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atarinoxthis may like a strange bug....but after upgrading to feisty I can ONLY connect to unsecured networks w/ my wireless card (RTL8180 chipset). Another strange bug is that I have to add a junk character to the end of the ESSID of the secure network to connect....does it sound like the two are related? I can add a junk character to the ESSID of an unsecure network, but it still won't work.01:06
atarinoxerr....can only connect to SECURE wifi networks01:06
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=== Qew [n=qew@82-69-126-225.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
W8TAHwhats the current thinking on pidgin with xubuntu -- is it stable enough to build from source?01:26
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dyoung_Ay everyone!02:08
dyoung_Who wants to massage a noobie?02:08
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-23-222.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
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kalikianadyoung_, That's a strange question. For a massage I would recommend a wellness center. ;)02:30
dyoung_Haha thanks02:30
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dyoung_When installing, Xubuntu, how can02:35
dyoung_I force acpi02:35
kalikianaThere ought to be a boot option, but I odn't know it by heart.02:36
=== miyako [n=miyako@12-201-58-221.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
dyoung_I just don't know where to type it in the boot options02:39
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miyakohmm, I somehow made xfce unable to start up, I had been running beryl, and my window decorations died, so I killed beryl and beryl manager, and relaunched beryl-manger, but I didn't have the status icon, so I killed it and logged out of xfce and tried to log back in, and now xfce won't start at all, anyone have any ideas?02:41
mads-I'm about to download xubuntu. Do I want to download 6.10 or 7.04?02:41
=== s|k [n=bjorn@ip70-171-201-121.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianamads-, I would say you probably want 7.04 except you should encounter one of a few hardware issues.02:42
miyakomads-: 7.04 would be the newest version02:42
kalikianaFor example with wireless lan.02:42
mads-I know 7.04 is the newest... Just haven't tried it out yet (I'm using normal ubuntu right now). But I have heard it contains some errors :S02:43
kalikianamads-, It mostly works perfectly imho. But you *may* encounter specific problems which really depend on your system.02:44
zialscan always test it out with a CD :302:44
=== kalikiana couldn't get the live cd to boot - however Feisty runs fine from his harddrive.
miyakowell, the problem was with my configuration02:45
miyakoI moved ~/.config/xfce4 to ~/.config/xfce4.bak and it seems to start fine now02:45
miyakothe only thing I changed was the theme, is there any known issue with that, or shall I investigate further and file a bug report?02:46
kalikianamiyako, I did not hear from a theme preventing xfce from starting before. You should look for a bug or file one indeed.02:49
miyakokalikiana: yeah, even now for some reason I'm not getting window decorations without beryl now02:51
miyakoalthough I did remember that I also changed orage to start automaticall02:51
=== czer323 [n=czer323@cpe-24-26-156-169.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
miyakothat is possible the source of the problem as well02:52
=== czer323 [n=czer323@cpe-24-26-156-169.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
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kalikianamiyako, When the decorations are missing, make sure that xfwm4 is running.02:56
kalikianahi neozen02:57
neozenhoallo there02:57
miyakokalikiana: yeah, it wasn't but it's all good, I'm using beryl now02:57
miyakohmm, I wonder if using beryl kinda undoes the benefits of having a lightweight desktop in the first place02:57
kalikianamiyako, As long as you are fine with it, it's okay. Many people are using xfce with kde and gnome programs - that's not any better.02:58
miyakokalikiana: yeah, I'm doing that as well, I have a powerful enough system, I just think XFCE looks a little nicer than gnome02:59
kalikianamiyako, In my opinion the overall user interface concept in XFCE is way better than the alternatives. And I don't use XFCE on low hardware (3GHz, 1GB).03:01
=== kalikiana however doesn't use any kde or gnome libs - as a principle.
