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dokovil: just ask10:02
vilhi doko10:02
vilyesterday someone asked me to upload a merge10:03
vilI was not sure about the changelog so I wanted to ask10:03
vilit was reportbug package10:03
vilthis one seems to be in ubuntu for ages and the older versions contained a lot of -ubuntu1 records in the changelog10:04
vilhowever the one the guy presented me contained only a few10:04
vilso someone omitted that10:05
vilyou could see that here http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/r/reportbug/reportbug_3.37ubuntu1/changelog10:08
vilso I wanted to ask if we care about that or if it is acceptable to forget the ubuntu records10:09
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vildoko, any idea about the above?11:34
dokovil: well, you should keep the records (and answer general questions on that on #ubuntu-motu maybe)11:36
vilok thx11:47
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