superm1Daviey, somehow the new branch is already 80 megs.01:30
superm1i dont get it :)01:30
superm1i'm uploading the changes for the splash in the new branch01:31
Davieyone thing i was thinking about doing....01:31
superm1i'm gonna redo an ISO build in a little bit too after I add this to it and update the isolinux splash01:31
Davieyon pegasus - have a central branch area (that bzr updates on cron) and all files used on mythbuntu server symlink to the branch?01:32
superm1oh thats a great idea01:32
superm1have it run as the user i created for doing the builds01:32
superm1i think the user is called mythbuntu01:32
Davieysaw that user01:32
superm1put it in somethign like /var/cache/mythbuntu_bzr_branch01:33
Davieyonly concern i have... what happens if a script get's updated midbuild01:33
superm1and then you can symlink everything around01:33
Davieyimbrandon wanted us to try and use /storage more01:33
superm1what is /storage?01:33
superm1probably because its easier to backup01:34
superm1one directory01:34
superm1rather than 801:34
Davieyone problem.... if pegasus can't commit01:36
Davieymaybe it should be a co only folder01:36
superm1well most work i do locally anyhow01:36
superm1and then commit01:36
Davieythats dandy then01:36
superm1so as long as we both agree to work that way01:37
Davieyi think that's the best way01:37
Davieykeeps it all centralised01:37
Davieytbh.. i started getting confused where everything was :)01:37
superm1indeed.  (even though bzr's intention is decentralization.....)01:37
DavieyAlso, doing it this way is easier than scp, and makes us checlk everything in :01:40
superm1well the only thing i dont want to check in is the binary debs that we get01:40
superm1i'd rather scp those01:40
superm1because i think that will clog the bzr branch more quickly01:40
Davieythey should be built server side tho surely?01:40
superm1well until we have access to those buildd's01:40
superm1that imbrandon was talking about no01:40
Davieywish bzr gave a Kb/s01:41
superm1Daviey,   were you thinking of anything else that needs to be installed in the env01:46
superm1other than whats there?01:46
Davieynot that i can think of01:47
Davieybut it's nearly 1:00am - so best ask in the morning :)01:47
superm1oh you and your GMT time.01:47
superm1Daviey, should also setup a script that we can call to update bzr immediately if we wanted to test immediately01:48
Davieyi'm doing that now01:48
superm1thinking ahead of me now....01:48
superm1uh oh01:48
superm1 :)01:48
Davieywhere should i put it, probably best not to have it in /usr/bin01:48
superm1well /usr/local/bin would be fine01:49
superm1it will need sudo either way01:49
Daviey"sudo bzrupdate"01:59
superm1tested and verified :) ?01:59
superm1howd did we handle an amd64 build previously?02:01
Davieywe didn't02:01
superm1on another machine?02:01
superm1well there is an amd64 iso on there02:02
DavieyDaveMorris built it locally02:02
superm1and scp'ed it in02:02
Davieyhe said he is happy to d it tho02:02
superm1well let me see how well this iso comes out02:02
superm1as long as its good, then sure02:02
superm1the only big changes are graphical though02:02
superm1so i dont know the urgency02:02
DavieyI've also added a cron.daily for the bzr update02:03
superm1so about what time will that happen?02:03
Davieymy cron.daily seems to run 6:00 am or something02:04
Davieynot quite sure tbh02:04
Davieymight add "echo $DATE"02:04
Davieyjust to see02:04
Davieyor rather 2date > file"02:05
superm1well doesnt output go into dead.letter of ~ for mythbuntu user02:06
superm1or was that just somethign that happened in gentoo for me02:06
DavieyI'm surprised your not still "emerge gnome".....  i gave up on gentoo after 6 hours02:14
superm1my gentoo days are long over02:15
superm1i used it for a year or two straight02:15
superm1and then saw the light02:15
Davieyisn't dead.letter only for mailed mails?02:15
Davieyor mails that couldn't get delivered?02:16
Davieyi know cronjobs that don't exit cleanly mails02:16
superm1well whenever i had emerge --sync run in a cron job, its output showed up in /root/dead.letter02:16
superm1so i'm not sure02:16
Daviey /storage/bzrlastupdate <- shows the date of the last cron bzr update02:21
superm1ah nice02:21
superm1okay my iso build just finished02:22
superm1well see how this looks02:22
=== Daviey crosses fingers
