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superm1Daviey, hows it feel to be an ubuntu member :)01:37
Davieypretty fine!01:37
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Davieyactually same as it did this morning.... but good in the long run s'pose01:37
Davieynot sure i would go through it again01:38
DavieyLeaving so late, had to drive super speedy aswell01:38
DavieyHope you didn't get in any trouble for being late for work01:38
superm1No - i was fine01:39
Davieygood stuff!01:39
DavieyThanks again helping01:39
superm1not a problem01:39
superm1just dont beat me to -motu now :)01:39
DavieyI doubt it!01:39
DavieyI've only submitted one package and that was superseeded by yours01:40
Davieygot another ready to check in tho01:40
superm1very good01:40
superm1i wish i could get motu's to look it over again01:41
superm1such a pain to try to catch one now01:41
DavieyReally want to get freepbx in - but seems debian guys are trying aswell - but struggling with some graph generating lib not being gpl'd01:41
Davieydefinitely need a better mentoring scheme.  If you had one motu that you could turn to, there would be many more motu's01:42
superm1Daviey, how far into the lgradio recording should i ff to?01:49
superm1i dont want to go through a whole 1hr 12min...01:49
Davieywait 1, see if i can tell u01:49
Daviey17:00 mins in01:51
Daviey16:40 actually01:51
Davieynot bad eh?01:58
Davieyimbrandon is in that eps aswell01:59
superm1oh maybe i should just listen to the whole thing eventually then01:59
superm1ya.  this reminds me - the feisty package is backported to edgy.  the docs need to be updated, but for some reason ubuntu-mythtv-frontend didnt get brought in with the backport02:00
superm1probably because it would have been binary NEW02:00
superm1to edgy-backports02:00
Davieyis there a freeze on edgy backports?02:01
superm1well everything else got brought in02:01
superm1all the mysql fixes and stuff02:01
Davieywould be good to get that added... do you know any of the backports team?02:02
superm1yea jdong02:02
superm1and imbrandon is on it02:02
superm1oh actually they might all be in binary NEW02:03
superm1and thats why02:03
superm1as i look closer02:03
superm1Daviey, if you get a few moments, we really need to iron msttcorefonts out of the dependencies for myth02:04
superm1by patches or something to that effect02:04
superm1as i'm realizing02:04
superm1because there is no way we can ship this disk elsewise02:04
Davieywhat's wrong with msttcorefonts?02:04
Davieyi thought they were a free reimplementation02:05
superm1the license on it forbids it from being shipped i thought02:05
superm1no they are taken from the MS binaries02:05
superm1via cabextract02:05
Davieyah yes.. i remember using the shell script that wget's and extracts02:05
superm1see $ cd /usr/share/doc/msttcorefonts && zcat READ_ME\!.gz02:06
superm1MS EULA there02:06
DavieyHow did they get into debian!?02:06
superm1well they're not02:07
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superm1just the installer02:07
Davieycan't we just do the same?02:07
superm1similar to how we "were" going to handle ivtv-firmware02:07
superm1unfortunately no02:07
superm1because we have a live frontend02:07
superm1so they need to be thre02:08
Davieyah - good point02:08
superm1we've got a bug opened up about them02:08
superm1that reminded me02:08
superm1bug 11006802:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110068 in mythtv "Don't depend on msttcorefonts" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11006802:08
Davieyfrom offical themes it's only MythCenter that requires mstcorefonts02:09
superm1but /usr/share/mythtv/themes/blue/ui.xml uses it02:09
superm1the blue theme02:09
superm1which is part of official themes that are installed with the frontend02:09
superm1during feisty herd 3 or 4 i pulled if off the deps, because i thought enough themes got away without it - but then got the pour in of people on the forums "i cant see any text in mythtv"02:10
superm1so added it back on02:10
superm1we've also got to triage some of these aging bugs on here with crash reports yet02:12
superm1i haven't been sure what to do with a lot of them02:12
