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willvdlnixternal, ping05:32
nixternalwillvdl: pong05:32
willvdlhey there05:32
willvdl: trying to catch up on some doc team stuff05:33
willvdland wondering about the discussions around docs going on wiki vs docbook05:33
willvdlis the plan to move TBH doc submission onto the wiki as we go forward?05:34
nixternalnot that I know of, but that could always change05:35
nixternalmdke would be a better person to ask for that one though05:36
willvdlcool, thanks. got a BoF coming up for edubuntu docs05:37
willvdland jsut want to make sure I'm not talking rubbish05:37
nixternalwhen is that?05:39
nixternalis it going to be in conference at all where I can join with voip?05:40
willvdlstill needs to be scheduled05:40
nixternalahh, OK, if possible let me know a day in advanced since there is a 7hr time difference. that way there if it is super early, I can set my alarm for it05:40
willvdlhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/uds-sevilla/  will have the scheduled (updated each day)05:40
nixternalI will have to start waking up early then, which means I might be able to catch the last 3 hours ever day05:41
willvdlhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-doc-roadmap-review  is the spec page for UDS05:41
=== nixternal subscribes
willvdlurk, ok. there is a voip thingy as well for audio05:41
nixternalI will be able to help out a little more this go round seeing as Kubuntu docs have a good foundation05:41
willvdlsilly question, but help.u.c has got ubuntu centric TBH docs, where are the kubuntu ones?05:43
nixternalhopefully going to be at kubuntu.org eventually05:43
nixternalwaiting until after UDS to speak with Riddell about it05:43
willvdlok, that's important info05:45
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shirishcan somebody see this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash08:42
shirishand tell me why swfdec hasn't been given space there also, there is just mention of swfdec08:43
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=== mdke goes through several tens of applicants to ubuntu-doc team
mdkeI think we need to change the team policy10:00
mdkeit's obviously not clear that we ask people to contribute first10:00
mdkeshirish: probably because no one has thought of writing it - you should feel free to contribute as you think is appropriate by editing the page10:00
shirishmdke: I'm editing it as we speak, don't know whether I'm doing the right thing or not10:02
mdkeshirish: that's what wikis are about :)10:02
mdkehopefully someone will review your work10:02
mdkeif you are in doubt, email our mailing list to ask10:02
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shirishmdke: I just did it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash10:08
shirishmdke: can u please check, its under free-alternatives, do u think I need to give the standalone versions also or just the plugins is enough ?10:08
shirishmdke: btw I'm shirishag75@gmail on the ubuntu-doc mailing list10:09
=== shirish awaits mdke's decision/comment
nixternal_mdke: how do you think we should go about with applicants and the policy?10:14
mdkenixternal_: I think we should add people to the team when we grant them svn access; i.e. move the team to "restricted"... in fact, I've just done that10:15
mdkedo you think it's a bad idea?10:15
nixternal_nope, I always thought you did it that way10:15
nixternal_that is a good idea truthfully10:15
nixternal_do the accounts have the 2yr expiration as well?10:16
mdkeshirish: I don't know anything about swfdec but it looks like you did a good job. There is some grammar work that could be done on the page in general though... also, we don't tend to promote aptitude over other package managers, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/Style10:16
shirishmdke: that reminds me, reject my application for ubuntu-doc, I don't want to be touching any svn stuff, not competant enough10:16
nixternal_shirish: that is easy to change though :)10:16
mdkenixternal_: no, I think the team doesn't have member expiry10:16
nixternal_once you see how easy DocBook/XML and SVN is, you will want to retract that statement :)10:17
nixternal_OK, I was just thinking that there are a lot of "stale" names10:17
mdkeyeah, we should think about that10:17
mdkethey probably still have svn access too actually10:17
nixternal_but I remember the same issue with ubuntu-marketing, and people pitched a fit when they were put in the expired one, which is easy to get renewed10:18
nixternal_they were upset they wre put in there when they weren't contributing at all, not even saying hi on the ml or irc10:18
nixternal_being on a team is like an ego thing, and people get easily offended when they are removed or put in expiry10:19
mdketeams have different dynamics though10:21
mdkemembership in some teams means simply being interested, which is valuable; other teams though are more restrictive (such as ubuntu-doc) because membership involves privileges10:22
nixternal_very true10:25
nixternal_and there are names that I know haven't contributed since dapper at least10:25
shirishok re-updated the wiki again https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash10:26
shirish I'm trying just to get the free alternative plugins atm, playing .swf with the alternative players should have its own sub-page with perhaps some debugging tips to help the developers ?10:28
mdkenixternal_: I'll post to the list about it10:29
mdkeshirish: probably having them on that page is ok, rather than subpages10:29
shirishoh ok, but then that would be a deal for another day10:30
shirishmdke: is there any good documentation about this docbook-xml by any chance?10:32
shirishare there any easy front-ends for this docbook-xml10:33
mdkeshirish: have you tried our wiki pages? they are not brilliant but generally it's possible to get an idea of how it works10:33
shirishmdke: looked at them, while it does lists lot of stuff it doesn't list the tools that one can use10:39
shirishmdke: for e.g. look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Projects10:39
shirishwhile at the very end it talks about xml tags but doesn't mention which GUI editor or if any GUI editor is good for this purpose10:39
mdkethere aren't really any good free gui editors10:40
mdkeyou want https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Contribute10:40
shirishaha, didn't know that10:40
nixternal_mdke: what do you use? I use Kate 95% of the time, and vi/emacs the rest10:41
nixternal_I heard gEdit was pretty good as well10:41
nixternal_the nice thing about Kate is it has XML validation built in, and it is extremely nice when working on KDE docs because it uses system entities when validating as well10:42
mdkegedit me10:43
shirishgedit as in Gnome Editor or something else?10:44
shirishhmm... I'm betting there are quite a few settings in gedit which would make it a good docbook-xml editor10:52
mdkethere might be some extensions for it10:54
shirishit has both docbook as well as xml syntax highlighting as well as quite a few plugins as well hmm.....10:55
shirishok another query, how are screenies looked upon, is there a way to upload screenshots when explaining something or one just uses some free image-sharing site & link from there ?10:56
shirishor moinmoin doesn't have the ability for screenshots ?10:56
shirishor has been turned off?10:57
mdkeyou can attach screenshots, see HelpOnActions/AttachFile11:01
=== mdke -> bed
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=== shirish -> bed
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