jovansreiser4, which has the best performance in some tests12:13
mjg59The biggest gap there is 1.5MB12:13
mjg59Or less than 3%12:13
=== theCore is now known as alexv
mjg59Note that most of those graphs don't start at 012:14
bhalefaster is nice if you dont care about integrity of your files12:14
jovansyes but for first impressions12:14
jovansi am using feisty with reiserfs i think it's v312:15
mjg59jovans: The current recommendations for Linux filesystems are to use xfs if you need very large filesystems, and otherwise to use ext312:15
jovansand jfs not recommanded?12:16
mjg59I've discussed this with filesystem developers, and they agree that ext4 is not appropriate for use yet unless you're developing it12:16
mjg59jfs has some management tools that you may find useful, but otherwise I don't think there's an especially good reason to choose it12:17
jovansthan you12:17
jovansfor ur comments12:17
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poningruI had a question02:04
poningruwhen the ubuntu installed dells go out02:05
poningruare canonical's servers ready to handle the load/bandwidth?02:05
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psusiBenC: ping02:41
BenCpsusi: yo02:41
psusiBenC: hey... I was looking at our devmapper package today and it seems that we diverged from debian some time ago... I think you were the last one to modify it, so I was wondering if you could shed some light on the reasons for diverging02:42
psusiI'm wondering if we can't sync with the new debian version02:42
psusiand what the process for that is02:44
BenCerr, I can't remember02:44
BenCpsusi: merges.ubuntu.com is a good place to start02:45
psusioh yea, another question I had was, why does the version of the package start with 2:?02:46
Amaranthsomeone messed up with versioning previously02:46
psusidon't think I've seen a version with a : in it before02:46
Amaranthor did a downgrade02:46
Amaranthlots of packages have that02:47
Amaranthcan't remember the name of it now :P02:47
psusiso like... it was 1.2.3 and so to downgrade back to 1.2.1 you had to prefix it with a 2: to make it higher?02:48
BenCpsusi: X: is an epoch version, the X: part doesn't show, but it gives it newer version than anything with > X, and no X02:50
Amaranth1:1.2.1 is newer than 1.2.202:51
Amaranthwell, sorts higher02:51
psusihrm... why would mom not be able to generate a diff3 merge of a file?  showing it as C*?02:52
psusihrm... so our package lets udev create the devnode, but in debian they don't?03:00
BenCpsusi: dm/lvm/mdadm/udev is scary stuff, run while you still can03:11
ajmitchscary stuff labelled with 'here be dragons'03:12
psusitoo late... I'm already involved with it because of dmraid03:14
psusiwhich is the most scary branch of that family03:14
=== Amaranth makes a note to not upgrade udev
psusiwould also be nice if the mirror dm target were documented somewhere03:15
psusiI was trying to figure it out from the kernel sources today because it looks like dmraid passes it a sync or nosync option, but afaics the kernel supports no such options03:16
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psusiI'm used to using tortoiseSVN on windows to do three way merges... how can you do a three way merge in linux?03:17
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tepsipakkigood morning07:23
tepsipakkiwho is wearing the archive admin hat today?07:23
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pittiGood morning08:32
FujitsuHi pitti.08:33
Mithrandirhiya pitti08:33
\shpitti, can you read https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/91636 and comment on it...now it's going into a "move between two packages" report, and I don't want to argue with the people...can you, as our security "officer", comment on the topic "why whine shouldn't deliver a .desktop"  08:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91636 in wine "Mimetype error: *.exe => the filename indicates "executable", while the contents indicated "DOS/Windows executable"" [Undecided,Confirmed]  08:34
Treenaks\sh: well, some .exes are mono executables, right?08:35
pitti\sh: "whine" was right :-P yes, will do08:35
\shpitti, thx :)08:35
\shTreenaks, tbh, I don't have any clue how mono apps are started...but reading /usr/bin/tomboy I can see, that those exes are started via "exec mono tomboy.exe" e.g.08:36
pitti\sh: hmm, this doesn't look at all related to our discussion yesterday?08:37
pitti\sh: mono has a binfmt-misc entry as well08:37
\shpitti, the thing is, indeed, that +x .exe files can be started via cli, but not via nautilus...kees removed the .desktop file from whine in favour of binfmt...08:38
