guigouzdoes dapper have a xen-enabled kernel (for it as a guest) ?12:11
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zion_dasmall question02:28
zion_dasomehow i have a delay in the menus 02:29
zion_dai tried to change gtk menu delay to 0 and it wont work02:30
zion_dathe delay is only in beryl interface and02:30
zion_dawhat can i do ?02:30
fooI'd ask in #ubuntuforums or #ubuntu02:33
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DaveMoraI will be attempting to install ubunto on a HP-Proliant Server. Does anyone know of any possible issues? 03:50
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GrueliusI installed build-essential however i cant compile my app, it tells me that Glib 2.0 is missing10:32
Grueliusi tried to install linux-kernel-headers however it said it was allready installed10:33
ivokshow is this related to servers?10:35
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Grueliusbecause im running server ed?10:37
fooivoks: hm, so this is a servers channel. That's what I thought. Someone asked about beryl in here earlier. hehe10:38
Grueliusand i get 0 responses in the normal channel10:38
ivoksGruelius: compiling applications needs headers of some libraries10:38
ivoksand your app said that you don't have glib 2.010:38
ivoksfirst thing you should do then is 'apt-cache search glib 2.0 development10:39
Grueliusis that how you search packages?10:39
Grueliusallways wondered :D10:39
fooivoks: What monitoring system do you use? If any. zenoss, or nagios or something10:39
Grueliusim going to go on ubuntu in a tic, expect me to be back with more semi server related questions10:40
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ivoksfoo: munin10:40
fooivoks: hmm, used nagios/zenoss before?10:40
=== foo googles that
ivoksno, but zenoss will be packaged for gutsy (probably)10:40
ivoksif they resolve they copyright issues10:40
foogutsy? Is that a distro?10:41
ivoksufff :)10:41
ivoksthat's next ubuntu10:41
fooNice :)10:41
fooivoks: hm, I want to have systems log stuff like /var/log/messages and syslog to a remote system... what's the best way to do this? I'm thinking about writing a script that whenever it sees a new line appended to the log, then either http://domain.com/?event=something ... or, ssh somehost 'cat $line >> /home/log/master.log'  ... or something. You see? Basically, say I got like 3 systems and I want to be able to read the logs from one central location10:43
ivoksthis is periodic10:45
ivokson mail10:45
fooSo, logwatch would e-mail me my logs daily or something?10:45
fooMhmm, I see. I'd rather have it write to my server via text... that way I can (theoretically) sit on the server, tail -f log.txt ... and watch everything from however many systems I setup. You know what I mean? Not to mention, I can filter some stuff if I wanted to.10:47
=== foo thinks
fooYeah, ssh host 'echo $line >> /somewhere/txt' works. Just need to have ssh keys setup10:48
fooHm, what do you mean syslog?10:48
ivokssyslog can send logs to another computer10:48
fooHmm. I see. I'll have to check the man page for that. And, I don't think I've seen syslog on RHEL systems. Or maybe I just need to install it10:49
fooDoes syslog send via ssh? 10:49
fooIf you'd happen to know, of course10:49
ivokssyslogd is on all linux machines10:49
fooah, yup10:50
fooHm, now, taking it a step further... says I wanted /var/log/syslog|messages|auth.log ... and /var/log/apache2/error.log ... is it safe to say that if I wanted to do this I would have to write something?10:51
ivoksyou can make all your apps logg to syslog10:52
ivoksand then forward syslog to another machine10:53
fooah, I see10:53
ivoksor you can write your own thing10:53
fooWould you happen to know if syslog appends the data on another machine? Or does it just move the whole file over (via scp or something) ?10:53
ivoksappend, of course10:54
ivoksno point in sending10:54
=== foo nods
fooHmm, I wonder how it does that10:54
ivokssame way IMAP server appends mail to your client10:54
fooWhen you say I can have my apps write to syslog, you mean have them write to /var/log/syslog - yeah?10:54
fooohh, that's via mail as well10:54
ivoksno it's not via mail10:55
fooah, my bad10:55
ivoksit's via TCP/IP, like mail, web and most of internet protocols10:55
fooahh, I see10:55
fooCool, thanks, I'll have to play around with that10:55
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GrueliusI still get the error11:35
Grueliusconfigure: error: You must have the GLib 2.0 development headers installed to build.11:35
Kamping_KaiserGruelius, what are you trying to build, and how?11:36
=== Gruelius runs
