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ubuntu_ /nick Daskreech12:22
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manchicken!seen tonio_12:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen tonio_ - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:31
manchickenseen tonio_12:33
manchicken@seen tonio_12:33
manchickenDamned bot!  Anticipate the meaning of my request~!12:33
Hobbseemanchicken: /msg seenserv seen tonio_12:33
manchickenAww, weak.12:33
manchickenI wonder if he's having connection trouble.12:36
manchickenWell, it's late in the EU, isn't it?12:36
mhbyes it is12:37
mhb00:37 is not *that* late, but it is12:37
manchickenYou'd think by now that I'd have this timezone thing figured out.12:37
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ryanakcahmmm... How do I know if this KMail bug is KDE4 or 3.5.6, or even just my messed up system01:36
ScottKryanakca: If it involves IMAP It's a safe bet it's kmail's fault.01:37
ScottKNot tha I'm bitter or anything....01:38
ryanakcaI click on a message in KMail, and it erases the message... well, the message is still in the list, just that it says "Subject: No Subject, Sender: Unknown, Date: unknown"01:38
ryanakcanah, POP01:38
ScottKryanakca: Sounds like index corruption.01:38
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ScottKIIRC you look in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail and delete the indexes and let kmail regenerate them.01:39
ryanakcahow do I fix it?01:39
ScottKryanakca: I don't recall the exact procedure, Google probably has details.01:39
=== ryanakca will try that :)
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ryanakcahmmm... KDE keeps krashing01:42
ryanakcaI installed KDE4 as per the directions on kubuntu.org, but it seems to have mingled with my stable KDE01:44
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jjessewhy does hotel wireless always suck02:01
Tm_Tjjesse: I have only gprs connection at home, wanna switch?02:03
ScottKBecause by the time you know it sucks they already have your money.02:03
jjesseTm_T: i'll pass02:03
Tm_Thah, I knew it02:03
jjesseScottK: agreed02:03
Tm_Tits fun to type line thru ssh and wait minute or two to it appear02:04
jjesseseriously whether its a marriott hotel, hilton hotle or others, they are always slower then my dsl connection at home02:04
=== ScottK recalls a friend telling me about complimenting a hotel on their free wireless only to be told they didn't have free wireless. It turned out the hotel next door had free wireless.
Tm_TI would love to get one of those free net connections now02:06
jjessei've done that before, the hotel i was at was charge 9.95/night and there was a neighbor hotel that was free02:06
Tm_Tactually there's one open wlan in neighbourhood but I fail to manage to connect with my usb stick02:09
Tm_T+ weak signal02:09
jjessethat's a bummer02:09
Tm_Talso I don't find it right to use one's wlan02:10
Tm_Twithout permission that is02:10
jjessethere was one hotel where the only place i could decent signel was in the bathroom, resting my laptop on the toliet seat02:10
Tm_Tbut oh, now if someone call to me, I lose connection =)02:10
Tm_Tbut then again, no one call me =)02:11
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=== Tm_T is abusing Amor
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=== jdong is now known as jdong___
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Tm_Tbah, time to give up and take painkillers02:14
Tm_Tone thing can make my body hurt like this and that is: sports02:19
jjessea particular sport?02:26
Tm_Twell, in this case it was han moo do02:27
=== jjesse has no idea what that is
Tm_Tyou know taekwondo?02:27
Tm_Twell similar but "newer"02:28
Tm_Tand no, it wasn't my idea to use 4 hours breaking my body02:28
=== Tm_T should learn to say no
jjessei just do crazy things like try and run half marathons02:29
jjessenothing like running for 3 hours02:29
=== jjesse is slow
Tm_Thaha, apparently I can still run 100 meters in 14 seconds02:30
