beunohmm, Robster_, do you have direct links?12:09
beunoRobster_: it's odd they haven't got any attention, I added a comment to one of them to show some movement12:13
beunoI'd wait a few days for all the UDS crazyness to blow over12:13
beunoRobster_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Sevilla12:15
Robster_ok thanks for the advice12:16
beunoRobster_: np12:19
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beunoboredandblogging: UWN seems almost finished to me02:06
boredandbloggingbeuno, ok02:31
beunoboredandblogging: releasing02:32
boredandbloggingbeuno, cool, is someone doing digg?02:33
beunoboredandblogging: nope, go for it02:34
beunojenda can take care of the forums02:34
boredandbloggingok, I'll post it02:41
boredandbloggingto digg02:41
boredandbloggingalright, http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Weekly_Newsletter_4002:51
beunoboredandblogging: dugg, and also added to the forums, so jenda, nevermind03:04
boredandbloggingbeuno, can you remove the `` from the forum posting?03:07
beunoboredandblogging: right, I missed that, editing now, thanks03:08
beunoboredandblogging: fixed03:12
boredandbloggingbeuno, wasn't there a new email address where people could submit ideas for the newsletter? Maybe include that?03:27
boredandbloggingor maybe put it in the next one03:28
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boredandblogginghey Vorian 03:55
Vorianhello :)03:55
boredandblogginghow's it going?03:56
Voriangood good, and you?03:56
boredandbloggingwatching shrek 1 on tv03:56
boredandbloggingfunny movie03:57
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Madpilotmorning jenda 08:30
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loudmouthmanHey Jono, ive not bumped into young mr revell since last week ? is he off on Hols07:47
jonoloudmouthman: no, just busy07:48
loudmouthmanwell did you hear my own news,07:48
loudmouthmanI got elected to my parish.07:48
loudmouthmanhence I didnt make it to spain . I had to "attend" meetings. so whilst you lot enjoyed sun, sangria and source code. I considered Codes of Conducts and Commitees.07:49
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juliuxjenda, ping08:06
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jendajuliux: pong08:25
juliuxjenda, any news about the poster?08:25
jendaI asked, but he didn't respond yet.08:26
juliuxcan you pong him again?08:26
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beunojenda: ping10:24
jendabeuno: kathwpong!10:24
jendabeuno: wuzzit?10:24
beunohow's it going?10:25
jendaerm, studying10:25
jendafor tomorrows exam10:25
jendagot one chapter left before I can go to bed :)10:25
jendalast minute studying, as usual10:25
jendaalthough this time, I think I broke a personal record - I've first even looked what the subject was about today ;)10:26
jendawhat's up with you?10:26
jendaand the meeting - it didn't seem to happen?10:26
jendaok, I gotta go back to studying.10:30
beunojenda: sorry, I drifted10:31
beunothe meeting didn't happen, going to try this sunday10:31
beunojust wanted to know who else can pass the UWN through the ubuntu-news filter since Corey hasn't been around10:31
jendaI have no idea, sorry10:32
jendait shouldn't be just corey, though - he's barely around to keep up with the UWN - you should get whoever can switch that around to put you and somerville there too.10:33
beunoright, well, I'll let you get back to studying, thanks!10:33
jendano prob10:33
=== jenda bac
beunooh, and btw, I cahnged my trip to europe10:33
beunoI'm going to debconf  :D10:33
beunoso I'm leaving here June 6th!10:33
beunojenda: I've requested the passwords a few times (not very agresively though), and I haven't got it, so I assume theres a reason for it10:34
jendabeuno: ah10:49
jendabeuno: and passing through Prague? ;)10:49
beunojenda: I'd love to, I'm still figuring out my schedule, but it's still in my plans  :D10:50
jendaok :)10:53
jendaIt would be awesome.10:54
beunojenda: I'll keep you updated11:00
jendabeuno: cool :) thx11:06
jendajuliux: ping11:06
juliuxjenda, pong11:07
jendajuliux: how many of them McMurrys do you have now?11:07
juliuxjenda, 7 here and one at the custom11:07
jendaok, thanks11:07
=== jenda still hopes for at least 2 more, preferably even more ;)
jendawell, if there's too few, i'll file it as additional shipping expense to the stickers I'll be bringing you :D11:08
jenda(that was a joke, of course)11:08
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