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tgm4883williammanda the amd64 is for all 64 bit processors12:46
tgm4883and i have the 64 bit version installed on both my mythtv box and my regular desktop12:46
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rogue780|laptophowdy all02:57
williammandaquestion about mysql.txt03:19
williammandawhat is the best way to change the password?03:20
rogue780|laptopwell here's what I understand03:24
rogue780|laptopyou;ll have to get into mysql and change the password for mythtv in the mysql database03:25
rogue780|laptopthen update the mysql.txt file with the password your chose03:25
williammandai'm trying to use php03:27
williammandabut i can't get logged in03:27
williammandai use to login as root and no password03:27
williammandabut it isn't working now03:27
williammandai'm confused....03:28
rogue780|laptopis mysql running?03:30
williammandathis changes the password for the root user for mysql....mysql -u root mysql03:30
williammandayes it is running03:30
rogue780|laptophad to ask03:30
williammandaseems like there are two users being setup03:30
williammandaroot & mythtv...correct?03:31
rogue780|laptoptey this03:31
rogue780|laptopsudo mysqladmin -u user password newpassword03:31
rogue780|laptopto change the password03:32
rogue780|laptopwow it's hard to  type when you're arm falls asleep03:32
williammandasudo mysqladmin -u user password (type pasword or the password) newpassword?03:34
tgm4883if that doesn't work, you might try this03:34
tgm4883from this website03:35
tgm4883To reset a root password that you forgot (using paths on our system):03:35
tgm4883[root@host root] #killall mysqld03:35
tgm4883[root@host root] #/usr/libexec/mysqld -Sg --user=root &03:35
williammandai'm not sure i typed correctly03:35
williammandahold on....I want to understand something....03:35
williammandais there two users.....root & mythtv?03:35
rogue780|laptopwilliam type password then in newpassword put the password you want03:36
rogue780|laptoproot can do anything03:36
rogue780|laptopmythtv can do almost anything03:36
williammandasudo mysqladmin -u mythtv password mythtv?03:36
rogue780|laptopand the whole mythtv program accesses mysql through the mythtv user03:36
rogue780|laptopthat *should* work03:37
rogue780|laptopit works on slackware anyway03:37
williammandasays access denied03:37
rogue780|laptophmm...might only work with root then...don't know why it would make a diff though03:37
williammandai didn't change the root password03:39
williammandai want to change the user mythtv's password to mythtv03:39
williammandait generates a random password03:40
williammandait would be easier when setting up the other backends03:40
rogue780|laptophey to those super people who make the deb packages for mythtv....during setup, give us the option to make our own passwords!03:41
rogue780|laptoptrust me, nobody is going to try to hack my mysql database. and if they do, it isn't the end of the world03:41
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883_@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
williammandaok got it working03:49
=== majoridiot [n=majoridi@74-141-134-199.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyrogue780|laptop, not sure i agree with you about people hacking mysql databases.  Reading the knoppmyth and an asterisk forum - many people had them hacked (and modified) because they were left as default passwords04:00
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rogue780|laptopDaviey, those people weren't behind a decent firewall then04:00
Davieybut you shouldn't need to be04:01
Davieyeach machine within a lan should be as secure as one on the outside - if somebody get's access to one weak point - they have control over your whole network04:02
rogue780|laptoppeople should protect their network with a firewall anyway.04:02
=== Daviey can't really talk considering one of his mysql database's has user:root password:pa33word
Davieyrogue780|laptop, true - but with some applications it's necessary to have an exposed mysql database04:03
Davieyie remote hosting of mythweb04:03
rogue780|laptopI dunno. if someone wants to hack my stuff then they will be able to. I'm not that uber leet at security04:04
rogue780|laptopI just wish I had the option to set my own password when the thing is installing04:04
