asacgnomefreak: yeah i fixed that depends problem12:54
asactomorrow i will send up12:55
asacnow time for bed12:56
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gnomefreakasac: thank you10:33
asacgnomefreak: ever heard of anybody loosing certificates or something?10:50
asacwhen upgrading to new firefox?10:50
gnomefreakno that is a first i heard of it was in -devel10:56
gnomefreakthis is assuming they mean <go to web site and they get the cert dialog>10:57
=== gnomefreak has been getting alot of them lately (more than normal)
gnomefreakasac: are you running iceape on any of your systems? including debian?11:05
asaci just run for testing packages11:05
asacnot debian11:05
gnomefreakwhen you click on the little rss feed icons it seems to give me the source of the page instead of the rss feed info11:06
gnomefreakwondering if its gutsy, me or iceape11:06
gnomefreakhmmmm if you add the URL it works fine but just seems weird i get http://news.google.com/?output=rss (XML file)11:10
gnomefreakcomment ==11:10
gnomefreak        This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.11:10
asacisn't it the same for firefox as well?11:19
gnomefreakfirefox when you open a rss link you get http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/xml?id=322236711:25
gnomefreaktop part == bookmark/subscribe info rest is links to <news> items  (<news> for the above site atleast)11:27
gnomefreaki was looking for a build option but didnt see one for iceape and i dont have ffox source handy yet11:27
gnomefreakasac: it seems to be a problem upstream (iceape rss thing) seamonkey on arch linux doe sthe same thing with version 1.1.111:43
gnomefreakim going to see if there is a bug upstream11:45
gnomefreakasac: about the certs. iceape seems to be worse than firefox (as in it asks alot more than ffox)12:23
asaci will fix that with upload12:25
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pochuhiya folks!12:29
gnomefreakhi pochu12:30
pochuI have an issue with listen: it crashes everytime I click on the lyrics or the wikipedia tab (which is rendered by firefox). This problem was happening in the past, but I fixed it, and is happening again since the libnss and libnspr changes in gutsy12:30
pochuhey gnomefreak12:30
gnomefreaki never found bug in mozilla nor debian bug trackers on the rss thing12:30
pochuThe launcher does the following:12:31
pochuLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox exec /usr/lib/listen/listen "$@"12:31
gnomefreakpochu: it will need to be built on nss nad nspr afaik12:31
gnomefreakif listen uses nss and nspr than it will need to be built on new version12:31
pochugnomefreak: good point :) It builds against firefox, but gonna try adding them as build-deps12:31
pochugnomefreak: it uses mozembed12:31
gnomefreakpochu: on gutsy?12:32
=== gnomefreak doesnt use listen but that was the first thing that came to mind
pochubut it's broken atm (listen)12:33
gnomefreakdid you talk to listen maintainer?12:33
pochuthe debian one?12:33
pochuI take care of it12:33
pochunobody else, afaik12:33
pochugnomefreak: let me try adding those build-depends, who knows :)12:34
gnomefreakpochu: well asa_c might know better i havent heard of it until feisty devel and still never used it12:34
pochugnomefreak: it's a nice player :)12:34
pochugnomefreak: it build-depends on libnspr4-dev, didn't know it :)12:37
pochuno, it doesn't12:38
pochuI added it recently to test it :)12:38
pochuI've added libnss3-dev too, let's see12:39
gnomefreakit doesnt show neither nor ffox here with apt-get12:42
pochuyep, it build-depends on firefox, but doesn't depend on it (yet)12:42
pochuI have to add it, though (already done here)12:42
gnomefreakim granning source atm12:43
pochuthanks! :)12:43
pochuyou will need a patch I have here to fix the makefile12:44
gnomefreak00_Makefile.patch  << that one?12:45
pochuwell, there are a couple of patches which workaround it12:45
pochuyes, that and gtkmozembed12:45
=== gnomefreak wonders why all the patches were dropped if you need them?