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shand I think because of security...so re-adding the .desktop gives us the possibility to start .exe files via nautilus, but gives you the same pain as before08:39
=== bonii [n=boni@unaffiliated/bonii] has joined #ubuntu-devel
FujitsuWhy won't Nautilus execute them now?08:39
pitti\sh: hm, it looks as if it only gives a confirmation question? the bug doesn't speak about not being able to run them?08:39
pitti(or does it?)08:39
Treenaksbecause nautilus is horribly broken atm (at least, for me :)08:39
\shpitti, your "virus bug" is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine/+bug/8533808:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 85338 in wine "Security - single click trojan risk" [High,Fix released]  08:39
\shpitti, I can't run them...(feisty)08:39
\shCannot open /home/shermann/windows/wrar362d.exe: No application suitable for automatic installation is available for handling this kind of file.08:40
TreenaksFujitsu: when I try to open a remote share, it dies, when I try to kill, it'll SIG11 all over itself until I kill -9 it... and restarting doesn't fix it08:40
pitti\sh: hm, so this is another bug in nautilus then, or the associated MIME types08:40
ajmitchhey pitti 08:40
pittihi ajmitch 08:41
slomoshould be a bug in shared-mime-info then08:41
pitti\sh: ah, that's not the message that is described in the bug08:41
\shpitti, I think it's still dapper/edgy they are talking about08:41
pittiah, I see08:42
\shbut regarding the talks from yesterday on #winehq, we have to protect the users from wine, just because it's in pre-alpha state (remembering the words of an upstream dev) ;)08:43
FujitsuIs it ever likely to be in a non-prealpha state?08:43
\shFujitsu, they said, wine is nothing for "john user" 08:44
FujitsuWhich is why we should follow the advice of ubuntuforums' users and install it by default, don't you think?08:44
=== Fujitsu runs away, terribly fast.
\shFujitsu, tbh, I don't read the webforums, just because I love my life as it is, and I don't want to bang my head on my desk, everytime I read "install wine by default" or "use automatix and your pain is going away"08:45
Lathiatwe should preinstall windows programs08:45
LathiatUbuntu 7.04 bundled with Microsoft Office 200708:45
Lathiat[ Buy now ] 08:45
FujitsuLathiat: Right.08:45
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i59F706C5.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shbut anyways...I'm right now totally confused what to do...I would prefer the "learning through pain" method...08:46
Fujitsu\sh: The automatix crap has fortunately almost vanished.08:46
dholbachgood morning08:46
\shmoins dharrigan 08:46
\shaeh dholbach 08:46
dholbachhey \sh08:46
\shdholbach, do I see you at linuxtag? :)08:47
MithrandirFujitsu: and it'll become even less useful with the new update-manager fixes. :-)08:48
dholbach\sh: yep :)08:48
FujitsuMithrandir: What's happening now?08:48
MithrandirFujitsu: the plan is to tell the user "you have used software which we know are going to cause severe problems when upgrading, sorry, we can't upgrade this system, please reinstall".08:49
FujitsuOh, good.08:49
\shdholbach, cool :) btw..congrats to your vote :)08:49
dholbachthanks \sh :)08:49
FujitsuWow, impressive Yes:No ratio that you have there, dholbach.08:51
dholbachI was very happy with it too08:51
Mithrandirhiya elkbuntu 08:52
elkbuntuhadnt realised i was logged in under the alt nick :-/08:53
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dholbachdoko: ajmitch is also having trouble doing the pygojbect and pygtk merges - do you know of any changes that might have broken py-dbg?09:14
ajmitchthe files appear to be there & in the right place, but I'm getting things like ^^09:14
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokodholbach, ajmitch: which package does have pyexpat? is the pyexpat-dbg package installed?09:17
=== Arby [n=richard@shiny.york.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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bryyceseb128: btw, found a quirky but irritating bug when switching workspaces - kde apps start flashing on the window list (bug 114923)09:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 114923 in gnome-panel "window list highlights kde apps when switching workspaces" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11492309:28
=== Spads [n=spacehob@unaffiliated/spads] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128bryyce: that's a duplicate ;)09:29
seb128bug #7851109:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 78511 in libwnck "Gnome-panel flashing for kde apps on workspace change" [Low,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7851109:30
