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MrNOKIAhello again :)04:10
MrNOKIAi'm a little bit puzzled: could anynone please explain the "your processor does not support long mode, use a 32bit version" error ? i got it twice, once on gentoo 2007 and also on feisty fawn, when trying to boot a dell inspiron 6400 centrino dual core box04:14
MrNOKIAwhat is more strange, is that on a dell inspiron 6400 intel dual core 2 the error doesn;t appear04:16
MrNOKIAboth distros, however, are puzzled by the ATi x1400 vga, which is very strange, at least from ubuntu point of view: both dapper and edgy detected it flawlessly04:17
MrNOKIAbut not feisty...04:17
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crimsunMrNOKIA: tell me the output from `grep ^flags /proc/cpuinfo |uniq` in #ubuntu, please.05:01
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johanbrcrimsun: Don't know if you remember, but I asked you about my USB phone a few days ago. I couldn't get audio over USB to work, so I tried bluetooth instead and I can reliably get the Feisty kernel to panic.05:45
crimsunjohanbr: snd-bt-sco or a2dpd plugin?05:46
johanbrcrimsun: snd-bt-sco05:46
crimsunjohanbr: the latter is preferred.05:46
johanbrI didn't realize they were functionally equivalent. I'll give a2dpd a try, thank you.05:47
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BenCcrimsun: where is a2dpd?05:49
crimsunBenC: alsa-lib plugin distributed by bluetooth-alsa.sf.net.05:50
Amaranththat's an odd name for a module05:51
BenCcrimsun: should I ditch snd-bt-sco?05:51
crimsunBenC: I can't say at this point (I don't have enough feedback to provide an answer).05:51
johanbrI assume that then you'd have to package bluetooth-alsa?05:52
crimsunjohanbr: adding the plugin to our alsa-lib source is not difficult.05:53
crimsunA lot of people are having problems with snd-bt-sco, but that's with older code.  I don't know offhand (no local equipment) if updating it resolves the issues.05:55
crimsunjohanbr: I'm trying to hold off updating the alsa-* source until 1.0.14 final is released, since there are so many fixes.05:56
johanbrcrimsun: I see. I should have some more time in a week or so, then I'll do some experimenting with a2dpd and maybe a newer snd-bt-sco. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting.05:59
crimsunjohanbr: many thanks.06:00
johanbrI'm happy to contribute what little I can. :)06:00
johanbrWell, gotta go...06:00
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MrNOKIAthanks crimsun, meanwhile i found out with stupefaction that intel's centrino duo hasn't x64 support09:31
Mithrandirduo 2 has09:34
Mithrandirduo 1 does not.09:34
crimsungotta love core duos.09:35
MrNOKIAonly trouble is, the dell with centrino is mine, the dell with core 2 duo is not :(09:39
MrNOKIAspeaking of core 2 duo inspiron, it has 2 problems, one being very strange09:40
MrNOKIAfirst of all, it seems to lack support for the BCM... bluetooth card09:41
crimsunit would be useful for the kernel team if you can point to a detailed wiki page with the components, dmesg, and lspci -nvv .09:41
MrNOKIAon the other hand, the ATI x1400 doesn't work with official ati drivers09:41
MrNOKIApastebin is ok ?09:42
MrNOKIAit would be best to have a comparison between dell inspiron 6400 centrino duo and dell inspiron 6400 core 2 duo09:43
MrNOKIAthey are 95% similar09:43
MrNOKIAand i have them both right now on feisty and feisty_x6409:44
crimsunMrNOKIA: a more ... permanent page on the Ubuntu wiki under the LaptopTestingTeam hierarchy is arguably more helpful.09:48
MrNOKIAok, let me see what i can do. never done that before :)09:51
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zdzichuBGis it safe to install gutsy kernel on feisty?10:43
crimsunI don't recommend it, but some people report it works dandy.  And I presume you mean 2.6.22-2, because the "gutsy kernel" still is feisty's 2.6.20-15.10:47
zdzichuBGcrimsun: thanks. And yes, I mean latest  upload, with dyntics, timerstats and other good stuff.11:01
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elmarcoFATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module fglrx.ko uses GPL-only symbol 'pagefault_disable'02:50
elmarcoany idea what I can do to override this for private use?02:50
