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h3sp4wnIs anyone using xine (with the 64 bit codecs - cook.so drvc.so sipr.so atrc.so) finally released it doesn't use the global ~/.xine/config but its own copy of it12:36
h3sp4wnHowever it crackles and sounds slowed down12:36
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cellofellowI'm in a bind.12:51
cellofellowMy mom has my password. I need to use sudo for something. I can easily change my password, but if I do my mom will know. I can't backup /etc/shadow without root access.12:55
h3sp4wncellofellow: boot in recovery mode and make a new user ?12:56
cellofellowin the admin group?12:57
kebchange password, do your thing, change it back12:57
cellofellowdunno what the other one was.12:57
cellofellowthis current one12:57
cellofellowI guess I'll just change the password and then duck for cover.12:58
h3sp4wnIs it not your computer or something ?12:58
h3sp4wnI don't understand the issue12:58
kebseems likely12:58
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h3sp4wnespecially as the recovery mode is completely open in ubuntu12:59
cellofellowon the other hand I need the current password to change my password.12:59
cellofellowI missed something12:59
h3sp4wnselect it at the grub screen12:59
kebif you boot in recovery mode you are root and can wipe all passwords01:00
cellofellowI know that01:00
cellofellowI guess I'll do that.01:00
h3sp4wnSo what is the problem gives you a root shell01:00
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h3sp4wnif you just need sudo for one thing just do it as root from the recovery console01:00
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nealmcbdamn - I just ran out of space doing an xubuntu feisty install.  It said I needed 2 GB, and I do: 2016016 1K blocks....  it just stopped installing and I had to look in /var/log/messages to see the bad news....01:16
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Gerroyes but what about swap and other space?01:17
nealmcbI have a separate partition for swap01:18
kebthat happened to me doing the 5.10 -> 6.06 dist-upgrade.  removed the cached files and all the docs and continued01:18
nealmcbkeb: continue?  how?01:19
kebwell assuming your system still boots to a shell prompt, you could continue with apt-get type commands01:19
nealmcbGerro: and I have other partitions for /home and the like.  seems like the required size needs to be refined01:20
nealmcbkeb: I don't know if it boots.  I'm still in the livecd01:20
kebah good01:20
nealmcbso I can install again, I guess.  do the the "advanced" install options let me drop packages?01:21
kebmaybe try installing the xubuntu-minimal and then adding xubuntu-desktop later01:22
nealmcbI guess this would be a casper bug?  or xubuntu?01:22
nealmcbor doc?....01:23
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Gerronealmcb: partitioner for fiesty is all jacked up, I had to run it a few times and fdisk some stuff until it would work01:41
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kebmaybe that new uuid stuff is confusing it01:41
Shaba1Hello everyone01:42
Gerrokeb: uuid?01:42
kebpartition labels01:42
nealmcbGerro: seems like the partitioner worked fine.  I was just picking an unused partition on an existing redhat machine01:42
kebcheck your /etc/fstab01:42
nealmcbso I didn't exercise it much....01:42
Gerrooh ok01:43
Gerrokeb: hey how much would be a good swap amount for a server?01:43
Gerrolets say if it has 64mb ram and 6.5gb hd01:43
nealmcbThis is where it failed (/var/log/syslog): May  4 23:09:05 ubuntu ubiquity:  failed in buffer_write(fd) (9, ret=-1): backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/lib/openoffice/program/libsvt680li.so': No space left on device01:44
h3sp4wnGerro: 128mb01:44
Gerroh3sp4wn: yeah that is what I was thinking for a desktop setup but what about writing stuff to hd if its going for a long while01:45
h3sp4wnIf it is using that much swap you really need more ram01:45
GerroI can't even get ubuntu to install on that comp01:46
h3sp4wnwhat about etch ?01:46
Gerrowanted to try xubuntu out01:46
Gerroooh is that the 2.4 kernel debian?01:46
h3sp4wnNo it has 2.6.1801:46
Gerrothe latest debian doesn't work01:46
h3sp4wnsarge is the 2.4 debian01:47
Gerrothey all complain about not being able to mount the cd and low memory mode01:47
Gerroah yeah someone recommended sarge01:47
Gerroright now it has damnsmall linux on it working okay01:47
h3sp4wnYou can install sarge and upgrade to etch but keep 2.4 if you want01:47
Gerroyeah don't think 2.6 would have old drivers for that comp01:47
h3sp4wnNo idea or you could just compile or whatever after updating to etch01:48
GerroI just want something to install ;_;01:48
Gerrotrying xubuntu alternate now01:48
Gerrofor dapper01:49
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Jester45how can i test if my usb tumb drive is working? it doesnt auto show an icon but im using beryl/emerald if that matters and it does work at my school but it used to work on both01:54
Jester45anyone i ideas?01:54
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45like maybe its been unformated01:54
Gerromount it01:55
Gerrofdisk it if not formatted01:56
Gerroumount afterward to finish saving01:56
GerroI use mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb but i had to mkdir usb in /mnt01:56
Gerromight have to do mount -t fat01:56
Gerrodon't use anything besides fat, its too bulky and not multi platform supported01:57
Gerrofor small stuff its great01:57
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Gerrojgamio: omfg its jgamio!!! dudes he's like in this channel ahhhhh!01:58
Gerrojgamio: lmao.. sup01:59
jgamioGerro: ?02:00
Jester45o and one thing might be at school i unplug without unmounting the device (stopping)02:01
Jester45heeh i forgot to send that last line02:01
nealmcbkeb: I got to the last page of the install, assuming I could modify the packages there in "advanced" and get xubuntu-minimal install, but it seems like no such luck - hardly anything in the "advanced" options.  Is that an alternate-cd install option (requiring a reboot)?  ANy other way to just drop openoffice or something from this install?02:01
Jester45you could remove after install02:02
kebhe doenst have room for full install.  hmmm02:02
nealmcbI noted earlier that a standard xubuntu install  won't fit, even though I have 2 GB!02:02
Jester45nealmcb: but the swap takes up space02:03
nealmcbmy disk is 10 gb, I'm using an existing 2 GB partition02:03
Jester45what about swap partition02:03
nealmcbdf says 2016016 - the docs and install scripts needs a fix02:04
nealmcbI'm using the existing swap partition - this is an old redhat machine02:04
jgamionealmcb: did you try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:04
jgamionealmcb: check out this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/minimal#barebones02:05
Gerronealmcb: if you share the same swap drive you have to set it to wipe it down, you'll have trouble otherwise I think02:05
nealmcbGerro: set what to wipe what down?02:06
Jester45the thumb drive does show in the mountable devices plugin02:07
Howdy125Just complied Pidgin  .. complied fine but when trying to use an MSN account I get a popup  .. SSL support is needed for MSN. Please install a supported SSL library. ... Anyone know what library that might be ?02:07
nealmcbjgamio: thanks.  I'd prefer to use my existing CD and not burn a new one, but I'm wondering if the minimal cd can be installed via a disk install?02:07
Gerronealmcb: the swap doesn't get deleted perhaps, I mean wouldn't it take too long for a fast shutdown? so perhaps there is crap there messing up the other Os when you boot into it02:08
nealmcbala https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux02:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ssl - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:08
nealmcbGerro: I'm still confused.  I'm specifying the install to use an existing swap partition.  I'm still in the livecd - haven't had to reboot at all yet.  Just trying to get the install to fit.02:09
nealmcbbut again, what is "xubuntu-minimal"?  an option on the alternate install disk?  or on the minimal-cd disk?02:10
Gerroits an install method that requires less ram to install because it doesn't have a livecd loaded up as well while its writing to your hd02:11
Gerroit is NOT a slimmer OS02:12
Gerrothat is a myth02:12
kebGerro hmm02:12
Gerrokeb: *throws you a biscuit*02:12
Jester45thats the alternative02:12
=== odat [n=ronnie@c-71-207-39-41.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
odathi everyone02:12
=== Gerro pets keb
kebok then02:12
nealmcbGerro: but what disk do I use?  minimalcd or alternate?02:12
odatwhich gstreamer plugins do i need to install in order to burn music in gnomebaker02:12
odati only want to install what i have to no more02:13
Jester45Gerro: i think thats the alternative cd02:13
Jester45odat: install a server02:13
