Davieykdisset - yuk Qt12:26
DaveMorristeam will allow the bugs to be assigned easier, to peoeple in the team12:28
DaveMorrisas bugs in mythtv will affect both, but not bugs in mythbuntu12:28
superm1good point12:28
DavieyCurrently the team consists of people helping with both12:28
Davieymaybe split the team when mythbuntu gets bigger?12:28
superm1there isnt really a clear cut middle defined about the two12:28
DaveMorrisyeah, however that will change as it get bigger12:28
DaveMorriscan teams have alaisas?12:29
DavieyTeams can be Members of other teams12:29
superm1so make a mythbuntu team and add the mythtv team to it12:29
DaveMorrisyep, but can 1 team have 2 namese?12:30
DaveMorrissuperm1: otheer way waround12:30
DavieySo if you join the mythbuntu team your automatically a member of mythtv team but not the other way around - that does sound best12:30
superm1well i'm not sure which way is better12:32
superm1mythbuntu members arent necessairly interested in bugs related only to mythtv12:32
DaveMorrismythtv group includes bugs for mythtv in ubuntu12:32
superm1so you would think mythbuntu members dont want to get mythtv bugs12:32
superm1but only mythbuntu bugs12:32
Davieypeople who help with mythtv won't necessarily want to help with mythbuntu - other way round i suspect they do12:32
Davieymaybe we should leave it until there is a need to change it :)12:33
superm1works for me12:33
superm1as long as kdissert can make a jpg or png in the end, i think its ideal for this12:33
superm1for mind mapping12:33
DaveMorrisso who is putting these goals into launchpad?12:34
Davieyshould be able to12:34
superm1from what i'm trying here12:34
DavieyDaveMorris, well voluntered12:34
DaveMorriswon't be tonight12:34
superm1i'll do the flow chart and initialize the new bzr branch12:34
DavieyLet's clariffy12:34
Daviey* DaveMorris is working on (seeing if we can) package openchrome drivers for mini-itx12:35
Daviey* super1 is working on an install flow chart12:35
DavieyI am working on twiddling my thumbs?12:35
superm1looks like Daviey is doing the LP stuff :)12:35
DaveMorrisLP stuff?12:35
DaveMorrisa launchpad12:36
DaveMorrisso we let Daviey know the hardware we have access to, or shall w e put it on the wiki?12:36
superm1Put it on a wiki i think12:37
superm1and we'll link to it12:37
superm1put it under the mythtv team's wiki page12:37
Davieynice big table :)12:37
superm1that way we can all add to it as needed12:37
DaveMorrisonce we've got t he project running I might email VIA seeing if we can have some hardware to test on etc12:37
=== Daviey only has standard hardware - is that worth testing?
DaveMorrisand blog about12:37
DavieyDaveMorris, not if i beat you to it12:38
superm1well yes it is, because we all have a variety of tuners and such12:38
DaveMorrisDaviey: I wouldn't really do it now, I'd wait till we have the 1st release out12:38
superm1and hard drive configurations and such12:38
DavieyFair nuff12:38
=== DaveMorris has Hauupage Nova-T DVB cards and a Nova-T 500
DavieyI have an old Analog BT capture card i might try12:39
DaveMorrisonly problem my g/f won't be happy with me killing the TV12:39
DavieyProduction machine has 2 x Nova-T cards12:39
DaveMorrisI might have to save up and buy another tuner card, and email hauppage for some cards :)12:39
superm1i currently have a bunch of hauppauge cards and a air2pc.  I'll have a HD Home run in the near future too12:40
tgm4883_laptopwhen do we switch to gutsy?12:40
DavieyI want to know when the Sky & NTL/Virgin Media are going to put firewire into their boxes12:40
williammanda_how can I find out what my root password is for mysql?12:41
=== DaveMorris wonders if we could have a sponsors page on the site for people who donate hardware?