miyakokalikiana: yeah, I think that I might agree, although I haven't used it extensively03:02
miyakoI also quite like aspects of Enlightenment, but I can't use compiz or beryl with it, so no dice03:03
kalikianamiyako, You should try the macmenubar if you like unusual interfaces. ;)03:04
miyakohmm, is there a package for it?03:04
miyakoI keep hoping that kibadock will get some stability, it's nice but really slow atm03:04
miyakoI like the dock concept03:05
miyakoI hate everything else about OS X03:05
miyakobut I do like the dock lol03:05
kalikianaNope, you will need to compile GTK+ to use the menubar. I actually like the concept of one global menubar which reduces the needed space on individual windows.03:06
miyakoah, I actually find that kind of irksome03:06
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mads-Does KDE things, like KDevelop, work under xfce?03:26
crimsunsure.  Just use a package manager to install kdevelop.03:27
crimsunthat will ensure that necessary dependencies are installed.03:27
mads-cool :)03:27
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fryguy101Okay, last resort here. I've accidentally somehow killed both panels I had setup with the xfce panel, I've gone into settings manager and tryed to restore it through the panel manager, but it won't load. Any ideas?03:36
kalikianafryguy101, Are the panels just 'missing'. Then run 'xfce4-panel' to bring them back.03:37
fryguy101Aha. Duh, so simple. I feel rather silly now./03:39
neozenfryguy101: no worry mon ... you'll pick it up03:41
neozenso how's xubuntu feisty treating you all?03:44
neozenberyl working well?03:44
fryguy101The computer I've got it running on is quite old. Not getting much in the way of eye candy, sadly.03:45
fryguy101But it was also a free computer, so I can't complain.03:45
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miyakohmm, I want to play Oblivion, but if I start playing it I'll never get around to packing03:51
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esmierjoin/ #unoffical04:02
neozenheh... esmier I think you mean /join #unofficial04:08
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FrozenDawnhello there06:03
aboyousifFrozenDawn, hello :)06:03
FrozenDawnCould you help me ? I cannot find the hardware requirements for xubuntu 7.04 ...06:04
aboyousifFrozenDawn, sure06:05
aboyousifFrozenDawn, http://www.xubuntu.com/get#requirements06:06
FrozenDawnwell, thanks !06:06
aboyousifFrozenDawn, you are welcome :)06:07
FrozenDawnseems i got machine for it ...06:09
FrozenDawnbut i think i'll go with the alternate just to be sure06:09
FrozenDawnbtw, can I configure it ot have a start menu and a taskbar somewhat like windows06:10
FrozenDawn(it's for my mom's computer ...)06:10
aboyousifFrozenDawn, sure ..06:10
FrozenDawnwell then, I am off to try it. Thanks again (love the ubuntu comunity !)06:11
=== FrozenDawn [n=Jose@c9341ff1.virtua.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
FrozenDawnhere to bother you guys again ...06:16
FrozenDawni tryed to download an torrent, but I was redirected to an normal .iso file ...06:16
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
FrozenDawnok ... I'll assume they switched back to normal download ... byes again06:25
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T`does anyone have networkmanager working in ubuntu feisty?07:04
Catoptromancylike network settings?07:07
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shroomskyi need help with hard drive detection08:22
shroomskyi just switched to ubuntu and reformatted my c drive08:22
shroomskyall my back-up files is in my d drive08:22
shroomskyproblem is, xubuntu cant detect my d drive08:22
shroomskydoes it have something to do with it being FAT32?08:23
TheSheepshroomsky: what do you see when you type 'sudo fdisk -l' in terminal?08:23
shroomskyhda and b08:24
shroomskyw95 fat32 system08:24
shroomskyfor my hdb08:24
TheSheepshroomsky: that'd be your d: drive08:25
shroomskyhow do i access into it though through the GUI interface?08:25
TheSheep!fstab | shroomsky08:26
ubotushroomsky: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions08:26
shroomskysorry for the silly question, this is my first time using a linux system08:26
TheSheepshroomsky: well, that link should get you started, if it doesn't help, ask08:26
shroomskyit says, permission denied08:26
shroomskywhen i type in /etc/fstab into the terminal08:27
TheSheepshroomsky: read http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html :)08:28
shroomskyok thanks08:28
shroomskyok now i get the mounting part08:33
