kjaerWhat would you like to edit ?12:09
sahafeezthey forget a few little things, like make sure php is enabled ;)12:10
kjaerThat should definatly be added to the article.12:11
sahafeezok, doing it now12:11
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sahafeezok, is it just me or does that doc above seem to require you to have a root user setup12:32
=== slackwarelife [n=slackwar@host93-116-dynamic.56-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-server
sahafeezok, i just did something really dumb. i nuked my /etc/group file.01:10
sahafeezcan anyone pastbin theirs to me less the users.01:11
NafalloI should have looked here earlier and mentioned group- :-P02:23
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bigredradioI'm trying to setup postfix thru webmin. It appears postqueue -p is hanging. Anyone run into this problem?05:46
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Skaagi've installed mysql-server-5 in my ubuntu server, and I told it to bind to all interfaces01:36
Skaagbut my other servers can't connect to it01:36
Skaagany ideas?01:36
Nafallonetstat -ltn | grep whatportmysqluses...01:38
Skaagtcp        0      0  *               LISTEN01:38
NafalloSkaag: firewall?01:38
ivoksso, you can telnet to 3306?01:38
Skaagyes I can telnet and telnet connects01:38
Skaagno firewalls01:39
ivoksdid you set up a user to be able to conect from other hosts?01:39
Nafallowell, I use psql, so have no idea :-)01:39
Skaagssh to that host does not work as well01:39
ivoksnot ssh01:39
ivoksmysql user01:39
Skaagso this now seems more like a general problem01:39
Skaagyes there is a mysql user01:40
Skaagdarkstar is my new ubuntu-server machine01:40
ivoksSkaag: does that user has % or localhost for host?01:40
Skaagfry can not connect to darkstar 01:40
Skaagit has %01:40
Skaag(any host should be able to connect)01:40
ivoksoh, you said ssh doesn't work also...01:41
Skaagthey are on the same switch01:41
Skaagand there is no firewall01:41
ivoksnetwork problem? can you access to you network from that computer?01:41
Skaagmust be some networking issue01:41
ivoks(ubuntu doesn't have ssh service by default)01:41
Skaagthe world can access both computers, and both can access the world01:41
Skaagbut not each other01:41
SkaagI installed openssh-server01:41
ivokscan you ping/traceroute/nmap other host?01:42
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-server
SkaagPING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.01:48
Skaag64 bytes from py-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=238 time=171 ms01:48
Skaagthis is for darkstar: inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
ivoksnot google01:50
ivoksother host01:50
Skaagand this is for fry: inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Skaagnmap from .50 to .1 correctly lists the open services01:50
ivoksBcast: - are you sure you want this?! :)01:50
Skaagprobably the problem then!01:50
ivoksprobably not, but still a bad idea01:50
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=== joejaxx [i=joejaxx@fluxbuntu/founder/joejaxx] has joined #ubuntu-server
ivoksi guess it worked02:04
Kamping_Kaiserwhen running fsck.ext3, is fsck.ext3 -fcvF a good thing to run?02:05
ivoksi don't see what harm it can do02:09
ivoksexcept -f02:09
ivoksdon't fsck mounted volume02:09
Kamping_Kaiseri ran with -D and was going 26 hours later, so i thought i'd check02:09
ivoksanyway... have a good day :)02:10
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Skaagi'm back02:41
Skaagok so it was not a problem with the broadcast02:44
SkaagI still can not connect from ->
Skaagor the other way around02:44
Skaagteach me oh master02:46
Skaag80.179.151.1 : eth0 = (external nic)02:46
Skaagthe is on eth1 and is an internal nic02:46
Skaagip_forward = 102:46
Skaagand it works - hosts in the network can access the internet, and be accessed02:46
Skaagbut they can not connect to to services02:47
dj-fuis it natted?02:47