superm1DaveMorris, maybe after first release :)12:41
DavieyDaveMorris, your keen for freebies! ;)12:41
superm1tgm4883_laptop, probably not until the first of the gutsy herds (whatever their names will be)12:42
DaveMorrisif we could do it now, I'll bug LoudmouthMan first12:42
DaveMorrisDaviey: I cacn't afford new hardware, and would prefer not to test with production machinese, my sparee machines are all under 1Ghz12:42
Davieysame here, i'll get burrried in the garden if it's offline for any amount of time12:43
Davieywilliammanda_, try http://www.tech-faq.com/reset-mysql-password.shtml12:43
Davieywilliammanda_, that will reset root password - not that it should matter12:43
superm1well resetting is easier with sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.012:44
DaveMorrisI can test backends easily, but its my mini-itx box thats not easy, doesn't even have a cd drive in it :(12:44
Davieysuperm1, no it all :)12:44
Davieyneed to go for a bit12:45
gardengnomesuperm1: i'm using dh_install --exclude=configfiles now12:54
gardengnomeit looks pretty sane to me12:54
superm1ah that is much much cleaner12:54
gardengnomegotta add an --exclude=.svn :)12:55
DaveMorrisanyway I'm off guys12:56
DaveMorrisbefore I end up at the end of the garden12:56
DavieyDaveMorris, i hear there are faeries at the end of the garden12:57
superm1later DaveMorris12:57
superm1Daviey, will you have the LP stuff up today you think?12:57
DaveMorrisdoubt it12:57
DaveMorris3 mins left12:57
DaveMorrisof today12:57
gardengnomei have 23:03 left of today12:58
superm1oh you UK people...12:58
Davieygardengnome, you should be in bed by now12:58
Davieysuperm1, can you start working on UK time?12:58
Davieywould make things easyier12:58
superm1well starting next week we'll see how much i'm on during the day - it might just be UK time only for me:)12:59
Davieysuperm1, hmm - not sure exactly what to add12:59
superm1well make a mythbuntu team at least12:59
Davieyah okay12:59
superm1and see if you can get specs better written for things that need to go into mythbuntu now12:59
superm1i'll add the bzr branch after i'm done with the flow chart12:59
Davieyi'll need to go to bed soon -> but i'll see what i can do12:59
superm1at which point we can rip the old 140 meg one12:59
Davieydump the whole branch01:00
superm1unless we want to look at old changes?01:00
Davieydoubt it01:00
superm1thats what i was thinking01:01
Davieyhas imbrandon set up mythbuntu.org's email yet01:01
superm1Dont think so01:02
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
superm1haha i was just going to ping him in -motu too01:02
Davieyshame - would be good to have a single point of contact that emails us all01:02
superm1finally beat me to something we thought at the same time today01:02
Davieyi win for a change :)01:02
superm1hehe ^^01:02
Davieyand i beat you to saying that01:02
superm1it shows up for me first here...01:03
superm1its all about latency01:03
Davieyblame lag01:03
gardengnomeDaviey: no worries, i'm going to bed now ;)01:03
superm1only problem with this mind mapping software is that it is all trees01:04
superm1so you can only have one parent01:04
Davieyonly need one parent, surely?01:04
superm1well when you have questions that only are used for certain things, but dont influence later parts01:05
superm1you'll see when i've got it finished up01:05
superm1well i think i have an idea for what to do at least - several trees that branch off these steps01:08
superm1this thing is gonna be massive01:08
Davieyright "ubuntu-mythtv" is the owner of mythbuntu01:19
Davieythink that's the right thing?01:20
superm1i thought we were thinking the other way around?01:20
superm1so mythbuntu people didnt get all ubuntu-mythtv bugs01:20
Davieythat's what i thought01:20
superm1so you would want ubuntu-mythtv to be a member of mythbuntu01:21
superm1but not the "owner"01:21
williammanda_hey guys ...i just reset my root password using this...dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.001:21
superm1so mythbuntu members arent members of ubuntu-mythtv01:21
Davieythere is a subteam option01:21
superm1k williammanda_01:21
williammanda_i still can't login to phpadmin01:21
superm1your doing it locally right?01:21
superm1as in from http://localhost01:22
superm1is mysql running?01:22