bryyceahh, I hadn't spotted that one09:30
seb128not easy to know09:30
bryyceyup, that's definitely it.  cool09:30
seb128the workspaces, tasks list, etc are often libwnck09:30
seb128I've marked it duplicate09:30
bryyceyeah, wasn't really even sure what to search on09:30
dokoajmitch: python2.5-dbg doesn't install in site-packages09:30
ajmitchhm right09:33
ajmitchso I have /usr/lib/python2.5/lib-dynload/pyexpat.so and /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/_xmlplus/parsers/pyexpat.so09:33
ajmitchfirst is owned by python2.5, the other by python-xml09:33
dokoso you should have a b-d on python-xml-dbg as well09:34
dokoor build-conflict with python-xml?09:34
ajmitchthis was built in pbuilder, so probably the former09:35
ajmitchthough after installing p-x-dbg, I now get further interesting errors09:35
ajmitchlike ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/apt_pkg.so: undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4_6409:35
ajmitchwhy it'd even look at apt_pkg is beyond me09:35
dokois python-apt-dbg installed?09:36
ajmitchI just installed it, and I'm down to the single error09:37
ajmitchImportError: /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/gtk-2.0/gobject/_gobject_d.so: undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4_6409:37
=== persia [n=persia@p1033-ipbf37marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ajmitch goes to recompile python-gobject for fun
bryyceMithrandir, would you mind bumping a post of mine in the moderation queue?  I posted a note about the xserver 1.3 upload but hadn't become a member of the list yet, so it's hung up.09:39
Mithrandirbryyce: the list = ubuntu-devel or some other list?09:40
bryyceyes right09:40
Burgundaviabryyce: -devel or -devel-discuss?09:42
BurgundaviaI can clear the latter but the former is somebody else09:42
=== Spads [n=spacehob@unaffiliated/spads] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenaksbryyce: I'd like to see a (test) version of the xserver-xorg-video-ati with http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati.git;a=commit;h=3828237200fc16d4d32664fb8358950c213d4897 applied -- I think it might fix bug 20283 (finally..)09:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 20283 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[X700]  Really bad sync on HP NW8240" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/2028309:44
Mithrandirhm, the password isn't what I've saved in my browser.09:44
StevenKdoko: Do you mind if I borrow/steal some of your merges, like ntp or libidl?09:44
Mithrandirbryyce: sorry, I thought my password for the ubuntu-devel moderation queue was correct, but apparently it's not.09:46
bryyceTreenaks: unfortunately fglrx is horribly broken with xserver 1.3 presently09:47
Treenaksbryyce: that's why it's a patch for radeon/ati09:47
bryyceTreenaks: oh ok, I'll take a look at it09:47
bryyceis there a LP bug for this?09:48
Treenaksbryyce: yes, 20283 (as stated above)09:48
bryyceMithrandir: ok no prob, guess I'll wait for mdz09:48
bryyceTreenaks, oh right, you did.  Okay my brain is mush, I'm going to bed.09:49
Treenaksbryyce: ok :)09:49
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=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Tonio_hi :)09:54
mneptokTonio_: 'lu!09:55
dokoStevenK: please go ahead!09:56
=== pkl_ [n=phillip@lougher.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ajmitchok, no change on rebuild09:56
ajmitchhey mneptok 09:56
mneptokhey hey09:57
mneptokwaznoo ajmitch?09:57
StevenKdoko: Thanks!09:57
dholbachgpocentek: will we get the new goffice/gnumeric? :-)10:02
ajmitchmneptok: fighting packages :)10:05
mneptokajmitch: i said "new" ;)10:07
StevenKMithrandir: Got a sec so I bounce an idea off of you?10:07
MithrandirStevenK: shoot10:08
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-devel
StevenKMithrandir: xbitmaps is listed as a manual merge - I've done it, considering the only benefit I can see makes the patch on patches.u.c fall to nearly nothing, do you think it's worth it?10:11
MithrandirEPARSE; I'm not sure what you're asking.10:13
=== pbn [i=pbn@2002:d447:1366:0:0:0:0:2] has joined #ubuntu-devel
StevenKMithrandir: Sorry, I ought to be clearer.10:13
StevenKMithrandir: Okay, so xbitmaps is listed as a manual merge. I've done it, but the only benefit I can see is it makes the patch on patches.u.c to be very small. Do you think it's worthwhile to upload it?10:15
tepsipakkixbitmaps is one of 23 xorg packages of which we have a different tarball10:15
StevenKYes. The tarball is different, but contains the same files.10:16
MithrandirI don't see why it wouldn't be, if you've already spent the effort.10:16
=== StevenK nods.