jjessewow congrats, were you running away from the police?02:30
Tm_Tand I thought I'm in slow condition02:30
jjessei do about 12 minute miles02:30
jjesseand my wife is faster then me02:30
jjesseshe does 11 minute miles02:30
Tm_Tnice, 9 minute cutout02:39
Tm_Tand you whine about crappy wlan02:39
jjessesorry dude02:40
Tm_Tatleast I'm getting fullspeed gprs again02:40
Tm_T"wow, 5 kb/s !"02:40
jjesseoooo a mcdonalds in chicago served a happy meal with pot, a pipe, and a lighter02:41
jjessethat is awesome02:41
Tm_Tawesome? howcome?02:41
jjesseits funny, awesome was sarcastic02:41
Tm_Tah ok02:41
Tm_Twow, I can get ping lower than 1000 ms02:42
jjessei feel sorry for you02:42
jjesseis internet really expensive for you then?02:43
jjessesorry i forget where you are from02:43
Tm_Tyou know, at times this is the only connection I get for months =)02:43
Tm_Tfrom Finland, and I'm with gprs because of moving, no adsl yet here, but coming I hope02:43
Tm_Tslowest adsl they offer me is 5/2 I think, so it might be slightly faster than this02:44
Tm_Tno, that's not slowest, but cheapest apparently02:45
jjesseoh 5 meg down/2 meg up?02:45
Tm_Tyou're yankee, right?02:53
jjessei'm from the us02:53
Tm_Tthat's what I meant (:02:53
jjesseno problem i understood02:53
Tm_Theh, that reminds me, we have chewing cum brand Jenkki (yankee)02:54
jjessethats funny02:55
jjesseif you are in finland, aren't you up aweful later?02:55
Tm_Tremember me mentioning sports'n'stuff? ;)02:56
jjesseyup is that why you are up late then?02:56
Tm_Tlet's see how well sshfs works over ppp =)02:59
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jjessehello longpointystick03:04
Tm_Tguess what, it works just fine03:04
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Tm_Tlet's see how long it takes to upload a screenshot (sshfs)03:09
Tm_Thi Jucato-san03:09
jjessehello Jucato03:10
Jucatohello Tm_T-sensei :)03:10
Jucatohi jjesse :)03:10
=== Tm_T bows (no farting included)
Jucatojjesse (or nixternal): btw, will there be an online Kubuntu 7.04 documentation03:12
JucatoI mean, on help.ubuntu.com03:12
Tm_Tgotta love kppp <303:13
jjesseJucato: i don't remeember exactly how that is working since the change to topic based help, but i know there should be03:13
jjessei trying to remember how that discussion is going03:14
Jucatook. no biggie. just curious :)03:15
Jucatothe important thing is that there's an offline version available :)03:16
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jjesseaw what now?03:26
Tm_Tlooks like sshfs doesn't handle very well 10 min cuts between reconnection03:26
Tm_Tand haven't timed out even03:27
Tm_Tor, it's more ssh issue03:27
Tm_Thttp://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/current-temp4.png <- rest of image is still in this end waiting03:28
Tm_TI wonder why I need to reboot my phone often today03:29
Tm_TI wonder why ssh fails to time out properly03:32
Tm_Taah, finally03:40
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jjesseTm_T: do you do a lot of work locally and then upload via ssh?04:03
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nixternalJucato: we need to transfer the Kubuntu docs over to kubuntu.org, as it seems h.u.c has no love for us05:38
Jucatonixternal: aw... :(05:39
nixternalgo figure05:39
Jucatothen we can probably just link to the kubuntu.org page in h.u.c.05:39
nixternalI have no control of h.u.c so I can't say05:39
Jucatothat... is... :(05:39
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=== ajmitch hides
Hobbseehi ajmitch05:41
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=== Jucato greets Tonio_
Tonio_fine Jucato ?09:58
Jucatobarely... still having mild asthma attacks here and there :)09:59
Jucatobtw, do you remember who was it who wondered if it were possible to change the KMilo OSD appearance?09:59
Jucatoand of course, how are you? :)09:59
Jucato(lol my brain isn't in order apparently)10:00
Tonio_Jucato: can you print a pdf file via konqueror for example ?10:00
Tonio_crashes here10:00
Tonio_Jucato: I don't remember no...... but to what I know, that's not possible without touching the code10:00
