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amigamiais it possible to use slax creator and write the ubuntu server 6x to a memory stick?12:24
amigamiausb memory stick12:25
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amigamiadoes ubuntu server automatically detect needed updates and retrieve them and install them as needed??????12:53
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sahafeezquestion, i see apache-ssl and apache2 in the packages - does apache2 have ssl?03:27
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Pumpernickelsahafeez: Yeah, it does, through the apahce2.2-common dependency.  apache-ssl is from the 1.x branch of Apache.03:53
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amigamiais there a problem with downloading the server?04:41
amigamiai have tried all day with no luck04:42
fooHm, try a different mirror?04:42
amigamiatried all of them on the list04:42
fooWhat! Haha. Sounds like something on your end, I doubt they are all failing. hmm04:43
amigamiai just downloaded centos and SME with not difficulty04:43
amigamiajust downloaded looking glass from sun with no difficulty04:44
amigamiabut absolutely no success with ubuntu-server04:44
dj-fuLength: 516,335,616 (492M) [text/plain] 04:46
dj-fu18% [========================> ]  97,740,200 7.31M/s ETA 00:5704:46
dj-fu--14:46:29-- http://ftp.citylink.co.nz/ubuntu-releases/feisty/ubuntu-7.04-server-i386.iso04:46
dj-fu=> `ubuntu-7.04-server-i386.iso'04:46
dj-fulooks fine here..04:46
amigamianew zeland :D04:48
dj-futhe web interface link didn't work04:48
dj-fuit seems to be replacing :// with HTTP encoded characters04:48
dj-fuwhich throws up a 404.04:48
dj-fuI just edited the URL manually. Do that ;)04:48
amigamiathank you dj-fu04:48
dj-fummm... fast.. 14:47:37 (7.22 MB/s) - `ubuntu-7.04-server-i386.iso' saved [516335616/516335616] 04:50
amigamiai'm wireless in a hotel04:51
amigamiahow is ubuntu-server?04:51
dj-fuWe don't run 7.04 on our production servers yet04:53
dj-fustill pushing Edgy around.04:53
dj-fuI run 7.04 on the VPS servers though, it seems nice.04:53
dj-fustill, I prefer another distribution but am told to use Ubuntu.. so..04:53
amigamiawell i am switching to centos. we just went thru some real bad experiences with blackhats and we decided to look into centos 04:58
amigamiawe were using a derivitive of SME 04:58
amigamiathe os in all reality was not the issue it was the add-ons that were the problem. vulnerabilitiues in metadot and horde. ruined the trustability of the servers.04:59
dj-fuI don't even know what SME is.05:00
dj-fuI've only ever ran Gentoo for servers, sure, they take a little while to setup05:00
dj-fubut they're easy to lock down.05:00
amigamiabut this was out of control and we could not trust anything any longer being uncompromised.05:01
dj-fuheh, that sucks05:01
amigamiawho you telling.05:01
dj-fuI have all my shit secured with mod_security, jails and stuff05:01
amigamiareally bitter and angry about the whole thing.05:01
dj-fuso all web frontends are secure as.05:01
dj-fusometimes even too secure05:01
dj-fuyeah, it's an apache module that does POST/GET filtering.05:02
dj-furegex matches mostly, PCRE, precompiled05:02
dj-futhroughput suffers a bit, but with enough hardware it's an easy way to lock down web interfaces05:02
amigamiathat is what got me 05:02
amigamiai was got ;)05:03
dj-fuunfortunately Ubuntu isn't offering it in the repositories05:03
dj-fuso you have to compile it manually05:03
dj-fudue to licensing issues05:03
amigamiaif we could find those people we would beat them down to a pulp05:03
dj-fu(GPL vs. APL)05:03
dj-fucompiling it manually is no issue though05:03
dj-fujust a matter of installign the right deps (apache2-dev, libxml2-dev) and enabling mod_unique_id, then you just edit the makefile and press make ;05:04
dj-fuI found a nice tutorial on google somewhere searching for mod_security ubuntu05:04
dj-funo,the official mod_sec docs are very good05:04
amigamiai just found the website05:04
amigamiathis whole security thing is nuts05:05
dj-fuit can even take care of chrooting apache automatically05:05
