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coz_so are people awake here this evening? well evening here anyway :)04:52
wedderburnits mid arvo in aus04:56
troy_scoz_: cozzy baby04:57
coz_wedderburn, oh ! I forgive you :)   although I am still jealous you are in austrailia04:57
troy_scoz_: how goes it my brother?04:57
coz_troy_s, hey guy :)04:57
troy_scoz_: Bah -- island of convicts -- nothing to be envious of.04:57
coz_troy_s, `not bad how about yourserlfg04:57
wedderburncoz_: where abouts are you?04:57
coz_wedderburn, I am in east coast US the state of Pennsylvania04:58
wedderburnah yeah04:58
coz_actually its not a state its a common wealth but thats another story04:58
coz_troy_s, so how goes the art team at this point?04:59
wedderburnkinda like how aus is split  7 ways but only 5 are states?04:59
coz_wedderburn, really didnt know that04:59
troy_scoz_: Same is as same as.05:00
troy_scoz_: What do you think of Feisty?05:00
wedderburnwoah wait im forgetting tasmania 8 ways but 5 are states05:00
troy_scoz_: Type your thoughts... brb05:00
coz_troy_s, yikes I was hoping for better news than that.... fesity is fine its ok the art sucks but the system runs :)05:00
coz_wedderburn, :)05:00
coz_I was kind of hoping things might be different for the up and coming ubuntu ?05:01
coz_I guess not right?05:02
troy_scoz_: LOL05:04
troy_scoz_: Who are you directing that question at?05:04
coz_troy_s, anyone who can answer it05:04
troy_scoz_: and instead of sucks, could you elaborate into something that reads a little better?05:04
troy_scoz_: Do you mean 'different' as in different process?05:04
coz_troy_s, sure lol, well as you are well aware the default image on feisty is a bit washed out too simplifies for my taste05:05
troy_sis it an image... lol.05:05
coz_ troy_s lol05:05
coz_troy_s, well for the "things being different" thing... i was hoping maybe some things have changes interms of shuttlworth and the art team haveing a closer relationship?05:06
troy_sI think if such a thing were to be proposed, it might be very illusiory05:06
coz_troy_s, really? thats sad05:07
troy_sI suspect it is business as usual, with the 'what do you think of this or that' style approach05:07
troy_sto up the 'inclusion' value.05:07
troy_sthat said, I could very well be very wrong.05:07
coz_troy_s, interesting I have reading some quotes by programmers and their ideas of the differences or similarities of art and programming and does programming fall into the catgory of art05:08
troy_scoz_: And for our parts, I would argue that we don't have a leg to stand on as no one has generated anything as a viable alternative.05:08
troy_scoz_: So it is, in reality, partially our fault.05:08
coz_troy_s, well you may be right,05:09
troy_scoz_: Which is why, if you believe in attempting to create change, one must do so first before one can expect any sort of offering extended.05:09
coz_troy_s, I will have to think abou that one :)05:10
coz_troy_s, what were you thing with the " no one has generated anything as viable alternative" statement?05:10
coz_thinking not thing05:10
troy_swell... i think as a community we really need to step up and generate a body of work.05:11
troy_swhich is why nothlits rallying of the troops is important of late.05:11
troy_s(i of course still flail away with that gg package working on, etc)05:11
coz_troy_s, a body of work consiting of what05:11
troy_sa design / look05:11
troy_sfor the desktop05:11
coz_troy_s, oh  but not just the desktop right? the whole look of the system05:12
troy_si would at least _aim_ for that.05:12
troy_smy feeling is that to embody the os, you don't need to do ALL the icons etc...05:12
troy_sperhaps 10 of the high visibility05:12
troy_sthe sound design05:12
troy_sgdm / logon splash / desktop wallpaper05:13
troy_sand metacity / gdm theme05:13
troy_sgtk theme05:13
coz_troy_s, i always thought one african theme would be nice however considering the areas that ubuntu goes into I am not sure tha twould be a good idea05:13
troy_si think african is probably too heavy in terms of a motif.05:14
