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Juhello !01:35
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:ubotu] : Current meeting: Edubuntu | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 17 May 16:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 18 May 20:00 UTC: Forum Council | 20 May 17:00 UTC: Xubuntu Developers | 22 May 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 23 May 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu
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flint@schedule NewYork01:52
flint@schedule New_York01:53
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: Current meeting: Edubuntu | 17 May 12:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 18 May 16:00: Forum Council | 20 May 13:00: Xubuntu Developers | 22 May 16:00: Technical Board | 23 May 16:00: Edubuntu01:53
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RichEdHello Edubunteros02:01
Treenakshey RichEd02:01
RichEdLet me give a last call in #edbuntu and then we'll kick off02:01
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flintRichEd, Is there a meeting this morning?  God it is early!02:01
RichEdhey flint ...02:02
flintogra, Hi olli!  My kid is still dealing with the German banking system.  ...and he is a contortionist!02:02
RichEdI'll start with a logistics discussion quickly02:02
ograflint, i fear i cant help you much here ... if he has a valid id he should be able toi just easily open an account02:03
RichEdWe've been looking at reducing the Edubuntu meeting time to 1 hour ... it somehow crept up to 2 hours a while back and does tend to drag on02:03
RichEdSo ogra and I bounced around the idea of:02:03
flintogra, Thanks! he is in a beautiful place...02:03
RichEd1 hour - edubuntu product ... tech focus02:03
RichEd1 hour - ubuntu and education - web and community and direction and management focus02:04
RichEdthat would allow the tech guys to concentrate on the first hour02:04
RichEdand then people like kubuntu and ubuntu education related could be invited to join the 2nd hour and not get stuck in product issues02:05
RichEd--- comments ?02:05
Kamping_Kaisersounds sane. i'll be back in 50 minutes :)02:05
ograok, tech ?02:06
RichEdif that seems generally okay, I'll split the existing agenda ... and change the fridge and we can try it out next week02:06
RichEdthanks ... take it away Mr Tech ogra sir02:06
flintogra, engard avez le tech!02:06
ograwe had two wonderful conferences in sevilla :=02:06
flintogra, I am not bitter...02:06
jsgotangcoogra, I am not bitter...02:07
ograduring the edu conf we prepared some stuff to discuss later at the tech conf ...02:07
flintok, a little bitter.... just a bit.02:07
ograthere were a bunch of ltsp specs as well as specific edubuntu ones02:07
ograhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ltsp-update-manager-integration https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ltsp-palm-devices https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ldm-improvements and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ltsp-boot-performance would be the most noticeable ones for ltsp02:08
ograhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-addon-enhancements https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-application-review and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-user-management were the4 rather edubuntu specific ones02:09
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ograbeyond theese we're working on an image for the new intel classmate PC (i guess everyone who reads planetr already heard that)02:09
ograwe're (actually the distro team) about to hire a second ltsp developer02:10
ograso i will be able to concentrate more on the educational side of things and on the mentioned classmate02:10
jsgotangcovery nice02:10
ograsadly vagrantc isnt here, he'*s the hot candidate for the ltsp stuff and will also work closely with the edu team02:11
ograhe's currently still travelling through spain with Burgundavia :)02:11
ograi hope i can introduce him in one of the next meetings depending on his wlan access02:12
willvdlogra, I am not bitter...02:12
ograheh, me neither ... *snort*02:12
ograso thats about it ... currently i try to perpare the ltsp stuff vagrant cant do while trabvelling (all the HW related things) so he can just jump into coding02:13
ograif i'm done with the worst i'll jukmp on the classmate02:13
flintI move that there be no more discussion of bitterness due to the beauty of the Spanish countryside... second?02:14
ograthats all from my side, feel free to bomb me with questions now :)02:14
willvdlogra, perhaps a bit of elaboration on mass deployment?02:14
ograwillvdl, do we have a spec for that ? i wasnt in any of these sessions02:15
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ograi know there is a spec, but was it discussed at all for *edubuntu* ?02:15
