asacthen nss and nspr should be in gutsy12:31
asacmaybe i we need to give back nss one more time :)12:31
gnomefreaknss is not yet12:47
gnomefreaknspr is -0d-dev and 0d\12:47
gnomefreakor something like that12:47
asac4-dev & -0d12:51
asaclets see if nss respins automatically12:52
asacat least launchpad shows that depedency wait is not true anymore12:52
asacif smart new build attempt will follow :/12:52
asacgreat is building12:53
asacat least on amd64 and i6412:53
asacnice ;)12:53
asactomorrow things can go up :)12:53
asaclets see how hell's coming :)12:54
asachmmm again dependency wait :/12:54
=== asac night
asachave a nice trip gnomefreak01:18
=== [Cade] [n=[Cade] @adsl-35-6-219.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
[Cade] hmm - what else is holding Firefox and TB updates up? I saw libnspr and libhunspell have updates now =D04:37
Admiral_Chicagodefine updates?05:38
Admiral_Chicagoerr updates*05:38
[Cade] they have updates in the gutsy repos05:40
Admiral_Chicagoi'm not sure I know what your question is05:41
[Cade] ah - I'm referring to FF update and TB2 for gutsy05:42
[Cade] ;)05:42
[Cade] mainly because the updated version of libhunspell breaks the current ff packages05:43
[Cade] just as a note, here's the relevant packages that got upgrades: libnspr4-0d libnspr4-0d-dbg libstdc++6 hunspell-1.1.0 libhunspell-1.1.005:43
Admiral_Chicagoah its probably because our packaging people aren't at their computers05:44
[Cade] :P05:44
[Cade] I've been chomping at the bit ever since TB2 was released. I'm just so fed up with Evo :/05:45
Admiral_Chicagoi need to try evolution, i heard it can handle outlook or something like that05:54
Admiral_Chicagoyou could build the binary05:54
Admiral_Chicagoerr install05:54
[Cade] I'm a fan of font-rendering patches =P05:55
=== sanityx [n=sanityx@pool-68-160-199-176.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
sanityxAnybody know of a way to sync Palm contacts with Thunderbird?08:09
=== poningru [n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== sanityx [n=sanityx@pool-68-160-199-176.ny325.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam ["Ex-Chat"]
gnomefreak[Cade] : we need a few packages in first before we can spin against gutsy10:05
gnomefreakthey started pouring in late yesterday10:05
gnomefreak[Cade] : should be fixed in next day or 2 (depending on any problems that arise)10:07
asacso did nss build?10:16
gnomefreaknot here yet10:22
gnomefreaki just did updates for gutsy and not yet. im setting up for iceape build incase it comes in in time.10:23
asachmm ... ok nspr ended up in universe (e.g. just the binaries)10:35
asacso nss didn't build because source was in main as well10:35
asacshould be fixed now10:35
gnomefreakwhy universe?10:35
asacbut takes some time until builders do i10:36
asacerror by the one processing the NEW binaries10:36
asacthe source is in main10:36
gnomefreaki dont expect to spin it before i leave but would have been nice10:36
asacbut it should be fixed now10:36
gnomefreakasac: congrats on reviewer status ;)10:37
asacah ;)10:37
asacBug 50768 .. is it fixed now?10:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 50768 in firefox "Strange artifacts in text fields within web applications when moving cursor with keyboard" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5076810:39
gnomefreaknot sure thats the first time ive seen that10:41
asacyeah just read the last comment which ended up in my inbox10:41
asaclooks like its not firefox10:42
gnomefreakits upstream bug10:42
gnomefreakfrom what it shows10:42
ubotuMozilla bug 345438 in Layout "Moving cursor back/forward in all forms and in the location bar leaves caret turds (with nv video driver installed)" [Normal,New] 10:42
asacis the workaround in bugzilla?`10:42
asacis bugzilla reporter same as ubuntu reporter?10:43
gnomefreakand no patch yet10:43
gnomefreakunless they use a different nick in LP and mozilla bugtracker10:44
asacis in bug10:54
asacwhy i said its fixed for us :)10:54
gnomefreakasac: do i need to learn dput for revu or am i gonna put sources somewhere else?11:37
asacgood idea :)11:40
asace.g. to upload to revu11:40
asacyes then use dput or dupload11:40
asaclater you will push that way to preview archive as well11:40
asace.g. as soon as we have incoming processing11:40
gnomefreaki will see if i can find docs on it than11:46
asachmm we get more and more @gtk_widget_event_internal now11:54