shroomskyhowever terminal said that only Root can do that when i want to mount hdb08:33
=== Rich_li_ny [n=richie@dsl-243-0-85.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
Myrttiuse sudo, luke08:39
TheSheep!sudo | shroomsky08:40
ubotushroomsky: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.08:40
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Rich_li_nyHow do you set up a VPN connection In Xubuntu?08:43
Rich_li_nyI dont see a screen where I can just click and add one.. and then use it at will whenever it is necessary.08:44
Myrttipptpconfig is the closest bet when/if you don't have networkmanager and the applet installed08:45
shroomskyusing fstab, how do i add a harddrive that wasnt detected?09:01
shroomskyin sudo fdisk -l its listed as /dev/hdb109:01
shroomskyin the fstab editor its not there09:02
shroomskywhat exactly do i write?09:02
TheSheepshroomsky: /dev/hdb1   /media/windows   vfat   user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000,utf8   0   009:06
TheSheepshroomsky: in one line09:06
TheSheepshroomsky: make sure you create the /media/windows directory09:06
TheSheepactually, there is a better howto09:06
TheSheep!fat | shroomsky09:06
ubotushroomsky: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - See also !fuse09:07
shroomsky/media wont let me create a new folder09:09
TheSheepshroomsky: sudo Thunar09:09
MyrttiTheSheep: gksudo ;-)09:09
TheSheepMyrtti: gksu09:10
shroomskyholy crap09:14
shroomskyit worked guys09:14
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deniz_ogutHi. Xubuntu Feisty here. Is there a way to change xubuntu so that desktop icons are activated with a single click rather than double click? I have setup thunar for single click but it doesn't affect the Desktop itself.11:11
deniz_ogut!single click11:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about single click - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about single-click - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:13
TheSheepdeniz_ogut: no11:13
deniz_ogutTheSheep: Should I get this no as "There's no way to do it"?11:14
TheSheepdeniz_ogut: yes11:14
deniz_ogutTheSheep: Thank you.11:14
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archangelpetroTheSheep, have you seen anything of max revently?12:39
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kalikiana_archangelpetro, Want a test version of the webkit browser?01:38
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W8TAHgood morning everyone --  I am trying to locate the menu that shows up when you click the applications button -- i want to look at the file to find out were an icon that i want to use on the tool bar is02:14
TheSheeparchangelpetro: what do you mean?02:18
TheSheepW8TAH: the menus are generated automatically from files in /usr/share/applications/02:18
W8TAHok thanks02:18
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archangelpetrokali|away, yes please :)03:30
archangelpetroTheSheep, i was just wondering if you'd seen maxamillion (aint seen him in awhile)03:31
TheSheepaah, sorry03:31
TheSheeparchangelpetro: I think he has finals03:31
archangelpetrosame for me too :P03:31
archangelpetroi have my first exam on weds03:31
TheSheepkali|away: me too! :)03:32
=== kali|away is now known as kalikiana
kalikianaarchangelpetro, TheSheep , Look here: http://software.twotoasts.de?page=midori (Be ware that it's instable ;))03:36
kalikianahttp://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=midoriez9.png :)03:37
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archangelpetro_kalikiana, can i pm u?03:45
kalikianaarchangelpetro_, Yep.03:45
archangelpetro_how would i point to them?03:46
kalikianaarchangelpetro_, ?03:47
archangelpetro_check msg :)03:47
archangelpetro_half wrote it here too03:48
TheSheepkalikiana: you beat me again :)03:50
TheSheepkalikiana: you want a polish translation? :)03:51
kalikianaTheSheep, Translations can wait until a later version, but then I should be glad to have Polish. :)03:52
archangelpetro_get it now kalikiana ?03:52
kalikianaarchangelpetro_, Nope. Are you identified to freenode?03:52
TheSheepkalikiana: then I can only offer testing and code review03:52
archangelpetro_it would appear not atm03:53
kalikianaTheSheep, Testing is appreciated as well of course. :)03:53
archangelpetrothere you go :)03:54
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kalikianahi lokiyo03:56
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nopcodewhats the recommended way to install nvidia beta drivers?04:56