Gerronealmcb: unless your computer has less than 128mb ram or you wanta  raid server use the regular02:13
Jester45lots smaller02:13
odatJester45, ?02:13
ToHellWithGAuse minimal02:13
ToHellWithGAit'll get fresher packages02:13
Gerrowhat is minimal??02:14
ToHellWithGAa 10MB initial download then net install02:14
ToHellWithGAso it only gets the packages you need and it only gets current ones02:14
Gerroumm ok02:14
ToHellWithGAinstead of downloading exactly 700MB, mostly of stuff you don't need02:14
ToHellWithGAodat: could you explain yourself better?02:14
Jester45ToHellWithGA: gerro said that the minimal is a non live cd disc, kinda like the alternative but still install the same as the live cd, also kinda like the alternative maybe the alternative is the only he is thinking of02:15
GerroJester45: what is the minimal!?02:15
ToHellWithGA"what i have to no more" is a bit confusing02:15
ToHellWithGAthe minimal is an install-only disc that is just enough to load an installer and download packages and isntall02:15
Jester45Gerro: the minimal cd02:15
GerroJester45: link?02:15
odatToHellWithGA, i just want to install the gstreamer plugin resposible for allowing gnomebaker to burn audio cd's02:16
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:16
ToHellWithGAGerro: ^02:16
odatnevermind i didn't realize they connected them02:16
ToHellWithGAodat: i've not used gnomebaker.  are you opposed to k3b?02:16
ToHellWithGAi find k3b is a very nice burning program02:16
Jester45its about time they made one for *buntu02:16
Gerroohhh yeah but you'll be there for like 5 hours picking packages and it probably won't work02:16
odati'm opposed to kde libs in general02:17
Gerrowhy not just remove them?02:17
nealmcbA search on "xubuntu-minimal" (keb's phrase) isn't helpful.  it sounds like it could be an option on the xubuntu cd, or and option on the minimalcd, or maybe alternate.  so I'm still unsure what you're recommending02:17
ToHellWithGAodat: that's a bummer, man.  k3b is the best burner i've used to date02:17
ToHellWithGAi think it's quite a lot better than Nero for windows02:17
Gerroisn't that on the alternate?02:17
kebsorry nealmcb :(  i was sure there was such a thing02:17
nealmcbkeb: I know the feeling....02:17
ToHellWithGAnealmcb: i don't think there's an xubuntu-minimal package02:17
odatodat, i like gnomebaker i've tried brasero and its no iffy  k3b is sluggish to me02:18
odati'm a gtk guy more the a kde guy02:18
GerroToHellWithGA: nero sucks it doesn't burn OS cds most the time and complains about write speeds. I've been using isorecorder for windows and its free02:18
ToHellWithGAyou could install ubuntu-minimal and xfce4 a02:18
odatnever did like kde or its libs that much02:18
Jester45thats ubuntu-minimal02:18
odatbut thats me02:18
Jester45odat: KDE uses qt like Xfce/GNOME uses gtk02:18
ToHellWithGAi've never had a burning problem with nero, and i've not recently had a burning problem with k3b02:18
odatJester45, i know that02:19
Gerroodat: I tried k3b before, it looks awesome but no clue about speed02:19
ToHellWithGAthe only trouble i used to have with k3b was on dapper drake burning DVDs too fast and getting buffer underruns02:19
odatToHellWithGA, they have nero for linux you know02:19
nealmcbI feel like reinstalling and using the shell on the side to nuke some oversized openoffice junk.... during the install....02:19
GerroAnyone having trouble with xfburner not working? it won't function for me freezes02:19
ToHellWithGAodat: nero for linux was really crippled-looking last time i checked02:20
odatToHellWithGA, they updated it recently02:20
ToHellWithGAalso i was using pirated nero for windows.  i'd not pay for nero for linux when k3b is better02:20
ToHellWithGAand free02:20
Gerronero for linux!? lMFAO02:20
Jester45Gerro you should try my script of utra removing useless packages02:21
ToHellWithGAGerro: it may be better now but last time i checked it was pretty foul02:21
GerroJester45: ok I will later, did that usb thing start working?02:21
Jester45growisofs is a good one also02:21
Jester45i need to get it mounted02:21
kebodat : gnomebaker will burn audio cds from mp3 files02:22
ToHellWithGAkeb: you know you shouldn't do that, right?02:22
ToHellWithGAmp3 is a lossy codec02:22
kebyeah transcoding and stuff02:22
ToHellWithGAso your CDs will be kinda lo-fi02:22
ToHellWithGAyeah :/02:22
kebi collect ogg and lfac usually02:23
ToHellWithGAi download mp3, i just don't burn it02:23
ToHellWithGAall my own rips are FLAC02:23
ToHellWithGAEAC+WINE is such a pain02:23
ToHellWithGAdo you know of any linux programs that compensate for drive offset and for caching?02:23
ToHellWithGAi'd totally bail on EAC if it wasn't such a great closed-source free program02:23
Jester45i like xripper or gtk-gnutella02:23
ToHellWithGAJester45: do both of those include offset correction options?02:24
ToHellWithGAi was surprised at just how thorough EAC is02:24
Jester45gtk-gnutella is a p2p software and idk about xriper02:24
Jester45xripper probably doesnt because its basic but i like it02:24
=== Cinnander [n=cinn@cpc1-cdif4-0-0-cust304.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
Howdy125FYI .. libnss-dev fixed my SSL problem in Pidgin ..02:26
Jester45i ahte pidgin02:26
Jester45its so slow02:26
Howdy125Guess I'll fine out soon enough Jester4502:27
Jester45gparted doesnt know my drive is in02:28
=== StriderZ [n=striderz@c-76-97-227-217.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
nealmcbhmmm - now I'm wondering if I ran out of space because it is installing updated packages at the end of the install - can I keep it from doing that?  just disconnect from the network?02:38
kebit should install from cd without needing a network02:40
nealmcbno - at the end of the install I saw it talk about updates, and I see just a few packages in /var/cache/apt - I bet that is the problem!!02:42
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
nealmcblike openoffice-core!02:44
kebmaybe you can apt-get remove it now02:44
nealmcbI'm not booted now, and don't want to risk it being messy if I try to reboot02:46
=== StriderZ [n=striderz@c-76-97-227-217.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
nealmcbI'll just reinstall and turn off the network, and delete stuff later before upgrading02:46
nealmcbi.e I'm still in the livecd boot, haven't tried booting the installed system.  afraid grub isn't set up, etc02:46
nealmcb100 MB of updates now in the apt cache - that's the problem02:47
kebdo you see the disk space running out from that?02:49
=== hitmanWilly [n=hitman@66-190-176-18.static.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
nealmcbyeah - 100 extra MB in a tight install02:49
Jester45how much swap02:49
nealmcband the disk is currently full.  so I'll run the whole install again, without the network, so it can't get those 100 mb this time02:49
nealmcb135 MB of swap, but that is a whole different partition02:50
=== crabgrass [n=dissonan@69-12-177-161.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45but if it was like 500 you could resize the 2gb partition and give it 300 more mb's02:50
Jester45thats why i asked02:51
nealmcbahh - right02:51
Jester45i just hit 8mb/s dl speed02:51
crabgrassheya, is there a way to make a normal width panel containing just a pager grow in size with open windows?  ...like gnome's does?02:51
Jester45click on the menu then click on settings -> settings manager -> panel02:54
Jester45then select normal width on the drop downl ist at bottom02:54
Jester45you might have to select a diffrent panel and/or add a spacer02:57
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d1-217.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has left #xubuntu []
nealmcbare any of the post-release updates for xubuntu really important?03:02
crimsun...would they be updates if they weren't?03:04
nealmcbI mean stuff that could make an install fail, etc03:04
crimsunit's a good idea to install them.03:05
nealmcbof course I will, but I want to know if it is worth trying my no-network install idea03:05
crimsunnone of them will make an install fail.03:06
nealmcb:-)  thanks03:06
crimsunsome of them are there to explicitly prevent an install from failing.03:06
crimsungranted it's all software written by humans, so take what you will.03:07
crabgrassadd a spacer?03:07
crabgrassoh, and by '03:07
nealmcbcrimsun: actually, what I've discovered is that they DO cause my install to fail, since they are so big and I'm tight on space (but over 2 GB)03:07
crabgrassoh, and by 'pager' i meant 'task list'03:08
ToHellWithGAyou have 2 GB of free space?03:08
ToHellWithGAthat's huge03:08
ToHellWithGAi just installed xubuntu feisty on a <4GB drive03:08
nealmcbI have a 2.1 GB partition for an xubuntu install.  the updates are over 100 MB03:08
crimsunnealmcb: the updates shouldn't cause your install to fail.03:08
nealmcbcrimsun: right.  but they did - out of space....03:08
nealmcbor am I not understanding something here?03:09