dj-fuwhat kind of network are you tryin to setup?02:47
Skaagit's not natted02:48
Skaag80.179.151.x is a real network, routed through
dj-fuacls, firewalling?02:48
Skaagno firewall02:49
Skaagno acls02:49
SkaagI can ssh from the world to
Skaagbut not from the network02:49
Skaagthe network can also be ssh'd into02:49
Skaagit's just between my ubuntu server and the rest of the boxes on that network02:50
dj-fuchecked your configure for netmask/network/broadcast settings?02:50
Skaagyes they seem fine, I will show them here:02:50
Skaag          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Skaagthis is for my ubuntu-server box02:50
Skaag          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Skaagthis is for one of the other boxes02:51
dj-fuand network address? configured that?02:52
dj-funopaste your /etc/network/interfaces02:52
Skaagwhat's a paste server you prefer?02:53
mzungusorry guys - just to jump in - you have a whole class 'c' range?02:54
mzunguyour mask is for 256 addys02:54
mzungulucky you!02:54
mzungusorry for interupting02:54
Skaagthat's ok02:54
mzungui thought that was possibly the mistake02:55
dj-fuSkaag: rafb.net/paste is fine02:56
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-server
Skaagtwo files in there03:11
Skaagtop one is the gateway03:11
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@38-51.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-server
dj-fuSkaag: put network
dj-fuin the client configuration at the bottom there03:19
Skaagand broadcast?03:20
ivoksstill network problems?03:20
Skaaghow do I apply this without rebooting the box?03:21
ivoks /etc/init.d/networking restart03:21
Skaagwill it disconnect me?03:24
Skaagok it did not disconnect me03:24
Skaagnow what?03:25
ivokscheck status with ifconfig03:25
Skaaglooks mostly the same03:26
Skaagthe client can connect to other clients on the network, by the way03:26
Skaagalso, it used to be able to connect to this machine before it became an ubuntu-server03:26
ivoksso, from other machine you can see open ports on ubuntu server?03:28
Skaagyes if I nmap it03:28
Skaagif I do networking restart on the ubuntu-server it tells me this:03:28
Skaag * Reconfiguring network interfaces...03:28
SkaagSIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address03:28
SkaagSIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address03:28
Skaag   ...done03:28
SkaagI think it does this for the eth1:5 and eth1:6 entries I have in there03:28
ivoksSkaag: ok, so you can see open ports on ubuntu-server03:29
Skaagand in dmesg, related to this, I get this:03:29
Skaag[157270.606962]  eth0: no IPv6 routers present03:29
Skaag[157270.756498]  eth1: no IPv6 routers present03:29
ivoksSkaag: did you try telneting to those ports?03:29
Skaagyah I can see the ports are open03:29
Skaagyes, I can telnet but no communication occures03:29
ivoksi see...03:30
Skaagit accepts the connection and then drops it03:30
ivokscould you comment out all other connections except the one you are trying to connect03:30
ivoksie dsiable eth1:x03:30
ivoksand leave only eth103:30
Skaagthat will stop my mail services :-(03:31
ivokscould you then add output of ifconfig somewhere so i could take a look at it?03:33
ivoksand which address doesn't work?03:36
Skaagany of them, from the network03:38
ivoksand output of route -n is...? :)03:39
Skaagroute -n:03:46
ivoksi guess none of your servers trying to connect to ubuntu is on .60-.6503:48
ivoksthis looks ok...03:49
ivokswell... tcpdump?03:49
Skaagok I used netcat03:50
Skaagnc -l -p 7003:50
SkaagI then connected from fry -> darkstar03:50
SkaagI type test on fry, I see it in darkstar!03:51
SkaagI type ACK on darkstar, I do not see it on fry!03:51
ivoksfirewall, must be03:51
Skaagthere are the only rules in the FW:03:52
SkaagChain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)03:52
Skaagtarget     prot opt source               destination         03:52
SkaagDROP       tcp  --             tcp dpt:445 03:52