nopcodei think envy doesnt offer to install them?04:56
=== zeptit [n=asd@c83-254-52-84.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheep!nvidia | nopcode04:58
ubotunopcode: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:58
TheSheepnopcode: but obviously the beta drivers are not recommended04:58
nopcodethat doesnt seem to mention beta drivers04:59
nopcodewell i'm an opengl developer, so i need geometry shaders04:59
nopcodethe non-beta drivers dont have these.04:59
VxJasonxVhmm, how interesting05:00
VxJasonxVI don't have any panels anymore :(05:01
zeptitInstalled xubuntu on my laptop, but dosnt seem to be able to connect to my wlan, anyone got some tips or able to help me with that?05:02
TheSheep!wifi | zeptit05:02
ubotuzeptit: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:02
TheSheepnopcode: it mentions how to install the drivers from the nvidia page -- that's what you need05:02
TheSheepVxJasonxV: press alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'05:03
TheSheepVxJasonxV: without the '05:03
VxJasonxVI must have nuked it from my autostarted applications :/05:03
VxJasonxVI couldn't remember the panel app name for the life of me05:03
VxJasonxVthanks :)05:03
VxJasonxVI'm assuming, since it didn't auto start, I should go add it to the 'Autostarted Applications', yes?05:04
TheSheepVxJasonxV:no, just save sessin when logging out05:05
nopcodeTheSheep: well i know how to run the nvidia installer05:05
nopcodeTheSheep: thats trivial05:05
nopcodebut this guide wont give me a package afterwards05:06
TheSheepnopcode: you need the kernel headers05:06
nopcodewell i've built my own kernel so i guess i'll have headers05:06
TheSheepnopcode: well, you can try and make a package with checkinstall05:06
nopcodesomewhere in /usr/src05:06
nopcodewell i'll just run the installer05:06
nopcodei guess it'll work05:06
VxJasonxVI always do :/05:07
nopcodebtw where should the kernel headers be=?05:07
nopcodei've built a kernel package manually and installed it05:07
nopcodeis that enough?05:07
TheSheepnopcode: in /usr/include or /usr/src I presume05:07
TheSheepnopcode: yes, it should be enough05:08
nopcodeok brb05:08
TheSheepnopcode: if not, you can give the path to the headers as a parameter to the installer05:08
nopcodeyeah baby05:10
nopcodethanks :)05:10
nopcodewell i should've figured nvidia would spend some effort to ensure ubuntu compatibility05:10
nopcodeof their installer05:10
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lysergideHey i got some problem with starting wine . When i execute "wt" the following error comes /usr/local/winetools/Xdialog: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:27
lysergideAnyone know a solution for this issue ?05:27
TheSheeplysergide: use the wine from the repositories, you have some weird binaries compiled with wrong versions of libraries05:28
lysergideTheSheep dont rly know how to do that05:29
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mads-Is it possible to install xubuntu without use of cd? :)06:23
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Pumpernickel!install | mads-06:25
ubotumads-: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - See also !automate06:25
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mads-Hmm.. Is it possible to make a USB / network install?06:40
mads-I have no floppy drive. I have a usb with 512 MB and a local server06:40
scurmads-, do you have a cd drive?06:43
scuri know it's not really answering your question, but if you can boot from the cd then you can install xubuntu - just download the cd image06:44
mads-(18:23:07) (mads-) Is it possible to install xubuntu without use of cd? :) <--06:45
mads-I don't have any empty cd's06:45
scurah, sorry06:45
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mads-:) No biggy.. Could be funny if that was the answer though :)06:45
scurit is possible, but not as simple as using the cd :)06:48
scurmads-, take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28948 and http://marc.herbert.free.fr/linux/win2linstall.html06:49
scuryou should be able to replace "ubuntu" with "xubuntu" throughout, or just install ubuntu and then run "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"06:50
mads-thanks :)06:50
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dk_2whats the wmaster0? I now have that instead of eth1 on my wireless card after upgrading to feisty and now I can't connect to my access point. reinstalled with edgy xubuntu instead for now07:59
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maxcoderubuntu install with boot manager is not install08:24
