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Mithrandirdoko: do you know if lpia is going to have a different prefix than i386?02:10
dokoMithrandir: lpia? no, didn't get a reply on the flags/gnu triplet yet02:12
Mithrandirit seems like dpkg isn't entirely happy with having multiple arches with the same gnu triplet.02:28
Mithrandirso switching to something like i486-lpia-linux-gnu might be useful.02:28
dokoright, but probably we'll use i686 or something else like this to get rid of i486.02:41
Mithrandirthat's another option02:42
dokodid you already choose the architecture name?02:43
Mithrandirno, I'm trying to work out something with dpkg upstream since having the same gnu triplet for multiple architectures makes dpkg unhappy.02:43
Keybukyeah, it uses the config.guess output to determine the architecture string02:45
Mithrandirand config.guess pokes various bits of the system to find out, but is part of the source package and not all update from autotools-dev02:47
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