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jdubseb128: dude, i am so happy to hear that a whole trilogy of hollywood films will be made about your life!10:39
dholbachjdub: link? :)10:40
=== gizmo [n=gizmo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128jdub: what?10:41
seb128ah ah ah ;)10:41
dholbachhahaha :-)10:41
Chipzzjdub: is there a way to see older entries that scrolled of planet (gnome)?10:42
=== seb128 hugs jdub
jdubChipzz: no, but you can search for them with the custom google search thingy10:42
jdubseb128: :-)10:42
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gpocentekdholbach: of course! ;)11:01
dholbachgpocentek: rock and roll11:03
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dholbachdoko: do you know of any plans to have the pydbg changes in Debian too?11:19
dokodholbach: they already are11:19
dokostill needs to be announced11:20
dholbachdoko: oh? so it's "just a matter of bringing our changes into debian too"?11:20
slomoand waiting ages until all million NEW packages are processed ;)11:20
dokodholbach: exactly11:21
dholbachthat's good news11:21
dholbachthe merges are somewhat painful if we'd have to do them every now and then11:21
fieryclerichi, how can i build a package with different configure flags?11:24
=== jono_ [n=jono@88-107-76-57.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
gnomefreakfierycleric: #ubuntu-motu might be better place to ask but alot of packages (all ive ever dealt with) has the config options in the debian/rules file11:43
fieryclericthanks ive RTFM now and found what i was looking for :) .... whats #ubuntu-motu  for?11:45
gnomefreakthe place to ask questions getting help with packaging11:45
fieryclerici am there... .:)11:46
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elmoI thought like, any laptop in the world, ever - worked with vesa?12:14
Mithrandirthere's a bug in the VESA driver in feisty which makes it fall over on some machines, like some ATI machines.12:15
elmoMithrandir: yeah, that's what I'm seeing12:16
=== luisbg [n=d33p@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoand for bonus points the wired network doesn't seem to work either - this is just wintastic12:18
TheMusoMithrandir: Ok to do your ccid merge for universe?12:19
MithrandirTheMuso: please.12:19
tepsipakkithe bug is in the server12:28
tepsipakkihow can I find out if other packages build-dep on a package? grep-dctrl seems cryptic, even the examples don't work12:34
Mithrandircheckrdepends can do it12:35
Mithrandirunsure if that's packaged12:36
elmoapt-rdepends works and is packaged12:36
tepsipakkithanks, I'll try that12:37
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Gmanhey jono12:40
jonohows things Gman?12:40
jonoGman: you over at GUADEC?12:40
=== mdz [n=mdz@ip-81-1-103-136.cust.homechoice.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jonoGman: good stuff :)12:42
Gmanshould be a whole bunch of fun12:42
tepsipakkiE: Reverse build-dependencies are not supported12:42
StevenKYes, you can't ask "What packages Build-Depend on this one"12:43
pittitepsipakki: what do you need? I can look it up in the DC12:43
tepsipakkipitti: I need to find out what packages build-dep on xutils/xlibs-dev/xbase-clients12:44
seb128tepsipakki: use grep-dctrl12:44
tepsipakkiseb128: I tried ;)12:44
siretarttepsipakki: alias revbuilddeb='grep-dctrl -F Build-Depends -s Package $1 -n /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Sources'12:44
pittitepsipakki: I copied the script to http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/scripts/checkrdepends12:45
tepsipakkisiretart: ah, that could work12:45
=== jrib [n=jrib@upstream/dev/jrib] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tepsipakkipitti: thanks12:46
pittitepsipakki: see /query, but may be best to run that script yourself12:46
seb128tepsipakki: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/gutsy/rdepends/xorg/xutils also12:47
tepsipakkiseb128: whow12:47
=== jwendell [n=wendell@ubuntu/member/wendell] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128tepsipakki: "* Reverse Build-Depends:" is likely what you want12:54
tepsipakkiseb128: that's right, bookmark added12:54
=== jonibo [n=jonas@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tepsipakkiok, all those that have reverse build-deps on xlibs-dev also depend on the correct package (like "libx11-dev | xlibs-dev"), so I think xlibs-dev can be dropped.12:59
tepsipakkisame for reverse depends01:01
pittitepsipakki: right, checkrdepends doesn't handle alternatives01:05
=== pkl_ [n=phillip@lougher.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittitepsipakki: but not all01:06
pittitepsipakki: I just ran melanie -n -R (from dak) which does respect alternatives01:06
pittitepsipakki: http://paste.stgraber.org/90601:06
pittitepsipakki: the hppa ones can be ignored, it's hopelessly out of date anyway01:07
=== popey [n=alan@ubuntu/member/popey] has left #ubuntu-devel []
