nixternalRiddell: rockin'! I will work up something here in a bit, I need an ice bath12:34
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Tonio_heya :-)10:28
Hobbseehey Tonio_!!!10:28
Tonio_how are you Hobbsee ? how was the flights to come back ?10:28
HobbseeTonio_: pretty jetlagged10:29
HobbseeTonio_: it took 36 hours, 4 and a bit planes, 3 trains, 1 taxi, and one car.10:29
Tonio_OMFG !10:29
Hobbseehehe, yes.10:29
Hobbseewoulda been 2 trains, except that i couldnt figure the one i was supposed to catch, as it didnt seem to be on the list10:30
crimsun"and a bit" sounds ominous.10:30
Hobbseeso i caught 1 to a quieter station, then switched.10:30
crimsunlike 1/25th of a plane.  Is that like a floatation cushion from a seat?10:30
Hobbseecrimsun: we taxi'd out of singapore airport, but decided not to take off10:31
Hobbseecarrier pidgeons went on strike.10:31
crimsunoooh, nice.10:31
Hobbseeso they eventually took us back to the airport, to wait in the terminal for a while long10:31
Hobbseeand do duty free shopping :P10:32
Hobbsee(yay, chocolate)10:32
hungerGutsy stopped to print:-(10:36
crimsunis that better or worse than not stopping at all?10:36
hungercrimsun: worse than not stopping at all but way better than generic stopping.10:37
HobbseeTonio_: i think i really should move to germany, or something.10:37
Tonio_Hobbsee: hehe :)10:39
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=== allee will welcome Hobbsee in Germany!
mhbHobbsee's coming to Linuxtag?11:24
mhbaww, I thought I could come :o)11:25
Hobbseemhb: nope11:26
Hobbseemhb: go ahead11:26
Hobbseeallee: hehe :)11:26
Hobbseeallee: i wish.  wont happen for a while yet11:26
alleeHobbsee: have you checked your time table?   E.g. meeting next Wednesday?11:27
Hobbseeallee: no, but i really should do that.11:27
alleeTonio_: ^^ next wednesday?11:27
Tonio_allee: go for it ;)11:28
Hobbseewhat time were you thinking?11:28
Hobbsee2100utc or whatever?11:28
alleeHobbsee: sounds good11:28
mhballee: is there any agenda?11:28
Hobbseeallee: will have to check time differences, iirc11:28
Hobbseemhb: there will be11:29
alleemhb: not jet, feel free to add anything you want11:29
mhbI just checked the Meetings page11:29
fdovinganyone up for some usb-safely-remove testing?11:30
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doc__hi there11:34
=== ded [n=ded@lor34-1-82-240-239-109.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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alleefdoving: can it be tested in feisty?11:37
fdovingallee: yes, i have not tested it in gutsy.11:38
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fdovingallee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase/+bug/61946/comments/6511:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 61946 in kdebase "[Edgy Data Loss]  umount progress dialog missing" [High,Fix released] 11:38
alleefdoving: I've a look later (user-problem-interrupt)11:40
fdovingallee: thanks :)11:41
alleeraphink: ping. Meeting?11:42
sebasallee got home safely?11:43
alleesebas: yet.  I even managed to miss no flight, bus ;)11:43
alleesebas: how was your weekend in Sevilla?11:43
raphinkhi allee11:45
Tonio_fdoving: talking about that.....11:45
Tonio_fdoving: is there a way to use the "sync" command before unmounting ?11:45
Tonio_that avoids the issue and dataloss11:46
fdovingTonio_: sure, but it should be unneccesary, as umount does that by itself.11:46
Tonio_imagin you launch the unmounting window, then perform a sync, then unmount11:46
Tonio_fdoving: yes but crashes sometimes...11:46
alleeraphink: next wednesday?  21 utc?  (<- I'm sure Hobbsee changes it after calculating local time ;)11:46
Hobbseeit'll be then, give or take a couple of hours11:46
raphinkhmmm I could try to be there11:46
raphinkI can't promise11:46
alleeraphink: okay,  Try your best ;)11:47
raphinkI'm very busy lately11:47
alleeTonio_: umount always sync implicitely11:47
fdovingTonio_: there was a commit to kio_meida_mounthelper some weeks ago upstream, changed some of the error messages among other things. that might be related.11:47
