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TheSheeptroy_s: http://www.idlewords.com/2005/04/dabblers_and_blowhards.htm04:44
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troy_sTheSheep: Amen05:09
TheSheeptroy_s: I found some interesting ideas and comments about user interfaces: http://haiku-os.org/glass_elevator/rfc/ui05:13
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ra21vinothlit: there?05:40
nothlitra21vi: yeah?05:40
ra21vinothlit: so whats development so far? anything decided over the project05:41
nothlitROFL: Painters apply colored goo to cloth using animal hairs tied to a stick.05:42
nothlitra21vi: hmm see the mailing list :) we've decided to start with key words05:43
ra21vinothlit: didnt answer to me/05:48
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nothlitra21vi: huh?05:53
troy_sra21vi: Trying to give everyone a chance to weigh in.05:56
ra21vitroy_s: what do you mean?05:56
ra21vitroy_s: actually, I never gave time to improve my English language, so communication goes worst when someone try to say things not directly, but bend and enriched with more ideas05:58
ra21viI was asking if you people decided over something05:59
ra21vibro, I should tell you something...06:00
TheSheepnothlit: otoh the comments about programming and getting laid are false -- I had girls asking for "programming lessons" form queues...06:00
ra21viThere are many theme...06:00
TheSheepnothlit: but maybe it's worse with lISP06:01
ra21vimany people gave time designing something better.. but Individually...06:01
ra21viso, never go that way.. one person thinks better, but when he listens to mass, he knows what actually is in world...06:01
troy_sra21vi: I don't quite understand06:02
troy_sra21vi: are you saying06:02
troy_sra21vi: One person is better than many06:02
troy_sra21vi: Or many people are better than one?06:02
ra21vitroy_s: just opposite?06:02
ra21vimany are better thn one if working with idea sharing06:03
troy_sra21vi: I agree 100%06:03
troy_sra21vi: That is the nature of Free Software as well.06:03
troy_sra21vi: What is your native language06:03
ra21vitroy_s: hindi.. but officially English06:04
troy_sra21vi: The language barrier is probably the most difficult to overcome.06:04
troy_sra21vi: Hopefully everyone can figure out methods.06:04
ra21vitroy_s: no bro, I was talking something else.. last day you stuck to one things, and I left06:04
troy_sra21vi: Yes.  It happens.06:05
troy_sra21vi: You can blame TheSheep06:05
ra21viTheSheep, why.. I blame to myself too06:05
ra21viI was unable to say what actually was in mind06:05
troy_sra21vi: You will probably get better as you stay around.06:06
=== troy_s leaves for the night.
ra21viFedora guys are working on some new icon and themes. i read somewhere06:07
TheSheepra21vi: Oxygen?06:08
ra21viTheSheep: hhmm, let em check it06:09
ra21vihey, about icon work, ..06:23
ra21vido you like the emblems so big?06:24
TheSheepra21vi: how big?06:24
ra21viTheSheep: that is common, and default in Ubunut and all other distros06:27
TheSheepabout half the size of the icon itself, right?06:27
ra21viTheSheep: letme make a visual example in Inkscape and load it to show.. just rough mockup06:28
TheSheepra21vi: mine are this big and I like them: http://sheep.art.pl/shot.png06:28
ra21viTheSheep: which terminal font you using? Its clear06:35
TheSheepra21vi: Terminus, the best fornt for terminal ever06:36
ra21viTheSheep: thunar file manager is better than nautilus, i think.. developers though didnt made many features, but made something good..06:38
ra21viLike in Nautilus, the default emblems are on top...06:38
TheSheepra21vi: I think it's configurable in Nautilus06:39
TheSheepra21vi: the Thunar developers didn't provide options, they made decissions instead -- and usually good ones06:40
TheSheepin the end, good design is all about making decissions06:41
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ra21viTheSheep: not configurable at users end, but it can be at developers end06:43
TheSheepra21vi: I thought there is an option in gconf for that06:44
TheSheepra21vi: can't check for sure, gnome is long gone from this box06:44
ra21viTheSheep: Oxygen is a KDE icon project... not Fedora06:48
TheSheepra21vi: I thought Fedora uses KDE for the desktop by default?06:50
TheSheepra21vi: so, you mean Echo?06:51
ra21viyeah, its echo icon theme06:54
TheSheepdoesn't look very consistent06:56
ra21viapart from some sets, its really not good...07:02
ra21viTheSheep: you are right..07:02
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ra21viTheSheep: i think, if we have a theme which imitates paper, than it would be good... and simple07:04
TheSheepra21vi: could be interesting -- have all the icons just a sketched drawings07:05
ra21viTheSheep: nah,, i was taking about GTK+ theme, not icons07:05