pochuthey were dropped?12:46
gnomefreakyou dropped them12:47
gnomefreakby the looks of it12:47
gnomefreak- 00_Makefile.patch dropped (some fixed, some useless)12:47
gnomefreakthats the makefile one dropped12:48
gnomefreak- 20_notification_area_restore.patch dropped (fixed upstream) - 15_desktop.patch dropped (useless) - 10_fix_exception.patch dropped (fixed upstream) - 05_remove_shebangs.patch dropped (fixed upstream) - 00_Makefile.patch dropped (some fixed, some useless) - 01_images_dir.patch dropped (useless)12:48
gnomefreakthose were all dropped12:48
pochuyes, they were fixed in he 0.5 version12:49
pochubut I added two more12:49
pochuto fix the gtkmozembed path12:49
gnomefreakyeah i saw12:49
pochuand later I found that the makefile was broken, and I've sent a patch upstream12:49
gnomefreakbut if i need the 00_Makefile.patch why did you drop it?12:50
gnomefreakthat would explain that12:50
pochuoh :)12:50
pochu00_Makefile is different12:50
gnomefreakinstalling it now to see whats going on12:50
gnomefreakah ok12:50
pochuI added gtkmozembed and listen_bin to workaround the issue12:51
pochui.e. to fix the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which wasn't set up12:52
pochubut now, though it's fine (LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox), it's broken again12:52
gnomefreakhmmmmm it is crashing ill look at crash log in a few minutes12:52
pochuok, thanks again :)12:53
gnomefreakpochu: any changes from feisty to gutsy that are important other than nss and nspr being built on their own now instead of by ff01:04
gnomefreaki need a dbg or dbgsym package. last i knew pittis repo for feisty was down01:06
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gnomefreakpochu: any changes from feisty to gutsy that are important other than nss and nspr being built on their own now instead of by ff01:08
asacpochu: anything you need my input?01:09
gnomefreakasac: im thinking its a nss nspr thing. but i dont know if new upstream....01:10
asacwhat issue is this about?01:10
gnomefreaklisten crashes when click on lyrics or wikipedia01:10
gnomefreaklisten build dep in firefox but not on nss or nspr01:11
pochugnomefreak: I've just built it against firefox-dev, libnss3-dev and libnspr4-dev and it still crashes01:11
gnomefreakpochu: what changes from feisty to gutsy? like new upstream or maybe python is messing it up?01:12
asacpochu: how is it linked?01:12
asace.g. what does ldd show01:12
asacpython mozgtkembed is known to be broken01:12
gnomefreakpochu: clicking either of them open firefox? and is that all that uses ffox01:12
gnomefreakasac: that might be it than :)01:13
pochuasac: will you fix it? :)01:13
pochuasac: is it broken since the nss and nspr split? It fails since then, IIRC01:13
pochugnomefreak: clicking on them open the tab, but the tab is rendered by gtkmozembed01:14
asacafaik python was broken always01:16
asachow can i test?01:17
asacits package 'listen' ?01:17
pochuin feisty it was working fine01:17
pochuasac: it doesn't use python mozembed, but /usr/lib/firefox/embedmoz.so01:18
asaci am currently installing in gutsy01:18
asaclets see01:18
pochuerr /usr/lib/firefox/libgtkembedmoz.so01:18
pochuasac: ok, ty01:18
asachas it already been respun against latest?01:18
asacor is it still the feisty package i get from gutsy archive?01:19
gnomefreakfeisty in gutsy01:19
asacmy bet would be that listen does not explicitly depend on libnspr libnsss01:19
asacwhich is why now those aren't pulled at all01:19
pochuit doesn't01:19
asactry to install libnspr4 and libnss301:19
asacby hand01:20
asacshould fix it01:20
pochugonna try :)01:20
asac(without having looked at it)01:20
gnomefreakpochu: ill be back in a few please dont go anywhere i have quicky about liferea01:20
pochuThe following packages will be REMOVED: firefox-dev libnspr4-dev libnss3-dev01:20
pochuasac: is that a dependency bug? ^01:21
pochuinstalling anyway01:21
