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troy_snothlit: what happened to you12:19
nothlitinkscape disappeared again lol12:23
nothliti opened a chat with yharrow and shared the inkboard12:23
yharrownothlit: lets try this one more time12:24
nothlitand inkscape died --but not instantly-- after a while12:24
nothlitanyways i think you're supposed to do it through the buddy list12:24
troy_snothlit: What buddy list?  the one in inkboard?12:26
yharrownothlit: why do you keep disconnecting?12:36
troy_snothlit: You manage to get yours connected ok?12:37
troy_smy build  is a crankin12:37
nothlityharrow: mostly to fiddle--but also because inkscape keeps dying lol12:38
yharrownothlit: thats weird. lets try on e more time12:39
yharrowyou were there for a seconmd12:40
yharrowwhat happend12:40
troy_syharrow: Still compiling12:41
troy_syharrow: _still_ compiling :)12:43
yharrownothlit: use pedroXMPP as a resource12:47
yharrowI mean pedroXmpp12:48
yharrowtroy_s: it took me 20 minutes to compile, so it should take you 10 to 1512:49
troy_syharrow: Done :)12:49
troy_syharrow: retrying12:49
troy_slogin: no second SASL challenge offered by server12:49
troy_snot impressed.12:50
troy_snothlit / yharrow you REALLY need to learn GIMP gap... it is pretty impressive12:54
nothlithmm yeah i have tutorials in my bookmarks12:55
nothlitits been installed for a while12:55
=== yharrow decides to insall gimp gap now
troy_snothlit: It is NOT the worlds most well documented addition :)01:05
nothlityharrow: segfault again--i'm done lol01:43
yharrowweird. I never get that01:43
yharrowworks all the time01:44
nothlitthats because i initiated the sharing right away01:44
yharrownothlit: try restarting inkscape01:44
nothlitand you never see it01:44
nothlitbut it causes the segfault01:44
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nothlityou just keep chatting :P01:44
yharrownothlit: dont try to share immediately01:44
yharrownothlit: I got the share the last time01:44
nothliti waited before01:44
yharrownothlit: so I know it could work01:44
nothlitdid you get any content?01:44
nothlitthe problem is the windows are confusing01:45
yharrowno cause, I close it after01:45
nothlitthe initiating window isn't the one i recieve chat in01:45
yharrownothlit: ok this time we will communicate through irc and well do it step by step01:45
nothlitbut which one is the one you're supposed to share the whiteboard to01:45
yharrowIll explain01:45
nothlitbtw i don't see the subscription aka buddy list going both ways in inkscape for some reason01:45
nothlityharrow: no01:46
nothlityharrow: as in01:46
nothlityharrow: when i double click on your name and send a message01:46
nothlityour reply comes up in a <different> box01:46
nothlitbut both boxes work for sending messages01:46
yharrownothlit: thats cause I had gajim open01:46
yharrowand i think it confused things01:46
nothliti looked @ the resource01:46
nothlitand closed everything and reinitiated01:46
yharrownothlit: then we mustve both opened a window01:46
nothlitits a chat box01:47
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yharrowsorry bout that01:47
nothlitit makes more sense to just share a vnc session01:48
yharrowi am going to open it up and not touch anything01:48
nothlitthan to fiddle with all this01:48
yharrownothlit: vnc is less secure01:48
nothlitnot over vpns/ssh01:48
nothliti have an nx server setup that can transport vnc over it as well01:48
yharrowhmm. thats sweet :D01:49
yharrowgood stuff01:49
yharrowwish I had something like that01:49
yharrownothlit:  the thing that irks me though is that it went through the first time . I actually got the share request from you01:50
yharrowwhen you were using the other jabber id01:50
yharrowyour first one01:50
yharrowthe fluxbuntyu01:50
nothlityharrow: me and joejaxx got the share request <everytime> but we never saw anything and got segfaults01:50
nothliton talk.google.com and fluxbuntu.net01:51
yharrownothlit: so you think its a general bug?01:51
nothliti just think its not stable yet, as #inkscape suggested01:51
yharrownothlit: do you think its a protocol issue?01:52
nothliti'm gonna figure out ejabberd and work off my two boxes01:53
nothlit93% is pretty good01:54
nothlitprolly more than inkscape needs01:54
nothliti'd rather not try openfire (wildfire), blegh at java01:54