crimsunnealmcb: please file a bug with _precise_ partition and free space snapshots.03:09
nealmcbI will.  But for now, 2016016 1K blocks is what df said about my partition (total size),   Had 2015992 blocks used when it was 100% full (root saving some??)03:12
nealmcband "0" available....03:12
nealmcbI've got the /var/log/messages output also03:12
=== Laibsc1 [n=Laibsch@c-134-232-227.f.dsl.de.ignite.net] has joined #xubuntu
nealmcbMay  4 23:09:05 ubuntu ubiquity:  failed in buffer_write(fd) (9, ret=-1): backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/lib/openoffice/program/libsvt680li.so': No space left on device03:13
crimsunby default, 5% of an ext3 partition is reserved for root usage in emergency situations.  It must be explicitly reallocated.03:13
nealmcbcrimsun: yeah - I thought it was something like that03:14
=== crabgrass [n=dissonan@69-12-177-161.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has left #xubuntu []
nealmcbuhoh - I hope it configures my wireless hardware even though I pulled the card during the install....03:19
nealmcbmaybe I should have disconnected the wireless access point rather than the wireless card on my laptop....03:20
keblol not to worry03:20
nealmcbOK, after mostly installed, I see 87MB available, 1826204 1K blocks used in the install partition03:21
nealmcbso the 100 MB of updates would definately fill that  to overflowing03:21
crimsunright, a bug with details would be useful for mvo03:23
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d1-217.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
nealmcbcrimsun: right - I'll see if it works first though....03:26
crimsunit's still a usability bug that we need to address for 7.1003:27
kebhow do you decide which decimal is the next release?03:28
nealmcbmax used during the install, before removal of packages, was about 1833416 blocks03:28
crimsunkeb: it's year.month03:28
kebah that explains the repeats hehe03:28
crimsunand since we have a biannual release schedule...03:28
ToHellWithGAcrimsun: may i blame you for releasing xfce4 before each of its dependencies?03:29
ToHellWithGA*in gutsy03:29
Jester45i liked .06 .04 seems to... not done03:29
crimsunToHellWithGA: your question makes no sense03:29
crimsunplease rephrase it.03:29
ToHellWithGAwhen i upgraded gutsy, the xfce4 package was built way before any of its dependencies03:29
ToHellWithGAso it depends on higher version numbers than exist in the repos03:30
crimsunand how did you dist-upgrade?03:30
ToHellWithGAbuilt, written, whatever fits03:30
ToHellWithGAsudo aptitude dist-upgrade03:30
ToHellWithGAfrom the day feisty was released03:30
Jester45ToHellWithGA: maybe uploaded?03:30
ToHellWithGAwhen i saw gutsy on the repos03:30
crimsunthat's an aptitude bug03:30
Jester45whats the next one called after gusty03:31
crimsunhowever, understand that aptitude will perform additional passes in an attempt to resolve situations precisely as yours03:31
ToHellWithGAyeah, it just held it at the current version03:31
crimsunand we do not support current devel versions, so it's really Your Fault.03:31
ToHellWithGAi just found it weird that the metapackages would list a few dozen things that hadn't even been uploaded03:32
ToHellWithGAit still works groovy :)03:32
Jester45tahts why its not stable yet :)03:32
crimsunagain, we do not support the devel branch [which obviously hasn't been released as a stable release] 03:32
nealmcbI've heard that aptitude isn't as smart as update-manager on doing dist-upgrade things - might it have helped?03:32
Jester45crimsun: do you think they will use H or skip it in the next release03:33
crimsunJester45: no idea, don't care.03:33
crimsun(but it probably will be 'h')03:33
nealmcbAhhh - install complete, and 600 MB free now - 1310348 blocks used in /03:33
nealmcbtoo bad it didn't remove those packages before doing the upgrade...03:34
Jester45and you worried about space03:34
xjkxis this add/remove, synaptic?03:34
ToHellWithGAh... is hoary no longer on the repos?03:34
nealmcbno - all during my xubuntu install03:35
Jester45nealmcb: i would use synaptic and remove all the un used packages, such as the xserver support for cards you dont have03:35
Jester45itwill save a lot03:35
nealmcbI don't care about space now, with all that free space.  It was just a problem getting thru the install, with all the updated packages....03:35
xjkxFlash. i havent flahs, should i use what firefox recommends me or it would break? my freebsd had problem with that and i had to install one on ports03:35
nealmcbJester45: but thanks for the tip03:35
Jester45ToHellWithGA: i dont think so its pretty old03:35
ToHellWithGAold is pretty03:36
Jester45xjkx: you can use non-free or free versions03:36
xjkxi'd like nonfree coz its latest03:36
xjkxhow do i procced?03:36
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:37
Jester45gnash is the free03:37
xjkxgnash is prolly old03:37
xjkxi mean, it would be equivallent to an old of macromedia03:37
Jester45in relation to the flash versions ie 7 8 903:37
xjkxJester45: how do you lock yourscreen with password, yea like a screensave and when mouse moves, it prompts a password, not like waiting the time pass, just you want to leave your machine and you click somewhere to lock, cant find on xfce03:40
Jester45you could press the shutdown button on the panel then click switch user03:41
kebi have a lock screen applet on my xfpanel03:42
Pumpernickel`xflock` should do it and, last I checked, was bound to ctrl + alt + del.03:42
PumpernickelThat was awhile ago, so I could be mistaken.03:43
xjkxboth worked thanks03:43
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odatsup everyone03:48
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ToHellWithGAdid varka's quit message say "i'd like to rule the world but god didn't give to me the source code?"04:01
nealmcbit boots.  but no panel - sigh.  but I can start the panel from a terminal after the appropriate config judo04:01
ToHellWithGAi don't know ndern04:01
ToHellWithGAnealmcb: i had that problem04:01
ToHellWithGAdid you install from the xubuntu feisty live/install cd?04:01
ToHellWithGAmy fix was to run the panel from a terminal then go to applications->settings->sessions and be sure the session was saved at logout.  after rebooting, panels popped up (as did a terminal).  after closing the terminal and rebooting again, things were as expected04:03
ToHellWithGAyou could probably just logout/login instead of rebooting04:03
nealmcbToHellWithGA: thanks - I'll try that04:03
xjkxthats probably some graphic incompatibility04:04
ToHellWithGAisn't that convoluted? XD04:04
xjkxI had the same problem when running by livecd with no safe mode graphics04:04
ToHellWithGAnealmcb: what video card do you have?04:04
ToHellWithGAxjkx: the card i have in that machine runs VESA04:04
nealmcban old dell latitude, circa 1999....04:04
ToHellWithGAthere is no current driver on the live CD so far as i could tell for a riva 128, 8 MB, ca. 199804:04
ToHellWithGAdoes your machine use the VESA driver?04:05
ToHellWithGAit could be a bug with xfce+xorg+vesa perhaps04:05
ToHellWithGAyou'd be able to tell be reading /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:05
ToHellWithGAs/be read/by read/04:05
nealmcbToHellWithGA: great - that worked!  didn't have to change any settings, just start the panel, and log out and back in04:07
xjkxToHellWithGA: what else this save session on close does?if i mark it and shutdown, will it remember i had firefox, gaim, and i was in this channel?04:07
ToHellWithGAxjkx: it will remember the programs04:08
ToHellWithGAnot the states of the programs04:08
ToHellWithGAso it'll open terminal, firefox, gaim, etc.04:08
xjkxit would open firefox with no website and gaim with no channel? :o04:08
xjkxnot very useful04:08
ToHellWithGAit's very useful04:08
ToHellWithGAauto-launching gaim would make gaim a kind of answering service04:09
ToHellWithGAeven if you're not around when your machine reboots in the middle of the night, people can still send you IMs04:09
nealmcbToHellWithGA: grep -i vesa /etc/X11/xorg.conf has no hits04:09
ToHellWithGAyou could have it automatically launch ktorrent (if you use such a crummy torrenting client) and your stuff would begin seeding04:10
xjkxthats why there is startup softwares, at least there should be04:10
xjkxoh yea, the torrent example was better04:10
ToHellWithGAnealmcb: grep -i Driver04:10
xjkxbut no Kthing here thanks04:10
ToHellWithGAi guess -i isn't a big deal04:10
ToHellWithGAktorrent made me really mad once04:10
ToHellWithGAi'll never use it again04:11
ToHellWithGAits 1.5 release corrupted my data04:11
xjkxwhat happened?04:11
ToHellWithGAnot stuff i downloaded... my data04:11
nealmcbToHellWithGA: neomagic, wacom, synaptics04:11
ToHellWithGAi made torrents, uploaded them, and then it corrupted my data04:11
ToHellWithGAnealmcb: is neomagic a kind of video card04:11
=== nealmcb time for dinner....
