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godlesshey, how do I turn off the tooltips on the taskbar?12:30
godlesser 'task list'12:31
=== zials [n=amistr@bas3-windsor12-1128741479.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
joselcehnmaybelline:it's copying the files :) thx again! i'm kinda of a n00b in linux, so forgive for bothering you with trivialities! btw this is my very first time on irc...kinda cool here :)12:33
=== ciro314 [n=chatzill@196.Red-83-42-241.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
ciro314hello. i have installed transmission bittorrent client from source and i would like to uninstall it. is it possible? i'd like to install the latest version of this program12:34
maddog39ciro314, whats the name of the program?12:36
maddog39ciro314, ok give me a minute to search for it in the repositories12:36
ciro314i had no notice about that12:37
ciro314i will search12:37
TheSheepciro314: if you still have the directory in which you installed, you may try to do 'sudo make uninstall' in it12:37
maddog39ciro314, how did you install the program?12:37
ciro314from source12:37
maddog39ciro314, did you compile it with make12:37
maddog39you cant uninstall it UNLESS they provide an uninstaller12:38
maddog39open a terminal12:38
maddog39and type: cd <space>12:38
maddog39<space> being a space12:38
maddog39and then drag the source code folder into the terminal window12:38
maddog39and hit enter12:38
maddog39once you've done that12:39
maddog39then type: sudo make uninstall12:39
maddog39ok, its uninstalled12:39
ciro314how would you install transmission??12:40
ciro314which way12:41
=== sysdef [i=sysdef@debiancenter/staff/cacert.assurer.sysdef] has left #xubuntu []
maddog39well since its not in the repositories12:41
maddog39your best bet is to find a .deb package for it12:41
ciro314it is not12:41
ciro314could i use .deb on xubuntu?12:41
maddog39well find one somewhere lol12:41
maddog39go to google12:42
maddog39transmission filetype:deb12:42
maddog39exactly like that12:42
ciro314i found it yesterday12:42
maddog39and look for a binary12:42
ciro314but i did not know i could install deb packages12:42
maddog39if you cant find a deb binary, then source is your only choice12:42
maddog39deb packages are debian software packages12:43
ciro314deb packages should be opened with xarchiver??12:43
TheSheepciro314: no, with gdebi12:43
zialsyou should install the deb package manager12:43
maddog39U/K/Xubuntu is BASED on Debian12:43
maddog39so all debian packages should work12:43
maddog39or use the command line12:43
ciro314ok. gdebi is on synaptic12:43
ciro314and how could i uninstall a deb package?12:44
maddog39yeah just install gdebi12:44
maddog39you would go to synaptic12:44
maddog39search its name12:44
maddog39and click on the green/white box12:44
maddog39and hit uninstall12:44
maddog39then apply12:44
ciro314aha. ok12:44
ciro314it is very easy12:44
TheSheep!enter | maddog3912:45
ubotumaddog39: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:45
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ciro314thanks maddog39.12:48
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=== vidd_laptop needs to get the windows drivers for his wifi card to work with ndiswrapper...but could only find an exe for it....
vidd_laptopis there a way to get the driver info out of it?01:01
TheSheepvidd_laptop: you could try to attack it with cabextract, but I never used it01:01
TheSheepvidd_laptop: or just run it with wine01:01
=== aboyousif [n=aboyousi@] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopty...cabextract worked like a charm01:04
vidd_laptop[comments regarding wine deleted as not to offend] 01:05
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vidd_laptopreboot again01:07
=== Maybelline [n=jeremy@66-169-100-203.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
Lectusdoes compiz work on xubuntu?01:13
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aumhi - got an old (1.8GHz, 256MB RAM) laptop, looking to install *buntu - xubuntu is tempting - can anyone tell me honestly about its drawbacks, and what I should watch out for?01:23
=== Catoptromancy [n=Catoptro@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Lectusonce I install compiz package, how to set it to start a session with it?01:25
TheSheep!compiz | Lectus01:26
ubotuLectus: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - See http://tinyurl.com/pw5ez for Kubuntu systems - Help in #ubuntu-effects01:26
Merchelo!info kernal compile01:27
ubotuPackage kernal does not exist in feisty01:27
TheSheepaum: you should be fine -- this is more than enough for xubuntu. Especially if the hardware is older -- it will be probably well supported.01:27
TheSheepaum: better use the alternate cd though, the graphical installer is known to have some bugs01:28
ubotukernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild01:28
aumbut are there any specific annoyances with xubuntu, especially for newbies?01:28
aumit's my wife's laptop - she's a strictly games/email/web person01:28
TheSheepaum: well, xubuntu lacks some gui applications and setting dialogs that are present in ubuntu -- most noticeably, you can't browse samba shares without installing an additional program01:29
TheSheepaum: you can however always install any program from the ubuntu repositories01:29
Maybellineaum: the only drawback to Linux in general is the gaming scene is still developing.  As for Xubuntu vs. Ubuntu, I only miss some of the interesting panel apps01:29
aumno need for samba shares once she's on nix - she's the last windows user left in the house :)01:29
aumthe thing my wife will miss though is chatting to her daughter on msn messenger01:30
TheSheepaum: I'm not sure, but I think that gaim supports msn01:30
Maybellineaum: it does01:30
aumand does gaim integrate well with the xfce WM?01:30
TheSheepaum: you just won't see all the animated smilies, I think01:30
Lectusaum: yes01:30
aumsuch as, tray icon?01:31
LectusI'm using it now :D01:31
TheSheepaum: yes, it's installed by default01:31
aumwell, my wife will feel better with a laptop that loads/runs faster, for sure01:31
aumcompeting against winxp here :P01:31
TheSheepaum: you may want to disable some services you won't be using -- like for example the printing services01:32
TheSheepaum: it will make it boot even faster01:32
LectusI've installed xubuntu and never needed to run WinXP again (only when I'm doing windows programming). For everyday use xubuntu works faster and has beautiful desktop.01:32
TheSheepLectus: you can set up a crosscompiler for windows programming ;)01:32
aumdoes the xubuntu installer set up dual-boot?01:32
LectusI installed it here as dual boot01:33
TheSheepaum: yes, it looks if you have windows installed and includes it in the menu01:33
TheSheepaum: just press esc when booting, and the menu will popup01:33
aumso it doesn't show the grub menu by default?01:33
TheSheep(I think it pops up always for 3 seconds001:33
aumthat's long enough01:34
LectusI have a 40GB HD with 30GB partition with WinXP and 10GB partition with Xubuntu. And it's working great. I can even access my Windows NTFS partition, so I keep my music on the windows partition and listen to them on Linux.01:34
TheSheepLectus: you know there is a driver for windows that allows it to "see" ext2/3 partitions?01:35
=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@static-72-86-135-243.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancyive duel booted before easikly01:35
Catoptromancybut some reason this is being a pain01:35
LectusTheSheep: Is there one?01:35
TheSheepLectus: I think there are even two such drivers01:36
vidd_laptopnow i cant even get ndiswrapper to work01:36
TheSheepLectus: http://www.fs-driver.org/, http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd01:36
LectusTheSheep: The easy way is just to set a FAT partition so both Windows and Linux can access it to exchange files01:37
Catoptromancythis prepare partition menu is much more complicated01:37
TheSheepLectus: fat lacks both unix-like and windows-like file permissions :(01:37
LectusBut NTFS read/write from Linux is enough for me :D01:37
Catoptromancywould be easier to install edgy, and use the slider to partition01:38
Lectusntfs-3g is working great01:38
Catoptromancyim at the prepare partition menu, how would I go about splitting one?01:38
LectusHey... I need help installing/configuring compiz on Xubuntu with Geforce 2 card. Anyone can help me?01:39
LectusI really need to try those desktop effects :D01:39
=== darrend [n=darren@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
LectusI think these are the steps? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/Xgl01:42
=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@static-72-86-135-243.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
aumcan the xubuntu installer safely resize ntfs partitions?01:47
TheSheepaum: make a backup01:48
Catoptromancyi did it once01:48
Catoptromancybut some reason its a total pain now01:48
=== aum is doing a dry-run install on a winxp system within a vm box
TheSheepaum: since Microsoft didn't provide any documentation for the NTFS format, everything connected to NTFS is experimental and mostly based on reverse-engineering01:49
LectusI think it's safe, but it's nice to make a backup01:49
Lectusalso, I found easier to resize the partition with Partition Magic on windows01:49
CatoptromancyActually i just tried use the Alternate CD01:50
Catoptromancyits much more easy to figure out01:50
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=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@static-72-86-135-243.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptophow do i autostart ndiswrapper?01:52