rogue780|laptopas it is my mysql db can only be accessed from my network and from no external location04:05
Davieyrogue780|laptop, i agree - i suspect the next package will give you the option of default (random) or user entered04:06
rogue780|laptopwell I've gotta get  to bed04:07
williammandawow...rebooted the computer....and I get an error message at login....04:12
williammandamy resolution is so small I can't read it...04:12
williammandai can't get logged in...04:12
williammandawhere can i go to read the error message04:12
=== billbrasky [n=billbras@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopoh nooo05:08
tgm4883_laptopanyone seen superm1 around?05:09
=== MegaQuark__ [n=gary@pool-71-117-201-135.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
williammandaanyone awake?05:17
williammandaproblem during install...05:17
williammandait won't let me partition the last part of the drive05:18
williammandasays I can't have the beginning befor the end05:18
tgm4883_laptopare you using the release?05:19
williammandaoh sorry05:20
williammanda64 bit ver05:20
williammandai've been trying this for over an hour now05:21
tgm4883_laptopbut your using the release ver, not a beta right?05:21
williammandayes the release05:21
williammandai just downloaded today05:22
tgm4883_laptopdid you verify the cd?05:22
tgm4883_laptopi had that problem with the beta, but not the release05:23
williammanda64 bit?05:24
williammandaor 32 bit?05:24
tgm4883_laptopyou using the live or alternate cd?05:25
tgm4883_laptopid say try alt05:26
williammandacan i just use the entire disk instead of the 3 partitions?05:28
tgm4883_laptopyou could, but i dont think its recommended05:30
tgm4883_laptopyou could partition it after the install05:30
williammandais that hard?05:31
williammandacan i use the gui?05:31
tgm4883_laptopyou can use the gui05:31
tgm4883_laptopjust use synaptic to install gparted05:32
tgm4883_laptopits not hard at all05:32
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tgm4883_laptopis the setup for the auto mythfilldatabase in the frontend setup or the backend setup?08:04
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imbrandonsuperm1: heya09:19
superm1hey imbrandon09:20
superm1i just wanted to check in about the sending builds off to buildds09:21
superm1i couldnt stay up the other night, i had a final the next morning09:21
imbrandonyea i'm still working on that, ive been upgrading all the builds and working on the servers09:21
imbrandonit will probably be sunday night before i'm 100% done09:21
superm1ah okay09:21
superm1well i guess my big question is then, how are things going to be transferred?  some sort of dput SERVER thing?09:22
superm1and then scp back?09:22
superm1.... that would make a lot more sense :)09:22
imbrandonthe buildd will just monitor a file and dir on the myth server09:23
superm1ah okay09:23
imbrandoni'll fill you in when its all running 100% incase i change something a bit :)09:23
superm1sounds good09:23
superm1i've got one more final yet this week, and then i'll be able to put a lot of time in next week to getting content across the site yet too09:24
superm1okay, bed time for me.  have a good one09:24
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Davieyimbrandon, ping11:17
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imbrandonDaviey: pong12:11
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Davieyimbrandon, did you receive the email from bendailey?01:01
=== bendailey [n=bendaile@mail.bhmsd.k12.in.us] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DavieyI pinged imbrandon - he responded, but i wasn't quick enough in asking01:25
Davieyhopefully he will be back soon01:25
bendaileyDaviey, He sent me the nameservers and they are now changed01:29
bendaileyonce he adds the A Records to the DNS Server all should be working01:30
bendaileyimbrandon, ping02:32
=== wasabi [n=wasabi@ubuntu/member/wasabi] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
imbrandonbendailey: pong03:08
imbrandonheya wasabi03:08
imbrandonbendailey: great i'll add the records in now, give me a few minutes03:09
bendaileygreat thanks03:12
imbrandonok records added, now i need to make the servers awnser to it, one sec03:19
imbrandon( www.ajaxdns.com has it pointing to the correct ip's now )03:19
imbrandon198.247.173.233  is the ip if you all want to add it to your host file prior to dns propigation03:20
