TheSheepkeb: you could have just made a launcher on the desktop and dragged it :)12:29
TheSheepkeb: the desktop launcher creator has autocompletion based on these .desktop files12:29
kebwell the problem was what command to put into the launcher12:29
=== T`2 [i=total@gateway/tor/x-f842fedfb4aa7a32] has joined #xubuntu
keb*figuring out what12:30
=== spasticteapot [n=spastict@66-188-130-15.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
spasticteapotAnyone here been able to get Murrine running under Xubuntu Feisty?12:31
TheSheepkeb: you'd type 'term' and it would show you a list, with icons and all :)12:31
TheSheepspasticteapot: sure, it's in the repos12:31
kebTheSheep greeat, but when using a gui i would normally expect an entirely visual process for such tasks, e.g. drag from menu to panel ;)12:32
TheSheepkeb: it's all under heavy development still12:32
keband probly in the heavy gui called gnome desktop12:33
spasticteapotTheSheep: You can install it, but it won't necessarily do anything without murrine-configurator.12:33
TheSheepkeb: in fact, the interfaces for creating a desktop launcher and panel launcher are different just because they are still being developed12:33
kebah ok12:33
spasticteapotIt's like adding point-and-click functionality without a mouse.12:34
TheSheepspasticteapot: it works, you just need some murrine themes from gnome-look.org12:34
TheSheepspasticteapot: murrine configurator is an ugly hack to edit the theme files, you can do it better with vim12:34
spasticteapotHow do you configure it?12:34
spasticteapotWhere do I put the themes?12:34
TheSheepin ~/.themes/12:34
TheSheepor in /usr/share/themes if you want them system-wide12:35
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=== Sleepy_Coder [n=sucky_ke@adsl-69-225-11-254.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
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CaT[tm] cool. the xubuntu mirror finished. and it uses symlinks. joy. :)12:50
kebso objects in mirror may be further than they appear12:50
TheSheepkeb: there are no objects in mirorr, they are only reflections12:51
BFTDwhat happened?12:51
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=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-23-207.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
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Merchelo09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88-C0 happened01:12
kalikianaMerchelo, The hddvd number, right? Already got a t-shirt? :P01:13
Mercheloif only i had a hd-dvd drive01:14
TheSheepum, hacking is ot here :)01:14
=== bigfuzzyjesus_ [n=bigfuzzy@unaffiliated/bigfuzzyjesus] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianahi TheSheep, hi bigfuzzyjesus_ :)01:16
TheSheepkalikiana: \o/01:17
spasticteapotI have GOT to get that on a T-shirt.01:18
=== kalikiana will get a pirate party t-shirt first :D
kebwon't they just change the key next month?01:19
kalikianakeb, That's the question. Won't this render loads of players useless?01:20
spasticteapotWho knows?01:20
spasticteapotIt'll make for a funny T-shirt.01:20
spasticteapotAnd someone will crack the code within a week or two, anyway. What's been done once, can be done twice.01:20
TheSheepkalikiana: the better for the sales department01:20
kalikianaThe very best about it is that the guy who found the key didn't even search for it. He said he was not even disassembling.01:21
kalikianaTheSheep, *g01:21
TheSheepkalikiana: he only says that to dodge DMCA ;)01:22
TheSheep--> -offtopic01:22
=== kalikiana is following TheSheep
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bigfuzzyjesus_kalikiana, sup01:51
kalikianabigfuzzyjesus_, :D01:51
bigfuzzyjesus_kalikiana, what have you been up to lately01:51
bigfuzzyjesus_one second01:52
=== bigfuzzyjesus_ is switching go irssi
bigfuzzyjesus_nvm this isnt my nick anyways01:52
=== kalikiana is waiting for bigfuzzyjesus_ to login to irssi.
=== bigfuzzyjesus [n=paul@unaffiliated/bigfuzzyjesus] has joined #xubuntu
spasticteapotbigfuzzyjesus: Xchat works nice for me.01:54
=== bigfuzzyjesus [n=paul@] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDwhats the command to see whats using your soundcard?01:56
bigfuzzyjesuskalikiana: otay01:57
bigfuzzyjesusspasticteapot: xchat works great, until you discover screen01:57
spasticteapotI thought you were switching irssi.01:57
bigfuzzyjesusspasticteapot: i did01:58
bigfuzzyjesusi am on irssi right now01:58
TheSheepthey should really implement that part of X11 spec about detaching and reattaching app windows to different servers at runtime :)01:58
spasticteapotscreen is, then?01:58
Sleepy_CoderIrssi is a must. :p01:59
Sleepy_CoderXChat for the GUI addicts. :)01:59
Sleepy_CoderIrssi seems to be the most customizable. :p01:59
bigfuzzyjesusspasticteapot: you can close a terminal session but have a cmd program still running01:59
kalikianabigfuzzyjesus, What I am up to as in current projects? It's my new website, still catfish and the untitled webkit browser.01:59
TheSheepkalikiana: sneakpeek of your site? :)02:00
kalikianaTheSheep, The site will be about bentos mostly and some other japanese things. With nice photos.02:02
kalikianaMy girlfriend is a pretty good photographer imho. :D02:02
TheSheepreminds me of that noodle site02:02
kalikianaHeh, nice site that. Although I prefer fresh korean noodles. :D02:05
TheSheepkalikiana: I used to live for about $40 a month -- mostly on a diet of ramen02:06
kalikianaWow. That must've been tough.02:07
TheSheepdidn't care at that time02:08
TheSheepwow, ramen-burger O.o02:08
TheSheepkalikiana: this one is pretty extreme lazyness: http://www.mattfischer.com/ramen/?p=40202:09
=== jedispam [n=jedispam@] has left #xubuntu ["Konversation]
kalikianaWell, I would really have to run out of time to do this. Since I can already make four sushi maki in half an hour. :P02:12
TheSheepI hate cooking, especially for me alone02:14
TheSheepit's nice to cook for more people, though02:14
=== keb [n=keb@pdpc/supporter/active/keb] has left #xubuntu ["hmm"]
BFTD. . .02:15
=== cinn| [n=cinn@cpc1-cdif4-0-0-cust304.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianaFor me it's usually two people - her and me. I probably wouldn't do it if I were living allone.02:16
=== cinn| is now known as Cinnander
=== mindframe_ [n=mindfram@ip68-106-174-142.br.br.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepkalikiana: let me see your website when you have something, I will do some nitpicking ;)02:18
TheSheepkalikiana: by the way, I can recommend you the software I use for my home page02:19
TheSheepkalikiana: it's 4k lines of perl hacked by some genius02:20
kalikianaTheSheep, Nah, I have my own cms in php. And I like it.02:20
TheSheepthe tools we know are the best02:21
=== kalikiana knows php and mysql. :P
TheSheepkalikiana: that's one powerful combination02:22
=== TheSheep knows perl and text files :)
=== sc0tch [n=sc0tch@12-227-172-64.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
sc0tchSo does xfce menu editor in 7.04 improve -At all- over the poor menu editing available in feisty and below?02:25
TheSheepsc0tch: what do you mean?02:25
TheSheepsc0tch: the menu editor is fully functional, shame the default menu is being automatically generated instead of being static02:26
TheSheepsc0tch: but you can always use a static one02:26
sc0tchI mean the ability to add / remove / reorgainize shortcuts in the application menu. only thing I've been able to do is manually edit /share/applications/*.desktop  files to control what submenu things appear in.02:26
TheSheepsc0tch: you can add/remove/reorganize the entries in the application menu all you like, if you don't like the automatically generated ones02:27
TheSheepsc0tch: you could since Dapper02:27
sc0tchI guess I'm a bit confused as if you choose to edit menu, the main system menu is simply an INCLUDE, which is not editable, can that be converted into a static list of ...links?02:28
TheSheepsc0tch: yes, it's kept in .cache//xfce4/desktop/02:29
TheSheepsc0tch: but it's regenerated every time you install or remove something02:30
sc0tchso modify the entries in the xml? adding a new shortcut by copying an existing entry and modifying it to point to a different app?02:30
bigfuzzyjesus  TheSheep do you think i should hook up to ethernet for my ff update on my lappy02:30
bigfuzzyjesusand should i edit my sources list or do a $sudo update-manager -d02:31
TheSheepsc0tch: you need to choose -- either you use an automatically generated menu, or you just take that menu and save it somewhere and use that -- because if you just modify the autogenerated one, the chnages will be overwritten next time it is refreshed02:32
bigfuzzyjesuskalikiana: how do you think i should update02:32
