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gnomefreakasac: you up yet?11:47
=== gnomefreak forgot
asaccurrently spinnin iceape to see whats going on :)11:53
asacare there warnings?11:53
asacfor certs ?11:53
gnomefreakdealing with the stupid undeliverable11:53
gnomefreaknot since ffox upgrade. i havent checked with iceape yet11:54
asacmail bomb?11:54
gnomefreakbug 11494311:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 114943 in firefox "[EDGY]  firefox crashed [@gtk_style_realize]  [@IA__gtk_style_attach] " [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11494311:54
gnomefreaki just pinged guys in #launchpad about it11:54
asacthats not a problem :)11:54
asacyeah ... would be nice to here how debian bts deals with that kind of flood11:55
gnomefreakwhats wrong with totem-xine?11:55
asactotem-xine is broken :)11:56
asacdoes not work in mozilla11:56
asace.g. as embed plugin11:56
gnomefreakit doesnt?11:56
asacits not supported anyway :)11:56
asacso use is discouraged11:56
asacgstreamer is viable alternative11:56
gnomefreakxine plays more formats out of box11:57
asacdoesn't matter :)11:57
asacgstreamer works nowadays as well11:58
asacin edgy xine supports more formats11:58
asacin feisty i haven't seen a thing that gstreamer cannot plays11:58
gnomefreakoh ok11:58
gnomefreakwhats wrong with iceape?12:01
gnomefreakjust the certs issue?12:02
asachave no idea12:03
asaci even don't know if there is a cert issue12:03
asacnow starting my build :)12:03
asaclets see12:03
gnomefreakit seemst o remmeber them atm12:04
asacok there is an issue12:04
gnomefreakwhat issue?12:04
asacfairly easy to solve though :)12:04
asacca cert not recognized12:04
gnomefreaki got 2 of them from LP a little while ago restarted iceape and didnt get it again12:04
gnomefreakok this is odd12:05
gnomefreakim not sure i like this at all :(12:06
gnomefreakmaybe ill ping ben later about this12:06
gnomefreakbrb smoke12:06
asacyou probably selected "accept certificate forever"12:09
gnomefreaki always do12:11
=== gnomefreak thinks ffox in feisty crashes less than on edgy :(
asacsure :) ... at least the gtk_style_realize crash is mostly fixed12:16
gnomefreaksomeone stated it was bad in thier own words12:17
asacthat it didn't crash anymore?12:17
asacok iceape appears to be ready12:18
asaci pushed my changes12:18
asacto bzr12:18
asacnow sending up12:18
gnomefreak06:10 <          topyli > i wouldn't use firefox as a benchmark for anything  though :)12:18
gnomefreak06:11 <           kaukx > qiuite a bit ? firefox on feisty is a crash master!!!!12:18
gnomefreak06:11 <           orbin > kaukx: ah, so i'm not alone. :)12:18
gnomefreakasac: ty ill update in a bit12:18
asacuser trolls or what?12:20
gnomefreaktopyli isnt hes been around for a long time the other 2 ive never seen or dont remember seeing12:21
asacbeing around for long time is typically a property of a troll as well :)12:24
=== gnomefreak thinkingbefore you push iceape
gnomefreakmaybe make it for next ubuntu release12:28
gnomefreakwhat file hold the prefferences?12:28
gnomefreakthink i found it12:31
gnomefreakpref("browser.toolbars.showbutton.go",      false);   think we should change that to true12:32
gnomefreakright now without it it opens the search panel like if you typed launchpad.net <enter> it will open search panel. i changed mine locally in prefferneces menu12:33
gnomefreaklol 1 theme for seamonkey on mozilla site12:51
asacits already uploaded12:53
gnomefreakim talking for ubuntu212:57
gnomefreakwhen we have a list to do12:57
gnomefreaksince ubuntu is concidered modern would you have issues in changing default theme from classic to modern at the same time of the showbutton change? and ubuntu2 with any bug fixes we can fit in (would like a fairly long list of items before jumping to ubuntu2 unless we have to respin for some odd reason12:59
