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johanHi, which product/project should I report bugs which are related to the javascript menus used in launchpad?12:19
thumperjohan: launchpad12:20
mptTheSheep, I fixed that bug over a week ago, I'm sorry the fix hasn't been applied yet12:20
=== mpt investigates
TheSheepmpt: to me it looks like some elemnts are not closed properly, and ff and opera autoclose them differently12:21
johanhi mpt 12:21
mpthi johan 12:21
johanmpt: you'll love this bug; it should not be possible to select/active a menu entry if there are submenus12:21
TheSheepmpt: it would be much easier to debug if the (x)html validated in general :(12:21
mptmthaddon, when are you next applying cherrypicks? Did you apply any last week?12:21
mthaddonmpt: didn't last week - scheduled to apply Thursday 05:30 UTC12:22
mptTheSheep, it's because Opera 9.2 pays attention to a workaround for a CSS bug in Internet Explorer, without having the same CSS bug as Internet Explorer12:22
TheSheepmpt: * html ?12:22
mptTheSheep, no, the triple-X hack12:22
mptTheSheep, in the meantime, you can use edge.launchpad.net12:23
TheSheepmpt: thank you12:23
mpt(if you receive a URL in an e-mail notification or whatever, change "launchpad.net" to "edge.launchpad.net", e.g. bugs.edge.launchpad.net)12:23
TheSheepmpt: by the way, great job, I find the options much faster with the new layout12:23
mptIt's an improvement, yes12:24
mptjohan, why not?12:25
johanmpt: none of the menus I've used provides a way to both select and have sub menus/options12:25
mptjohan, Mac OS menus used to :-)12:27
mptbut the menus aren't my business, really12:27
johanmpt: how confusing!12:27
mptThe nearest analogy I can think of is the "File Bookmark" submenu in Netscape 412:28
johanluckily most of the people that ever used old Mac OS are now dead :-)12:28
=== mpt kicks johan in the pants
mptjohan, meanwhile, we're wondering why you're not jdahlin any more12:28
johanmpt: easy, johan is now available12:29
mptThe previous johan is now dead? :-)12:30
johanmpt: I /ghost him almost everyday :D12:30
johanMaybe, but only if he ever used old Mac OS.12:31
=== mpt feels mortal
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ubotuNew bug: #114921 in launchpad "Javascript menus are difficult to use" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11492112:35
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atoponceis there an admin around that can make an admin decision? :)01:07
=== brussel_ [n=brussel@cpe-72-130-172-213.san.res.rr.com] has joined #launchpad
thumperatoponce: not really, most are sleeping01:08
atoponcethumper: i think we chatted last time01:08
thumperatoponce: what decision are you after?01:08
atoponceabout the CA LoCo page01:08
atoponcei need to make a member an admin01:08
atoponceas the current admin has gone awol, with no email replies from me at all01:09
thumperatoponce: perhaps best to go through Jono as he is LoCo person, and he can poke the appropriate people01:09
atoponcemark nielson is the current admin, and he's approving new members, but every attempt to contact has failed01:10
atoponcejono is tough to get ahold of01:10
thumperatoponce: I'm sure he'd answer his emails01:10
atoponceok. i'll fire an email his way01:10
thumperatoponce: if still you have no success, try during the workday of europe01:11
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ubotuNew bug: #114929 in launchpad "Team description field should suggest including participation instructions" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11492901:56
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gdoubleudo I contact feedback@launchpad.net to request the import of a project from CVS or is there an online form to request this?04:11
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jameshgdoubleu: what is the project?04:27
=== effie_jayx [n=valles@] has joined #launchpad
gdoubleujamesh: I just registered the pymetrics project on launchpad, which I was wanting to import from the PyMetrics sourceforge project04:30
jameshgdoubleu: okay.  You'll notice that there is a "trunk" link in the Timeline section of the project page04:31
jameshgdoubleu: Launchpad binds imports to a particular release series of the project04:32
jameshgdoubleu: so if you go to the trunk series (https://launchpad.net/pymetrics/trunk), and then click the "Edit source" link in the actions menu you can fill in the details04:32
jameshthat'll trigger a test import.  If the test passes, one of the admins will need to approve the import and make it available.04:33
ajmitchjamesh: and if it comes back as "Do Not Import"?04:36
jameshajmitch: ddaa or mwh would investigate it04:36
jameshto check whether it is a problem with our importer, or if the details were entered wrong04:36
ajmitchdo I need to file a support request to get it looked at?04:36
jameshI don't think so.04:37
=== ajmitch was trying to get the stable f-spot branch imported last week
jameshddaa often emails the person directly.04:37
jameshajmitch: ah.  we don't generally do non-mainline imports, since cscvs doesn't easily handle related branches04:38
ajmitchso I just need to use bzr-svn directly04:38