nealmcbToHellWithGA: yeah, I think so04:11
xjkxthats probably some mistake04:12
ToHellWithGAmy last listed driver is the video one04:12
ToHellWithGAanyway, since then i've been on rtorrent04:12
ToHellWithGAonce you go ncurses you never go kde04:12
xjkxrtorrent eh? must try it, ncurses rocks04:12
ToHellWithGAxjkx: PM?04:13
ToHellWithGAit has a kinda weird ~/.rtorrent.rc file04:13
ToHellWithGAif you don't wanna read docs, i can send you mine in this PM04:13
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kioskanyone know what the installation folder is for mozilla on xubuntu?04:22
PumpernickelFor which part?04:24
kioskTrying to install adobe flash player and it asks for the installation directory04:24
PumpernickelIt should offer a default option.04:24
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@nsc66.147.10-193.newsouth.net] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxwhat p2p you guys use04:25
Jester45its the same network as limewire04:28
=== ToHellWithGA [n=ryan@d7-125.rb2.clm.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
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Jester45or torrents04:28
Jester45i use torrents mostly for videos or linux cd downloads04:29
Jester45i recommend for torrents, Heavy clients: azureus Medium: deluge ktorrent Light: firefox plugins the offical bittorrent client utorrent+wine04:31
=== Cinnander [n=cinn@cpc1-cdif4-0-0-cust304.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45i use azureus and deluge, i like azureus for its very advance settings and features and deluge for simple ness and its a bit lighter04:34
Jester45if you need help with any of them im pretty knowledgeable about them04:35
Jester45o and gtk-gnutella has to version gtk1 and gtk2 the repos only have 2 and sourceforge only has a deb for gtk1 a version behind04:36
Jester45the newest is 0.96.3 the deb is 0.96.2 not missing much04:37
=== Tmob [n=total@c-24-6-119-95.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Tmobanyone here has more than 2 monitors setup on xubuntu?04:48
Shaba1I wish Tmob04:49
Shaba1Hello I can barely keep up with one04:49
Shaba1but it would be nice to be able to render from blender in on and do other work in another04:50
Tmobwell i have had dual screen for ever04:50
Tmobmay be 5 years04:51
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nealmcbcrimsun: so what should I file the "out of space" bug under?  Doc? xubuntu? casper?  security-fixes ? :-)04:57
Jester45no security04:58
Jester45dont worrie i will be back04:59
nealmcbyeah - i think we should keep posting security updates - that was the :-)04:59
kebnealmcb file it best guess and someone will change the category if it is wrong ;)05:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112516 in casper "More than 2 GB needed for xubuntu install due to lots of updates" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 05:02
kebfriendly ghost?05:02
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nbjaymehello people.  anybody aware of a VCD creation utility but uses the ogg format instead of the proprietary format?05:16
nbjaymeThe idea is to have totem recognize and autoplay05:17
Jester45or ffmpeg05:21
nbjaymethanks for mencoder and ffmpeg tip.  But I am not sure if they do auto-play.  Please shed light on this. :)05:22
Jester45they both can make the vcd05:22
Jester45its upto totem to be able to auto-play05:23
nbjaymeah yes. but can they write an ogg format VCD?05:23
nbjaymewhat I know is that it uses mpeg05:23
Jester45you will have to look deeper unless someone else knows how but im sure one or the other will beable to05:24
Jester45it uses mpeg1 as the format05:24
Jester45like a dvd05:24
Jester45maybe mpeg205:25
nbjaymeyes.  what I want is for it to create ogg format not mpeg1/mpeg2.05:25
nbjaymethat way I don't have to download restricted drivers.05:25
Jester45then i dont think its a true vcd just a cd with an ogg file on it05:25
PumpernickelVCD, strictly speaking, is a standard that uses mpeg.05:26
nbjaymeyes you're right about VCD and mpeg.  well i don't know if you can still call it a VCD but the CD would function like a VCD but only uses the ogg format.05:26
Jester45why not just put a ogg file on a cd and have totem play it05:27
nbjaymeI need not click on a file for totem to play it but totem will just autoload files in order or treat it like VCD. :)05:27
Jester45i dont tink it will work05:28
nbjaymeYes because nobody created a spec yet. :(05:28
Jester45maybe if there is a way to autoexecute  like windows cds05:29
nbjaymeThis can drive people creating Ogg formatted VCDs and capable players.05:29
nbjaymehmm... you're autoexecute Idea might do.... possible in Linux noh?05:29
TheSheepThunar Volume Manager can already automatically play media files when a cd is inserted05:33
nbjaymeSo we can trap events after mounting a Data CD... call a script... and script will check for existence of a TOC file and ask if to auto-play. hmmm... (interesting).05:33
nbjaymeThe Sheep. Yes but ogg files are simply data files.05:33
TheSheepnbjayme: doesn't matter05:34
nbjaymeTheSheep. or correct me if I am wrong.  I meant stored in Data Type CD not multimedia Type CD.05:34
TheSheepnbjayme: thunar can automatically open files from data cds05:35
TheSheepnbjayme: the option is on the first tab of thunar volume manager05:35
nbjaymeTheSheep.: Hm... good to know that, I'll install thunar when I get home.  But I am pushing for a universal approach or standard spec to accomodate oggs VCD (or whatever it is). ;)05:36
TheSheepnbjayme: contact freedesktop.org, they might do it with a .desktop file05:37
TheSheep(actually there might already exist such a mechanism)05:38
nbjaymeTheSheep:Thanks for sharing that. I'll suggest it to the freedesktop org.  I hope VLC, Totem, and multimedia players will accommodate the idea.05:39
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squirrelpimpi couldn't find one in #fedora, but as here people tend to "know" maybe i ask:06:11
squirrelpimpi have a fc-attached raid5 which gives me about 80M/sec read-speed using a 3500+ cpu, 1G ram, but which only comes up with 1.2M/sec when dealing with files of about 4k, which means i get about 300files/sec, all when reading06:12
squirrelpimpis that much?06:12
xjkxIn my university we use Mysql Query Browser which is GUI, what can i use here in gtk?06:13
squirrelpimpi can't tell, if that's much or if theres a problem, so some "wow" or "man thats slow" would be appreciated06:13
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: fc is not exactly a common home appliance...06:14
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: I'd google06:14
squirrelpimpbut i often found, that people in here don't only use linux at home06:14
squirrelpimpi tried, but some figures i found were about 20 or 30 files/sec06:15
squirrelpimpand pretty old06:15
kebxjkx there is mysql-admin and emma06:26
squirrelpimpwow... on my own box in /tmp i can create 10000 files in less than 4 seconds but cat > /dev/null them all takes 57sec06:32
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: maybe you have slow /dev/null? ;)06:36
kebor a lazy cat06:37
squirrelpimpis one interested in trying that out?06:37
squirrelpimpjust have one oneliner create 10k of files and another one catting them06:37
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: it really depends on the filesystem used and filesystem parameters06:37
squirrelpimpit doesn't seem to be all that easy06:39
squirrelpimpbeagle discovered the files06:39
squirrelpimpso the whole box just slowed down06:39
TheSheepsquirrelpimp: reiser can be versy slow for very small files, for example, as it tries to pack them effectively06:39
squirrelpimpalso tar ran fast as hell when i stuffed all the files in a tarball06:39
squirrelpimpalso /tmp is encrypted here, and its xubuntu06:40
squirrelpimpso i'll wait for the other stuff to finish and test on the fedora box06:40
squirrelpimpthanks so far06:40
keblol it was about 2 minutes for me to make the files and less than a second to cat them to /dev/null06:42
squirrelpimpso i'll give you my echo for your cat06:44
kebhmm i was using touch to create them06:44
squirrelpimpi used echo "stuff" > filename06:44
squirrelpimpand i used "for f in `ls -1`; do cat ..." when catting06:45