TheSheepvidd_laptop: how do you start it normally?01:52
Catoptromancyhas it already been installed and works?01:53
aumthe 'prepare partitions' stage in the livecd installer doesn't offer any way to resize the partitions, just the option to reformat01:53
Catoptromancyaum, ya its a total pain01:53
CatoptromancyI got fed up and used the alternate01:53
vidd_laptopi have to type "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper" in a terminal01:53
Catoptromancyive nver done that01:53
aumdoes the alternate installer have a resize partition option?01:53
Catoptromancyits was much easier01:54
Catoptromancyjsut type in "50 gbs"01:54
CatoptromancyIm sure live CD does too, but its a pain01:54
aumcan't find it on livecd - it only offers chance to destroy/format/recreate partitions01:54
CatoptromancyI remember dapper or edgy, had a partition slider01:55
Catoptromancysooooo east to partition01:55
Catoptromancywish feisty also had a slider01:55
aumoh wait, found gparted on livecd :)01:55
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vidd_laptopany ideas?01:56
TheSheepCatoptromancy: you can put a feature request on http://bugs.ubuntu.com, I guess01:56
CatoptromancyI was should I clicked and checked every ooption for that01:56
=== fraiddo [n=fred@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-164-174.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancyrequest an old feature01:56
Catoptromancyvidd_laptop, I dont have a functional PC yet. I made a little tutorial on nidswrapper01:57
Catoptromancyinstall ndis- common ndis-util01:57
=== Lectus [n=freddy@201008066036.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopdid that01:57
CatoptromancyI wont say what I can remember heh01:58
Catoptromancyit might be wrong01:58
vidd_laptopthe card's WORKING...it's just not auto;loading01:58
Catoptromancyyou can get online with it?01:58
vidd_laptopi am right now01:59
Catoptromancyno idea then01:59
vidd_laptopi just dont want to have to type "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper" everytime i boot the machine01:59
vidd_laptopi know there is a way...it worked in breezy....02:00
vidd_laptopand i used the bcm43xx in dapper and edgy02:00
TheSheepvidd_laptop: ah, add 'ndiswrapper' to /etc/modules02:00
Catoptromancywrite a script, but im not sure how to make it autoload02:00
vidd_laptopthen feisty broke the bcm43xx driver02:00
Catoptromancyya listen to TheSheep heh02:01
TheSheepvidd_laptop: all modules mentioned in /etc/modules are modprobed at startup02:01
Catoptromancybroke after upgrading?02:01
vidd_laptopyeah....and on a clean install02:02
vidd_laptopfinally gave up today and went back to ndiswrapper....02:02
Catoptromancyndiswrapper -i finename.inf02:02
vidd_laptopAFTER ordering 2 linux friendly replacement cards02:02
vidd_laptopant wait to install them02:03
Catoptromancyopen terminal in folder of 3 driver files02:03
Catoptromancyi never installed cards,02:03
Catoptromancyjust moved a folder off my setup CD02:03
vidd_laptopim made the changes...rebooting to test functionality02:03
Catoptromancywith the 3 files02:03
Catoptromancysweet duel boot works02:04
=== Lectus [n=freddy@201008066036.user.veloxzone.com.br] has left #xubuntu []
=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@static-72-86-135-243.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopTheSheep, you are the MAN!02:05
=== merhojt [n=Jimmy@h68n1c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopCatoptromancy, make sure you put that in your tutorial02:06
vidd_laptopalso....VERY IMPORTANT.....02:06
Catoptromancyit was actually for my uncle02:06
Catoptromancyim gving him an old PC  with xubuntu02:06
=== varka_ [n=varkatop@p54a5e4a7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancyhe doesnt even own a computer02:07
vidd_laptoplet ppl know that if the stupid light dont come on when they first do modprobe ndiswrapper, to push the button on thier laptop02:07
Catoptromancyery specific02:07
=== merhojt [n=Jimmy@h68n1c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopim starting to wonder if this whole time, that i needed to push the button to get the bcm43xx driver to work02:08
vidd_laptopim off to test!02:09
=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@static-72-86-135-243.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopnow i feal stupid02:13
=== briancron [n=brian@c-76-111-26-81.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== TheSheep pats vidd_laptop on the back
j1mcvidd_laptop: because you mispelled "feel"?  :-P02:13
TheSheepvidd_laptop: that's the nature's way to say "go get some sleep" ;)02:14
vidd_laptopjlmc no...because i went banging my head against a wall to get my bcm43xx card to work for 2 1/2 months....02:14
j1mchi TheSheep02:14
vidd_laptopand all i needed to do was push this stupid button02:14
