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darkmatteranyone whose alive, need opinions on the sliders  http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=500503287&context=set-72157594488098254&size=o08:02
darkmatterignore the steppers and the scrolltroughs. they're not implemented yet08:02
darkmatterstill using the old images08:02
troy_sdarkmatter: Probably just flip to round at that size... on a scaling thinking.08:06
darkmatterthey looked better before they got scaled08:07
darkmatterbloody gtk08:07
darkmatterI'll tweak the grad later.. must finish widgets first08:09
troy_sjust get the basic shapes in08:09
troy_sthe only things that really will obviously standout in terms of aesthetic are the pill controls -- the scrollbars and the progressbars08:10
troy_sthe rest is relatively innocuous08:10
darkmatteryup.. I'm just wondering... keep the thumbs or go for divets (possibly just three) like the handles in the panel n statusbar (or the range sliders)08:11
darkmatterwell, only one way to find out08:12
darkmattertroy_s, http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=500525067&size=o <--- to sterile, eh?08:26
troy_sdarkmatter: Re?08:27
darkmatteroh.. sorry... the sliders with those thumbs (in twf.. compare to firefox in the bg)08:28
troy_swholly christ08:29
troy_swhat am i looking at?08:29
troy_sdarkmatter: Oh stepper?08:31
troy_sdarkmatter: We looking at the scrollbar?08:31
darkmatteryeah.. the slider thumbs (the little grippers).. do the dots look to sterile compared tho the groves?08:31
darkmatteroverall impresion of the effect it has on the sliders08:32
troy_sdarkmatter: Ok... that is officially well off the deep end of ocd.08:33
troy_sdarkmatter: Uh... get rid of them all together and make the grabber fancy.08:33
troy_sdarkmatter: Hows that to pull you off of the bloody ocd path?08:33
darkmatternuoveau grippers!!!08:34
darkmatterocd heaven!!! so many designs to choose from!! xD08:35
troy_sANYTHING other than that bloody 'hey let's do utter drab' clearlooks mentality08:36
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darkmattergood morning klepas09:52
klepasmoin darkmatter :)10:00
darkmatterhttp://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=500525067&size=o <-- umm... wee? ;P10:02
klepasnew MorningGlory or something else?10:03
klepasand you're using the same wallpaper as i am ^_^10:03
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darkmatterklepas, yup.. new morning glory.. now just called glory10:10
klepaswhere can i get ^^10:10
darkmatteryeah... saw that earlier10:10
klepaswant to give it for a desktop test-drive10:10
darkmatterklepas... hopefully be tarballed by morning10:10
darkmatterjust running some experiments10:11
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darkmatterwelp.... time for another test10:21
klepasgood luck :)10:23
klepasand keep up the awesome work as always :)10:23
darkmatterklepas, http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=500556710&size=o <---- ummm....10:25
darkmatteryay or nay10:27
klepaswhat font and font size is that?10:36
darkmatterk.. its just a rough in... but guess it works10:36
darkmatterfont Segoi UI10:36
darkmattersize is 10pt at 75dpi10:36
klepasin the repos?10:53
darkmatternope.. its a vista thingy10:54
darkmatterdcc it to ya if ya want10:54
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klepasdarkmatter: can you email it to me?10:59
darkmatterklepas, sent11:03
nothlitdarkmatter: the arrow buttons for the slider don't seem to fit--especially since the path the slider travels along goes farther than the slider travels11:16
darkmatteryeah... I know... havent done the arrows yet (still the old versions), and the trough was just quick n dirty (just to est the look)11:18
darkmatterredoing it atm11:18
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dilomohi everybody02:41
dilomoi think we have to make some test condition for various palettes02:43
dilomosuch as text privew or smth02:44
dilomoto test the colors on various objects02:44
dilomowhat do you think?02:44
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klepasdarkmatter: hey03:27
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darkmatterhey klepas, you rang?04:39
klepaswanted to say thanks for the neat font05:32
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nothlitdilomo: heyas06:54
dilomowhat's new06:55
nothlitnew email06:55