asacbug 94749 is master11:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 94749 in firefox "MASTER firefox crash [@gtk_widget_event_internal]  " [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9474911:55
gnomefreakwe have way too many bugs with @gtk_* :(11:55
asacyeah ;)11:55
asacmozilla projects need some gtk experts :)11:56
asacwhich they lack11:56
asacyeah finall libnspr4-dev is in main11:56
asacat least on my mirror11:56
asacthanks god11:56
=== gnomefreak checking update
gnomefreakasac == gtk expert no? ;)11:57
asaci can code gtk ;) ... but i am far away from being a gtk core developer :)11:58
gnomefreakgtk is a lang? i thought it was just widgets11:58
asaca lib11:59
gnomefreaklike python+gtk11:59
asaca widget toolkit library11:59
asacgtk+ is C11:59
asacand there are several bindings for other languages11:59
asace.g. like python-gtk +perl-gtk11:59
gnomefreakyuck @ C11:59
asacet al11:59
=== gnomefreak hasnt played with C in years
asacC is great ;)12:00
gnomefreakpython is easier (from what i hear) i dropped C for python and than got too busy to learn python12:01
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@6.Red-88-25-28.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asachey hjmf :)12:06
asacmaybe you find something interesting :)12:08
=== ajmitch looks at what he shoudl attend
asacmight change a bit ... but main tracks should be rather fixed now12:09
hjmfhmm it's too far from my house12:09
ajmitchoh, definitely ubuntu server forum :)12:09
hjmfare you traveling ?12:09
=== ajmitch just put in an application to hr@canonical for server stuff
asaci will be there :)12:09
ajmitchprobably no chance of getting it, but oh well :)12:09
asac there is Bug/Crash reporting forum on thursday morning :)12:09
ajmitchI see you're in the server track, asac12:10
hjmfI've merged together all those [@gtk_widget_event_internal]  [@??] 12:10
hjmfprobably the same crash12:10
asachjmf: yeah ... you know when this first popped up? recently?12:11
asacajmitch: yeah ;)12:11
hjmfcouple of weeks maybe, not sure12:11
hjmfwill be video live/recorded sessions at UDS-Sevilla?12:12
asacok so probably gtk+ update for latest gnome12:13
hjmfasac: will look12:13
asachjmf: hmm i have no idea ;)12:13
ajmitchthey haven't been in the past12:13
ajmitchtoo much equipment to setup12:13
hjmfwhat a pitty! :(12:13
ajmitchsessions aren't really that interesting by video12:13
ajmitchsince it's usually people sitting round a table discussing12:14
ajmitchor crammed into a room somehow12:14
hjmfI see12:14
asacmaybe some video feed from the pool :)12:14
ajmitchthere's a pool there?12:14
hjmfI thought it would be more like a conference, then discussion12:14
ajmitchit's nearly all discussion & spec sessions12:15
hjmfgood luck then ...12:15
=== ajmitch is used to it by now ;)
asacgnomefreak: libnss is in gutsy ... lets go :)12:15
=== ajmitch updates FDS packaging
hjmfasac: about the gtk_widget_event_internal there were some reports before, but the last *bunch* is from last week of april12:17
hjmftill now12:17
asachmm ... feisty?12:17
hjmfthe last 7 are from feisty12:19
asacbut we have edgy as well?12:20
hjmfsure, the master is from edgy12:21
hjmfbut the last ones are all from feisty (probably because of dissabling apport in edgy)12:22
hjmf... not all, the last one is from edgy (bug 111875)12:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111875 in firefox "[EDGY]  firefox crashed [@gtk_widget_event_internal]  [@ ??]  [@vtable for nsDOMConstructor at #12]  (dup-of: 94749)" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11187512:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 94749 in firefox "MASTER firefox crash [@gtk_widget_event_internal]  " [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9474912:22
hjmf6:1 feisty:edgy since last week of april12:23
asachmm ... isn't apport disabled for feisty as well now?12:23
hjmfnot sure, probably12:23
hjmfI don't have crashes Ubuntu rocks :-P12:24
hjmf# set this to 0 to disable apport12:27
hjmfbut I guess that ^^^ is not what I had to look12:27
asaci don't know12:29
asaci would think so12:29
asacbut it doesn't work for me iirc :)12:29
hjmfI think that that sets apport to collect crashes12:29
hjmfbut to auto-upload there must be another setting somewhere12:30
gnomefreakmine is set to 1 but still never gives me the dialog. i meant to ping pitti about it but i keep forgeting12:30