gnomefreakbut not sure about the theme change (since debain ships with classic)01:01
asaci have no opinion on that01:04
asacits your package01:04
asaci will just review and upload whats in bzr01:04
gnomefreakk :)01:10
gnomefreakok i made a iceape to do list :)01:20
asacthats good .... maybe use bugs for that :)01:21
asaconce there is a package in the archive where you can file against01:21
gnomefreakyep :)01:23
gnomefreakwill Depends: iceape-browser (>= ${source:Upstream-Version}-0), iceape-browser (<= ${source:Version}.1~)  need to be changed with every upload?01:27
asaci am a bit unsure why mike added that kind of depends range at all01:30
asacas if there will be a "just iceape-browser" update at some point01:30
asacwhich is far from going to happen soon01:30
gnomefreakyeah i dont see that happening since everything is built in01:30
asacmaybe at some point we can split the package in multiple sources01:31
asace.g. source per component01:31
asacbut for that there needs to be upstream fixage all over :)01:31
gnomefreakyeah, i think its better as is since you can change one package and not affect the others01:32
gnomefreakdid you ever fix enigmail in gutsy?01:51
gnomefreakyep looks like it01:52
asacshould be in02:08
asachanged in NEW02:08
asacin binary NEW ... and unfortunately no mail is send for binary NEW02:08
asacso i didn't notice02:08
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gnomefreakif binary NEW doesnt send email how do you know if it fails or passes?04:02
asacno idea :)04:05
asachope that NEW people do a decent job04:05
asacwatch if it becomes available for download on archive mirrors04:05
gnomefreakim waiting for the gutsy changes ML post for it that should be a sign it will hit archives soon after04:06
gnomefreakgood thing is i havent had it crash on me once since we first added it to repo04:09
gnomefreakno iceape04:09
gnomefreakenigmail works great04:10
asacah ... right04:10
gnomefreakthat hasnt crashed either04:10
=== gnomefreak likes the new set up wizard
asacits getting better every time04:10
gnomefreaki was happy i went through it and it gave me choice to set it up for all identies04:11
asaceven me noticed a difference ... which means "a lot must have changed"04:11
gnomefreakmoron trying to put ntfs partition *inside* ext3 partition and wants grub to boot to it04:12
gnomefreakasac: have you seen but 111940 yet? i am kind of wondering why its against hunspell if hunspell isnt the issue04:13
asacbug 11194004:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111940 in hunspell "libhunspell-1.1-0 1.1.5-6: Incompatible ABI change" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11194004:14
gnomefreakoops bug yes not but04:14
asacwe have no problem from that04:15
asacits only openoffice that needs a respin04:15
asacpoint is that openoffice build currently fails :) ... so no respin available yet ;)04:15
asacafaik it fails because of something java related04:16
gnomefreaki havent heard that yet but yeah i had oo.o crash on me while checking that bug04:16
gnomefreakcan i reject the hunspell task?04:18
gnomefreakasac: have we heard of .5 release of sunbird yet?04:20
asackeep the hunspell task04:21
asacits not yet decided if we want to change soname ... which would be unfortunate because the current soname is an upstream agreed one04:21
gnomefreaksoname of hunspell?04:22
asacproblem is that there is abi breakage, but soname was not bumped04:22
asacproblem was that we pulled in a debian experimental package04:22
gnomefreakyeah thats good04:22
asacand now we have the mess, debian maintainer agreed on the same soname he used in his experimental version04:23
gnomefreakarnt we merging fron there anyway?04:23
asacbut for an incompatible package04:23
asacand of course, there is no way to tell them: bump soname04:23
