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superm1hey guys i'm back01:29
tgm4883welcome back01:30
superm1did i miss much today?01:30
tgm4883i haven't seen much happen01:30
tgm4883slow day01:30
tgm4883although I suppose thats a good thing01:30
tgm4883from the support side01:30
Davieysuperm1, grr - was just about to go to bed01:38
DavieyHow's the new job?01:38
superm1haha Daviey01:38
superm1isnt it a bit early for that01:38
superm1for you?01:38
Davieycheeky g1t01:38
Davieyit's 0:3801:38
superm1well it was just a first day, you know orientation and getting things all set up and such01:38
superm1but i found the ibm internal ubuntu guys, and they maintain some utilities for use inside there.  so you can bet your butt feisty is on my thinkpad that i got for work ;)01:39
Davieysuperm1, have you heard this week's eps of lugradio?01:40
superm1but all the real "work work" starts tomorrow after the CC meeting01:40
superm1i havent followed lugradio01:40
superm1should i listen to this weeks though?01:40
DavieyJono gave a favourable mention01:41
Davieyonly brief - but still good01:41
superm1good PR is always a great thing, no matter how big it is01:41
Daviey<imbrandon> jono, superm1 says thanks for the flattering mythtv comments on LR01:41
superm1i'm assuming that was meaning Daviey says thanks?01:42
superm1since i wasnt around...01:42
Davieyso your thanks is already given!01:42
Davieythink so01:42
Davieyi said: <Daviey> actually, there is a flattering mention of mythtv for ubuntu aswell :)01:42
Daviey5 mins before imbrandon said that01:42
superm1yea just a mix up then.  well thanks from me nonetheless then :)01:42
DavieyHe was pleased with the frontend package01:43
superm1ubuntu-mythtv-frontend i'm taking it01:43
Davieyauto setting mythfrontend to start on boot01:43
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superm1ah yes01:43
DavieyIf i heard correctly - he's only just updated from Breezy01:43
superm1quite a big jump up01:44
superm1but you know if you've got a stable box that you dont want to break-01:44
superm1those are the sacrafices you make01:44
Davieyyep - my backend is still edgy, with gnome aswell :(01:44
Davieywanna get it cleaned up - but don't want to break it01:45
superm1i've got a dapper backend, that i build backports for manually01:45
superm1and a feisty01:45
Daviey2 backends?01:45
Davieycan i ask why?01:46
superm1because the master backend is only a 600mhz p301:46
superm1try comm flagging on that01:46
Davieyhehe... DaveMorris does!01:47
DavieyOh that cron.daily ran at "Mon May 14 06:25:51 CDT 2007"01:47
superm1ah good01:47
superm1i ran the script a few times myself before i went to bed01:48
superm1updated the screens a few minutes ago here: http://www.mythbuntu.org/screenshots01:48
superm1oh btw01:48
superm1did you fix the urls?01:48
superm1so they weren't node/#?01:48
Davieyahh.. the normal bzrupdate doesn't add the date.. only the cron job01:48
Davieyimbrandon did01:48
superm1how? i looked for that for a bit but didnt know what needed to be done to make it happen01:48
DavieyI did see an option in the admin set i think01:49
superm1well its much much better this way for sure01:49
DavieyPic "Initial Usplash bootscreen" - is that correct?01:49
superm1your ff cache is showing the old one01:50
superm1i had clean-urls on already01:50
superm1that fixed the urls so that it didnt make blah.cgi?q=blah01:50
superm1for urls01:50
Davieyah so it was.. looks better now01:50
superm1i didnt want to go through and update all the screens though, just the ones that showed the really big changes01:51
Davieyhmm... the usplash deb is in bzr?01:52
superm1it shouldnt have gotten into it01:52
superm1it should be in the directory01:52
superm1but scp'ed in01:52
superm1not bzr'ed in01:52
Daviey /storage/mythbuntu/splash/bin/feisty/mythbuntu-artwork-usplash_0.1_i386.deb01:53
superm1yes, i scped that there01:53
superm1for building01:53
superm1i hope it didnt also get added somehow01:54
Davieyi added http://www.mythbuntu.org/files/other/01:54
superm1ah good01:54
Davieyshould have... that branch doesn't have commit access01:54
superm1we'll eventually just put it onto a repository i think01:54
Davieyshouldn't have that should read :)01:54
superm1well i hope moreover that it didnt get put in during my commits...01:55
superm1i didnt run bzr add01:55
superm1so it shouldnt have01:55
Davieyit's not in my local branch.. so should be fine01:55
Davieyjust saw it there earlier and assumed01:55
superm1okay well Daviey i wont keep you up01:56
superm1we still on tomorrow morning?01:56
superm1for CC01:56
DavieyIf we are doing daily builds of the i386 image - i was thinking of adding a mythbuntu-current-i386 to latest build.. to link on the webpage01:56