dj-fuI have a chrooted apache,php,mysql,mod_perl server on our main webserver at work05:05
dj-fuall due to mod_security05:05
dj-fuit's very nice xD05:05
dj-fufor what it's worth05:08
dj-fuIs very useful also05:08
dj-fuI can answer questions too, if you want to use it and ask me stuff ;]  (have it running on Feisty and Edgy)05:08
amigamiaahh ok05:10
amigamiathanks so much05:10
amigamialet me look at it05:10
amigamiadj-fu i never heard of this jail business lol05:13
amigamiathis is deep05:13
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sahafeezanyone using ubuntu server as a replacement for a window AD controllor?09:10
dj-fuLDAP and all? no09:13
dj-fuI've used a distro to replace a basic fileshare/domain w/ Samba09:13
dj-funot Ubuntu also ;] 09:13
sahafeezis there a list of the virtual packages for things - like gnome-minimal or xorg-min - i have seen it somewhere but i cannot find it09:16
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hermando some people here have experience with the ultra poor performance of software RAID1 in Ubuntu?09:22
hermanwe tested different ubuntu versions on our servers and the breezy release was still OK but after that dapper has a throughput of like 15MB/s and up to feisty its still really poor not passing the 25MB/s09:23
hermanand thats just with copying large files, with many small files (regular use) its even much smaller09:23
sahafeezwhat filesystem and are you copying from one drive to another, same to same, etc..09:24
hermansame to same09:28
hermanwith JFS09:28
sahafeezso moving on the same drive. hum.09:41
sahafeezide or scsi09:41
sahafeezif you cp a file to /dev/null hows the speed09:46
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fooivoks: mornin'10:03
fooivoks: so, you said that with RAID5 + 6 500GB drives... I would need to have 1 of those drives be the OS, or something similar. Is this because of a 1.5TB restriction on ext3 or something?10:30
hermansahafeez: i'll try later but it are sataII disks10:30
hermansahafeez: oh sorry i remembered falsely i got those speeds with /dev/zero to the drive10:30
hermanso write only10:31
ivoksfoo: no10:33
ivoksfoo: if you create raid field bigger than 2TB, you can't create msdos partition table on it10:33
ivoksfoo: therefor, partition table on it should be GPT10:33
ivoksfoo: if it's GPT, than you have to have EFIloader, instead of BIOS; which is available only on Itanium2 hardware10:34
fooivoks: ah, that was it10:34
ivoksfoo: so, if you don't have Itanium2, you need aditional boot disk with msdos partition table10:35
ivoksfoo: where you would have your /boot and that disk would be first disk in bios (ie, bootable disk)10:35
ivoksfoo: in MBR of that disk would be grub/lilo10:35
fooivoks: Gotcha, ok. Itanium2. Hmm, is that on any dell hardware?10:36
ivoksyou know what's itanium?10:36
ivoksitanium2 is intel's processor10:37
ivoksfully 64bit one10:37
ivoksno 32bit instructions10:37
ivoksvery expensive10:37
fooHehe, actually, no, I wasn't sure10:37
fooHmm, I see10:37
ivoksyou need special motherboard for it10:38
ivoksi really doubt dell has anything from itanium collections10:38
fooivoks: And this issue is an issue with all distributions?10:38
ivoksfoo: that's not an issue with operating system10:38
ivoksfoo: that's an issue with bios and partition table10:39
fooaha, I see10:39
ivoksthere is no MBR on GPT partition table10:39
fooGPT = gparted, right?10:39
ivoksso, i386 bios can't boot from it10:39
foomhmm, ok, thanks.10:41
ivoksBecause the x64 and x86 architectures do not provide support for an EFI boot partition, you cannot use a GPT drive to boot an x64-based computer or an x86-based computer with a legacy BIOS. Therefore, computers running these operating systems must be equipped with more than one physical driver to allow the use of the GPT disk format.10:42
fooSo, it's safe to say that on the Dell 2950s with 6 500GB drives on RAID5 is impossible, right? (with no other drives)10:42
ivoksno :)10:42
ivoksyou can boot from CD10:42
ivoksyour problem is booting; nothing else10:43