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dilomoI was wondering how collaboration may be expressed with colors06:58
troy_swell you can go two ways on that...06:59
troy_syou can either combine your palette with some form of motif06:59
dilomowhat kind of motif07:00
troy_sor you can rely on the learning / education of your audience to form connective associations to colour patterns -- unfortunately the latter generally relies on linking to well branded company presentations or something akin to that.07:00
nothlitthats the stage we're in deciding ;p07:00
troy_sdilomo: well that's the question...07:00
troy_si actually think the techy blueprint idea could fly quite well if executed properly.07:00
nothlitif you read the wiki page, i've suggested one way07:00
troy_sand it would be a nice twist away from the conventional 'oatmeal' ;)07:01
nothlitbut hopefully we can come up with more than that :D07:01
dilomoToday I used Ubuntu for nearly an hour07:02
troy_sdilomo: Um... not exactly a feat lol07:02
dilomoand I was not very pleased07:02
dilomowith the bright oranges07:02
troy_sdilomo: Well that's just a subjective statement really... not much value in it either.07:03
dilomothey just don't fit07:03
dilomobecause a bright color is intended to atract attention07:03
nothlitfit what?07:03
troy_sdilomo: There are many other things that could easily be cited rather than colour alone.07:03
troy_sdilomo: Actually, artskool 101:  You define your lights by your darks.07:03
troy_sdilomo: It isn't bright, it is simply bright relative to its peers.07:04
dilomomaybe you are right07:04
nothlitthats far too general--brights can be hilights, to expand dynamic range, etc, they don't just provide one function07:04
dilomoyes I did't said that i don't like the colors07:05
dilomobut personaly to me they are a bit bright07:05
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troy_sskething a motif or two might go a long way to mixing and matching some colours against it.07:06
nothlittroy_s: well in the age of light emitting displays, something incredibly bright can happen without difference in the surrounding area ;p07:06
troy_sexcept your pupil would close down on it a smidge... lol... being full of feces but on a serious note07:06
troy_sthe human eye physiology factors into a lot of that mumbo jumbo that people FIRMLY believe07:07
troy_salbeit erroneously07:07
troy_s1) Colour correction of the human eye / brain07:07
dilomoso lets focus on the MOTIF07:07
nothlitlets focus on the concept07:07
nothlitwhat do these words mean?07:08
nothlitif we don't do that, we can't figure out what they represent :)07:08
troy_snothlit: That gets pretty tricky -- and again why you must clearly state your audience in any design decision... it's different across the globe.07:08
troy_snothlit: For example, I hear elegant pop up _a lot_07:08
dilomocollaboration means people joined together07:09
dilomoworking together and07:09
troy_snothlit: And having looked into it, done a bit of research etc., you will find that almost always it will harkon back to a movement or some sort of 'defacto' presentation.07:09
dilomoachieving smth07:09
troy_sintertwined ascention, but that is a little fedora (Diana once again lol)07:09
troy_sas an artskool 101 attempt you would probably try to show some element of 'many' working towards 'one'07:10
troy_swhich is pretty wide open in terms of execution07:10
dilomoso ... we collaborate where?07:10
dilomowhat is the atmosphere of that place07:11
nothliteverywhere in the OSS world :)07:11
troy_spuzzle pieces was one that someone threw out at one point...07:12
dilomoonce defined the place and human moods we can define color07:12
troy_sthe chains/intertwined thing is just too damn close to fedora's work07:12
dilomoand so what07:12
nothlitdilomo: we need to define progress more, and both in <concert>07:12
dilomotroy_s: we need to accomplish smth connected with the tow words07:13
dilomowe do not have to care about fedora07:14
dilomotwo words*07:14
nothlitwe have to make sure we don't mimic them, which is more difficult than i realised07:14
nothlitdilomo: put what you have so far onto the wiki article https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/CommunityTheme/Collaboration+Progress07:15
troy_swe don't need to care about fedora, but the point is to create something _new_07:15
troy_sand the last thing that is wanted is to bother trying to do something if the net result is a shitty gradient or a duplicate of something else.07:15