jameshso e.g. you wouldn't be able to merge the changes you make on a 0.3 branch forward to one based on the main branch04:39
gdoubleujamesh: so on the import page I've selected CVS, entered ":pserver:anonymous@pymetrics.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/pymetrics" as the Repository, "metrics" as the Module.  What am I supposed to enter for Branch?04:44
jameshgdoubleu: MAIN04:49
gdoubleuand after the import, I will be able to make bzr branches from that, correct?04:53
jameshgdoubleu: yes.04:55
gdoubleujamesh: very cool, thanks for the help04:55
jameshyou'd be able to do "bzr branch lp:pymetrics"04:56
gdoubleuI saw that when you add a branch you can tie it to a bug.  Is this still possible if the project is using an external bug tracker?04:58
jameshgdoubleu: not directly.04:59
jameshgdoubleu: if you have a bug on the Ubuntu package of pymetrics, you could link that to the remote SF bug and to your branch04:59
jameshgdoubleu: you should probably link the project to the SourceForge tracker here: https://launchpad.net/pymetrics/+launchpad05:01
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mptBjornT, have you seen Valient Gough's message on launchpad-users@?06:42
=== Fujitsu was rather scared at the sight of htat.
jameshmpt: I think it is a case of confusion between bugs on upstream projects and ubuntu packages07:22
jameshcompare https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/encfs with https://bugs.launchpad.net/encfs07:22
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lifelessbdmurray: yo10:07
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=== tokj is back (gone 00:02:39)
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gnomefreakthe guy with the postfix issue is at it again :(11:47
jameshsame bug?11:49
gnomefreakits not a dupe either so noone ever redupped it11:51
jameshwhat's the bug number again?11:52
gnomefreakim looking at it im not sure if same but this bug is bug 11494311:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 114943 in firefox "[EDGY]  firefox crashed [@gtk_style_realize]  [@IA__gtk_style_attach] " [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/114943 - Assigned to Mozilla Bugs (mozilla-bugs)11:52
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jameshgnomefreak: last message is 2 hours ago according to the bug page.  Are the messages still coming through?11:55
gnomefreaklet me check times on emails11:56
gnomefreakyep almost 3 hours ago11:56
gnomefreaki guess you got this one already?11:56
jameshgnomefreak: fyi: the problem appears to be related to mangling performed by spammotel.com (it appears to lose the return-path and rewrite the from address).  BjornT is putting together a fix to drop these sort of messages despite the mangling.11:59
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gnomefreakjamesh: ok ty11:59
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ubotuNew bug: #115020 in rosetta "Allow copying translations when creating a new product release" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11502002:26
putt1ckA question: has does a project become a super-project?02:31
Odd_Blokeputt1ck: It could get bitten by a spider... :p  I believe the standard procedure is to ask in Answers and wait for a response.02:32
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putt1ckThen off I go to ask... Thanks :)02:35
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BjornTtime for this week's non-au reviewer meeting04:00
BjornT== Agenda == * Roll call04:00
BjornT * Next meeting04:00
BjornT * Queue status.04:00
BjornT * Other Business04:00
BjornTwho's here?04:00
BjornTflacoste: ping04:02
BjornTbarry: ping04:02
=== barry thought he still had 2 minutes :)
=== jordi_ just says hello! :)
BjornT== Next meeting ==04:04
BjornTnext meeting will be 2007-05-23, at 1400 UTC as usual04:05
BjornT== Queue status ==04:05
BjornTthere are 9 open reviews, 5 of them are over the 2 day service target.04:05
BjornTbac: you have an old one. how's it going with it?04:06
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baci did that review last wednesday and submitted it to kiko for mentoring.  he's been in london/uds/london until yesterday04:06
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BjornTsalgado: do you know how statik is doing with his branches?04:07
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flacosteBjornT: statik is on vacation this week04:07
bacyesterday he acknowledged it and said he'd make it a priority04:07
salgadoBjornT, I couldn't talk to him before he went on holidays04:07
barryi wonder if we don't need a new tag, something like mentor-review ?04:07
bacbarry:  +104:07
flacostei don't think it's needed04:08
flacostesince this is a transition thing04:08
bacstatik indicated he would be reading email in the evenings04:08
flacosteshould we reassignthem?04:08
BjornTok. i'll re-assign statik's branches after the meeting.04:08
BjornTi also don't think mentor-review is needed, it should go away soon anyway.04:09
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BjornTSteveA: you have a (trivial) branch in your queue that's almost a month old.04:10
BjornT== Other business ==04:11
BjornTanything else?04:11
flacostenot from me04:11