Jucatoyeah, someone from kde-apps seems to have made a patch to do just that10:01
Tonio_Jucato: and about the pdf printing ?10:01
Jucatooh I can't check Konqueror on Kubuntu right now. sorry10:01
Tonio_gs just seems to crash10:02
Tonio_Jucato: okay ;) np10:02
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mhbgood afternoon12:15
Jucatohi mhb12:17
Jucatomhb: were you the one who suggested changing the appearance of the KMilo OSD a few months ago?12:17
mhbJucato: that's me12:19
Jucatomhb: might be interested in this: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KMilo+-+Customizable+DefaultSkin?content=5628712:19
Jucatojust saw it from my feeds12:20
mhbJucato: I really love when people think the same things I do :o)12:21
Jucatohehehe :)12:21
mhbJucato: have you tried it yet?12:22
Jucatonope. just saw it this afternoon12:22
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mhbJucato: do you plan to try it?12:26
Jucatohm... I can't. I haven't even seen KMilo's shadow in a long time... never got around to finding out why12:26
mhbokay, no problem12:27
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\shRiddell, I read something about providing something like gnomes update-notifier for kde/kubuntu...is it planned to integrate it into the update-notifier source?01:49
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\shmoins kwwii01:58
kwwiihowdy \sh01:59
raxivhiya kwwii.01:59
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kwwiihi raxiv02:02
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_StefanS_\sh: the restricted drivers manager was going to be ported02:28
_StefanS_\sh: dont know about the update notifier02:28
Jucatohi _StefanS_!02:29
_StefanS_hey Jucatoowww02:29
_StefanS_anything happening?02:29
Jucatohm.. nothing much02:30
Jucatojust distro-touring, sort of... :)02:30
Jucatoand of course, still learning C++ lol02:30
_StefanS_how is the c++ coming?02:32
_StefanS_good progress?02:32
Jucatoslow progress.02:32
Jucatobut still progressing. that's the good news :)02:33
Jucatounfortunately, my MOTU ambitions seems to be the one that's regressing...02:34
_StefanS_oh, so you're opting for being able to put packages in universe, or is it multiverse also ?02:34
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=== mhb pokes Jucato
Jucatothe *verses :)02:35
Jucatoactually I wanted to study packaging02:35
mhbJucato: thanks for that link earlier02:36
_StefanS_uhm cool, I gotta be employed full time for canonical soon, so I can do some stuff that interests me ;)02:36
=== _StefanS_ wishes.
mhbyou will be?02:36
_StefanS_no :)02:37
=== raxiv pokes kwwii
Jucatohehe :)02:37
_StefanS_just thinking that it would be cool to spend full time on kubuntu02:37
Jucatomhb: no problem. the moment I saw that announcement, I immediately thought of you heheh02:37
Jucato_StefanS_: you think? just ask Riddell :D02:37
mhbJucato: I've compiled it and it's really nice02:37
Jucatoit must be uber nice to work on Kubuntu :)02:38
Jucatomhb: now you can poke kwwii to make a theme for KMilo :D02:38
raxivkwwii: hows the progress on the site? : )02:38
_StefanS_Jucato: yes I imagine.. unfortunately the job(s) require international travel which I not very fond of.02:38
mhbJucato: no reason to02:38
Jucatomhb: oh? ok :)02:38
_StefanS_Jucato: cant really leave the family behind for weeks, you know02:38
kwwiiraxiv: well, we have decided to use something like my new design, and basically use similar pieces as seen in the ubuntu website to create the front page02:39
Jucato_StefanS_: ditto. I have a "job" here at church too...02:39
mhbJucato: actually the "compact widget patch" seems to be enough02:39
raxivyep, thats what You wrote in the e-mail I recieved kwwii ; )02:39
kwwiiraxiv: I am busy working on the mobile edition atm, but if you want to start working on the site, feel free02:39
raxivkwwii : redfish huh? ; )02:39
Jucatomhb: ah ok. I was thinking of maybe something that would fit in with the general Kubuntu theme. maybe it already fits in nicely02:40