SkaagDROP       tcp  --             tcp dpt:16536 03:52
Skaagthe other chains are ACCEPT and empty03:52
ivoksthis is forward, nothing to do with your problem03:52
ivoksand on that non-ubuntu server?03:52
Skaagthere the FW is completely empty03:53
Skaagand all on ACCEPT policy03:53
[miles] guys, anyone with a large quanity of spam in one mbox?03:54
SkaagI use Maildir03:54
Skaagno mbox here03:54
ivoksSkaag: could you upload your /etc/network/interfaces?03:54
ivoks[miles] : i had, but killed it very nicely03:54
[miles] lol03:54
[miles] I've just setup a pyzor server03:55
Skaag http://rafb.net/p/nVMVNY78.html03:55
[miles] but I need submitters of hashes to it03:55
ivoksi do it with postgrey03:55
Skaag[miles] : I will be happy to help! I do have tons of spam somewhere03:55
[miles] ok03:56
[miles] In exchage, u can clear via the server if u wish03:56
[miles] one moment03:56
ivoksubuntu is gateway?03:56
[miles] ...03:56
Skaagivoks: yes the gateway is the ubuntu-server03:57
Skaag[miles] : let me know how to set it up03:57
[miles] ok, back03:57
[miles] Skaag: just do a simple : sudo apt-get install pyzor03:58
SkaagI already have pyzor03:58
[miles] ah03:58
[miles] ok03:58
[miles] well03:58
ivoksSkaag: add network to all your eth1*03:58
[miles] do everything as normal user yeah03:58
Skaagivoks: ok sec03:58
[miles] mkdir ~/.pyzor03:58
[miles] then create a file called ~/.pyzor/servers03:58
ivoksSkaag: and broadcast
[miles] and put in it03:59
[miles] then do a03:59
[miles] pyzor ping03:59
[miles] and tell me the response03:59
[miles] 1178200907,Thu May  3 16:01:47 2007,anonymous,212.199.xxx.xxxx,ping,'',20004:02
[miles] ok04:02
[miles] cool04:02
[miles] jeje04:02
Skaag66.250.40.33:24441      (200, 'OK')04:02
Skaag195.77.190.21:24441     (200, 'OK')04:02
[miles] perfect04:02
[miles] right, Skaag I'm gonna add authentification to it shortly04:02
Skaag[miles] : you want to join forces on a project I am doing called DoNotPost.com? :)04:02
[miles] but ftm, it's open ok04:02
[miles] Skaag: tell me about it04:03
Skaagok the idea is that on the web page for that project, javascript produces a SHA-1 of your email address04:03
Skaagso we never really keep email addresses of people04:03
Skaagto this SHA-1 + password, you keep "bits" 04:03
[miles] k04:04
Skaagsuch as: age below 18, age below 16, no spam at all, no pills, no pharma, no casino, etc.04:04
Skaagthen telemarketers can consult us with SHA-1's and get those bits04:04
Skaagnot really get, just ask the status of a specific bit04:04
ivoksand spam whole world? :)04:04
Skaagwell, look at it this way..:04:05
[miles] lol04:05
Skaagthey ALREADY have your email!04:05
=== [miles] head is spinning
Skaagat least if they come and ask, they might not email you04:05
ivoksmaybe, but i don't get spam04:05
Skaagbecause they don't want complaints04:05
Skaagyou'r right, I don't get spam either :-)04:05
[miles] Skaag: this is your company, NSA?04:05
Skaagspamassasin, pyzor, and fuzzyocr are doing a great job04:05
=== ivoks will stop helping you :)
[miles] Skaag: ok, 1st... lets try this server04:06
Skaagivoks: why? :)04:06
[miles] Skaag: jeje, cos I must test it out... also, I'm not the owner of the company I work for.. just a SA and programmer04:07
[miles] Skaag: but they're very very open to all my sugestions04:07
[miles] Skaag: you have SA and a box full of spam?04:07
=== ivoks thinks spamers are worst than pedofils :)
ivoksso anyone helping them is spamer too04:07
SkaagI have the domain for a long time04:07
SkaagI bought it around the time the US presented the DoNotCall law & program, remember that?04:08
Skaagbut I never really did anything with it04:08
[miles] Skaag: can you do a report on your spam, and it should automatically report to my server04:08
Skaaghow do I do that?04:08
[miles] Skaag: ok, you have an IMAP folder or mbox?04:08
Skaaga Maildir folder04:09
[miles] Skaag: the messages are in indervidual files?04:09
Skaagwith lots of email files in it04:09
[miles] ok04:09
Skaagyah individual files.04:09