Grueliuspigdin :P11:36
Kamping_Kaiserah. *heh*11:36
Grueliusthat is the ./configure stage11:36
Grueliuslets presume i am using a gui on my server :P11:36
Grueliusive installed glib C++11:37
Kamping_Kaiserenable the deb-src lines in your sources.list, then seach on glib |grep dev11:37
Kamping_Kaiseron glib/apt-cache search glib11:37
Grueliuswhere is my sources file located? ive forgotten the directory11:38
Kamping_Kaiserhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/libdevel/libglib2.0-dev probably the packag eyou want?11:39
Grueliusive got all the other relevant sorts of libglib :p11:39
Grueliusim on that site allready, if i run into another compiling problem where should i look?11:40
GrueliusYou must have the GTK+ 2.0 development headers installed to compile Pidgin.11:41
Grueliusis there a package that encompasses all building things?11:41
Kamping_Kaiseri suggest `apt-get build-dep gaim` as a start to getting all the pigdin libs11:41
Kamping_Kaisergot build-essential?11:42
Kamping_Kaiseryou'll need it11:42
GrueliusE: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/au.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_feisty-backports_main_source_Sources - open (2 No such file or directory)11:43
Grueliusits not commented in my sources.list file11:43
Kamping_Kaiseryou'd better `sudo apt-get update`11:43
Grueliuslol yep forgot that one11:44
Grueliusbefore someone scolds me about this being a server channel, are there any other quiet irc channel's for general help?11:44
Kamping_Kaisertried #ubuntu-au?11:44
Grueliusand do dep build gaim i need... duh duh duh11:45
Gruelius101mb of packages11:45
Grueliusmy bad11:45
Grueliusstill worth it?11:45
Kamping_Kaiseryour call. not mine11:45
Kamping_Kaiserbtw. serious about -au11:45
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Kamping_Kaiseri'll help you just the same ;)11:45
GrueliusIs this the normal process for ubuntu? run wild on the irc till you can build stuff? :P11:46
Grueliusso there are variants of Glib that are required to build pigdin, variants specific to gaim that i must download?11:46
Kamping_Kaisernormal process probably involves looking at help.ubuntu.com :P11:46
Grueliushow do i request that this gets put onto the packages thing11:46
Kamping_Kaiseri dont know how different pigdin is to gaim11:47
Grueliusits like gaim but not ugly apparantly11:47
=== Gruelius goes brb
Kamping_Kaiserfile a request bug.11:47
Kamping_Kaiserif it is 'the next gaim' then it'll get packaged, probably real soon now11:47
Grueliuswell idk bout that but its just gaims ui that shits me :P11:50
Kamping_Kaiser-> #ubuntu-au11:51
Grueliusive got another bug tho, with the desktop effects thing11:51
=== Gruelius thought u were kidding :p
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amachuhi, i want my laptop to connect to my desktop12:38
amachui have a RJ-45 cable12:38
amachulaptop with Kubuntu Edgy12:38
amachuand desktop with edubuntu feisty12:38
amachuhelp wanted12:39
Kamping_Kaiserhow is this server related?12:39
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Skaaghow do I add something to my PATH env var so that when I sudo -s it will be there?01:48
SkaagI tried /etc/profile and /root/.profile01:49
Skaagnothing works01:49
Kamping_Kaiseradd a 'if uid=0 use this PATH=' to your bashrc01:49
Kamping_Kaisersudo -s = your bashrc, sudo -i = root bashrc01:49
SkaagI see!01:50
Skaaggreat, works now01:51
Skaagi've been struggling with this because of this small difference between -s and -i01:51
Skaagbummer ;-)01:51
Kamping_Kaisernp. 01:51
Skaagthanks Kamping_Kaiser 01:51
Kamping_Kaiserenjoy mate :)01:51
Skaagnow to try and get Xen working01:51
Skaagi'm a bit uneasy with having xen replace my kernel01:51
Kamping_Kaiseri havent tried it01:52
SkaagI did simulations with apt-get01:53
Skaagto see what it will do..01:53
Skaagit plans to replace the kernel among other things01:53
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The__FBIkamping_Kaiser: i have you surrounded01:53
Kamping_KaiserThe__FBI, i'll not treat this as ban evasion.01:54
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Kamping_Kaisersorry about the distraction :)01:55
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dworkinI have feisty and i want to install apache2 with ssl support, but the only apache in repos with ssl enabled is 1.3.34. how can i enable ssl in apache 2.2.3?04:27
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jam_Anyone there?10:26
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fooHm, LayeredTech offers ubuntu servers; nice.11:24
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