mhbJucato: do you have a meeting agenda point yet? :o))02:40
Jucatooh not yet lol02:40
kwwiiraxiv: ;-)02:40
mhbJucato: well you are getting close to having one02:40
raxivkwwii: As I don't want to INTERRUPT, but HELP, i'll wait for You - if You need , i have a PDA to test the site if needed.02:41
Jucatolol you mean I should be the one to bring this kmilo patch up in the meeting? :)02:41
mhbJucato: how did you know ? :O)02:41
raxivkwwii: the mobile one of course.02:41
Jucatomhb: hehe I was hoping you'd be the one, since you have tested it :P02:41
kwwiiraxiv: actually, I am working on the actual interface for it :-)02:42
kwwiimaking the Uphone, as it were02:42
mhbJucato: the only reason why I don't want to do it is because I have so little free time02:42
raxivkwwii: oh, if You need feedback, illbe more then glade to assist.02:42
Jucatook. I'll try asking around who'll be free to do it. I don't have technical knowledge to bring it forward myself02:43
mhbJucato: and I already have an agenda point, the only one that is on the Kubuntu/Meetings ...02:43
raxivkwwii : I just finished doing my last project so I'm kinda idle atm : p02:43
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raxivkwwii: http://kyou.eu <- Though aint sugar, its worth a look.02:44
Jucatomhb: I don't have an agenda point, but more of a question/suggestion... but I'll probably ask about it informally first in here :)02:44
_StefanS_what kind of device is usable for the ubuntu mobile edition ?02:44
_StefanS_and can you buy them now ?02:44
mhbJucato: one thing I wonder about is what is the performance loss with having kmilo configurable02:45
Jucatowell, I think we already had a bit of performance loss with the activation animation thingy anyway :)02:46
mhbJucato: the "compact" theme with some hardcoded tweaks could be sufficient, if the performance loss is too big02:46
mhbJucato: it would be great if you found a person who can look into that and comment on that at the meeting02:47
mhbJucato: pretty please :o)02:48
Jucatohehe I'll add it to the agenda. but I kinda feel uneasy about doing that because I don't really know much about it.02:48
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mhbJucato: you rock! :o)02:53
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kwwiiraxiv: cool02:59
=== Knightlust [n=DaxSolom@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
raxivkwwii: indeed.02:59
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freeflyinganyone use gutsy now? can confirm a problem for me? knm can not start up, due to some file lack in networkstatus04:03
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=== hasi is now known as hsitter
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mhbhere comes another of my dim-witted questions04:23
mhbwhy does guidance-powermanager have a pop-up about the power cord being unplugged?04:24
gnomefreakcant be any worse than the one i just heard :(04:24
gnomefreakok i take that back04:24
mhbgnomefreak: I knew you would :o)04:25
gnomefreaki heard how do you make an ntfs partition inside a ext3 partition and get grub to boot to it04:25
gnomefreakbut he was troll04:25
mhbgnomefreak: that's a nice one, too :o) No, I don't intend to troll04:26
gnomefreakno i know04:26
mhbI completely understand that the user should be bothered when the bettery goes low04:26
gnomefreaki meant the guy with question04:26
mhbbut why should he be bothered (pop-up is one of the most violent ways to get attention) of an action he did himself?04:27
mhbhe knows the battery is being used because the tray icon has changed04:27
mhband he disconnects the power cord himself in 99%04:28
=== rbrunhuber [n=rbrunhub@highway.mvi.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbof the cases04:28
mhbtake for example knetworkmanager - when the network goes down he doesn't say anything - well the user either did it himself or he'll notice soon enough04:29
mhb(I believe he can notify you if you want, it's just not on by default)04:30