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Pumpernickelmaxcoder: Ubuntu has localized support.  If you're more comfortable in a different language, there's most likely a channel dedicated to support in that language.08:37
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dannyHey! I was wondering if anyone could help me with an X issue.09:01
dannyI've tried playing with my xorg configuration file but I'm not having much luck.09:02
dannyWell, if anyone has a second it would be cool. I think I'll go try #ubuntu really quick. Seems a bit more active.09:03
PumpernickelYou haven't said what the problem is.09:04
=== _aussieman [n=bobo@19.Red-88-11-213.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
scurdanny, what is the issue?09:09
darrend(he's probably swamped by the noise in #ubuntu now)09:10
dannyI was :-)09:11
dannyYeah, sorry about that. I'll spit it out now.09:11
dannySo my screen is split. About 75% up top is normal and the bottom quarter or so is a copy of what happens up top. I can see my mouse down there and what not. I don't know too much about how to fix Xorg issues.09:12
dannyAnd the right side looks like dead space. It seems normal when you look at it but if you toss a window over there or your mouse everything goes crazy.09:12
dannyI don't mean to be vague I'm just not sure how else to describe it.09:13
darrendsounds like your monitor can't handle the resolution or the refresh rate09:13
darrendseen that happen on projectors but not so much on normal monitors09:13
darrendwhat kind of monitor do you have?09:13
dannyWell this is an odd monitor. I picked up the computer for free (nice deal). It's a Sony LCD display.09:13
dannyNot sure of the model number.09:14
darrendsize screen?09:14
dannyPCVA-15QA1, I'm actually not sure what the screen size is. It's odd. I think the max resolution is 1280x960.09:15
dannyJust checked the bottom for the model number.09:15
darrenddo you find this monitor works with other computers?  Have you tried?  - I mean it could be defunct hardware.09:15
dannyNa, I don't have any other computers with an input like this one has. It's not standard VGA.09:15
dannySome odd proprietary Sony thing I would imagine.09:16
darrendI'd be surprised.. sure it's not DVI?09:16
dannyThe thing is it worked for a while. Works fine in Windows. Worked fine at 1024x768 under FreeBSD.09:16
dannyCould be. I'm not too familiar with DVI.09:16
dannySee, I dropped the resolution back to 1024x768. When I set it at 1280x960 I get an error about memory. I checked the xorg log for traces of that error but I'm not seeing it. I probably grepped in a vague way.09:17
dannyIt states that it needs at least 4800kb of memory and I only have 4096 I believe.09:18
dannyIt doesn't make sense though because I had it working at 1280x960 a while back. I was running Debian.09:18
scursounds like the graphics card rather than the monitor to me09:18
darrendgrep your xorg log for "EE"09:18
dannyYeah, I was leaning there a little bit.09:18
scuryou haven't had this problem with any other OS with the same gfx card and monitor?09:18
darrenderrors are marked in there with (EE) and warnings with (WW)09:19
dannyHmm, interesting.09:19
dannyThanks for that. I'll keep it in mind.09:19
dannydaniel@ubox:~$ cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE09:19
danny        (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.09:19
danny(II) Loading extension MIT-SCREEN-SAVER09:19
dannyThat does not quite seem like what we would be expecting.09:20
scurhmm... you say it worked under debian? do you remember if that was with Xorg or XFree86?09:20
dannyI'm actually not quite sure. It was Debian Etch testing, I could Google it.09:21
dannyGood call though. That may be it.09:21
scurit sounds like the graphics card to me, it's odd for a monitor to stop working like that.09:22
dannyLooks like unstable is using X.org now.09:22
dannySo it probably wasn't XF8609:22
scurcheck you're using the right driver for your card09:22
scurhmmm, funny that it worked in debian and not ubuntu then09:22
dannyWell that's the odd thing. It won't work under Debian anymore.09:22
dannyI tried the installation a week or two later and it gives me the same error.09:23
dannyAnd I'll check the drivers soon.09:23
scurtried any other operating systems?09:23
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dannyYeah, I had Gentoo working with it a while back.09:24
dannyI'm sort of a distro whore, I havn't quite settled on one yet.09:24
scurfair enough09:24
dannyFreeBSD worked well at 1024x768. Didn't play it with it at 1280x960.09:24