mjg59Change EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(pagefault_disable) to EXPORT_SYMBOL?02:54
zulBenC: is there a meeting tomorrow?02:59
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DBOis there anyone on the kernel team that wouldn't mind answering a couple quick questions?05:14
mjg59Depends how quick05:16
mjg59But go ahead :)05:16
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DBOare you guys aware of the considerable stability issues many people are having with the feisty kernel?  (i dont mean to be offensive)05:17
DBOalso, thank you =)05:17
DBOand if so can we expect a fix?05:18
mjg59If there are bugs filed, then we're aware of them05:18
DBOthe problem is nobody knows how to file this one05:18
DBOits just... "it hangs while in X"05:18
mjg59Well, it's clearly not generic05:18
mjg59So there'll be some degree of commonality05:18
DBOthere is a large thread on the forums about it05:19
DBOnobody seems to be able to find it...05:19
DBOnvidia, ati, intel all find it (so not video card)05:19
mjg59If there's no commonality across all the reports, then it's unlikely to be the same bug05:19
mjg59To a first approximation, computers are deterministic05:19
DBOsome people claim its the ralink, but I dont have that chipset... others find the -386 kernel05:20
DBOthats the other weird thing05:20
DBOthere doesnt seem to be an obvious trigger for it05:20
DBOI cant trigger it with any degree of consistency, nor can anyone else.  It just happens everywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours after boot05:20
DBOIm just worried it wont get fixed, so I figured I would come and ask05:21
mjg59The only thing I can suggest is hooking up a serial console05:21
DBO*looking to see if I got one*05:22
zdzichuBGBTW, when is feisty kernel update planned?05:23
mjg59No clue. Ben should know.05:23
DBOmjg59, is there any other way I can get the message from the kernel panic?05:24
DBOI want to help... I'd mail you the machine if I could afford to lose it05:24
mjg59DBO: Netconsole may be another option05:24
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DBOmjg59, would you like a link to the ubuntu forums thread on the matter so you can see what people are saying?05:25
mjg59DBO: If you've summarised it recently, I'm afraid it's unlikely to be much help05:26
DBOis there anyone else I should contact, or will filing an admittedly generic launchpad bug report be helpful?05:28
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mjg59Without any diagnostic information, without any indication as to what's triggering the problem and without any common drivers, then I'm afraid it's unlikely to be helpful05:30
DBOlast one then, would the gutsy kernel be worth a try? (provided I can swing getting the packaging to work without doing a full upgrade to gutsy)05:31
mjg59It's certainly worth a go05:33
mariah I'm debugging a problem I've had with my Sony Laptop and the generic kernel. The machine runs really slow just after finishing initrd.05:33
mariah The i386 kernel doesn't do this.05:34
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maks_wow colors05:37
mariah Anyone familiar with initrd process in Ubuntu?05:39
maks_maybe 05:40
maks_mariah: this a dev channel the support is in #ubuntu afaik05:40
maks_unless you are running latest g thing you should ask there05:41
maks_also colors put people off usually :P05:41
mariah for kernel problems as well05:41
mariah only if your english lol05:42
racarrI keep on thinking you are pinging me. And wonder why I would be pinged in #ubuntu-kernel. Red color == bad choice.05:43
mariah especially from the north!05:43
Mithrandirmariah: Please turn off colours.05:43
stgraberracarr: switch back to a classical hilight color :), say yellow :)05:47
racarrWell. It actually is yellow. But I used to use Konversation, which was red.05:48
mariahNo help there just a lot of noise05:52
mariahSo anyone here wish to assist me. This is a dev level issue.05:52
mariahI'm probably going to need to modify the initrc.img05:53
mariahPlus I turned of colors05:53
mjg59mariah: Is there a bug number?05:54
mariahI need to identify it as a bug 1st.05:54
mariahYou wish me to report something unvalidated?05:54
mjg59If you install Ubuntu, does it work properly? If yes, it's not a bug. If it doesn't, it's a bug.05:55