imbrandon( for mail. )03:20
imbrandonwow i really need to hook you up with a new logo Daviey hehe03:21
imbrandon( and a new fav.ico hehe )03:21
Davieyhehe speak with superm1 bout that :)03:21
imbrandonbendailey: btw did you want access to the site to help edit it etc? how is all that gonna work out ?03:22
Davieywoo - the domain works :)03:22
=== Daviey opens a bottle of water to celebrate
imbrandoni'd rather keep ssh to myself and superm1 , but drupal admin access i have no problems with , its really superm1's call afaik03:22
imbrandonanyhow i'll be idle all day03:23
imbrandonDaviey: ( and all ) i'll be rebooting the box in about 2.5 hours , should be minimal downtime ( 20 minutes MAX , hopefully less )03:24
imbrandonfor some maintance in the rack ( network cabling etc )03:24
imbrandoncool ?03:24
Davieyadding more ram?03:26
imbrandonactualy today just moving some cableing arround and reloading one of my other servers03:26
Davieyimbrandon, whilst your here - whats up with ubuntuwire?03:27
Davieyjabber seems down?03:27
imbrandonbtw mail wont work for that domain for 2 or 3 hours untill i update postfix to accept mail for mythbuntu.org ( and add the spam filtering for ubuntuwire.com in too at the same time )03:27
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imbrandonDaviey: it is, thats the box i'm reloading, give it 5 minutes it will be back up03:28
Davieywoo - thought i forgot my passwd or something03:28
imbrandonDaviey: the service is starting now, the jabber should be much more stable after i finish today03:29
imbrandonhooked up the new webserver for da boyz03:30
imbrandonjono: see my little hd-dvd audio clips ? hehe03:30
jononot yet03:30
jonojust logged on03:30
Davieyimbrandon, was that festival?03:30
imbrandonhehe check my last post on planet :)03:30
imbrandonDaviey: at&t tts03:30
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tgm4883_anyone here stream over firewire from a STB?04:37
imbrandonnot personaly , STB ?04:44
tgm4883_laptopset top box04:45
tgm4883_laptopi know majoridiot does, but i haven't seen him around04:46
rogue780|laptophow do I keep the screensaver from blacking out the screen?04:49
tgm4883_turn it off :)04:50
rogue780|laptophow do I keep it from starting?04:51
tgm4883_just a sec, im looking it up04:51
rogue780|laptopthanx..for some reason once the screen dies it won't come back up...but if I pull up vnc I can view the screen through vnc, but it still doesn't reinitialize on the tv04:52
tgm4883_how are you connected to the tv?04:53
Davieyimbrandon, what do you think my new (beta) logo?04:54
Davieythat's my gimp impression04:54
=== Daviey is not an artist
rogue780|laptopthrough an rca cable04:57
tgm4883_rogue780|laptop, go here04:57
tgm4883_scroll to04:57
tgm4883_Screen goes blank but returns when mouse is moved or keyboard is used04:58
rogue780|laptopsweet thanks05:00
imbrandonDaviey: much better05:11
Davieyi'm no artist though - not quite happy with the mythtv logo05:11
Davieybut pleased i was able to extract the blue from offical logo05:11
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Davieyimbrandon, how's the bungee server?06:13
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superm1Daviey, just got your mail06:55
DavieyI'm not artisit06:56
Davieysite's gone down?!06:57
superm1just worked fine06:57
Davieypegasus.imbrandon still works06:57
Davieybut the domain seems to have stopped working my end06:57
superm1thats weird.  works fine for me.06:58
superm1i do like that logo though06:58
superm1i'm wondering if we should update the mythbuntu usplash artwork to use that instead06:58
Davieycould do06:59
Davieytis probably my isp's dns06:59
superm1i'll add it to the todo list for after my last final is finished up tomorrow06:59
superm1to experiment a bit with the logo06:59
Davieyfeel free07:00
superm1hope rogue780 wouldnt get mad about it though07:00
Davieylooked over your weekly build script07:00
Davieywhy would he?07:00
superm1well he made the current mythbuntu-artwork-usplash, i just hope he wouldnt be offended by changing it a bit07:01
superm1i'll see what i come up with with it and then show him and everyone07:01
Davieyheck, it gone changed from my initial one07:01
superm1ya good point07:01
superm1okay so what did you think of the build script?07:01
superm1did it seem sensible to you?07:01