dannySo no issues there.09:24
scurmy graphics card gave me similar problems a while back as the hardware was on the way out, and i had to replace it in the end09:25
dannyYeah, well in the end it isn't a big deal.09:25
scurbut that was obviously a h/w problem as it happened under different OS's09:25
scurwell, must be pretty annoying only having half a screen :)09:25
dannyIt's interesting.09:25
scuri'd try running it with a differant driver (e.g. nvidia instead of nv), but not sure what else to suggest09:26
dannyYeah, I will. Don't worry about it, this gives me a place to start.09:27
dannyI'll probably have it working in a day or two.09:27
dannyJust wish I wasn't so busy, it's nice to sit down to spend a few hours tweaking.09:28
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dannyWell, that's nice. Xorg -configure does detect the displays model number.09:31
dannyAnd it looks like it's using the right card driver but I'm not sure.09:32
dannyI mean I'm pretty sure it's SiS.09:32
LectusHello! I'm using Ubuntu, but I'd like to try Xubuntu as they say it's lighter. But does it have the same applications / functionality? Will it run Gnome or KDE applications? Why they don't ship Xubuntu CD's as they do with Ubuntu and Kubuntu? I'm quite a new Linux user, so sorry for the lots of questions. Thanks!09:33
scurHi Lectus, yep, installing xubuntu just gives you a different desktop, all your gnome and kde apps will run fine09:34
scurGnome actually uses a system called GTK that's also used by xubuntu, so the look and feel is quite similar - xubuntu is just more lightweight09:35
dannyYup, I will even ship you a Xubuntu cd if it means that much to you. :-)09:35
scurjust install xubuntu-desktop and you can give it a go - if you don't like it you can always go back.09:36
dannyCouldn't be easier.09:36
LectusThanks danny, but I was just asking because Ubuntu and Kubuntu both have the ship-it. I'm already downloading the Xubuntu ISO, I'm going to give it a try. I really prefer to try the live CD and if I like it I will do a clean install. Ubuntu is really fine for me, but I'm just curious about Xubuntu. Also, I'll try to to revive an old PC with Xubuntu! :D09:38
danny:-) You're welcome and I would recommend not installing anything from a cd that some random guy on IRC sends you.09:39
dannyI hope you enjoy it.09:39
dannyI would imagine they don't ship the cd's because they are not part of the Ubuntu team. Just some people who though "Hey, this could be better!" and work with it. I could be wrong though.09:40
dannyFeel free to correct me.09:40
LectusI have some doubt. I see lots of people talking about Ubuntu, but they talk a lot less about Kubuntu or Xubuntu. Does that mean they have less support or they are just Ubuntu with different desktop manager / default set of applications?09:42
dannySomeone else might want to take this. I have my thoughts but it's definitely not my place to talk.09:43
dannyXubuntu would use, as far as I know, the same apt repositories as Ubuntu meaning applications, security updates and the like would all be there.09:44
LectusSo, Xubuntu has synaptic too?09:44
dannyIt looks that way.09:44
dannydaniel@ubox:~$ ls /usr/sbin|grep synaptic09:45
dannyWhat sort of computer are you trying to revive?09:48
dannyOlder box I would imagine?09:49
scurLectus, the desktop manager is the only real difference (i belive they also have different default e-mail clients and word processors, but that doesn't stop you installing the other). For the vast majority of cases, an xubuntu problem is also an ubuntu problem, so it's often easier to find support there (as more people use it)09:49
LectusCool! I'll give Xubuntu a try. I like this desktop choice from the same base. Lots of freedom to choose.09:50
LectusI'm planning on installing on this one I'm running Ubuntu if I like Xubuntu better. And plus, I would try to install on a Celeron 700Mhz with 128MB RAM.09:51
scuryep, and you can have more than one in the same installation. i installed an ubuntu cd, and then installed xubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop09:51
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scuri just chose which desktop manager i want when i log in (and it's always xfce from xubunut as that's my favourite)09:51
dannyAh, that box is a beauty compared to my old laptop. I used that thing as my main desktop for years. 360mhz of Intel goodness.09:52
dannyWell, my main box.09:52
LectusYes, I think Xubuntu will do better on old PCs than Win98 (crashes too much)09:52
