc upgrades will get downloaded?02:57
kelsa|martallibimberi:  Wish I was there =)02:57
kelsa|martallibimberi:  I'll fire up the old torrent client.  Thanks02:57
bimberikelsa|martalli: the classroom server cd (and the dvd) includes gnome so that can be upgraded from the cd/dvd too02:58
=== jinty [n=jinty@106.Red-83-52-94.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
kelsa|martalliI have a few comps with edubuntu at my child's latchkey program.  Might as well upgrade them.  They have internet access (wirelessly), but it would be nice to have as many packages as possible locally02:58
kelsa|martallibimberi:  thanks for your advice02:59
bimberikelsa|martalli: yw :)02:59
bimberi!info apt-proxy | kelsa|martalli03:00
ubotukelsa|martalli: apt-proxy: Debian archive proxy and partial mirror builder. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.35ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 77 kB, installed size 412 kB03:00
kelsa|martalliCould I populate a usb drive?  How much space would it take up?03:01
kelsa|martalliOh, I think what would be better would be to rsync the mirrors or something along those lines03:02
bimberikelsa|martalli: not sure really. What you could do is upgrade one PC and copy the files from /var/cache/apt/archives to the usb key03:02
kelsa|martalliI guess that could work03:03
kelsa|martalliThey essentially have all the same software already03:03
bimberikelsa|martalli: how many pcs?03:03
kelsa|martallithree ocs03:03
kelsa|martalliThere are two more win98 comps (something like 16 and 64 mb) also...i wonder if I could make them into thin clients off of one of the pentium 4's (like 1.9 ghx)03:04
bimberi64 would be OK.  16 I doubt.03:04
bimberihow much RAM in the P4?03:05
kelsa|martallibimberi:  I think 25603:05
kelsa|martalliHonestly, the latchkey kids mostly pay games...that may not work well for them03:05
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kelsa|martalliSo, I would copy /var/cache/apt/archives to the usb key...then copy those files to the same directory on the other compuetr?03:06
bimberi256 might work for a couple of clients.  I'm trying to track down the server ram requirements...03:07
bimberikelsa|martalli: yes, then run the upgrade normally and apt will find those files and not need to download them03:07
kelsa|martallicould I run a thin client from Windows?03:07
kelsa|martallibimberi:  That is sweet03:07
bimberikelsa|martalli: it's how I keep this 14.4K modem connected PC I'm using now up-to-date :)03:08
ajmitchbimberi: the wonders of telstra dsl? ;)03:08
kelsa|martalliMy goodness, at 14.4, you can probably see the text coursing down the screen!03:09
bimberiajmitch: lol03:09
kelsa|martallibimberi - thanks for your help03:09
bimberikelsa|martalli: np :)03:09
bimberikelsa|martalli: btw, no idea wrt windows.  I know it has a remote desktop thingy but that's all i know03:10
kelsa|martallione last thing, bimberi - if I want to install  a thin client, can I leave the windows instal (eg, a dual boot between thin client and win98?03:13
bimberikelsa|martalli: sure, the thin client doesn't need the hard disk.  you either set your bios to boot from the network or you can use a bootable-floppy03:14
kelsa|martalliuse an online rom-o-matic?03:15
bimberikelsa|martalli: that's the one.  I quite like that method.  boot with the floppy in -> Edubuntu.  boot with it out -> HDD (in your case W98)03:16
cliebowsure..but not even 4.2 will run x on 16 meg03:16
cliebowkelsa|martalli, an etherboot enabled nic/bootrom will let you double boot03:16
cliebowwith ltsp that  is03:17
cliebowgenerally figure 256 for server and 100 meg per client for the server depending on usage.03:18
bimberi!ues is <reply> The Ubuntu Education Summit is being held May 3rd & 4th at Sevilla, Spain.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UES-Sevilla03:19
ubotuI'll remember that, bimberi03:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about uds - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:19
ajmitchsucky ubotu03:19
cliebowbad  ubotu03:20
=== bimberi will make one
=== ajmitch hopes laserjock got there
cliebowhe was behind a day huh,03:20
ajmitchyeah, plane troubles03:21
cliebowsucky airplane 8~)03:21
cliebowdid hear from sbalneav..jammcq..and moquist03:22
cliebowthe ltsp contingent03:22
bimberi!uds is <reply) The Ubuntu Developer Summit is being held May 6th to 11th at Sevilla, Spain.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Sevilla03:23
ubotuI'll remember that, bimberi03:23
bimberi!no uds is <reply> The Ubuntu Developer Summit is being held May 6th to 11th at Sevilla, Spain.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Sevilla03:23
ubotuI'll remember that bimberi03:23
=== ajmitch is still sitting in NZ
ajmitchlong way to go to seville03:28
ubotuThe Ubuntu Developer Summit is being held May 6th to 11th at Sevilla, Spain.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Sevilla.  ajmitch will be signing autographs nightly at 6 in the bar03:30
bimberi!no uds is <reply> The Ubuntu Developer Summit is being held May 6th to 11th at Sevilla, Spain.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Sevilla03:31
ubotuI'll remember that bimberi03:31
ajmitchbimberi: how do you expect me to be signing autographs in a bar? :)03:32