Tonio_allee: ok11:47
fdovingTonio_: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143353#c611:48
ubotuKDE bug 143353 in general ""safely remove" unmounts usb flash disk while it is still in use (flashing)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] 11:48
Tonio_fdoving: that replaces the patch we currently use right ?11:48
fdovingTonio_: when we get that, and my new and fancy kio-umountwrapper, yes.11:49
alleeTonio_: there are two problem: people removing to early (fdovin patch) and people never remove it because the usb light does not go off ;)11:49
fdovingTonio_: the upstream patch does not make a progress dialog.11:49
Tonio_fdoving: can it be use with your current patch or is there a problem with it ? can help a lot with the french parliament :)11:49
fdovingTonio_: i've made a new wrapper for that, replacing my feisty-patch to kdebase. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase/+bug/61946/comments/6511:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 61946 in kdebase "[Edgy Data Loss]  umount progress dialog missing" [High,Fix released] 11:49
fdovingTonio_: my current feisty-patch is not very good. i've repalced it with a separate wrapper-app. as described in that comment.11:50
fdovingTonio_: the new wrapper appears instantly among other things.11:51
Tonio_fdoving: so the point is : use your new package, remove your kdebase patch and use the kde bts patch instead right ?11:51
fdovingTonio_: correct.11:51
Tonio_fdoving: great, will test that this afternoon :)11:52
fdovingTonio_: nice, let me know what you think of the new dialog, also, if the speed of the progress-thing is OK or too fast.11:54
Tonio_fdoving: no need of a patch or something to call the wrapper ?11:54
fdovingTonio_: no, currently i divert the media_safelyremove.desktop files from konqueror and dolphin, and supply own copies with the umount command modified.11:55
Tonio_fdoving: there is certainly something to patch in kdebase in any case right ?11:55
Tonio_fdoving: that's in your package right ?11:55
fdovingTonio_: yes.11:55
Tonio_ok, I will repackage this11:55
fdovingTonio_: you can repackage kdebase with the upstream commit included.11:56
fdovingTonio_: and remove my previous patch.11:56
fdovingor just revert to ubuntu19, which is without my patch.11:56
Tonio_and change that to a patch for kdebase, that's the clean way to implement the desktop file change, although you are right that divert is a nice way to let people test11:56
fdovingbut then you won't get the upstream fix.11:56
Tonio_fdoving: will feedback toonight :)11:56
Tonio_fdoving: of course11:57
fdovingTonio_: i wouldn't change it in kdebase, because that will give kdebase a depend on my package, it's kinda nice to be able to revert such changes. whcih a divert is perfect for.11:57
fdovingTonio_: i'm planning to do a on-the-fly divert-and-replace for the .desktop files, which basically diverts and keeps a copy of the original .desktop, then makes a modified version of the installed one, instead of supplying my own copy.11:58
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alleenixternal: heh, nice to see your commits :)12:01
Tonio_fdoving: indeed ;)12:03
fdovingTonio_: but, are the translations in the .desktop files used, or does it go elsewhere to pick up translations, X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=desktop_kdebase ?12:04
Tonio_fdoving: sure ;)12:05
fdovingi don't have no desktop_kdebase.mo file on my system.12:08
alleefdoving: afaiu the x-ubuntu... is a rosetta thing.  Translations shows should be in the desktop file12:11
fdovingallee: ok, waht are the .mos for then?12:11
=== ded [n=ded@lor34-1-82-240-239-109.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_StefanS_hey Tonio_, thoughy you were busy at work ? :)12:13
Tonio__StefanS_: I am talking about work.... I need this for the french parliament migration12:15
Tonio__StefanS_: then if that works, I'll commit to ubuntu12:15
_StefanS_I'm watching you. :)12:16
alleefdoving: for the translators12:17
fdovingallee: language-pack-kde-* provides a bunch of .mo files12:18