barryi'm good04:11
BjornTcool, meeting ended. thanks for coming.04:12
bacBjornT: thanks04:12
barryshort and sweet.  thanks BjornT!04:12
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flacostethx BjornT!04:15
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siretartis it possible to have 'private' bzr branches in launchpad?04:47
=== _Johny [n=johny@81-208-106-67.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #launchpad
siretartlike in 'only members of the team can look at them'04:47
=== lamont [i=lamont@nat/hp/x-f4a940def67a8f2e] has joined #launchpad
radixsiretart: not as far as I know04:51
=== lamont [i=lamont@nat/hp/x-044e2625c6a3cd9d] has joined #launchpad
bacsiretart: at the moment private branches are not available in launchpad04:58
siretartk. thanks!04:59
ubotuNew bug: #115050 in launchpad "[feature request]  XMPP uri for Jabber address" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11505005:05
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pochuhttps://launchpad.net/~pochu/+packages has a broken link (the first package listed there, liferea 1.2.10c-0ubuntu1.1, which points to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/+source/liferea/1.2.10c-0ubuntu1.106:50
pochuIt seems like some packages (or some -proposed uploads, at least) lead to a broken link. Another example is firestarter 1.0.3-1.2ubuntu3.2 at https://launchpad.net/~mrpouit/+packages06:51
=== johan [n=jdahlin@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has left #launchpad ["Remote]
pochuIs there a known reason for that (e.g. I should wait some time till the package build or something else) or should I file a bug report?06:52
pochubtw, it hasn't been uploaded to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/liferea/ yet, maybe that's the reason?06:55
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carlospochu: having 404 errors is not correct so yes, you should file a bug (or check whether it's already reported)07:50
pochucarlos: it isn't, gonna report right now :)07:50
carlospochu: ok, thanks07:51
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Niwatoriis there anyone know how to create blueprints in launchpad?08:12
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ubotuNew bug: #115078 in launchpad "Broken link in /people/me/+packages" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11507808:26
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ubotuNew bug: #115084 in launchpad-answers "Find questions which have a bug linked" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11508409:11
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kbrooksneed help quick 09:29
kbrooks(sorry to interrupt if meeting now)09:29
kbrooksanyway um how to ask a question to a project?09:30
kbrooks ah nm sry bye09:30
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keiris launchpad ever going to get a tighly integrated wiki?09:48
keirafter working with trac for ages, and REALLY liking it, i find the lack of pervasive wiki text unfortunate09:48
=== lamont [i=lamont@nat/hp/x-f712b6ee41e53632] has joined #launchpad
kikokeir, it's a planned feature, definitely09:51
kikoI also miss being able to format things nicely09:51
keiralso: what about integrating bundle buggy?09:52
keirit's really become a linchpin(sp?) of bzr development09:52
kikothat I don't think we have ever discussed09:53
pochukiko: I would like to add a bugwatch for a bug in Gentoo to a bug report, but Gentoo is not registered as a distribution. Is it possible to register it, as Debian and other distros are registered, or isn't it worth just for one bug report?09:55
keirpochu, i suspect if you add Gentoo, then others will add other bugwatches.09:55
pochukeir: that's a good point :)09:56
pochuBut I can't (neither want) add it myself. Maybe the registry administrators?09:56
kikopochu, it is possible to register it. what bug tracker does it use?10:00
pochukiko: it's bugzilla: http://bugs.gentoo.org/10:04
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kikohang on.10:09
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kikopochu, added.10:14
pochukiko: cool, thanks!10:15
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johnc4510atoponce: you here?10:17
atoponcejohnc4510: yeah. what's up?10:20
johnc4510atoponce: is there a meeting here today, or have i missed it?10:21
atoponceWed May 16 20:21:10 UTC 200710:21
atoponceyeah. it was 12 hours ago10:21
johnc4510atoponce: never can convert properly10:21
johnc4510HEE HEE10:21
atoponce'date -u' is your friend10:22
johnc4510atoponce: thanks, my problem is our launchpad page is administered by banditti and he is not active in loco, I need to find some way to add myself and one other as admins10:23
atoponcewhat's your launchpad page?10:23
johnc4510atoponce: here:  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-arizona10:23
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atoponcejohnc4510: so 'banditti' is no longer active?10:27
johnc4510atoponce: he is not coming to meetings or answering emails     10:28
johnc4510atoponce: he has never come to a meeting or visited the irc channel10:28
atoponcejohnc4510: ok. i would recommend getting in contact with a launchpad admin then. i am having the same issue with the california team LP page10:29