pittitepsipakki: this check was on feisty though, so the build deps might be fixed in gutsy01:07
tepsipakkiok, germinate only lists main, right?01:08
pittiI'm not sure, but probable01:08
pittie. g. kmplayer still b-deps on xlibs-dev without alternative01:08
tepsipakkiyeah.. there are a lot of them.. I'll check those01:09
pittitepsipakki: only ~ 10, would be easy to fix them if you want to get rid of it01:10
pittimerging them with Debian might help, too01:11
tepsipakkiI'll see what can be done01:11
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pygihi hi folks01:16
=== pochu [n=emilio@10.Red-83-59-168.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tepsipakkibbdate merge was sloppy01:20
tepsipakkimeaning that the changes to build-deps were dropped. I'll fix that01:21
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tepsipakkiok, wmacpiload/wmbatteries/wmfortune/xqbiff/xreverse/squeak-vm have all been removed from debian, I guess02:02
tepsipakkiso they should be removed from ubuntu too, right?02:02
ograno !!!02:03
ogranot squeak at least02:03
ograwe're maintaining our own package here02:04
tepsipakkiogra: ok, in that case I'll update it02:04
StevenKOh yes, I can picture xqbiff having, ohhh, no users at all!02:04
ogratepsipakki, the edubuntu team will take care of it ..02:04
pygitepsipakki, debian folks sometimes (read: often) can do weird things02:05
=== StevenK glances at pygi
=== bintut [n=bintut@cm216.gamma180.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiStevenK, yes? ^^02:06
tepsipakkiogra: ok, could you adjust the build-deps so it doesn't dep on xlibs-dev?02:06
bintuthello all..  anyone here from the ubuntu embedded team?02:06
StevenKpygi: I'm a DD, as are a bunch of people here. :-)02:06
pygiStevenK, my statement still stands :)02:07
StevenKI wasn't disagreeing. :-)02:07
dholbachbintut: ubuntu mobile team?02:07
pygiStevenK, good, good :)02:07
bintutdholbach: i don't know the right name of the team.. i just read the announcement of developing ubuntu for embedded/mobile edition02:08
dholbachbintut: try #ubuntu-mobile02:08
bintutdholbach: ok.. thanks..02:08
=== Fujitsu [n=william@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogratepsipakki, nopted02:10
tepsipakkifiled a bug about the removal of those (apart from dear squeak-vm ;)02:10
pittitepsipakki: will take care of that on Friday02:13
tepsipakkipitti: good02:13
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pittidoko: what do you think of cow-trading merges? I currently have zope3; can I leave that to you and do some of yours? (like belocs-locales-bin and coreutils)02:29
dokopitti: sure02:30
pittiok, grabbing those then02:30
=== farion [n=farion@p54A3BEAC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
farioni have successfully have compiled the linux-source-2.6.22 package, but how can i add the sources of linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22?02:32
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robertjwhat do you think of some kind of custom add-on for the wiki that provided some way for people to designate sections as being version specific and let people set a session variable to designate what version they wanted to see03:15
=== phoenix24 [n=phoenix2@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robertj"This page contains information about a specific version of Ubuntu. Please select which version of the page you wish to see. <select />"03:16
dokopitti: should / can we promote db4.5 to main?03:17
=== cjwatson_ [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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dokopitti: what was the rationale to drop libdb-dev as b-d in curl?03:18
pittidoko: certainly03:18
=== pgquiles [n=pgquiles@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittidoko: I'd just appreciate if we could drop an older version at some point03:19
dokopitti: lets get rid of all but db4.503:19
pittidb4.2 is only used by cyrus-sasl2, libintl-perl, openldap2{,.3}03:19
dokocyrus could be problematic03:20
pitti6 reverse build deps for db4.303:20
pittianything that uses on-disk transactions is problematic03:20
pittiI guess that should affect a few packages03:20
pittiand 12 r-build-deps for 4.403:21
pgquilesI am trying to package a library using debhelper but I am doing something is wrong. dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot installs files fine in debian/tmp/usr/lib and debian/tmp/usr/share, but then they are not copied to mylib/usr/lib, mylib/usr/share, mylib-dev/usr/lib and mylib-dev/usr/share. I am following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5100303:21
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittipgquiles: that's #ubuntu-motu stuff; however, you are probably missing debian/mylib-dev.install03:22
pochupgquiles: #ubuntu-motu is a better place to ask about packaging :)03:22
pittipgquiles: man dh_install(1)03:22