willvdlwell, there was an ubuntu one but it seems to rather touch on other specs (I got the impression)02:15
flintogra, are you able to get your little fingers on an intel classmate?02:16
ograwell, its a feature the hugely grown server team will bring us ... i was counting on inheriting the technique02:16
jsgotangcohe did02:16
jsgotangcoflint: the more it will just make us bitter02:16
ograflint, yes, its sitting here on my desktop02:16
willvdlogra, gotcha02:16
=== Kamping_Kaiser investigates classmate
flintogra, ok, Now I am bitter...02:16
ograthe server team is grown by a huge amount, i expect them to develope stuff we can use02:17
ograso the edubuntu side of things in the server area tried to keep really with the *edubuntu* side of things ;)02:17
ograwe definded a gui solution to do mass user management in the default user management gui02:18
willvdlgotcha, jsut reread the spec02:18
ograwhich i think is important to be done intuitive for teachers ...02:18
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=== RichEd chips in with some facts and figures about mass deployments in Spain:
ograsince we got the userbase to gaiun good feedback i think it falls into the edubuntu realm ... while i think that mass deployment in general is a clear ubuntu-server task02:19
RichEdIn spain there are 8 regions ... 7 of which have open source government backed education initiatives02:19
=== willvdl nods
RichEd6 of the 7 are based on ubuntu02:20
RichEdGuadalinex alone is 180,000 desktops02:20
willvdl185,000 and counting :)02:20
jsgotangcowhat a heavenly place to settle02:20
RichEdWe estimate 400,000 to 500,000 education desktops across spain02:20
RichEdGuadalinex manage the 180,000 desktops with 30 support staff02:21
ograwith every region cooking their own soup02:21
=== nifan [n=nifan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograsadly ...02:21
ograbut they all have a common ancestor ;)02:21
jsgotangcohow colourful!02:21
willvdlogra, I doubt for long02:21
RichEdAll the tech guys agree that a closer base to Ubuntu is better than the derivative approach ... and all want to cooperate with getting apps into repositories etc.02:21
ograwillvdl, you wont change politics in spain02:22
flintOgra is correct, but there is a benefit to this chaos.02:22
ograthey will still want to sell it as *theoir* solition02:22
RichEdThe upshot is that we are working on a case study to show other countries that you can deploy Edubuntu and Ubuntu across entire regions as a realistic solution.02:22
ograbut the more we can get in under the hood the easier it will get for everyone ...02:22
RichEdhence the need for mass deployment and management tools02:23
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ograwell, if there are no more questions about tech stuff we can go on ... lets not waste time with silence :)02:27
willvdlogra, were you in on the edubuntu-kde spec?02:27
ograRiddel wants to generate an edubuntu-kde metapackage02:27
ograwhich is fine for me02:28
willvdlhow would that fit into the Edubuntu CD?02:28
ogranot at all02:28
flintogra, a Kedubuntu CD eh?02:28
willvdlaha, so just a list of tools/addons needed to get kde working with ltsp then?02:28
ograits just about being able to unstall edubuntu-kde to get a kde based desktop if you urgently want02:28
ograno its unrelated to ltsp02:29
willvdlexcept for TCM porting that is02:29
ograthe ltsp-kde stuff was to identify the problems with kde and fix them but thats mainoly on kde side not on ltsp side02:30
ograand it was only aorkshops that resulted in bugs02:30
ogranothing to spec there, kubuntu just needs to fix the bugs02:30
willvdlso the kde folks will work on that integration?02:31
ogramost stuff we did was covered by the ltsp pecs anyway02:31
ografoir the ltsp side that is02:31
ograright, the only thing that was missing was full sound integration02:31
ograall other stuff just works02:31
ografor local devices we'll do some enhancements anyway that will fix the probs for them02:32
ograbeyond these two areas all was fine we found02:32
=== jsgotangco really hungry and have to go down for dinner will just scrollback later
ograbeyond edubuntu scope we'll likelyx get an ubuntu-ltsp flavor on the next server CD ...02:34
ograthat means i need to put some time into my gui tools as well ...02:34
RichEdogra: please mail me the LTSP pdf ... Mr K is neing a bit slack02:35
ograltsp-manager needs to be ready for release and TCM needs to get nmore testing in big deployments02:35
willvdlany plans for italc?02:35
RichEdogra: maybe we can suggest that they look at a LTSP Add on CD for small business ? a bit of a combo of LTSP and the small business server spec ?02:35
ograi will work on these as well as the ldm enhancement spec ... the rest will go to vagrant02:35
ograRichEd, i assume business people will have a decent internet connection02:36
ograno need for an extra CD02:36
RichEddepends on the country ... africa small business have the same problem as africa schools02:37
ograhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPQuickInstall is all they need to do ... a partially written gui wrappe exists already and i agreed with steve george that i would finish it for gutsy02:37
=== RichEd will take it offline as a sideline to the small business server team guys
=== bashelier [n=bashelie@gov91-1-82-234-91-6.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograso all you will need to do is two clicks and watch the progress bar02:37
ograRichEd, the plan is to let the server CD die02:38
ograand have a DVD only server release that includes ltsp as well02:38
ograand varoius other flavours02:38
ograso people in countries with low bandwith probably should get the edubuntu CD ;)02:39
ograsince that will stay a CD based server02:39
ograconsensus was that you will need a beefy machine to run as ltsp server, so its likely they have a DVD reader at least02:41
willvdlshall we move on?02:41
ograthese things use to come with DVDs nowadays02:41
ograi'm done if there arent more questions02:42
ograso feel free to move further02:42
willvdlI'm curious to see what happens with TCOS in future...02:42
RichEdoh ... one thind to add on the DVD CD issue02:43
ograwe'lkl add it to universe and stay away from it as far as we can :)02:43
RichEdThere was a suggestion that there is a DVD LTSP Ubuntu / Edubuntu ... and a CD LTSP Edubuntu02:43
RichEdSo Edubuntu stays as is on a CD ... for people with old h/w servers02:44
ograTCOS remiplements ltsp 4.2 without using nfs but with re.introducing all probs ltsp4.2 had02:44
ograits unmaintainable02:44
RichEdBut a DVD is produced that you can install either Ubuntu or Edubuntu install for LTSP ...02:44
RichEdThis was a end goal ... and may only be a 1 year target.02:44
ograto do that you need to grow DVDs ;)02:45
ograthe DVD doesnt even include all of main02:45
willvdlor shrink Main :)02:45
ograi'm fine if someone makes room and adds edubuntu-desktop to the ubuntu server DVD though02:46
ograbut the target of the discussiojn we held was to have a ubuntu ltsp option on the server CD02:46
ograsince that wont work due to space constraints of a CD it was suggested to let the CD for ubuntu vanish completely02:47
ograand switch ubuntu server to a DVD release02:47
ograedubuntu wasnt discussed at all there, only as the distro to steal the ltsp suff from02:47
flintRichEd, maybe the edubuntu design team needs to co-opt the process of sharing LTSP code to other projects?02:49
ograas soon as we integrate stuff like moodle or network auth, we'll need to do that in the installer in edubuntu, so we'll stay bound to your first CD02:49
RichEdflint ... expand on that a bit more ? which projects do you mean ?02:49
ograflint, all ltsp development is done in ubuntu except the installer integration02:50
flintRichEd, ogra just named two,  moodle or network auth.  Add a POS system to integration and you got the biz guys...02:50
ograso the actual outcome of the discussion for me personally means "make the installer bit work in ubuntu"02:50
ograwhich is trivial and costs me less than an hour of work ;)02:51
jsgotangcothe only decent POS that is free software out there requires java02:51
ograflint, yes, thats what the ubuntu server DVD will be for02:51
ograbut thats out of scope of the edu team02:51
flintjsgotangco, yea, tina POS is it.02:51
RichEdflint: we are building a single CD (.iso) Moodle2Go based on Edubuntu ... quick clean install of a complete appliance02:51
Kamping_Kaiseri dont understand the dvd/cd seperation here - what goes on what media?02:51
ograi'm fine helping the distro guy who is responsible for ltsp to implement it, but my focus is edu02:52
flintRichEd, I was addressing ogras concern about stealing...02:52
RichEdflint: so as that relationship expands, we'll explore more - we had a moodle core developer at UES and UDS02:52
ograKamping_Kaiser, for ubuntu its planned to only have a DVD for ubuntu-server in the future with many many install options02:52
ograone shall be ltsp02:53
ograedubuntu will stay as is02:53
=== RichEd missed the stealing concern and scrolls bacl
Kamping_Kaiserah, so we keep the edubuntu workstation install cd, and use 'the' ubuntu server cd?02:53
=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders if canonical will send server dvds
willvdlno, that's just for ltsp in ubuntu02:53
ograflint, i will be the thief ... stealing was rather meant metaphoric02:54
flintAfter my hiatus coming back up to speed for me will take some time eh?02:54
willvdlltsp in edubuntu stays the same02:54
ograKamping_Kaiser, noithing changes for edubuntu02:54
flintogra, I completely understand, but I could hear the emotion in your words.02:54
Kamping_Kaiserogra, ok. i supose i'll have to finish downloading trhe feisty isos and try tehm to find out what wont change :)02:54
ograflint, the code we have in edubuntu for the automatic setup of ltsp isnt in ubuntu yet ... that one needs to be moved02:55