ivoksyou can boot from CD, floppy, USB, additional disk10:43
foogotcha, I see.10:43
ivoksstandard PC partitions table can contain partition <2TB10:45
fooivoks: I'll just boot off a 2GB USB key10:45
ivoksbe sure to have at least two copies :)10:46
foo:D Sure, 2 USB keys. Redundant OS10:46
=== foo laughs
ivoksand a backup on disk10:46
fooHm, is that actually plausible?10:46
ivoksnot 2 kyes in the same time10:46
ivoksbut on in computer, and one in secured safe :)10:47
foo(taped under the server)10:47
ivokswhat? boot from usb?10:47
ivoksdepends on BIOS10:47
ivoksmost modern MB can boot from usb10:47
ivoksif your MB supports it10:50
ivokscreate raid, plug in key, start installation, create / on raid and /boot on key, and install grub in MBR of key10:50
ivoksafter the installation, start the system, plug in another key, copy content of /boot to it, and install grub on the second key (grub-install /dev/whatever)10:52
ivoksthen you are safe to go to bed10:52
fooCool, thanks man10:53
fooReally appreciate that bit10:53
ivokswith disks geting bigger every day, this problem grows too10:54
=== foo nods
hermandoes that mean if you create a small root partition on the 3TB array that it can boot anyway?10:57
fooOnly the MBR, I believe10:57
ivokscause that array is on GPT partition table10:57
ivokseerrr... GPT is on that array :)10:57
hermanwell i'll try it myself in the not so distant future 10:58
hermannice to know where i can expect some trouble10:58
hermani thought my xeon board has efi as well10:58
ivokswhat board?10:58
herman5000 series10:59
hermanbut i think the 3000 series board i have lying around now has it as well10:59
hermani'll check 10:59
hermanat least you can find efi shell in the bootoptions10:59
ivokslooks like this one has EFI11:00
ivokswell, that's great!11:00
hermani got that one11:01
ivokswell, if it has EFI, then you shouldn't have that problem11:02
ivoksubuntu installer doesn't offer instalation of elilo, IIRC11:02
hermanwell i probably don't use it, but i remember seeing it on the boards non ia64, since you said it was itanium only11:03
ivoksyes, it's intel inovation11:04
ivoksbut it's reasonable to port it to i386 arch11:04
hermani like the 3000 series, its a lot cheaper then the 5000 but still quite fast :)11:04
ivokssince disks are really big these days, and 2TB isn't a problem11:04
hermanquite easy to get more then 2TB:)11:04
ivoksherman: well, be sure to try with elilo11:09
ivoksi'm interested in results :)11:09
hermani'll remember when the time comes :)11:09
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slackwarelifeany idea ???02:44
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edistarI have a question, I need to logon clients non-locally, via a server03:58
edistaris there a solution for linux?03:58
edistarany more information?04:00
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ivoksyou can have a server and diskless clients04:00
edistarI have that already..04:00
ivoksor you are asking for user login?04:00
edistarI have a terminal server04:00
edistarI need to somehow have something like a radius server04:01
edistarcause I need to get user/password from a central server for 2 terminal servers and one ftp server04:01
edistarsomething like a radius server, but is that the best solution?04:01
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ivoksor freeradius04:02
edistarwhich is easier?04:02
ivoksdepends on what you have on central server04:02
ivoksdepends on your need04:03
ivoksdo you have users on central server?04:03
ivoksthen setup a ldap server on server04:03
ivoksand make clients authenticate over ldap04:03
edistarthank you04:03
slackwarelifeedistar: there some problem with ldap and dbus04:04
edistarwhat do I have to watch out for then?04:05
ivoksslackwarelife: ?04:05
slackwarelifeyes, when force pam to use ladp dbus stop to works04:05
slackwarelifein this case04:06
slackwarelifeauth suffiient pam_ldap.so04:06
edistarcan I just install openldap on debian to test?04:06
slackwarelifebut the problem is on the clients04:07
slackwarelifei'm using ubuntu 6.10 ldap + samba04:07