sc0tchsure, by adding it as external thru the menu editor I assume. I'll look into doing it that way, thanks.02:32
bigfuzzyjesusi really dont want to have to burn a cd etc i mean i have a seperate /home part but still....02:32
TheSheepsc0tch: if you have any idea on how to get the best from both worlds, let the xfce guys know!02:33
TheSheepbigfuzzyjesus: I really can't say, I had feisty since they opened the repos02:34
sc0tchSure, believe me I've been a kde & flux fan for a long time, but some hardware I'm running seems to like xfce better, so I definately would like to improve the menu building process.02:34
kalikianabigfuzzyjesus, Run the update manager. It's the recommended way I think.02:34
TheSheepsc0tch: it needs to take the info from the .desktop files02:34
TheSheepsc0tch: that's a standard02:34
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
sc0tchTheSheep, yeah, been looking at those, and creating new entries by copying and modifying them. Just a p-a-i-n. :)02:35
TheSheepsc0tch: yes, but that's the way new applications add themselves to the menu02:35
TheSheepsc0tch: so you'd need some system that would take the .desktop files into account, but alow you to override them02:36
=== snook353 [n=lee@24-197-132-105.dhcp.spbg.sc.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
snook353does xubuntu run on xdm?02:43
kalikianaNope, gdm.02:43
TheSheepsnook353: but you can replace gdm with xdm02:44
=== null_ [n=null@cpe-24-208-189-7.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepsnook353: I think it even is in repos02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xdm - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:44
TheSheepor not :/02:44
TheSheep!info xdm02:44
snook353ok, thanks02:44
ubotuxdm: X display manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0.5-2 (feisty), package size 165 kB, installed size 764 kB02:44
TheSheephere it is02:45
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spasticteapotAnyone know how to switch soundcards?03:15
spasticteapot] I have my crappy internal sound, and would rather use my (slightly superior) SoundBlaster USB card.03:15
=== acmilan [n=zzz@dsl092-165-223.wdc2.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #xubuntu
acmilanhi all03:18
acmilani'm using 7.04 and would like my desktop icons to actually say what they are as in fstab. instead, they are named according to the size of the partition03:19
acmilanso 10 GB partition show up on desktop as 10 GB Volume03:19
spasticteapot"man fstab"?03:19
spasticteapotNo idea, then.03:20
acmilanmounting is happening according to fstab03:20
spasticteapotI'm still trying to figure out how to switch from my internal soundcard to my external soundcard.03:20
acmilanbut desktop icon shows up with name as size of partition03:20
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Sleepy_CoderThat's what kind of stinks about Irssi.  You never know if you're working in the Terminal or not.  They look too alike at a glance and you wind up forgetting or including a slash when it's not needed. :)05:19
blakerlol yup05:20
blakerthats what happened05:20
=== aro [n=aro@108-27.187-72.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Sleepy_CoderI love being psychic.  Oprah's got nothin on this.05:21
blakerhow many use xubuntu vs ubuntu and kubuntu?05:21
blakeri just got started today heh05:22
blakeri like it so far05:22
=== Sleepy_Coder uses Ubuntu and Xubuntu. :p
blakerdo you use beryl?05:22
Sleepy_CoderYes. :)05:22
blakerdo you only use xubuntu on slow machines?05:22
blakeri actually like it more than ubuntu for some reason05:22
Sleepy_CoderXubuntu is more efficient, compared to Ubuntu. :)05:23
Sleepy_CoderThe only thing I HATE about it is...05:23
Sleepy_CoderYou can't drag and select things on the desktop. :<05:23
blakerwhat do you mean?05:23
Sleepy_CoderI dunno, maybe I forgot to apt-get something.05:23
Sleepy_CoderClicking and dragging over multiple items on the desktop to move to the trash or something.05:23
=== keb [n=keb@pdpc/supporter/active/keb] has left #xubuntu ["hmm"]
Sleepy_CoderHmm...might have done something wrong, but whatever. :p05:24
blakerlemme see if i can do that05:24
blakerholy shit, you're right.05:24
blakerthat's horrible05:24
Sleepy_CoderWow....I'm scoring so many points today. :D05:25
blakerthats part of xfce, nothing i can apt-get05:25
Sleepy_Codersudo apt-get install metacity05:25
blakerwhats metacity?05:25
Sleepy_Codermetacity is the window manager for GNOME, I believe...05:25
crimsungnome's standard window manager.05:25
crimsunxfwm4 is Xfce's standard window manager.05:25
blakerso should i try ubuntu?05:25
blakeri actually like xfce heh05:26
blakeris ubuntu better tho?05:26
Sleepy_CoderYou don't have to uninstall xfce...05:26
Sleepy_CoderUbuntu just looks pretty and generally has more features.05:26
Sleepy_CoderXubuntu is based around efficiency and using older hardware to it's fullest.05:26
blakeru think it looks better than xubuntu?05:26
Sleepy_CoderWell, they look about the same, but yeah...05:26
blakerlol im the only person that likes the clean look of xubuntu05:26
Sleepy_CoderI like xfce-dusk05:27
blakerlemme try and find it05:27
Sleepy_CoderThat's my favorite xfce theme.05:27
Sleepy_CoderIt's a dark theme.05:27
blakeroh wait, i cant, can i?05:27
blakercuz i have beryl05:27
Sleepy_CoderNot sure...I never ran Beryl on Xubuntu. :)05:27
Sleepy_CoderWell...sort of.  I started out on Linux by installing Xubuntu.  I then hated that I couldn't click-drag-select ont he desktop and installed the GNOME Desktop Environment with Synaptics. :D  I then installed Beryl because I got so bored one day. :<05:28
Sleepy_CoderI'm kind of picky, and I have too much free time.05:28
blakerso should i use ubuntu if i have a powerful machine?05:28
blakerwhat do you recommend?05:29
Sleepy_CoderI think you should keep the system you got and *possibly* installed the GNOME Desktop Environment just to try it out. :)05:29
Sleepy_CoderIt's worth a try...05:29
blakeris it simple enough?05:29
blakerone quick question05:30
Sleepy_CoderWell, type "synaptic" in the Terminal. :)05:30
blakerwhats the difference between synaptic and apt-get05:30
Sleepy_Codersynaptic is the gui frontend of apt-get...I think.05:30
blakeroh ya05:30
Sleepy_CoderIt's the look-pretty version of it. :)05:30
blakerlemme try and install gnome05:30
Sleepy_CoderPlus, you can search for applications in it. :P)05:30
blakerso do you dual boot with windows?05:30
blakeror you have just linux?05:30
Sleepy_CoderYes. :)05:30
blakercool, thats what i will do05:31
Sleepy_CoderI have Vista on another partition.05:31
blakercuz i love gaming05:31
blakerhehe, same05:31
Sleepy_CoderI only use it for gaming. :)05:31
blakeron another partition or another physical drive?05:31
Sleepy_CoderIf only WINE was more efficient...05:31
Sleepy_CoderIt's on another partition.  Same drive.05:31
blakerim gonna try and get gnome with synaptic05:31
Sleepy_CoderGood luck. :)05:31
Sleepy_Coderblaker:  If you type "synaptic" in the terminal, that will start up the app.  Well, I would do "sudo synaptic".  So you can install the stuff you want to get. :p  It will prompt you for your password.  Once the app is open you can search for "gnome" in the search bar.  Scroll down the ever-expanding list of crap and find the one with "Desktop Environment" in the description...or something to that effect.  Good luck from05:33
Sleepy_Coder there. :)05:33
blakerand it will auto overwrite xfce?05:34
blakerdoes it remove xfce?05:34
Sleepy_CoderNo. :)05:34
=== bur[n] er_ [n=burner@c-71-56-237-100.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Sleepy_CoderIt doesn't do anything to xfce.05:34
blakerso how do i boot into gnome instead of xfce?05:34
Sleepy_CoderYou log out, click on sessions on the login screen, switch it to gnome, log in and it will be pretty. :p05:34
crimsunchoose gnome as the session instead of Xfce05:34
blakermany thanks!05:34
Sleepy_CoderYou're quite welcome. :)05:35
Sleepy_CoderI just feel so bad telling you about GNOME in the Xubuntu channel.  99% of those watching probably hate me right now. :p05:35
=== Sleepy_Coder hides from those thinking: "traitor"
blakerlol im sure they understand i know about gnome already05:35
Sleepy_CoderI personally think GNOME manages the desktop better than the xfce manager.  I think it's called xfwm or something like that...  But GNOME seems better/slightly slower.05:36
=== Sleepy_Coder goes to play Halo now. :p bai bai
blakerya, well even xubuntu runs super slow on my laptop05:37
Sleepy_Codergood luck05:37
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bigfuzzyjesusanyone seen cellofellow06:15