pochugnomefreak: sure, thanks for your help!01:21
asacits allright01:21
asacpochu: listen starts here01:21
asachow will it crash?01:21
asacoh now it crashed :)01:21
pochustill crashes01:22
pochuwith libnss3 and libnspr4 :/01:22
gnomefreakpochu: has liferea always reset the seperaters upon restarting it?01:24
=== gnomefreak thinking its upstream problem but would like to know if it has always done that
pochubtw I found that bug in gentoo tracker, too01:25
gnomefreakyes the line that seperates the left panel from the main panel and the one in the main panel01:25
pochuI think so01:25
pochuat least for a long time01:25
gnomefreakif you make left panel bigger close and start it back up it doesnt save settings01:25
asacsomehow the patch looks wrong01:26
pochuasac: is a workaround01:26
pochuI can send you the good one :)01:26
asaclooks wrong though01:26
pochuit worked in feisty01:26
asacactually can you please just run make all on a non-patched source and tell me what gets printed for IN:01:26
asac pkg-config --libs-only-L firefox-gtkmozembed 2>/dev/null | sed -e "s/-L//g" -e "s/[ ] /\,/" -e "s/[  ] //g"01:28
asac-> /usr/lib/firefox,01:28
asacwhich is wrong01:28
asacsee the trailing ','01:28
=== IdleOne [n=idleone@unaffiliated/idleone] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacwhich is probably why the HACK didn't work without the patch01:28
asace.g. CONFIGURE_IN_MOZEMBED_HACK will yield LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox,01:29
asacwhich should be /usr/lib/firefox01:29
pochuasac: I sent this patch upstream: http://www.listen-project.org/attachment/ticket/639/06_makefile_works.2.patch01:31
pochuand this is the output of "make all" :) http://pastebin.ca/48914601:32
asacpygtkmozembed: found01:33
asacdidn't you tell that its not used?01:34
pochuThat's what I thought01:34
asachow are things started? i mean where is LD_LIBRARY_PATH set?01:35
asacon startup01:35
pochuin /usr/bin/listen01:35
pochulast line01:35
pochuLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox python -OO /usr/lib/listen/listen.py "$@"01:36
gnomefreak@schedule new_york01:38
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 15 May 09:00: Community Council | 15 May 11:00: Kernel Team | 16 May 08:00: Edubuntu | 17 May 12:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 18 May 16:00: Forum Council | 20 May 13:00: Xubuntu Developers01:38
pochuasac: are you sure pygtkmozembed was always broken?01:42
pochuIIRC, this crash is happening since the nss and nspr split01:42
pochuat the same time liferea was broken01:42
pochuBug #11238401:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112384 in liferea "Liferea doesn't work anymore due to the latest firefox upload (" [High,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11238401:43
asacbug 2643601:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 26436 in firefox "gtkmozembed crashs with python" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/2643601:44
asacpochu: lifearea had a missing depends ... now it still crashes with the same problem as before (e.g. on java sites)01:45
pochuasac: that's a different issue01:46
pochuasac: 112384 was at startup (liferea didnt' started)01:47
pochuand the java issue was present before01:47
asacpochu: try to respin pygtkmozembed01:47
asacmaybe that helps01:47
pochuwe fixed one crash, but still have to fix the other :)01:48
pochuasac: sorry, respin?01:48
asaclifearea needed a respin (rebuild) ... same probably for pygtkmozembed01:48
pochuasac: good point, gonna try :)01:50
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakasac: upstream has a bug on removing temp files upon restart (that conflicts with bug 1517902:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 15179 in firefox "Users should be discouraged from editing temporary files" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/1517902:13
