defendguinJRok i stopped lircd and ran cat and nothing is doing12:27
superm1well press butotns12:27
superm1on the remote12:27
superm1and see if its detecting anything12:27
superm1on the console12:27
williammanda_hey guys!12:27
superm1hi williammanda_12:27
williammanda_i loaded all my computers with feisty....12:28
williammanda_everything went great....12:28
superm1defendguinJR, u sure the card's receiver is good ?12:28
superm1williammanda_, :)12:28
williammanda_but I can't get phpadmin to work12:29
defendguinJRsuperm1: i can be sure of anything12:29
defendguinJRit was brand new when i got it12:29
superm1can't? or can12:29
defendguinJRi can't be sure of anything12:29
williammanda_i use to login with root and no pasword12:29
williammanda_but that doesn't work now12:29
superm1do u have a root mysql password now?12:30
williammanda_no...didn't change it the root password12:30
superm1well try loggin in from cmd nline12:30
superm1and see how that goes12:31
williammanda_not sure how to do that12:31
williammanda_that is the reason for using php12:31
williammanda_i didn't know command line for mysql12:31
superm1i think just12:31
superm1mysql -uroot -p12:31
superm1would login12:31
williammanda_should I unistall php and re-install/12:33
superm1that shoudnt make a dfifference12:33
defendguinJRi don't know any way to test to see if the IR receiver is any good12:34
defendguinJRwould they sell one at radio shack that i could plugin to my pvr150?12:34
superm1dont think so12:37
defendguinJRand i can't test it with a different remote to see if it is the remote that is bad12:37
superm1u can get a digi camera12:38
superm1and see if ir comes out of hte remote12:38
defendguinJRyup that works ")12:39
defendguinJRi un-plugged and replugged the ir sensor and now it reads stuff12:43
superm1there you go12:43
defendguinJRnow all i should have to do is start lircd and see if it works in irw12:43
defendguinJRawesome that works12:44
defendguinthis is gonna be great if it works now :-D12:46
defendguini've had this thing for months without it working12:46
defendguini wonder if un plugging the usb keyboard had anything to do with it12:47
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rogue780_howdiddly do12:48
rogue780_superm1, did the artwork get approved?12:49
superm1no, still need one more motu to ack it12:49
=== cabajgtr [n=ben@c-76-102-179-166.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
cabajgtrdoes anyone know how to keep my svideo from going to black after non-use?  I'm runnning a dedicated front-end on feisty w/o gnome12:57
rogue780_yes maybe01:00
rogue780_hold on01:00
rogue780_May 03 10:57:49 <tgm4883_>      http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-22.html01:04
rogue780_May 03 10:57:57 <tgm4883_>      scroll to01:04
rogue780_May 03 10:58:01 <tgm4883_>      Screen goes blank but returns when mouse is moved or keyboard is used01:04
williammanda_when I open vlc to play video...a window opens...not the full screen...01:05
williammanda_how can i get rid of the window?01:05
cabajgtrexcellent, thanks rogue01:05
rogue780_cabajgtr, no problem01:05
cabajgtrwilliam, did you use the suggested command line from the howto?01:06
williammanda_what command?01:07
cabajgtrwhat is your command for vlc?01:07
williammanda_what how to?01:07
williammanda_vlc is run from the gui01:07
rogue780_williammanda_, are you just running vlc not through mythtv?01:07
williammanda_yes..not mythtv01:07
rogue780_press f01:08
cabajgtroh, sorry, i assumed01:08
rogue780_or F-11 one of those should put you in fullscreen01:08
williammanda_well i can i get the window to just not to appear?01:09
williammanda_it would be nice not to correct it each time01:09
williammanda_i want to use the remote01:10
rogue780_I dunno. you should be able to add a command line option to vlc when it starts01:10
rogue780_I don't have VLC installed so I can't test it01:10
rogue780_run vlc --help01:10
williammanda_i have mythtv setup to run in a window too01:11
williammanda_i didn't have situation with kde01:11
williammanda_it was full screen when maximized01:11
rogue780_I dunno. I haven't used KDE since the 90's01:13
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superm1Daviey, got isthmus blue straightened out08:19
Davieyyou have, or your asking me?08:20
superm1i did08:21
superm1i got ahold of the chap08:21
superm1and he left a note on his site now08:21
superm1just need mepo straightened out yet08:21
Davieyi emailed the mepo guy08:21
superm1ah k good08:22
Daviey'Glenn' is his name08:22
superm1he works with media portal right?08:23
Davieyi created the character for them08:23
Davieyi = he08:23
superm1i'm wondering if it might just be GPL artwork then08:23
superm1because media portal is gpl it self08:23
DavieyGPL would be easyier08:24
Davieythen don't need to worry about dual licencing with CC08:24