asacdiverging soname from them would be quite unfortunate either04:23
gnomefreaklol that is a damn mess04:23
asacanyway, no final decision04:23
gnomefreakonce we know we have to rebuild everything depending on it "oh what fun"04:24
asacwe have to respin anyway :)04:31
asacotherwise we crash :(04:31
asachappely there are just mozillas and openoffice afaik04:31
gnomefreakasac: have you seen bug 60995 upstream is mozilla 35876404:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 60995 in firefox "The backspace key pages up instead of going back in history" [Wishlist,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6099504:41
ubotuMozilla bug 358764 in Keyboard Navigation "On Linux, backspace should do nothing" [Trivial,Resolved: fixed]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35876404:41
gnomefreakor has it already been fixed in
gnomefreaki dont have ffox source atm to check04:43
ubotuMozilla bug 358764 in Keyboard Navigation "On Linux, backspace should do nothing" [Trivial,Resolved: fixed] 04:44
asaccrazy man04:45
gnomefreakits not fixed here in gutsy (personally i dont see why it should. my backspace pages up04:46
asacits fixed on trunk04:47
asacbut not fixed in the way people wished :)04:47
asacnew behaviour is: just do nothing04:47
gnomefreakasac: can you comment and close it as you wish04:47
asacpeople will probably scream again04:47
asacwe keep it open until this lands on the branch04:47
asacor we move to ffox304:48
gnomefreakit wont be fixed in edgy nor feisty as they wish anyway04:49
asacgnomefreak: i rejected it :)04:50
asaclet the mob appear04:51
gnomefreakepiphany does nothing at all04:51
asaclike ffox in future04:51
asacjust don't read the mail of trolls that will inevitably now appear04:51
asacgnomefreak: tbird 1.5 wsill be supported upstream till autumn04:57
asaci need to figure things out before i can say anything on how we will approach this04:57
gnomefreakoh ther eis a date now?04:58
gnomefreakor is that just tbird?04:58
asacffox will have one more release05:00
asac1.5.0.13 that is??05:00
asacand then gone05:00
asaci am currently trying to figure out how to best query bugzilla to see what fixes are scheduled for the release after that05:01
asacso i can look how hard it will be to backport stuff in time05:01
gnomefreakasac: problem if you backport for feisty you also have to do edgy and dapper05:04
gnomefreaki see big issues with 2.0 on dapper for either05:04
asacno edgy has 2.005:05
asaci just would backport for dapper05:05
asac2.0 is still supported for some tim05:05
gnomefreakyour taking a stable (LTS) release and bringing in fairly unstable packages05:05
gnomefreakedgy and feisty would get tbird 2.0 not sure what version dapper has atm05:06
asacyeah ... but better then no providing support at all :)05:06
gnomefreak!mozilla-thunderbird dapper05:06
asacidea is to keep backporting for a while05:06
asacand see how long that is going05:06
asacas stated in official memo05:06
gnomefreak!info mozilla-thunderbird dapper05:06
ubotumozilla-thunderbird: Mozilla Thunderbird standalone mail client. In component main, is optional. Version (dapper), package size 10104 kB, installed size 28800 kB05:06
gnomefreakthere was an official memo?05:07
gnomefreakill be back im heading to lunch05:11
asacbon appetite05:23
asacgnomefreak: yes in wiki05:23
asacand bug05:23
asacwhere the troll rule atm05:24
asaci banned it from my inbox for now because i couldn't stand the whining anymore05:24
asacbetter ignore then jump in and feed the trolls :)05:24
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asacgnomefreak: i am thinking about improving how we merge iceape from debian05:48
asacmaybe you can run a diff on the two orig.tar.gz balls (e.g. debians vs. ours) ... and show it to me?05:49
asacrecursive diff :)05:49
asacwith diff -ur mozilla.from.debian.orig/ mozilla.from.ubuntu.orig05:49
