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BleSSdoes upstart is used by default in ubuntu 7.04?03:05
BleSSI said because I updated from 6.04 to 6.10 (installed Upstart), and to 7.04 (directory /etc/event.d/ has been deleted)03:06
BleSSso I don't know if my system is using upstart03:07
Keybukit is used by default03:08
ion_Do you have the packages ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard installed?03:08
Keybukhowever you may have older or unofficial things listed in sources.list which could have caused its removal and replacement with sysvinit03:08
BleSSKeybuk: but I followed all steps correctly to update it03:11
Keybukthere could be a documentation bug03:13
BleSSion_: yes, I have both03:13
BleSSah, one thing, it's ubuntu server03:13
BleSSI've installed ubuntu anyway, sudo dpkg -l |grep upstart03:16
BleSSupstart, upstart-compat-sysv, upstart-logd03:16
ion_Does dpkg -S /etc/event.d find anything?03:17
BleSSyes, it shows03:18
BleSSupstart-logd, system-services, startup-tasks, upstart, upstart-compat-sysv: /etc/event.d03:18
Keybuksounds like you (or something) wiped /etc/event.d by hand03:20
Keybukdpkg -s system-services | grep Status03:20
BleSSKeybuk: you have reason, when I updated from 6.10 to 7.04, the script question me about those files03:22
Keybukyou modified them?03:23
BleSSI choosed 'uptade to maintaner's version' or anything so and it deleted them03:23
BleSSI don't remember exactly the question but I choosed the most logical03:25
BleSSI'll reinstall again to check it03:25
cortBleSS: try doing upgrades inside of the 'script' command03:41
cortit keeps a log of everything that happens on the tty03:41
BleSScort: ok, thanks04:00
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BleSSok, I'm there, in that question05:09
BleSSConfiguration file `/etc/event.d/tty2'05:09
BleSS ==> Deleted (by you or by a script) since installation.05:09
BleSS ==> Package distributor has shipped an updated version.05:09
BleSS   What would you like to do about it ?  Your options are:05:10
BleSS    Y or I  : install the package maintainer's version05:10
BleSS    N or O  : keep your currently-installed version05:10
BleSS      D     : show the differences between the versions05:10
BleSS      Z     : background this process to examine the situation05:10
BleSS The default action is to keep your current version.05:10
BleSS*** tty2 (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) [default=N]  ?           05:10
Keybuk<BleSS>  ==> Deleted (by you or by a script) since installation.05:10
Keybukis the important bit ;)05:10
Keybukso Y, install the package maintainer's version05:11
cortif he said N then wouldn't he get an /etc/event.d/tty2.dpkg-dist ?05:11
Keybukprobably, yes05:11
cortwhich doesn't explain why the whole of /etc/event.d was gone05:11
Keybukunless the directory was removed entirely05:11
BleSSi choosed that option in the anterior instalation05:11
Keybukdpkg never removes directories05:11
Keybukso somebody did rm -rf /etc/event.d05:11
BleSSto update from 6.10 to 7.04 I used: apt-get install update-manager-core && do-release-upgrade05:12
BleSSI didn't deleted nothing05:13
Keybukyou must have done while on 6.1005:14
Keybukbefore upgrading05:14
BleSSno, I used 6.04 and it was updated to 6.1005:15
BleSSso the installation script has deleted /etc/env.d05:16
BleSSMy steps: from 6.04 to 6.10 ::05:18
BleSSsed -e 's/\sdapper/ edgy/g' /etc/apt/sources.list -i05:18
BleSSapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade05:18
BleSSapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade05:18
BleSSapt-get -f install && dpkg --configure -a05:18
BleSSshutdown -r now05:18
BleSSFrom 6.10 to 7.04 ::05:18
BleSSapt-get install update-manager-core && do-release-upgrade05:19
BleSSso I'm supposed that there is a little bug in the installation script05:19
BleSSs/installation/7.04 updating05:20
KeybukI can guarantee that the installation and upgrade scripts do not delete that directory05:22
KeybukI grepped the entire ubuntu source code earlier to check05:22
BleSSI've upgraded from 6.04 ubuntu server in Slicehost05:23
BleSSand I run all those commands05:23
BleSSso if I didn't delete those files...05:24
Keybukgrep -r event.d /var/lib/dpkg/info05:24
Keybukcapture the output of that and pastebin it05:24
BleSSand the most strange is that I use Y to install those files but they aren't installed05:24
BleSSKeybuk: http://pastey.net/3102205:32
Keybukrandom question, do you have an /etc/inittab ?05:35
Keybukif so, can you pastebin that too05:35
BleSSyes, it's05:36
Keybukok, that's correct then05:38
Keybuktty2-6 should be missing05:38
Keybuktty1 and control-alt-delete should still exist thoug05:38
BleSSps -ef |grep getty -> tty1-6 are enabled05:39
AlexExtremeah, that reminds me, iirc there was a problem with the migrate-inittab script for someone who was here last week, it seems to have incorrectly changed the tty job files, causing them to have syntax errors and therefore they won't run05:39
Keybukls /etc/event.d -> pastebin for me05:39
KeybukAlexExtreme: yeah, lots of bugs with that script05:39
Keybukmost amusing one - follow the README and make an empty inittab except for the default runlevel, it helpfully disables all the ttys for you on upgrade05:39