gnomefreakupstream bug i speak of is mozilla 5858002:13
ubotuMozilla bug 58580 in MailNews: Backend "temp files from sending drafts or posting news are create with bad permissions" [Normal,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5858002:13
asacgnomefreak: please mark it properly02:13
gnomefreaksorry thats mailnews02:13
asachmm if you find the right bug, please add it as upstream bug02:14
asacmaybe ask me to verify that its the right one first02:14
asacbut if your sure just go ahead02:14
gnomefreaki am looking for it :)02:15
asacpochu: works?02:15
pochuasac: just finished, doesn't :/02:15
pochuI've rebuild python-gnome2-extras adding libnss3-dev and libnspr4-dev as build-deps02:15
pochuinstalled the resulting python-gnome2-extras and -dev, then rebuild listen with dpkg-buildpackage02:16
pochuand it still crashes :/02:16
gnomefreakasac: when you get a sec can you look at the mozilla bug above its filed against core so maybe that would be ffox also02:16
asacgnomefreak: which one?02:17
gnomefreakmozilla 5858002:17
ubotuMozilla bug 58580 in MailNews: Backend "temp files from sending drafts or posting news are create with bad permissions" [Normal,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5858002:17
pochuthe file which manages it is src/widget/mozembed_wrap.py02:21
=== gnomefreak aways thought common sense was to save file to disk before editing incase of problems (disk not /tmp)
gnomefreakatleast thats how i see the save to disk entry in the dialog. open with should be used to read not change IMHO02:26
gnomefreakbut i didnt find any other bug as close as the one i posted above in mozilla's tracker02:29
gnomefreakand that bug was last commented on in 200202:30
gnomefreakso lets say they intergrated it in ffox also (dont see comment) that would explain why they are being removed02:32
pochure: listen: from bug 26436: "For applications that live in the gnome panel LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not an02:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 26436 in firefox "gtkmozembed crashs with python" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/2643602:34
pochudoes that help anyway?02:35
pochuhmm, I don't think so, since it worked in feisty02:35
pochuplease ignore me :)02:35
pochudo you guys know about any other python app which uses gtkmozembed?02:37
gnomefreakHost 'GutsyGibbons', running Linux 2.6.20-15-generic - Cpu0: Intel 1681 MHz; Up: 43 min; Users: 3; Load: 2.56; Free: [Mem: 20/250 Mio]  [Swap: 670/729 Mio]  [/: 24754/37872 Mio] ; Vpenis: 31.1 cm;02:45
gnomefreakpochu: it crashes in feisty also02:46
gnomefreakwhen i click lyrics02:46
gnomefreakSorry, the program "listen.py" closed unexpectedly02:46
gnomefreakYour computer does not have enough free memory to automatically analyze the problem and send a report to the developers.02:46
gnomefreaki have plenty of free mem :(02:46
gnomefreakok installing listen-dbgsym ;)02:52
asacgnomefreak: you sure you don't have preview archive packages in feisty installed?03:00
gnomefreakshit yeah i do nss and nspr03:01
gnomefreakwell wouldnt that mean those are the issue?03:01
=== gnomefreak cant get shit worth of a backtrace either
pochugnomefreak: install an old firefox03:17
gnomefreakpochu: i would have to install old ff old nss and old nspr im sure a few other things too03:17
pochubooting a feisty machine, let me see03:18
gnomefreakpochu: i would because i have all the gutsy stuff in my feisty repo for testing03:18
gnomefreakor i use my feisty chroot but in meeting atm03:18
pochugnomefreak: works fine here on a stock feisty03:29
gnomefreaklisten is borked in feisty03:57
gnomefreaki get traceback03:57
gnomefreakwith normal feisty packages installed03:57
gnomefreakImportError: No module named glade  is final line03:57
gnomefreakasac: pochu here is everything i have on it http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/48930804:01
