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(mdz/#ubuntu-mobile) Mithrandir: I changed the status of the hildon-libs branches to Abandoned so they don't show up and confuse people. I assume you'll handle the package removal from the archive?12:25
henomdz: onBoard will need a few tweaks for the mobile edition, should I spec that up? Chris has said he can work on it12:40
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Mithrandirmdz: yes, I'll get it removed.01:08
!RichiH:*! Hi all. As you probably noticed, one of our sponsors had trouble with his upstream. Everything should be back to normal, now. Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for using freenode and have a great day :)01:13
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(mdz/#ubuntu-mobile) Mithrandir: how is hildon-1 coming along? the URL that lucas posted to -mobile looks useful03:43
Mithrandiryes, I found that a couple of days back; hildon-1 in bzr compiles, but I haven't uploaded packages of it yet.03:43
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MDKhey, I'm the hildon-1 maintainer on the nokia side06:28
MDKso feel free to ask questions06:28
Mithrandircoolie. :-)06:29
MDKI think you might also want to include our development theme in your set06:29
MDKsince widgets without theming are pretty useless06:30
Mithrandirthey won't fall back to some default theming?06:30
MDKit will06:31
MDKbut the 'default theming' is fairly ugly06:31
MDKwe relly on 100% pixmap-based theming06:31
MDKso in the code you have actual references to styles/pixmaps06:31
=== Mithrandir nods.
Mithrandirpackaging a theme should be easy enough.06:33
Mithrandiror we should just be able to sync from your sources.06:33
MDKbasically you want hildon-theme-layout-4 and hildon-theme-layout-plankton06:35
MDK-layout-4 is a "matrix" for the theme, stuff shared among all themes06:35
MDK-plankton is one particular implementation of the theme, our development theme06:35
MDKI had a blog entry about the model: http://www.mdk.org.pl/articles/2007/02/13/maemo-theming06:36
Mithrandirhttp://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=07/05/09/1637253 is a review of maemo 3.1; might be interesting to read.07:28
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=== adilson thinks about getting a N800 and ditch the N770
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