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defendguinBenC: do you know what the typical operating temperature of a intel dual core processor is?12:42
BenCdefendguin: mine shows 44C12:43
BenCit's pretty idle though12:43
defendguinhow many mhz?12:43
defendguinits clocking down to 1ghz or 800mhz?12:44
defendguinBenC: how should i record this?   i opened up this friend of mine's myspace page with about 50 slide shows and it gets the processor up half way and sends both cores to full speed and the fan begins to kick in and blow some air out of the side of the laptop and the temp gets up to about 71 degrees 12:53
BenCit's a 1.8Ghz12:53
BenCso it's probably clocking down to 112:53
BenCdefendguin: sounds like you can blame firefox...not sure if that's a bug12:54
defendguini blame my friend12:54
defendguinthe page is hideous 12:54
JanCIIRC those CPUs are safe up to 100 C or something?12:55
defendguini have no idea12:55
JanCmaybe not really good for CPU lifetime though  :)12:56
defendguinbut it certainly seems like the fan is whirring and working properly12:56
JanCdepends on where you measure too of course01:00
defendguinBenC: i guess this guy just has different hardware because the fan seems to be very responsive to the processor here.  Anywhere from silent at idle to noticeable when the processor was being used heavily 01:02
defendguinBenC: the guy pretty much gets the same results as me temp wise.   is 49C really too hot for a mostly idle processor?01:15
BenCnot really01:15
defendguini guess i could boot back into edgy and see if it is the same01:17
defendguindamn i guess i remove those options from grub :-(01:20
defendguinI am reading the technical specifications and typically they use a range of anywhere between 50 and 100C in these documents 01:35
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defendguinany time they list anything below that the processor is in one of several sleep states01:39
BenCdefendguin: sounds like a non-bug to me then01:51
BenCdefendguin: I can get mine up to 75C doing a compile01:54
BenCthen there's this:01:54
BenCcritical (S5):           126 C01:54
BenCif critical trip point (instant power off) is 126C, then 70, even 80, doesn't sound so bad01:55
Amaranth75C? damn, i get to 88C01:59
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panduwanahello, i'm new, is there any tutorial about making kernel module for ubuntu?04:02
BenCpanduwana: you really want #ubuntu04:04
panduwanaoh ok sorry04:04
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Ivan_probably an annoying questions by now, but ps3 wifi, how?04:08
BenCIvan_: not04:17
BenConly ethernet is supported on ps304:17
BenCotherwise use a USB wireless dongle supported by linux04:17
mjg59BenC: Hm. So, we're almost certainly going to want the code to forcible enable the HPET on ICH systems04:18
mjg59Which is, unfortunately, unlikely to make it in for .2204:18
mjg59But we should have what's approximately the final patch before then04:18
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BenCmjg59: Ok04:23
mjg59So I don't think it's going to be a long term merge issue, but it may represent a divergence from upstream04:26
mjg59The issue is that the PIT has a minimum useful tick rate of around 40Hz, but there's the potential for us to get lower than that04:27
mjg59So HPET is useful, and most hardware from the past couple of years supports it. But BIOSes didn't start turning it on until fairly recently04:27
mjg59So it's a potentially very useful patch for power conservationm04:28
BenCSounds useful, definitely give it a good once over04:31
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mjg59Right. There's a possible suspend regression at the moment, which is why I'm not pushing it right now04:32
mjg59I'll see if I can find hardware to duplicate it on04:32
mjg59But then, I get the feeling that there may be regressions in that field in .22 in general right now, so...04:32
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BenCmjg59: how big is the patch?04:48
mjg59Hang on a sec...04:48
Amaranthlines or file size?04:50
mjg59File size04:50
mjg59540 lines of diff (including context and headers)04:50
mjg59So not really /too/ bad04:51
mjg59It is, irritatingly, more of an hpet update rather than just the force-enabling04:51
mjg59But large parts of it are tied together04:51
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BenCmjg59: any chance the hpet update gets into 2.6.22? :)04:57
mjg59Doesn't seem likely04:57
mjg59I've been talking to upstream about it04:57
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EdulixI compiled my own ubuntu kernel, it was linux-source-2.6.22_2.6.22-2.7.tar.gz09:11
Edulixbut it created 2.6.21 packages! how's that? wasn't it a 2.6.22? I'm confused09:11
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farioncan someone explain me, howto compile the source of linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22?03:04