troy_sso yes, an awareness of your design 'realm' doesn't hurt.07:15
troy_sdilomo: I would just suggest that the 'intertwined strands' be avoided -- as there are many other options out there i would guess.07:16
dilomook but isn't the new thing well forgotten old one?07:16
=== nothlit assumes a NA audience, with a general public, computers are tools--
nothliti doubt we would know how to design for something otherwise07:17
nothlitdilomo: sure, but we shouldn't just echo whats been done lately--it should seem new07:18
dilomosure it should07:18
dilomonothlit: waht do you want me to put on the wiki?07:19
nothlitdilomo: what you just said about collaboration :)07:19
dilomo:D ok07:20
troy_sNorth American audience is probably easy to pull some motifs that are hot right now07:22
troy_stry google type in the motifs and click images07:22
troy_syou often won't find design trends, but if you are at all interested in art and design, you can probably spot them relatively easily07:22
troy_slogolounge has some great compendiums on design trends and currents (2006 and now the more recent 2007 that lapo pointed out to me the other day)07:23
nothlitwhat demographic is the majority of ubuntu users anyways07:23
troy_snothlit: Well taht probably comes down to a question that I am looking into...07:23
troy_snothlit: I think the more appropriate question is -- to whom do you wish to direct this to.07:24
nothlitholy--ubuntu is ahead of windows and osx in google trends07:24
troy_snothlit: If you want to appeal to the fecking folks who are already here, then you are probably doomed as aesthetics are all over the map (just look at the bloody screenshot galleries out there)07:24
troy_snothlit: Again, it comes down to who you are speaking with.  There just aint no such thing as 'universal' design.  Its hokey bullshit peddled in backroom rubbish bins.07:25
dilomoI think that when installing Ubuntu the theme should be automatically determined by the locale07:28
dilomobecause different people - different tastes07:29
troy_sdilomo: Is that 'hot africa' yours, if so, perhaps scale it down so it doesn't flog the page07:29
troy_sdilomo: I think a locales based approach is damn wise, but i chatted with mdz about it for icons and well...07:29
troy_sdilomo: It wont happen.  or come close to happening.07:29
dilomoI will replace it soon07:29
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dilomowith smth new07:29
troy_sdilomo: Just make it more thumbnaily07:30
nothlitdilomo: that takes a lot of manpower, and locale based research07:30
dilomocontrained to the palette07:30
troy_snothlit: I think the idea is simple really though -- just provide certain overrides for glaringly obvious elemetns that have better communication in a cultural notation...07:30
nothlitwe're not marketing--just a very small community based art effort07:31
nothlittroy_s: oh--i was thinking something far more comprehensive lol07:31
troy_snothlit: No... just simple and small.07:31
nothlitit definitely won't happen any time soon07:31
troy_snothlit: rather along the lines as to how the evolution of the translations evolves.07:31
troy_snothlit: It simply won't happen.07:31
nothlitwe're shooting for universe (we don't even have packagers yet)--and won't fit on a disc/requires ubiquity/alternatives integration07:32
troy_snothlit:  It is very much symptomatic.  A few small areas where Ubuntu could set pace, it simply won't.07:32
troy_si have two packagers07:32
troy_sor at least access to two who could help07:32
troy_sthat's not an issue07:33
nothlitdilomo: anyways--what does progress mean to you--and what things could possibly represent the two words in concert?07:34
troy_sgetting _output_ is.07:34
troy_snothlit: Sketch - book.07:34
troy_snothlit: Trust someone labeled as 'artist' as far as they can sketch.07:34
nothlittroy_s: more: ideas!07:34
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dilomoi can sketch07:35
dilomoi'm preparing to be an architect07:36
troy_sthere were actually a few photos that were pretty solid...07:36
troy_snothlit: you have seen those images with the painted hands?07:36
nothlittroy_s: which images are you talking about?07:36
dilomoabout progress: What kind of progress?07:37
dilomothe tech progress07:37
troy_sgrr you would say that07:37
dilomoor the soul progress07:37
nothlitdilomo: thats up to us to intrepret07:37