fdoving.mo files are compiled .po files.12:18
alleefdoving: mhmm ..12:18
fdovingi would guess the tag in the .desktop files are there to give .desktop files gettext support, beeing able to use the languague-.packs.12:19
fdovingdoes that sound insane?12:19
alleefdoving: mhmm, would need a patch to kdelibs to change the way translations are looked up ...12:20
fdovingallee: i think we patch every kde app, don't we?12:20
fdovingno, not that one.12:21
fdovingthis one: kubuntu_56_langpacks_desktop_files.diff12:21
fdovingcertainly using the .mos12:22
fdovingthe .desktop is the fallback though.12:25
fdovingthat's evil.12:25
fdovingthen it's useless anyway.12:25
fdoving(to me, that is).12:25
fdoving.. or maybe not.12:26
alleefdoving: useless?12:27
fdovingallee: i was hoping all translations was read from the .mo exclusively. that way i could supply my own .desktop without thinking about translation updates etc.12:29
fdovingnow the .desktop is used as a fallback, then if there is no .mo for the specified domain, the .desktop is the one beeing used.12:31
fdovingso i need to write that script to divert and hotswap the command inside the .desktop.12:31
fdoving.. keeping a backup.12:31
fdovingbut, that give me a predepend on konqueror, and i can't do the same for dolphin as it's not a vital part of the kde3 desktop.12:32
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=== hunger sighs. Grumpy is pretty broken right now: No more printing, no kNM, OOo does not start up anymore.
Hobbseehunger: yes...you really shouldnt be running it02:22
Hobbseeno one should, at least until the majority of merges are done02:22
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hungerHobbsee: I know that I should not. But I can't help it, I am addicted to new packages.02:48
=== Hobbsee is running a chroot of it
=== Hobbsee has just discovered about resolve.conf, and so solves some breakage
hungerHobbsee: Nah... that is cheating.02:49
Hobbseeno, it is real gutsy02:51
Hobbseei'm just not booted to it02:51
Hobbseeeven pbuilder is real gutsy02:51
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=== nixternal is booted to Gutsy just fine
=== nixternal smells smoke
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=== apachelogger puts a note showing - http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=5145 - on Riddell's desktop ;-)
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mhballee: how's the meeting time doing?04:06
Hobbseemhb: it's blocked on me actually doing something useful04:10
mhbHobbsee: so the time's bad for you?04:11
Hobbseei think it's okayish for me04:11
Hobbseewhen are we saying?  next wednesday?04:11
Hobbsee2100 UTC is good04:12
HobbseeJucato: &04:12
HobbseeJucato: ^04:12
JucatoJucato: %04:12
Jucatono problem on my end of the globe :D04:13
mhbI'm having my (high school) final exam on that day, so I might be the one not showing up04:14
Hobbseeyou want it delayed a day or something?04:15
mhbHobbsee: I don't want to be the one breaking the party04:16
mhbfor you04:16
dadchickenI feel so much better.04:18
dadchickenSOOO much better.04:18
mhbHobbsee: one day delay would be great for me (as I could have an agenda point) but I don't want to spoil anyone else's plans04:19
Hobbseemhb: right04:19
Hobbseehrm.  tahtd' probably work04:20
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danimoRiddell: ping?04:58
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danimodid anyone get the kubuntu packages for kde4 working?06:26
danimoas in: not crashing on startup rightaway06:26
Hobbseehavent tried, yet06:26
danimothey crash badly here06:26
Hobbseecrack-man said they did too, but i wasnt sure if that was a local problem06:27
danimoHobbsee: I tried on two installations, both times boo-booh06:30
danimoHobbsee: the live cd otoh works like a charm06:31
danimo(if you dare to call alpha1's shape a charm ;)06:31
=== danimo compiles himself
danimoafter all, that's what I should be doin', right? ;)06:32
Hobbseeno, you should be fixing it.06:32