troy_snothlit: Did you get my jabber reply?02:09
nothlitwhen/what was it?02:09
troy_snothlit: I don't know... your request was sitting there.02:10
nothliti jumped around a lot with clients/servers02:10
nothlitoh the buddy request?02:10
nothlitor the inkscape02:10
troy_sit was a jabber buddy02:10
nothliti didn't notice it--but i shut off the fluxbuntu.net stuff a while ago02:10
troy_sanyways, i now know how to do the usplash in gimp gap to get it off to tonic02:11
troy_sso mission 1 accomplished02:11
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nothlittroy_s: yharrow --ahh ok, i tested it on my own jabber server05:32
nothlitregular nodes work fine05:32
nothlittext is iffy05:32
nothlitand transformations don't seem to go across05:32
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troy_snothlit: So it is a protocol issue?!??!05:39
troy_snothlit: Open up your server to us!05:39
BHSPitMonkeyis anyone here aware of any feisty cd label artwork that's out there?06:01
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: Yes.06:04
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: What do you want?06:04
BHSPitMonkeyseeking a cd label for 32bit Desktop feisty.06:04
troy_serm i think the cd's haven't changed in terms of labels (being that red blob with the white pill on the wiki)06:05
troy_sonly the art changes on the outside (although calling it art is a helluva stretch -- more like walmART)06:05
troy_stis fucking tacky to the extreme06:05
BHSPitMonkeytroy_s, have anything better? :P06:06
BHSPitMonkeyI guess I could wait for the new diy site to be up and functional...06:06
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: Actually you could probably whip something up relatively easy06:09
troy_sthat said, the actual cd labels are quite adequate06:09
troy_sthe 'art' on the packages is... walmART06:09
BHSPitMonkeytrue, but I don't really feel like it, and I wouldn't really be satisfied :P06:10
BHSPitMonkeyI'm not making a package, but just the label.06:10
troy_sget the one off the wiki06:10
troy_sit will suffice06:10
BHSPitMonkeyI don't want to ever have to make a second feisty CD for myself :P06:11
BHSPitMonkeyI want this to be respectable06:11
nothlitdidn't kwwii put up a .pdf/.eps?06:25
nothlit:) i found the teacup example svg http://twiki.softwarelivre.org/bin/view/InkscapeBrasil/ScreenShot306:26
BHSPitMonkeyit was on inkscape's homepage06:34
Madpilotnothlit, f'ing amazing, that is. Makes my hacking about with Inkscape look like, um, hacking about... :)06:35
nothlitBHSPitMonkey: i meant the svg itself06:45
BHSPitMonkeynothlit, well the dl just produces an error here06:47
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nothliti got it on my end06:54
troy_snothlit: That teacup could be better all things considered06:56
troy_sit really doesn't show off the power of Inkscape very well.06:56
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nothlittroy_s: well with shapes and blur-- you can do anything you want with inkscape, as long as your cpu can handle doing all that filter work02:55
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troy_snothlit: Ping10:07
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yharrowhi troy_s10:41
troy_syharrow: Greets friend.10:42
troy_syharrow: Apparently nothlit got better results on a local jabber server10:42
yharrowtroy_s: yeah so I saw in the log :D10:42
yharrowtroy_s: he still said he had problems though10:42
yharrowtroy_s: something about only nodes working10:43
yharrowand text mocking up10:43
yharrowsome speculated that it is a protocol error10:43
yharrowwhich was my initial guess as well10:43
yharrowI seriously look forward to using inkboard10:44
troy_syes... it seems that the server is doing different things and affecting it.10:44
yharrowit would be really great10:44
troy_syharrow: Even if it is pure simple sketching, that is a helluva lot better than what we have to the best of my knowledge.10:44
yharrowthats true10:44
yharrowI could live with sketching10:44
nothlittheres lots of online whiteboard apps though10:44
troy_syharrow: I just finished up the fluxbuntu usplash (which is pretty darn good in the end) so there will be a little more time for brainstorming etc.10:44
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yharrowand simple node manipulation10:45