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GerroI have this really old computer, an etower 400ix and I have tried just about every debian based install cd I can think of and they all complain about not being able to mount the cd after they are running. I think it has to do with there being terribly low memory (only 64mb but says 60.5 in OS). I was thinking of setting it up as a server to play around and learn linux07:33
Gerroit boots from the cd but it can't mount it.. and I've installed other operating systems from cd before..07:34
Gerroanyone here have similar problems?07:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dos - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ddos - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dosbox - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:41
Gerroyeah dosbox didn't work on ubuntu edgy07:42
Gerroat least the one they have in the apt repository defaults07:43
BFTD!info DOSBox07:43
ubotudosbox: A x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.65-1 (feisty), package size 506 kB, installed size 1388 kB07:43
BFTDit worked fine for me07:43
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kioskany one know how to blacklist a driver?07:54
kioskwas trying to exit08:00
kiosklater all08:01
kioskif anyones awake that is08:01
godlesskiosk:  /quit :)08:01
godlessI can't help you with your actual problem :/08:01
kioskknew there had to be a command08:01
kioskforum said /etc/modprobe.dblacklist08:01
kioskbut this file didn't exist yet08:02
kioskso I created it08:02
kioskand put the lines in that it said08:02
predaeuskiosk, /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist08:02
kioskmust be a typo in the forum08:02
predaeusit is and in there you put something like "blacklist modulename" in a new line08:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 40116 in xserver-xorg-video-cirrus "Thinkpad 600e sound hardware not detected with Ubuntu "Dapper Drake" live CD (Flight 6)" [Medium,Needs info] 08:03
predaeuswithout the " that is08:03
kioskmissing a "/?08:03
predaeusdo a "locate blacklist" and you will find the file08:04
kioskok I'll try that  wonder what other typos are on the page08:04
kioski bet this is one   pnpbois=off'08:05
kioskbios not bois right?08:05
predaeusprobably yea08:05
predaeusnot sure though.08:05
kioskthats a valuable command08:05
kioskfinds in subfolders?08:05
predaeusyes, you can update locate's database with "sudo updatedb" from time to time08:05
kioskfile indexing?08:06
predaeusyes searches recursively from /  (root)08:06
predaeususe   find   or    grep   for searching without an  index08:06
predaeussee man find   or    man grep   (grep can search for files containing strings you are looking for)08:06
predaeusor man locate08:06
kioskgrep does regex right?08:07
kioskregex rocks08:07
kioskI tried PowerGrep on windows08:07
predaeuswindows is weird I think it has something like find as well but it brought weird results08:08
kioskI had kubuntu installed on here now I have xubuntu08:08
kioskwindows search is no good08:08
kioskit won't search contents of certain files08:09
kioskfiles in the specified path08:09
kioskI use AgentRansack for windows08:09
kioskgreat program08:09
kioskwill seach filename/contents by doswildcard/regex08:10
kioskand it previews the lines where the contents were found.08:10
kioskpretty awesome really.  Lightweight and fast too08:10
kioskBut no matter because I am going to go windows free!08:10
kioskLinux is way better08:11
predaeusyes looks nice, grep also shows the lines with line numbers  or just the filename, etc etc08:11
predaeusI only need windows for gaming from time to time08:11
kioskXandros has a pretty cool RPG that comes with it.  Nothing like the new warcrafts or anything.  Can't think of the name08:14
kioskBut i think games will start coming out on linux more in the future.08:14
kioskMicrosoft seems to be doing a good job of keeping a good ten paces ahead of Wine.08:15
kioskBut I think they are making a mess out of their API in the process LOL08:16
kioskIf there wasn't software that you could only run on Windows, what would windows be worth LOL08:16
kioskwell got to reboot and try this08:18
kioskthanks for the help08:18
kioskfind grep locate updatedb and blacklist08:19
kioskfive steps closer to being a linux guru too08:19
predaeusI am no guru, if you meant that *g*08:20
kioskWell you taught me something08:21
kioskAnd I will teach someone else08:21
kioskSpread the word.  Linux rocks08:21
predaeusI know yea :-)08:22
kioskWell gonna reboot.  I'll stop back in and let you know if my sound works.  Then I gotta hit the hay.08:25
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=== kiosk [n=kiosk@ip72-196-242-121.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
kioskpredaeus: well no sound yet but I will try again tomorrow.08:46
kiosk"Linux is so cool it keeps me up in the middle of the night"08:46
predaeuskiosk, sucks, I also have sound problems all the time with my card, stupid manufacturers should deliver linux drivers08:47
kioskwell it is 2:46am here I give up for today.08:48
kioskthanks again for your help08:48
kioskI am off to bed08:48
Gerroomg thanks for that tip about blacklisting modules08:48
Gerrowas afk watching a movie08:48
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@c-71-56-237-100.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
kioskgoodnight all  Go linux08:49
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=== Pablo [n=Pablo@1e.71.d1c4.cidr.airmail.net] has joined #xubuntu
PabloWhen I try and use the fglrx driver when I try to startx it says "screen not found" any ideas?10:17
Pabloworks fine on 6.1010:17
=== darrend_ is now known as darrend
=== glao [n=lao@149.Red-88-2-148.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== blaker [n=blake@ip72-221-66-193.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
blakeri love xubuntu10:26
blakeri use xubuntu to hack wireless networks10:27
blakertesting irssi, 123, can anybody read this?10:27
blakerhmmm, i guess you're all sleeping.10:28
blakeror maybe irssi doesn't work10:28
=== blaker2 [n=blaker@ip72-221-66-193.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
blaker2this is blaker2 on xchat10:29
blaker2gonna talk to myself to test everything10:29
blakeryup, i can read it.10:29
blaker2alright, awesome. say something funny.10:29
blakeryou're a nigger.10:30
ubotublaker: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.10:30
ubotuMyrtti: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.10:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ddos - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi10:30
blaker2how can i get drivers for intel integrated graphics10:31
blaker2is it possible?10:31
blaker2and would it help out much?10:31
blaker2as far as the desktop being smoother10:31
Myrttii810 are available10:31
blaker2mine is called m6c10:31
blaker2my laptop is 1115-s10310:31
Myrttithe driver?10:31
blaker2oh shit im an idiot10:32
blaker2its ati m6c10:32
blaker2dunno why i said intel integrated10:32
Myrttii810 is the name of one of the intel graphics driver10:32
blaker2what about ati m6c integrated?10:32
blaker2cuz i have a 1115-s103 laptop10:32
Myrttigrep ati /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:32
blaker2hang on10:33
blaker2it has it in xorg.conf10:34
blaker2does that mean its installed the driver?10:34
Myrttidepends on where it is10:34
blaker2under section "Screen"10:34
blaker2Device          "ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M6 LY"10:34
Myrttinoplace else?10:34
blaker2also under device10:35
Myrtti        Driver          "ati"10:35
blaker2i found that10:35
blaker2its installed?10:35
Myrttitry glxgears10:35
Myrttiprolly yes10:35
blaker2whats glxgears?10:35
blaker2the gears move10:35
blaker2that means it works?10:36
Myrttiif you can see smoothly rolling gears, then your 3D probably works well10:36
blaker2ya its smooth10:36
blaker2alright, thanks10:36
blaker2it says im getting over 1000 fps10:36
Myrttifglrx would be ATI's own proprietary driver10:36
blaker2well it probably wont be much better10:36
Myrttibut for most of the people it doesn't work as well as the open ati one10:36
Myrtti01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M6 LY10:37
Myrttiwe seem to have the same one10:37
blaker2wont be running beryl anytime soon10:37
blaker2only on my desktop10:38
blaker2and i cant get airsnort to work on this lol10:38
blaker2even tho i have ath010:38
naliothMyrtti: hi10:41
blaker2oh well, i better get my ddos botnet offline for the night10:41
Myrttinalioth: hullo10:41
blaker2yea, to crack wep networks10:41
blaker2mmmm WATCH OUT10:41
blaker2i got a nasty botnet just dying to knock u down bitch10:44
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=== gnomefreak hangs sign "Dont feed the trolls."