hjmfyes, it might be this one though:12:31
hjmfgconf-editor: /apps/update-notifier/show_apport_crashes false12:32
asacah right12:32
hjmff this is disabled, the user will not be notified about pending apport crash reports.12:32
asacprobably thats the one12:32
hjmfit's disabled on feisty12:32
asacso thats why we are able to reduce bug count :)12:33
asacnot bad ;)12:33
gnomefreakwell thats not good12:33
hjmfI can see your point gnomefreak12:33
asac609 open bugs :)12:33
asacpretty nice12:33
gnomefreakhe gave me command to turn it on12:34
asac1291 with dupes12:34
hjmfand most of them can be close too12:34
asacof the 609 ?12:34
gnomefreakgconftool-2 -s --type boolean /apps/update-notifier/show_apport_crashes true12:35
hjmfI meant many not most12:35
asacyeah ;)12:35
gnomefreakto turn on dialog12:35
gnomefreakoh you already said tha :(12:35
hjmfwe can always have for fun the mess on mozilla-thunderbird reports12:36
asacyes ... we probably shouldn't ignore them anymore12:36
asacdo retraces work?12:37
asacor are dbgsym packages still broken?12:37
asacah ok12:37
hjmfI still using mines, but apport retracing service can handle them too12:37
hjmfso dbgsyms are OK now12:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 71131 in mozilla-thunderbird "Thunderbird crashes if you change Gnome theme while it is running" [High,Needs info] 12:37
asaccan you confirm this?12:37
asace.g. thats without totem apparently ;)12:38
asacbut sounds like our totem crash ;)12:38
gnomefreakthat looks like same issue with firefox12:38
asacmaybe its the initial theme crasher ... for which we have a patch in firefox12:38
gnomefreaktryin gnow12:38
gnomefreaktrying now even12:39
hjmfa crash report on that one would have been nice12:39
gnomefreakfailed to crash with 2.012:39
asacgnomefreak: yes ... the patch i was refering to landed for 2.012:39
asachjmf: do your retrace scripts work for tbird as well .... like on bug 7216012:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 72160 in mozilla-thunderbird "TB crashed while writing reply email" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7216012:40
hjmfwill tell you in a couple of minutes12:40
=== gnomefreak wonders what we fixed
hjmfasac: you can check12:44
hjmfit worked12:44
hjmfthough I still have broken the autopost stuff12:44
hjmfso I have to do it manually12:44
asachjmf:  i looked into backtrace stuff ... the code that the retrace service uses is in apport bzr12:45
asaci found the place where the top 5 stack elements are extracted12:46
hjmfyes, I borrowed from they some time ago.12:46
hjmfI have to check what had changed12:46
asacso probably almost all is there already ... do we see summaries of stacks retraced by service?12:46
hjmfbut HTMLOperations.Bug is still the same that it was yesterday12:47
hjmfand then it worked12:47
hjmfthe apport service only shows the first 3-4 stacks and we need from the 4th to the 7th as the fist three are always the same on most of the cases12:48
asachmmm ... if that is true for non mozilla packages as well, we should probably try to fix it there12:49
hjmfthat can be changed easily by you or pitty on report['StacktraceTop'] 12:50
hjmffrom apport12:50
asacyes ... we should look how other traces look like ... maybe we can try to better detect where to start.12:50
hjmfwhat has to be changed i believe that is at apport/report.py12:51
asacyes i think so ... iirc12:52
hjmfyes, nowadays is StacktraceTop: simplified stacktrace (topmost 5 functions) for inline12:52
=== asac searching for apport on ubuntu distribution to find other retraces
hjmfand it should include 3 or 4 more12:52
hjmfChanging toptrace = ['']  * 5 for toptrace = ['']  * 912:53
hjmfmight do it12:53
hjmfthough It is just the first sight12:53
asachmmm ... i can talk to pitti12:54
hjmfwith that we can handle both the usual stacktrace and those w/o the 3# <signal caller...12:54
asacif you run apport locally ... do you see the StacktraceTop results as well?12:55
asacmozilla is a bit special because they catch signals on their own12:55
asacmaybe at some point packages can ship infos about "where does stacktrace start"12:55
hjmf... I don't run apport as it should, I'm still at apport 0.6112:55
asacbut maybe just using 9 is ok as well12:55
asachjmf: ouch :)12:55
hjmfyes with 9 it will be OK12:56
hjmfon my retraces I use by default from 3 to 1212:56
hjmfbut 0-9 will be ok too12:56