[miles] try this:04:09
[miles] pyzor report </some/file04:09
[miles] yep04:10
[miles] worked04:10
[miles] so04:10
Skaagthat's real spam04:10
[miles] ok, now04:10
[miles] if you have a folder full of it04:10
[miles] do that for all the messages04:11
[miles] u know I only get the hash yeah...04:11
[miles] not the email04:11
Skaagyah it's spam anyway who cares :)04:11
[miles] ok, now to confirm it registered in our DB04:11
[miles] with the same message, do:04:12
[miles] pyzor check </that/file04:12
[miles] Skaag: I'm just gonna run out to take a coffee.... I'll be back shortly ok04:14
Skaagi'm going to report all my files04:14
[miles] to my server?04:14
[miles] Skaag: ok, thank you04:15
[miles] Skaag: can I query u when I come back?04:15
Skaag66.250.40.33:24441      (200, 'OK')     1       004:15
Skaag195.77.190.21:24441     (200, 'OK')     1       004:15
Skaagwhat does this mean?04:15
[miles] that means it registered in both servers04:15
[miles] the message04:15
Skaagsure man and my email is skaag@skaag.net if you ever need any help with this!04:15
Skaagin case i'm not here when you'r back04:15
[miles] ok nice04:15
[miles] lionel: dude, wake up and read above :P04:16
[miles] lionel: bonjour ;)04:16
lionelhi !04:16
lionelI just arrived in from of my computer :)04:16
lionellet me read :)04:16
=== kupesoft [n=dave@CPE00119583e9ae-CM0013718cb08a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
lionel[miles] : what I should see ?04:18
=== [miles] is now known as alive_and_k!ck!ng
Skaaghe's gone to drink04:25
[miles] lionel: you doing much anti spam fighting up there north of me04:25
Skaagah back04:25
[miles] ayeeeee04:25
[miles] Skaag: did you do reporting?04:25
lionelI use amavis-new for antispam04:26
lionelwith pyzor, razor, spamassassi04:26
[miles] ah ok04:26
[miles] lionel: I've setup a pyzor server04:26
[miles] lionel: I'm in need of hashes04:26
[miles] lionel: of known spam tho04:27
Skaag[miles] : do you see me reporting now?04:27
lionel[miles] : I may have some :)04:27
[miles] Skaag: no04:28
Skaag[miles] : help me out, I did this but it wait for something:04:28
Skaagfind . -type f -exec pyzor report < '{}' ;04:28
[miles] find . -type f -exec pyzor report < {} \;04:28
Skaagah without the ticks..04:28
Skaagbash: {}: No such file or directory04:29
Skaagoops sec04:29
[miles] :-\04:29
Skaagno, same problem04:29
Skaagweird one04:29
[miles] one sec04:29
ivoksfind . -type f -exec pyzor report < {} ';'04:29
[miles] find . -type f -exec pyzor report {} \;04:30
[miles] Skaag: ensure that it's not finding non-email files tho!04:30
Skaagthere's only email files in that directory04:31
[miles] k04:31
Skaagdo you see reports now?04:31
[miles] nope04:31
Skaagso it's not working04:32
Skaagpyzor needs the emails piped into it I guess04:32
[miles] Skaag: whats pyzor showing u on screen?04:32
Skaagwith <04:32
Skaagit waits for input04:32
[miles] :-\04:32
Skaagfrom stdin04:32
ivoksfind . -type f -exec echo {} | pyzor report ';'04:33
ivoksfind . -type f -exec cat {} | pyzor report ';'04:33
ivoksor xargs04:33
[miles] or try pyzor report < *.eml    for example04:34
[miles] or whatever extension they have04:34
[miles] lionel: anything you can supply me with?04:36
lionelI have a folder full of spam. How can I help you ?04:36
lionel(full meaning about 2500)04:37
[miles] ok, lionel04:37
[miles] is it in mbox format?04:37
lionelnon, it is a maildir04:37
[miles] you got a pyzor client installed?04:37
Skaagwhy would somebody use mbox format... so dangerous...04:38
lionelyes !04:38
[miles] ok, if you add
[miles] to your servers file04:38
[miles] then do a pyzor report < file04:38
[miles] then do a pyzor check < file04:38
[miles] Skaag: it's still used04:38
Skaagyah I know, too bad for the users...04:39
[miles] nod04:39
SkaagI remember 6 years ago I had an mbox, it got corrupted and I lost mail04:39
[miles] jeje04:39
[miles] Skaag: you still can't get the mail hashes sent no?04:40
Skaagbut just a sec.04:40