Davieyalthough i really think the repo shouldn't be enabled by default on mythbuntu distro07:02
superm1oh no definately not07:02
superm1my only worry with it is that it will always be a higher version number than the one on ubuntu repositories07:02
superm1which may not be a good thing07:02
=== Daviey can imagine getting 1000's of emails saying 'it's broke;
Davieysuperm1, it needs to be a higher number - otherwise it won't update :)07:03
superm1well i mean the upstream number will always be higher07:03
superm1rather than appending something like *weekly107:03
superm1or something07:03
Davieyhmm... can be marked as 0.219999907:03
superm1like that07:03
superm1well but then again it *will* always be a higher version than on the ubuntu repositories07:04
superm1so maybe its worthwhile to leave that way07:04
Davieyyeah suppose so07:04
Davieybut tbh the mythbuntu packages build from the universe packages anyway - so shouldn't make a difference07:05
superm1the only problem i'd forsee is a jump between feisty and gutsy for example07:05
Davieyas long as users know that the packages should be considered unstable and at own risk07:05
superm1its a bit unpredictable07:05
Davieyfunny... the domain started working again - blame isp07:06
superm1well so what were you thinking in terms of navigation at the top right up there?07:07
superm1i got a few things up that will be important I think07:07
superm1but we can demote some of them to secondary links07:07
superm1and/or reorganize07:07
superm1add others07:07
Davieyi made a symlink to /var/cache/mythbuntu_build in the www folder07:08
Davieyjust to make looking easyier07:08
Davieyshould probably add a .htaccess file07:09
superm1well there is a symlink already for resultant builds07:09
Davieydidn't realise that07:09
Davieyi made $url/build07:09
superm1/var/www/files/packages -> /var/cache/mythbuntu_build/builds/07:10
superm1and that follows whats on the Automatic Weekly Builds Pages07:10
tgm4883superm1, thanks for recommending the mce remote to me, got it setup yesterday and it almost works great07:13
superm1"almost" ? :)07:13
tgm4883i knew about this feature but didn't think about it07:13
tgm4883was playing gears of war online when i was setting it up07:14
tgm4883and the power button turns off my xbox 36007:14
tgm4883nothing a little white duct tape wont fix07:14
superm1i have a buddy with a 360 who noticed the same thing07:14
tgm4883i knew about that feature but didn't think about how its used with the 360 and all07:15
tgm4883works good though, seems more responsive than the hauppauge remote07:15
superm1seriously, one of the few things MS did right: hardware07:17
superm1did you program your vol+/vol- and power buttons to your other devices?07:17
superm1the newer mceusb2 remotes support it - and its really really useful07:18
tgm4883haven't yet, i would need to hook up the ir transmitters right?07:18
superm1the remote can go into learning mode for those 3 buttons07:18
tgm4883probably in the included instructions that i didn't read07:18
superm1i caught it by accident when i was flipping through them myself07:20
tgm4883does the ir transmitter work though?07:20
tgm4883i may have to hook it up anyway07:20
superm1its really finicky though07:20
superm1i've only got it working with my receiver07:21
tgm4883finicky as in?07:21
superm1doesnt work with my tv07:21
superm1or other devices07:21
=== Rtaxerxes [n=n@dsl-244-72-172.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883i was hoping to have the windows button switch my different inputs on my tv07:21
superm1you may or may not be able to07:21
tgm4883hope so, then i can get rid of all my remotes07:23
superm1if its a samsung and you do happen to get it to work.... i need a copy of your lircd.conf remote for it07:23
tgm4883sorry, its a vizio07:23
Rtaxerxessoooo, superm1, when you got a sec, can you help me get lirc working on feisty with myth? I installed the default packages, put in my old lirc.conf file, but I get nada, and irw opens and closes instantly. But only when you have a sec07:24
superm1my sammie is mean TO ME07:24
superm1Rtaxerxes, sure,07:24
superm1where did you put your lircd.conf07:24
superm1/etc/lirc ?07:24
superm1or /etc07:24
Rtaxerxesand made a symlink to ~/.myth07:25
Rtaxerxesor woteva it is07:25
tgm4883i had a similar problem last night07:26
tgm4883but irw worked, so it must be different07:27
superm1thats your trouble07:27