kebtime (for ((i=0;i<10000;i++)) ; do echo "stuff" > $i.txt; done)    takes 12 seconds the first time and 3 seconds on the second run06:47
kebtime (for f in `ls -1`; do cat $f > /dev/null ; done) takes 1.5minutes   but cat * > /dev/null takes 0.3 seconds06:51
squirrelpimpthats similiar to my results06:51
squirrelpimptar must have chosen the * way then06:51
kebhow can i check what filesystem is under my /tmp dir06:51
squirrelpimpjust run mount06:52
squirrelpimpext2 here, but encrypted06:53
kebmine is a scsi3  disk06:53
squirrelpimpsata here, raid106:53
kebfor that number and size of files it was probably all in the cache06:54
squirrelpimpyes... there are so many factors involved i'd rather not give anything on those numbers06:55
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
squirrelpimpespecially as i'm not a kernel-expert06:55
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jgamiois a graphic app to emulate locate07:31
xjkxwhat do you use to run pdfs? would acroread use gtk?07:32
TheSheepxjkx: the default pdf viewer, evince, uses gtk07:33
=== hitmanWilly [n=hitman@66-190-176-18.static.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
MyrttiI use evince and xpdf07:40
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Jester45gcj is pretty cool07:41
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=== woozle_duh is now known as yowzah
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Gerrowhat does install in OEM mode mean?07:49
Myrttiyou get an OEM user, that you can install the system with07:50
TheSheepGerro: the installed system will ask for the user name and password and, I think, some onther configuration, on the first boot07:50
TheSheepGerro: for preinstalling ubuntu on computers for sale, for example07:51
Gerroso a guided intro07:52
Gerrookay fuck no I don't want that... even though tempting to try a linux one07:52
Jester45Gerro: all the install are guided just the OEM is guided on first boot07:53
Jester45like you would want from a store07:54
MyrttiGerro: please watch your language. This is supposed to be a family friendly channel. :-)07:54
Gerroalright still complaining about the cdrom07:56
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.07:56
Gerroyeah Jester you potty mouth07:56
Gerro"Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. This probably means that the CD-ROM was not in the drive. If so you can insert it and try again. Try again to mount the CD-ROM?"07:59
Gerroit has damn small linux 3.1 on it right now installed from cd. But so far no other debian based distros have worked.08:00
Gerroperhaps if I enable 128mb swap along with its 64mb ram and try to do live cd install08:00
Gerrobut what parameters would I pass for boot option to enable swap?08:01
Jester45i think its auto enabled08:01
Gerrono I mean to use the hard drive swap partition for running the live cd08:01
Jester45 or you would have to mount it with 'mount /dev/hda5'08:01
Jester45yea it might be auto mounted08:02
Gerrothat is an option, is there an escape to get a prompt in the installre?08:02
Jester45you might have to change the hda5 to hdb or hbc08:02
Jester45but should be partition 508:02
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GerroI don't like the idea of a live cd automounting stuff... I mean then it isn't really just the cd08:02
Jester45well you can umount08:03
Jester45im not sure if it wil08:03
rudefyetany easy way to update to xfce 4.4.1 in feisty?08:03
Jester45there is boot options you add them before you select the install option08:03
Gerroalt f2 got a console under busybox now to mount that cd08:04
Jester45rudefyet: i dont think so08:04
Gerrobut where is the installer trying to mount it to?08:04
Jester45rudefyet: it might be in repos soon08:06
Gerrono cdrom under /dev08:06
Jester45gerro it uses the cd as a ram disk or somthing like that a ram/hd disk so you can mount untill you booted and you cant boot until its mounted08:06
rudefyetit's already in the gutsy repos, but not sure if I want to risk that yet08:07
Jester45i wuoldnt08:07
GerroJester45: so your saying I have too little ram?08:07
Jester45it should be backported once gusty is a bit stabler and the devs have time to port08:08
Jester45Gerro how much? and live cd right08:08
Gerro64mb but system reports 60.508:08
Jester45no your not gonna get live install08:09
Gerroits sync dram08:09
Gerrosync ddr I mean08:09
Gerrono sync dram that is it08:09
Jester45try alternative is much faster and personaly more efficent08:09
T`anyone here ever used more than 2 monitors with xfce?08:09
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-144-208-25.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
GerroT` no I haven't wish I did, someone spoke about that on another channel though08:09
GerroT` any troubles doing so?08:10
GerroJester45: I am on the alternative08:10
Jester45T`: i wish when in windows i have 3 but with linux my ati card doesnt have open source aultimoniter support08:10
Gerroati is crap08:10
Jester45Gerro: you should be able to the alt barly needs anything08:10
Gerrowell its in low memory mode08:10
Jester45no for windows gaming08:11
Gerroeven windows gaming08:11
Jester45if they opensourced the driver then it would be better08:11
GerroI got one and it lags, has lower fps, and some games with more advanced features choke and die08:11
Gerroyeah probably08:11
Jester45for you maybe08:11
rudefyethmm...I suppose I'll go make a package for "Pidgin" 2.0.0b708:11
T`Gerro, i'm buying new hardware for my trading system08:12
GerroJester45: well maybe mine would be better under linux though.. on windows I know its horrible can't get opengl stuff going even thought it used to have that working08:12
Jester45trading system?08:12
T`i have 4 screens on it, but i want to switch to a new hardware and also have the ability to use xfce08:12
T`so wsondering which hardware i should get for the video cards08:13
T`Jester45, i daytrade.. stocks, futures, etc.08:13
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Gerroso far I have yet to even read a book on linux that even mentions ATI08:13
Jester45i play games :)08:13
T`Gerro, i dont care for opengl actually08:13
T`Gerro, just need LOTs of screen real estate.. and be able to switch virtual screeens FASSSST08:14
T`xinerama is ruled out for that reason08:14
Jester45idk drx 10 is looking good08:14
=== Gerro high fives Jester
T`its horribly slow08:14
T`Gerro, well nvidia's truview is a better choice at the moment i believe08:14
Jester45T`: you should get touch screens08:14
GerroT` yeah its addicting I've heard having such large screens08:14
Gerrolol yeah really get a work out then08:15
T`Jester45, interesting idea.. never thought of that08:15
T`Jester45, i doubt there are 24" touchscreens at reasonable prices08:15
Gerroooh and one of those metal extension rods to poke it08:15
Jester45i got my laptop with one tablet + on screen keyboard08:15
Jester45be ever08:15
Gerrowhat you mean tablet?08:16
T`for my purposes, i need more space.. screen realestate08:16
Jester45i think beryl cube would be realy cool08:16
T`touchscreen would only be nice to switch or enter orders quickly i think08:16
Jester45T`: have 1 touch screen08:16
T`but man now i really like that touchscreen idea08:17
T`Jester45, have you any idea about "Matrix order entry" ?08:17
Jester45have it centered and realy low down allmost like a keyboard then 3 moniters above it08:17
T`you basically do all order entreies to buy/sell with the mouse only08:17
T`it will be hot if i can just do it thru touchscreen.. can be like 10x faster08:17
T`quick scalping08:18
Jester45ever thought about dual mouse or... mice08:18
T`you using 4 mointors on xfce then right?08:18
Gerrohmm leave room for error without mouse08:18
T`oh nvm.. i read it as "I have it centered..."08:19
T`yea something like that would be nice .. i agree08:19
Jester45no i cant get more than 1 moniter08:19
T`so i cana buy a small touchscreen and put just once order entry window on it.. will work good imo08:19
T`so i can have 5 screens.. hmm08:19
T`its confusing08:19
T`i use a trackball already08:19
T`i just spin it fast to get to ends08:20
T`Jester45, lcd's are very cheap now a days08:20
=== Gerro is saving up for when they have holograms