[miles] Skaag: did u try < *04:40
lionel[miles] : running04:42
[miles] lionel: ok, I'll look at the logs04:42
[miles] lionel: mmm nothing04:43
[miles] lionel: did u do a ping?04:43
Skaag[miles] : yah <* will never work...04:43
Skaaglionel: what did you use to send him the hashes?04:43
[miles] Skaag: I ain't got any off him yet04:44
lionel[miles] : rah, it took another server...04:44
[miles] jeje04:44
=== [miles] knows Lionel will get it sorted... guru ;)
[miles] actually, lionel if u want to check also, you can... I'll be adding auth to it shortly, but if u create a user and key, I'll add it04:45
[miles] same goes for u Skaag04:45
[miles] lionel: with you being not so far away, it should be quite quick04:45
lionelwhen I will try why it took the bad server, it should be quick :)04:46
[miles] ?04:46
lionelrunning on your server now04:47
[miles] ah04:48
[miles] now04:48
[miles] yeh, that looks a frenchish IP if ever I saw one04:48
[miles] u getting any time outs?04:48
lionelI have seen none04:48
[miles] jaja04:49
[miles] I am04:49
[miles] I'm reporting atm also from a mbox04:49
[miles] lionel: hows france today, it's pissing it down and dark here in Barcelona04:50
lionelsame here04:50
[miles] :-|04:50
[miles] I was thinking of going to france last weekend, just to pass a night04:51
lionelI am thinking of going to spain next week for vacations :)04:51
[miles] ah yeah04:51
[miles] which part?04:51
lionelSevilla :)04:51
[miles] wooo nice04:51
[miles] very very nice indeed04:52
[miles] fly yeah?04:52
lionelyeah, car is tooo long04:52
[miles] nod04:52
[miles] very very long04:52
[miles] takes me 5 hours from here to Alicante / Valencia border04:52
[miles] so, sevilla.. pfff04:52
[miles] shit man04:52
[miles] mmmm04:52
lionelmappy.com told me 13h :-(04:53
[miles] 24 years, 5 months, 3 days, 2  hours and 49 minutes04:53
=== [miles] prods Skaag
=== [miles] prods him a bit more
=== [miles] stops prodding Skaag
[miles] what I could reallllllllly do with, is a method of importing a pure hash file..04:54
[miles] you can create one with pyzor 04:54
[miles] but you can't import it from what I see04:54
[miles] much easier than all this reporting malarky04:54
[miles] for bulk04:54
[miles] evening spam hash drops, etc04:54
[miles] theres the digest command04:55
Skaagsorry i'm back05:00
Skaagwhat's up05:00
[miles] I want your hashes05:01
[miles] jeje05:01
Skaagi'm checking how to do this05:01
[miles] lionel has just completed his I think05:01
lionel[miles] : you're right :)05:02
[miles] Skaag: I have no idea what your doing wrong05:04
[miles] can you paste bin the dir your trying to report , a brief sample of the filenames or somthing?05:04
[miles] lionel: thanks for the reports btw05:06
lionel[miles] : no problem. My pleasure :)05:07
[miles] lionel: when u come to barcelona one day, I'll buy you a drink05:07
[miles] lionel: you want to genkey ?05:11
[miles] lionel: and I'll add u as an autharized user05:11
lionel[miles] : why not!05:13
[miles] lol05:14
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@21-211.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-server
Skaaghey ivoks 05:36
[miles] any python programmers here?05:38
=== ivoks hides
[miles] ivoks: 05:39
[miles] out u come05:39
[miles] :-)05:39
ivoksi'm not a python programmer05:40
ivoksi just program in python stuff i need; i don't know it very well to call my self programmer05:40
[miles] ivoks: mmm I program also, but not in python05:41
[miles] ivoks: not overly keen on what I see of the language to be honest05:41
[miles] ivoks: I'm trying to work out what parts of a email pyzor digests, and what it does not05:42
ivoksno, i will not download pyzor source :)05:43
=== [miles] ssh's into ivoks box and wgets it
[miles] damn predigest command fails05:43
[miles] on both my build, and ubuntu servers build05:44
ivoksok, i downloaded05:44
ivoksso, what's on your mind?05:44
[miles] ivoks: well05:44