asacwith diff -Nurp mozilla.from.debian.orig/ mozilla.from.ubuntu.orig05:49
asace.g. name mozilla dir from debian orig like mozilla.from.debian.orig ... and same for ubuntu one05:50
asacgnomefreak: ^^^^05:50
gnomefreakok let me see if i can find the orig.tar for debian06:07
gnomefreakwhat do you mean mozilla.from.*06:09
gnomefreakyou just want the diffs from the mozilla dir?06:16
gnomefreakour mozilla dir in orig is empty06:29
gnomefreakdebians doesnt have a mozilla dir at all06:35
gnomefreaki unpacked the 2 orig.tars and running diff on the unpacked dirs. using gnomefreak@Gutsy:~/diff_iceape$ diff -ur iceape-1.1.1.orig/ ubuntu-1.1.x/  since the mozilla dirs are useless06:38
gnomefreaktrying something different06:46
asacno ... you have to compare both mozilla dirs06:52
asacdon't use dpkg-source to unpack06:52
asacbut tar06:52
asace.g. compare just pristing orig content06:52
gnomefreakdebian has no mozilla and ubuntus is enpty06:53
asacyou will figure out :)06:56
asacjust read this: you have two tarballs right?06:56
asacidea is to compare contents of both06:56
asacnothing more06:56
gnomefreaki also have a dir with the dsc and diffs for both06:57
asacthat is completely irrelevant atm :)06:57
gnomefreak2 seperate dirs. seeing what one would giive me an answer06:57
asacthe idea is to get a diff of orig.tar.gz content06:57
asacthe rest you can delete for this ;)06:57
asacjust download orig.tar.gz06:58
asacof both06:58
asacthen compare :)06:58
gnomefreakcant run diff against orig.tar.gz it gives me binarys are differnet06:59
gnomefreakthats all it gives me06:59
gnomefreakif i unpack them i get .bzr line and one other line06:59
asaccompare resulting dirs07:00
asacthats the idea07:00
gnomefreakbasicly saying that uubuntu has a bzr and something else that debian doesnt07:00
gnomefreakonce my proc stopps lagging i will show you the 2 lines of uoutput07:01
asacwe are talking about comparing mozilla/ trees in orig.tar.gz, right?07:01
asacok the diretory is not called mozilla/ but iceape.ubuntu-1.1.1 or somethign like that07:03
gnomefreakthe source dirs from each orig.tar07:05
gnomefreakrunning diff on them gives me nothing but 2 lines unless i dpkg-source -x file.dsc07:06
gnomefreakthan it gives me 1000+ lines of output07:06
gnomefreakexpected result07:06
gnomefreakill give you the 2 lines it gives me in a minute07:07
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Gutsy:~/diff_iceape$ diff -ur iceape-1.1.1.orig/ ubuntu-1.1.x/ 2>&1 | tee diff1.txt   <<< waiting for that to output something atm07:10
asacdid you download a fresh debian orig? from ftp.debian.org?07:13
gnomefreakfrom packages.debian.org07:14
gnomefreakOnly in ubuntu-1.1.x/: .bzr07:14
gnomefreakOnly in ubuntu-1.1.x/: mozilla07:14
gnomefreakthose are the 2 lines i meant07:14
asacoh ... so you have mozilla in ubuntu-1.1.x ?07:14
gnomefreakIMHO that isnt helpful07:14
asacmaybe diff on that instead of ubuntu-1.1.x07:14
gnomefreakits empty07:15
gnomefreakmozilla dir in ubuntu-1.1* is empty no hidden files no nothing07:15
gnomefreakyou want me to try diff -ur iceape-1.1.1.orig/ ubuntu-1.1.x/mozilla 2>&1 | tee diff1.txt07:17
gnomefreakshould output nothing07:17
asacso you claim that debian orig.tar.gz file is empty?07:24
asacor ubuntu one?07:24
asaci can't believe that ... really ... you did something wrong07:24
gnomefreakasac: the mozilla dir is missing from debian and empty in ubuntus07:27
asacyeah ... there should be no mozilla dir07:27
asacyour ubuntu tarball is borked07:27
gnomefreakif you want output simular to @@ -1,4 +0,0 @@07:27
gnomefreak-echo "Mozilla has been replaced by Iceape. Extensions still using update-mozilla-chrome"07:27
gnomefreak-echo "should be updated"07:27
asactry the one you have on net07:27
gnomefreakthan i need to unpack the .dsc and run diff against source dirs than07:27