Jester45you know vitrual desktops are about as good08:20
T`Jester45, i just saw something for like $120.. 17" deals2buy.com or something..08:20
Jester45i got 3 20 inch for 25008:21
Jester45its nice because they are all the same model08:21
Jester45no miX AND MATCH08:21
T`thats a very good deal!08:22
Jester45i know08:22
T`i already use 8 virtual screens with 4 monitors while trading08:22
Jester45and what res08:22
T`you can always make use of extra space actually.. just a matter of running the system in a stable condition08:23
T`but i have some busted Sony CRT's Trinitrons. 21"s08:23
Jester45the resolution would make a difference 600x400 isnt much but 3400xsomthing would make 2 screen gigantic08:23
T`noisy and ugly.. so its time to upgrade :)08:23
Jester45wish linux has better vidoe card support08:24
Jester45then i would switch my media box out with xubuntu and remove the win200008:24
T`you are running your LCDs at 600x400??08:25
Jester45no no no08:25
T`why dont you just buy a new video card?08:25
T`you can get a used one for $1008:25
T`heck.. i will send one for free when i upgrade if u are being THAT cheap08:25
Jester45with easy tv out08:25
Jester45like plugin and done08:25
T`nvidia shoudl do it all08:26
T`i think there is an app you need to "start tv-out", but thats about it08:26
=== tuxcrafter [n=tuxcraft@84-245-7-46.dsl.cambrium.nl] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45o, way to much work08:26
Gerroah yeah I got this book media hacks for linux or something, has all sorts of info about nvidia tv stuff08:26
tuxcrafterhi guys08:26
GerroJester45: its possible, might want to check about08:27
Gerrotuxcrafter: yo08:27
Jester45i wonder if there are any usb moniters08:27
Jester45that could be fun08:27
T`and you complain about lack of better resolution?08:27
Jester45use cpu power to use 30 screens08:28
Gerroresolution is never too high, just install better fonts08:28
tuxcrafterif got a new motherboard jetway 7F4K1G5D with a curse here :-D08:28
Jester45mine are running at 1400x1050@7008:28
T`yes there are USB to VGA convertors08:28
T`no you can't power them thru USB duh..08:28
Jester45well i know that08:28
Jester45well you could but the screen would be cellphone size08:29
tuxcrafterdoes the xubuntu 7.04 desktop live i368 have a user name and password because it it asking !@08:29
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45i wish the *buntu people would make more updates, i like updating my system i dont know why it just something i think is fancy08:30
T`whats the use of running 20 seperate 300x200 screens ?08:30
BFTDJester45 same here08:30
BFTDit feels like its all newish08:31
Jester45idk but they could be usb powered08:31
tuxcrafterwhat is the user name and password for the live cd?08:31
T`Jester45, you can run the hurd releases.. they are constantly in development08:31
T`tuxcrafter, there isn't one i think08:31
T`tuxcrafter, just press enter?08:31
tuxcrafteryes normaly there is no one but it is asking08:31
rudefyethmm...i wish I could find something like gaim-rhythmbox for banshee08:31
Jester45i kinda like defraging a old windows machine after a few years of the owner not doing it and watching the speed go ^^^^08:31
tuxcrafternope enter does not work08:32
Jester45but it takes a long time and you have to keep doing it08:32
Jester45so i get mad at it08:32
Jester45tuxcrafter: what are you tring08:33
tuxcrafterJester45: trying to get xubuntu on my new pc08:33
tuxcrafterbut i think it is anti linux build08:34
Jester45tuxcrafter: but why do you need root08:34
BFTDJester45 my Linux partition has .5% inconsistency08:34
Jester45% filled? and does it have lots of big files or small ones08:35
T`what music player are you guys using lately btw?08:35
Jester45small files make less inconsistencies because they fit better, like textris will all squares08:36
T`i used a bunch like rhythmbox, amarok and went back to xmms08:36
tuxcrafterstep one: tested memory ok08:36
tuxcrafterstep two: tested cd ok08:36
tuxcrafterstep three: loaded xubuntu 7.04 destop i368 live cd boot option =  save grapics mode without quiet and splash08:36
T`its the fastest i found..08:36
Jester45xfmedia , a classic and amork08:36
BFTDJester45 small08:36
Jester45and % filled08:37
Jester45as it fills they are harder to place08:37
Jester45like my /home where i store bigger files is at 1.2 and my / is .308:37
BFTDis it08:37
BFTDso...how do I fix it?08:37
Jester45unmount and defrag08:38
Jester45with live cd, or maybe a windows program08:38
tuxcrafterit is giveing a segmentation fault bye starting up!!!08:38
T`Jester45, xfmedia sucks imo08:38
Jester45i like it08:38
Jester45simple yet fancy08:39
Jester45small yet bloated08:39
Jester45xfce-ish yet umm more xfce-ish08:39
Jester45my irc log file is pretty big08:40
T`i want something super lightweight with a bit better GUI for menus.. and a better music playlist organizer08:40
T`xmms is perfect except its playlist08:40
T`its one monolithic list of files.. i dont like that08:40
Jester45you want winamp08:41
Jester45or jetaudio08:41
=== rudefyet [n=rudefyet@cpe-24-208-183-223.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
crimsunnealmcb: is this ubiquity or d-i (desktop or alternate installers, respectively - gui or text)?08:41
tuxcrafter[ 85.828000]  EIP: [<c027aed3>]  sk_alloc+0xb3/0x110 SS:ESP 0068:f4d29f0808:41
tuxcrafter[ 85.328000]  Segmentation fault08:41
rudefyetcpu[1 x AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3700+ @ 800MHz w/ 1024 KB L2 Cache] 08:42
Jester45crimsun: do you randomly pop in with answers ?08:42
T`Jester45, right.. for linux08:42
crimsunJester45: I respond when I can to questions posed to me in my backscroll/awaylog.08:42
Jester45thats the problem08:43
Jester45i like to have idle chatter because thats what i do08:43
crimsunJester45: no, it's how we core-dev operate.  Because we're dispersed geographically, we respond as soon as we can.08:43
Jester45no so great with google nor answering08:44
crimsunI'm not sure I follow.08:44
Jester45crimsun: i would like to make a suggestion. have random meaningless updates so i can have fun with the update manager08:45
crimsunJester45: you can already do that ("have fun...").  It's called tracking the current devel branch.08:45
Jester45crimsun: your good at answering questions im better at chatting for hours08:45
tuxcraftercan someone help me with the not bootable linux problem08:45
Jester45crimsun: but i like stablity08:45
tuxcrafterhmm jummie kernel panics08:46
crimsuntuxcrafter: please try the 7.04 alternate (debian-installer, text-based) installer.08:46
=== Jester45 thinks about manually fragmenting his harddrive so he can fix it
tuxcrafterits not the pc08:46
tuxcrafterthis is already the second mobo08:46
crimsuntuxcrafter: it's not immediately obvious from the [far too fragmented and incomplete]  oops that you pasted where the culprit(s) lies.08:47
Jester45what about parts on the mobo08:47
tuxcraftervia and realtek chips08:47
tuxcrafterhow the fuck can a motherboard be so incompatible with linux08:51
crimsuncan you at least pastebin the entire oops/panic?08:51
tuxcrafterhow can i do that?08:53
tuxcraftertype over a whole screen of dumps?08:54
crimsunif you need to, yes.08:54
crimsunif you have a digital camera, that's useful, too.08:54
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=== rudefyet [n=rudefyet@cpe-24-208-183-223.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45video camara :)09:06
xjkxwhat do you use to burn audio?09:09
Jester45i dont09:09
crimsunthere's also cdrecord/cdrdao if you prefer.09:11
xjkxxfburn burns data only09:13
xjkxcdrecord is text, i was more looking for gui ;] 09:13
crimsunapt-cache search burn audio09:16
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=== Laibsc1 is now known as Laibsch
crabgrasshey guys, what's this background list in the desktop options? i don't see any other options than new/edit, so i have no idea what it is.09:25
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=== JustAGuy [n=xx@] has joined #xubuntu
JustAGuyhey guys09:38
crabgrassanyone know what this background list in the desktop options? i don't see any other options than new/edit, so i have no idea what it is.09:38
JustAGuyanybody can see me?09:39
tuxcrafterJustAGuy: yes09:39