nothlitwe can go with any interpretation of progress, be it spiritual, technological, idealogical...etc07:38
dilomoi think we all can see the tech progress07:38
troy_snothlit: I was thinking something like this:  http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GreenFire?content=5836707:38
dilomojust infont of us07:38
troy_ssorry couldn't resist07:38
dilomoso  to me we have to07:38
dilomoconcentrate on the spiritual part07:39
dilomoand what spirit is?07:40
dilomodefinitly smth bright white and pure07:40
nothlittroy_s: i like this roots/vines idea--you going to write this stuff down on the wiki or should i?07:40
nothlitespecially with climbing vines we can do something with them supporting each other and an exaggerated perspective07:41
nothlitdilomo: hmm that is a <very> culturally grounded association07:41
troy_sfeck i can't find it...07:41
troy_sits top shelf really07:42
nothlitand we're talking about actual progress itself, not a representation of spirit--make sure you keep site of that07:42
troy_sfar superior than anything that ub has had07:42
troy_sor will have for tha tmatter07:42
dilomoand what you think vines are progress?07:42
troy_sew... henna could be intresting07:42
troy_snevermind, that's an aside07:43
nothlitlike some people think spirits would be coloured according to the soul of the person, or its more aura like, rainbow coloured, or otherwise shimmering-- theres associations of warming, and then theres ethereal, etc07:43
nothlitdilomo: vines climb upwards--and they keep with the organic aspect of ubuntu07:43
nothlitand they're many--climbing up and across each other, etc07:43
nothlitthe upwards aspect is a very common motif of progress07:44
dilomoI undertand your point of view07:44
nothlitdilomo: how would you represent progress of the spirit?07:44
nothlitand differentiate it from ascention--and keep the collaboration aspect represented?07:45
dilomoprogrss towards heaven :)07:45
dilomobut my idea was mainli to focus on the whites, blues and grays07:46
dilomobeacuse we 70% water07:46
dilomoand we try to reach heaven07:47
troy_si'll find those hands if it is the last thing i do07:47
nothliti think religion is a charged subject07:47
dilomoyes but07:47
nothlitand so is death07:47
troy_sif there intends on being _any_ output... lol07:48
dilomoall the religins preach smth like this07:48
troy_sthat's why all religions belong in the dust bin07:48
troy_son a more practical note...07:48
troy_si don't dare draw vines07:48
dilomook lets just make the initial palette07:49
dilomoand start experimenting07:49
nothlittroy_s: because?07:49
troy_snothlit: For reasons that should be obvious to someone like _you_07:50
dilomowith the vines or anything else07:50
dilomocan you both make a plette and post it to the wiki07:51
nothlittroy_s: i can guess- but i'd like to know your specific reasons and not assume07:51
dilomoso that we - the others to start working?07:51
troy_sthat's my specific reason... i don't know if i can do different but i suppose i could try.07:51
troy_sits just that it is _sooooo_ done for me...07:51
troy_si can't walk along the elegant flora until that portion is complete lol07:51
troy_salthough if someone came up with a different direction07:52
dilomobrb eating07:52
troy_si could probably follow style07:52
nothlitpalettes should be done with an aim of a message--you should choose colours representative of the subject matter, and when you envision something in those distinct set of colours/values, you should be able to imagine people getting a distinct feeling of whatever we're trying to achieve07:53
troy_sgoddamit all of this curve or gradient shite makes me want to curl up into a little fetal ball and cry07:53
troy_swow... just makes you realize that all of this 'work' on gnome look07:54
troy_sand vertov was right07:54
troy_s'anyone who cares for their art seeks the essence of their own technique'07:54
troy_sjeebus... pretty hard to find 1 in 30 with a distinct style07:55
nothlitmost of the stuff on -look is designed to emulate something or is fanboy service designed to reproduce his/her object of affection everywhere07:57
nothlitits not going to be design school lol07:58
troy_sapparently... but even still...07:59
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troy_snothlit: There you go -- ubuntu cthulhu08:04
nothlitlol @ the photoshop tut 'vines'08:05
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nothlittroy_s: ah--i thought you were searching for hands?08:06