[miles] ivoks: I want to see how the hashes are created, so I can make other clients that can create the same hashes05:44
[miles] ivoks: create a file, which I can then import into pyzor servers db05:45
ivoksas i said, not a python programmer :)05:45
[miles] ivoks: jeje05:45
[miles] ivoks: me neither05:45
[miles] ivoks: it's using sha105:45
[miles] ivoks: http://pastebin.ca/46912805:46
ivoksit's opening /dev/random05:46
ivoksgenerates salt out of it05:46
[miles] http://milesbarry.info/COCINA.eml05:47
[miles] ivoks: can you try pyzor predigest < COCINA.eml05:48
[miles] please?05:48
[miles] it *should* show the lines that have been hashed05:48
[miles] but mine fails here as you saw05:48
ivoksmine too05:49
[miles] ivoks: see any reason why?05:50
[miles] http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-qa-packages@lists.debian.org/msg17607.html05:51
[miles] ah05:51
ivoksthere you go05:51
[miles] mmm cunt is, I've applied other patches05:52
[miles] :-\05:52
ivoksheh, i got something...05:52
ivoksbut i don't know if it is correct05:53
ivoksi doubt that's what you are looking for05:53
[miles] aye05:54
[miles] done it, patched my desktop client05:54
[miles] mmm05:57
[miles] still dont see what part of the .eml it uses to hash05:57
[miles] ivoks: wot u recon?05:59
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ivoksi think i'm going to hit the bed now :)06:01
[miles] shite, it's 18:0006:01
[miles] ok, thanks ivoks lionel Skaag06:01
ivoks\wii [miles]  06:01
[miles] cuall2moro06:01
ivoksoh lol06:01
[miles] adios06:01
ivokstime for bed :)06:01
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benshermanHi all.06:25
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ph1zzlehey all08:38
Nafallosame people here :-)08:38
ph1zzleI have a server running feisty, and I haev just setup lvm across three hard disks, I was wondering if there is a way I can make /etc/init.d/lvm recognize my setup and set it up for me upon system start?08:38
shawarmaph1zzle: It's not working that way now, you think?08:39
Nafalloph1zzle: what version of Ubuntu is it? :-)08:39
ph1zzleand shawarma no it is not08:39
shawarmaph1zzle: What goes wrong?08:39
ph1zzleI ran /etc/init.d/lvm start08:39
ph1zzleand then I looked and the drive was not mounted08:39
shawarmaIs it in /etc/fstab ?08:39
ph1zzleI am not even sure where I tell it to mount to08:39
ph1zzleuh, no08:39
shawarmathen it can't know where to mount it.08:40
ph1zzleif it was in /etc/fstab I though it might confuse mount08:40
shawarmaADd it to fstab and that's it.08:40
Nafalloph1zzle: so your lvm isn't assembled when you arrive at the prompt?08:40
shawarmaNo, that's where that stuff is.08:40
ph1zzleNafallo, I just set it up manually, I ran pvcreate/ vgcreate etc08:40
=== ph1zzle sets it up in fstab
Nafalloyea, so? that wasn't my question :-)08:40
Nafalloand use UUID for LVM now btw :-)08:41
ph1zzleso for the drive in fstab I just enter /dev/<vg>/<lv> ?08:41
Nafalloit actually WORKS! :-D08:41
ph1zzleHow do I get the UUID ?08:41
shawarmaNafallo: Why?08:41
Nafalloshawarma: because it TheRightWay(tm) ? :-)08:41
ph1zzleI just got it with blkid08:41
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shawarmaNafallo: Meh.. The lvm path is almost a UUID. :-)08:42
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Nafalloshawarma: :-P08:43
ph1zzleI just added "UUID=6944090d-1ceb-4030-a757-9ead7bd52798       /home/data      ext3    defaults        0       0" into fstab and re ran lvm and it still was not mounted08:43
Nafalloshawarma: with UUID I wouldn't need to edit fstab if I want to rename vg och lv ;-)08:43
Nafalloph1zzle: sudo mount -a08:44
Nafalloph1zzle: lvm doesn't do mounting.08:44
shawarmaph1zzle: lvm is not supposed to mount anything.08:44
ph1zzleok, that worked08:44
ph1zzlenow I am about to do a reboot, it should mount automatically after reboot?08:44
ph1zzleoh and lvm is not in /etc/rc[*] .d08:45
Nafallono, lvm is in initramfs.08:45
ph1zzleand lvm does not need to be in /etc/rc[*] .d?08:45
ph1zzleoh ok08:46