troy_snothlit can you show me a few?10:45
troy_snothlit: It would GREATLY aid the community theme thinking10:45
yharrowtroy_s: do you think fluxbuntu will become recognized the way xubuntu or kubuntu has?10:45
nothlitahh kk10:45
nothlityharrow: doubtful, we are considered a fork, and do things to packages that wouldn't be put into the main repos10:46
troy_syharrow: I don't know or mind.   I just want it to clobber the fuck out of all of those in terms of design.10:47
troy_sWhich isn't exactly hard.10:47
troy_syharrow: Look at Kubuntu -- it is in at least as bad shape as bloody Ubuntu.10:47
yharrowspeed or functionality wise?10:48
troy_syharrow: Art and design.10:57
yharrowahh ok10:58
yharrowtroy_s: do you have screenshots of flux?10:58
yharrowdefault design in KDE is a disaster10:58
yharrowUbuntu is slightly better10:59
troy_syharrow: Default art / design across the boards is ... ick.10:59
troy_syharrow: Ubuntu is pretty bloody sad.10:59
=== yharrow chokes every time he sees the kde dragon
yharrowKonqi is his name I think11:00
nothlittroy_s: this is the most famous one http://www.imaginationcubed.com/LaunchPage11:00
nothliti can't find the old ones i used11:00
yharrownothlit: lets do this. whats your eamil?11:01
troy_syuck flash11:01
troy_sany actual apps?11:01
nothlitbut a quick google turns up http://www.skrbl.com/ http://vyew.com/content/ http://vyew.com/content/11:01
yharrowtroy_s: i can deal with flash when there is no viable alternatice11:01
nothlitehm... i dunno about linux apps11:01
troy_syharrow: Possibly... pretty sure there are a few whiteboards.11:02
nothlitnothing off the top of my head11:02
=== yharrow goes to apt-cache search
yharrowcant find anything11:03
troy_sgroupboard looks possible11:03
nothlittroy_s: http://www.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~benes/tulka/ ?11:05
troy_snothlit: Well that looks promsing too11:05
yharrowgroupboard looks propietary11:06
nothlittroy_s: http://freshmeat.net/search/?q=whiteboard&section=projects&Go.x=0&Go.y=011:06
yharrowlooks java based too11:06
troy_si recognize that name11:08
troy_si think i suggested it a year or so ago11:08
troy_syou can send music samples too11:10
troy_sthat looks like a very good thing to try11:10
nothliti think the most prolific online collaborative drawing software is oekakis, but those aren't real time11:10
troy_snothlit: I dont know it...11:10
troy_snothlit: Link?11:10
nothlittroy_s: hmm just search for oekaki11:10
nothlitthey're like forums for artists11:11
troy_sagain, you don't reallyneed too much power, just enough to communicate11:11
nothlita few varieties, java applets in which you draw11:11
nothlitsaving, comments11:11
nothlitand different levels11:11
nothlitmostly used by anime lovers11:11
troy_si had NO idea11:12
nothlitneatest thing is a lot of them have history, so you can watch the whole thing11:12
nothlittheres some quality stuff, and a lot of those guys are mousers11:12
troy_sis the code gpl?11:13
troy_sfor the site?11:13
nothlittheres oekaki software freely available11:14
nothlityou can plop it into your server easy11:14
nothlitvisit http://www.skrbl.com/42135377 -- i want to try this11:16
=== yharrow is downloading coccinella
nothlitthis skrbl ajax thing is nifty11:22
nothlityharrow: just visit it in a gecko browser :P11:22
troy_sthat skrbl thing is cool11:26
troy_syharrow: that must be using canvas11:30
troy_sthe newer canvas property11:31
yharrowhmm, never heard of it11:31
yharrowlooks sweet though11:31
yharrowdid you guys notice the search box on the bottom right11:32
yharrowyou can search the text of the board11:33
yharrowtroy_s: if thats using canvas, then yeah11:33
troy_stry that...11:33
troy_sthe canvas property is pretty bloody incredible.11:33
troy_sthis is pretty incredible using the <canvas> tag11:34
troy_smore <canvas>11:35
nothlitthats ajax?11:36
nothlitwho know ajax could make me dizzy11:36
troy_snothlit: That's strictly using the html <canvas>11:37
troy_swhich is rather mind boggling11:37
nothlithtml can do things so dynamic?11:38
troy_si think that's her 'finals'11:39
nothlithmm its still using javascript11:39
troy_snothlit: <canvas> is the workhorse there though.11:39
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=== yharrow goes to hcek itout

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