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ubotubruenig called the ops in #ubuntu01:57
naliothexpect bots01:58
DBOping Seveas02:00
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DBOjrib, it might be time to involve nalioth with him if he comes back03:24
DBO*!*@adsl-224-20-*.asm.bellsouth.net   <---widening the net could help too03:26
jrib*!*@ before03:26
DBOyeah he said he had different providers03:27
DBOthe DSL is going to by dynamic03:27
DBObellsouth is the DSL provider03:27
DBOhehe... oh it also says adsl at the front =P  *facedesks*03:28
jribheh ok, I'm not going to follow the ip's03:30
jribif you go by names, I could help next time :)03:30
DBOoh I just go by the order they drop03:31
DBOif you want to help just say you are going to start from the top or the bottom03:32
DBOand Ill meet you in the middle =P03:32
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hou5tonI am supposed to ask to be tested for something .... I changed the server to 8001 ???04:03
naliothDBO: say what?04:04
DBOI got it04:04
naliothhou5ton: join #moderation, please04:04
naliothor don't04:04
DBOhou5ton, please join #DBO04:04
hou5tongeeez .... which is it?04:04
DBOI taken care of04:06
=== hou5ton [n=hou5ton@12-219-36-144.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Leaving"]
DBOnalioth, we had a ban evader earlier04:06
naliothDBO: ok, and?04:07
DBOnot sure you can do much though, he has a dynamic IP but his knowingly doing it04:07
DBO...nothing I guess04:07
naliothoh i can do something about it04:10
naliothwhat is the nick?04:10
=== DBO goes to check logs
DBOgrepping 3 years of logs takes time04:12
naliothdbo, go ahead and set it for 72.152.29.*04:15
nalioththere is nobody on freenode with that IP now04:15
DBOthats his cable IP actually, I doubt that will really change04:15
DBOthe adsl one is what he is using to ban evade04:15
DBOsince the IP resets everytime he reconnects04:15
naliothi don't have a full hostmask on that04:17
DBO *!*@adsl-224-20-*.asm.bellsouth.net04:17
Hobbseehi nalioth04:17
DBOwas what I was going to set it too04:17
DBOthe matching ban in #ubuntu is the full hostmask04:17
naliothhi Hobbsee04:18
=== DBO waves at Hobbsee
naliothHobbsee: i'm glad to see you survived Spain  :)04:18
Hobbseenalioth: indeed :)04:19
Hobbseehi DBO04:19
naliothDBO: get me a full hostmask please04:20
ubotubruenig called the ops in #ubuntu04:23
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kubrick.freenode.net
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DBOsomeone got all of you huh?04:26
naliothDBO: see PM ?04:28
Amaranththey were busy doing super s3krit staff things and needed to get away from the unwashed masses for a bit04:28
DBOnalioth, nope04:29
naliothdbo, if you can see this, i'll be around later04:36
DBOthanks nalioth04:37
naliothDBO: did you respond to my (nalioths) pm ?04:37
DBOno, I never got them04:38
DBObut I did get some from johndarkhorse04:38
=== tonyyarusso thinks this a very odd conversation
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Thatguy_I'm having some trouble joining #ubuntu, but I can't figure out how to change my port06:46
DBOwhat client are you using for IRC?06:47
DBOmmmm dont know how chatzilla works...06:48
DBOhow do you normally connect?06:48
Thatguy_I go "/server irc.freenode.net" and then "/j #ubuntu"06:48
stdinif he was still here I'd say to use "/server irc.freenode.net:8001"07:02
DBOI forgot about him07:09
DBOwas busy in other chans07:09
DBOim going to unban him, I feel bad07:09
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stefghi, seems a couple of german kids chose #ubuntu for a troll-fest11:28
ubotustefg called the ops in #ubuntu11:28
MyrttiI had my finger on the trigger but waited for them to actually do something11:30
stefgnicks involved : DJNutte, Schlampe, fleischpeitsche11:30
stefgwhich are all very annoying nicks in german11:30
MyrttiI've not seen fleishpeitsche to do anything incriminating yet11:31
stefgok... just saw them joining son after another, and already knew what the deal was about11:32
MyrttiI saw him too, but I prefer not to kick people for just saying hi :-)11:33
Tm_TMyrtti: hi11:54
=== Tm_T hides
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=== Hobbsee wonders where elkbuntu is, if she got a flight back
PriceChildHmm I remember the name DJNutte....12:34
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Tm_TPriceChild: one of your alter egos?12:51
PriceChildI hope not...12:51
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ubotuvox754 called the ops in #ubuntu03:51
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PriceChildI have just removed darkmatter from the access list in #ubuntuforums and banned him from the channel for a short while.05:27
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GazzaKhe was a little rude05:31
GazzaKsorry PriceChild for almost letting it continue05:31