mhbsebas: ^^ can you tell me if there's any reason for bothering the user that much, please? Sorry if I'm so dumb that I can't figure it out myself :o)04:32
sebasmhb: The notification is not "You unplugged the cable", it's "You unplugged the cable therefore I'm switching to lower powerstate"04:39
mhbsebas: isn't that what the user expects you to do?04:40
mhbsebas: I mean - you just inform him, there's no way he can avoid that04:40
mhbsebas: it has little to do with the discussion, but from my personal experience I'm seeing this pop-up way too often ... that made me thinking how useful it is04:42
sebasSure there is, open config dialogue, do things.04:42
sebasI think it's useful though =)04:43
sebasI've got to leave now, btw.04:43
mhbsebas: sorry04:43
sebasNo problem ;-)04:44
mhbsebas: I wonder what other people think though04:44
sebasMaybe post it on the devel list, I'm not married to this kind of things, but I'm also not inclined to change it for only one person.04:44
ScottKmhb: Have you got a suggestion for a less intrusive approach?04:45
mhbsebas: me neither04:45
sebasI'm reading the list, maybe someone comes up with a nicer solution.04:45
sebasMaybe also the Qt4 dialogue will be less distracting04:45
mhbsebas: just wanted to bring it up04:45
sebasSure, that's cool :)04:45
sebaspowermanager should be ported to Qt4 shortly, then we can do it differently anyway04:45
sebasRunning out now!04:45
mhbsebas: see you & thanks04:45
mhbScottK: well I had doubts whether it is useful for common people or not04:46
ScottKDunno.  I think see if it can be done smarter in qt4 is the right approach.04:47
mhbScottK: perhaps, yes04:47
mhbScottK: I'll ask about opinions on the ML04:48
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mhbScottK: mail sent, feel free to comment on it if you own a laptop05:10
mhbeveryone else:^^05:10
mhbthanks folks, see you later05:11
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nixternaljjesse: I will be at Union Station tomorrow at about 4:45/5:0005:28
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bddebianHi nixternal :-)05:30
nixternalhow is Philly this morning?05:30
bddebianWarm and humid :-(05:31
nixternalya, we cooled down here today, yesterday was warm and humid...so prepare for the storms then05:31
jjessenixternal: ok, i'll have to find that05:31
nixternaljjesse: walk out of 111 W. Adams, turn left, right across the river from the Sears Tower05:32
jjessenixternal: cool05:32
nixternaloh shat, today's is mums b-day and I haven't gotten her a gift05:32
nixternalI will have to go get one here in a bit05:32
Jucatonixternal: did you get her a gift on mother's day? :)05:33
Jucatotell her that's her advanced birthday gift too :)05:34
Jucatowe usually have that "economy of gifts" over here hehehe :)05:34
bddebiannixternal: Yeah, we are supposed to get t-storms tonight I think05:35
raxivi always buy flowers. Am I creative?05:35
=== ScottK has a birthday 3 days after Christmas. I'm familiar with economy of gifts...
jjessenixternal: i'll just head that way after class tomorrow05:35
bddebianScottK: :-(05:36
jjessesomone in class takes the train from union station so i'll just follow him05:36
Jucatosome how, because of economy of gifts, I don't get gifts on christmas.. but usually 2 months before or after :D05:37
nixternalsounds good to me05:39
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Hobbseemorning all!07:29
bddebianHeya Hobbsee07:29
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Riddell\sh_away: update-notifier funtionality would be in adept-notifier (which does most of what update-notifier does already)08:02
Hobbseehiya Riddell08:02
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Riddellhi Hobbsee08:17
RiddellHobbsee: flight back ok?08:17
HobbseeRiddell: 36 hours, 4 and a bit planes, 3 trains, 1 car and 1 taxi.08:18
Hobbseeand i'm not quite so jetlagged today, but that's been evil too.08:18
Hobbseeand far too much uni work to contemplate08:19
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ubuntuNot many people helping out in #kubuntu :(08:31
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