flintogra, ah.02:55
ograthere is only positive emotion here, i'm totally happy about that :)02:55
ograjsgotangco, the udeb is there but not used or preseeded02:56
ograits quite trivial02:56
jsgotangcoyeah i would think that02:56
ograthe one big prob for ubuntu is that ltsp needs a -desktop package on the CD ... you need something you can log in to02:56
ograthat gets -server in a slightly grey area ...02:56
ograbut its job of the marketing guys to care for that ;)02:57
ogras/CD/DVD/ indeed02:57
ogratwo mins to go....02:58
ograand other questions ?02:58
willvdlnot me02:58
ogra(according to the fridge the CC meeting should be now ... that was yesterday, wasnt it ?)02:59
jsgotangcoyes, whoever manages the fridge calendar didn't change it02:59
ogra(not noisy enough in he for pre CC time)02:59
jsgotangcowe had a good attendance yesterday, and the new CC as well03:00
ograok, i'm done then ...03:00
=== ogra hands the mic back to RichEd
RichEdLet's kick in a quick artwork update as a bridge subject ...03:01
=== Knightlust [n=DaxSolom@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
RichEdWe spoke recently about bringing the artwork for edubuntu into a more formalised process ... so the work gets done in time for releases without a deadline panic03:01
RichEdSo edubuntu and kubuntu sat with kwii (Ubuntu Art Lead) at UDS03:02
RichEdWe suggested to Ken that we'd like to work our art in a way that the community can contribute ideas and draft works to edubuntu ... but that ken makes sure the end result is professional and up to standard.03:03
RichEdAnd that it relates back to the ubuntu theme ... like the various flavours of Coke have their own brand, but look like the same family.03:04
RichEdAnd he was happy with that. Will is looking at an overall timeline for each release, and is buiiding in deadline and trigger days for all docs required and all artwork required ... so this should end up smoother this next release cycle.03:05
RichEdcbx33 and aliasvegas will be brought into the art cycle.03:05
RichEdany other artwork issues right now ?03:06
ograhe asked as well that all contributions go to art.ubuntu.com  instead of being scattered over various wikipages03:06
ograwe have an edubuntu category there03:06
jsgotangcohonestly this art issue has been around since like breezy :/03:06
RichEdjsgotangco: same old story, but we made some good face-2-face progress03:07
willvdlessentially, the deadlines are the same for normal packages as the artwork ends up in a package03:07
RichEdso hopefully it will go to bed now03:07
ograwillvdl, not really, we usually have an artwork deadline in the release schedule03:07
willvdlyeah, but it gets packaged as well03:07
ogra 1703:07
ograAugust 16th03:07
ogra<!> Rebuild Test, Upgrade Testing begins03:08
willvdlit's in the release schedule03:08
ogra 1903:08
ograAugust 30th03:08
ograbah pasting from the wiki is crap, sorry03:08
willvdlit's on the wiki release schedule for gutsy03:08
ograAugust 16th first artwork deadline, August 30th second, September 20th GutsyArtworkFinalDeadline03:09
willvdlI suppose the web theme was also discussed as an artwork topic03:09
ogranot in the BOF i was in ...03:09
willvdlnope :)03:10
ograand since its neither package nor archive related we are able to set our own deadlines here03:10
willvdlwell, the www.u.com has a new drupal template03:11
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RichEd-1hi ... damn adsl reset :(03:11
willvdlwhich was suggested that we (as th locos do) and kubuntu take, modify to our look 'n feel03:11
ograi thought pips1 works on something on beta.e.ch03:12
willvdland reuse03:12
willvdlogra, that's not our www.e.org front03:12
ograi thought it was supposed to move if he's done03:12
RichEdwillvdl: that's what I was about to say before I got ejected ... let me expand03:12
RichEdWe also spoke to ken about the revamp and revision of the edubuntu.org web site ... * new look & feel * move to drupal theme based03:12
RichEdWe need to : 1 revise look & feel to move from kiddies to teens03:13
RichEd2. revise content03:13
ogratake out "move to drupla" ;) we were the ones that pushed for drupal against the admins ... now they also switch ;)03:13
ograedubuntu.org is on drupal since it exists ;)03:14
ograthanks to highvoltage who pushed hard for it03:14
RichEdogra: move as in move to the new template structure ... sorry about the bad wording :)03:14
ograah, k03:14
RichEdcorey showed us this look & feel : http://diy.devubuntu.com/spread.php03:14
ograjust wanted to give credit to highvoltage :)03:14
RichEdand then we showed ken the whiteboard and clock artwork that pete and lisa put together03:15
RichEdand came up with the idea of a "component theme" for edubuntu.org based around school whiteboard element03:15
RichEdso if you look at the example above, change the post it notes to whiteboard elements ... that'sa rough idea03:16