superm1you symlinked your lircd.conf to ~/.myth07:27
superm1are you mixing up your .lircrc and lircd.conf files07:27
Rtaxerxesdon't think so07:27
Rtaxerxeslemme check07:27
Rtaxerxesok, I have .lircrc in my home directory07:28
Rtaxerxesand no link in .mythtv07:29
Rtaxerxesmight not have done the link yet, ooops07:29
tgm4883shouldn't .lircrc be in /etc/lirc?07:30
superm1.lircrc goes in ~/07:30
superm1now that doesnt explain the irw issue07:30
superm1so your "lircd.conf" is in /etc/lirc07:30
Rtaxerxesso current situation is lirc is installed, lircd.conf has been configured in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf07:31
tgm4883and lirc started correctly?07:32
Rtaxerxesand I have the same lircrc that worked in edgy in my home dir07:32
superm1you started lirc from the init script, correct07:32
superm1sudo /etc/init.d/lirc start07:32
Rtaxerxeslirc starts fine, but irw craqshes immediately07:32
superm1does lircd crash with it?07:32
tgm4883did you reboot?07:32
Rtaxerxesjust done a lirc restart, no errors07:33
tgm4883did you check dmesg for modules that aren't loading?07:33
Davieysuperm1, how did the lirc packages you were doing turn out?07:33
superm1Daviey, the lirc modules aren't going to be directly added to the kernel it seems, because another team is going to take over that07:34
superm1so my patch wont go into gutsy (unless they dont finish in time)07:34
superm1then i'll poke BenC to put it in anyway07:34
superm1Rtaxerxes, also did you modify /etc/lirc/hardware.conf in any ways?07:35
Davieysuperm1, they should make the general kernel for gutsy?07:35
Rtaxerxeshmmm, can't remember, lemme check07:35
Davieywho is dealing with it?07:35
superm1let me check and see what the name of that team was07:36
tgm4883Rtaxerxes, did you check your modules per the guide?07:36
superm1Daviey, the Ubuntu Media Center Team07:36
RtaxerxesI think I commented out lircmd07:36
superm1see bug 69534, the last comment07:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 69534 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Add lirc to linux-source build tree" [Low,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6953407:37
Rtaxerxeshmmm which guide?07:37
DavieyRtaxerxes, that guide is the *only* one that got it working for me07:38
RtaxerxesCause I ran the ubuntuguide.com guide in edgy to run a serial transmitter and it didn't work.07:39
RtaxerxesDo I need to do all the kernel modules for feisty too?07:39
superm1Rtaxerxes, yes you do07:41
superm1if you havent rebuilt your kernel modules in feisty, things wont work07:41
superm1ubuntuguide.org doesnt have an entry on lirc afaik07:41
Rtaxerxesaaargh, that's a downer for feisty. Everything else was so smooth...07:42
Rtaxerxesok, i'll do it07:42
Rtaxerxesgo Gutsy07:42
=== hugolp [n=jo@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
superm1Rtaxerxes, that above bug was filed with ample time for my patch to build lirc on the kernel build, but it got overlooked by the kernel guys unfortunately07:43
superm1and by the time they came to it, it was too ltae07:43
Rtaxerxesso maybe in Gutsy, they'll pay attention. Anything I can do? Whine on any forums?07:44
Davieysuperm1, how frustrating!  I feel the same with mythtv-usplash-theme.  Don't know why that didn't make feisty/universe07:45
Davieycorrected all the points raised07:45
Rtaxerxeswhere is this splash you been talking about? Can I have a look?07:47
tgm4883and the slight overlook on the pcHDTV 550007:47
superm1Rtaxerxes, http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/mythbuntu-artwork-usplash-0704250310/mythbuntu-artwork-usplash-0.1/usplash_1024_768.png07:48
superm1Daviey, the thing is you have to stay on top of things at the last minute like that07:48
superm1which is hard to do :)07:49
superm1tgm4883, you mean the cx88_dvb issue?07:49
superm1well we knew about that before feisty release, but the guys working on it didnt have a fix for it by then07:49
superm1the v4l-dvb guys07:50
tgm4883isn't much of a problem anyway07:51
tgm4883really minor fix07:51
tgm4883pretty easy07:51
superm1but pretty annoying nonetheless :)07:52
Davieywhats the work around?07:52
superm1adding cx88_dvb to /etc/modules07:53
superm1Daviey, i made the logo into a favicon for the site too07:56
Davieyimbrand0n whinged about that aswell :)07:56
Davieystill think the logo needs something07:57