BenCfarion: sudo apt-get build-dep linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22; apt-get -b source linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.2203:13
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farionBenC: Okay, thx i'll try03:41
ograBenC, i did the initramfs measurements -ltsp vs. -i386 ... -ltsp is finishing 11secs faster if i add a break=bottom ...03:45
BenCogra: so from pxe finish to busybox is 11 seconds different?03:46
ograwe take 55sec they 4403:46
BenCwhat about break=top?03:46
ograi'll try with break top as well03:47
ograhee beaten me03:47
BenCwould be nice to know how much of that is initial kernel and how much is driver loading and initramfs scripts03:47
BenCmaybe take out the hibernate script in initramfs...you guys don't need that, right?03:48
ograim not a big fan of stopwatching though ... 03:48
Mithrandiryou should just install bootchart and work from that.03:49
ograMithrandir, well, jammcq refuses to use bootchart ... and on this 200Mhz client it takes nearly 1h to generate the final image ... 03:50
ograto keep some consistency with the ltsp guis i resrted to use their "hit powerbutton and stopwatch" method for now03:51
mjg5911 seconds seems like a fairly irrelevant difference when the complaint is an extra three minutes03:51
ograit is03:52
Mithrandirogra: just copying the tar.gz somewhere else and generating the image there should work fine.03:52
=== farion [n=farion@p54A3BEAC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
ograsadly we have many of these 11 seconds in various places ... it stacks up03:52
ograbreak top gives me 32secs for i386 and 23 sec for -ltsp03:55
ograso their vmlinuz is already faster03:56
maks_well non-generic kernel03:58
BenCour vmlinuz should be pretty stripped down03:58
BenCwhat kernel is ltsp's?03:59
zulgah...I dislike it when things change04:02
mjg59ogra: That accounts for almost the entirity of the 11 seconds, so if you want to reduce it that's clearly what you should be looking at. However, it's still going to make almost no difference overall. 04:04
ograi'm still trying to find the big switch i just need to flip to loose 2mins04:05
mjg59ogra: If you want to actually improve things, I think yo're going to have to figure out why stuff is actually slower. Did you do the NFS benchmarking with an ltsp kernel?04:05
ograbut it seems its just the stacked up amount of all these little things04:05
ograyes, no big difference04:05
ograone thing i assume will make a big difference is to use the ltsp initramfs script ... but thats to hackish that i even want to think about using it 04:06
ograinstead of a real nfsroot they use tmpfses and load all stuff into ram before going on with booting the real thing04:06
ograso the actual bootsequence is done from ram ... not from the nfsroot04:08
mjg59So they transfer over a large file and then run from that?04:09
ograthe create tmpfses and move or bind mount particular nfs dirs into that04:11
ograwe do the same to gain rw access to crtain files on the readonly nfsroot ... but only in the booting system, not in the initramfs04:11
BenCwell the initramfs is alreayd all in ram04:12
mjg59Right, but where are the binaries that they're actually executing?04:12
BenCdoesn't read much from the nfsmount as far as I know04:13
ograno, we just plainly mount / 04:13
ograthats their initramfs creator script04:14
mjg59ogra: That doesn't give a lot of insight04:15
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mjg59But by the looks of it, the binaries they execute still come from the nfs mount, right?04:15
mjg59So I can't see why that would make any difference to startup times04:15
ograah, sorry, they dont bindmount, they link04:15
mjg59The only obvious difference is that their /tmp is on tmpfs04:15
mjg59Where does /tmp come from on the edubuntu systems?04:16
ograours as well, but later in the loop04:16
ografrom ltsp-client-setup, the firt initscript we run on ltsp clients04:16
ograwhich bind mounts various other stuff to ram as well04:17
mjg59Ok. So in that case, I can't see any reason why that would explain any speed differences04:17
ograbut only wih the writeabilty in mind, no speed thoughts involved04:17
ograwell, their stuff is earlier in ram than ours thats the only difference i see 04:18
ograif you access anything the second ime you might be lucky to get it from ram instead of the nfsroot04:19
mjg59It doesn't execute anything from ram04:20
ograif your /bin is on a ramdisk ? 04:20
mjg59It's not!04:20
mjg59 /bin is just a symlink into an NFS mount04:21
ograyou would have to copy it instead ... which would slow down even more ... weird ...04:24
farionhowto do i recompile my ubuntu standardkernel - i only want to change two items?04:24
ograi'm really runing out of ideas wher else to look04:24
