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tepsipakkiFYI, I've made a plan to split the debian xbase-clients (and xutils-dev): http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/xbase-clients-split.txt09:15
tepsipakkithis has been worked with the debian guys and is looking good to them09:16
tepsipakkinow, the "problem" is that we have had all these tiny tools as separate packages, and some that the monolithic xbase-clients doesn't have09:17
tepsipakkithe x11-* grouping follows how Fedora has done it, with some modifications09:17
MithrandirI'm fine with dropping such things as beforelight and such09:18
tepsipakkithere are xpr and fonttosfnt which Fedora has in those bundles, but debian doesn't, and they don't want extra packages if there is no need. Looking at popcon it's pretty clear that noone uses them :)09:19
Mithrandirdrop them, then09:19
tepsipakkisame goes for some other tools, but I'll gather a complete list09:20
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tepsipakkihum, xpr can be removed from the archive right now, it conflicts with xprint-utils (which also has xpr)12:37
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