superm1keescook, are you here?02:12
Davieysuperm1, quick google search show's there are some 'alternate' fonts for mstcorefonts02:14
superm1perhaps this alternate fake msttcorefonts package is the best solution02:14
DavieyThat shouldn't be too hard to re-implement02:14
superm1to make such a package02:15
superm1and then depend on fake-msttcorefonts | msttcorefonts02:15
superm1and make fake-msttcorefonts conflict with msttcorefonts02:15
superm1that way if someone wants to install it02:15
superm1we're still okay02:15
superm1it will remove the fake one02:15
superm1Daviey, looks like you've got two packages to work on for -motu now :)02:15
DavieyOkay... i could try and work on that02:15
Davieyif you want to assign it to me02:15
superm1go for it02:16
Davieygardengnome sounds like he is going to add default .htaccess to mythweb02:16
Davieythat's a long overdue fix... so good to see that02:16
superm1yes indeed02:16
superm1we can add that to gutsy packages then02:17
Davieywonder how he will do it - default password? same as mysql.txt password ordebconf02:17
superm1oh that can be messy02:18
superm1it would be best set by a debconf02:18
Davieyextra userinteraction tho02:19
superm1well you ask, would you like to secure mythweb?02:19
superm1they answer yes, you enable htaccess file02:19
Davieygood plan02:19
superm1and ask for password02:19
superm1they say no, no htaccess02:19
Davieyanyway.. i need to go to bed02:19
superm1okay Daviey02:20
superm1going to bed again early today :)02:20
DavieyI'll look into the fonts tommorow02:20
superm1whats up with that .... ;)02:20
Davieyhehe - been having some really late nights recently!02:20
superm1well worth it though - you got membership02:20
superm1but bed now, discuss more tomorrow02:21
Davieyyes sir!02:21
superm1gardengnome, u tehre?02:21
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superm1DaveMorris, are you there?03:04
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superm1keescook, your alive!05:28
keescooksuperm1: I am!  :)05:32
superm1keescook,  daviey got member status today05:32
superm1and he's gonna be working on getting bug 110068 taken care of05:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110068 in mythtv "Don't depend on msttcorefonts" [Undecided,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11006805:33
superm1by making a fake-msttcorefonts package05:33
superm1so good stuff coming up05:33
superm1keescook, did you get a chance to build/look at mythtv-themes-unofficial last night?05:33
keescooksuperm1: I didn't, I'm bad.  :)05:35
keescookthat's on REVU, correct?05:35
superm1the .orig.tar.gz is on an older upload though - its a bit big. http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/mythtv-themes-unofficial-0705111500/mythtv-themes-unofficial_0.20070418.orig.tar.gz  didn't want to have to upload it multiple times05:36
=== keescook nods
keescookhunh, I'm not a reviewer... I'll pastebin my thoughts05:53
keescookI gotta sleep.  I've asked to become a REVU reviewer, so hopefully I can actually put my comments in there for real.  ttyl!05:58
superm1night keescook06:01
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imbrandonmoins all09:59
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Killerkiwianybodyy else having issues with scheduling 1 recording imeditlly after another?01:37
bendaileyI haven't noticed anything01:39
bendaileywhat kind of trouble how many tuners/what type?01:39
Killerkiwi1 tuner pvr150 works nice... i have 2mins before aand after time set01:44
KillerkiwiHouse is on at 701:44
KillerkiwiHouse is on at 7:30-8:30 , bosten legal is 8:30 to 9:3001:45
Killerkiwibosten legal resgters as a clash and does not record01:45
bendaileyCan you look at your program guide right now?01:47
DaveMorrisKillerkiwi, you said you have 2 mns before/after set01:48
DaveMorristhat means hosue records 7:28-8:32 and Boston goes 8:28-9:3201:48
DaveMorrisso they clash for 4 mins01:48
Killerkiwiyeah, the help text assures me this dosnt effect recording though.... im gusiing the help text is wrong?01:48
DaveMorrisI'm guessing so, if you've own got 1 card, it can't record both at the same time01:49
DaveMorristry it with both set to 0 mins01:49
