cliebow_ ho12:40
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mr2 I have a live 7.04 ubuntu that will not install (freezes @ 15%) I think it has to do with only have a SATA drive ...is there a fix for this?01:24
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alfred_is there any way to them out the default login manager for edubuntu and the ltsp client04:01
alfred_sorry that is theme out like with KDM I can use different user lists per station etc04:02
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bimberialfred_: you can change the default symlink in /opt/ltsp/<arch>/usr/share/ldm/themes/04:10
alfred_thank you04:10
bimberialfred_: yw :)  not sure about creating/editing though04:11
alfred_well with kdm you can tell it based on mac address what user list to show04:11
alfred_for that machine04:11
alfred_How can I tell ldm to stop and use kdm?04:11
bimberialfred_: that I don't know sorry04:12
alfred_thanks though04:13
alfred_I got the kdm to work but no keyboard...04:17
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grnany suggestions as to why a fresh fiesty 7.04 on a dell optiplex 320 would have just a blinking cursor after grub menu timeout06:14
grnlive cd works though06:14
bimberigrn: does ctrl-alt-F1 get you to a text login prompt?06:30
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Meshezabeelhow can I make a modification to edubuntu and repack it into an installation disc?07:30
bimberiMeshezabeel: there's http://reconstructor.aperantis.com/ (for ubuntu but would probably work with edubuntu)07:33
Meshezabeelthanks bimberi :)07:34
bimberiMeshezabeel: yw :)07:34
Meshezabeelbimberi, looking through the docs, it looks like I can install programs from apt repositories, but I have made my own educational software that I would like to install on the disc, is this also possible?07:47
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bimberiMeshezabeel: i don't really know sorry.  I would be suprrised if you can't.  At the very least you could make your own packages.07:49
Meshezabeelok, thanks, I don't know anything about making a package, but if I made a package, could I then upload it to some sort of public repository?07:50
bimbericheckinstall is one way of making packages ...07:54
ubotucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!07:54
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bimberiand falcon is a very nice repository builder ...07:55
bimberi!info falcon edgy-seveas07:57
ubotufalcon: Falcon repository creator. In component extras, is optional. Version 1.5.4-0ubuntu2 (edgy-seveas), package size 175 kB, installed size 516 kB07:57
ubotuSeveas has a popular 3rd party repository for several packages. More info (and mirrors) on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages07:57
Meshezabeelok, thanks for all your help again :)08:06
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mariohighvoltage, you still like being op :)09:40
marioafter all this time ;P09:40
highvoltagemario: I just need to set it up that it doesn't auto-op, been too lazy when it comes to irc stuff09:42
mariohighvoltage, how are you doing? :)09:42
highvoltagemario: well, just got back home yesterday, and have to leave again tonight, so things are a bit hectic, but I don't have a reason to complain09:44
marioah  :)09:45
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chris_hansenhi there... are there any ltsp experts around??10:21
chris_hansenis my message getting through??10:25
marioyes, it is10:25
chris_hansenok, thanks :)10:25
chris_hanseni'll check back later, and see if someone can help then...take care all10:26
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MM2_I have edubuntu server with ltsp, but clients cant boot from it02:26
MM2_I use windows dhcp-server and client gives error: "PXE-T04: Missing mode"02:26
MM2_And edubuntu syslog shows: "tftp: client does not accept options"02:26
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JohnFluxAnyone at the ubuntu summit in sevilla?02:52
ograJohnFlux, thats over sice saturday02:53
JohnFluxit was meant to be asked in past tense heh02:53
JohnFluxthe kdeedu person, annma, is trying to find out if anything was decided02:54
JohnFluxparticularly whether there were any problems with packaging kde edu stuff etc02:54
ograall our kdeedu probs were solved with moving it to the addon CD02:55
ograin feisty02:55
JohnFluxso all the kde programs are separate from gnome apps?02:56
ograwe wont repackage anything now that we have additional space02:56
JohnFluxor do I misunderstand?02:56
ogramost of the edu apps moved over, not only KDE02:56
ograbut yes02:56
ograin gutsy we'll pull the whole of kdeedu in and look through additional apps as well02:58
ogra(we dont use the kdeedu metapackage but a selected list of apps from it yet ... gutsy has space enough to pull all in)02:58
JohnFluxare there any particular problems etc that the kdeedu people can help with?02:58
ograwe were also defining a voting system for apps so users can rate02:59
JohnFluxby an addon cd, you mean edubuntu is now on two cds or what?02:59
ograwith feisty we moved to a two CD setup02:59
JohnFluxboth part of edubuntu right?02:59
ograthere are slight problems with getting that across to users (wording/naming etc) but we'l solve these for gutsy03:00
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ograhey anna03:00
annmahi ogra03:00
ograto sad yu couldnt be in sevilla ... it was great ...03:00
JohnFluxannma: were there any more questions you had for the edubuntu guys?03:01
annmaI just wonder why we don't work together03:02
annmathat's my question03:02
ograwe dont ?03:03
JohnFluxannma: what particular things would you like done?03:03
annmaeveryone I meet about Educational Software asks me that question03:03
ograi work very close with riddell03:03