TheSheepra21vi: well, gtk theme would be mostly all white...07:05
ra21viTheSheep: I remember there is some icon theme, looks like sketched... but doesnt seems better07:06
TheSheephttp://www.gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=2&id=44539&file1=44539-1.jpg&file2=44539-2.jpg&file3=&name=buuf+icon+theme <-- I *love* this one07:06
TheSheepunfortuanatelly it's not so good when the icons are smaller07:08
ra21viTheSheep: yeah, mostly white.. its not my idea.. just taking from OSx07:08
ra21vimy idea is. Desktop is a table, and you work with the papers.. so interface would be paper07:09
TheSheepra21vi: actually a lot of themes go into that direction recently07:09
ra21viTheSheep: like07:09
TheSheepra21vi: removing lines and edges, removing 3d bevels07:09
TheSheepra21vi: murrine for example07:09
TheSheepra21vi: industrial too, to some extent07:10
ra21viyeah... flat background with white.. (I fear it may be straining to eyes)07:11
ra21viok see here.. http://ra21vi.googlepages.com/Screenshot.png , its about the default emblems in Ubuntu07:12
TheSheepra21vi: a little big, indeed07:13
TheSheepra21vi: have you tried to lookfor an option for that with gconf-editor ?07:13
ra21viin nautilus there is no such, afaik07:13
ra21vii searched07:13
TheSheepra21vi: note that they seem big on the directories, but not so bad on the files07:13
ra21vijust, if we make smaller emblems package in icon theme, it would be better07:14
TheSheepra21vi: maybe the problem is with the directory icon being small in the human theme?07:14
ra21vilook at it.. the theme resembles paper07:15
TheSheep(ignore window decorations)07:16
ra21via little07:18
ra21viThough, paper UI will look much better with shadow, which isnt default in Gnome... beryk compiz still to get stable07:18
ra21vibut paper look much better i think.. look at here at web interface07:19
TheSheepra21vi: the main problem is that to make that work you need gradients and shadows07:20
TheSheepra21vi: especially shadows07:20
TheSheephttp://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/FAF?content=54721  <-- hehe07:21
ra21viTheSheep: shadows, yeah.. otherwise it wont make the object edges07:22
ra21vithe FAF is good, lol07:23
TheSheepra21vi: except for bad spacing and too high contrast07:24
ra21viTheSheep: regarding the paper thing i was talking... it only meant for the background.. not all theme widgets in theme..07:25
ra21viWidgets when not in 3d wont look good07:27
nothlitscribble blocked buttons :P07:30
TheSheepra21vi: you don't like the widgets on my screenshot? :)07:31
ra21viTheSheep: which one07:32
TheSheepnote the buttons in thunar's "location bar"07:32
ra21viits good07:33
TheSheepI think the "3d effect" is just an artifact of the requirement to distinguish "active" controls and is easily replaced with prelight07:33
TheSheepthe fashion is doing a full circle and returns to GEM-like buttons07:36
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=== darkmatter sees mention of GEM and hides in corner
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troy_sTheSheep: 3D does more than that.04:31
troy_sTheSheep: I believe the basic idea behind it is that it is interactive.04:31
troy_sTheSheep: Compare it to the shite outlined buttons in Clear/everything04:31
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troy_sgreets elkbuntu How goes uds?05:41
elkbuntutroy_s, awesome. spain is a damn weird country though05:41
troy_sthe BoFs done for the first day?05:45
troy_selkbuntu: How many folks at that one?05:45
elkbuntutroy_s, last one currently on05:45
elkbuntudunno how many people are here today05:45
troy_selkbuntu: How many BoFs are you going to attend?05:46
elkbuntutroy_s, i think i'm signed to 4 specs, but no idea how many BoFs that will involve05:47
troy_selkbuntu: Did Scuttlebutt give a decent opening speech?05:49
elkbuntutroy_s, he didnt land until 1005:51
elkbuntutroy_s, so he missed doing one this morning, but i'm guessing he'll make up for it tomorrow morning05:51
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troy_snothlit: Any progress?10:43
troy_snothlit: How much time left in the poll?10:43
nothlitNothing new on the mailing list or forums--prolly about a day--launchpad isn't giving me hours and i'm not sure of the timezone of gmail, etc10:54
nothlitbtw have you ever heard of the Munsell Color Wheel? i never read anything about it before I peeked into pastel forums10:55
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nothlittroy_s: this is neat http://lisalichtenfels.net/pages/technique.html11:03
troy_snothlit: Reminds me of those pickled old people heads from about 19011:04
nothliti can't believe people can do that with fabric :o11:09
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yharrowhey guys11:35
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