superm1ha ubuntu usplash showed up.  i guess something went astray during that step.  probably deb in the wrong place02:24
Davieysend again?02:24
DavieyDCC seems borked02:25
superm1i'll put in my webspace then02:26
DavieyI'm impressed!02:27
superm1that can even be adjusted yet i think like 30 pixels lower02:27
superm1but i fixed the colors and all02:27
superm1for the text02:27
superm1so we're getting there02:28
Davieywonder how it looks 16:9/1002:28
superm1well not pretty i'd imagine02:28
superm1but that is just the isolinux splash, so not expected to be "beautiful"02:28
DavieyWho understands ubiquity the best?02:29
superm1he's been really really busy though02:29
superm1i've talked to him a little on jabber02:29
Davieynext time you see him / fancy asking him to draw a diagram?02:29
superm1i drew one02:29
superm1the flow chart?02:29
Davieynot of our process - of how ubiquity works02:30
superm1ah okay02:30
superm1yea i'll do that02:30
superm1he's waiting for a mail back from the ubiquity guys02:30
superm1about some questions he had02:30
Daviey"Why is it in such a mess?"02:30
superm1but from the understanding he's told me thus far, its a debconf frontend02:30
superm1so each question asked in the installer has to correspond to "something"02:30
Davieysomething being a --reconfigure?02:31
superm1well it supplies the answers given to each package's --reconfigure02:31
superm1i think02:31
superm1but trust me, i want info on how things work as much as you do02:32
superm1so that we can really get a move on this02:32
superm1and not be stuck still here02:32
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, i dont suppose you could point me to a manual for the mceusb2.  Im trying to reprogram those buttons and lost mine03:09
superm1tgm4883_laptop,  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/MCE_Remote#Programmable_Buttons03:10
tgm4883_laptopawesome, thanks03:10
tgm4883_laptoparg, I cant get it to do anything03:15
tgm4883_laptopis it possible that it doesn't like some remotes?03:15
tgm4883_laptopi mean remote codes?03:15
superm1there are only certain ones that do03:16
tgm4883_laptopI dont think it likes mine03:16
superm1can you take a digi cam picture of the remote03:16
superm1and show me03:16
tgm4883_laptopwell i get it into the program mode03:16
tgm4883_laptopbut it gives me the 4 blinks for failure03:16
tgm4883_laptopfor every button i try03:16
superm1try teaching it another remote03:16
tgm4883_laptopyep, it works fine for my stb remote03:17
tgm4883_laptopbut not my tv03:17
superm1well how about this.03:18
superm1can you teach your stb remove your tv code03:18
superm1and then teach that to your mceusb2 remote03:18
tgm4883_laptopwait, i may have spoke too soon03:19
tgm4883_laptopit gives me the two blinks for successful, but still doesn't turn anything off03:19
superm1sounds to me like you lose :)03:20
tgm4883_laptopi think i'll try ir transmitting03:21
tgm4883_laptopcause the stb remote does turn my tv off and volume03:21
tgm4883_laptopwhat the heck, works now03:28
tgm4883_laptopall it needed was a little threatening03:28
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, sorry to keep buggin you, one more question.  the lircd.conf file contains the remote codes corrisponding to each key, and the lircrc file contains each program, the remote key, and what keyboard key it corrisponds to correct?  So if i used irw and that shows me which key is being pressed I could search for that key in lircrc to see what keyboard key it connects to right?03:32
tgm4883_laptopthat ended up being longer than intended03:32
superm1tgm4883_laptop, the lircrc doesnt necessarily have the keyboard key it corresponds to03:54
superm1some apps use a function instead03:54
superm1like "pause"03:54
superm1or "stop"03:54
superm1take a look at a lircrc on the wiki for good exmpamples03:54
superm1or even examples03:54
rogue780|mythsvrhave I missed anything too exciting lately?03:58
superm1rogue780|mythsvr, exciting, well i am rebuilding the ISO images in a few min to reflect all the new artwork04:01
superm1nothign else really04:01
superm1and rogue780|mythsvr this is it on my tv if i didnt show ya: http://www.mythbuntu.org/~supermario/mythbuntu/mythbuntu_bootup.jpg04:02
superm1so you can see it alive and in action04:02
rogue780|mythsvrcool. I'll have to download the new iso and try it tomorrow04:03