gnomefreakok im off for a bit i have to get things around here done04:03
Admiral_Chicagoone more day of this and I'll be done :)04:11
asacAdmiral_Chicago: slave work?04:17
Admiral_Chicagoasac: pretty much...final exams. I finish today, will be back at home tomorrow night.04:20
asacgood luck04:20
Admiral_Chicagothanks...which reminds me...time to go type all this up04:21
bluekujaasac: ping05:46
asacwhats up?05:46
bluekujaare you able to join the MOTU torrent team as sponsotr05:46
bluekujafor universe and main?05:47
bluekujawe take care of all bittorrent packages05:47
bluekujaasac: it would be nice to have you in :)05:48
asacwhy do i need to join the team?05:51
asaci mean i could just sponsor, right?05:52
bluekujaasac: is ok for you?05:58
asacsure just add me05:58
asacif i get swamped with upload requests I will just ignore them :)05:59
asacbluekuja: great05:59
bluekujaasac: lol05:59
bluekujaasac: added :)05:59
bluekujawhen we have some new packages ready to be reviewed I'll try to ping you or other sponsors to ack them :)06:00
asaccan you add a list of supported packages to the mainpage?06:00
bluekujaI wont bug you so much dont worry06:00
bluekujagonna add all packages06:00
asacif packages are well prepared, reviewing and uploading should not be a problem06:00
bluekujawhere the team is bug contact too06:00
bluekujaasac: do you think that a irc channel for the team is ok?06:38
asacdon't know ... probably at some point.06:39
asacyou are admin :) ... so its your decision i guess ;)06:39
bluekujaasac: ok :) if I'll create it, gonna tell you chnnel name :)06:40
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakanyone know where the desktop icons are stored?07:20
pochu/usr/share/pixmaps/, iirc07:21
gnomefreakpochu: not really07:22
gnomefreakpochu: i mean to remove the icons off desktop07:22
pochuoh :)07:26
pochugnomefreak: .gnome2/panel2.d/default/launchers ?07:28
gnomefreaknot panel desktop07:28
pochuthat's it :)07:28
pochuwhat do you mean then?07:29
gnomefreaki mean the desktop icons07:29
pochuoh :)07:29
pochuI was thinking about the panel ones ;)07:29
gnomefreakthe ones on hte desktop (home, computer, and trash07:30
gnomefreaki cant believe they went back to this set up. i stopped using xfce because of the desktop icons07:31
pochuIIRC, they are gconf keys07:31
gnomefreakthere used to be a folder but ill wait for nautilus to get fixed i guess07:33
gnomefreakpochu: its in gconf editor nautilus/apps/desktop07:41
gnomefreakasac: by chance does firefox_* ubuntu4 fix the certificate issue?07:43
gnomefreakcool :)07:44
bluekujaasac: #ubuntu-motu-torrent :)08:04
bluekujawhen you're back08:05
asacyeah won't join today ;) ... probably tomorrow08:05
bluekujaasac: perfect ;)08:05
gnomefreakasac: did you happen to push your iceape changes to bzr?08:46
gnomefreakwtf is up with apport. we no longer get coredumps08:50
asacjust .crash files i thought08:55
gnomefreakasac: its due to being a python crash08:57
gnomefreakpy crashes dont write coredump08:58
asacshould not be firefox related :)09:05
asacpython can work around this, by linking against every lib :)09:05
asaci tested it with success for pygtkmozembed09:05
gnomefreaki didnt know python wouldnt write coredumps :(09:06
asacdoes it segfault?09:06
asacotherwise there will be just a exception trace on cmdline i guess09:06
gnomefreakno traces no coredump09:07
asacyes ... maybe coredumps are completely turned off for you09:07
gnomefreakcant use gdb either to get backtrace. maybe there are certain flags needed09:07
gnomefreakasac: pitti said its python09:07
asacpython disables coredump?09:08
asaccan be09:08
asacno idea :)09:08
asacif you know, let me know :)09:08
gnomefreak14:53 <           pitti > ah, as I said, no coredump necessary for Python  crashes09:08
asacguess he misunderstood :)09:08
asacdo we get a segfault?09:08
asacon the console?09:08
asacor does it just exit?09:09