troy_si am!08:07
troy_si can't find the buggers08:07
troy_sanyways, they are two hands joined on the left side of frame from top to bottom08:07
troy_sagainst an orange backdrop08:08
troy_srealtively ... well good.08:08
troy_subuntu ass apparently is a popular motif08:11
nothlit...a joke motif08:11
troy_slol  Ubuntu Ass08:12
troy_sWe thought you liked our approach to ass... so now we give you the real deal ... Ubuntu Ass.08:13
dilomoback :)08:23
dilomodid you made the palette?08:23
dilomoi guess no :)08:29
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troy_sdilomo: I think everyone's busy with various things.08:56
nothlittroy_s: https://people.fluxbuntu.org/~nothlit/communitytheme/gutsy/sketches/roots.png09:34
nothlittroy_s: vines are difficult to illustrate supporting each other-- so i chose unknown ropy plant matter instead --more tree/root like09:35
troy_snothlit: no shit09:35
troy_snothlit: The real trick is making roots / vines 'pretty' in a north american sensibility09:35
dilomowhen you create the palette post it on the mailing lists09:36
troy_snothlit: Some of that highlight work / gradient on the root itself might work if you thumbnail in on it...?09:36
troy_sdilomo: Try generating something that uses a palette09:36
dilomoand then i will join creatig constrained art09:36
troy_sdilomo: It really is an open thing..09:36
troy_sdilomo: Who knows what will work what wont...09:36
troy_sdilomo: Just keep throwing ideas out there with the motivations behind it.09:36
nothlitdilomo: you can create one too-- hopefully we'll get enough to have a vote on it09:36
troy_snothlit: I actually am looking at the study a bit in the center... it might have something there...09:37
nothlitthe most important thing for our palettes is to have accompanying text telling us why you chose each colour, and what they mean09:37
troy_snothlit: Let me show you what i can see possibly...09:37
troy_s(although getting to collaboration is a helluva feat lol)09:38
troy_s(progress creep sure...)09:38
nothlittroy_s: well i want to show both the roots coming together from a lot of locations, and it all breaking out of the foliage, into the sunlight, with reaching tendrils etc09:38
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troy_snothlit: Right in the dark band09:39
troy_snothlit: Where the three or four roots are09:39
troy_snothlit: There is the potential to really use a gradient sort of approach for a base there.09:39
troy_sthen evolve something layered overtop maybe09:39
nothlitmostly the darks are just thrown in to show form--otherwise it gets confusing09:39
troy_sthe darks could work very well with a layered appraoch to highlights09:40
troy_sbuilding up to highlights.09:40
nothlittroy_s: oh--you're thinking inkscape huh? :P09:40
dilomogood night (well for me:))09:40
troy_snothlit: Not at all.09:40
troy_sdilomo: Night dilomo09:40
troy_snothlit: Collaborating is a toughie -- perhaps the idea of progress as attached to a clambering of vines and life across something09:41
joejaxxtroy_s: gobby ftw09:41
troy_snothlit: I don't think you can sell plant collaboration09:41
troy_sjoejaxx: Fecker ftw!09:41
troy_sjoejaxx: Remind me to poison you at some point.09:41
troy_sjoejaxx: My head hurts with fecking leaves.09:41
nothlitjoejaxx: we're not ascii artists09:41
troy_sjoejaxx: I haven't quite done anything as hard in a long while...09:42
joejaxxnothlit: boohoo code in svg in gobby09:42
nothlittroy_s: well if we want to go with life--the best way is cooperating life or some sort of miniature echosystem09:42
troy_sthere's an art installation09:42
troy_spretty svg rendered as xml09:42
troy_sinstallation artists look out.09:42
troy_snothlit: Good luck on that one.09:42
troy_snothlit: How the HELL do you pull that off?09:42
troy_sok... i am fecking fluxed out thanks to joejaxx -- need a shower now.09:43
nothlittroy_s: easiest way would probably to throw birds making a nest together, ants carrying something together etc09:43
nothlittroy_s: and seed it all over the image09:43
troy_sthat's are pretty literal motif09:44
troy_sand probably pretty hard to render due to the complexity09:44
troy_sknow what i mean?09:44
troy_sroots of two systems intertwining could possibly work09:44
troy_smaking it 'pretty' is a whole nother can of wax09:44
troy_sbut quite possibly doable09:45
nothlitlol two systems?09:45