=== CheshireViking [n=Cheshire@unaffiliated/cheshireviking] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving"]
PabloI am running feisty and trying to get fglrx working... but when I do this... I get this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/18920/11:04
Pabloanyone got some ideas?11:04
Pablohere is my xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/18917/11:05
Myrttiati works?11:05
Pabloyes sir11:05
=== hi [n=james@] has left #xubuntu ["Kopete]
Myrttiwhat graphics card do you have?11:06
PabloI couldnt tell by your typing11:06
Myrttino, I know :-)11:06
ReFoxedI don't see any resolutions on the xorg11:06
ReFoxedin the screen section11:06
Pablo its a Radeon 9000 Pro (RV 250)11:07
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-144-208-25.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
Pablothere is an xorg with resolution11:08
=== hhlp [n=hhlp@cm-83-97-141-112.telecable.es] has joined #xubuntu
PabloI dont think it is a problem with xorg.conf... but rather a bug in feisty11:10
=== atarinox [n=atarinox@c-71-58-75-130.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
atarinoxcan somebody help me with my wireless? My card suddenly stopped working after I tried to enable roaming, now it doesnt recognize the card. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling in ndiswrapper, but it keeps saying "Driver driver is already installed"11:15
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knpAnyone have idea how can i make my panels transparant without icons on them with xfce ?01:25
knpanyone ?01:32
predaeusknp, go to Window Manager Tweaks and enable Compositor on the last tab, then right clicking the panel and Customize Panel gives more options with transparency and so on01:43
knppredaeys i made that but icons on panles goes transparently too01:44
knpkind of they dissapear01:44
predaeusoh, maybe that can't be tweaked yet, don't know sorry.01:44
predaeusknp, try asking in #xfce01:44
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ToHellWithGAhey yall, do you know why the xfce base package depends on versions of xfce-this and xfce-that which aren't built yet for gutsy?03:16
=== spasticteapot [n=spastict@66-188-130-15.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
ToHellWithGAit's been that way for most of a week now03:16
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thongrimhello everybody, I have a problem with star-up on xubuntu feisty04:56
thongrimit's very slow and I can't use bum to exclude a lot of tasks at start up04:57
=== Polysics [n=luca@host173-89.pool80116.interbusiness.it] has joined #xubuntu
thongrimany hit?04:57
Polysicshello all!04:58
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Polysicsanyone is running Beryl in Xubuntu 7.0404:58
thongrimonly on ubuntu04:58
Polysicsi tried enabling Nvidia drivers, but it just pops me back to the same window without enabling them04:59
Polysicsi think Beryl is not even installed on Xubuntu04:59
thongrimyou can install it04:59
thongrimwith sudo apt-get install beryl04:59
thongrimand emerald themes04:59
Polysicsok, downloading05:01
Polysicsbut in the meantime i need to sort the nvidia drivers out05:02
thongrimhave you tryed the restricted driver manager in the system menu?05:02
=== luca [n=luca@host173-89.pool80116.interbusiness.it] has joined #xubuntu
lucai suppose something blew up when i ran "beryl"05:04
lucano one out there has nvidia video with xubuntu?05:05
jgamioI am running beryl in xubuntu05:05
jgamioi do05:05
jgamioi just enabled the restrited drivers05:05
lucahow did you enable the drivers?05:05
lucahmm, then i have something wrong05:05
jgamiocheck enabled and reset the machine05:05
lucafull restart?05:06
=== dave [n=dave@] has joined #xubuntu
totalwormage(could also be that luca hasn't got composite enabled in xorg.conf..)05:06
lucasure will, back in a minute :-) thanks a lot05:06
lucatotalwormage,  no, i think i am a step back05:06
lucanvidia wasn't up yet05:06
jgamioi didnt touch xorg.conf in feisty i did with edgy05:06
davehi all, could someone help me. i would like to know how to suspend my laptop from the command line (suspend to ram)05:06
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
jgamiobut i make a clean instalation in feisty and just enabled the card and install beryl and the thees05:07
lucai can't wait to blow my Vista using friends out of the water :-)05:07
totalwormagegood luck :D05:07
lucai have a powerful machine, but i have always liked XFCE more than the others05:07
lucai'll look into Kiba Dock too05:07
thongrimanother problem with window visualization... I have a resolution of 800x600 and I can't see the bottom of many windows05:09
lucahmm, it's been a while since the driver window says "configuring nvida-glx.xyz"...05:10
lucaok, restarting machine, wish me good luck :-)05:11
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=== luca [n=luca@host173-89.pool80116.interbusiness.it] has joined #xubuntu
lucaok, seems fine so far05:18
lucahow do i start beryl? :-)05:18
lucai'll try with "beryl"05:19
jgamio  luca: you have to go to synaptic and install beryl an the esmeral themes05:19
lucadone that05:19
lucabut i think it's not run by default05:20
jgamiogo to system and you have a beryl manager05:20
jgamiostart it and you are to see a diamon in our panel05:20
lucauhm, that might be the problem, i don't see the diamond05:21
jgamiogot o the terminal05:21
jgamioin type05:22
jgamiothis shoul start the beryl05:22
lucaawesome! many thanks05:23
lucai'll look into how to get it to start at boot05:24
lucathis 7.04 release is INCREDIBLE05:24
jgamioin select windows manager you stich to xfce or to beryl05:24
lucawireless card and everything else working out of the box05:24
lucaany themes you recommend?05:25
jgamioi dont use too much the beryl05:26
jgamiobut you can start to play with the option nad found out the power05:27
=== ReFoxed [n=Thomas@cpc2-linc8-0-0-cust638.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== godless [n=rob@dormir.dreaming.org] has joined #xubuntu
CatoptromancyHow could I make files/folders hidden?05:37
Catoptromancysome reason I used to be able to do it easy05:38
TheSheepCatoptromancy: any file or directory that starts with a period is hidden05:38
=== atarinox [n=atarinox@c-71-58-75-130.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancyso if a program creates a file/folder and I want to hide it, will the program still be able to find it?05:39
Catoptromancyseems a few programs forget to hide them05:39
atarinoxcan anybody recommend a good lightweight paint app?05:39
TheSheepatarinox: gpaint05:40
TheSheepCatoptromancy: no05:40
Catoptromancy= (   my /home/ is filling up with .logs05:40
TheSheepCatoptromancy: complain to the developer or file a bug05:41
atarinoxTheSheep: won't i have to bog down my box w/ gnome libraries w/ that?05:41
Catoptromancyhmm I guess I could edit the cfg05:41
Catoptromancyto find it05:41
grazieatarinox: mtPaint too, but don't know if it's in the repos05:41
grazie!info mtPaint05:42
ubotuPackage mtpaint does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas05:42
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=== xubuntuxx [n=kvirc@host224-142-dynamic.55-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #xubuntu
xubuntuxxsera,i caretteri di firefox in xubuntu non mi piacciono molto e non solo di firefox di molti programmi installati,si vedono un po tremolanti,non  questione di ingrandire o diminuire,come posso aggiustare?06:43
BFTDenglish please06:44
xubuntuxxi don't know06:45
=== knp [n=sadistic@] has joined #xubuntu
ubotuSi busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.06:45
Myrtti!it | xubuntuxx06:46
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!06:46
ubotuxubuntuxx: please see above06:46
TheSheepxubuntuxx: ah, sorry :)06:46
TheSheepit's all Dutch to me anyways06:46
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
=== snook353 [n=lee@24-197-132-105.dhcp.spbg.sc.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
knpSomeone coud help me with changing the cursor theme with xfce ?06:58
snook353menu settings mouse-settings06:59
knpactually i want to add some new themes06:59
knpreaded some guides but didnt work for me06:59
knpprobably because coudnt find anything about xubuntu , all was for ubuntu07:00
snook353is there a guide on xfce-loog.org?07:01
TheSheepknp: it's the same07:01
TheSheepknp: mouse cursors are standarized07:01
knpthat was the site i was searching in07:01
=== luca_ [n=luca@host173-89.pool80116.interbusiness.it] has joined #xubuntu
luca_i feel stupid now07:01
luca_i can't remember how to compile a source .deb :-)07:02
TheSheep -B07:02
knpwell theres not much info about changing cursors themes in  xfce-look.org07:03
luca_dpkg build "package"?07:03
h3sp4wndpkg-buildpackage -x -uc -us path/to/foo.dsc (use fakeroot or as root)07:04
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
luca_dsc? hmm, i have a .deb pack07:05
luca_i think i got the wrong package, but it says "souce"07:05
h3sp4wnwhat is the full title of what you ahve07:07
luca_which is the only package i managed to find of the thing since it is unmaintained07:07
h3sp4wnm-a a-i acerhk07:07