williammanda_mysql running01:22
Davieysuperm1, do you want to be the 'owner'?01:22
williammanda_access denied for user www-data@localhost using password "YES"01:23
williammanda_i type in root as the user and my password01:24
superm1sure Daviey01:24
superm1williammanda_, hm01:25
superm1i'd say reinstall phpmyadmin01:25
superm1by sudo apt-get remove --purge phpmyadmin01:25
superm1and then sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin01:25
superm1maybe some permissions didnt properly populate during install01:25
Davieysuperm1, can you add team mythbuntu to ubuntu-mythtv?01:26
Davieyactually before you do.. wait 101:27
superm1wait i'm still not sure we have that right, that means that01:27
superm1mythbuntu people get ubuntu-mythtv notes01:27
superm1i swear its gotta be the other way around01:27
superm1that would imply all mythbuntu members can also modify ubuntu-mythtv stuff01:27
Davieylemme work it out.01:27
DavieyMythbuntu people have an interest in mythtv01:28
Davieymythtv people don't (assume) have an interest in mythbuntu01:28
superm1but they shouldnt have write permissions to mythtv stuff01:28
Davieygood point01:28
superm1joining ubuntu-mythtv lets them modify mythtv's bzr branch01:28
superm1the argument for interests can go both ways i think01:28
Davieykeep them seperate then?01:28
superm1maybe that is the best solution01:30
superm1and people with an interest in both can join both01:30
Davieysounds like a plan01:34
williammanda_hum...this killing me :)01:34
williammanda_now it doesn't deny me but after i login...it comes right back to the login screen01:35
superm1williammanda_, what happened to your mysql server that things got all wacked up like this?01:35
superm1db corruption?01:35
williammanda_installed mythtv 2 weeks ago...and its working.....installed phpmyadmin...wasn't ever able to login01:36
superm1did you ever manually change passwords with mysql commands or anything like that?01:37
superm1wonder if that did you in01:37
williammanda_for mythtv01:37
williammanda_i install mythtv on four computers....wanted a password I could remember easily01:38
superm1you changed it with dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common right?01:41
superm1well then things shouldnt have been any trouble .01:42
williammanda_if i keep retrying to login.....php opens01:43
superm1the source opens?01:43
williammanda_admin screen01:43
superm1clear your FF cache, and history01:43
superm1and close out FF and open it back up01:43
williammanda_to repair database01:43
superm1see what you think Daviey01:51
Davieyhmm 101% received01:52
superm1thats interesting01:52
superm1i only sent 100 percent of it...01:53
DavieyI must have picked something extra on the way :D01:53
Davieylooks good01:53
Davieywhy start VLC and Firefox?01:53
=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@71-12-14-250.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1those are options on the disk01:54
superm1wanted to cover all the possibilities for what it can do01:54
superm1and what is involved with doing them01:54
Davieywhy would somebody need to?01:54
Daviey"Ask for backend info"  mythfrontend will do that automatically...01:54
Davieyfor simplicity can't 'standard' install rejoin the advanced install tree?01:55
Davieybranch rather01:55
superm1well its done right now by dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common01:55
superm1prior to starting mythfrontend01:55
a5benwillisIm baack01:56
superm1because the backend is installed on the disk01:56
superm1and it will try to connect to that backend otherwise01:56
a5benwillisanyone know if lirc should "generate the carrier signal with software" with a homebrew serial receiver.01:56
Davieyso have a gtk dialog that issues a mysql command?01:56
superm1a gtk dialog indeed01:57
Davieya5benwillis, IIRC it recommends one way or the other "If you have a hombrew select......"  can't remember which01:57
Davieysuperm1, i'll work on that :)01:57
superm1its there already thought01:58
DavieyIs it?!01:58
superm1take a look at the latest ISO.01:58
Davieyyou've been a busy bunny01:58
superm1this was all last week right after finals finished01:58
DavieyIs the src for that in bzr?01:59
superm1thats the stuff i have to merge i think01:59
superm1Na, it was already there01:59