troy_sfrom waht i can see of that gradients in your sketch09:45
troy_swell life systems09:45
troy_sas in not literal09:45
troy_sjust a means of telling them apart -- diff leaves or... tones .. or...09:45
troy_sthe real coup to all of it, is making it pretty09:45
troy_sin a na mentality09:45
troy_simmediately the cliches might work -- that macro lens feel09:45
nothlitwell we can do an underpainting of the cof colours ;p09:45
nothlitfor each main trunk09:46
troy_sroots are pretty bloody heavy, i don't think anyone has tried to pretty them in my recent mind.09:46
troy_sbut perhaps the intertwining curves can work in the same way of that original intertwisted spirals.09:46
nothlitmossify, and add lots of dappered golden light--is the easiest way to make "ugly" bark appealing09:47
troy_shrm... i hate to fall back on godrays09:47
troy_sbut it is an option09:47
troy_sis your dcc working:?09:47
nothlitnot godrays, forest sunlight09:47
joejaxxyes forest sunlight is god09:48
troy_syah those are traditionally called 'god rays' when you shoot them... cracking through the damn forest09:48
nothlitit should, traditional dcc means the sender is the passive connector09:48
troy_sgod knows how long i have sat out in the fecking bush waiting for the proper crack09:48
troy_si'll try09:48
joejaxx"the proper crack"09:48
troy_sjoejaxx: Dead serious...09:49
troy_sjoejaxx: We once spent a bloody 12 hour day waiting on the sun to crest through fecking trees09:49
joejaxxtroy_s: near a clearing in the forest?09:49
joejaxxoh wow09:49
troy_sjoejaxx: IN the fecking thing09:49
troy_sjoejaxx: getting eaten by bugglinias09:49
troy_sjoejaxx: I was homicidal by the end of it.09:49
troy_sjoejaxx: Makes you want to climb to the top of a watchtower and start shooting people.09:49
troy_sgodrays sells09:50
troy_sfor certain09:50
troy_sjust look at the more awe inspiring vista walls09:50
troy_salthough i must say, i quite liked diana's underwater godrays09:50
troy_sin f609:50
troy_sthey look like someone nerfed them but they still resonate09:50
troy_sthe underwater godrays in the vista aqua work fine too.09:50
joejaxxthey looked really nice09:51
troy_sin fact, it is quite funny how much people fail to connect the communication09:51
troy_sbut you _really_ get it when you see it.09:51
troy_sits such a trivial bag of tricks09:51
troy_sonce you know what you are looking for09:51
troy_squite clever design i will say09:51
troy_snothlit: Those i pulled at random rather trying to get that 'beauty' element in an abstract09:52
troy_snothlit: There is something in each of them09:52
nothlittroy_s: lol, as evidenced--people like "glowies"09:53
troy_sglow is _in_09:53
troy_sand at least a step away from fecking shiny crystal shit09:53
nothlittroy_s: btw--in the u2 cof logo--have you considered doing the shadow for the red part rather than the highlight?09:55
troy_snothlit: THe branding sucks ass.09:55
troy_snothlit: Just the last part before I gave up09:55
troy_snothlit: If you have ideas, feel free to mix... i wen tthrough trying flora inset grad on the cof, then on the text09:55
troy_sall shit09:55
troy_si _really_ want the bloody motif to carry over to the branding, but right now, my abilities lack the execution09:56
troy_shence i picked up flux again09:56
troy_sohhhh glowy09:56
troy_sif we had some bloody female designers, i bet they could open our eyes up to some more beautiful approaches for vine/roots09:57
nothlitwell how the hell is it supposed to carry easily when you're not allowed to alter the colours directly at all09:57
troy_snothlit: I am altering the colours09:57
troy_snothlit: I could care less about the 'rules' that are there for rules sake09:57
troy_snothlit: The ubuntu brand for u2 is nothing more than a stroke09:57
troy_salthough the contrast of the logo colours is nice -- so i dont' know.09:58
troy_snot really putting any restrictions on it all09:58
troy_sjust want something that bloody well results in the 'aha'09:58
troy_sdrop shadow sucks ass.09:58
troy_sglow sucks ass09:58
troy_sit just isn't right09:58
nothlitwth http://spaceslogo.spaces.live.com/09:59
troy_snothlit: I can assure you that if at some point sabdfl shells out the cash for a designer -- he'll gut the entire scene09:59
nothlittroy_s: i expect that as well09:59
nothlittroy_s: you aren't worried about breaking their trademark policy?10:00
troy_snothlit: but i don't think that sabdfl has the courage nor ability to hire a real designer10:00