coz_troy_s, absolutely05:14
troy_sagain, just a gut.05:14
troy_swhat i was hoping was that we could knock out a series of themes aimed at the more atypical free software user05:14
troy_sbeing the mainstream05:14
troy_smature folk05:14
troy_s(say 18-36)05:14
troy_sthose with some degree of financial clout, etc.05:15
coz_troy_s, that is mature folk? :)05:15
troy_sits mature in terms of ...05:15
troy_scompared to say, the 12 year old gnome-look enthusiast.05:15
coz_oh :)05:15
troy_sbut it is mature05:15
troy_swithout being decrepit -- as in mature enough to influence significant change in a company.05:16
troy_sand not quite decrepit say, such as myself.05:16
coz_troy_s, have ideas come from anyone with some consistency05:16
troy_sother than the side projects, not exactly.  although I have quite high hopes for what nothlit is migrating towards.05:16
coz_troy_s, any examples to link to?05:17
troy_scoz_: More infrastructure right now pertaining to trying to build on a communication motif etc.05:18
coz_i see05:18
troy_sits a pretty open forum at the moment... iirc the vote ended up being05:18
troy_scollaboration and ... grr hold.05:18
coz_so is there a leaning towards a more conservative , clean, sleek look ?05:19
troy_si hope not05:20
troy_si think the window is wide open05:20
troy_scoz_: I would like to see _many_ different approaches, but again, people need to stand up and contribute really.05:20
troy_si am still working u2 towards an alpha package as well as a few other projects, so my attention is quite torn at the moment.05:21
coz_troy_s, I understand...well I have to admit I have been somewhat removed for a while since my last encounter with the ubuntu people05:21
troy_sget over it you bugger.05:21
troy_sthose are FORUM people05:21
coz_I understand  just bothers me that such young people sound like old men05:22
coz_well I guess I can get back to work on some things and upload them for at least you to look at at some point05:22
troy_shrm.. you have new work?05:23
troy_shave you tried some work in inkscape?05:23
coz_troy_s, well at the moment they are just concepts05:23
troy_sit really has evolved into quite the bloody tool05:23
troy_si put up a half finished piece05:23
coz_troy_s, yes I hve been working with inkscape qute a bit to get familiar witht he vocabulary of the app05:23
troy_son my blogzone05:23
troy_sit is _sooooo_ good... even for traditional art.05:24
coz_troy_s, can is see it?05:24
coz_troy_s, very nice :)05:25
troy_sjust an experiment, but i have thus far been pleasantly surprised.05:25
coz_www.coz1.blogspot.com   is mine with some of my older boring pieces05:25
troy_sso you have some new stuff down the pipe?05:25
troy_swow that macro photo sort of hair follicle refraction is ... eerily awsome.05:26
coz_troy_s, I do have some ideas that have been developing but with my support time in #beryl I haven't had time to get them put them into a visula at all05:26
troy_sis that lion a painting?  i canna tell05:27
coz_troy_s, yes it is05:27
wedderburntroy_s: have you seen this http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=445758662&context=set-72157600046909364&size=o ?05:27
troy_sand coz you dumb fecker... use the blogger embed thing for images then you can click to get bigger versions05:27
coz_troy_s, lol05:27
troy_sfor example, click on the portrait of my daughter you'll see what i mean05:27
coz_wedderburn, woodgrain :)05:27
troy_sjust pick your image size and goo05:27
wedderburncoz_: yeah i thought it looked really nice like ages when i last saw it05:28
troy_swedderburn: You saw the early u2 stuff yes?05:28
wedderburnyes i have05:28
coz_wedderburn, i like it as well :)05:28
troy_syeah... we tried textures05:28
troy_sin the end, went away with it.05:28
troy_sand into the current state...05:28
wedderburndidn't think much of the  min max close buttons though05:28
troy_si love the wood, but it is a tad on point05:28
wedderburnon the u2 art05:28
coz_troy_s, my nephew forces me to start a blog and after I heard that song "istarted a blog" I though ok why not :)05:28
troy_swedderburn: totally changed05:28