asacafaik latest apport should be usable as the good old 0.61 ... but what can i say :) ?12:56
hjmfnot tested12:56
hjmfthat's another thing I want to do12:57
hjmfuse current apport12:57
hjmfbut as long as old roks to me I've been a little bit lazy12:57
asacat best use it from bzr :)12:57
asacso you can contribute best to development12:57
hjmfwill have to, sure12:57
asachey you are bughelper-dev as well :)01:02
hjmfhaha yes! :P01:08
hjmfasac: can you do me a quick favor01:12
asacdepends :) ... but I'll try01:13
hjmfI'm stuck with this error with all my autopost routines01:13
hjmfcan you fire up python and01:13
hjmf>>> from launchpadBugs.HTMLOperations import Bug01:13
hjmf>>> bugnumber = 10453301:13
hjmf>>> cookiefile="/home/hjmf/.mozilla/firefox/oicl0ue1.default/cookies.txt"01:13
hjmf>>> bug = Bug(bugnumber, cookie_file=cookiefile)01:13
hjmf>>> bug.get_metadata()01:13
hjmf>>> bug.__dict__['tags'] =['mt-confirm'] 01:13
hjmf>>> bug.set_metadata()01:13
hjmfof course changing your cookie file01:13
hjmfwith that bug number01:14
asaci get01:15
asac<addinfourl at 15204432 whose fp = <socket._fileobject object at 0xd958c0>>01:15
asacnow what?01:15
asacshould this have updated the bug?01:15
asacbug 10453301:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 104533 in firefox "firefox crashed" [Undecided,Rejected]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10453301:15
hjmfyes it works for you01:15
hjmfare you using the last bzr merge?01:16
hjmfthank you01:16
asacno ... i just used what is here on my system01:16
gnomefreaknss hit01:16
hjmfI'll will work on this later01:16
hjmfso it is my fault somewher01:16
gnomefreakin universe though01:16
gnomefreakfor seamonkey source do i want the tar.gz or the bz2? i cant remember :(01:18
gnomefreakrules doesnt say01:18
hjmfcy all till this evening01:18
gnomefreakhjmf: have fun01:18
asacyeah bye hjmf01:20
asacgnomefreak: he?01:20
asacwhatever is released upstream as "source"01:20
gnomefreaki see both01:20
asacin source?01:20
gnomefreakFile: seamonkey-1.1.1.source.tar.bz2  34176 KB  02/22/2007  02:15:00 PM01:21
gnomefreakFile: seamonkey-1.1.1.source.tar.gz01:21
asacit doesn't matter01:21
asacas you have to extract it on your own01:21
asacthen build your own orig out of if01:21
gnomefreakand than i can just run dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa -kKEYID? than dput the .changes file?01:22
=== gnomefreak will more than likely get to it around sat. or sun.
asacshould work that way01:27
asace.g. you don't need -kKEYID01:28
asacif you are the last in changelog01:28
asacwhich you probably should01:28
asacand remember to use ubuntu version01:28
gnomefreakoh ok01:28
gnomefreakyeah 1.1.1-3ubuntu001:28
asace.g. version that is lower than the debian one01:28
gnomefreakdebians is 1.1.1-3 iirc01:28
asacif debian was 1.1.1-3 ... then we use 1.1.1-2ubuntu001:28
asacif we used wrong version in preview01:29
asacthen we have bad luck01:29
asacand preview customers won't get an upgrade to official01:29
gnomefreaklet me check changelog01:29
asacbut i don't think we have to bother about them :)01:29
asacwe should fix that as soon as debian uses a new version01:29
asacuntil then preview users just have the preview build :)01:30
gnomefreakiceape (1.1.1-3) unstable; urgency=low  is the last from Mike01:30
gnomefreakwe just added .mt0 to the end01:30
asacgnomefreak: i am really not sure atm01:30
asacmaybe ask on motu :)01:30
asace.g. what version to choose so that merge-o-matic and stuff like that works01:30
gnomefreakok ill ping one of them when i get home or maybe monday the latest01:31
asacmaybe its indeed 1.1.1-3ubuntu001:31
asaci can see benifits from both :)01:31
gnomefreaksince its the same as in preview that should be fine. we can bump preview when new version goes in01:32
gnomefreakpreview == unofficial is how i came up with that but i will ask them when i return01:32
asacjust ask what the right version for ubuntu merge is if 1.1.1-3 is debian version01:35
asacthat will give you an answer :)01:35
asacok nss should be in main on next push01:37
asacwe can then probably drop it from gutsy preview archive01:37
gnomefreakshould i drop the mt versions from changelog?01:59
asacfor upload to revu?02:05
asacyou can keep them if there are important infos ... or merge all content into your "new" changelog entry02:06
gnomefreakok merging them into one would be good :)02:07