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danimoHobbsee: sorry, KDE's responsibility ends on the package assemply line :)06:42
Hobbseedanimo: hehe06:42
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Tm_Tdon't tell me I missed Community Council meeting07:46
Hobbseeyou did.07:47
gnomefreakTm_T: yep07:47
gnomefreakabout 5 hours ago07:47
gnomefreakgive or take07:48
Tm_Tnice, no proper net connection and I'm lying in painkillers07:48
Tm_Tyup, back away then ->07:48
=== gnomefreak left half way through so im glad you didnt make it. i can cheer for you next meeting
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marseillai_apachelogger: i've see on your blog that you take a look at kopete otr plugin! i've try to make a debdiff with this patch http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Kopete+Emoticons+Manager?content=54968 but i'm a little bit "noob" with that sort of things and the patch don't want to apply07:50
marseillai_do you have any idea ?07:50
gnomefreakif you look in debian/patched you should see the failure patch and open it it should tell you why it failed07:52
marseillai_the problem is that i can't even apply the patch on source07:53
apacheloggermarseillai_: listen to gnomefreak ;-)07:53
gnomefreakmarseillai_: also patch == diff for most part :)07:53
gnomefreakit gives you file touched - what it was + what it is now07:53
marseillai_i make cdbs edit patch07:54
marseillai_then i run patch -p1 ...07:54
apacheloggermarseillai_: you have to adept the patch07:54
marseillai_and i got this error : http://pastebin.ca/48971007:54
marseillai_and i don't understand why07:54
Hobbseemarseillai_: because you needed to use sourcedir/kopete/...07:55
Hobbseeinstead of just kopete/...07:55
gnomefreakdo you see the file  kopete/config/appearance/appearanceconfig_emoticons.ui07:55
marseillai_i've check07:55
Hobbsee(when using the p1 strip option, which is what dpatch, cdbs, etc uses07:55
marseillai_and it doesn't exist07:55
fdovingmarseillai_: you probably use the wrong level, since you're already inside the kopete directory.07:56
marseillai_Hobbsee: the problem is what gnomefreak told kopete/config/appearance/appearanceconfig_emoticons.ui doesn't exist ...07:56
marseillai_fdoving: i've try both07:56
gnomefreaktry config/appearance/appearanceconfig_emoticons.ui07:56
gnomefreakmarseillai_: got o top level dir and use find07:56
gnomefreaks/got o/ go to07:57
=== gnomefreak ran into this issue with iceape and finally figured out i didnt mv /mozilla* .
marseillai_i'll try07:58
gnomefreakbut that is how its set up for it kopete may not be that way07:58
gnomefreakseeing as there is no mozilla dir in kopete ")07:58
apacheloggermarseillai_: I'd suggest to create your own patch, probably more work, but current SVN is 3.5.7 while you probably got 3.5.6 sources08:00
marseillai_i thought it was a problem with kubuntu patche ...08:01
=== apachelogger doesn't think so
marseillai_so may be i wouldn't be able to do a debdiff for that apps with kopete from kde 3.5.6 ?08:04
apacheloggerin order to apply the patch you have to download kopete svn http://kopete.kde.org/svnaccess.php08:06
apacheloggermarseillai_: looks like08:06
=== marseillai_ is wondering if this patch could apply to riddell's package of kde 3.5.7
marseillai_could i do a patch and send it to him wothout having kde 3.5.7 packages08:07
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qrtoi wonder if i'm the only one getting ksmserver crash on kde4 alpha start?08:09
gnomefreakhe packages 3.5.7 already?08:11
gnomefreakqrto: im not using it but i doubt your the only one08:11
manchicken|awayqrto: I think Riddell was getting that as well.  Don't know for sure.08:13
=== marseillai_ will look at his /temp folder! :)
marseillai_no 3.5.7 packages08:14
marseillai_i'll wait08:14
qrtoactually i found some ksmserver crash info on this channel logs :)08:19
qrtoso i was thinking maybe you know the cure already :)08:19
qrtofunny thing is, everything (except kwin) works fine until i close kcrash window, then everything crashes08:19
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=== mhb wonders if Hobbsee's going to sleep today