=== wedderburn goes to look
troy_swedderburn: more uh... evolutionary process...05:28
troy_swedderburn: that was the point, put the shit up even knowing that it would likely change05:29
coz_hmm I better get started with some of these ideas  then   I feel left out :)05:29
troy_scoz_: where is the bigger link for the lion painting?05:29
wedderburntroy_s: piff it at a wall and see what sticks?05:30
coz_troy_s, i don't have one I removed all my work from ubuntuforums but I can upload it if you want to see it  if I can find the damn thing05:30
wedderburndoes anyone outside of aus use the word pift ?05:30
coz_wedderburn, pift?  mm what does it mean?05:30
wedderburnto throw05:30
wedderburnto piff something05:30
wedderburnor have something piffed at you05:31
coz_wedderburn, no never heard that in the US yet!05:31
coz_wedderburn, we use  'pissed: here :)05:31
wedderburnyeah so do we05:31
wedderburnwhen we discribe someone whos drunk05:31
coz_actually we just use somting thrown at you05:31
wedderburnthats odd05:32
coz_wedderburn, that is typically british isnt it?05:32
wedderburncoz_: piff of pissed?05:32
troy_swedderburn: yes... throw shit at wall... not so much to see if it sticks, but even while you are working / evolving.05:32
troy_swith the hopes that perhaps, even through the intermediate versions, you stir something in someone else.05:32
troy_si _loved_ the textures, but it just wasn't coming together.05:32
coz_wedderburn, `well if someone had something happen to them unexpected then we woudl say that was thrown at them or it came from left field05:32
troy_sso had to take a different route.05:32
coz_wedderburn, if you meant literally thrown at them then we just say  "what the f*** was that?05:33
wedderburnsounds about right05:33
wedderburnthough we would call them a bloody yob after ;)05:34
coz_ah oh a bloddy yob ????05:34
wedderburnbloody yobbo05:34
coz_wedderburn, ok that needs even more explanation05:34
coz_wedderburn, ooo you wouldnt say stuff like that where i live05:35
coz_wedderburn, this is all working class here always has been05:36
wedderburnit can be used as a compliment05:36
coz_troy_s, I will try to get busy on some of these ideas and let you take a look at them05:36
wedderburndepends where yo uare05:36
coz_wedderburn, true :)05:37
wedderburnnow you know what a bogan is right?05:37
coz_wedderburn, no  !!!05:37
wedderburnits like another word for yobbo but less insulting05:37
coz_wedderburn, mm must be interesting in austrailia05:38
wedderburnyeah you can use all these words and no one from the states can understand a word of it05:39
coz_well guys I happen to live in the US and it is now 11:39 PM  and i am getting tired....nice talking with both of you and troy_s i will start work on some of this stuff soon and let you know when I upload it  night to both of you05:40
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troy_swedderburn: Did I mention craig mullens sent me email two days ago!?05:46
troy_swedderburn: How cool is that?05:46
troy_swedderburn: uh oh05:53
troy_swedderburn: You probably wouldn't give a shit then... lol05:53
troy_swedderburn: http://www.goodbrush.com/05:54
wedderburn:Pjust got back from tech support for my dad06:06
troy_swedderburn: Very talented fecking guy... very busy too -- he is booked right up till' November on some very high visibility projects.06:09
wedderburnthats pretty good06:10
wedderburntroy_s: so bit of a honor that he took some time to email?06:11
troy_swell not exactly06:11
troy_sit is regarding that feature film thing06:11
troy_she did the covers of the novels06:11
troy_serm let me find a link06:11
troy_sthat's the first of the trilogy06:11
troy_sanyways, that's his art06:13
troy_swedderburn: very bloody talented guy.06:13
wedderburntroy_s: so anything good planned for gusty's ubuntu art?06:16
troy_swedderburn: Lol.  in what capacity?06:18
troy_swedderburn: Well that's bout the answer then :)06:20
troy_sAlthough i hear there is this really revolutionary motif coming around !!!  Earth / Air / Water / Fire etc.06:20
=== troy_s thuds.