gnomefreakim getting a couple of differnet answers on versioning02:07
asacyou have changes: new upstream tarball ;)02:22
asacthat said ;)02:22
asacyou have to bump upstream version :)02:22
asacas you have changed branding02:23
asacgnomefreak ... guess 1.1.1+1-0ubuntu1 then02:24
asacsorry for the confusion02:24
asacbut i think that would be right02:24
gnomefreakchanged branding in mt release02:24
asacyou have to change it for offical as well and call upstream tarball with other version02:25
asaclike above02:25
gnomefreakthe upstream tarball is the same that ive been using. they havent changed it since feb.02:26
asacanyway ... WE changed it02:27
asacso WE need a different version02:27
asacwe fixed debian->ubuntu ... remember?02:27
asacyeah ... so just rename the tarball with new version02:27
asacthen change changelog version appropriately so build will use that tarball done02:28
asacno need to regen tarball02:28
asacjust a move/rename02:28
gnomefreakok cool. im thinking of what to add to changelog for ubuntu version since all changes were made for mt release02:29
asacjust talk about new upstream version tarball because of branding02:30
asacand that this is motu release02:30
asacand remember to use Maintainer: MOTU developers02:30
asacor something02:30
asaci think thats the way it has to be ;)02:31
asacif you build add -vLAST_VERSION_BEFORE_MT_RELEASE for dpkg-buildpackage02:31
asacin this way mt changes will end up in changelog as well02:31
ajmitchUbuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>02:31
asacand Original-Maintainer: ??02:32
asacwhat is done about Uploaders: ?02:32
ajmitchXSBC-Original-Maintainer: can be whatever02:32
asacajmitch: ^^^02:32
ajmitchUploaders is ignored02:32
ajmitchUploaders only affects debian NMU rules02:32
asacgnomefreak: got it?02:34
gnomefreaki think so02:34
asacoh man ... i think i should drop everything and look into windows installer :(02:35
ajmitchasac: why?02:35
asacuds :)02:36
asaca task is to review some code of that ;)02:36
ajmitchyeah I know, but dropping everything?02:36
ajmitchyou need to do some review before UDS, you mean?02:37
asacyes ;)02:37
asacto prepare02:37
=== ajmitch has prepared a bit for UDS
gnomefreakdo i need a XSBC-Original-Maintainer feild?02:58
ajmitchnot required03:00
gnomefreakok cool03:00
gnomefreakok changes are ready i will build sundayish and try to dput it.03:08
asacok short lunch ... bbiw03:29
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
bluekujaasac: ping04:54
bluekujaasac: a friend is testing flash on firefox with a 64 bit computer using nspluginwrapper04:56
bluekujaasac: without having good results: ii@laptop:/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/x86_64/linux$ sudo ./npconfig -i /usr/lib/mozilla/libflashplayer.so04:56
bluekujanspluginwrapper: /usr/lib/mozilla/libflashplayer.so is not a valid NPAPI plugin04:56
bluekujaasac: or ii@laptop:/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/x86_64$ nspluginwrapper -i /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so04:56
bluekujanspluginwrapper: no appropriate viewer found for /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so04:56
bluekujaasac: do you know what it can be?04:56
asacno idea not yet looked into nspluginwrapper04:58
asacis on my todo list though04:58
bluekujaasac: ok great04:59
asacmaybe /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so is not 32-bit?04:59
asac/usr/lib/mozilla/libflashplayer.so does probably not exist :)04:59
bluekujaasac: :D05:49
asacbluekuja: did he figure out?06:04
bluekujaasac: posted it in the forum, waiting reply :)06:04
bluekujaasac: a question06:04
bluekujaasac: how can I upload the diff.gz you provided me in revu? I get some md5sum mismatch(fixed) and signature errores06:05
bluekujathat I dont get with the 149kb one06:05
asaci did provide nothing06:06
asacthe diff was just to show your actual changes06:07
asacyou must not use that06:07
asacthe one you had is the one that was fine06:07
asacbut please do what i commented06:07
bluekuja2. why do you change this:06:07
bluekuja- CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" ./configure --host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) --build=$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --prefix=/usr --mandir=$${prefix}/share/man --infodir=$${prefix}/share/info06:07