bimberiajmitch: when do you leave?03:32
ajmitchtomorrow night03:32
ajmitcha bar is for drinking at03:32
bimberii had to think of somewhere :)03:32
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Bhaskar1Hello Everybody, Can anyone suggest me about which printer is fine for Edubuntu 7.04 Server (LTSP5.0)06:58
Bhaskar1in HP, Canon , Samsung series06:59
Burgundaviawhat sort of printer?06:59
Burgundaviado you want multifunction?07:00
Bhaskar1ya, i want Laser printer that support client as well as server of Edubuntu 7.04 Server, LTSP 507:01
Burgundaviain general, HP printers are half decent07:01
Bhaskar1HP printer which model is best for LTSP edubuntu?07:02
Burgundaviatake a peak here http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting/Database/DatabaseIntro07:03
Bhaskar1ok, which printer u use with edubuntu?07:05
BurgundaviaI have a 2505 colour laser07:05
Burgundaviawhat do you need? just a straight printer or a scanner/printer/fax?07:08
Bhaskar1straight printer Laser BW07:08
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
Burgundaviain that case nearly anything should work, but I would check the OpenPrinting db mentioned07:17
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ajmitchhey Seveas08:06
Burgundaviahey HedgeMage, Seveas08:06
ajmitchBurgundavia: what else do we need to sort for uds?08:07
Burgundaviawe have client and server08:07
Burgundaviaany other Windows-y stuff?08:07
ajmitchstuff like robertj's simple samba integration08:07
Burgundaviais there a spec for that08:08
Burgundaviaahh, that08:08
ajmitchor things like that wiki doc on ldap+samba PDC08:09
Burgundaviais it worth talking about that at uds?08:09
ajmitchwhich should be covered by some existing specs08:09
=== ajmitch shrugs
Burgundavialets propose for uds anyway08:10
Burgundaviagiven it would require desktop changes and main inclusion08:10
HedgeMagehi Burgundavia08:16
ajmitchdoesn't mean it needs to be scheduled08:16
=== HedgeMage is only somewhat awake
ajmitchnetwork-auth won't be schedulde at this point08:16
ajmitchnot with the blueprint status08:16
=== ajmitch should probably start learning spanish soon
Burgundaviadoes it need any discussion?08:18
=== jinty [n=jinty@106.Red-83-52-94.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
ajmitchif there's to be installer integration, yes08:21
ajmitchthere seems to be demand for that08:21
ajmitchand precedent has been set with migration-assistant08:22
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mattfletchermorning cliebow, thanks for the smoothwall mod, it worked a treat. i managed to get my laptop to netboot off the edubuntu server at 10:30pm last night!10:11
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cliebow  Cool!!!12:03
cliebowmattfletcher, http://community.smoothwall.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=319612:17
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juliuxhi bddebian04:41
bddebianHello juliux04:41
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mcsdanyone familiar with gcompris? it's software on the edubuntu under games06:33
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
mcsdis there a way to change the native resolution of the program ... it appears to be 640 x 48006:39
highvoltagemcsd: do you know how much display memory you have on that machine?06:48
mcsdyou mean the memory size of the video card?06:50
mcsd8 mb intel06:51
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DaSkreechThe Addon CD is supported as well?07:03
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cbx33JaneW, WOW07:52
encompasscbx33: I am ready for the meeting when ever you are...08:02
encompasscbx33: this is one very quite channel dude08:02
cbx33it is today08:02
cbx33gimme 5 mins08:02
encompassI think it's because of meetings in sevilla err something08:03
=== yim [n=sithclon@pool-71-181-178-222.sctnpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
yimhello i neeed help08:03
encompasshowdy yim... I am not too good... but I know that you can ask08:03
cbx33encompass, what was my skype name?08:04
encompasseveryone needs help... just a matter of what kind :D08:04
yimim in the process of downloading an ubuta iso08:04
yimwhat do i do with it just burn it to a cd08:04
encompassyim yeah08:04
encompassare you in windows?08:04
yimim going to put it on a new hdd08:05
encompassok... what software do you use for burning your cd?08:05
encompassyim, great idea... makes things easier08:05
yimok cooll08:05
yimthank you a lot08:05
yimvery lot08:05
encompassok.. nero has a burn image option08:05
encompassuse that08:05
yimthe fag over at gentoo wouldnt evan talk to me08:05
encompassan ISO is an image file08:05
yimi know08:06
yimi was just wondering if there is any thing else i had to do08:06
yimi boot from the cd right08:06
encompassyim, gentoo has good support for a different kind of people08:06
yimand it installs starit to the hdd08:06
yimwaht kinda people08:06
encompassyeah... if it doesn't boot the cd be sure to set your bios to boot from cd first08:06
encompassyim linux savvy ones08:07
yimand then there will be a menu08:07
encompassgentoo is pretty advanced08:07
encompassyeah... and you select start or install ubuntu08:07
encompassit takes a while to load and then you are loaded into ubuntu08:07