h3sp4wn(its for a kernel module right ?)07:07
h3sp4wn(m-a is from the module-assistant package)07:08
luca_for the hotkeys on my laptop07:08
h3sp4wnmight not build on a current kernel if its unmaintained though07:08
luca_says "what is acerhk-source_0.5.34-3_i386.deb"07:09
h3sp4wninstall it (dpkg -i and use the m-a command above)07:10
=== OGDA [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
luca_says i don't have debhelper, which won't install because of some dependencies... know what?07:12
luca_i'll use the volume from the taskbar :-)07:12
=== nGen [n=edgar@] has joined #xubuntu
h3sp4wnwhy would that be are you using gutsy ?07:12
h3sp4wn!info debhelper feisty07:13
ubotudebhelper: helper programs for debian/rules. In component main, is optional. Version 5.0.42ubuntu1 (feisty), package size 502 kB, installed size 1252 kB07:13
h3sp4wnprobably not then07:13
h3sp4wnapt-get (or aptitude) install debhelper module-assistant07:15
=== nGen [n=edgar@] has left #xubuntu ["Saindo"]
=== jexd [n=bert@adsl-11-242-205.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #xubuntu
jexdmozilla mplayer never works. i press play and it will say "retrieving playlist" for a second and then "Stopped". do i need to delete any packages, like xine or whatnot?07:17
luca_it's started to build07:17
h3sp4wnIf its old its likely to fail07:17
luca_says successful, let's hope .-)07:18
luca_uhm, ok, the module is in07:19
h3sp4wnso now you just need to read the docs about how to use it07:19
luca_which will be fun since the page doesn't exist any more :-)07:20
h3sp4wnuse an archive site07:20
h3sp4wnor read whatever is in /usr/share/doc/acerhk-source07:22
luca_i'll take a look.. for now i'm laughing at myself for typing this on a VNC session in a Windows virtual machine to my Linux bow07:28
luca_i guess i could complicate things even further if i liked :-)07:28
luca_this will be a bit trickier07:30
luca_i have 2 eth cards in the box, how can i configure the pc to act as a gateway to eth1 for all pcs on eth0?07:30
luca_it's to enable vmware machines to get on the web only when needed07:31
luca_i'll try using bridged networking on vmware first07:32
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ottodwhat app is recommended in xubuntu for power management? i want to suspend to ram when inactive for some time, like ubuntu does...07:35
=== jusama14 [n=rm130@] has joined #xubuntu
jusama14is there anyway i can get the root password?07:36
h3sp4wnsuspend2 (if you can build a kernel)07:37
ottodno, you can just change it07:37
h3sp4wnjusama14: there is not one07:37
jusama14how can i change it?07:38
=== UbuntuStats [n=IRCStats@] has joined #xubuntu
jusama14say for example i don't know the root pass07:38
ottodboot in single user mode and then passwd07:38
jusama14is there anyway i can act as root w/out knowing it? like changing it?07:38
TheSheepjusama14: million ways07:38
jusama14ottod, so i don't need to know the root pass?07:38
TheSheepjusama14: but to start with, xubuntu doesn't have a root password set in the first palce07:38
ottodsudo su07:38
TheSheepjusama14: to execute any command as root, just put 'sudo' in front of it07:38
ottodyour passwd is the root password07:38
h3sp4wnIts not07:39
jusama14yeah but some stuff that i execute as root07:39
jusama14requires the password07:39
h3sp4wnIf its from inside ubuntu it should be patched07:39
h3sp4wn(strange why they don't allow sudo or a root password to be used) just patch it for sudo07:39
jusama14okay, so i want to go into synaptic package manager07:40
h3sp4wnIf you enable a root password its very likely synaptic will stop working07:40
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=== graelb [n=graelb@] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeph3sp4wn: that's not true07:42
h3sp4wnuse the user password - and if you need a root shell just use sudo -i07:42
h3sp4wnTheSheep: since how recently ?07:42
TheSheeph3sp4wn: since always07:42
jusama14k thx07:42
graelbheh.. i hate to come into chatrooms just asking for help...07:43
graelbbut i don't know where else to turn... so... here it is07:43
TheSheeph3sp4wn: there was a totally unrelated bug about xubuntu-system-tools that made synaptic (and few other programs too) fail to use sudo, but it's long gone07:43
graelbI'm trying to install the latest Nvidia drivers, so i downloaded the x86 version from nvidia, then looking at a tutorial, it says i need to go to run level 307:44
graelbi don't know how to do that07:44
TheSheepgraelb: why not just install the drivers from the repositories?07:44
graelbthe tutorial says you can type init 3 in a console (Ctrl + alt + F1-!6)07:44
graelbI have no idea what that means or how to do it07:44
TheSheepgraelb: ubuntu doesn't use runlevels07:44
TheSheepgraelb: that is, all of them are the same07:45
h3sp4wnTheSheep: when is always ?07:45
TheSheeph3sp4wn: since Dapper at least07:45
graelb*nods* ok, so it doesn't use runlevels... so how do i go about installing newer drivers?07:45
TheSheepgraelb: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx07:45
h3sp4wnTheSheep: I think it was breezy07:45
TheSheeph3sp4wn: I didn't test that on breezy07:46
graelbthat's it?07:46
TheSheepgraelb: they are already prepared and packaged07:46
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:46
graelbthat'll install the newest drivers, then all i have to do is reboot and they'l run?07:46
TheSheepgraelb: you don't have to reboot07:46
TheSheepgraelb: look at that url for some details07:46
graelbi'm on it!07:46
h3sp4wnTheSheep: I don't use synaptic but enabling root made it ask for the root password but not accept it (because of the sudo hack I think) - I remember it quite vividly07:47
h3sp4wnTheSheep: That means realisticly now there is no reason to not just enable a root password07:47
TheSheeph3sp4wn: there was such a bug, it it wasn;t in any way related to setting the root password07:48
graelbWhen it says "you want hardware accelerated 3D" Is that a package?07:48
h3sp4wnTheSheep: started working fine again after - passwd -l root07:48
h3sp4wn(the one I am talking about)07:48
grazieh3sp4wn: I've had a root password for ages without problems07:49
TheSheeph3sp4wn: coincidence :)07:49
h3sp4wngrazie: I don't use graphical admin tools07:49
TheSheeph3sp4wn: there was a change in the ubuntu-system-tools backend, and xubuntu-system-tools were not updated for some time07:49
grazieh3sp4wn: not following your point07:50
h3sp4wngrazie: So it wouldn't affect me anyway07:50
TheSheepgraelb: just follow that page, it's the official howto for ubuntu, so it should work :)07:50
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.07:51
h3sp4wngrazie: There was one point where it broke running graphical applications as root07:52
h3sp4wnenabling the password (I don't remember how long ago it was)07:52
h3sp4wnbut it was in a released version of ubuntu07:52
graelbThe website for installing Nvidia drivers, for version 7.04, just says to open the restricted drivers program, but that program doesn't have any options or indicators letting me know it's updating or anything... i feel like i'm whining07:52
grazieh3sp4wn: didn't know about...only been using for a few months really07:53
TheSheepgraelb: I never used it myself (it's new in feisty), but it should do the work07:53
graelbhrm... How can i make sure i'm using feisty?07:54
TheSheepgraelb: pres alt+ctrl+f1 and press enter, it should show you a login prompt with the version in it. press alt+ctrl+f7 to go back to graphical screen07:54
grazieTheSheep: Have you ever heard anything about KVM switches causing kernel lockups and resets?07:55
graelbhehe, yeap. 7.0407:55
TheSheepgrazie: nothing witll surprise me :)07:55
graelbMaybe the new drivers are installed... except transparency on things doesn't work, which was what led me to believe it was the drivers07:55
TheSheepgraelb: you need to enable compositing07:56
TheSheepgraelb: setting -> window manager tweaks -> compositin07:56
graelblol *blinks*07:56
grazieTheSheep: witll?07:56
TheSheepgrazie: will, sorry07:56
graelbwhoa, neat07:56
graelbi'm very new to this, so the help really is appreciated hehe07:57
TheSheepgraelb: don't hesitate to ask07:57
graelbYou know, you might know why this is happening too... I'm trying to run the windows version of the game X3 - Reunion. I ran perfectly once, but once i closed it out it never ran again07:59
graelbrunning it with WINE btw08:00
TheSheepgraelb: trying to run it from a terminal might give you some messages...08:01
=== hhlp [n=hhlp@195.Red-83-41-242.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
graelbpage faults  on read access to  0x00000000008:03
graelbfour fixme messages... that have to do with ddraw and d3d08:03
BFTDwhere's a good place to buy older, or used Laptops?08:03
TheSheepBFTD: ebay08:03
BFTDother then ebay08:03
graelbthen it dumped the register and stack08:03
BFTDI dislike ebay08:03
TheSheepBFTD: in SOviet Russia, eBay dislikes you08:04
graelbooh! i might have found teh problem08:06
TheSheepgraelb: looks like either a bug in the game or in wine, or both08:06
TheSheepgraelb: or you have bad graphics settings in the game08:06
graelb*nods* i ran it from root, and it gave me more08:06