pittikeescook: do you still remember how to workaround the coreutils local FTBFS with '../../src/dircolors: no SHELL environment variable, and no shell type option given'?03:23
pgquilesthank you, joining #ubuntu-motu03:23
keescookpitti: agh, I don't sorry.03:23
keescook(how did you know I was awake?!)  :)03:23
pittikeescook: I didn't, it was just IRC-queueing :)03:24
pittigood mornign03:24
keescookmornin'.  dogs got me up early; thought I'd do some email and then catch breakfast.  :)03:25
keescookafair, building in chroot worked03:25
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Markus2As https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/88901 is my first bug fixing for Ubuntu, please allow me to ask if I need to do something else: Inform a developer, provide additional information? I'm not sure if the patch is enough?04:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 88901 in pidgin "[apport]  gaim-url-handler crashed with Error in __call__()" [Medium,Fix committed]  04:19
seb128Markus2: it's too much change to be accepted04:20
seb128Markus2: your patch change most of the file04:21
seb128a fix for this bug should be like 1 line04:21
=== mdz [n=mdz@ip-81-1-103-136.cust.homechoice.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Markus2Seb128: So the bugs stays open? You can't change the problem with one line, as the whole file was buggy with gaim Beta6. I don't get it.04:22
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Markus2Seb128: So the bugs stays open? You can't change the problem with one line, as the whole file was buggy with gaim Beta6. I don't get it. I would be happy if you provide additional information, so I can avoid wasting time when trying to fix the next bug.04:31
pygiseb128, tbh if bug affects a lot of users, we *should* fix it04:32
seb128Markus2: gutsy has pidgin 2.0.0 which fixes the bug if I understand correctly04:32
pittiseb128: hm, most of the patch is just removing the backup file, the rest doesn't actually look that scary?04:32
Markus2Gutsy of course. So Feisty won't see a fix?04:32
seb128pitti: that doesn't look like a high importance bug to me, if we start to fix such ones we will get 100 desktop SRU during the feisty cycle04:32
seb128Markus2: the bug is not too important, I don't think it's worth a SRU, no04:33
Markus2pitti: It's my first patch, sorry if I did something wrong. Hints are highly appreciated04:33
pittiooh, we are talking about an SRU here? right, no way then04:33
seb128pitti: nothing wrong, that just doesn't look like a stable update candidate to me04:33
Markus2Sorry to be dumb, what's a SRU?04:33
pittiMarkus2: I thought it was about fixing gutsy, since the bug is still marked open for it04:33
pochu!sru | Markus2 04:34
ubotuMarkus2: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates for main and restricted, while https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/SRU is for universe and multiverse.04:34
pittiseb128: 'stable release update'04:34
seb128pitti: gaim has been replaced by pidgin04:34
seb128pitti: that's for Markus204:34
seb128pitti: I've not looked how to deal with the some hundred bugs yet04:34
=== sharms [n=sharms@ubuntu/member/sharms] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: so the bug should just be close then, I figure?04:34
seb128pitti: yes, reassigned to pidgin and marked fixed04:34
seb128it's on pidgin04:35
seb128just need to be closed then04:35
seb128doing that04:35
seb128Markus2: nothing wrong, you just sent a patch for a bug already fixed to gutsy04:35
seb128Markus2: and we do backport fix to stable only when the bug is really important or annoying lot of users which is not the case of this one04:36
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Markus2Well, thanks Sebastien for taking the time to look into it. I still don't understand the issue fully as I can't see any side-effects with fixing the totally useless gaim-url-handler now. But I respect that you for sure have good reasons to handle like you do. I'm still in the learning process. I'm just a bit disappointed when every single Wiki-Page encourages you to provide help and then the whole work was just useless. So I will concentrate04:41
seb128Markus2: it was not useless, but you worked on something already fixed04:41
seb128Markus2: we use pidgin instead of gaim now04:42
seb128Markus2: and it's fixed to pidgin04:42
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Markus2I do understand that issue for gutsy. Still, the bug exists in Feisty. I did understand that part of your message. And: If I work on something without a chance to get into feisty and fixed in gutsy, then it *is* wasted time :-)04:43
seb128Markus2: we could discuss doing a feisty upload, but read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates for some background on stable updates (they require qa team work, regression testing, etc)04:43
=== shiyee [n=Shiyee@0x53585488.abnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Markus2: next time maybe ask if the bug is a candidate for a stable update before starting on it, that one has no feisty task open04:44