bluekuja+ CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS) -Wl,-z,defs" ./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=$${prefix}/share/man --infodir=$${prefix}/share/info06:07
bluekujais not correct06:07
bluekujaI changed it to fix docs problem06:08
asacbluekuja: just think about this ... if you apply that patch to orig.tar.gz you will again endup without autostuff regenerated .... which was the initial problem06:08
asacdoc problems?06:08
bluekujai get this /share/man/man1/gtorrentviewer.106:09
bluekujainstead of /usr/share/man/man1/gtorrentviewer.106:09
bluekujawe talked about it with laserjock06:09
bluekujawhile ago06:09
asacyes ... but almost certainly not because of the  -Wl,-z,defs06:09
asacwhy did you drop it then?06:09
bluekuja* debian/rules:06:10
bluekujaDEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE and DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE lines are a bit odd, we arent cross compiling the source packages.06:10
bluekujalaserjock comment06:10
bluekujaasac: what do you think?06:11
bluekujawant me to replace the previous version?06:12
asacanyway don't drop them06:14
asacshould not matter06:14
asace.g. keep ;)06:14
bluekujaok i add DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE and DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE again06:15
asac--host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) --build=$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) ... is fine to have06:15
bluekujaadding it06:15
bluekujaasac: deleted -wl,z etc adding it again06:17
bluekujalets rebuild now06:17
bluekujaasac: done ;)06:27
asacok bluekuja will take a look when i return ... taking a break06:37
bluekujaasac; perfect06:37
bluekujaasac: wait to review...cant upload to revu yet06:56
bluekujaasac: I uploaded a file with a bad signature before06:57
bluekujaasac: that file need to be removed by an admin06:57
bluekujaasac: waiting ajmitch06:57
asacbluekuja: ok ... did you ping them?06:57
asacok fine06:57
asacjust let me know ... my break will take a bit longer anyway :)06:58
bluekujaasac: yeah, but seems that nobody is here :(06:58
bluekujaasac: take your time ;)06:58
asacthings worked out for you?08:11
bluekujaasac: still waiting failed upload to be deleted08:19
bluekujaasac: I hope someone will come soon08:20
Admiral_Chicagoasac: /t08:35
Admiral_Chicagoasac: http://admiralchicago.wordpress.com/2007/05/03/mentoring/08:36
Admiral_Chicagothats what i wanted to link you too08:37
asacAdmiral_Chicago: niche08:40
asaci think you don't have to obfuscate the email08:40
asacwe need spam filtering anyway :)08:40
Admiral_Chicagotake it out?08:41
Admiral_Chicagoyea the MLs have been getting hit my spam08:41
Admiral_Chicagoi know because I keep some MLs clean08:41
asaci don't see that :)08:41
asacno i mean you can write it as mailto: link that works08:41
asacif its already pushlished don't mind08:41
asaci am getting loads of spam everyday ;)08:42
asacso it doesn't matter :)08:42
Admiral_Chicago ah okay. let me mess with that, i thought about it but couldn't figure out the syntax, i'll fiddle08:43
asacits just link http but mailto:mail@test.tld08:43
asacyou can even say08:43
asacmailto:mail@test.tld?Subject=MasterSubjectFigureWithespaceout ;)08:44
asacwhitespace :)08:44
Admiral_Chicagoi think google will be my friend on this one08:45
Admiral_Chicagoclass time08:48
asachave fun08:49
Admiral_Chicagowill do.08:49
ajmitchbluekuja: you pinged me?10:10
asacajmitch: i think a corrupted upload prevents new uploads to revu :)10:20
asacajmitch: for bluekuja that is10:21
asacgtorrent-viewer ;)10:21
asacisn't incoming queue cleaned up when something with bad checksum is injected?10:21
ajmitchno, it's a fairly simple setup10:23
=== ajmitch cleared it
asack thank you10:24
Admiral_Chicagosome interest in bug #11004910:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110049 in firefox "Firefox needs a better clue file" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11004910:29
Admiral_Chicagowait a second.10:30
Admiral_Chicagoah i see10:30
Admiral_Chicagoasac: if you want to help, you can offer to mentor as well on the bug report10:30
asacwell done :)10:30
Admiral_Chicagoi've got two people10:30
asaci think people that are interested in helping will probably end up here anyway :)10:31
asacso maybe its less confusing if you take the dedicated lead to get them started ;)10:32
asacwhat do you think?10:32
Admiral_Chicagookay i will10:32