Davieybut i asked him to consider a 'free licence' - so it's upto him08:24
superm1well  the other themes that are being included08:25
superm1are either GPL, GPLv2 or LGPL08:25
superm1so far08:25
Davieynice 'n easy08:25
superm1so I have a short section describing each in debian/copyright08:25
superm1thus far: http://pastebin.ca/47424708:27
Davieylooks good08:28
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rogue780|mythserhowdy all08:31
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defendguin_i'm having a problem with using mythtv on ubuntu feisty i can't run mythtv setup again because every time mythtv logs in it is starting mythtv frontend and when i close the front end it just logs out of X completely10:07
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1rogue780|mythsvr, u there?11:03
superm1or Daviey u too?11:04
defendguin_hey superm111:14
superm1Daviey, you licensed the artwork under creative commons before.11:15
superm1was there a reason u did that and not GPL/11:15
superm1hey defendguin_11:15
Davieykeescook said it should probably be - that's all11:15
superm1ah okay11:16
superm1well if its okay with rogue780|mythsvr it'd be a lot easier to make it GPL11:16
superm1i just had minghua look it over11:17
superm1and the mix of licensing they might not be compatible together11:17
defendguin_i think i have everything just about perfect with my mythtv setup  only a few things i want to change on my remote.  the volume keys on the remote don't do anything useful for me and i would like them to adjust the volume just like pressing the volume up or down key on the keyboard would do11:17
tgm4883_laptopwhat remote11:18
defendguin_hauppague pvr15011:18
tgm4883_laptopthe new one or old one?11:19
defendguin_the lircrc file on the mythtv wiki is not quite ideal11:19
defendguin_i'm using the i2c driver if that makes any difference11:19
tgm4883_laptopim guessing you have the new remote11:20
defendguin_can't tell you if it considered new or old11:20
tgm4883_laptopare the colored button in a line or square?11:20
tgm4883_laptopthats the new one11:20
tgm4883_laptopi forget which file you have to change it in, but its either vol+ to volumeup or the other way around.  It should be in the lirc wiki11:21
defendguin_the lircrc file on the wiki had the Menu button = Menu when it should have been Menu/i11:21
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1 may know more11:21
defendguin_let me check11:22
superm1afaik, the state of the pvr150/250/350 lircrc and lircd.conf is kinda messy11:23
superm1that some stuff doesn't match up verbosely11:23
superm1but no one has really gone through to update them all11:23
defendguin_i was reading about the plans for this to work out of the box for feisty +1 for the media center edition of ubuntu11:24
superm1well for all ubuntu editions11:24
tgm4883_laptopi never really liked my pvr150 remote setup (it was the default) some buttons were assigned the same key and some key assignments didn't make sense11:24
superm1there was a patch that was ready for feisty but that didnt make it in last minute - but there is a whole other team working on that now11:25
superm1tgm4883_laptop, defendguin_ indeed i'm much more partial to the mceusb/mceusb2 remotes11:25
tgm4883_laptopoh yea, mine rocks11:25
tgm4883_laptopgood recommendation11:26
defendguin_superm1: well this one works fine11:26
tgm4883_laptopi ended up having to take my pvr150 out :( no room11:26
defendguin_on occasion it doesn't pick up a button press11:26
tgm4883_laptopi do find my mceusb2 much more responsive11:26
defendguin_the pvr150 doesnt work well if i want to have a slim box11:27
defendguin_its pretty wide11:27
tgm4883_laptopi only have 2 pci slots on my motherboard11:28
tgm4883_laptopwhen i upgraded to firewire i had to take the card out11:28
defendguin_superm1: well if i want to set that volume up button on the remote to move the actually move the volume what do i need to do?11:28
defendguin_the lircrc file is pretty simple i just dont know what to set button = to11:29
superm1well make sure that the setting in the lircd.conf and lircrc both match up11:29
defendguin_i can figure that out11:29
defendguin_using irw i can tell when it see the button press to me11:29
=== hugolp [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
defendguin_i can tell what it thinks the button press is11:30
superm1then in your ~/.mythtv/lircrc11:30
tgm4883_laptopi think the default one doesn't work because it was originally setup for the old remote, and they made a few changes11:30
superm1you want to set up this sectoin11:30
superm1#    prog = mythtv11:30
superm1#    button = vol+11:30
superm1#    repeat = 311:30
superm1#    config = ] 11:30
defendguin_] ?11:31
superm1that key does vol+ in myth :)_11:32
defendguin_ok dokie11:32
defendguin_whats the key to go back to the previous channel?11:37
superm1hm u11:38
superm1not sure11:38