gnomefreak14:52 <      gnomefreak > to the crash file09:09
gnomefreak14:53 <           pitti > gnomefreak: oh, it definitively should appear there  (unless it's a Python crash09:09
asacgnomefreak: doesn't matter what he said ... answer my question :)09:09
gnomefreakit segfaults but since listen is python it wont write a coredump to crash file09:09
asacna :)09:09
asacthats wrong09:10
asacpitte ment that python crashes are no segfaults09:10
asacwhich is why there will be no coredump09:10
gnomefreakwe get  segfault (coredumped)09:10
asacanyway, we have a crash in a native binding09:10
asacwhich is a segfault :)09:10
asacyeah ... maybe apport doesn't get it09:10
asacyour coredump should be somewhere09:10
gnomefreakits not i crashed it a dozen time this morning09:11
asacwhere do you look for the coredump?09:11
gnomefreakand not one gave me coredump nor backtrace maybe strace is needed since its a script09:11
asaccoredump will probably not end up in where apport crash files end up in09:11
gnomefreakin the .crash file in /var/crash09:11
asacis there a crash file?09:11
asacfor that incident at all?09:11
gnomefreakbut nothing usefull even with the -dbgsym packages installed09:12
asacgnomefreak: show me the console when it crashes :)09:12
asacdid you tell pitti that you see a "segfault (coredumped)" message ?09:13
gnomefreakno since he stated python crashes wont get a coredump09:13
asaci will talk to him09:14
gnomefreakthat is full crash file in /var/crash09:16
asacgnomefreak: maybe you get a second crash file?09:20
gnomefreakit over writes the first one09:22
gnomefreakasac: only one crash file per crash09:23
gnomefreaksorry misunderstood so ignore first comment09:23
gnomefreak/usr/lib/listen/widget/tray.py:45: DeprecationWarning: the module egg.trayicon is deprecated; equivalent functionality can now be found in pygtk 2.10 try: import egg.trayicon09:23
gnomefreakSegmentation fault (core dumped)09:23
gnomefreakthat what i get now09:23
gnomefreakand only gives me one crash file in /var/crash/ so its overwriting the first one09:24
=== gnomefreak thinks this isnt so great
gnomefreakif it happens on everthing09:24
asacBug #11438409:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 114384 in malone "Dead email accounts cause launchpad to mailbomb and crush subscriber inboxes" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11438409:33
asacis a nasty thing09:34
gnomefreakyes it is and pissed me off over the last week09:38
asacyeah :)09:42
asaci just saw that09:42
asaccertificate problem was already reported09:42
asacif someone had told me we could have reacted in a more timely fashion09:42
asacanyway, nevermind :)09:42
asacshould keep up with bugmail reading09:42
bluekujaasac: do you have a minute to review a package?09:45
asacpost url :)09:46
asaci will come to it when time allows09:46
bluekujayou just need .dsc, diff.gz and orig.tar.gz09:47
bluekujato dpkg-source it09:47
asacisn't in in revu?09:47
asaci hate downloading things09:47
bluekujaits a torrent application09:47
bluekujawell I'll make a tar.gz09:48
bluekujawith everything09:48
asacbluekuja: is the app from debian or self-packaged?09:50
bluekujaasac: I pm you the link09:51
asacthats shit :) ... post a link09:52
asaci cannot click on that :)09:52
asacits the truth ;)09:52
bluekujanow better?09:52
bluekujait links here09:52
bluekujatell me if it works09:53
asacdownload running09:53
asaclooks pretty good on first glance09:56
bluekujalintian seems clean09:57
asacyou don't clean up everything in clean: target09:57
asacyou should be able to see another file in diff.gz09:57
asacif you build two times09:58
bluekujaI built it one time09:58
asacthat file needs to be removed in clean09:58
asacyeah built one more time09:58
asacthen look at diff.gz09:58
asacyou will see :)09:58
bluekujaoh :D09:58
asacdoes it implement bittorrent protocol on its own? or why is there just depends on libcurl and libgtk09:59