asacwhat size has your orig.tar.gz07:28
gnomefreakthe one i have is the one i uploaded to revu07:28
asacyou extracted07:28
gnomefreakthats tared up07:28
gnomefreakunpacked is over 100 mb07:29
gnomefreakits still counting07:29
gnomefreakover 200MB07:29
asacmaybe try tomorrow :)07:29
asacit will definitly work ;)07:29
asacotherwise i will do when come around :)07:29
gnomefreakthe command i ran was correct right?07:30
asacthe diff was ok07:30
asacbut your directory setup was probably wrong07:30
asacmessing something up when extracting tarball :)07:30
gnomefreaklets wait until it hits archive and get it from there if you feel something is wrong. i dont know why there is a ubuntu-1.1.x/mozilla  that is empty and no iceape-1.1.1.orig/mozilla but that doesnt matter too much since you want the diff of the source dirs. so i ran diff on iceape-1.1.1.orig/ ubuntu-1.1.x/07:33
asacit must be your tarball ... you probably didn't remove the mozilla dir after moving contents one dir up07:33
asacso does iceape dir and ubuntu dir have about the same size?07:34
gnomefreakyes] 07:34
gnomefreak1MB or so off07:35
asachow long did the diff command run?07:35
gnomefreaki ran mv mozilla/* . and mv mozilla/.?* . but mv mozilla/.?* . failed due to it was busy 30 minutes after running the first one07:35
gnomefreak2 minutes or so07:36
gnomefreakgive or take07:36
asacapparently the ubuntu rebranding is wrong in your tarball then07:36
asacbecause thats the only changes expected07:36
asacif you have no difference there is something wrong :)07:36
gnomefreaki only get them after unpacking .dsc (i get all changes)07:37
asacyeah that isn't what i am looking for07:37
gnomefreakand they run 5+ minutes07:37
asacwe run remove.nonfree07:37
asacyou remember07:37
asacto patch orig.tarball07:37
asacwe change debian to ubuntu07:37
asacso there should be difference in the sourcetree07:37
asacwait ... i push my orig.tar.gz07:38
gnomefreakasac: should i try running it against ubuntu-1.1.x/debian?07:38
gnomefreakand debian dir in debians source07:38
asacjust orig.tar.gz content07:38
asacnothing else is of concern here :)07:38
gnomefreakOnly in ubuntu-1.1.x/: .bzr07:39
gnomefreakOnly in ubuntu-1.1.x/: mozilla07:39
gnomefreakthose seema  bit general07:39
asacgnomefreak: right07:39
asacplease try my ubuntu orig :)07:39
gnomefreakthats why i was thinking in /debian07:39
gnomefreakwhere is it?07:39
asacit will be in http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/ soon07:39
asaccurrently uploading07:39
asactakes another 8 minutes to push07:40
asacslow upload with ~70 k07:40
gnomefreakthats ok take your timee07:40
asac20 minutes -> meeting mofo07:40
asacin 20 min.07:40
gnomefreakoh can you remove iceape revu once it hits repos07:41
asacno idea ... can i do that?07:42
asaci have all rights except admin i guess :)07:42
gnomefreakoh ok07:42
gnomefreaki thought reviewers were able to07:42
gnomefreakill ask ajmitc_h after it hits archives if you cant do it07:43
asacgnomefreak: your orig.tar.gz is borked07:44
asaci wrote it in revu page07:44
asacso no wonder that diff doesn't work07:44
asacMay 14 05:01 asac@jwsdot.com   redo orig.tar.gz in proper fashion will fix this07:44
gnomefreakcould be a good reason07:44
asacthat *IS* the reason07:44
gnomefreakthat would be because the second mv command didnt work07:44
gnomefreakcause i ran the first one07:44
asaci don't care :)07:44
asacplease keep your eyes more open next time :)07:45
asacnow the good orig will be in my people account :)07:45
=== gnomefreak wish i knew why i was getting that error on that mv command though
asacdunno :) ... better find it out instead of ignoring07:46
asacotherwise you will always get troubles ;)07:46
gnomefreaki will look at it more indepth tomorrow if i get time07:46
gnomefreakok wgetting it atm07:47
asachey not yet finished :)07:47