KillerkiwiYeah... but the software should see the real times i would have thought.... at least thats what the text says just a sec and ill have a look again01:49
DaveMorrisMine are acutally setup on 0 and it records them fine01:51
Killerkiwiok direct quote here... This global setting allows the recorder to start before the scheduled start time.  It does not effect the schedular.  It is ignored when two shows have been scheduled without enough time between them01:52
DaveMorrisok, try setting it to 0 though, there might be a bug with it01:53
Killerkiwiyeha im guessing kinda sucks if you miss the last 2 mins of lost though ;)01:54
DaveMorrisI don't miss the end of my shows, but shows like lost which show bits after the credits can be a pain01:55
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KillerkiwiMaybe ill just override the per recordings that are a problem....01:57
DaveMorrisI'd be interested if that was the problem01:58
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Killerkiwiwell that removed all the clashes... so im guessing problem fixed.... it would be nice if it worked as advertised.... is there a mythtv bugzilla?02:00
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superm1DaveMorris, you there?04:01
DaveMorriswhat can I do you for today04:05
superm1DaveMorris, there has been some progress on the ubiquity front as of last night04:05
superm1so i was going to ask if you could start looking into something04:06
superm1you remember we talked about the preconfigured install that would enter everything into mysql for you, but shot the idea down because of the autoconfiguration branch of myth04:07
superm1and not wanting to step on toes of people already doing such things04:08
=== DaveMorris not sure what needs to go into mysql though
superm1well after going through working on interface stuff yesterday, it was going to be really tacky having a button to launch mythtv-setup04:08
superm1could you take a look at how some other distros (mythdora & knoppmyth) are handling such things?  Perhaps they can provide a good basis to build from04:09
superm1or at least a good set of ideas to go from04:09
DaveMorrisyeah sure04:09
superm1atm the plan will be to leave the button to launch mythtv-setup at the end of mythbuntu install, but it would be most ideal if that could be scrapped in favor of detecting tuners and doing some good defaults04:10
superm1I got a lot of the glade work punched out - so most of the interface is done.  Just needs to be put into the right order yet.  I'll finish that up yet tonite, and then jetsradiem is going to hopefully be able to break up a lot of the backend work for ubiquity into some grouping that we can divy up04:11
DaveMorrisso, you want a way to automate mythsetup?04:12
superm1well as much of it as possible04:12
DaveMorrisvia guess work and a few configs by the user04:12
superm1It can be shell script magic if need be too04:12
superm1We can enter as much info as necessary to ubiquity04:12
superm1and pass that on04:13
superm1But I think that a lot of the hardware can/will be determined by lspci & /proc.  We can at least have some common cards listed to start04:14
superm1and pop up some warning if an unknown card is in use04:14
DaveMorrisyeah, also will need to investigate what the different cards need04:14
superm1that mythtv-setup still needs to be ran to add that card04:14
DaveMorrisalso I've only got experince with it in the UK04:14
superm1Well i'm not saying have this all ready by tomorrow morning :)04:15
superm1I'm thinking that a hardware DB will start to be populated04:15
superm1as we move along here, i've a got a few of the common US cards04:15
superm1And also, mythdora or knoppmyth might already have an intelligent way of doing such things under the GPL04:16
DaveMorrissuperm1: Good!  I'm just signing onto a Masters at uni, so I'm busy atm but I'll make sure I have a look at how other distros are doing it04:16
superm1great - once you've got a good idea with this, i think you and bendailey should be able to split up how to implement and such04:17
superm1haven't met bendailey as of yet?04:17
superm1bendailey, you here?04:17
DaveMorrisI'll catch up with him at some point then04:18