rogue780|mythsvrand indeed you showed me. it looks nice04:03
tgm4883_laptopthanks superm1, couldn't find a more entry and it didn't seem to do anything so i added it to the lircrc file04:07
tgm4883_laptopneeded something to cycle the commercial skip feature04:07
tgm4883_laptopalthough i found something that doesn't make sense04:08
tgm4883_laptopwhy is the commercial skip cycle and the tuner switch buttons in the same menu.  I cant see why you would use both at the same time, but with them in the same menu you cant have the same button for both04:09
tgm4883_laptopa problem with the mythkeys plugin i think04:09
rogue780|mythsvrwell g'night04:10
superm1night rogue780|mythsvr04:10
superm1do you really need a tuner switch button though?04:11
tgm4883_laptopi dont, but the gf sometimes wants to watch live tv04:12
superm1well if you go to the guide04:12
superm1and choose a channel on another tuner04:12
superm1it switches tuners for you04:12
tgm4883_laptopthat makes sense04:12
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tgm4883_laptopis the weather plugin broken for anyone else?05:49
superm1it broke06:05
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superm1_tgm4883_laptop, it broke recently06:05
superm1_when msnbc changed their format06:05
superm1_its fixed in svn, but not in 0.20-fixes yet06:05
superm1_Daviey, tomorrow morning when you awaken: I created a script, build_x86_iso on pegasus, it will build a x86 iso image using the centralized bzr area.  All the symlinks are setup properly and i'm doing a test build with it right this minute06:06
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annibishey is anybody active in here?08:26
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gardengnomemorning DaveMorris11:28
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superm1Daviey, the new ISO is up.  i haven't tested it yet, and apparently don't have time to as i'm leaving for work in a few min.  I also updated this changelog and added it to the download page02:15
gardengnomemorning superm102:15
superm1morning gardengnome02:15
superm1sorry to have to run quick, gardengnome i'll be back in ~ 8 hrs :)02:19
gardengnomeno worries, i was just saying hi ;)02:19
Davieysuperm1, heya02:29
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rogue780|mythsvr'mornin' all03:26
bendaileyDoes mythtv normally run mythfill database automatically or do I need to make a cron job?04:05
Davieymine is a cron.daily04:09
Davieyimbrandon, ping04:09
bendaileyok so a cron entry is needed?04:10
imbrandonDaviey, ^04:12
Davieyimbrandon, i see you did a lugradio interview04:12
imbrandonDaviey, heh yea i was on lug radio this week04:13
DavieyJust listening to it now!04:13
imbrandon( it was recorded 2 weeks ago )04:13
Davieydidn't realise it was so far behind...04:13
imbrandononly this week because of UDS04:13
imbrandonnormaly its only 3 days behind04:13
Daviey(remember you saying you had a radio interview - didn't realise it was lugradio)04:13
Davieyactually, there is a flattering mention of mythtv for ubuntu aswell :)04:14
imbrandonyea from jono04:14
imbrandoni havent listend to it all yet04:15
imbrandononly the first half04:15
Davieyyeah... the eps are so long now.  You can't pay attention for 1h12mins!04:15
imbrandonwell i'm at work too04:15
imbrandoni'll finish it when i get home04:16
DavieyDid you have any joy kicking for the mailing list?04:16
imbrandonactualy i need to do that today again04:16
imbrandonnow that people are back in town04:17
gardengnomeimbrandon: just looking at your blog entry on virtualbox. FYI, the feisty server kernel won't boot in virtualbox but they're working on it04:17
Davieygardengnome, is that a feisty bug or virtualbox?04:18
imbrandongardengnome, hrm , not sure04:18
gardengnomei have no clue.04:19
imbrandongardengnome, ahh thanks for pointing that out04:19
gardengnomei got burned by that bug last night :(04:19
imbrandontried a gutsy kernel ?04:20
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imbrandonjono !!04:20
gardengnomei just wanted to try out those svn debs i made. then i got annoyed when it wouldn't boot ;)04:20
imbrandonjono, superm1 says thanks for the flattering mythtv comments on LR04:21
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keescooksuperm1: distant, massively delayed "pong".  :)06:51
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