superm1before my other changes needed to be thrown in01:59
williammanda_wow...like giving birth :)02:00
Davieyhmm - if DaveMorris can't package the ITX drivers - then we should probably have a redirect URL under mythbuntu pointing to the src for it - incase ITX move the location02:00
superm1this is my big time to work on stuff, since i start my internship monday, and i dont know how busy i will be yet throughout the summer during the days and such02:00
Davieywho is your internship with?02:01
superm1well adding a build env to the disk takes a lot of space02:01
williammanda_i tried to auto load irexec & using sessions-startup....02:02
superm1williammanda_, with ubuntu-mythtv-frontend?02:02
superm1or gnome02:02
williammanda_but it doesn't seem to work02:02
superm1i had to toy with that myself on my desktop machine too.02:02
Davieytrying to think of a way around it.. hopefully VIA will allow redistribution02:02
superm1my end solution was to have a shell script that was called instead02:02
superm1and in it i did killall irexec && irexec -d02:03
superm1because the gnome gui didnt like arguments02:03
Davieywilliammanda_, do you need irexec?02:03
williammanda_did you graduate?02:03
superm1if not on the disk, hopefully at least in some binary form02:03
superm1i graduate later this year (Dec)02:03
williammanda_yes...need irexec....start mythtv and xine with it02:03
Davieysuperm1, why so late?02:03
superm1took 2 semesters off for other internships02:04
williammanda_he's slacking with  ubuntu :)02:04
Davieywilliammanda_, ahh, your an xine'er .  I prefer Internal player for video's02:04
superm1so in a sense, its really early02:04
superm1i'm a xine'er too.02:04
superm1internal OSD is ugly for videos if the res on the videos is too low02:04
williammanda_what's your degree?02:04
williammanda_we can talk circuits then :)02:05
Davieysuperm1, true - but i prefer consistency of UI over blockyness02:05
superm1haha yup02:05
superm1also internal doesnt handle some of my hidef music vids as well as xine does02:05
Davieytrue - crashes out all together using mkv format02:06
Davieynice - laptop has burn't my leg02:06
williammanda_farmers tan on his one leg....you from kentucky?02:07
superm1Daviey, this change for the date format on the iso build script02:07
superm1is there a reason for it?02:08
Davieywilliammanda_, i'm 51st state02:08
Davieysuperm1, imbrandon thought it would be better02:08
Davieyfor listing and such02:08
superm1okay, there are a few other places that need to be updated then yet02:08
superm1i'll get those handled02:08
Davieyme and DaveMorris just thought you were being crazy yanks02:08
superm1Not to say we're not02:11
superm1of course02:11
Davieywith your crazy MMDDYY02:12
a5benwillissuperm1: I got it!!!!!!!!!!!1102:12
superm1nice a5benwillis what was it?02:13
Davieya5benwillis, lirc is now working?02:13
a5benwillisI now hav codes when testing with mode202:13
Davieya5benwillis, what did you do differently?02:13
DavieyWas there something you had to do that wasn't on the wiki?02:13
a5benwillisat home now, testing with my actual  myth box. must be a difference in the serial port?02:13
a5benwillisDaviey: There were a few things that werent in the wiki02:14
Davieya5benwillis, can you add them?02:14
a5benwillisnow I need to get through the rest and actually get the remote working with myth.....02:14
Davieya5benwillis, i remember reading somewhere that there is variance in the protocol motherboard manufactures have with serial ports - maybe it's that02:15
a5benwillisIm not sure either because I did the exact same thing as I did at work, just a diff machine.02:15
Davieyit's voodo - as i said with mine, i just slept on it and it worked with no changes overnight :s02:16
a5benwilliswish me luck with decrypting the rest of it and actually making the remote work with myth02:17
Davieythat's the easy part02:18
Davieywhat remote is it?02:18
Davieyprobably a .lircrc file already made02:18
a5benwillisharmony 68802:18
superm1Daviey, the HTTP_PROXY variable is queried, but http_proxy is whats set.  are env variables case sensitive?02:19
Davieythink so02:20
superm1then which one is supposed to be in use i wonder for apt proxies02:20
Davieysuperm1, they are case sensitive "echo $shell" is empty :(02:20
Davieycaps is better02:21
