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Keybukafter much consideration06:22
Keybukwe want to replace tty* with a single instance job :)06:22
AlexExtremewhat were the reasons for deciding that? (just curious)06:23
Keybukit's just neater and more upstartish06:23
AlexExtremefair enough :p06:23
Keybuksolves the "but I don't have ttyN" Xen problem06:24
Keybukstart a tty when you get the event for it, combined with other events06:24
AlexExtremeah yeah06:24
AlexExtremeso you won't get an event from udev for all the other ttys when using xe06:25
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Keybukthis is actually a really interesting case06:58
Keybukwe have a pair of events from udev, ADD /class/tty/* -> REMOVE /class/tty*06:58
Keybukbetween these, we know that /dev/* exists for a tty-class device06:58
Keybukso we can say that a tty exists, and which tty that is06:59
Keybukand we want the getty job "bound" to that07:05
Keybukie. each instance refers to one of the underlying devices, and has the information about those available07:05
Keybukbut that also needs to be intersected with another sequence of events07:05
Keybuk"the period during which a user can login"07:06
Keybukthis is a complex calculation based on things like /etc/nologin existing, ldap being running (for local ldap auth), nscd, nfs (home dirs), dirs being mounted, etc.07:06
Keybukand I think that Upstart should be able to calculate this event itself, rather than farming it off to some other process?07:10
Keybukperhaps I need to take lots of mind-altering drugs, and sit in a tent on the beach with a nice fire going, until my spirit guide comes to me and tells me how to do that :p07:14
Keybukscheme interpreter? :p07:22
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JohnFluxKeybuk: just out of interest, will kdm etc be able to ask for the password etc before the user is able to login07:43
JohnFluxKeybuk: since it takes a long time for the user to enter a password07:44
ion_(job 'tty1 ((start-on "runlevel [2-5] ") (stop-on "runlevel {0,1,6}") (respawn) (exec "/sbin/getty 38400 tty1")))07:46
Keybukion_: heh08:25
Keybukion_: I'd rather like the native jobs to not refer to the runlevels08:25
ion_Yeah, i just took a random file from my current /etc/event.d and converted it. :-)08:26
KeybukJohnFlux: kdm can do whatever it likes ;)08:27
Keybukion_: the tricky thing is defining how events interact to form states08:29
Keybukyou'd probably want dynamic event interaction too08:29
JohnFluxbtw I was looking at the upstart files08:30
JohnFluxit would be really nice to allow you to write     "start after stopping apache"  etc08:30
Keybukie. "depend on path-mounted ... path-unmounted /usr if getmntent -q -f -d /usr08:31
JohnFluxso  using "after" and "before" instead of "on"08:31
KeybukJohnFlux: the whole start on/stop on thing is likely to be changing for 0.508:31
Keybukso the new language may be nicer08:31
JohnFlux"after stopping" and "before starting"  is much more readable than "on starting"08:31
JohnFluxoh okay08:31
Keybuk"after" has semantic meaning though08:31
Keybukdo "after starting apache" things get run after those things with "on starting apache", etc.08:31
Keybuk(and we also have planned temporal events, e.g. start 10m after starting apache")08:34
ion_start 1m before startup08:35
Keybukion_: a proposed implementation on my desk by 9am, please08:36
Keybuk(actually, that would be easy to implement -- you'd delay startup by 1m)08:36
ion_Hehe, yeah08:36
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dgwhat's the recommended way to run something as a different user from an upstart script?12:08
mbiebldg: upstart doesn't implement that functionality yet.12:13
mbieblSo you have to use "su"12:13

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