TheSheepI wouldn't run *games* from root :/08:07
TheSheep*especially* with wine08:07
graelb*blinks* I must be missing a valulable lesson here08:07
=== nalioth_ [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has joined #xubuntu
graelbi used sudo -i... which would be the same as running it on root... right?08:08
graelbok, why wouldn't you run it as root?08:09
TheSheepgraelb: because it has access to all the system files then08:09
TheSheepgraelb: that's one08:09
TheSheepgraelb: and because it can create some config files which wouldn't be accessible for other users08:10
TheSheepgraelb: that's two08:10
graelb*nods* ok, that makes sense08:10
TheSheepyou might want to check if there are not files owned by root in your home directory now08:10
Myrttiwine as root?08:11
Myrtti/me feels her hair stand in the back of her head08:12
TheSheepgraelb: find . -user root08:12
graelb*sighs* i have a feeling that linux is a machine learned through mistakes08:12
TheSheepgraelb: as everything :)08:12
TheSheepgraelb: but you learn it fast08:13
TheSheepgraelb: and the rules are simple08:13
graelbok, the only thing it came up with was a directory i know should be as root... it's a directory i use for mounting a windows share08:13
TheSheepgraelb: if you're not doing something to the system itself, you shoudn't need root priviledges08:13
graelb*nods* ok08:13
graelb... if i got further when running it as root...08:14
graelbthan i do normally, does that mean i might have installed it as root?08:14
graelbsudo wine whatevertheinstallprogramwascalled.exe08:14
Myrttigood grief ubuntu doesn't normally have root enabled08:14
graelbprobably setup.exe08:14
TheSheepgraelb: it may mean that it created some config files in your home, and now breaks on them, while when you ran it as root, there were no config files in root's home...08:15
graelbokay I follow you08:15
TheSheepgraelb: just don;t run wine as root08:15
graelb*nods* hindsight is 2020, neh?08:15
TheSheepgraelb: wine can keep everything in your home and it doesn't need root even for installing programs08:16
graelbso... now i uninstall it08:16
TheSheepgraelb: if you don't have other windows apps installed, you might try to remove the whole .wine directory in your home and try again08:16
graelbif i do that, what happens? do i need to reinstall wine?08:17
graelbor just the game?08:17
TheSheepno, it will re-create that directory from scratch08:17
TheSheepjust the game08:17
=== squirrelpimp [n=squirrel@2001:6f8:915:0:230:1bff:feb9:742b] has joined #xubuntu
graelbneat. ok08:17
graelbrmdir /home/graelb/.wine ?08:17
TheSheepyou might need to rune winecfg before that08:17
TheSheeprm -r .wine08:17
TheSheeprmdir won't work when the directory is not empty08:17
graelboh, ok08:17
TheSheepbut I'd use thunar instead -- it will move it into trash08:18
TheSheepit's safer :008:18
graelbi don't have to type in the whole directory line?08:18
TheSheepgraelb: not in you are in the directory08:18
TheSheepin which that directory is08:18
TheSheepin your home, that is08:18
graelboh right08:18
graelbgot you08:18
graelbthe . in .wine means hidden?08:19
graelbLearning already i suppose =P08:19
graelbthere's also a .xine folder... is that related?08:20
jexdalright, i've uninstalled all applicable xine packages, reinstalled mplayer and mozilla-mplayer, restarted firefox, checked all my configuration options, and i still can't get mplayer to play in firefox. it will try, and it will fail. i press play and it says, very briefly, "Getting playlist" which is almost immediately replaced with "Stopped." and... thats it. when i press play, it just repeats that same scenario. what else must i do to mak08:21
TheSheepgraelb: xine is a movie player08:22
graelboh, that's right. i knew that *bashful chuckle*08:22
TheSheepjexd: tbh I never got mplayer to work in ff08:24
jexdsheep, how do you watch videos? media player connectivity extension sucks - i want to watch embedded videos.08:24
=== rag [n=rag@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
graelbI'm going to mount an mdf CD image... the line i use is sudo mount /pathtofile.mdf /pathwhereiwanttomountit -o loop=/dev/loop008:25
TheSheepjexd: vlc08:25
graelbi get all but the last bit, from the -o on...08:25
TheSheepgraelb: I think you can only mount iso images08:25
graelbwell, i mean, i've done it. i know it works, but you've got me questioning using sudo now08:26
jexdvlc? for embedded videos? thesheep, do you just download anything you want to watch, or is there a vlc-mozilla plugin? i hate mplayer, i'd love to use vlc if i could.08:26
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheep!info mozilla-plugin-vlc08:27
ubotumozilla-plugin-vlc: multimedia plugin for web browsers based on VLC. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.6.release-0ubuntu4 (feisty), package size 37 kB, installed size 148 kB08:27
TheSheepgraelb: man mount08:27
TheSheepgraelb: basically, the -o loop allows it to mount a file as if it was a device08:28
graelb*blinks* you can edit the fstab file to auto-mount things on boot?08:28
graelbok makes sense... but what's the loop?08:28
TheSheepgraelb: it's a fake device that is used when mounting a file08:29
graelb*nods* that's what i figured, but wanted to clarafy08:30
TheSheepgraelb: by the way, you can create an empty file, format it, and the mount as a disk :)08:30
graelb*tilts head* hmm?08:30
graelbso you have a disk which is mounted on a whatever.iso, which includes... nothing?08:31
TheSheepgraelb: it doesn't have to be a cd image, you can format it with ext3, then you can write to it too08:31
graelbIs that just a neat thing? or is there a point to it?08:32
graelbcreating a file, formatting it, and mounting it?08:32
TheSheepgraelb: sometimes it is useful -- when you want an exncrypted filesystem, for example08:32
graelbright. Linux/unix assumes everything is a file08:32
h3sp4wngraelb: No08:32
TheSheepgraelb: or when you wnat to use it as a disk for a virtual computer emulator like vmware or qemu08:32
h3sp4wnThere are some things that arent (i.e sockets)08:32
TheSheepif a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port08:33
graelbi was struggling with the concept of formatting a file as ext3.08:33
graelbwhich is a partition/drive formatting08:33
graelbok, so ... sockets and ports aren't files08:34
TheSheepit's all just about changing bits08:34
=== POVaddct [i=nobody@p54B356EF.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
POVaddctis there a keyboard shortcut for opening the starter menu?08:36
graelbnow... how do i edit what's in the "applications" button at the top left? there are some (launchers? is that what they're called) in there that point to the game that no longer exists08:36
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: control + escape08:36
POVaddcth3sp4wn: thank you08:37
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Myrttioh wow08:37
=== aussieman [n=bobo@106.Red-83-32-188.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== miltzbrandt [n=DIE-sonn@V0c5b.v.pppool.de] has joined #xubuntu
POVaddcth3sp4wn: are the shortcuts documented somewhere?08:40
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: probably08:41
POVaddcth3sp4wn: hehe08:41
graelbubuntu runs originally off of debian... right?08:42
jexdthesheep: hooray! thank you for the vlc tip! got it up and running very easily. why isn't this way more popular? everyone talks of mplayer, but mplayer (at least in my experience) totally sucks. also, are there any play /ff/rwind/pause options in the vlc mozilla plugin?08:42
graelbso you don't use rpms, you use .debs?08:42
POVaddctgraelb: yeah. but it uses different repositories08:42
graelbrepositories = where apt-get gets it's programs?08:43
POVaddctgraelb: its packages08:43
graelbpackages. right. lingo08:43
h3sp4wnanyone know what dev package provides -lGL08:43
graelbwindows uses installs programs, linux installs packages, which are used to run programs08:44
POVaddcth3sp4wn: something like mesagl-dev maybe?08:44
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: Yeah I have tried most of the mesa dev packages08:45
POVaddctgraelb: not all packages are programs. threre are also packages providing libraries or data only08:45
graelbok. good to know.08:46
h3sp4wn(I think what I am trying to compile something that might want nvidia's x headers)08:46
POVaddcth3sp4wn: no luck with apt-cache search ...?08:46
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: nope08:46
graelblibraries are used as resources for other packages/programs?08:46
POVaddctgraelb: libraries are collections of routines/functions for a specific purpose. like libz is for zlib-compression/decompression08:48
POVaddctgraelb: compiled programs are usually linked against libraries08:48
graelbi'm beginning to understand this a little more08:48
POVaddctgraelb: ever programmed in C?08:48
graelba few years ago *nods*08:49
graelbjava more recently08:49
graelbC++ specifically08:49
POVaddctno, i mean C08:49
graelbNo, i guess not08:49
POVaddcti don't know much C++, i am generally not into object oriented languages08:51
graelbI enjoy it... but i've never had to learn anything other than object oriented languages.08:52