superm1if you install mythcontrols you can find out pretty easily11:39
tgm4883_laptopmythcontrols rocks11:40
defendguin_H Channel history. Each repeat steps back through the previous channels.11:41
Davieysuperm1, ping11:45
Davieyi asked Seveas about the theme.c file -> he didn't care about the copyright11:47
defendguin_hmmm  this hauppage lircrc really needs to be updated on the wiki11:48
superm1well it still needs to be quoted as to where its based from11:48
Davieyso presumably his copyright can just be changed to ours11:48
Davieyhe said that he really doesn't care11:48
Davieybut motu might?11:48
superm1motu has pretty script rules aobut this kind of stuff11:49
superm1or strict even11:49
Davieysounds fair 'nuff11:49
defendguin_kind of off topic but i was trying to connect to the mythtv box using ssh and i get this error11:50
superm1defendguin_, fix up the lircrc and we can update the wiki :)11:50
defendguin_RSA host key for has changed and you have requested strict checking.11:51
defendguin_Host key verification failed.11:51
defendguin_superm1: i can email you the one i just finished working on11:51
tgm4883_laptopdid you reinstall the OS on your mythtv box11:51
superm1k cool11:51
defendguin_i did11:51
tgm4883_laptopthat would do it11:52
Davieydefendguin_, quick fix        echo "" > ~/.ssh/known_hosts11:52
defendguin_i guess i could delete .ssh11:52
defendguin_superm1: would you like the updated lircrc?11:53
defendguin_it would fix a few things for users out of the box11:55
defendguin_http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/lircrc-haupgrey-g3.txt   the one this guy posted is stupid which is the one we are linking to   notice for channel up and down look at the different button presses for the different programs  in mythtv it is looking for channel-up and channel-down  but in myplayer and xine it is looking for the correct ch+ and ch-11:58
defendguin_same thing for volume11:58
defendguin_also its supposed to be prev.ch  not previous-channel and he has that set to W which it says here W cycle through 4:3 aspect ratio, 16:9, 4:3 Zoom (like Pan and Scan), 16:9 Zoom, and 16:9 Stretch (eliminates black sidebars in TV signal)11:59
defendguin_go figure12:00
rogue780|mythsvrsuperm1, I'm here12:02
superm1hey rogue780|mythsvr.  i was wondering if its okay to make your artwork GPL?12:02
rogue780|mythsvrsuperm1, Daviey I have no preference how you license the artwork12:02
superm1okay for simplicities sake, i'll make it all GPL then12:02
defendguin_superm1: sent12:03
superm1thanks defendguin_12:03
superm1i'll take a look in a few min12:03
defendguin_i added one key that is not mentioned in the original  the asterisk  i'm using it as the x key for when you are in the program guide and you want to switch to that channel and not leave the guide12:04
Davieyrogue780|mythsvr, what do you think - http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/7295/usplasheditel3.jpg12:06
defendguin_hmmm mythbuntu12:06
defendguin_that would have saved some time12:07
rogue780|mythsvrDaviey, I like it. it goes more with the logo on mythbuntu.whateveritis12:09
Davieyrogue780|mythsvr, i did the 'whateveritis' first ;)12:10
defendguin_is it possible to power off the TV from mythtv?12:10
Davieydefendguin_, yes12:10
Davieydefendguin_, does your tv have a serial port :)12:11
Davieyyou laugh.. but superm1's and mine does12:11
defendguin_i have an s-video connection between my box and tv12:12
superm1well in a sense mine does.  its not a standard db9 on mine12:12
tgm4883_laptopi have a service port on mine12:13
tgm4883_laptopdont know if its the same thing12:13
defendguin_is this a HDTV?12:13
defendguin_mine is a normal tv12:14
defendguin_the cable box doen't use a serial port to connect to the tv but they can still turn them off12:15
tgm4883_laptopyou need to setup an ir transmitter12:15
defendguin_i have one12:15
Davieydefendguin_, you *can* turn many tv's on/off using a scart cable & serial port12:16
rogue780|mythsvrDaviey, can you make the mythbuntu text with the same effect as the circle?12:16
Davieyi don't follow12:16
Davieyit is the same font12:16
Davieyoffical ubuntu font12:16
rogue780|mythsvrDaviey, you know how the circle is more shiny?12:17
rogue780|mythsvrlittle more glass looking12:17
Davieyi didn't draw the circle12:17
defendguin_its missing bling12:17
Davieyi just changed the official logo to be blue only12:17
rogue780|mythsvrdo you have the xcf file of what you got there?12:17
rogue780|mythsvrcan you send it to shawn.haggard@gmail.com?12:18
rogue780|mythsvrI've gotta get a better e-mail address12:18
Davieyi also changed the mythtv logo12:20
Daviey(from your orig. one)12:20
defendguin_what does repeat 3 mean in the lircrc?   does that mean you have to hold it down long enough for it to register 3 times before the action is taken?12:26

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