RichEdthe comment was that if we move away from showing kids in the desktop backgrounds etc. then we reduce the "narrow age aim" and also compliants about "why is there not a XXX race person" etc03:17
willvdlpost-it notes?03:17
willvdlpresumably where it says "yikes" should be something unbroken03:17
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=== RichEd checks the link
willvdlRichEd, so who's going to finalise on the theme?03:19
RichEdworks for me now will ? okay for you ?03:19
RichEdken will do a mock up for us ... and then we will approve here in a meeting03:19
highvoltageogra: thanks :)03:19
RichEdthe structure and page alignments etc. should closely follow www.ubuntu.com as it exists right now03:20
RichEdso we are really only going to change the picture elements ... and possibly have some new drupal blocks03:21
willvdlok, gotcha03:21
ograhmm, the css on http://diy.devubuntu.com/spread.php is broken for me03:21
ograsome overlaps there03:21
RichEdogra: try now ...03:21
ogranope, no change03:22
RichEdwe also want to make sure that we get a link or section on the www.ubuntu.com download and get ubuntu pages03:22
willvdlah: http://diy.devubuntu.com/03:22
willvdlgives the answer...03:22
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willvdlyeah, the current download links on www.u.com only list ubuntu downloads03:23
willvdlsame for kubunut.com and edubuntu.com03:23
RichEdat the moment, people see the ubuntu reviews or news releases, and go to www.ubuntu.com and hit Get Ubuntu and there is no obvious link03:23
RichEdwhich I think loses us 1000's of potential eyeballs03:23
jsgotangcoclick thrus, google juice as well03:24
RichEdso we need to fix that ... so again, if we can keep our look & feel a simple flavour change from Ubuntu ... then it is easire for matt nuzum to add links for us and allow for a smooth user experience as they bridge across to our site03:25
ograsame as for the desktop artwork :)03:25
willvdland the wiki03:25
RichEdalso it means that we can reference standard areas like "support" etc in header bars on our site that link back to ubuntu,com resources03:25
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RichEdpeople will know when they are on edubuntu specific pages when they see the art change03:26
RichEdall from me on artwork ...03:26
RichEdWill ... Doc Topic ?03:26
willvdlsure, this will be quick03:27
ograbeyond that we agreed to drop ozur edubuntu artwork package and use ubuntu -artwork package creation tool in the future03:27
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ograso we have consensus for the builkd processes as well03:27
ogra(just as a tech remark)03:27
willvdlnot too many doc folks at UDS03:28
ograyeah, sadly LaserJock had to leave early03:28
willvdlbut was good to chat face-to-face with a number of edubuntu doc contributers03:28
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willvdlthe issues are:03:28
willvdl1) how to work our content into ubuntu TBH content03:29
willvdl2) so as not to affect handbook scope03:29
willvdl3) or duplicate effort03:29
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willvdlbut as the wonderfully pragmatic sbalneav pointed out: content content conotent03:30
elkbuntuhmm... oops03:30
=== elkbuntu notices Will and sneaks back to the email she's supposed to write
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:ubotu] : Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 17 May 16:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 18 May 20:00 UTC: Forum Council | 20 May 17:00 UTC: Xubuntu Developers | 22 May 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 23 May 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 24 May 20:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team
elkbuntui think we covered alot of it when we spoke though03:30
willvdlso we'll open up contribs on the wiki instead03:31
willvdlusing scripts to create the xml03:31
willvdland manually scrape sections for the TBH sections.03:31
willvdlis a little more manual work than it should be but is best solution under circumstances03:32
flintRichEd, good sitting in and getting a feeling as to what is up.  I will be updating my lab soon.  Thanks all and later sksk03:32
willvdlelkbuntu, indeed :)03:32
=== Kamping_Kaiser cant ask questions until trying out the new docs layout in feisty, since his questions revolve around doc usage
willvdlwe need to follow the doc-team as closely as possible03:36
willvdlit's jsut that the handbook is structured differently03:36
RichEdokay ... if no questions ... then can Will explain a bit about the App Inclusion Process ?03:36
RichEd(and then I will wrap with community in the last 10 mins)03:36
willvdlProcess was assigned by LAserJock to help with 2nd CD selection of apps03:37
willvdlRichEd quickly and rightfully pointed out that the scope of app selection is much wider thatn jsut 2nd CD03:38