slackwarelifeand 50 clients ubuntu 6.1004:07
slackwarelifeto works dbus you must04:07
edistarI'm trying ubuntu 7.04 +slapd or something? looked like an openldap server..04:08
slackwarelifeedit /etc/dbus-17system.d/hall.conf04:08
slackwarelifesorry /etc/dbus-1/system.d04:08
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slackwarelifethere a very good post on dbus mail-list04:08
ivoksand hal.conf :)04:08
edistarthanks :)04:09
slackwarelifeI spent 5 week to understand because the dbus sto04:09
ivoksand change what? :)04:10
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slackwarelifebut this pam config are so sure04:13
slackwarelifeI'm now try to do some other configuration using cracklib04:14
slackwarelifebut if you want it works fine04:14
slackwarelifeI have found it on the net04:15
slackwarelifeif you want change hal.conf04:15
slackwarelifeyou must change this04:16
slackwarelife<!-- You can change this to a more suitable user, or make per-group -->04:16
slackwarelifeI change it using user group04:16
slackwarelifein this line04:17
slackwarelifeform <policy user="0"> to <policy user="user">04:17
slackwarelifesome other problems are the passowrd change on ldap server04:18
slackwarelifei don't know how I can change it in local and in ldap using one tool04:19
slackwarelifenow i'm using two tool04:19
slackwarelifethe ubuntu user tool04:19
slackwarelifeand the smbldap-tool04:19
slackwarelifebut i know it is possible using correct pam configuration04:20
ivoksserver has to use pam too04:20
ivoksdoh.. ldap04:20
slackwarelifeyes my server use pam04:20
slackwarelifenow in my pam i have "passwordrequisite pam_ldap.somd5 use_authtok"04:21
slackwarelifeuse_authlok is a derctive which must use the data insert in pam_un04:22
slackwarelifethis is client config04:22
slackwarelifesee you late04:41
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SkaagMy box loads the sky2 driver for my syskonnect yukon card but it's buggy, I noticed the older sk98lin driver is also supplied, how do I tell my box to use that instead?09:12
SkaagAnd where do I set ip forwarding to automatically be set on boot time?09:12
\shSkaag, ip forwarding in /etc/sysctl.conf09:13
\shSkaag, and sk98lin you can add to /etc/modprobe.d/ you can blacklist sky2 and add sk98lin to autoload09:14
SkaagI think sk98lin doesn't work, I just tried.09:15
Skaagit's strange09:15
Skaagon debian it used to be my driver09:15
\shSkaag, but sk98lin is autoloaded for my toshiba r200 09:15
SkaagI have a weird problem with sky209:15
Skaagafter a while I get a strange message in dmesg09:15
Skaagand then, connections hang at the 4th packet09:15
SkaagI thought at first it was a conntrack problem09:15
\shthat was the behaviour of sky2 during breezy development,..that's why we included syskonnects sk98lin drivers09:16
Skaagalso, can you tell me if there is a new convention for virtual interfaces in ubuntu-server instead of eth1:1, eth1:2...?09:16
Skaagoh I see09:16
Skaaga modprobe sk98lin gives no results09:17
Skaagnothing in dmesg09:17
\shSkaag, well..not that I know that there is a different behaviour...actually I don't use virtual interfaces for any box I have...but looking at the avahi interfaces opened up by NM, I think it didn't change for feisty09:17
Skaagit's giving me weird behavior09:18
Skaagcan you help me verify the format is correct?09:18
\sh2: eth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast qlen 100009:19
\sh    link/ether 00:10:c6:e3:4b:65 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff09:19
\sh    inet brd scope link eth0:avahi09:19
\shshould work, yes09:20
Skaaggives me strange warnings once in a while09:20
Skaagand I can't ifup eth1:109:20
\shI would cound from 1 to x and not starting with 509:21
SkaagI do that to keep a certain logic in the interfaces against ip addresses09:25
Skaagcan you help me find out why sk98lin does not work when I modprobe it?09:39
\shlsmod says what?09:40
\shpastebin it09:40
\shif not, please ask in #ubuntu for those questions...it's plain support09:40
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