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ubotuorbin called the ops in #ubuntu05:46
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ubotumc44 called the ops in #ubuntu06:55
naliothSeveas: miranda-the-spammer-fr was klined06:59
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Hobbseeyay, it's Seveas08:10
SportChickyay, it's Hobbsee08:10
Seveashey Hobbsee !08:10
Seveasrecovered from the flight?08:10
Hobbseehow was your flight?08:10
Seveasshort :)08:11
HobbseeSeveas: 36 hours of travel, 4 and a bit planes, 3 trains, 1 taxi, and 1 car.08:11
PriceChildwait... how do you have 4 and a bit planes?08:11
Hobbseecarrier pidgeons went on strike, and wouldnt fly08:11
PriceChildyou can't exactly spend a few hours on one missing a wing08:11
=== Seveas sends Hobbsee some virtual hugs
Hobbseeground power to the plane died - we eventually got power, and taxi'd out, but they decided not to take off, and we eventually went back to the airport08:12
=== Hobbsee sends Seveas some virtual hugs bakc
=== apokryphos [i=apokryph@unaffiliated/apokryphos] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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HobbseeSeveas: have you killed anyone, yet?08:12
SportChickHobbsee: wow, crazy trip :)08:16
HobbseeSportChick: yep08:16
SportChickwelcome home08:16
Hobbseethanks :)08:16
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ompaulwe had a 40 minute delay getting out of the airport and arrived 20 minutes late08:27
Hobbseewe had a 3 hours 15 min delay in singapore08:32
Hobbseethe other flights got in early08:32
Hobbseemost of htem08:32
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=== PriceChild wonders what's going to happen with the IRC Council..
PriceChildgonna wait till the CC meeting after the one tomorrow?09:05
=== LjL [n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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Hobbseeask Seveas09:12
Hobbseeit'si not my problem anymore :)09:12
PriceChildThat's not the best mindset :P09:12
PumpernickelMay I present the 'never was my problem' mindset as a possible candidate for 'best' title? ^^09:14
bbrazil#ubuntu: 20:13  * blja slaps Morda22 around a bit with a used condom09:14
bbrazilsome people are weird09:14
mc44bbrazil: bet you its a preset of some irc client09:15
PriceChildhere we go09:15
Hobbseelaggy chanserv09:15
PriceChildexcuses :)09:16
gnomefreakPriceChild: you used !de too close together is why no output 2nd time09:23
PriceChildhehe yeah noticed that afterwards thanks :)09:23
gnomefreakyw :)09:23
bbrazilsomeone got snaplin?09:32
PriceChildI feel like just banning the entire bellsouth...09:32
=== PriceChild wonders
PriceChildone more and i'll kick and see what happens...09:32
mc44PriceChild: just ban america :)09:33
bbrazilompaul: nice09:33
PriceChildmc44, job done09:33
ompaulbbrazil,  :)09:33
bbrazilompaul: but you should have redirected to -offtopic :)09:33
PriceChildmc44, ah... life without users...09:33
ompaulbbrazil, no09:33
ompaulhe can find his own way09:33
mc44PriceChild: yeah just ban forward #ubuntu ro ##windows :)09:34
bbrazilfish, barrel, shooting09:34
ompaulmc44, we are not that cruel to windows users we would like them to use ubuntu / gnewsense or some such one day09:36
PriceChildsnaplin's back...10:25
LjLnext time, he's back in here10:27
mc44perhaps a bit over the top ompaul :)10:29
ompaulmc44, death on a stick10:29
ompaulvampires and crosses10:29
=== popey moos quietly in the corner
ompaul ____________________________________10:55
ompaul/ popey loves to blog about jono and \10:55
ompaul\ ducks                              /10:55
ompaul ------------------------------------10:55
ompaul        \   ^__^10:55
ompaul         \  (oo)\_______10:55
ompaul            (__)\       )\/\10:55
ompaul                ||----w |10:55
ompaul                ||     ||10:55
ompaulthe cow never lies!10:55
apokryphosthe truth all comes out10:55
ompaulpopey, so was your trip home uneventful10:55
ompaulpopey, I went to go to lunch today and missed the salads - so I forked out an arm and a leg for a nice one10:58
popeyi have the plague :(11:14
popeybeen in bed all day yesterday and today11:14
popeyyou still out there ompaul ?11:18
ompaulpopey, ^^11:21
ompaulubuntu plague .. did you file a bug?11:21
ompaulubugflu the ubuntu bug - you may share this bug legally11:22
ompaulIm very visible in that :)11:24
ompaulpopey, you made rob savoy look like a cartoon character :)11:24
=== imbrandon [n=brandon@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.imbrandon] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ompaulpopey, got the other one?11:31
ompaulsladen hahaha11:32
ubotuEnverex called the ops in #ubuntu11:52
=== stdin [i=stdin@unaffiliated/binary2k2] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChild#ubuntu is rearing up again i think...12:27

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