graelbi'll be back, i need to go to class... i'll log on once i get there =)08:53
POVaddctgraelb: well i began programming basic on zx spectrum back in the 80s :)08:53
POVaddcth3sp4wn: which .h file is missing in particular?08:54
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: Its failing on ld08:55
POVaddcth3sp4wn: oh.. so the .h file is there08:55
h3sp4wnnot asking about a particular .h file (large parts of its are in assembler so I have no clue)08:55
POVaddcth3sp4wn: then it should have the corresponding lib too08:55
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: I would have thought so unless opengl in this instance means it needs nvidia's libraries08:56
POVaddcth3sp4wn: if -lGL fails, maybe it is just the linked path not being set correctly  (-L...)08:57
POVaddcth3sp4wn: did you check if there is any libGL.so.* file on your system?08:57
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: there is08:57
POVaddcth3sp4wn: so the file is found but there are still unresolved symbols when linking?08:58
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: http://pastebin.ca/46941109:00
h3sp4wnupto that point there are no error messages I can see09:00
h3sp4wnall looks completely fine09:00
POVaddctand libGL.so is in /usr/lib ?09:01
h3sp4wn(and .la)09:01
=== graelb [n=graelb@183Net-77.sou.edu] has joined #Xubuntu
POVaddcth3sp4wn: can you do this: dpkg -S /usr/lib/libGL.so09:02
POVaddct(or the full versioned file name)09:03
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: I am certain that that is not the issue09:03
POVaddctshould tell you to which package libGL.so belongs09:04
h3sp4wnI know09:04
POVaddcth3sp4wn: is the file readable for you?09:05
POVaddctmaybe something f*cked up the permissions09:06
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: I can read it09:06
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: Is there a way to get ld to be more verbose ?09:07
=== graelb_ [n=graelb@] has joined #xubuntu
POVaddctdunno. you could strace the whole g++ call09:08
graelb_lag kept growing09:08
graelb_Did you my message come through?09:09
h3sp4wnPOVaddct: If it doesn't work this time I will09:09
POVaddctlike strace -f -F -e open -o gcc.log -v -s 128 g++ -o zsnes ...09:09
POVaddctgraelb_: yes09:09
h3sp4wn(trying it against nvidia's libs)09:09
godlessI remember this coming up in here a few times:09:10
godlessI am trying to install from the xubuntu 704 liveCD to a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600. Everything is going fine until disk partitioning, when I receive: The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1(0,0,0) (sda) failed.09:12
godlessI haven't double checked but I am fairly certain it's an ide disk09:12
godlesswhat's going on?09:12
graelb_if the audio in wine doesn't work... the program will still run, but there will just be no audio... right?09:12
TheSheepgraelb_: certain programs might require audio and not work without it09:13
graelb_hrm... same as windows... which makes sense, because you know... i'm running windows programs *shakes head*09:14
POVaddctgodless: afaik kernel 2.6.20 in feisty is using the new pata layer for some ide controllers. so some ide disks appear as scsi disks.09:14
graelb_ok, why would it work once... then never again?09:16
godlessPOVaddct:  Yes just checking the system I am on now and I have sda1 where an hda1 should be. Doesn't solve the problem though. I think I may have found a workaround, more in a moment.09:17
=== TabooTreez [n=TabooTre@CPE-70-94-4-87.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #Xubuntu
graelb_It goes black, full screen... the mouse disappears like it's going to begin the opening videos, then the whole thing crashes09:19
graelb_could it be simply that i don't have the mediaplayer installed?09:19
=== snook353 [n=lee@24-197-132-105.dhcp.spbg.sc.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
POVaddctgraelb_: why using wine anyway?09:20
graelb_Do i have an alternative?09:21
POVaddcti mean why use windows programs at all?09:21
graelb_because i'm trying to run a game that runs on windows09:21
TheSheepgraelb_: there are games that run on linux...09:22
graelb_and i got it to work, better than i did on windows (which probably means that linux is using the video card better)09:22
godlessSolution found here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/529609:22
TheSheepgraelb_: you can try cedega, it's a fork of wine tweaked for games09:22
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@] has joined #xubuntu
graelb_cedega isn't free though, right?09:22
POVaddcti don't install linux to run windows games...09:22
godlessI told the guy who was in here asking about it to use the alternate install and I don't remember him coming back so I assume that worked too09:22
TheSheepgraelb_: it is if you compile it from sources yourself09:22
godlesshowever this works without downloading another image.09:22
=== Howdy125 [n=Howdy125@c-24-17-87-165.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepgraelb_: there is a script that does that for your somewhere09:23
graelb_*perks up*09:23
TheSheepgraelb_: look on the forums09:23
POVaddctgodless: so the disk simply was mounted?09:23
godlessI was really interested in cedega but not in paying.. will look into it again09:23
graelb_I have no idea how to compile sources myself... or how to run scripts for that matter09:23
TheSheepgraelb_: I have tried it once, it was pretty easy09:24
godlessPOVaddct:  Basically. The partitioner unmounts it and then mounts it again and the drive was popping up in a Thunar window as I got the error.09:24
POVaddctgodless: i hate automounters09:24
TabooTreezPOVaddct, then why use xubuntu?09:25
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
TabooTreezI would be on arch right now if it wasnt for automounting09:25
godlessPOVaddct:  Not my favourite things either. On the flipside I am often annoyed when I can't just eject a cd without typing umount /dev/cdrom, too09:25
POVaddctTabooTreez: actually i am using an older linux with xfce3 right now :)09:25
Graelbdo i need to install directX 9 on wine for games to work with it?09:25
TabooTreezolder linux?09:25
POVaddctTabooTreez: but i like ubuntu as a distro09:25
TheSheepGraelb: no09:26
TabooTreezPOVaddct, ever try arch?09:26
GraelbOk, i didn't think so09:26
POVaddctTabooTreez: older debian based distro09:26
GraelbSedega. forums. compile myself09:26
Graelb... which forums09:26
POVaddctTabooTreez: no. i like the debian package tools.09:26
TabooTreezPOVaddct, arch has pacman.09:26
Graelbnoted =P09:27
POVaddctTabooTreez: does is handle dependencies as good as apt-get / aptitude?09:27
TabooTreezPOVaddct, yes which I was surprised in.09:27
TabooTreezPOVaddct, Its the best distro ive tried. Just had a few issues with automounting09:28
TabooTreezotherwise id still be using it09:28
TabooTreezits way faster then ubuntu09:28
=== Howdy125 [n=Howdy125@c-24-17-87-165.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== Merchelo [n=Merchelo@deathray.redbrick.dcu.ie] has joined #xubuntu
Graelb*going to try something09:30
GraelbI'm going to try and run a game in wine on a different x session... see if that works09:31
Graelbi have a script that (says) it'll work...09:31
Graelbbut how do i execute a launch script?09:31
TheSheepit needs to have the right rights (check in thunar)09:32
POVaddctor check with ls -l scriptfile09:32
GraelbCreate the launcher, and tell it to run the scriptfile? that's it?09:32
POVaddctand set with chmod u+x scriptfile09:32
Graelbdoes the script file need any particular extension?09:33
POVaddctGraelb: no, run the scriptfile from a terminal09:33
POVaddctGraelb: no. extensions are purely informational under linux.09:33
GraelbDo i run the script on a different terminal than F7?  CTRL + ALT +F1, then run the scriptfile?09:36
POVaddctno. just open a terminal window.09:36
POVaddctyou don't need to be on a real text console.09:37
Graelbdo i need a "\" for spaces?09:37
Graelbwhen going to the path in a script?09:37
POVaddctyes. hint: you can use the TAB key09:38
Graelbi'm writing the script in mousepad, so... tab just inserts a tab09:38
POVaddctno i mean when starting the script from the shell09:38
POVaddcti didn't know you were writing the script right now09:39
Graelbwhen writing the script, do i need a \ for spaces?09:39
POVaddctor enclose the whole path in quotes09:39
POVaddct"like this/for example"09:39
Graelbthat'll work in a console?09:40
POVaddctyes. "foo bar" is equivalent to foo\ bar in the shell09:41
Graelbnow, you said it needs the right permissions...09:41
Graelbwhat permissions does it need? and how do i check it09:41
POVaddctyou can check with thunar or on the shell with ls -l09:42
POVaddctr is read, w is write, x is execute09:42
Graelband it needs to be able to execute?09:42
Graelbi'm gonna try it09:43
Graelbwill it auto kick me over to the session? or will i need to swap?09:43
Graelbor does that depend on the script?09:43
POVaddcti don't know what you mean09:43
TheSheepdepends on the script, but it should switch you automatically09:43
Graelbwell... i'm going to try it09:43
Graelbbe right back09:43
TheSheepPOVaddct: it's a script to run a wine app in a separate X session09:43