asac30 seconds left07:47
asacgnomefreak: go07:48
gnomefreakbtw restarted download ;)07:53
=== gnomefreak off for a bit asac if your here in a few hours ill have the diffs unless you alreeady have them
asaci will be off soon for a while08:16
asacwill take a glance later08:16
gnomefreakill post them somewhere and give you link to it/them08:17
gnomefreakdid you want both the -ur and the -Nurp output?08:29
gnomefreakor just -Nurp08:29
gnomefreakftp://youmortals.com/gnomefreak.youmortals.com/diff-ur.txt  and ftp://youmortals.com/gnomefreak.youmortals.com/diff-Nurp.txt  and the 2 files you wanted as i understood it08:30
gnomefreakhttp://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/diff-ur.txt and http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/diff-Nurp.txt08:31
gnomefreakthose are the right addresses. im off not lay down and try to rm -rf headache/from/hell08:32
asaci will have to look into this08:58
asacgnomefreak: ok08:58
asacthis looks wierd08:59
asaceither the remove.nonfree script is not doing what it should be or the tarball i used is borked :)08:59
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Adri2000libxul-dev have unmet deps in gutsy, seems that it needs to be transitioned. is anyone going to do it?09:43
asacwhat deps are unmet?09:50
asacAdri2000: ?09:50
Adri2000  libxul-dev: Depends: libnss3-dev (= but it is not going to be installed09:51
Adri2000              Depends: libnspr4-dev (= but it is not going to be installed09:51
Adri2000              Depends: libmozjs-dev (= but it is not going to be installed09:51
asacproblem is that it has strict depends09:51
asacdunno about libmozjs-dev ... guess it has the same problem with strict libnss3-dev and libnspr4-dev09:52
asacthis needs to be fixed09:52
asacAdri2000: can you try if merging latest from debian helps?09:52
asacit should fix everything09:52
Adri2000hmm ok, I will look at that09:54
asacyes ... just latest xulrunner should work09:55
Adri2000asac: libnss3-dev libnspr4-dev libmozjs-dev are now built from the firefox source package and no more from xulrunner, is that it?09:56
asacyes thats it09:57
asacbut latest debian package should work09:57
asacdebian has the same transition09:57
asacsomeone just has to do the merge09:58
asaci can do tomorrow i guess10:00
asacshould be straight forward10:00
Adri2000maybe a sync is enough, if the x86_64 build fixes have been included upstream10:01
asaci will look10:01
asacwhat the conflicts are10:01
Adri2000do you have a 64bits to test build it?10:01
asacmaybe we need a conflict with firefox-dev10:01
asaci am on 64bits10:01
asacbut that issue is definitly solved in debian10:01
Adri2000ok, so I'll let this merge for you :)10:02
asack :)10:05
asacAdri2000: if you want, do it :)10:05
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Adri2000no, don't worry, I have some other merges to do :p10:06
asacAdri2000: i am a merge o novice :)10:07
asacis there any garbage in the tar.gz provided?10:07
asace.g. some DOT files?10:07
asacor just the conflicts in the files? .e.g. debian/control etc.10:07
Adri2000use the grab-merge.sh, it does everything for you10:07
Adri2000./grab-merge.sh xulrunner, check the conflicts, update the changelog and build the source package10:09
asacshould i use my name in changelog ... or just keep merge o matic :)?10:09
asacstupid question, i know :)10:10
Adri2000well, I believe in the past there were some uploads with Merge-o-Matic in the changelog...10:11
Adri2000but, yes, better to put your name :)10:11
asacAdri2000: cool thanks for the short intro :)10:13
asaci think i can handle it now :)10:13
asacshould probably help a bit on main in future :)10:13
asacok night all10:17
gnomefreakasac: merged xulrunner? that is gonna mean all browsers need rebuild?11:37

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