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jbaileydoko: Around?09:09
dokojbailey: yes09:31
jbaileydoko: Heya!  Is there any sort of regression checker in the gcc testsuite?09:32
dokono, there was one running upstream for checkins; usually I inspect the logs manually. elmo wrote something for binutils, which now runs in the build as well (comparing against the installed version).09:33
jbaileyI was thinking that the simplest one would be no FAILs09:33
jbaileyAnd just mark everything that currently FAILs as XFAIL and move on.09:33
jbaileyIIRC, dejagnu can give a different return code for that.09:34
dokoIt's difficult to automatically tell about regressions, new failing testcases show up as false positives09:34
jbaileySure, I'm just thinking at the release point for gcc-4.1 and such.09:38
jbaileyI don't think new test cases are usually added to the stable branch.09:38
dokothey are.09:41
jbaileyAh, hmm.09:41
jbaileyThat could suck.09:42
jbaileyIn this case, the hppa patch is totally localised to the machine descriptor, but in general, I'm happier if I know that I'm not going to break something elsewhere.09:43
dokoyou would have to save the .log files instead of the .sum files for all tests, then you can detect added testcases as well09:43
jbaileyWell.  I think I was hoping more that sometime in stage 3, we just submit a list of current fails, mark them as XFAIL and move on. =)09:46
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