POVaddctwhy in a separate X session?09:44
GraelbBecause a forum post said they got a program to work for them that way, so i wanted to try it09:45
GraelbX: User not authorized to run the X server, aborting09:45
=== ghatak [n=ghatak@82-38-203-125.cable.ubr05.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
ghatakare xubuntu respositories diff then normal fiesty respo ?09:47
ghatakok thanks09:47
=== ghatak [n=ghatak@82-38-203-125.cable.ubr05.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #xubuntu []
GraelbTheSheep: is this what you were talking abouvt for cedega?09:49
=== w|neX_ [n=wine@] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepGraelb: yes, I think this is it09:49
=== w|neX_ [n=wine@] has left #xubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Graelbgonna try it09:50
Graelbnite! thanks for the help =)09:52
Graelbwill cedega show up under applications?09:53
TheSheepGraelb: no, I don't think so09:56
TheSheepGraelb: you just run it like wine: cedega setup.exe09:56
Graelbno configuration needed?09:56
TheSheepnot sure09:57
Graelbor is there a cedegaconfig file?09:57
Graelbhehe man cedega!09:57
=== Naughtyboy [n=Naughtyb@hstad-97-173-209-82.3.cust.bredband2.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepor read /usr/share/docs/cedega09:57
GraelbI'm learning, neh?09:57
Graelbwill those both pull up the same thing?09:57
Graelbi suppose i'll find ou09:59
Graelbit's still running the sh file09:59
TheSheepGraelb: it hsould ask you some questions10:00
Graelbwell.. it hasn't yet10:00
TheSheepyou run it in a terminal, right?10:00
=== ReFoxed [n=Thomas@cpc2-linc8-0-0-cust638.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
Graelbside question... are you running on a laptop by any chance?10:02
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepGraelb: no10:05
Graelbmy mousepad/touchpad isn't very big, and linux has it configured so if i keep my finger on the rightmost area and go up and down, it scrolls the window10:06
Graelblike a mousewheel10:06
Graelbbut the pad isn't very big10:06
=== Merchelo [n=Merchelo@deathray.redbrick.dcu.ie] has left #xubuntu ["my]
Graelbany ideas how to make it act like a normal mouse?10:06
Graelband i'm questioned10:06
Graelbwhat version of gcc do you have10:07
Graelbhow do i find out, and what is gcc?10:07
TheSheepgcc --version10:08
TheSheepand gcc is a compiler10:08
TheSheepactually a whole collection of compilers10:09
Graelb*nods* ok10:09
Graelbwhy did it tell me to do sudo su , then su, then su again?10:10
TheSheepno idea10:11
Graelband.... it stopped10:13
GraelbPlease download the profile number 1, and10:13
Graelbrun this downloaded profile10:13
Graelbtest: 43: ==: unexpected operator10:13
GraelbWineCVS.sh: 48: Syntax error: "(" unexpected10:13
GraelbThu May  3 13:10:00 PDT 200710:13
GraelbInstallation Done10:13
TheSheephow did you run it?10:14
Graelbexactly as that link i sent you told me to10:14
Graelbthen when it asked for version, i typed10:14
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@c-71-56-237-100.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Graelbbelow though, it says "when the script is running: get and run the PROFILE number 110:18
TheSheepGraelb: there are some comments about this post on the forum10:19
h3sp4wnGraelb: What is the first line of the script ?10:20
TheSheepGraelb: run it with bash, not with sh then10:21
Graelbhow do i do that?10:21
TheSheeptype 'bash' instead of 'sh'10:22
Graelbdo i need to do the sudo su , su, su?10:22
=== jd [n=chatzill@mei67-1-81-56-35-11.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
jdhi all10:23
Graelbok, trying it again with bash10:23
GraelbTheSheep: it's just sudo su, su... but i did it then the bash command10:24
h3sp4wnjust use sudo -i (once)10:25
Graelbwhen i go to a different terminal to run gcc --version, it says gcc can be found in the following packages...10:26
=== jd_ [n=chatzill@mei67-1-81-56-35-11.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
GraelbI got the same error when i ran it as bash10:28
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
=== jd__ [n=chatzill@mei67-1-81-56-35-11.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
GraelbTheSheep: I even tried to apt-get install bison flex10:33
TheSheepno ideas then10:37
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs10:38
godlesswhere do I get the gpg for medibuntu?10:40
godlessgot it10:41
=== spasticteapot [n=spastict@66-188-130-15.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
godlesswhy should I use gksudo for graphical apps when sudo works?10:45
TheSheepgodless: gksudo sets some permissions for the xserver too10:46
spasticteapotI'll need to remember that.10:47
TheSheepgodless: normally, even root can't access user's X session10:47
h3sp4wnIt can with just sudo (because of $HOME still being the users home)10:47
TheSheepgodless: it need so called 'session key'10:47
TheSheeph3sp4wn: but not always10:48
Graelb7.4 is feisty, right?10:48
TheSheepGraelb: yes10:48
TheSheepGraelb: the version number is always the release date: 2007 April10:49
Graelboh, *nods* makes sense10:49
h3sp4wnroot can read ~/.Xauthority - that is why it appears to work10:49
TheSheeph3sp4wn: but thee is a number of cases when it doesn't work10:50
h3sp4wnTheSheep: those being ?10:50
TheSheeph3sp4wn: when the app is invoked with a script that changes $HOME, for example10:50
TheSheep(off the top of my head)10:51
TheSheeph3sp4wn: or when /home is an NFS-mounted partition with squash root enabled10:51
TheSheep(like on our university)10:51
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheephi maxamillion10:53
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
godlessTheSheep:  Thanks.10:55
godlessIt's always worked for me :)10:56
h3sp4wngodless: sux does all I need10:56
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:56
TheSheepgodless: it only breaks in edge cases :)10:56
godlessI'm sure it only breaks when you really need it to work10:56
godlessTHANKS, MURPHY10:56
godlessh3sp4wn:  I'm sure there's a special pleasure in just *typing* sux10:57
TheSheepif only it had more x'es10:57
h3sp4wngodless: It reminds me every time i have typed it - running graphical applications as root "sux"10:58
godlessAin't it the truth10:58
godlesssometimes necessary10:58
godlessOr at least, expedient.10:59
h3sp4wnI cannot remember the last time I did10:59
TheSheepjava beans installer :(10:59
TheSheepI mean10:59
godlessI just did it for mousepad :( I couldn't remember how to find/replace in vim10:59
godlessI feel so worthless10:59
TheSheepgodless: s/worthless/young11:00
TheSheepgodless: that's how you replace in vim11:00
godlesss was putting me into edit mode11:00
TheSheeph3sp4wn: %s rather11:00
crimsun:%s  rather.11:00
godlessthat's the one.11:00
TheSheepcrimsun: first! ;)11:00
godlesss is for a single character11:00
h3sp4wnyeah typo11:01
=== grazie vi/vim takes no prisoners :)
h3sp4wnit has u11:02
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
GraelbWEEEE i got it11:06
godless*high five*11:06
h3sp4wngrazie: vim is alot more forgiving11:07
Graelbthe script calls for sh WineCVS.sh to be ran, but the newer (flex? i'm not sure what that is... but that was the problem) won't run it for some reason, so you have to do it with bash. but if you bash the initial script, it still runs the sh WineCVS11:07
Graelbso you have to bash the WineCVS.sh separately11:07
godlessthe disk in this old tosh is soooo slow... ~7mb/s...11:08
=== godless watches his fingernails grow
grazieh3sp4wn: that's very true11:12
h3sp4wnTheSheep: I don't think it can be just $HOME - as with sudo -H you can still run graphical apps11:16
godlessvim is way more forgiving. You can use arrow keys for gosh sake! That's cheating.11:19
godlessI am not at all fond of openoffice-- abiword is a decent replacement for word docs, are there other (lighter) apps which will read powerpoint and excel files?11:20
grazieAs far as I am aware there are no real alternatives11:21
Graelbso... i have another problem now11:22
Graelb--------- Error log - file /root/.WineCVS/sources/cvscedega/ErrorLog : ---------11:22
Graelb/root/.WineCVS/Functions/DefaultProfile: line 628: ./configure: No such file or directory11:22
GraelbError in Configure11:22
GraelbTry fixing the error based on the output above, and11:22
Graelbrun the script again, without paramaters (Eg: WineCVS.sh)11:22
h3sp4wngodless: I was thinking about multiple levels of undo11:23
godlessh3sp4wn:  That's nice too.11:23
godlessI mean, cheating.11:23
Graelbany ideas about how to fix that one?11:29
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madkathey, I'm having issues trying to get my video drivers installed in xubuntu11:43
=== localhost_brad [n=brad@] has joined #xubuntu
localhost_bradgrr I don't like this irc client11:44
localhost_bradis anyone alive?11:45
=== O_Leonid is away: .
=== O_Leonid is now known as _OLeonid
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maxamillionmaxamillion: what kind of video drivers?11:54
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionTheSheep: didn't notive madkat left so i just hit ma<tab>11:56
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