DaveMorrisyou know where his based?04:18
superm1Guess not.  He joined up with us a little bit ago, unfortunately at a time that we didnt have a good way to split up remaining work04:19
superm1but I think this will for sure turn into at least a 2 person thing04:19
superm1okay i need to get to work yet this morning, wanted to make sure i touched bases before hand.04:20
superm1Have a great day, catch you later04:20
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bendaileyyes I am here04:34
bendaileyAnyone else on the mythtv users list?04:37
bendaileyDaveMorris, ping04:42
DaveMorrisno I 'm not on the list04:45
DaveMorrisSuperm1 mnetioned I hook up withyou other automating the mythtv-setup04:45
DaveMorrisI'm based in the UK, so we have different hardware and setting etc04:46
bendaileysounds good04:49
bendaileywhat time do you have now?04:49
bendaileyit is 10:50 am here04:50
DaveMorrissame timezone as my friend in Colorado then04:50
DaveMorrisI'm online during work 9-5:30ish and asl normally 10-11:30ish during the weekend04:50
DaveMorrisweekends I'm hit and miss I'm afraid04:51
bendaileyI am at work right now so I can't do much04:51
bendaileyI am very hit an miss evenings and weekends04:51
bendaileyhave you used mythdora or knoppmyth before?04:51
DaveMorrisI've just run mine from installing ontop of ubuntu04:53
bendaileymy first and current box is running on top of gentoo04:53
DaveMorrishttp://davemorris.wordpress.com/2007/05/03/mythtv-my-setup/ for info on mysetup04:54
DaveMorrisI'm gonna upgrade my backend to a 950 Duron, which will free my old one for testings etc04:54
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DaveMorrishey Daviey04:55
Davieyhey DaveMorris, long time no see :P04:56
bendailey you on the mythtv-user mailing list?04:58
DavieyI was....04:59
DavieyIt was a 'bulk' addy i used to use - but the ISP killed the email address04:59
Davieyso no - i'm not now05:00
DavieyIs there something interesting?05:00
bendaileyok there was noise on the list today about the ubuntu media center choosing elisa05:00
Davieythought there might be :)05:00
DavieyI;ll read it now05:00
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bendaileyI didn't know if you wanted mythbuntu.org to sent to the list yet05:00
bendaileyI can drop a post if you would like05:01
bendaileyDaveMorris, how do you want to approach the work that superm1 has asked us todo?05:04
DavieyWhat have you been tasked with?05:05
DaveMorrisI guess we should look at what the other distros are doing, and see if we can use that05:05
DaveMorrisDaviey: ^^05:05
DavieyWas that today?05:06
DaveMorrisyou wanna help?05:07
Davieyerm.. maybe when i've finished what i'm currently doing05:08
Davieydidn't expect superm1 in here until later05:08
DaveMorrishe poped in before work05:09
DaveMorrisI've still got to look at getting the openchrome stuff built :/05:09
bendaileyI "grew up" in a redhat shop and only been using ubuntu for about 1 year I will try and find time to look through the mythdora stuff05:09
DaveMorrisok, I'll take a look at knoppix then05:09
Davieyknoppmyth :)05:09
DaveMorriswyeah, you know what I mean05:09
bendaileyOk I will try and report when I get time this evening05:11
DaveMorrisbendailey: No rush for this evening05:12
DaveMorrisI won't get a chance to look till the weekend more than likely05:12
bendaileyMy wife is going out tonight so I need to seize the opportunity :)05:13
DavieyPizza 'n Sport eh?05:14
bendaileyno probably ice cream and blocks until my son (almost 2) goes to bed :)05:16
DavieyI heard your son when i phoned :)05:16
bendaileythen it is time to have fun (read linux/mythtv playing)05:16
bendaileywell I better got back to my day job05:18
bendaileyDaviey, mythbuntu.org do you care about a post to the mailing list?05:19
Davieywas thinking about it05:20
DavieyCurrently they think the whole of ubuntu is switching05:20
bendaileyok let me know do you want to check with superm1?05:20
DavieyAt the CC meeting yesterday i should have brought it up - but didn't05:20
Davieythink it's best05:20
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Davieygardengnome, ping08:28
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