annmaogra: do we?03:03
JohnFluxogra: do you use irc or the mailing list mostly?03:03
annmariddell is not part of kdeedu03:03
ograi thought he would be my proxy to you guys03:03
annmawell he never said so03:03
ograwell, he is kde upstream, isnt he ?03:03
annmaso I never got anything back to you03:04
ograJohnFlux, IRC03:04
annmathat's what I mainly asked John03:04
=== JohnFlux nods
annmaI asked if there was a KDE representative03:04
JohnFluxannma: maybe stay on this channel ?03:04
ograannma, well, since feisty all our problems should be gone now, i just explained it to john03:04
ograannma, there were never problems with kdeedu ... thats something i never got across to you guys ... the probelms were always size related ...03:05
annmaso you're putting all kde-edu stuff on the second CD?03:05
annmait's not only about problems03:05
ograwe're putting nearly everything edu related on the second CD03:05
annmait's also about gettinbg feedback from your users03:05
annmagetting things fixed, talking i18n and all that03:06
ografor feisty there was gcompris and kdeedu ... in gutsy more stuff will move and i'll look into moving libs and languages back to the first one03:06
JohnFluxannma: do you have a launchpad account?03:06
annmaI htink I have one03:06
JohnFluxogra can you help annma get signed up to the launchpad edubuntu bugs maybe?03:06
annmaJohnFlux: please03:06
ograsure ... just sign up for the team, i'll enable you right away03:07
annmathat willnot solve anything, I have no time to triage bugs03:07
annmabesides I always forget passwords, I have too many03:07
JohnFluxannma: use kwallet ;_003:08
JohnFluxannma: you don't have to triage bugs, but this way you can see the feedback from users03:08
ograi dont think there are many kdeedu bugs ... to be honest thats the software i see the least ones with in edubuntu ...03:09
ogragood work ;)03:09
JohnFluxannma: maybe sign up for only kde edu bugs?03:09
annmayou only talk about packaging then at your meetings?03:09
JohnFluxyou might have to do it app by app something03:09
annmathe wiki advertized for applications on the desktop03:10
annmathat's mainly what interest me: how to develop better edu apps03:11
ograannma, we talked about appselection too ..03:11
ograannma, but more generally03:11
annmait would be good if you tell us when you  son't select an app why you do so for ex03:12
ogra*i* dont care about gnome or kde apps ... i only care how to manage the distro ... we'll put an app voting mechanism in place for gutsy so users can rate and we'll put in what they want03:12
ograif the page i done i'll send you the link and see if we can get an rss feed in place that provides the current list on a daily base03:13
annmaI also don't care much about toolkit to be frank03:13
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=== ogra hugs annma :)
ograyay for consensus :)03:14
annmawhat interest me is to make it clear to teachers that some free stuff exists03:14
=== RichEd-1 [n=richard@dsl-245-152-55.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
annmai work a lot with Bruno from GCompris03:14
annmawe do all our advertizment together03:14
JohnFluxI gotta shoot off now03:15
JohnFluxcya ;-)03:15
annmayeah me too03:15
annmaone last thing: I invited you guys to aKedemy Edu Day03:15
ograsee you then03:15
annmaany chance someone comes?03:15
ograyeah, i need to check my schedule03:16
annmalet me know then please03:16
ograi'm very full with travelling the next months03:16
=== MM2 [n=moversti@edu.haapavesi.fi] has joined #edubuntu
ograwill do03:16
annmathanks for your time03:16
ograsebas already talked to me03:16
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andreaI install an ltsp server in edubuntu server 7.10; I create few user with the same name of the hostname of the client. I need to autologin them, can somebody help me? Please08:41
andrea7.4 sorry08:41
RichEd-1andrea : try #ltsp ... there are more LTSP people awake there now ... USA time08:55
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MM2andrea: It might be difficult with gdm...09:14
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azehi all09:19
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azeany french edubuntu users ?09:22
moquistsbalneav: hey there09:36
moquistsbalneav, ogra: did any magic bullets come out of the LTSP boot performance sessions?09:36
moquistI know I was there, but I was paying attention to things that I thought were higher priority for my schools. Turns out that this is really important for us after all...09:37
moquistThe spec is rather...sparse. :)09:37
moquist(that is, "blank")09:38
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ogramoquist, it was more a workshop than a spec09:40
ograthings we find are bugs and have to be fixed09:41
moquistogra: right...but was anything written down taht I can read?09:41
ograand no, last thing i tried today was switching nfs back and forth between udp and tcp09:41
moquistogra: Or should I just keep bugging people who paid attention so they can tell me what the conclusions were? :)09:41
ograthere were none09:41
moquistogra: OK09:41
ograwe tried all the differentces from ltsp 4.2 in 5 and have not found the magic one yet09:42
ograwhat i havent tried yet is to use uclibc instead of klibc ...09:42
ograbut that doesnt look very promising as possible bottleneck09:43
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moquistogra: Testing with this same laptop, LDM takes 60 seconds longer to load than GDM. (feisty)11:03
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moquistogra: FWIW, http://nopaste.org/p/aPx1NVHOrb documents the TC specs and boot times to login, GDM v. LDM11:16
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azeany french edubuntu users ?12:16
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