mjg59farion: This isn't a support channel - #ubuntu is a better place to ask questions like that04:25
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lamont09:25:18.548890 IP > S 4194244240:4194244240(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 93976 0,nop,wscale 5>05:25
lamont09:25:18.549337 IP > S 1534251669:1534251669(0) ack 4194244241 win 5792 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 833213942 93976,nop,wscale 7>05:25
lamont09:25:18.549382 IP > . ack 1 win 183 <nop,nop,timestamp 93976 833213942>05:25
lamontso why do we pick a window size of 183??05:25
lamontand then why does the far side send 638 octets of data to that 183 window?05:27
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BenCAnyone have any thoughts on enabling SLUB vs SLAB in gutsy?06:12
BenCI've been reading it, and it actually fixes some bugs, so I'm considering it for next upload06:12
BenChttp://lwn.net/Articles/229096/ in case anyone wants to read up on it06:14
lamontany reason I can't run a gutsy kernel on a feisty box?06:16
lamontBenC: any chance you have a machine with the current top-of-tree kernel on it?06:16
BenClamont: you can run gutsy kernel on feisty...I am06:17
BenCin fact, I'm running it on edgy in a few places too06:17
lamontcould you capture the 3-way handshake for a wget of some random web page for me?06:17
lamonttcpdump, that is06:17
lamontBenC: rebuilt, or just drop the deb in and go?06:17
BenCif you can give me commands, I can do that06:17
BenClamont: dpkg -i, and reboot06:17
lamonttcpdump -ni eth0 host
lamontand in another window: wget
BenClamont: nvidia/fglrx support is a different story06:18
lamontthen grab the first 3 lines of output06:18
lamontspecifically, I'm looking at the number after 'win' :)06:18
BenClamont:  does it matter than I'm behind a firewall?06:18
lamont01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV25GL [Quadro4 900 XGL]  (rev a3)06:18
lamontno matter06:18
=== lamont is running stock kernel/etc - haven't played with getting fglrx working better or such
lamontso as long as it stll works, no 3d/etc is fine06:19
BenCyeah, it'll still work06:19
BenC12:19:33.762854 IP > S 2512816493:2512816493(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 36801128 0,nop,wscale 7>06:19
BenC12:19:33.799159 IP > S 2499560590:2499560590(0) ack 2512816494 win 8190 <mss 1460>06:19
BenC12:19:33.799215 IP > . ack 1 win 584006:19
BenCthis is stock 2.6.22-rc106:20
BenCwell, it's gutsy kernel, but it's stock06:20
lamont10:20:43.051400 IP > . ack 1 win 183 <nop,nop,timestamp 426415 23137170>06:20
lamontthat's the feisty kernel06:20
lamontnote the tcp receive window size of 183...06:21
lamontwhatever fixed that bug would be good to get back into feisty06:21
BenCcould be affected by sysctl stuff06:21
lamont'twould make my coworkers happy06:21
lamontmine started with a window of 5840 as well06:21
lamontit just drops dramatically on the final ack06:22
BenCwhat win do you get back from remote?06:22
BenCwin/scale stuff is weird06:23
BenCI've seen where certain windows machines work badly with linux when scaling is turned on06:23
lamont65535 from google06:23
lamontcan I force it to not scale?06:24
lamont10:20:43.051551 IP > P 1:102(101) ack 1 win 183 <nop,nop,timestamp 426415 23137170>06:25
lamont10:20:43.136797 IP > P 1:1431(1430) ack 102 win 65535 <nop,nop,timestamp 23137170 426415>06:25
lamontso does it violate RFC to send 1430 octets when the other end advertised a window of 183?06:26
=== lamont reboots into the current gutsy kernel. brb
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lamontBenC: fixed in 2.6.22-1-server_2.6.22-1.506:33
BenClamont: there's a scaling setting in /proc/sys/ somewhere06:33
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lamontBenC: hrm... actually, 2.6.22 shows the same issue, turning off window scaling makes it go away07:00
lamont--> bug in other vendor's stuff, not linux.  kthxbye07:00
BenClamont: yeah, sounds about right07:00
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ograif i monitor an nfsroot thats mounted via udp with -o nolock with wireshark, why do i still see sunrpc noise over tcp ?07:08
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AnAntHello, will there be a kernel fix for Feisty ?08:05
zulprobably when it is ready08:08
AnAntzul: do you know about that bug regarding MMC cards ?08:09
Amaranthyou mean the broken tifm driver?08:10
AnAntAmaranth: so it is broken ?08:10
AnAntAmaranth: hello ?08:11
AnAntAmaranth: ic, no fix for it yet ?08:11
Amaranthyou could use gutsy ;)08:11
zulits being worked on according to the bug reports08:12
AnAntzul: what is bug report # ?08:12
zul53923 08:12
AnAntzul: thanks08:13
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mjg59BenC: Did you have a chance to check the appletouch thing?12:15

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