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tepsipakkihm, maybe xorg-server-1.3 isn't such a good idea right now.. since it would break current versions of nvidia/fglrx10:18
tepsipakkiunless that doesn't matter at this stage10:18
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Mithrandirbryce: we currently have a split-out xbase-clients; do you have any idea whether we want to get rid of that or not?01:57
tepsipakkisome users like it that way, and there is a proposal to split the monolithic version in debian01:59
Mithrandirshould I blacklist it from syncing, then?01:59
tepsipakkimaybe for now01:59
tepsipakkistrange that it wasn't synced before01:59
tepsipakkiI mean, not blacklisted before, if that's needed now02:00
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Mithrandiranyway, both that and xutils are blacklisted for now.  I suspect we might want to remove xutils02:17
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