j1mcvidd_laptop: awww... :(02:15
j1mcvidd_laptop: what kind of laptop is it?02:15
Catoptromancyheh MS already froze in my duel boot02:15
vidd_laptopok....im off to do a clean install and test this02:15
j1mcgood luck, vidd_laptop02:15
TheSheephi j1mc02:15
vidd_laptopthen off to write a "careful what you do" tutorial;!02:15
vidd_laptopj1mc, its a compaq presario 220002:16
TheSheepugh, compaq :(02:16
vidd_laptopThe hp was doing the same thing02:17
vidd_laptopand i have two new cards coming...for nothing02:17
vidd_laptopof course, the only difference between the hp and the compaq is the branding and the case02:18
vidd_laptopunder the hood, they are identical02:18
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=== varka [n=varkatop@p54a5e4a7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54a5e4a7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== ZenDJiNN [n=djinn@ABordeaux-156-1-75-126.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
aumwhat's the minimum disk space for basic xubuntu?02:34
Catoptromancy6 gb is good02:35
Catoptromancybut really needs less02:35
=== Sleepy_Coder [n=sucky_ke@adsl-69-225-11-254.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== vidd_ [n=vidd@static-72-86-135-243.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepaum: I think it first in 1.5GB, but make it 2GB if you want some additional applications later02:36
=== vidd_ is now known as vidd_laptop
Catoptromancyxubuntu crashes my instal with a 6gb02:37
Catoptromancyin alt cd02:38
Catoptromancywell freezes not crash02:38
vidd_laptophow long does it site idle?02:38
Catoptromancythe freeze?02:38
vidd_laptopno....what part of the install02:38
Catoptromancyinstall base i think02:39
vidd_laptopuse the alt-alt install....02:39
vidd_laptopand enter the comand apic=no02:39
CatoptromancyI just gave windows the 200gb partition02:40
Catoptromancyinstead of linux02:40
CatoptromancyI been installing OSes all day02:40
=== vidd_laptop wishes he had that much real estate to "accidentally" give away
LectusI've installing OSes all week :O02:40
LectusI installed Kubuntu, then ubuntu, and now Xubuntu and finally like it02:41
vidd_laptopive been reinstalling the same OS for the last 2 months02:41
vidd_laptoptrying to "fix" this wifi card02:41
vidd_laptopand it turns out it wasnt even broken!02:41
Lectusi've been resizing my partition and reinstalling distros all month02:41
LectusI think it's an addicting thing02:42
vidd_laptopthen maybe you should get into the testing department02:42
CatoptromancyIO hate doing this heh02:42
LectusI can't see a new distro then I'll install it to see how it looks o.o02:42
vidd_laptopthey always need ppl to test ISO's02:42
LectusI don't really the installing part... I like looking at something new02:43
LectusWindows just gets tired on eyes02:43
LectusI need new look 'n fell02:43
Lectusall distros usually have something really good... but also something bad that makes me try another one... it seems ubuntu is the perfect one for me, and Xubuntu is a lot better as it has what I like in Ubuntu plus a lighter window manager02:45
TheSheepLectus: in the end you always end up combining bits and pieces from various distros02:46
vidd_laptopLectus, the good thing about linux is you take the good, discard the bad, and LOVE your system02:46
TheSheepLectus: it's easy with *buntu*02:46
Catoptromancyive installed slackware, debian, opensuse, and WinXP just today02:46
Catoptromancygoing back to xubuntu02:46
Catoptromancyactually im installing WInXP and Xubuntu twice today02:47
vidd_laptopopensuse looks good...and when they slap the "Novell...a Microsoft Company" logo on it...it will be perfect!02:47
=== vidd_laptop is NOT a fan of Novell....too bad openSUSE is controlled by them
=== YakSolo [n=john@c-71-229-76-196.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
CatoptromancyI do have fedora and gentoo, dunno why I didnt try those02:49
vidd_laptopCatoptromancy, make sure you put windows on first....02:49
Catoptromancygot tired of installing02:49
Catoptromancyim totally reinstalling both02:49
vidd_laptopIts so conceded, it thinks its the only one there!02:49
Lectusyeah... windows is very boring at dual boot... it's safe to install windows first, and then add new partition to install linux02:50
Lectusotherwise would lose grub02:50
vidd_laptopLectus, but if you put linux on first, windows will overwrite grub and your linux wont be able to boot02:51
Lectusthat's what i said02:51
Lectuswindows should go first02:51
Catoptromancythere is a way to make it so you can put Win after Linux02:51
Catoptromancybut its a total hack02:51
Lectusotherwise grub is overwrited by wiundows MBR02:51
=== BrendanM [n=mccollam@hor-gold95.hor.ucl.ac.uk] has joined #xubuntu
BrendanMIs there a way to set the screensaver so it automatically disables when certain other applications are running?02:52