willvdlso the new education community space would have a channel for suggesting/vetting/voting/commenting/reviewing/ software03:38
willvdlwhich we would use to feed into the app-review-spec process03:39
=== RichEd has lots to say on this ... but will and I will put together a structure for show & tell next week ... easier to show than to describe
willvdlwhich is basically there to ensure that ogra and co have a shortlist of apps for main inclusion reviews etc.03:39
willvdland that MOTUs have a goal03:40
willvdl /nutshell03:40
willvdlplease help out with this one, is a biggy and confusing :)03:40
Burgundaviawill and I also spoke about the scope and how it might shake out03:40
BurgundaviaI am in the middle of siesta03:41
ograno reason03:41
willvdlit was also born out of the need to publish a list of supported apps in edubuntu03:42
RichEdnot just to show what is supported, but also for promotion to back up our angle that edubuntu is so much more than a desktop03:42
RichEdat the moment we say "ships with many great education apps" ... which sounds like sales speak ... the reality is much more impressive and convincing ... so we should be able to show it off03:44
RichEdwillvdl ogra mvo and I are working on this, with a lot of dynamic tension between us to get to a consensus solution ... we'll show you more next week03:45
RichEd-- Community --03:46
RichEdJono Bacon and I are working on creating an education community focus within the overall Ubuntu community03:46
RichEdJono will use his loco structure to manage from the top down ... each loco will be asked to elect an education representative03:47
RichEdWe'll promote through our end users and schools, and them to work from the ground up.03:47
RichEdThe idea is to encourage SLUGS (Schools Linux User Groups) and get them on projects and talking to each other, and we'll try to get a university in each area to provide facilities for meetings / talks / training.03:48
RichEdWe presented this at UES and lots of enthusiasm. We'll target say 4 countries to get it up and going, and build some easy to repeat recipes for events and projects.03:49
RichEdThe idea will be to use this as a way of getting more interest in Edubuntu, and to provide a way to start to recruit enthsiastic resources, some of whom will grow into tech-community resources03:50
RichEd--- the idea has been around for a while, but now has focus and momentum ---03:50
RichEdAny comments ?03:50
Burgundaviawhat is the smallest piece we can get going in the imm. future?03:50
willvdlit's a good idea. I'm sorry I was in another session next door at the time03:51
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willvdlsmallest piece? electing representative. getting LoCo buyin03:51
RichEdBurgundavia: the school enthusiam with Guadelinex in Sevilla was very high ... they are very keen to share lessons03:51
RichEdWe will use them as a test base ... as well as Georgia - a win for Kubuntu.03:52
Burgundavialoco buyin will happen with resources03:52
Burgundaviashiny stuff to do things with03:52
Burgundaviawebsites, printed crap, etc.03:52
RichEdThe Georgia schools (exUSSR) are actively doing their local language translation as a school lesson project ... with small competitions and prizes03:52
willvdlah, resources03:52
RichEdSo we want to make this into a repeatable recipe, and then try out in Spain.03:53
RichEdThis looks like the first small project item we will tackle, as it has many pay-offs for all.03:53
RichEdIt gets more local language translation accomplished, for use by all (not just schools)03:54
RichEdIt illustrates to the govts that open source is more than a desktop shoot-out ... that kids can leanr and contrinute to the country03:54
=== willvdl loves translation projects
RichEdSo that is a small step we will tackle soon.03:55
RichEd(like in the next 2/3 weeks)03:56
RichEdRather than speculate about what can be done, let's get the practical start in place and expand.03:56
willvdlwe should introduce them to translate.org/wordforge folks03:57
RichEdwillvdl: indeed ... get a real project up and running, and then spread for cooperation ... vertically or horixontally03:57
RichEdWell that is all from me unless there are questions or other issues ?03:57
RichEdogra: you got anything else ?03:58
jsgotangcothats interesting03:59
RichEdedubuntu meeting close : going once ...03:59
willvdlI'm all good03:59
RichEdedubuntu meeting close : going twice ...03:59
RichEdGonggggg ... thanks all ...03:59
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willvdlciao all, minutes are up04:00
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ograRichEd, nope04:01
RichEdthanks ... wrapped for today04:01
Kamping_Kaiserthanks RichEd , thanks all.04:01
jsgotangcothat's pretty fast04:02
RichEdjsgotangco: time is up ... you got more you want to discuss ? can we move to #edubuntu ?04:03
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