Admiral_ChicagoI'm in the process of fixing my bzr confilct10:32
asacprobably a good excercise :)10:32
asaci am now out for a few minutes10:33
Admiral_Chicagoi hope that these people have feisty or better machines10:33
asacprobably they wil10:34
Admiral_Chicagoyep, got the latest clue files10:40
AlexLatchfordgrrr, my bookmarks have disappeared.11:11
AlexLatchfordhmm and some plugins have lost settings..11:12
AlexLatchford(bookmarks restored from backup files)..11:12
bluekujaajmitch: thanks ;)11:14
Admiral_Chicago AlexLatchford probably a corrupted profile11:14
bluekujaasac: thanks too for reporting it to andrew ;)11:14
AlexLatchfordwell it reset them to the default bookmarks..11:14
AlexLatchfordI am thinking it was the -mt update..11:14
asacAlexLatchford: which mt update?11:15
AlexLatchfordor yesterday's11:15
asacwhat version is it?11:15
AlexLatchfordI think11:16
asacdid you use any .ng release before?11:16
AlexLatchfordI updated from John's repository a few days back11:16
AlexLatchfordI was using the standard ubuntu before that11:17
asacdid it break at that time?11:17
asacor just now?11:17
AlexLatchfordduring the first update though, just after I added the repository the dom-inspector broke synaptic11:17
AlexLatchfordit just broke today11:17
asacare certs broken as well?11:22
asace.g. asks for certs that are valid ?11:23
AlexLatchfordyes, it alerted me11:24
AlexLatchfordbut they are not broken I dont think11:25
asacyes alert means we lost the default CA certs somewhere *broken*11:32
asacwhich is pretty serious bug11:32
asacdamn ssl stuff is really broken11:33
asacwhat plugin settings did you loose?11:33
bluekujagnight all11:33
asacmaybe you lost some plugins? AlexLatchford ?11:34
asacbluekuja: night11:34
bluekujaasac: night ! cya tomorrow! ;)11:34
asacAlexLatchford: e.g. plugins installed globally?11:34
AlexLatchforderm, plugins and extensions I didnt seem to lose11:35
AlexLatchfordjust the settings for them11:35
asacAlexLatchford: can you try to downgrade ... and see if upgrading back will show this problem again?11:39
asace.g. for downgrade, just uninstall and install ubuntus version ... then go up to preview again :/11:39
AlexLatchfordmind if I do it tomorrow..11:39
AlexLatchforddid it not happen to you?11:40
asacjust ssl problem11:41
asacif you say that its reproducible I would do a night shift i guess :)11:41
asacoh wait ... its already 2340 here ;)11:41
AlexLatchfordok, gimme half an hour11:42
AlexLatchfordwhats the current ubuntu version?11:42
asaccurrent ubuntu is i guess11:42
asacyes its
AlexLatchford sudo apt-get install firefox=
asacyeah with proper version11:43
asacmaybe be sure that you uninstall before11:43
asacnot that there are any leftovers in /usr/lib/firefox /usr/share/firefox11:44
asac-> e.g. both dirs should not exist after uninstall11:44
AlexLatchfordI presume it will not affect .mozilla?11:44
asacno it should not11:44
asacanyway if you run preview releases :) ... its probably a good idea to backup that regularaly :)11:44
AlexLatchfordive backed it up anyway11:44
asacso you don't loose your bookmarks again :)11:45
asacwait do bookmarks work at all for you now?11:45
AlexLatchfordyes, they were just reset11:45
AlexLatchfordto default11:45
AlexLatchfordso basically nothing, homepage with changed to the feisty release notes11:45
AlexLatchfordokay beginning install process again, (for ubuntu version :))11:48
AlexLatchfordshall I reinstall all the plugins after the install for the ubuntu versions?11:48
AlexLatchford(flash, java, dom-inspector, themes etc.)11:48
AlexLatchfordI removed the directories, or should I have just emptied them11:52
asacwhich directories?11:56
AlexLatchford/usr/share/firefox & /usr/lib/firefox11:56
asacah ... yeah ... i think that was right :)11:57
asacwas there leftover?11:57
asacdid they still exist after you uninstalled firefox?11:57
AlexLatchfordno I removed then using rm11:57
AlexLatchford(I mean yes, they existed, but I removed them manually)11:58
asacah ok11:58
asacany idea what was in there?11:58
asacif not don't bother ;)11:58
AlexLatchfordnah, I didn't do an ls11:58
asactoo bad ;)11:58
asacanyway ... lets see if you can reproduce11:58
AlexLatchfordwell I cannot get the ubuntu version to install..11:59
asacbecause of what reasons?11:59
asacah maybe use an explicit mirror11:59
asace.g. us.archive.ubuntu.com11:59
AlexLatchfordunable to create `./usr/lib/firefox/firefox': No such file or directory11:59