tuxcraftercrabgrass: middle mouse click on free desktop space?09:41
JustAGuyhow do i join new channels with this kopete thing09:42
JustAGuyits soooooooooooooooo slow09:44
=== JustAGuy [n=xx@] has left #xubuntu ["Kopete]
crabgrasstuxcrafter: nope.09:47
crabgrasstuxcrafter: binds to window list, though09:48
=== darrend_ is now known as darrend
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xjkxmy screensaver doesnt call xflock after 20 minutes i leave computer :/10:09
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Angel-SLwhat desktop manager does Xubuntu use?11:00
ubotuxubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of Gnome. For more info, see http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop". | For support, see #xubuntu | See also: !ubuntu and !xubuntu-channels11:00
ddaahow can I make workrave (or other typing break utility) work in xubuntu (feisty)?11:00
Angel-SLthe path to Xfce is..?11:00
ddaawhen I start workrave in xubuntu, nothing visible happen, although the process starts and runs.11:01
=== sigmamu188 [n=jwheeler@cpe-70-116-80-78.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Myrttithe path to...?11:05
Angel-SLMyrtti: how do I get NoMachine to work with xfce..11:07
Angel-SLIt just needs to run the window manger11:07
Angel-SLis it /usr/bin/xfwm411:07
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:07
kalikianaAngel-SL, It is not clear what you want to know. 'xfwm4' is indeed the window manager.11:10
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@217-162-94-13.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
ddaaAngel-SL: you select the Xfce session in gdm, the thing that asks your for login on pass11:23
ddaaSo, nobody uses a typing break utility with xubuntu?11:24
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
predaeusddaa, I think there is some countdown applet that you could use11:32
ddaa:/ that would be hardly satisfactory11:32
predaeusddaa, lemme check out workrave and how it behaves here11:34
ddaamh... okay I think I found something11:35
predaeusddaa, comes up fine in console, just reports that esd is missing.11:35
ddaasilly me11:35
predaeuswhat was it?11:36
ddaaI just did not have system tray in my panel11:36
ddaaand I had workrave to only use the tray and no window11:36
predaeusah ok. well I think I might just use this tool aswell, looks handy.11:36
ddaaif you use the "micro-break" timer11:37
ddaado NOT, repeat NOT, use "suspend timer when inactive"11:37
ddaafrequent and unpredictable interruptions will drive you crazy11:37
predaeushm ok thanks for the tip, need to figure this out anyway11:38
ddaaokay, now that I have the basics... I'll see if xfce will make that old junk of an ibook2 600MHz more bearable to use11:39
ddaathan gnome11:39
Angel-SLumm, how do I COMPLETELY uninstall Xubuntu-desktop?11:40
ddaaI got really frustrated by the perceptible redraw delay when switching windows...11:40
ddaaAngel-SL: not terribly easily if you installed it synaptic, unfortunately11:40
Angel-SLddaa: nevermind, i'll do anything.11:40
Angel-SLto remove xubuntu-destop11:41
ddaayou can remove that package11:41
ddaabut that will not remove all the stuff11:41
Angel-SLAND all its components..11:41
ddaayou can try remove all the things that contain "xubuntu", "xfce" or "xfwm" in their names11:42
ddaathat will be a start11:42
kalikianaAngel-SL, You could look at xubuntu-desktop's dependencies and put them in 'sudo apt-get remove *' :D11:42
ddaayou could also learn to use the "auto uninstall" feature of aptitude if you can do console...11:42
ddaakalikiana: tried in the past, does not work11:42
ddaabecause it shares a lot of deps with ubuntu-desktop11:43
ddaaif you remove all the deps of xubuntu-desktop you no longer have a usable system11:43
Angel-SLddaa: i CAN do console.11:43
ddaaAngel-SL: ever used aptitude?11:43
kalikianaddaa, Well, one could start from scratch and reinstall gui. :P11:44
Angel-SLddaa: the console-gui? yeah11:44
ddaaAngel-SL: it has a feature to mark packages for uninstallation if they are not required or recommended by other packages11:44
ddaawhat I do11:44
ddaais that after a fresh install, I mark EVERYTHING like that, and then mark for "manual install" (even if not a dep of something else)11:45
ddaaall the things I that really want11:45
=== hhlp [n=hhlp@40.Red-81-37-91.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
ddaafor you, that will include ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-desktop, and whatever specific app you want in addition.11:45
ddaait's the only sane way I know to manage removal of dependencies11:46
ddaabut it also means you have to use aptitude exclusively if you want to keep the flags set right.11:46
ddaaalso, probably things like laptop-mode, and any hardware-specific packages the installer may have enabled11:47
ddaahope this helps11:47
ddaacaveat emptor, if you fuck up that stuff you can hurt yourself, though apt does a decent job of making it a bit hard.11:48
Angel-SLddaa: that was a system installed 1 day ago, and NOTHING that is hard to do is on it!11:48
Angel-SL*grabs my cd and reinstalls*11:49
ddaahey don't shout11:49
Angel-SL*problem solved*11:49
ddaathat's also a easy solution11:49
Angel-SLbut my father wants KDE11:49
Angel-SLif i install kde then i'll get MORE problems11:49
Angel-SLor, 2?11:50
ddaaif you are concerned11:50
Angel-SLwe'll see after I installed11:50
ddaajut grab a kubuntu cd image11:50
ddaaand install that11:50
ddaathat will give you a clean kde system11:50
Angel-SLnevermind it11:50
ddaawith no thought required11:50
Angel-SLi want gnome, they want kde, how?11:50
ddaaAngel-SL: the should be no problem with having xubuntu, ubuntu AND kubuntu installed on the same system11:51
Angel-SLnobody wants xubuntu11:51
ddaathough I found that tends to cause clutter in the desktop menu11:51
Angel-SLi was stupid to install it.11:51
ddaathat was for the sake of illustration11:51
Angel-SLddaa: great.11:58
Angel-SLthe livecd killed again11:58
Angel-SLbuzzer is buzzing non-stop!11:58
hyper_chwhy don't you just install the kubuntu and ubuntu desktop?11:59
Angel-SLwish me luck12:00
Angel-SLor rather the system BEEEEEEEEEPing..12:00
Angel-SLddaa: sorry; i meant nobody in my family wants xfce.12:01
hyper_chAngel-SL: do you want it?12:03
Angel-SLaccidentally installed it :/12:03
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serenecloudquick question: can anyone tell me if xfce supports different wallpapers per desktop?01:00
=== Smygis [n=smygis@e611.cust.vannas.net] has joined #xubuntu
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xjkxserenecloud: per workspace?01:05
serenecloudxjkx: yes01:08
serenecloudi've found a 3rd party tool, but it references badger, which is old01:10
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hyper_chwhat config file is the quicklauncer?04:12
hyper_chor rather in what config file is the data for the quicklauncher?04:12
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=== jexd [n=bert@adsl-225-206-180.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #xubuntu
jexdwhat is the command in terminal to... open up terminal? i tried terminal and konsole, and neither worked04:45
=== Pumpernickel [n=pumperni@about/essy/bacon/PuMpErNiCkLe] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancyopen another terminal in terminal?04:50
=== Howdy125 [n=Howdy125@c-24-17-87-165.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
jgamiois a desktop app to search files ?05:04
jgamiojexd: xfce4-terminal05:07
jgamioor Terminal with T not t05:07
kalikianajgamio, You want a file search gui? http://software.twotoasts.de?page=catfish05:10
Howdy125Would apt-get install *-dev get me all those little goodies that keep me from compiling some programs ?05:11
kalikianaHowdy125, Yes, the -dev packages hold all the header files.05:11
TheSheepHowdy125: no, but apy-get install build-essential might05:12
TheSheepHowdy125: *-dev is a litttle much05:12
Howdy125Thanks kalikiana TheSheep05:12
CatoptromancyI wonder what the aptitude for wxscintilla is05:14
jgamiokalikiana: thanks you05:14
Catoptromancythis program been a pain05:14
kalikianajgamio, :)05:14
kalikianaCatoptromancy, There is not wxscintilla package if you mean that.05:15
=== kalikiana did 'apt-cache seach scintilla'.