dannyProbably a safe bet.09:52
scurit is pretty lightweight.09:53
LectusI also like maximum performance instead of fancy GUIs, so I might try Xubuntu on this PC as well.09:53
scurbut i'm running it on a dual screen 2ghz box, so it does work on newer things as well :)09:53
Lectusand Xubuntu still looks beautifull from screenshots09:54
Lectusso, i'm really curious about it :D09:54
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dannyI'm sure you'll love it.09:56
dannyHey scure, darrend, thanks a lot for the help. I'm off to work.09:57
dannyGood luck Lectus, enjoy.09:57
LectusThanks for the info.09:57
LectusI'm going away now. I'll wait for the download to complete and I'll be back later saying what was my feeling about Xubuntu.09:58
dannyNo problem. Later.09:58
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darrendis anyone successfully getting beryl-manager to restart as part of the normal xfce session?10:17
=== cjae [n=cjae@142-165-37-205.estv.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #xubuntu
darrendI only seem able to get it to restart if I add it to the "autostarted applications" config, which means that when I logout/in all my application windows stack up in the top left corner of the screen until finally the window manager gets loaded10:19
darrendtres annoying10:19
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TeshadaelIf my system doesn't handle X compositing very well, is it safe to assume beryl won't run very good?10:38
scurin my experience, if your system is in any way out the ordinary beryl won't run very good... but i haven't tried it for a while :)10:39
cjaeok what are other good linux networks or ones that deal with open source besides freenode10:42
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mads-I just installed xubuntu in my normal ubuntu. When I load it wont connect to the internet, and my keyboard is now english instead of danish... What have I done wrong?10:49
mads-I just did a "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"10:50
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Lectusis it possible to have the desktop 3D effect in xubuntu?11:18
Lectuswill it also run faster/lighter?11:19
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d45-158.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
crimsunto the latter.11:26
crimsunyes, it's possible, but currently it still pulls in the gnome bits.11:26
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Cannon_Ballhi everybody11:35
Cannon_Balli'm looking for help on a problem using the W32codecs11:35
Cannon_Ballis there anyone able to provide ideas?11:36
Jester45i  can try11:36
Cannon_Ballhi jester, thank you11:36
Cannon_Ballbasically I have xubuntu, no special issues. I use a notebook Acer Travelmate 505 with a Neomagic graphcard11:37
Cannon_BallI installed the w32codecs from medibuntu11:37
Cannon_Ballbut when I try to open a wmv file I inherited from my previous M$ OS Gxine just shuts off11:38
Jester45does xine need w32codecs?11:38
Cannon_BallI tried with VLC as well, same behavior. Instead Xfmedia shows a blue screen11:39
crimsunno, xine doesn't.11:39
crimsunis libxine1-ffmpeg installed?11:39
Cannon_BallI don't know, one second and I check11:39
Cannon_Ballhi Crimsun, thanks for your help11:39
Jester45crimsun: thats what i was thinking11:40
Jester45Cannon_Ball: w32codecs is only for mplayer11:40
Cannon_BallIm checking synaptic11:40
Cannon_Ballyep, it is installed11:42
Jester45hey, pidgin has new similes11:43
Cannon_Balldo you have ideas as to where I can find indications? should I file a bug?11:45
crimsunCannon_Ball: do you know what version wmv it is?11:46
crimsunCannon_Ball: you may need to use mplayer+w32codecs11:46
Cannon_Balli think also xine needs the codecs11:47
Cannon_Ballon medibuntu I found this:11:47
Cannon_Ball To work around this issue, external binary codecs are used instead to play these formats.  MPlayer and  xine use such external codecs and these codecs are stored in the MPlayer website in their codecs directory11:47
Cannon_Ballhowever I can try with mplayer11:47
Cannon_Ballwmv I tried both the wmv8 and the wmv9, no differences11:47
Jester45xine cant use mplayers codecs11:48
Jester45mplayers codecs are mad just for mplay they said so11:48
Cannon_Ballok, I'll check with mplayer, thanks11:50
Cannon_BallOk, with MPlayer I have a Fatal Error opening initialising the selected video out device12:11
Cannon_Ballso I guess that, once again, it is an unresolved problem with my graph card12:12
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