asacsounds bad ... you did remove firefox (with apt or so) right?12:00
AlexLatchfordIt appears to download the file fine, but not unpack..12:00
AlexLatchfordI removed firefox using apt-get remove firefox12:01
asacwhen do you get ?12:01
AlexLatchfordwhen running the command on the first line12:01
asacwhich command? 'firefox' ?12:01
AlexLatchfordsudo apt-get install firefox=
AlexLatchfordshall I try to make the directory it says it cannot manually..12:02
asachmm you can try ... but sounds wierd12:02
asacso do you see firefox being downloaded?12:03
asacotherwise maybe clean your apt cache12:04
asacwith apt-get clean12:04
AlexLatchfordif I make the directory it installs12:04
AlexLatchfordseems like a small problem with the installer..12:04
AlexLatchfordas it says it cannot create /usr/lib/firefox/firefox12:04
asaci guess you had still some package with installed files in /usr/lib/firefox12:05
AlexLatchfordwhereas if I just create /usr/lib/firefox12:05
asac... which are now broken :)12:05
AlexLatchfordI removed the entire directory..12:05
asacdoes dpkg -S firefox12:05
asacbring anything up other than the firefox packages?12:05
AlexLatchford-trunk packages also12:05
asacok that is sane12:05
asacthey should be /usr/lib/firefox-trunk only12:06
asacand share12:06
asacanything else?12:06
AlexLatchfordmozilla-firefox-locale, -dbg packages also12:06
asacwhy where locale packages not removed?12:06
asacthey should have been removed when removing firefox12:06
AlexLatchfordI thought they had been12:07
AlexLatchfordprobably have been reinstalled with it..12:07
asacok ... does it work?12:08
asace.g. starts et al?12:08
AlexLatchfordyes, it works fine12:08
AlexLatchfordI think it was an error in the dpkg script12:08
AlexLatchfordit was saying that it couldnt find /usr/lib/firefox/firefox12:09
AlexLatchford..but when I created /usr/lib/firefox it installed fine..12:09
AlexLatchfordbut now here is not folder inside that called firefox..12:09
AlexLatchfordso it was not needed..12:09
asaci guess it tried to create the link12:09
asace.g. try12:09
asacls -l /usr/bin/firefox12:10
asacits a link12:10
asacwhich probably failed to be created12:10
AlexLatchfordhmm okay12:10
asac/usr/lib/firefox/firefox should be the main programm12:10
AlexLatchfordlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 2007-05-03 23:03 /usr/bin/firefox -> ../lib/firefox/firefox12:10
asacnevertheless completely wierd12:10
asacyes right12:10
asacthats the same12:10
asaci only can think that there was still some extension or so that installs in both firefox and iceape or thunderbird12:11
AlexLatchfordso should I install the plugins now, then upgrade?12:11
asacyeah ... ;)12:11
AlexLatchford:) gimme a few minutes12:11
asacok i tracked the ssl problem12:16
asacnow gimme confidence about the rest :)12:16
AlexLatchfordgood good12:16
AlexLatchfordWell the update was done via sudo apt-get install -f12:16
AlexLatchfordbecause the previous update has broken the dom-inspector plugin12:17
AlexLatchfordhmm.. seems to work okay now..12:19
AlexLatchfordhow do I get the firefox version without typing it out from Synaptic12:20
asacah ok ... dom-inspector have have been bad depends12:21
asacdpkg -l firefox12:21
asacif you can't see all of the version (e.g. too long) :12:21
asac# COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l firefox12:21
asacwill do the trick12:21
asacno idea about synaptic12:22
asacjust used it once some years back and when it crashed I went back to cmd line :)12:22
AlexLatchfordit is rather useful for finding packages12:22
AlexLatchfordI am gradually switching for most things to cmd line though12:23
AlexLatchfordokay, I think it must have been the dom-inspector issue..12:23
AlexLatchfordwhich has been ironed out..12:23
asacok ... fine12:23
asachmm for me dom-inspector gets removed when i purge firefox12:24
asacthough i use aptitude which is way smarter then apt-get  :)12:24
asacso if you switch to cmdline probably get used to aptitude directly12:25
asacyour done with upgrade?12:26
asacmaybe change some bookmarks first as well :)12:26
asacdid it break anything?12:26
asaci think bookmarks might get corrupted if you shut down X12:27
AlexLatchfordnot that I can see.. all plugins kept, extension settings the same12:27
asacwithout closing (though it should be really rare)12:27

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