daskreechshe's gone already08:24
Hobbseemhb: nope08:25
Hobbseewell, not this morning, anyway08:25
Hobbseei disconnected to, earlier, but decided against it08:25
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mhbmanchicken: shouldn't you be dadrooster or something like that?08:27
manchickenYou all should have seen earlier.  On kubuntu-users we proved through logic and reason that Katapult is better than both hot tubs and yellow number five.08:27
manchickenmhb: Excuse me, but who's the chicken here?08:27
=== polopolo [n=IceChat7@ip5457cfa6.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalmanchicken is bigdaddyhenlover08:30
daskreechmanchicken: I missed that?08:30
daskreechNot the hen loving08:30
daskreechThe Yellow number five08:30
manchickendaskreech: Someone said that katapult was 75% more useful and friendly to little swimmers, so then logically we asserted that because hot tubs and yellow number five don't really serve any unique purpose, and are both not very friendly at all to those particular "organs" that katapult is thusly superior.08:32
manchickennixternal: I love it when they call me big papa.08:32
nixternalhahaha, shut up biggy smalls08:32
nixternalisn't that who said that?08:32
manchickenThe most ironic stage name ever.08:33
manchickenThe guy was like 450 pounds.08:33
nixternaland people ooh'd and ahh'd over that garbage...but i will leave it at that08:34
nixternalI still hear it driving around...people droppin' their bass08:34
manchickenWell this is fun.08:35
manchickenI just got to experience Adrien's dreaded kpilot bug.08:35
nixternalhaha, I have been chattin' with him via email about it. I am going to help out with some of the kpilot stuff08:36
nixternalmine is working like a champ, but he has some other ones to test out08:36
manchickenI missed a dialog that kpilot put up when it saw a conflict, and the treo cancelled the sync.  So I tried to resync.  Now both my treo and my kontact calendars have been wiped out.08:36
fdovinggood thing you have nigthly backups :)08:43
manchickenThis is true.08:44
fdovingkpilot is a nightmare.08:44
manchickenThe question at this point is do I just say "forget it" and redo my calendar which will take me all of 30 minutes, or do I spend the hours it would take to decompress and recover from backups :)08:44
manchickenThat's the first time I've ever had a problem with it.08:45
qrtotalking about sync... i'd love to see an app syncing my nokia e61 properly08:45
manchickenI think I heard Adrian(or is it Adrien?) mention greater device compatibility coming out next time.08:49
manchickenKPilot depends on some other libs to do its business.08:50
manchickenI think it's something like opensync or something like that.08:50
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manchickenKPilot only works with devices that play nice with palm pilot protocols IIRC.08:50
manchickenAnd the visor kernel module.08:50
manchickenBut I'm not completely clued in on that.08:51
Riddellqrto: I had ksmserver crash too08:51
Hobbseehiya Riddell!08:51
mhbanyone with an eye for graphic design here ( = not me) ? I've started a wiki page about my meeting agenda point and I'd be happy if some folks commented on that08:53
manchickenRiddell lives!08:54
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Hobbseemhb: qtcurve's not in ubuntu, is it?08:55
Hobbseeit's still on revu?08:55
mhbHobbsee: qtcurve-kde3 - QtCurve style for KDE08:57
Hobbseesarah@LongPointyStick:~$ madison-lite qtcurve-kde308:58
Hobbseemhb: where'd you get that from08:58
Hobbseehi bddebian08:58
bddebianHi Hobbsee08:58
mhbHobbsee: apt-cache search says that08:58
Hobbseemhb: can you apt-cache policy  qtcurve-kde3 ?08:59
Hobbseeand paste the relevant output?08:59
mhboh, it's probably an external package08:59
mhbsorry for confusion08:59
Hobbseeno problem08:59
mhbHobbsee: the point of that page is to think about what UI features we want in Polyester09:02
Hobbseei see that :)09:02
Hobbseelooks nice09:02
mhbHobbsee: I think polyester with new borders could look better, but I might be wrong09:05