vidd_laptopyeah...i was looking at the keybord and not the sceen as i tped that02:52
TheSheepBrendanM: some applications, like totem, mplayer or vlc can tell screensaver to not blank the screen02:53
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d21-140.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopanyone know what you have to do to get xfburn to make ISO's into install disks instead of frisbee's?02:54
LectusBrendanM: yes, put something weigthing on some key of the keyboard to keep something pressed and the screensaver won't come... just kidding... don't know, I think it's the applications that should handle that02:54
=== wangmd [n=wangmd@] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45to keep the screensaver from coming on try uninstalling the package xscreensaver or lower the time to 0 or raise to a huge number02:58
Jester45does mpd need xine?02:59
TheSheepJester45: no03:01
TheSheepJester45: uninstalling screensaver is not a good idea :)03:02
Jester45mine used to play but now it does03:02
Jester45why not? i did03:02
TheSheepJester45: check the volumes03:02
BrendanMwell, I don't want to get rid of the screensaver altogether03:03
BrendanMI just would like it to not come on when I'm playing emulator games, for example03:03
=== manduski [n=manduski@c-68-42-51-9.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
manduskii am running the add/remove program, but it keeps saying that there is a problem regarding me becoming root and an Xauthority file issue, how do I fix this?03:04
TheSheepmanduski: did you delete the .Xauthority file from your home directory?03:05
manduskiit's possible?03:05
manduskino it's just blank03:05
TheSheepmanduski: enable displaying of hidden files in thunar03:06
manduskihang on i just discovered that the file permissions on it were root:root03:06
manduskioh boy03:06
TheSheepmanduski: that's hwat you get when you log in as root :/03:07
TheSheepgood night everyone03:08
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Jester45TheSheep: when i try to play03:29
Jester45mpd stays at 00:0003:29
Jester45and soon as i try to play it the deamon crashes or somthing. i have to restart it03:30
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Catoptromancysudo: timestamp too far in the future: May 16 08:16:48 200705:01
Catoptromancyno clue05:01
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Pumpernickelbug 4323305:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 43233 in sudo ""sudo -k" fails when timestamp is in the future" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4323305:19
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MalnilionAnybody good with Samba around here?06:46
=== czer323_ [n=czer323@cpe-24-26-156-169.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
MalnilionI've got a samba server setup on my Xubuntu box and I can browse it fine in Windows XP on another computer, however some folders and files register as meaningless letters and numbers and the files have no extensions.06:48
MalnilionShow no extensions, rather.06:48
MalnilionThey do have extensions in actuality :)06:48
MalnilionSo, I was wondering whether there are certain characters I should avoid? Though no character looks too out of the ordinary...06:49
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deConhi! i'm partitioning an old poor computer with xubuntu and it has two drives, but it is only recognizing IDE1 master (its the first screen of partitioning)...I have 6.8GB on the master, and 5GB on the slave, but again, the slave is not showing07:33
deConany suggestions?07:33
deConI need to know how to most effectively partition this old machine07:33
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maxamilliondeCon: well i don't think its so much that the partitioner is only seeing one drive, but that it will only install the operating system to the first (iirc) and the second can later be formatted and used as auxilery storage07:34
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deConmaxamillion, wonderful...so if i wanted to maximize my old box...OLD box...how would i do this07:38
deConmaxamillion, set up /boot and / on first, then /swap and /home on the next?07:38
=== maxamillion waits for shirish
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #xubuntu
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shirishdoes anybody how I can add shortcuts to xfce4 panel?07:49
vidd_laptopright click on the panel and add a launcher07:50
vidd_laptoplauncher = shortcut07:50
shirishvidd_laptop: for e.g. if i want to put exaile in xfce4 & its in Applications > Multimedia > exaile07:51
vidd_laptopget the pathe for the app, make a launcher in the panel, direct it thru the correct path07:52
shirishwhich means it still requires some work. cannot just use drag-n-drop like in Gnome07:53