BenCpart of a bug is the validation process05:55
mariahI would like to be sure first rather then wasting others/my own time.05:55
mjg59mariah: Dealing with a bug takes exactly the same amount of time as asking people here05:56
mariahIt isn't live05:56
mariahOr is there another irc ch I'm not familiar with?05:56
mariahnormal ubuntu channel is very noisy right now. Lots of flooding going on.05:57
BenCmariah: bug report05:57
mjg59mariah: If the distribution doesn't work, then just file a bug report05:57
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mariahI can see this is going nowhere.05:59
mariahOk. Enjoy your talk about how you used Konversation which was red. I'm sure that is a dev issue.05:59
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mjg59mariah: If you haven't filed a bug, then I'll agree06:00
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maks_she left06:02
maks_i guess ide-generic does nothing good for her06:03
maks_but that is a wild guess06:03
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BenCrtg_, mjg59: I'm about to upload a -rc1 based kernel for gutsy with timer stats enabled06:16
maks_BenC hmm i just wanted to check if fedora has timer stats enabled06:20
BenCunless they have 2.6.21+, they wont06:20
BenChave to have NO_HZ enabled too06:20
=== zul_ [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
maks_sure they are 2.6.21 based, they always almost track latest06:23
maks_yup enabled on -generic06:25
mjg59BenC: Thanks06:30
mjg59BenC: They do06:30
mjg59Have NO_HZ, that is06:31
BenCjust NO_HZ alone improved my battery life noticably06:31
BenCmjg59: is that ipw2200 patch upstream?06:31
mjg59BenC: No06:32
mjg59Also entirely untested06:32
BenCah, the powertop site seemed to make it sound golden :)06:32
mjg59The ipw2100 one is tested06:32
mjg59The 2200 one should be equivalent - Arjan was going to test it today06:32
BenCah, it is 210006:32
mjg59Oh, right06:33
mjg59The only thing that should be done with the 2100 one is to release the IRQ on close and allocate it on open06:33
mjg59Shouldn't make any difference06:33
mjg59But slightly tidier06:33
mjg59Also, there's a tidier version of the appletouch patch06:34
BenCmjg59: would make my life a lot easier if these got sent to linus06:35
mjg59No point in sending the ipw stuff until the Intel people ack them06:35
mjg59Should get some progress with that today06:36
mjg59appletouch has been sent to -input06:36
mjg59Oh, and lkml06:36
BenCI just today tainted my tree with source patches, but only to get rc1 out :)06:36
BenCcouple of one-liners for sparc06:36
mjg59There's no point in me sending these direct to Linus, as far as I can tell - they're all going to have to go through the maintainer trees06:37
BenCwhich probably means we've missed the window06:38
rtg_BenC: 2.6.22 is closed.06:38
BenCwell closed for major syncs, but not for fixes06:38
BenCIMO, some of these can be considered fixes06:38
rtg_Since when does our opinion count :)06:39
BenCsaving my Li lifetime is a fix, IMO :)06:39
mjg59Anyone here have a late-generation G4 Powerbook?06:39
mjg59The ones that have USB touchpads06:39
Mithrandirmjg59: cjwatson maybe?06:39
BenCI have a 17: pb06:39
BenC17" I mean06:39
mjg59BenC: USB input devices?06:39
BenCI think, but I'd have to check06:40
mjg59BenC: If so, I could do with you testing something :)06:40
mjg59Basically, I need to know whether the first touch on the touchpad sends a button down event06:40
BenCmy wife has to go to a doctor appointment later, so there's a small point of opportunity to get it and install a small feisty partition :)06:40
BenCfabbione: ping06:41
mjg59Oh, and also spend some time figuring out whether it has the same behaviour as the geyser 3 does06:41
BenCfabbione has the same PB I have06:41
mjg59I'll sort a quick diff06:42
zul_BenC: evil..my wife would kill me06:48
maks_zul_ did you ever try?06:49
BenCmjg59: are you going to take care of the hit list on linuxpowertop.org for the apps we have in gutsy?06:50
BenClot of patches we could probably user, I need to do the one I did for gaim against pidgin06:50
BenCtime to reboot06:53
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BenCuhci/ehci and ipw3945 are killing my battery :/07:27