johnc4510atoponce: thanks, is there a link for that?10:29
atoponcenot that i know of. you may want to email jono at ubuntu.com10:29
atoponcehe might be able to help10:29
johnc4510atoponce: thanks so much    come visit us anytime,   10:30
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Rinchenjohnc4510, please submit the request here https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion10:48
kikowhat's going on?10:48
Rinchen<johnc4510> atoponce: thanks, my problem is our launchpad page is administered by banditti and he is not active in loco, I need to find some way to add myself and one other as admins10:48
Hobbseekiko: the world is exploding.  nothing major.  go back to sleep.10:50
kikonice to see all these UDS people survived :)10:56
Hobbseekiko: sort of10:56
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kikonow now10:57
ubotuNew bug: #115109 in malone "Search box not always visible at 800x600" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11510911:00
kikothe trip11:01
mptyah, dup11:03
mptYet another example, kiko, of a duplicate that probably wouldn't have been reported if we were using a single project for Launchpad11:03
mptbecause it was reported on Malone, and the original was on Launchpad, so wouldn't have shown up in the list of suggestions11:04
kikompt, I think that's not the only explanation. we could also search for dupes through a project group's projects.11:04
kikothere is a way to fix that without regrouping all our projects.11:04
mptThat would be inappropriate most of the time, I think11:04
mptmaybe it would be appropriate for bzr vs. bzrtools11:04
kikoand for rosetta versus launchpad11:05
mptno, that's the same as the first example11:05
mptduplicate! :-P11:05
kikos/no, //11:05
kikoI just don't see concrete evidence that grouping all our projects into one will help much.11:06
kikoif it just means I need to file dupes every blue moon I am not bothered.11:06
mptthere are other problems11:06
mpte.g. marking spec dependencies11:06
kikospec dependencies?11:06
mptYou can't mark a blueprint in one project as dependent on a blueprint in another project11:07
matsubaraso, bug 94323 should be the master bug for 103303 as well?11:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 94323 in launchpad "Large headings appear under tabs or push search field under tabs" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/94323 - Assigned to Christian Reis (kiko)11:07
mptSomeone e-mailed me to apologize for reporting a duplicate and wanting to know what "soyuz" meant11:07
mpt"Well, you shouldn't need to know this, but ..."11:07
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kikompt, the blueprint limitation sounds like a bug.11:07
kikompt, and again, searching through bugs in the project group would solve that.11:08
kikoI mean, you should be able to depend a launchpad spec on a zope spec, hopefully.11:08
mptbut we're just dancing around the lack of bug categorization which large upstreams will need eventually anyway11:09
kikompt, I think projects and project groups provide a good framework for that, whereas it appears you don't. I would rather we believed that what we have right now is good enough until we have good proof of otherwise.11:09
mptMozilla is evidence otherwise11:10
mptso is Gnome11:10
kikoI know that it isn't perfect but I also know that there are things we could do to make things better.11:10
mptand KDE11:10
kikoI think that's a bit strong of a word.11:11
mptYes, they have multiple projects which themselves have multiple components11:11
mptsome of them have only two components, but others would be inconvenienced by their bugs being in a single bucket11:12
kikoif you look real close up at the components you'll see that many projects don't actually split them up so well, and they could use tags to categorize them (in particular if we did official bug tags)11:12
kikoI don't think we have /evidence/ that that's the right split11:12
kikojust that there are other systems with more than two-level hierarchies11:12
kikowith which i would agree11:12
mptIf we can make tags fulfil this role, then great11:12
mptbecause that would be simpler than tags+categories11:13
kikompt, help me get official bug tags implemented. the database table is already there!11:13
mptthe who the what now?11:13
mptofficial bug tags?11:13
kikoit's a way for projects to mark bug tags that are blessed11:13
kikowe'd be able to favor them in many ways in the UI11:13
kikoit'd be the bomb11:13
mpt"official tags" is a near-oxymoron11:13
mptin the Web apps that I see using tags11:14
mptother than Launchpad11:14
=== kiko shrugs
kikoI don't think it's crazy to say that certain contexts will have blessed certain tags.11:14
mptauto-completion would be nifty11:15
kikothere are many other improvements we could make.11:15
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mptso for tags to replace the LP projects, we'd need a bugtracking tag and a translations tag and a distributions tag etc11:19
mptand for those to be offered as suggestions on the bug-reporting page11:19
mpt"Customers who used this tag also used..."11:19
kikoI'd still rather they were separate projects11:20