mhbHobbsee: if you desire a UI element improved or just about anything polyester related, please write it in... I hate writing pages all by myself :o)09:06
mhb^^ that goes for everyone, of course09:06
Hobbseei'm just looking at that polyester09:06
Hobbseethe package on REVU looks fine, but i need to check the file licencing first, i think09:06
mhbHobbsee: polyester? that is already in main, right?09:08
=== allee [n=ach@lapex-mcallee.mpe.mpg.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbsee you folks tomorrow! and please please comment on that wiki page :o)09:11
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manchickenIt's almost tornado season.09:23
manchickenUbuntu Studio just release?09:28
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ryanakcaummm... I think I'm runing KDE 4 by default now...09:59
=== ryanakca gets screenshot
ryanakcareally wierd... unfocused windows go dark, drop shadow, etc10:00
jjesseis that a bad thin?10:01
jjessethat looks cool10:02
ryanakcait isn't a /bad/ thing.10:02
ryanakcait does10:02
ryanakcaand takes up a fraction of the ressources that beryl would10:03
ryanakcabut, I'm wondering if it should kindof... "takeover" ?10:03
ryanakcaor if the two are supposed to stay seperate10:04
fdovingryanakca: remember it's nowhere near polished yet, the libs are barely ready :)10:04
jjessekde4 won't be done until after gusty correct?10:04
=== ryanakca doesn't know if a certain bug is KDE3.6 or KDE4... both of them are "mixed together"
ryanakcaI think.10:05
fdovingthey probably are.10:05
jjessebummer its raining out and i don't have an umbrella10:05
ryanakcaoooh, fade in and out :)10:05
yuriy*clicks screenshot* dammit i really have to stop png's from opening with the gimp10:05
ryanakcayeah... if I could get Istanbul to save, I'd make you a screencast10:07
fdovingryanakca: did you compile from svn?10:07
yuriyhmm still can't get the alpha, get a 404 on kubuntu.org ./ packages10:07
ryanakcapackages from the kubuntu main page10:07
fdovingok. i have it compiled from svn.10:07
ryanakcayeah, those are what I'm using10:07
=== ryanakca will try svn too
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jjessehmm when i gfull screen in vmware server my host x get's all messed up10:10
jjessewow i can't type sometimes10:12
jjesseanyone have a problem when they enable full screen mode in vmware server (ctrl+alt+enter) and the resolution on the host gets all messed up on returning to the host?10:12
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_StefanS_Riddell: ping?10:19
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daskreechmanchicken: came out last week10:33
daskreechmanchicken: Studio's site got hammered10:33
daskreech kwin_composite by default in KDE4 :)10:53
=== apacheLAGger is now known as apachelogger
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=== ryanakca loves kwin_composite
ryanakcaand... it's amaizing how a reboot can fix all your sound troubles :D11:12
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ryanakcahey LongPointyStick11:16
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daskreechryanakca: uptime is god!!11:19
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ryanakcadaskreech: uptime for ?11:47
daskreechnot rebooting to fix sound :)11:48
ryanakcaas long as my server has good uptime, I'm happy11:48
ryanakca 17:47:43 up 17 days,  3:54,  3 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.02, 0.0111:48
ryanakca(not much, but good for me :D)11:48
ryanakcawe usually have the power flicker every couple days... I think I'm on an uptime streak11:49
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daskreechryanakca: UPS?11:59
ryanakcadaskreech: nah12:07
ryanakcamy annual income is < 400CAD now... and I just got myself a bike12:08
=== ryanakca is going to sell chainmail jewelry this summer, so... I figure,
ryanakcasell 50 items at 20CAD each, I'll have made 1000CAD12:09
ryanakca950... cut out the materials... 53 items is more like it :)12:09
=== ryanakca looks at the merges

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