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nothlittroy_s: holy crud you're right people don't get it--theyre still focusing on widget shapes, copying osx and reading what i've layed out and immediately equating it to what's been done already07:26
nothlittroy_s: i had hoped people could contribute more in this decision stage =/07:26
nothlitotherwise it just becomes what you or i see with no extraneous input07:27
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troy_snothlit: It's one part education, one part execution, and three parts brute force.07:34
troy_snothlit: The BEST part of the fun and games07:34
troy_snothlit: Is that IF, and that is a BIG IF,07:35
troy_snothlit: IF Ubuntu design actually embodied those principles on SOME level, we probably wouldn't be attempting to execute the project.07:35
troy_snothlit: I would say to that post, please point to the design that embodies that.07:37
troy_snothlit:  I guess I would love someone to please point me to a successful design campaign that wasn't the byproduct of some serious brainstorming and discussion.07:40
nothlittroy_s: a design campaign? few if any. if design is the main focus, in order to carry itself it has to have thought and vision applied, there isn't really dumb luck in design itself07:49
nothlittroy_s: otherwise-- if design isn't the focus, i suppose there are grassroots campaigns where the message is far more important the the mode of delivery07:49
nothlittroy_s: you aren't serious about the elements thing for gutsy are you?07:50
troy_selements for guts?07:50
nothlitdesign by nature involves planning07:50
troy_sthe earth / air / fire?07:51
nothlit12:20:22 < troy_s> Although i hear there is this really revolutionary motif coming around !!!  Earth / Air / Water / Fire etc.07:51
troy_soh yes... i am very serious07:51
troy_sit is called 'hey i don't know what this motif thing is, but i have this wonderful idea'07:51
troy_searthy is one thing07:51
troy_sfour elements is a bad video game07:51
nothlitor the show avatar :)07:51
nothlitbut elements and balancing in itself is more an abstract/arty thing--does he not realise theres absolutely no content in that motif?07:52
troy_suh... i'll just leave that whole thing alone07:53
troy_sas i said, it is one part education...07:53
nothlittroy_s: so you prefer technology/man made objects to define progress?07:56
troy_sme?  no...07:58
troy_snothlit: I am still all 100% for Ubuntu vocalizing organics.07:58
troy_snothlit: But I do think that that direction could work as well...07:58
troy_snothlit: And in fact, I would probably like to see some output.07:58
troy_snothlit: Seriously though, judging from the resounding amount of brilliance exhibited thus far,07:59
troy_snothlit: Perhaps we just work on cranking something out...07:59
troy_snothlit: Start in greyscale / sketch07:59
troy_sand work outwards?08:00
troy_sbased on the loose goals?08:00
nothlityeah thats what i'm planning on doing08:00
troy_si fear that all we can probably accomplish is transparency in operation08:00
troy_snothlit: Having a workflow would help08:00
troy_snothlit: As in, if the starting point is the same, at least they can be evaluated on similar terms08:00
troy_snothlit: It is impossible to say, cast a vote on a semi-finished piece versus something offered as a proof of principle on the back of a napkin08:01
nothlita series of loose (colour) sketches--and people can express approval/disagreement from there08:01
troy_s(well possible, but highly unlikely with respect to the mindsets.)08:01
nothliteasier for the general public to visualise08:01
troy_syeah i have no idea really08:02
troy_sit is so well beyond any workflow -- well it isn't a workflow really08:02
troy_sits rather just 'hey let's pretend and you judge.)08:02
nothliti'd prefer to work palettes out on actual work than picking anyways08:02
troy_sshit... i must bed.08:02
troy_semail me your thoughts08:03
nothlitkk cyas08:03
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troy_snothlit: Ping?05:16
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nothlittroy_s: heyas05:50
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