kalikianaCatoptromancy, Yes, 'apt-cache search' searches for installable packages.05:17
CatoptromancyIve tried compiling wxscintilla05:17
Catoptromancysome errors05:17
kalikianaWhat error? Maybe some tool/ package is just missing.05:18
Catoptromancyim sure05:18
Catoptromancyill get all the scintilla packages, see if that fixes the comiling problem05:18
Catoptromancyalready have them it seems05:20
Howdy125sudo apt-get install *-dev .. gets me this .. E: Regex compilation error - Invalid preceding regular expression .. so much for that idea :-/05:22
Catoptromancyneed to replace * with a package i think05:23
Catoptromancywould be nice if it downloaded all -devs automatic05:23
Howdy125Sure would .. :)05:24
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Howdy125No dev package for XScreenSaver and I think I need it .. :-/05:53
=== postmodern [n=postmode@gentoo/contributor/postmodern] has joined #xubuntu
postmoderndoes xubuntu come with dialup support out of the box?05:53
=== sc0tt_ [n=sc0tt@cpc1-stok5-0-0-cust150.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianapostmodern, Yep.06:02
kalikiana!info gnome-ppp06:03
ubotugnome-ppp: modem internet connection tool for the GNOME Desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.23-1 (feisty), package size 82 kB, installed size 600 kB06:03
postmodernkalikiana, is gnome-ppp pre-installed from a default xubuntu install?06:04
postmodernkalikiana, since the system i'm installing on only has dialup06:04
postmodernkalikiana, so i can't get on the internets to apt-get gnome-ppp06:05
kalikianapostmodern, It's not preinstalled. You would need to install it from a cd.06:05
=== |ericsson| [n=ericsson@e83-245-152-74.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianaI'm sorry, I gotta go.06:06
|ericsson|sudo apt-get remove --purge xubuntu-desktop, wouldn't that remove/purge xubuntu?06:06
=== noob [n=ubuntu@] has joined #xubuntu
noobhey guys I am extremely new to the linux scene and was wonder how do you completely remove xubuntu from a dual boot system (including the boot option screen)06:12
=== postmodern [n=postmode@gentoo/contributor/postmodern] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving"]
noobcan anyone help?06:13
|ericsson|noob: what version are you running?06:14
=== hhlp [n=hhlp@40.Red-81-37-91.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
|ericsson|noob: You could take a look at this site: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome06:22
nooboklay but if I do that won't it still leave the gnome base on my system along with the boot option? If it does remeove the boot option then I can just format the partition that has linux though06:24
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Howdy125Anyone had problems with .. Applications .. Quit .. not always working ?07:11
TheSheepHowdy125: all the time07:13
Howdy125Good .. I'm not the only one .. :)07:14
TheSheepBug #6572007:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 65720 in xfdesktop4 "Quit-button in desktop menu in Xfce does not always work" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6572007:14
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TheSheepHowdy125: add a meetoo ;)07:16
Howdy125OK .. once I get registered ..07:17
Howdy125Done .. :)07:20
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Eoghanalbaranyone in here know offhand how you get tiling options for windows in xubuntu?09:31
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soonHow big is the xubuntu installation? I need to have a bootable linux system on a 128 Mb USB key ...09:39
TheSheepsoon: just abowe 1GB09:39
soonhmm way too big then :-(09:39
hyper__chsoon: try DSL09:43
soonI did already ... wont boot09:44
hyper__chpuppy linux?09:44
soonIm more of a cat person :-)09:44
hyper__chas long as the stick doesn't have teeth you should be safe09:44
soonI find the puppylinux website an utter MESS to work around - all cute little puppies and no info09:45
hyper__chlooks is important... not info :)09:46
soonI'll just have to try out the DSL again - mess around in my BIOS som emore and hope to get lucky09:46
hyper__chwell, dsl doesn't boot when I have my usb scanner plugged in... it stops then at the usb port detections09:46
hyper__chat least on my computer09:47
soonIll be back again l8r - going into the BIOS ... see you on the other side :-)09:47
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scot524I'm having a weird problem with a fresh install of XUbuntu 7.04. Every time I try to launch Terminal from the menu, my xfce session is restarted. Anyone seen this before?10:50
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Howdy125sc0tt, yes .. a few people have had that problem .. I believe they were recommended to use xterm ??10:54
Jester45xterm or some other terminal10:55
TheSheepscot524: it happens with i810 graphics card10:55
scot524I'll try xterm ... give me a sec10:57
TheSheepBug #9184910:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91849 in xfce4-terminal "i810 + xorg = xfce crashes when opening terminal" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9184910:57
scot524thanks for the help ... xterm is working10:58
TheSheepscot524: hopefully this will be fixed soon10:59
Jester45shouldnt it be confirmed or does that mean they know the reason10:59
TheSheepJester45: it is confirmed?11:00
scot524TheSheep: me too! But it is not a show stopper, I am looking up the thing on launchpad now11:00
TheSheepJester45: confirmed on the xfce bug tracker, that's enough11:01
Jester45not in lauchpad tho11:01
scot524Yep: I am going to try changing the color depth from 24 to 16 -- that was suggested in luanchpad11:03
Jester45TheSheep: do you know how to find out what the bit the audio output is11:03
TheSheepJester45: no11:04
Jester45im thinking its 16bit because thats normal but my card supports 24bit11:04
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scot524Sheep, Jester -- that did it, changing the Default Depth in xorg.conf from 24 to 16 gives me a working Terminal.11:05
Jester45nice idea11:05
Jester45TheSheep: is that reported in the xfce bug tracker? they seem more uptodate11:06
ubotuXFCE bug 3130 in general "i810 + xorg = xfce crashes when opening terminal" [Normal,New] 11:07
Jester45but is there anything about the 16 depth11:07
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