encompassfrom there you can check everything...08:07
yimshould i come back if i need help08:08
encompassI won't be around... but I would ask in ubuntu or best...08:08
yimwaht is this ubuntu all about08:08
encompassor just pm me...08:08
encompasswhat chat do you use?08:08
yimwhat kinda feauters dose it have08:08
encompassok add me... skunkyjay08:09
cbx33encompass, those keys are too loud08:09
encompassthat is my aim account name08:09
yimok my pc dose not have im on it now08:09
yimcan u get im on lunux08:09
encompassyeah... gaim08:10
yimok waht else can u do is there video editing programs on tehre08:10
encompassit is built into ubuntu... even the live cd08:11
encompassoh yes08:11
encompasshere... any other questions email me08:11
yimreally what is it08:11
yimill do it later08:11
yimthanks for your help08:12
yimill ttyl08:12
yimthank you a lot08:12
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DaSkreechCan Somebody give me some help?08:12
encompassbut I have to get going...08:12
encompassgood luck.08:12
DaSkreechWell assistance :)08:12
DaSkreechI'm having a problem with a Website used at a school08:13
DaSkreechI think the problem is the screen resolution08:13
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mcsdcan someone tell me a command to change the permissions of a file...chmod?08:45
mcsdok the file is located at /usr/share/beryl but I used a "sudo" to paste it in there since root only has access08:47
mcsdwhat command would I use to open it "chmod --help" doesn't seem helpful08:47
mcsdto change it rather08:47
mcsdbasically how would I give all users read access by default08:48
mcsd--no preserve-root?08:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chmod\ - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:52
ubotuThe files and directories on an Ubuntu system are organized according to a standard, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard - file permissions are explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions - All filenames and directory names (and many other things) are case sensitive in Linux08:52
cliebow_sudo chmod 644 /usr/share/whatever08:52
mcsdwhat does 644 mean08:52
cliebow_trying SCREEN_07=startx in lts.conf..gdm is enabled but netstat says udp6..looks wonky08:53
cliebow_and only gray x on client08:53
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mcsdthank you cliebow_09:06
cliebow_Got it???Great09:07
mcsdyeah I didn't realize u could use numbers instead of -r and stuff09:07
cliebow_either way is fine09:10
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yimhello i have a problem10:58
yimi need help10:59
yimany one tehre11:00
yimany one at all11:04
yimno one11:04
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=== yim [n=sithclon@pool-71-181-178-222.sctnpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
yimhelo im back11:37
yimand still inneed of help11:37
Burgworkwhat is your issue?11:38
=== HedgeMage [n=HedgeMag@ubuntu/member/hedgemage] has joined #edubuntu
yimcaldrea dr dos11:50
yimi want it gone11:50
yimi want caldera dr dos 7 removed from my computer it is stoping the instalation f the ubuntu11:51
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=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@106.Red-83-52-94.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavEvening all11:57
yimi need help11:57
sbalneavWith what?11:57
Burgworkhey sbalneav11:58
yimcaldrea dr dos11:58
yimwhat the hell is it11:59
yimi keep getting it at boot11:59
yimany one know what that is12:00
sbalneavYeah, it's a really old copy of DOS12:00
yimi want it gone12:01
yimcause i want linux12:01
yimubuntu linux12:01
sbalneavPerhaps you could actually explain what it is your doing, and when you get the error, and how this relates to Edubuntu?12:01
yimwhen i boot from the cd it syas loading caldrea dr dos 7.312:01
sbalneavfrom WHAT cd?12:02
yimfrom the ubuntu install cd12:03
sbalneavHow did you get this CD?12:03
sbalneavDownloaded it and burned it yourself?12:03
yimfrom the ubuntu site12:03
yimyes i did12:03
sbalneavSounds to me like you've either got a corrupted download, or a bad burn.12:04
yimhow do i burn it12:04
yimi ussed nero12:04
sbalneavWhat kind of machine are you booting this on?12:04
yimand other linux programs were doing the same thing12:05
yimim booting on my hp12:05
sbalneavModel?  32 bit?  64 bit?12:06
yimi think 3212:07
yim1gig ram12:07
yimamd 32 bit12:07
sbalneavWhat's the model number of this thing?12:07
yimwhat my pc?12:07
yimim not sure but its a newer pc12:08
sbalneavYou're not sure?12:08
sbalneavThey usually print it on the front!12:08
sbalneavHP Pavillion 4132 etc etc12:09
yimno it just says hp12:09
yimno model number12:09
sbalneavWhat's the name of the ISO image you downloaded?12:10
sbalneavWhat's the exact name?  Should be something like: ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso12:12
yimthats it12:12
sbalneavWhat's the size?12:14
sbalneavshould be 731797504 bytes12:14
yim697 megabytes12:14
yimi want dr dos off my pc12:16
yimis it somthing on the pc12:16
yimor is it the cd12:16
yimdid you leave12:18
sbalneavWhat's the byte count?12:19
sbalneavSame as what I gave you?12:19
sbalneavDoes the CD boot?  Did you do an install?12:19

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