=== dmaz [n=Dave@pool-141-152-153-186.norf.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sharmsMarkus2: if you find a bug like that, and want to help (we want you to help!) the best thing to do is hang out in #ubuntu-motu and ask before working on it04:44
sharmsMarkus2: generally someone there will know about it and if it still needs to be fixed04:44
=== johanbr [n=j@JBrannlund.MathStat.Dal.Ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Markus2: we can't spend qa time to test regression for every bug04:44
Markus2Thanks everyone for taking the time to explain me some rules I wasn't aware off. SEE YOU.04:47
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tkamppeterI have a question about replacing an obsolete package by a new package:05:49
tkamppeterThe obsolete package is gs-esp and its replacement is the already existing gs-gpl05:50
tkamppeterIs it correct when I let the gs-gpl have05:50
tkamppeterConfilcts: gs-esp (<< 8.60)05:51
tkamppeterReplaces: gs-esp (<< 8.60)05:51
tkamppeterProvides: gs-esp05:51
tkamppeterand I let the gs-gpl source package make a transitional package named gs-esp which depends on gs-gpl05:52
tkamppeterIs this correct?05:52
=== hoora_ [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-4e8c6fbf5815a26b] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bddebiantkamppeter: Sounds right but I'm no expert on the matter05:53
=== pgquiles [n=pgquiles@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== finalbeta [n=gggggggg@d54C6865D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tkamppeterEspecially I also woul like to know how the upload will work, as gs-gpl will ship the (transitional) binary package gs-esp and the gs-esp which is still in the archives will also ship a binary package named gs-esp.06:01
pittitkamppeter: that sounds fine06:07
pittitkamppeter: right, there will be two gs-esp packages in the archive (built by different sources), the highest version will win06:07
pittitkamppeter: so you need to make sure that the transitional gs-esp has a higher version than the current gs-esp06:08
pittitkamppeter: with the versions in the archive that's already the case06:08
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C1A48C.access.telenet.be] has left #ubuntu-devel []
bddebianIs there any reason to keep gs-esp in the archive?06:10
pittitkamppeter: ^ if gs-esp will disappear upstream and is not needed any more, I'd remove it06:10
=== tsmithe [n=toby@ubuntu/member/tsmithe] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tkamppeterpitti, gs-esp and gs-afpl can be removed. gs-esp is not provided upstream any more and gs-afpl is the same as gs-gpl now.06:14
tkamppeterpitti, I have added appropriate lines in the control file and transitional packages to automatically uninstall all packages of gs-esp, gs-afpl, gs-aladdin, gs wheninstalling gs-gpl.06:16
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tkamppeterpitti, gs-gpl will be the only Ghostscript then, as it is the newest Ghostscript and it provides full functionality.06:17
Burgundaviais there any reason to have the license name in the package then?06:19
Burgundaviawhy not just call it gs?06:19
=== sn0 [n=sno_@cpc3-blfs6-0-0-cust294.belf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tkamppeterBurgundavia, perhaps we better wait for Debian what they do with the package names.06:22
Burgundaviathat is probably sane06:22
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a89-182-6-85.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tkamppeterpitti, so after my testing I will make the new gs-gpl available for you to upload. With this upload gs-esp and gs-afpl can be removed.06:27
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xstSince upgrading to feisty I have no sound. How can I see if there is any progress in bug #108288?07:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 108288 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Audio is played in "slow motion"" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10828807:04
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pittitkamppeter: great, thanks07:17
Burgundaviaxst: by checking the bug07:18
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Hobbseemorning all!07:29
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=== Hobbsee wonders why no one is here....
=== pitti hugs Hobbsee
=== Hobbsee hugs pitti :D
seb128hey Hobbsee07:32
Hobbseeheya seb128!07:33
Amaranthhey Hobbsee (late)07:34
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Burgundaviahey Hobbsee07:34
Hobbseehiya Amaranth, Burgundavia :)07:34
Amaranthooh, xchat-gnome does a little ding now07:35
Amaranthi ditched pulseaudio, it was causing too many wakeups07:35
Burgundaviaplaying with that powertop thingy?07:36
Amaranthit's sad though07:36
AmaranthWakeups-from-idle per second :  839.8 07:37
=== Hobbsee hasnt tried, eyt...