kikobut maybe that will change my mind once we see how it affects use of the feature.11:20
mptMy motives are partly selfish here, because getting rid of the "malone" project probably would fix bug 88818 at a stroke11:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 88818 in malone "Many people report non-Launchpad bugs on Launchpad products" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/88818 - Assigned to Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)11:22
thumpermorning kiko11:23
kikoI don't care very much about that bug. :)11:23
kikohey thumper!11:23
kikogood to see you around11:24
thumperof course we are around11:24
kikomatsubara, flacoste: why is https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-answers/+question/6692 a 404?11:24
thumperkiko: why do we need to have the project in the above url?11:24
matsubarakiko: probably because someone changed the question target11:24
mptkiko, I reported that bug a few days ago11:25
mptthe URL shouldn't contain the question target at all IMO11:25
flacostekiko, bug 11299011:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112990 in launchpad-answers "Question URL shouldn't break when the question is retargeted" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11299011:25
kikothumper, good question, but mostly because we want the question to appear in the correct context.11:25
kikoflacoste, thanks.11:25
mptand showing the correct context shouldn't rely on what's in the URL11:25
kikompt, what should it rely on?11:25
thumperkiko: oooh kay...11:25
mptkiko, context as retrieved from the DB11:26
flacostekiko: well, the context object could set it11:26
kikothumper, mostly. mpt and you know we could fetch that information from the question itself. but it's a lot easier if the URL stays sane while navigating under questions for launchpad..11:26
mptI think we overestimate the importance of URLs, *a bit*11:26
flacostethat's exactly what I replied in the bug discussion11:26
thumperkiko: I was more thinking of situations where the question moves between projects11:27
flacostewell, not the overestimate part, but that URLs were part of the UI11:27
mptpartly because we (the Launchpad team) got so used to navigating by URL when Launchpad's navigation was much worse than it is now11:27
thumperkiko: and a good base url to hit like /bugs/+nnn11:27
kikompt, it is easier both from the UI perspective and from the implementation perspective in Zope3, mind you.11:27
kikothumper, yeah, I don't disagree that's important11:27
=== thumper off to make coffee
mptkiko, I know it's easy to implement, but I still think the harder way needs implementing, eventually for bugs too ;-)11:28
mpteasier, I mean11:28
kikoI don't think contextless bugs will help us..11:28
mptI'm not saying they should be contextless, but that they should have simple URLs if they have only one context11:29
mpt /questions/123411:29
mpt /bugs/123411:29
kikoI think that as a shortcut is fine, but I am not sure the inconsistency in having them live there canonically is a good idea.11:29
mpt /bugs/1234?context=projectthatitwasfiledonsubsequently11:29
flacostehey mpt, thanks for your feedback on LiveHelp, but you still owe me comments on AnswerSpec11:29
flacostejust a reminder...11:29
kikoand I really don't like ?context=foo11:29
mptflacoste, sorry, I hadn't forgotten, I didn't get time for that one yesterday11:30
mptkiko, not only is it better Google-wise, it's also an easier URL to hack11:30
flacostempt, no problem11:30
flacostempt, what about the problem that the URL switch from /ubuntu/+questions to /questions/XXXX as you navigate from the listing to the question itself?11:31
flacostedo you think we shouldn't care about that?11:32
mptflacoste, I don't think that is a problem. At all.11:32
kikoI think it is, but..11:32
mptGetting back to the question list is a single mouse click.11:32
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mptIt's like Amazon not including category segments in its product URLs.11:33
=== jml [n=jml@125-236-193-95.adsl.xtra.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
kikoI can't believe you are talking about amazon URLs!11:34
thumperno one really looks at amazon urls11:34
thumperthey use the sensible search stuff11:34
thumperand click through11:34
thumper. o 0 (no one looks at the urls cause  they are long and ugly)11:35
mptah, so there's the solution then11:35
kikobespoke URLs from the devil himself11:35
mptMake Launchpad URLs long and ugly so people don't look at them :-)11:35
=== kiko shakes his head
mptRemember, I'm suggesting making them *shorter*...11:36
mptand without +s, even11:36
mptIt's not as if I can take "https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-answers/+question/6692" and lop off the "/6692" and get something useful, that's *still* a 404!11:38
kikoI think the fix for the bug could include making that DTRT..11:38
flacostekiko, redirect +question to +questions?11:43
=== mpt goes back to e-mail before this discussion can make him cry
kikoflacoste, that too! I was thinking more of /6692 and /669111:44
jmlmpt: don't cry.11:44
=== kiko is now known as kiko-afk

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