DavieyOh yes.. got somebody else to help aswell... but he finishes work as the meething starts - so could be touch 'n go01:57
superm1any ideas how long to anticipate the meeting to run?01:57
superm1i forget how long they take01:57
Davieyslight problem tho - I have a real meeting at meetingstart+1h - hope it doesn't run too long01:58
superm1you may want to double check.  there is a *really* big agenda listed for tha tmeeting01:58
DavieyI might ask to get heard near the beginning considering both my 'supporters' have to get going aswell01:58
superm1okay, well hopefully they are friendly about that01:59
superm1considering you just added in two days ago01:59
DavieyThanks again02:00
DavieyI really should go to bed now :)02:00
superm1keescook, i was going to ask you since you were back if you had a few moments to do a revu02:20
keescooksure, what do you want me to look at?02:28
superm1the .orig.tar.gz is on the first upload on that page.  didnt want to have to redo a 100 meg upload twice around02:32
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defendguini've got problems03:46
defendguinmy db seems to be corrupted and i get no information for the channel guide03:47
defendguinDriver error was [2/145] :03:47
defendguinQMYSQL3: Unable to execute query03:47
defendguinDatabase error was:03:47
defendguinTable './mythconverg/credits' is marked as crashed and should be repaired03:47
defendguin2007-05-14 20:46:32.283 DB Error (Inserting into programgenres table):03:47
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defendguinhow do i delete the db so i can grab a new one?04:19
defendguinthis is very bad04:26
tgm4883_laptophave you tried repairing it?04:31
defendguinhow do you repair it?04:32
defendguinthere is no mythfilldatabase --repair option i don't think04:33
defendguintgm4883_laptop: how do i repair it?04:36
defendguinDatabase error was:04:43
defendguinTable './mythconverg/programgenres' is marked as crashed and should be repaired04:43
defendguini repaired it04:43
defendguinnoticed i still don't have any data04:43
defendguinran mythfill to see if i can get some04:43
defendguini was getting the error before too04:44
defendguini don't have anything important in the db can i just delete it and start from scratch04:46
tgm4883_laptopmaybe superm1 knows?04:46
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superm1tgm4883_laptop, you can repair a database easily from phpmyadmin06:33
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superm1_Daviey, tomorrow morning please ping me if you find out that you wont be getting to go tomorrow, (as soon as you find out).  also ping me when they are about to start with you.  i'll be logged into IBM and glancing at #ubuntu-meeting here and there08:26
superm1_Daviey, your awake!08:27
superm1_man i need to get to bed...08:27
DavieyJust got up... 07:2508:27
superm1_okay well let me know if you find out anything, k?08:27
superm1_might be an idea to ask someone on CC before the meeting?08:27
superm1_i forget whose all on, but i've seen members around the channels from what i remember08:28
superm1_but it is indeed past my bed time....08:29
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Davieysuperm1_,  ping-a-ding02:57
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Davieyimbrandon, ping?03:22
Davieyimbrandon, pm03:24
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superm1_Daviey,  im hee03:26
superm1_or even "here"03:27
superm1_didnt miss anything right03:27
Davieywas getting a little worried! :)03:27
superm1_any ideas on what order?03:27
superm1_or how quickly this is  moving?03:27
DavieyMy other supporter is driving home as we speak - hopefully he can get home in time :)03:28
Davieysuperm1_, painfully slow atm03:28
superm1_thats how my CC went too03:28
superm1_and i was catching a plane right afterwords03:28
superm1_i ended up paying 10 bucks at the airport to get on in the first place03:28
superm1_and then having to ask to get bumped up03:28
superm1_it was really bad - i was walking through the boarding line with a laptop typing my defense03:29
Davieyheh, i can imagine03:29
superm1_made it literally "just" in time03:29
Davieyi have a non-virtual (:P) meeting in 30 mins03:29
superm1_i boarded 1 min after acceptance03:29
superm1_well so whats the plan then considering you probably won03:30
superm1_'t be squeezed in 30 min03:31
DavieyEither take lappy into meeting or skip it03:31
DavieyIt's one i can probably weasel out of03:31
superm1_well i'm just wondering how much longer this "waiting" will end up-03:32
Davieysuperm1_, what time do you need to leave by?03:32
superm1_well i'm supposed to meet with a mentor at either 9 or 10 from what i agreed upon with him (30-1.5*30) min03:33
