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jendayo, Mike_F11:22
Mike_Fjenda:hey, up early today11:25
jendaMike_F: some memory at the back of my mind is telling me you were supposed to receive something from the post office - did that happen? :)11:26
Mike_Fjenda: yes i got them last week11:31
Mike_Fi thought that i ket you know i guess i forgot11:31
Mike_Fjenda: the posters are cool, did you design them?11:33
jendaMike_F: nah, you likely did let me know, and I forgot :)11:34
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jendaI didn't - Hannes Pasqualini did, on my order :)11:34
Mike_Fi always liked the information highway concept for the internet11:35
Mike_Fjenda: what type of resources are available to let regular people know about ubuntu ?11:39
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Mike_Fif there aren't any maybe that is something that I can help contribute to.11:44
Mike_FAt least from an (East Coast) American point of view11:45
jendaMike_F: that's a difficult question :)12:13
jendaMike_F: and it's the one question the MT is here to answer.12:13
jendaHowever... it's not simple ;)12:13
jendaThere is no way, I think, to let _regular_/average people know.12:13
jendaYou need some spark of interest on their side, first.12:13
jendaThat could be generated by outdoor advertising: posters, stickers, shirts, simply seeing the logo or the OS itself somewhere.12:26
jendaOnce you've got that, you need to be able to give them info on the pros and cons of using Ubuntu.12:26
jendaAnd lastly, you have to help them use it - that's documentation and support land, not marketing.12:27
Mike_Fjenda: true support is the keyword for what a consulting business is12:34
Mike_Feverything else is marketing12:34
Mike_Fas an engineer, marketing is something that i have learned from "the street"12:35
Mike_Fjenda: i am going to let some regular people know about ubuntu in Orlando Fla. at my chamber of commerce leads group12:48
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Vorianhey everyone, boredandblogging will be up for membership in a little while!03:12
Vorianlets all make sure he gets some good support from us :)03:12
beunoYay! boredandblogging!03:13
boredandbloggingany help would be appreciated :-)03:13
=== Vorian prods jenda
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Vorianmeatballhat, 1!!!!11!!!!03:28
meatballhatVorian: he-Yello!  :D03:29
beunomeatballhat, :D03:29
meatballhathowdy howdy howdy03:29
meatballhatanybody else recently receive Feisty CDs from Shipit?  :)03:29
beunomeatballhat: yes!  kubuntu artwork is very nice03:30
Vorianmeatballhat, http://vorian.org/?p=4303:30
meatballhatas per usual, I'm behind the times  :P03:31
VorianI feel like I'm hording03:31
meatballhatVorian: we should get an announcement out to Libraries03:32
meatballhatI can call our guy at OPLIN - he offered to announce on our behalf03:32
Vorianand a press release03:32
Vorianmeatballhat, OPLIN would be kewl!03:32
meatballhatVorian:  shall we?  -->  #ubuntu-oh03:32
beunomeatballhat: I'm trying to get my LoCo officalised today  :p03:37
meatballhatbeuno: very cool!!!   /me checks the Agenda03:37
boredandbloggingthats awesome beuno 03:38
meatballhatbeuno: I see the Agenda is pretty slim03:38
beunomeatballhat: luckily  :D03:38
beunothat reminds me, jono, I'm sorry I went ahead and added the LoCo to the agenda, I was anxious   :D03:40
jonobeuno: which team?03:40
beunojono: Argentina Team, I emailed you about it a few days ago03:40
jonowhy did you add it?03:41
beunooh, and "hello", I never seem to great you  :D03:41
beunojono: to get it approved03:41
jonobeuno: why did you add it before I responded?03:41
jonobeuno: the process is that I look over the applicatiobn03:41
beunojono: the meeting was today03:42
elkbuntubeuno, you only need to bribe jono these days03:42
jonoand with UDS I have not had time to catch up, you are not supposed to just go and add it03:42
beunoelkbuntu, :D03:42
beunojono: right, I'm sorry I went over you, should I have it skipped then?03:43
Vorianbeuno, just give jono a link to your forum with it's 5 million posts....03:43
beunowe've got voer 100 members in Launchpad alone03:43
beunoI *really* thought we where ready03:43
jonobeuno: I am sorry, but you should not skip the process, the process is there for a reason,and I expect a little flexability considering I was travelling all weekend - let me check your approval now03:43
beunojono, quick links: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArgentinaTeamApprovalApplication03:44
beunohttp://uluga.ubuntuforums.org/  (a lot of activity there)03:44
jonolooks good beuno03:44