troy_snothlit: Fuck the trademark policy10:00
troy_snothlit: It says ubuntu, it uses the logo10:00
troy_snothlit: Enough branding10:00
nothlitjoejaxx: look at the link i posted10:00
troy_snothlit: In order for sabdfl to hire the proper folk, he would have to actually _engage_ the material.10:01
troy_snothlit: and i think, despite him being an extremely brilliant guy, he is a little leery of it.10:01
joejaxxnothlit: space logos?10:01
joejaxxnothlit: or the one before10:01
nothlitjoejaxx: spaces logo10:01
joejaxxXML Parsing Error: syntax error10:01
joejaxxXML Parsing Error: syntax error10:02
joejaxxLocation: http://spaceslogo.spaces.live.com/10:02
joejaxxLine Number 3, Column 49:10:02
nothlitlooks fine here--the content is amusing10:02
nothlittroy_s: i think its just whether he gets sick of the walmart look and decides to throw some money @ it or not10:05
nothlittime will tell10:05
nothlittroy_s: btw how goes the diy marketing site? i'm interested to see what new direction you're taking10:11
troy_sgod don't even start on the packaging10:14
troy_snothlit: I am not doing it... meatballhat is.10:14
troy_snothlit: I don't know what point he has it at.10:14
troy_snothlit: actually, looking at it, in terms of wallpapers10:16
nothlitoh really? the openweek representative said you were working on it10:16
troy_snothlit: MS completely killed Apple at their own game10:16
troy_snothlit: They killed them10:16
troy_snothlit: I try to help out on a high level where I can.10:16
troy_snothlit: The implementation though, is all meatballhat10:17
troy_snothlit: It has a few very cute tongue in cheek things going for it... depends on execution and support at this point.10:17
troy_snothlit: If you google for meatballhat you might find his blog and such10:19
nothlitwas that pallete you posted for the marketing site?10:19
troy_snothlit: I think that is the basic palette meatballhat is going with... although there were about 6 variations of base to supporting players10:20
troy_snothlit: That is one of the strengths of leslie carbaga's appraoch10:20
troy_snothlit: it _really_ shows the colours at work as opposed to a stale swatch appraoch10:21
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scoobydoo28139good evening10:22
troy_shello scoobydoo2813910:23
scoobydoo28139hello, are you a real person here?10:23
scoobydoo28139maybe you can tell me where to get new wall paper (ubuntu)10:24
nothlityes only ubotu and ubuntulog are bots in here10:24
troy_sscoobydoo28139: What are you looking for?10:25
nothlitscoobydoo28139: http://art.ubuntu.com/main.php , or you can go to gnome-look and search for ubuntu under wallpapers, etc10:25
troy_sscoobydoo28139: There are plenty of places to get wallpapers... it really depends on what you like.10:25
scoobydoo28139ok tks10:34
scoobydoo28139was looking for them in synaptic10:35
scoobydoo28139but i don't know what to search for or how to install them yet10:35
scoobydoo281393rd day of ubuntu10:35
nothlit!search wallpaper10:38
nothlityeah--mostly wallpapers are going to be from external sources, images you save and select10:39
nothlitthe only wallpapers in the repos i would think exists besides those already installed- are blubuntu, and edubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu specific ones,10:40
kwwiiin case anyone is interested in the mobile stuff: http://sinecera.de/UMD_mocks/m4_1.png10:40
nothlit:o there is upper-chest nudity on art.ubuntu.com10:42
nothlitkwwii: btw your album is pw protected on there?10:43
kwwiinothlit: nope10:43
kwwiinothlit: but if there is not a webpage in a dir then the contents are not browsable as such10:43
nothlitkwwii: http://art.ubuntu.com/main.php?g2_itemId=8610:44
nothlitthats for that intel device?10:44
kwwiinothlit: ahh, now I see what you mean...no idea why that is like that10:44
kwwiinothlit: that is a mockup for the Ubuntu Mobile Edition if that is what you mean10:44
nothlitkwwii: do you use any matchbox components or is it all from scratch?10:45
kwwiinothlit: we will end up writing lots from scratch10:47
nothlitkwwii: is the lower panel a tasks panel or something else?10:48
nothlitand why do you have a start when you already have a task based pen/finger interface?10:48
kwwiinothlit: the lower panel is the main app panel...the things on the desktop are minor apps, etc.10:49
kwwiiI just put the start in for fun, no need for it10:49
kwwiiafterwards I realized that people will think it should be a menu (me=mac user)10:49