superm1_er 30min-1.5hrs03:33
Davieygeez, how long does it take to drive?03:33
superm1_well like 3 min literall03:34
superm1_i live less than 2 miles from ibm here03:34
Davieythats good!03:34
superm1_but nonetheless, sooner rather than later means i can leave from work earlier this evening03:35
Daviey:s - really don't want to make you late!03:35
superm1_did u ask to be bumped ahead today?03:36
superm1_or your still at the end of the list?03:36
Davieystill at end.. might pm mako and ask03:36
superm1_ok i'm gonna run in the other room and make a bite to eat03:37
superm1_i'll be back in ~10 min03:37
Davieygood stuff.. thanks03:37
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superm1jono, We never officially got a blessing from CC for mythbuntu, should we like the MediaCenter team did?03:42
jonosuperm1, I would recommend asking the CC for team approval03:43
Davieysuperm1, one concern i have is - we could very easily become in competition03:43
DavieyMediaCentre team sounds very definitive03:44
superm1perhaps next CC meeting  I guess i'm just worried that we suddenly wouldnt be approved given the existance of the media center team03:44
Davieymaybe i should have said something when they were speaking03:45
DavieyAFAIK it's 'elizabuntu' with the offical name03:45
superm1well Daviey once your +1'ed we can plan for next CC meeting for mythbuntu I guess.03:49
superm1jono does the "ubuntu-mythtv" team currently have a blessing?03:50
superm1(considering you approached me about starting it up)03:50
Davieyhas the lugradio blessing - what more does it need :D03:50
jonosuperm1: nope, the CC need to bless it03:50
jonosuperm1: but I will support you03:50
superm1we got lots to do then :)03:50
superm1perhaps we should go for an approach doing both at once then03:51
superm1and explaining the goals of each03:51
superm1and the reason for the breakdown among them03:51
Davieyyes.  My membership application should bring attention to mythbuntu aswell03:52
Davieyjono - have you looked into changing chan ownership to superm1?03:52
jonoDaviey: not had a chance yet03:52
Davieyfair nuff :)03:53
superm1*maybe getting a blessing from CC will finally get us our mailing list too....03:53
=== Daviey feels naked without a cosy topic
Davieymailing list - yeah right!  Don't think it's ever going to happen03:53
rogue780|mythsvrif we don't get a blessing, the project will still continue right?04:45
superm1Well if we don't get a blessing, they will tell us whats missing04:46
superm1and we fix it for the next CC meeting to get a blessing04:46
superm1but this won't be for 2 weeks yet that we run in the CC meeting04:46
bendaileysorry of the ignorance what is the CC meeting?04:55
DavieyComunity Council04:56
Davieyof ubuntu04:56
bendaileygreat thanks04:56
superm1Daviey, we getting you in?05:02
superm1you read the last few comments05:02
Davieybloody hope so05:02
Davieykernel team said they don't mind tho05:03
Davieyesp. considering your making yourself late for work, and i missed a real meeting.....05:04
superm1+1, for just dedication i say :)05:05
Daviey+1 won't help me with redundancy :)05:06
superm1did your other supporter show?05:06
Daviey'popey' left a message far up05:07
Davieysaying so05:07
superm1past my scrollback then05:07
Davieybut i've got another to say 'whoo Daviey'05:07
superm1gd gd05:07
superm1e is nowhere near u, i dont know i messed that up twice..05:12
gardengnomere as in "i'm back".05:14
gardengnomethat's IRC slang, AFAIK05:14
DavieyHonestly - why is it so painfully slow!!05:16
superm1see there you go05:17
DavieyThanks superm1!05:17
Davieyi owe you a bear05:18
Davieybeer rather :)05:18
superm1always wondered what bear tasted like05:19
superm1how about both05:19
Davieysuperm1, this is reminding me of your meeting05:22
DavieyI need to switch off in 8 mins!05:22
superm1thtas not good....05:22
Davieycan probably hold out 5-10 mins extra :S05:23
=== Daviey curses car share
Davieysilence is deafening05:32
superm1i know i have something typed out, but i dont want to send it until they ask for more -mythtv questions05:32
Davieytick tock05:38
superm1just need 1 more...05:38
Davieysuperm1, change your nick to mako_ and do it :)05:39
superm1i count 5 there.....05:39
DavieyThanks superm105:40
Davieyi owe you that beer05:40
superm1Congrats.  Yes, well if we are ever in the same timezone :)05:40
superm1Catch ya later`05:40
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rogue780|mythsvrhey uh, how do I set up a .htaccess file?10:04
gardengnomedunno off-hand, but there's a README and an INSTALL file for mythweb and there's google10:05
Davieygardengnome, oh goody!  Are you going to add default security?10:18
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