beunoeeerrr...  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ar/03:44
jonobut don't do that again, processes are there for a reason03:44
beunojono: yes, hence the "sorry" bit  :D03:45
beunoI won't03:45
beunothanks for the last minute review03:45
beunoit's just I'm going to debconf (yay!), and I didn't know if I would have time next meeting03:45
beunoand I've got a lot of anxious members03:45
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beunojono: thanks for the support   :D04:15
juliuxTm_T, join #ubuntu-meeting 04:16
Voriancheer for boredandblogging !!!!04:16
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beunoboredandblogging,  :D   congrats!04:28
boredandbloggingbeuno: thanks for the help04:53
beunoboredandblogging: you earned it, no help needed   :D04:53
loudmouthmanRight , whilst I await Daviey in the meeting , I want to go back to my question yesterday. Im interested in discussing how we can market Ubuntu to SMEs. Ive been doing OSS evengelism for the last 8 years to SMEs and now and it always seems to break down to Enterprise or Desktop . 05:04
loudmouthmanIm wondering if I have missed a core segment of the marketing statement that deals with engagement of SMEs or am i buzzwording <grin>05:05
boredandbloggingloudmouthman: what does an SME need thats not on the ubuntu server? I'm asking because I'm not really sure whats on the server edition exactly05:14
loudmouthmanoh im talking about Desktop delivery though. 05:14
loudmouthmanive actually got a few SMEs paying me to install or dual boot there machines and set them up, plus Jo Miller from Certain shops has had to be dropped in at the deep end and use it.05:15
loudmouthmanthe core issue is Business managers and Management Consultants dont like something they cant sell into ( e.g. OSS ) where as they can get traction and feel good factors from MS and Apple.05:16
boredandbloggingahh, I see05:17
loudmouthmanDown here in sunny sussex UK  I can sell IT support and Ubuntu Servers till the cows come home but selling Desktops is another matter. And pretty much all the case and conversations are based around Enterprise or Ma and Pa delivery. 05:18
loudmouthmanSo I am wondering about kicking off a Ubuntu SME delivery project to get the conversation going about SME delivery and implementation 05:29
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boredandblogginghi Burgundavia 05:35
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Tm_Tjuliux: CRAP07:42
Tm_Tjuliux: what did I miss?07:43
Tm_Toh noes, I knew there's some losses when I don't have net connection other than my mobile phone...07:46
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juliuxTm_T, you miss your membership;)08:00
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nixternaljenda: you freenode people are slow man with the pdpc cloaks ;p08:24
nixternalbeen 2 weeks and still no love, I want a refund ;p08:24
juliuxnixternal, lol08:25
jendanixternal: oh yes :)08:27
jendanixternal: we are 08:27
jendajuliux: I have info from Hannes08:27
juliuxjenda, cool08:27
nixternalI know you are...pathetic...makes me want to use efnet instead!08:27
jendaIt should be feasable to make A0 posters... I mean, the fonts are resisable, and the illustration should have enough resolution.08:28
jendaThe bigger a poster, the less dpi it needs... an A0 does not need more than 100-150 dpi to look good.08:28
jendaI'll check if I can export a pdf with max resolution... 08:28
jendaThat was a quote ^08:28
nixternalI want my cloak to say @debian/ubuntu/fsf/member/pdpc.whatever.active/nixternal08:28
nixternaland I just might want to add more damnit!08:28
juliuxjenda, we only need the indesing sources because we have to give the printer a ps file08:28
jendanixternal: And I want it to be @freenode.staff/ubuntu.marketing.member/ubuntuforums.moderator/ubuntucz.loco.member/tapthru.founder/jenda, but it's a know-go08:30
nixternaloh ya, I want some of that too08:30
jendajuliux: hmm...08:30
nixternalthe loco, forums mod, marketing member pssh08:30
jendajuliux: I don't know what that is08:30
juliuxjenda, indesign is a programm for windows08:31
juliux;), 08:31
nixternalI will whois myself later, and if there is nothing there, OFTC will have havoc brought upon them ;p08:32
tsmithejenda, so...08:33
jendajuliux: "indesing" I read that as indexing ;)08:34
jendatsmithe: hmm?08:34
tsmitheyou know what i want :P08:34
juliuxjenda, tsts08:34
jendatsmithe: I had the exam today08:34
jendatsmithe: and I failed it ;)08:34
tsmitheyou always fail! 08:34
tsmithethat's not good enough!08:34
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