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Burgundavianot yet on gutsy, need the tickless kernel07:37
Amaranththings i hate:07:38
Amaranth  36.7% (161.6)       <interrupt> : uhci_hcd:usb4, nvidia 07:38
Amaranth  11.4% (50.2)       <interrupt> : uhci_hcd:usb3, yenta, ipw3945 07:38
Amaranth  10.6% (46.8)       <interrupt> : HDA Intel 07:38
Burgundaviainteresting to see the numbers on a warty install07:39
NgAmaranth: woah, that's a pretty good score07:40
NgI thought my 300 or so were bad ;)07:41
AmaranthNg: what do you get 300 from?07:41
Amaranthipw3945 and nvidia kick me out of C307:41
NgAmaranth: thinkpad x40. feisty install I booted with a gutsy kernel to test powertop with07:41
Amaranthoh, you get 300 total?07:42
Amaranthwhile running X?07:42
Amaranths/X/GNOME desktop/07:42
Ngyes, while running my regular setup07:42
=== Amaranth cries
Ngbut that has wifi and stuff, so it's expected to wake up. also I didn't put in any of the patches07:42
Amaranthif i stop X and hit the kill switch on my wireless i get down to ~8007:42
NgI didn't apply any patches, so I didn't get to keithp levels, but with init, bash and some kernel modules it was idling about 35 and spending >90% of the time in C407:43
Nginterestingly though, that didn't drop the power usage more than a W or two07:43
Amaranthi don't even get power usage reports07:43
Amaranthi'm guessing things calling schedule_timeout (process_timeout) or do_nanosleep should be smacked about07:47
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er1does someone knows how can I redefine my default g++ compiler?07:54
er1I want to change it from g++-4.0 to g++-3.307:54
er1I have both compilers installed.07:54
er1right now in the /usr/bin directory I have: g++ -> g++4.007:55
Picier1: relink /usr/bin/g++ to whichever version you want to use07:56
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gesermdz: the last log for xmms2 contains only "/bin/sh: Syntax error: "(" unexpected" as reason but no info about the called command (which it did in the last logs). Do you have an idea how to get this info back?08:30
mdzgeser: no, I don't08:32
mdzsounds like changes to the shell on the buildds; I vaguely recall hearing something about that08:32
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Hobbseehiya mdz - you made it back OK then?08:34
mdzHobbsee: I did, thank you.  and you as well?08:37
Hobbseemdz: sort of08:37
Hobbseemdz: took 36 hours, 4 and a bit planes, 3 trains, 1 car, and 1 taxi.08:37
Hobbseemdz: now you can see why i was whining the last night when we started playing Mao :P08:38
mdzthat's a long way, even for .au08:38
mdzthat's about as long as it took rtg to get home08:38
Hobbseeit should have only been about 3208:38
Hobbseeelkbuntu and ajmitch's were slightly longer again08:39
Hobbseemdz: you've got to remember though - au just *is* a long way away.08:39
mdzrtg is a kernel developers who lives in Montana08:39
Hobbseeand i'm almost over the jetlag - woo!  :P08:40
racarrDidn't you just sleep from 3 PM to 3 AM?08:40
Hobbseebut that's better than the 6am to 6pm from the day before08:41
racarrFair enough.08:41
truz_`24where is linux/config.h?08:44
Hobbseehah.  now the horrible truth about the smokes comes out...08:44
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Hobbseehi ajmitch!10:44
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=== sn9 is now known as sn0
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pata_sis_probgood evening 10:54
pata_sis_probi got a problem with the pata_sis module on a fresh ubuntu 7.04 installation10:55
pata_sis_probcould somebody please explain how i can solve this problem by chrooting the system from a live-cd and compiling the kernel with the necessary patch?10:55
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sharmsapokryphos: I don't believe ATI ever said they are releasing their drivers open source.  That enterprise linux blog was commenting about the same things Chris Blizzard was, and I think they just over eagerly paraphrased things11:10
=== apokryphos looks
sharmsI believe they said "we are committed to fixing our problems with open source", not "we will open source our drivers"11:13
sharmsand from my correspondence with AMD, they are developing another closed source rewrite of fglrx, which can only be obtained through NDA at this point11:14
apokryphoshm, still sounds hard for a huge room of people to misinterpret11:14
sharmsI trust chris blizzard over enterprise linux blog though11:14
bhaleI trust them to show us11:15
bhalethrowing speculation all over the internet isnt helping anyone11:15
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sharmsbhale: no I just posted a possibly derogatory blog entry about AMD and how they should open source the drivers, so I was just clarifying that as far as I know they didn't commit to releasing any source11:16
sharmsbut if I am wrong, I would take the entry down, just checking to make sure I got my end straight11:16
apokryphoshm, Blizzard doesn't seem to explicitly state that they didn't say that11:18
mjrincidentally, it does seem to me too that people are reading too much into what ATI actually said11:18
apokryphosnow, if only these talks were online 8)11:18
mjrso putting on pressure to do what people think they said is good :] 11:19
sharmsha, new blog entry: "Redhat open source your talks with the ATI guy!"11:19
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apokryphossharms: either way, especially with the hype about it atm, calling for a boycott of amd is definitely jumping the gun (at this point) ;-)11:22
mjg59Could we not have this discussion here, please?11:23
mjg59-offtopic might be a better choice11:24
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mjrsharms, incidentally, url to the blog?11:26
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sharmsmjr: http://www.sharms.org/blog11:40
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