zdzichuBGusb is bad, but ipw?07:28
BenCthat's on an idle system07:28
BenCprobably network-manager doing scans07:29
zdzichuBGor regulatory daemon doing voodoo07:29
zdzichuBGmaybe iwlwifi will be nicer07:29
mjg59If you have a wireless interface up, it'll spew stuff for an extended period of time07:29
BenCit's not reg daemon, it's definitely network-manager making it do bad stuff07:30
rtg_How about the signal strength monitor?07:30
BenCrtg_: that's network-daemon07:30
BenCerr, network-manager07:30
BenC  42.4% (100.0)       <interrupt> : uhci_hcd:usb1, ehci_hcd:usb5 07:31
BenC  12.5% (29.4)       <interrupt> : ipw3945 07:31
BenC   5.3% (12.6)      S20powernowd : queue_delayed_work_on (delayed_work_timer_fn) 07:31
BenCI have no idea what the S20powernowd thing is07:31
mjg59BenC: What hardware is this?07:31
mjg59BenC: powernowd is due to ondemand waking up too often07:31
MithrandirS20powernowd is the cpufreq daemon07:31
mjg59That's /supposed/ to be fixed in git07:31
BenCmjg59: Dell XPS 1710, core2duo07:31
mjg59BenC: Bluetooth?07:31
BenCmjg59: yeah07:32
mjg59If so, hciconfig hci0 down07:32
BenCmjg59: wow, that killed half the wakeups, so most of uhci/ehci07:32
BenCit's not even in my top 10 list anymore07:33
mjg59We need to improve bluetooth in that respect07:33
=== m0rg0th [n=manugarg@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenC40% of my wakeups come from ipw3945 now07:35
BenCondemand, mixer_applet2 and firefox seem to be the worst offenders now07:35
BenCbesides 3945 that is07:35
mjg59I've uploaded fixes for mixer_applet207:36
maks_ 20.8%        <interrupt> : i804207:36
maks_what's that biest?07:36
mjg59maks_: You're moving the mouse or typing07:36
=== tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
maks_thanks mjg5907:36
mjg59i8042 is the keyboard/mouse controller for ps/2 systems07:37
mjg59BenC: How recently did you pull from Linus?07:37
maks_update-notifier is also always shown07:37
BenCthis is -rc107:37
maks_4.8%    update-notifier : schedule_timeout (process_timeout)07:37
mjg59BenC: Hm.07:37
BenCmaks_: on a fresh boot, that probably means it is downloading updates07:38
BenCor checking for them07:38
maks_fresh boot since 30 min07:38
fabbioneBenC: pong07:40
BenCfabbione: is your touchpad on your PB connected via USB?07:41
fabbioneBenC: yes like your07:41
mjg59fabbione: Any chance you can test something for me at some point?07:43
fabbionemjg59: can it be done on a LiveCD?07:43
mjg59fabbione: No07:43
mjg59(Well, yes, but I'll need you to build a kernel as well, so not really)07:43
fabbionemjg59: then no.. sorry.. i removed Linux from this machine.07:44
mjg59No problem07:44
BenCguess I can test it later07:44
mjg59I'll generate a diff shortly07:44
BenCfabbione: thanks anyway fabio07:47
BenCmjg59: have you done the mixer_applet2 10-HZ patch already?07:49
mjg59BenC: 10-HZ?07:50
BenCit has a 10hz timer07:50
mjg59Oh, yes, that's gone07:50
BenCguess I should selectively pull in some gutsy stuff07:50
mjg592.18.0-3ubuntu2 and the latest gstreamer0.10-plugins-base07:51
fabbioneBenC: no problem at all07:52
=== doko_ [n=doko@dslb-088-074-028-156.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenC-3ubuntu2 doesn't appear yet...but I did update ipw3945, so I'll check later if that helps08:12
mjg59BenC: Yeah, gucharmap is fucked and has broken the build08:13
BenClibnss appears kind of fucked too08:13
BenCyay for merge weeks :)08:14
BenCpowertop is my new best friend though08:14
BenCmjg59: Have you met our new guy Amit yet?08:15
BenChe was at UDS, wont be starting for another month though08:15
rtg_How do you get S20powernowd to slow down? Was that supposed to be fixed in -rc1?08:15
mjg59rtg_: Just chatted to the cpufreq people08:15
BenChe's got crap loads of power savings experience08:15
mjg59rtg_: It's effectively a false positive08:15
mjg59BenC: Surname?08:15
mjg59rtg_: ondemand will opportunistically schedule whenever another interrupt appears08:16
BenCKucheria, but I may have mispelled it08:16
Amaranthdoes the -2.7 kernel have the options on powertop needs or do i have to build myself?08:16
mjg59Looks like he's done wireless hacking as well?08:16
BenCmjg59: appears so08:17
BenCyour search probably shows where he came from :)08:18
BenChe met Keith(?) at UDS, and they are working on a power savings spec for gutsy08:20