asacor does curl provide torrent already?09:59
bluekujalibcurl deps09:59
bluekujaprovide support for it09:59
bluekujaanyway it builds great here10:00
bluekuja(gutsy pbuilder)10:00
asacdoes it download on its own? or just find .torrent files?10:00
bluekujait download on its own10:00
bluekujaits like10:00
bluekujabitstormlite filename.torrent10:00
asacyou sure curl provides bittorrent support?10:01
asaci can't find anything on website10:01
bluekujathey arent related10:03
bluekujathe client work on its own10:03
bluekujait doesnt need a bittorrent support10:03
bluekujaif you try10:04
asaclooks like10:04
bluekujabitstormlite filename.torrent10:04
bluekujait will open a gtk gui10:04
bluekujaand the download starts10:04
asaccan you add more downloads to a single window?10:04
bluekujaevery download10:05
bluekujahas its own windows10:05
bluekujaits a really cool client btw10:05
asacso you cannot download multiple files at once through a single port10:05
asacactually, i am currently writing one on my own :)10:05
bluekujawell bittorrent doesnt use a single port for downloads10:05
asacsure it does ... if you use btlaunchmanycurses it works10:06
asacfor instance10:06
bluekujausually you should get a tcp-sppof10:06
bluekujasome clients assign a port randomly10:06
asacyes ... thats a differnt story10:06
asaci mean you need 1 server port open but can still download/share multiple files10:06
bluekujaif the port is assigned randomly10:06
bluekujayou get a tcp spoof problem10:07
bluekujaof course10:07
asaci hate setting up multiple port forwards :)10:07
asacok i have it on disk ... du you have a ITP open in debian?10:08
bluekujame too10:08
asacwe should probably push it there as well10:08
bluekujaI hate it10:08
bluekujawith my router10:08
bluekujaasac: yeah10:08
bluekujalets push it on debian too10:09
bluekujaits really nice10:09
bluekujalet me create a ITP bug10:09
asacplease open a ITP10:09
asacyes great10:09
asacso lets upload to ubuntu with -0ubuntu0 version and to debian -110:10
asaconce its through debian NEW queue we can just sync10:10
asacand upload to debian only10:10
asacok if you have a bug number let me know10:11
asaci will test the application for basic functionality tomorrow and then upload to ubuntu and debian10:11
asacok ... end of day now. cu tomorrow10:12
bluekujaasac: itp number10:13
bluekujayou want it on email or here?10:13
asachere is ok ... just ping me again if i forget10:13
asacand please provide a fixed version (e.g. little cleanup in rules)10:13
bluekujaasac: I didnt understand what you mean10:14
bluekujaabout that file10:14
bluekujain .diff10:14
asaceverything generated during build should be cleaned up10:15
asacin clean10:15
asaci will look tomorrow at what the build yields ... but from what i see it looks good so far10:15
bluekujaasac: ok great, just sent the email to debian10:15
bluekujayeah for bug report10:16
asacah ok10:16
bluekujaI use email10:16
asacdebian only has email :)10:16
bluekujaor reportbug10:16
asacensure that there is no itp pending10:16
asacotherwise ask owner if you can take-over :)10:16
=== asac now gone for sure
bluekujaasac: I saw a itp pending of 200510:17
bluekujano one answered10:17
bluekujaI think we can take-over it10:17
asacyes ... just set owner to you10:18
bluekujaversion is different10:18
asacand cc original owner10:18
bluekujac version10:18
asacthat doesn't matter10:18
bluekujanow we have i10:18
bluekujaoh ok, I've already sent my email10:18
bluekujaIll add a comment to it10:18
asacmerge bugs10:19
asacand set owner to you on both10:19
asacthat would be fine then10:19
bluekujaok, great10:19
bluekujaI'll look how to merge10:19
asacyeah ... and how to change owner :)10:19
asachave fun10:19
asacyou will get it :)10:19
bluekujaasac: tnx :D10:20
bluekujasee you tomorrow10:20
bluekujatake care10:20
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