Davieyit's a nuisance that the mythtv logo isn't more square07:57
superm1did you do that a svg07:58
superm1or xcf?07:58
superm1that can be better scaled than a png07:58
Davieyi thought about the mythtv logo going directly over the top but the 'pips' on the ubuntu logo are in the way07:58
Davieyyeah xcf07:58
superm1here maybe i should scp the xcf that is currently used for the usplash07:59
Davieybut the ubuntu logo came from a png07:59
superm1and you can play with it a bit07:59
Davieythats the first file i have DCC'd over IRC in years!08:00
superm1its probably best to scale it up to 1024x768 initially and then scale down only for the resultant images08:03
Davieydo you know what font he used?08:04
superm1and he isnt on gtalk right now, so cant easily find out08:04
Davieysudo apt-get install ttf-ubuntu-title   :)08:04
bendaileyis there a default package list around for mythbuntu?08:05
Davieynot quite yet08:05
bendaileyhow thin are you attempting to make it?08:05
Davieytheir won't be an offical mythbuntu package until gutsy :(08:06
Daviey<------------------> this thin08:06
bendaileydon't you plan on releasing isos before gutsy?08:06
Rtaxerxessuperm1: done the guide, but irw doesn't read the remotes, or anything. I haven't rebooted yet tho.08:07
superm1Rtaxerxes, when you modprobe your lirc modules, you should see them show up in dmesg08:07
superm1bendailey, the big thing we are trying to do is keep packages that arent put in multiverse/universe minimal08:07
superm1so this artwork will go into universe08:08
superm1and hopefully our ubiquity will as well08:08
RtaxerxesI got lirc_dev: IR_remote control driver registered at major 6108:09
superm1whats your other module?08:09
superm1lirc_mceusb, lirc_mceusb2, lirc_serial etc08:10
Rtaxerxeslirc_i2c no version for "lirc_unregister_plugin" found: kernel tainted08:10
superm1i2c okay08:10
superm1thats fine then, your modules are loading08:10
Rtaxerxesalso got: lirc_i2c: chip found @ 0x7108:11
Rtaxerxeslirc_dev lirc_register_plugin: sample rate: 1008:11
superm1okay to i2c is working then08:12
bendaileycan somebody give mission statement/goal/timeline for the project? or a url?08:12
superm1so now after restarting lircd, things still dont work08:12
Rtaxerxeswell irw doesn't read anything, and that is first step, right?08:12
superm1well you restarted lircd after loading the modules though right?08:13
Rtaxerxesdid a killall lircd08:13
superm1so after irw crashes, do you still have that lircd process alive?08:14
superm1or does it die too08:14
Rtaxerxesirw doesn't die08:14
superm1okay  - so progress then08:15
superm1it was dying before08:15
Davieysuperm1, dcc it back?08:16
superm1i should be able to on campus no troubles08:16
Davieyslightly different - i put the 'm' inside08:16
superm1hm yea i can see08:16
Davieyand removed it from the title08:16
Davieywhat do you think?08:17
superm1well now i'm thinking that bottom part might be unnecessary08:17
superm1the powered by stuff08:17
Davieyi need to cook, be back in an hour or so08:17
superm1bendailey, whats your email, i'll add you onto the website to help with content if you'd like08:21
superm1pm me it08:21
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrisevening guys08:52
Davieyhey DaveMorris08:52
DavieyThis is DaveMorris - he's a fellow ubunter, and wants to help with the mythbuntu effort08:53
DaveMorrisI'm willing to help in the testing stages mainly08:53
Daviey(such a warm welcome, eh?)08:54
Davieysuperm1, ping08:54
superm1hey Daviey08:55
superm1Hi DaveMorris08:55
superm1sorry guys i need to run and grab some lunch08:55
superm1i'll speak more later on08:55
superm1DaveMorris, glad to have you jumping onboard08:55
Davieysuperm1, had a word with juski earlier.  He is doing a presentation at 'Lug Radio Live' - he's going to plug us :)08:55
superm1hell yea :)08:56
Davieycatch you later superm108:56
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Andyman53Hey all09:28
Andyman53i have a quick question....my guide data doesn't match up to my channels....the guide data is two channels off from the actual channels09:28
Andyman53what do i do about that?09:28
DaveMorris#mythtv-users might be more helpful09:30
Andyman53didn't see that chan09:30
Andyman53thx a mill09:30
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DaveMorrisI think its hidden09:30
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