BenCrevolves around this powertop thing, and getting patches in for stuff like gnome to aggregate timers (there's a kde patch that does the same there)08:21
mjg59I'm fixing stuff that pops up here08:21
BenCbasically does the same thing for gnome that round_jiffies() does for the kernel08:22
mjg59I think glib support for that exists08:22
BenC   3.3% ( 8.0)          modprobe : usb_hcd_poll_rh_status (rh_timer_func) 08:23
BenCany idea what the hell that is?08:23
mjg59USB host controller08:23
mjg59Got any USB devices?08:23
mjg59If so, and if they don't support runtime suspending, there'll be some housekeeping interrupts08:23
BenChard to say...I thought my keyboard and touchpad were...then I also have a usb mouse connected08:24
BenCweird that it shows as modprobe08:25
mjg59If it's a module, it'll show as whatever userspace task started it08:25
BenCah, gotcha08:25
mjg59And yeah, if you have a USB mouse that'll do it08:25
mjg59There should be some patches for runtime HID suspend appearing soon08:26
BenCdhcdbd still has a 5hz timer08:26
mjg59Yeah, need to chase Keith about a patch for that08:26
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BenCok, ipw3945 is just horrible09:15
BenCjust loading the driver causes 16 wakeups/sec09:16
BenCup/down leaves it doing 50-70/sec09:16
mjg59I've just uploaded dhcdpd09:16
BenCwonder why 3945 would need to do 16 interrupts/second when the iface hasn't even been brought up09:17
mjg59Wouldn't surprise me if it's chatting to ipw3945d09:17
BenCwhich would make it unfixable at this point :/09:18
BenCshould test iwlwifi see if that has the same issue09:18
BenCI actually had it working at UDS, but always showed 100% for strength, and broke suspend09:19
mjg59BenC: If you could test http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/appletouch.diag.diff, that would be great09:19
mjg59Two things I want to know: (1) does the first time you touch (not tap) the trackpad result in it printing an "Appletouch: button" message, and (2) when not touching it, does it generate "Received a packet" messages constantly?09:20
mjg59The first time you touch being the very first time after loading the driver, that is09:20
BenCmjg59: Ok, I'll let you know how it goes09:30
mjg59BenC: Where does the ubuntu-modules tree live?09:40
BenCuntil we get kernel.ubuntu.com, it's on rookery09:40
mjg59Is it a public URL/09:41
BenCno, but I can tar it up real quick for you09:41
mjg59That'd be good09:41
BenCuploading to http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22.tar.gz09:42
BenCgive it about 2 minutes09:42
BenClet me push ubuntu-gutsy.git while I'm at it09:43
BenCall ready09:44
mjg59Just updating the 945 machine09:46
mjg59BenC: Have any of the 2.6.22-2 builds actually hit the archive?09:57
BenCdoesn't look like it09:57
mjg59Ok, not just me then :)09:57
BenCbut it's about to be obsolete09:57
BenCI'm about to upload -3 in less than an hour09:58
BenCthis should get us successful builds and lum/lrm/linux-meta close behind09:58
mjg59Hey, I may finally have got gnome-applets uploaded successfully09:58
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BenCcool, got my first real vmcore10:52
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mjg59BenC: What's the right incantation to invoke the build with -j3?11:03
BenCCONCURRENCY_LEVEL=3 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic11:03
BenCyou can just export that too11:03
mjg59Ah, cool11:04
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Gadidoes anyone here know:  if a NIC module creates the NIC as "eth1_ifre" what is the problem?11:10
Gadithe module in question here is e1000, but I'm not sure if the module is changing the name or a udev rule11:11
Gadias it appears that the device is unconfigurable11:11
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BenCGadi: udev and ifrename11:17
BenCGadi: probably just want to edit /etc/iftab11:17
Gadican I edit iftab without specifying a dev by MAC - I want to use this OS image cloned on multiple machines11:18
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stgraberGadi: you can keep it empty, this way the interface names will be the order of detection11:19
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