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encompassnot a soul to help me08:45
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q-tHey, im trying to install ubuntu on a HP Compaq nc6000, I cant find it on any lists of laptops that work with ubuntu, is the nc6000 NOT compatible??06:54
q-tplease help? :P06:56
q-twhen I try to boot the laptop with the Ubuntu installation CD, I get an error msg about fd0 or something06:56
Infectoit should be ok07:16
Infectoi install on nx902007:16
Infectoasus f2j07:17
Infectoacer travelmate 249007:17
Infectoall works ok07:17
Infectomore info about error07:17
q-tehm, I have burned ubuntu 7.04 onto a dvd, I think that might be what the problem is07:18
q-tCause it seems like it wont boot07:18
q-tfd0 is the CD/DVD rom right?07:19
Nailor_No, normally that one is floppy disk07:19
q-tok, i dont have a floppy on my laptop07:19
q-tehm, It boots to the menu where u select what u want to do. Where u choose to install or do the mem test and so on07:20
q-tbut when i choose to install, it goes on, and when the ubuntu logo comes up on the screen, and the load bar is pending back and forth, all stops07:21
q-tdont know what the hell is wrong, other than its on a dvd, not a cd07:21
Infectopata sata ?07:22
q-thehe, what?07:22
Infectoit should be normal connection07:22
q-tnormal connection?07:22
Infectohda should be your disk driver07:22
Infectonot driver07:22
q-tdo you have any idea of what I can do?07:24
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q-tthe error message reads something about a "error in/on a block , fd0" or something.07:25
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q-tHey, I finally got the ubuntu to boot correctly and start. But when it gets to the desktop, and Im pushing the install button, it wont install. It just stands still and runs the dvd like its about to take off...o_o10:24
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