superm1well i think that apps that recognize it use lower case though02:21
Davieyi have no idea02:21
DavieyI've only ever seen cap env. variables02:22
DavieyAnyway.. i need to walk the dog - then bed02:22
superm1night Daviey02:25
a5benwillisso close superm102:47
superm1are you irrecord'ing the harmony?02:47
a5benwillisstill cant get lircd to start, says its not configured.02:48
superm1or did you find a good conf to go with it?02:48
a5benwillisDaviey found a file for me02:48
superm1ah above, lets see what that file says02:48
a5benwillisI copied it to /etc/lircd.conf02:48
superm1well you put that lircd.conf stuff in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf right?02:48
superm1theres your issue^02:49
superm1/etc/lirc is where ubuntu (and debian) store it02:49
a5benwillisas well as /home/mythtv/.mythtv/lir....02:49
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a5benwillisyeah, I put it in /etc/lircd.conf02:49
superm1look closer at what i typed02:49
superm1not /etc/lircd.conf02:49
=== hugolp [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
a5benwillisim such an idiot...02:50
superm1its typos like that that catch most people02:51
a5benwillisso now I should be able to run irw and see codes02:51
a5benwillisbut nada..02:51
a5benwillisI still get codes via mode2 though so things are loaded properly02:53
a5benwillisGOT IT03:00
a5benwillisthanks again superm1!!!03:00
superm1awesome a5benwillis03:00
superm1great to hear03:00
a5benwillisnow I need to test in myth and get lirc starting correctly at boot03:00
a5benwilliswoohoo, still works after reboot!03:06
a5benwillisbest day yet here..03:06
rogue780|mythsersuperm1, it'll be a few more days on that usplash--my wife took my laptop to pennsylvania instead of her laptop by mistake...and that's where I've got the stuff saved03:13
superm1can she mail them?03:13
rogue780|mythsermaybe...she'll have to figure out how to configure the wireless network in ubuntu, we'll try tomorrow. I've got them finished...just hadn't sent them yet03:14
rogue780|mythsershe's never used linux03:14
superm1ooh thats such a shame!03:14
rogue780|mythserI should be able to walk her through it tomorrow though and have them to you in the morning03:14
superm1i've just got my internet up and going now03:15
superm1so i'll no longer be disconnected so badly03:15
superm1rogue780|mythsvr, are you on launchpad at all/03:15
superm1whats your account?03:16
superm1i'm going to assign you to the usplash spec we have03:16
superm1welcome to the mythbuntu team rogue780|mythsvr  :)03:19
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superm1Hey Daviey11:18
superm1if your just getting up, that means its bed time for me doesnt it11:18
Davieythat what i was thinking11:18
Davieyit's 10:18am here ;)11:18
Davieyre, email address - contact@mythbuntu.org or something11:19
Davieydon't really need a personalised one11:19
superm1ah okay.  wasnt sure what you were looking for in making addresses11:19
superm1but i knew that we needed a mirrors@ and packages@11:19
superm1since both those are on the website11:19
Davieygood to see on +1 on the thmes11:21
superm1see thats why i'm still awake11:22
superm1i was waiting for themuso to finish that off11:22
superm1okay well bed time for me i guess then11:23
Davieywhat was wrong with debian/copyright?11:23
superm1it was messy11:23
superm1and didnt tell who had copyrights11:24
Davieyanyway, nn11:24
superm1so i had to dig up years that themes were last updated, and who did them and stuff11:24
superm1yup night11:24
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gardengnomethe heading in debian/patches/03_mythmusic.dpatch is wrong. just a cosmetic issue :)01:15
DaveMorrisgardengnome: You got a link on packaging for ubuntu?01:24
gardengnomeDaveMorris: what do you need?01:25
gardengnomelike, how to package software?01:25
gardengnomei should have some guides in my bookmarks01:26
gardengnomewait a second01:27
DaveMorrisso I can  package the openchrome drivers up for mini-itx01:27
gardengnomei wasn't done yet :)01:28
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gardengnome^^ here's another one for davemorris if he comes back01:30
gardengnomehi hugolp01:30
hugolphi gardengnome01:37
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