BleSSKeybuk: that dir. doesn't exist (/etc/event.d)05:40
AlexExtremethe paste containing what it did for him has expired though....05:41
BleSSKeybuk: http://pastey.net/3103805:42
KeybukBleSS: *shrug* looks like you've not got a problem <g>05:43
Keybukwhat did you say got deleted?05:43
=== AlexExtreme tests his event based networking implementation
BleSSKeybuk: I don't understand, in the anterior instalation, they were deleted05:44
BleSSand when it showed me "==> Deleted (by you or by a script) since installation." I used Y as now05:45
Keybukhow did they reappear then?05:45
BleSSKeybuk: I say before of re-install ubuntu and upgrade until 7.0405:46
Keybukyou've utterly confused me now05:47
Keybukyou installed 6.04, upgraded to 6.10 and then to 7.04 ?05:47
Keybuksomewhere along the way, files in /etc/event.d got deleted and then *came back again* ?05:47
AlexExtreme<BleSS> and when it showed me "==> Deleted (by you or by a script) since installation." I used Y as now05:47
AlexExtremethey came back from that05:47
AlexExtremeso they disappeared during the upgrade somehow, then he tried to reinstall them and answered yes05:48
BleSSyes, that is it05:48
ion_keybuk: Btw, are you going to push your libnih and upstart branches to the public branch any time soon? :-)05:48
BleSSAlexExtreme: thanks my english is not very good and I cann't explain me well05:49
Keybukion_: there's nothing extra in my branches right now05:49
KeybukAlexExtreme: right05:49
Keybukso only tty2-6 disappeared?05:49
BleSSthe questions were only for tty2-605:50
ion_keybuk: I recall you merged the delayed watch functionality. I might remember incorrectly, though. :-)05:51
KeybukI was merging it yeah05:52
Keybukbut I never finished that05:52
Keybuk(and it's in a separate branch)05:52
ion_Ah, alright.05:52
Keybukcouldn't work out how it dealt with the "directory tree created or removed" problem05:52
KeybukBleSS: ok, that's correct then05:52
KeybukBleSS: at some point in the past, you or something you used edited /etc/inittab and disabled tty2-605:52
KeybukBleSS: when you upgraded, it was entirely correct that those were disabled in upstart too05:53
Keybukand you'll get a config file prompt for them05:53
ion_Hm, i probably didnt think of that back then...05:53
Keybuk(as you would have it we changed /etc/inittab)05:53
Keybukion_: the remove case is tricky, since you need to free the inotify watch structure, yet hold on to the hash table :p05:53
BleSSok, but I did't edited /etc/inittab, is possible that was changed by the guys from Slicehost05:54
AlexExtremeprobably, since slicehost uses Xen, right? they would have disabled the extra ttys since they're irrelavent for Xen and don't even start IIRC05:55
BleSSAlexExtreme: yes, they use Xen05:55
AlexExtremebrb, testing something05:56
BleSSKeybuk: I have reason. I just rebuild my slice (ubuntu 6.04) and tty2-6 are disabled by default06:05
BleSSs/I have reason/you have reason06:05
Keybukbut they're disabled because your system installer disabled them for you ;)06:09
Keybukthat's been modified from the ubuntu default, the tty2-6 lines have been commented out06:09
AlexExtremehence what i said about xen :)06:10
AlexExtremethe extra ttys are completely unable to start while running Xen because the extra tty device nodes don't even exist06:11
ion_Hm, perhaps there should be a single tty job, instances of which would be triggered by udev for each tty[0-9] . :-)06:12
ion_Uh, tty[1-6] 06:13
Keybukthat's an interesting alternate approach06:13
Keybukstart on tty-added tty106:14
Keybukstart on tty-added tty206:14
Keybukstart on tty-added tty306:14
Keybukstart on tty-added tty406:14
Keybukstart on tty-added tty506:14
Keybukstart on tty-added tty606:14
AlexExtremeyou'd have to wait for stuff like writable filesystem though06:14
Keybukyou'd need the "stop on tty-removed $1" thing though06:14
AlexExtremebut yes, it sounds interesting06:14
Keybukthat's actually much more in keeping with the upstartish way of doing things06:14
ion_start on tty-added tty[1-6]  (fnmatch(3) pattern)06:16
ion_Could be squeezed to a single line. :-)06:16
AlexExtremetalking of waiting for writable filesystem...06:16
AlexExtremei need some way of doing that with my event based networking stuff06:16
AlexExtremesince you need writable FS for dhcpcd06:17
AlexExtremethat would be possible with complex-event-config, right? i mean for now i can just loop until the FS is writable06:18
Keybukion_: I keep forgetting upstart uses fnmatch for those :p06:20
Keybukwhy does dhcpd need a writable filesystem?06:20
ion_Actually i didnt remember whether it does or not, i thought if it doesnt, heres a suggestion for a feature as well. :-)06:21
AlexExtremeto write it's info files at /etc/dhcpc and the pid file06:21
ion_/etc? Evil!06:21
AlexExtremewell technically dhcpcd 3 uses /var/lib06:22
AlexExtremebut i patched it to use the old paths until i migrate the network utils to use the new paths (which i'm gonna do in a few mins :p)06:22
Keybukthe whole "complex event" thing is getting tricky to see through the fog06:23
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