nothlitoh-- so is the desktop stuff mainly going to be scaling or scrolling in terms of expansion?10:50
kwwiiscaling I hope10:50
kwwiiit all depends on how much GL we can use10:51
nothlitso what parts of that mockup will be visible when an application is active?10:51
kwwiithe bottom bar will become the main toolbar(s) for the app, so you will only see the top bar and that will also show the title of the app and window name, etc.10:52
nothlitand are you going to stick with oxygen style icons for these limited resolution displays?10:53
kwwiithe amazing thing is that although some of the displays are only 4" the resolution is amazing, so yes, we are going to keep that style of icons10:53
kwwiinot sure if it will be oxygen icons or not, but I think that the hiRes stuff looks nice10:54
nothlitpixel density has come leaps and bounds these past two years :)10:54
kwwiithe machine I saw had a 5" screen and did 800x48010:54
nothlitwhens mobile going to have alpha/beta, release stuff out?--what devices are targetted10:58
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kwwiithe first release will be gutsy11:01
kwwiiso I would guess that there will be code available very soon11:02
kwwiialthough none of it will work very well :-)11:02
kwwiiI think at first it is i386 stuff only, not sure about the rest11:05
kwwiiadding the word "cross compiler" to a paragraph is a good way to make me ingore it ;-)11:05
troy_skwwii: Is that through intel or sabdfl?11:08
kwwiitroy_s: what part do you mean?11:09
troy_sthe mock... as in who is implementing it11:09
troy_sand has it cleared?11:09
kwwiiahh, now I get you...both are working on it11:10
kwwiithere are several intel people, a couple of nokia folks, ubuntu peeps and others11:10
troy_swho is leading design?11:12
troy_si imagine that would be intel's baby yes?11:12
=== meatballhat [n=dbuch@ubuntu/member/meatballhat] has left #ubuntu-artwork ["/me]
kwwiiI am working together with a guy from intel on it11:14
nothlitimo the combination of realism and exaggerated contrast in icons is better suited for displays with a plethora of pixels11:16
nothlitso this will go on intel laptops and maemo-like devices?11:18
=== darkmatter [n=darkmatt@unaffiliated/darkmatter] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
troy_skwwii: So did they set out to do the 'hey lets do the iphone' feel?11:19
kwwiiI think that all the smaller icons will be made simple 2d thingies11:19
kwwiitroy_s: well, that is one of several designs we are looking into11:19
nothlittroy_s: did you see macslows cairo experiment implementing an iphone-lookalike?11:20
kwwiitroy_s: we've done a basic maemo version, an iPhone-ish version and another based on pygment11:20
troy_snothlit: no.  i think more people need to leave johnathon ive alone.11:20
kwwiifunny you should mention him ;-)11:20
troy_sdid they hire him?11:21
kwwiijohnathan, you mean? not that I know of11:22
kwwiiI was talking about mirko11:22
troy_sahhh... macslow11:22
troy_show come that is funny?  is he working on it with you?11:23
=== troy_s is a little slow and struggling.
kwwiiwe're working on a few projects together11:24
troy_skwwii: Did you chat with sab at UDS much?11:26
kwwiitroy_s: not too much11:31
kwwiiI was busy getting new things to do11:31
kwwiiin addition to the fact that I missed the first few days11:31
darkmatterhmmm... I need to redo these damnable scrollbar troughs11:48
darkmatterthey are sucking something aweful11:48
troy_skwwii: Do you have a plan for GG yet?11:48
kwwiitroy_s: still working out ideas of how to go about it11:49
kwwiideciding which baby step to take next, really11:49
nothlittroy_s: wow these logo lounge guys are quite brilliant--looking at the old articles-- i can immediately feel certain of those trends being dated....11:57
troy_snothlit: Yes, they are on.11:57
nothlittroy_s: your darling room favorite is in one of those articles too lol :)11:58
troy_snothlit: Engaging design requires a pretty good knowledge of outside bodies of work -- you can't jump ahead of a trend and lead if you are lost in replication and mimicry.11:58
troy_snothlit: Darlingroom is _awsome_ design.11:58
troy_snothlit: _awsome_11:58
troy_snothlit: It is so tight, I can't explain.11:58
troy_snothlit: It is extremely vocal in its communication and extremely well executed in implementation.11:59

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