ph1zzlefair enough08:46
Nafalloor no, it's not.08:46
Nafalloit's in udev :-)08:46
=== ph1zzle waits for the reboot
Nafalloor something like that :-)08:46
ph1zzleyeah ok, it workedlol08:46
ph1zzlegreat, I appreciate the helpguys08:46
ph1zzle*help guys08:46
ph1zzleis there a way to tell feisty server not to load ipv6 module?09:04
Nafalloblacklist it09:05
ph1zzleI have done it about a year ago09:06
ph1zzlebut I am looking over etc atm09:06
Nafallo/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ipv6 or something like that maybe? :-)09:06
ph1zzleI just simply have to touch that file09:06
Nafalloyou have to write ipv6 in it to :-)09:07
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sahafeezso now that i have a better understanding of ubuntu i figured i would do a new install and start fresh. booted the cd and told it to mount the existing lvm setup. it has been 20 mins now..10:22
shawarmasahafeez: Did you manage to salvage your group file?10:28
sahafeezhum, no idea. just booted the install prg. and it asked me if i wanted to use the current lvm setup. it is the lvm delay bug i think. 3 mins per and 7 slices so..10:28
shawarmasahafeez: Er, no, didn't you talk about you nuked /etc/group yesterday?10:33
sahafeezyes, got that back10:33
shawarma01:10 < sahafeez> ok, i just did something really dumb. i nuked my /etc/group file.10:33
sahafeezyah. sorrry. long day and it is only 1333. i got that back10:33
shawarmaGood. Not just by copying it from another machine, I trust?10:34
sahafeezyes, thats how. same ubuntu setup. same users10:34
shawarmaWell, if you're sure everything was installed in the same order on those machine, you should be fine.10:34
shawarmaOtherwise, you might run into... well.. funny issues along the way.10:35
sahafeezhum, well i am nuking that box right now so it does not matter. i have found 4 docs on ldap+samba on ubuntu and they are all wrong or missing something. i have put together what works and i will write it up and add it to the wiki when done10:35
sahafeezare the gid not the same per service10:36
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shawarmasahafeez: No.10:38
shawarmasahafeez: Not necessarily.10:38
sahafeezwow. i would call that a bug10:38
shawarmasahafeez: Some things run "adduser --system" or "addgroup --system" in their postinst script.10:38
sahafeezin *BSD the gid for servers are standard for 90% of the stuff10:38
shawarma0-99 are always the same.10:40
shawarmaStuff like root, bin, news, admin..10:40
shawarmaGenerally stuff that doesn't belong to one single service, but are more administrative in character.10:41
shawarmaThere you go.10:41
sahafeezok, thank you for the information. i am looking forward to getting this up and running. i am hoping to cut over from the w2k3 box this weekend.10:41
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sahafeezwe will see. i have even started on testing the groupware bit. 10:43
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nictukudo you guys know any software for sharing internet connection that's focused on non-technical users ?11:22
nictukuI have a friend that lives in a Uni dorm with 100 computers, and they're all sharing an internet connection using a "Windows XP Server"11:23
nictukuso I guess if there was a very simple program that let a person 1) setup a local IP network 2) distribute IP's 3) share connection in a safe way 4) let the "administrator" mark a checkbox that would activate a QoS fair algorithm 5) create nice usage statistics11:24
nictukuif there isn't, I would consider creating one11:24
nictukuit could be either a simplified control panel using PyGTK, or a web control panel11:25
sahafeez29mins to read the lvm. nasty bug.11:25
sahafeezor buy a linksys for $4011:26
nictukuyeah, agreed, although a linksys router won't have a stochastic fair queueing algorithm11:28
sahafeezdepends. there is qos on some of them11:29
sahafeezthe $70 one11:29
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