vidd_laptopnot that im aware of07:53
vidd_laptopbut all good things require some work07:54
vidd_laptopotherwise...imagine the bloat07:54
shirishhow do i make a launcher in the panel?07:55
Myrttiyou were just told, you know07:55
shirishMyrtti: this is the first time I'm doing it07:56
Myrtti[08:51]  < vidd_laptop> right click on the panel and add a launcher07:56
deConxubuntu install didn't detect my wifi card, any ideas why or if its finished, Gnome will detect?07:58
maxamilliondeCon: gnome technically doesn't detect anything, it just has applications that are front ends to the system that will automate some things for you07:59
vidd_laptopdeCon, what kind of card?07:59
deConvidd_laptop, its a netgear w31108:00
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopdo a lspci,,,,,,see if it aint a broadcom 43xxchipset08:01
vidd_laptoplspci | grep Broadcom08:01
deConwaiting for install to finish, i'm just installing now08:01
maxamilliondeCon: do "lspci | grep Broadcom" and see if that command spits anything out08:02
shirishMyrtti: vidd_laptop: while I've been able to make the launcher, I'm not able to move it nor am I able to give it the stock icon of exaile08:02
vidd_laptopmove it where?08:02
shirishvidd_laptop: move it to the center of the panel away from other icons, but it likes to stick to some icon or the other08:03
Myrttithe stock icon isn't in /usr/pixmaps08:03
vidd_laptopyou will most likely find the icon in /usr/share/pixmaps/08:03
Myrttior actually, it doesn't have a stock icon08:03
Myrttilet me see where I've got it08:03
Myrttioh yes, I forgot08:03
MyrttiI use the svn08:03
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vidd_laptopshirish, you will need to add a spacer08:04
shirishvidd_laptop: aha, a spacer08:04
=== aussieman [n=bobo@19.Red-88-11-213.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopand you can modify the spacer to a specific size if ya want08:05
shirishvidd_laptop: I did that, does it mean for each icon I need I need one spacer?08:05
vidd_laptopif you want a space for them08:06
vidd_laptopi dont really play around with them cuzz i dont like a lot of clutter08:06
shirishthis is too much work for having spaces, don't think gnome doesn't do like that if I remember08:07
vidd_laptopi condenced my taskbars onto a single bar08:07
vidd_laptopjust remember...this is NOT gnome08:07
maxamillionxfce != gnome08:07
maxamilliongnu != unix08:08
maxamillion*nix != windows08:08
vidd_laptop*nix > windows08:08
=== maxamillion thinks that is enough fun trivia for the time being
shirishvidd_laptop: what do u mean you condenced your taskbars into a single bar, can u show me a screenshot to illustrate what you mean08:09
vidd_laptop{ } < windows08:09
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopis there a keyboard shortcut for screenshots?08:09
shirishcrimsun: hey there :)08:11
maxamillionshirish: this is a screenshot of my machine from a couple says ago: http://swooh.kicks-ass.org/~adam/debianEtchXfce.png (running debian etch at the moment, but i have an identical screenshot running xubuntu edgy if you prefer that)08:12
vidd_laptopnow how to i get you a copy?08:13
shirishmaxamillion: are you using gimmie or something like that,08:13
shirishvidd_laptop: you can always use imageshack or send me the file directly through ddc08:13
maxamillionshirish: gimmie? ... never heard of it08:13
=== maxamillion googles gimmie
shirishmaxamillion: then how did you manage to have such a cool-looking taskbar?08:14
maxamillionshirish: uhmm... xfce default ... www.xfce.org08:14
maxamillionahhhh yeah, gimmie ... i remember reading about that08:14
maxamillionshirish: right click the taskbar and select "customize panel"08:15
maxamillionshirish: and where it says "full width" clickt he drop down and select "normal width"08:15
aussiemananyone good at fixing azureus and firewall/iptables?08:15
maxamillionaussieman: negative08:16
vidd_laptopi cant get a screenshot08:16
shirishok, this is cool08:16
shirishvidd_laptop: can't you go to accessories > take screenshot > and put a timer there something like 5 seconds?08:17
vidd_laptopuhhh no...not an option for me08:17
maxamillionvidd_laptop: right click and add the screenshot plugin to your panel, take the screenie and then remove it from your panel08:18
maxamillionvidd_laptop: that's what i do08:18
vidd_laptopshirish, you getting the file?08:22
shirishit is stuck at waiting for transfer to begin08:23
shirishperhaps we try again08:23
shirishif this does not work then you can always upload it to http://imageshack.us & then gimme the link08:23
shirishdoesn't seem to be working vidd_laptop, perhaps you can upload it imageshack08:26
vidd_laptopi think08:26
maxamillionwow ... that irc window seems crowded :(08:29
=== maxamillion huggles irssi
vidd_laptopirc is usually full screen08:29
=== vidd_laptop runs all his apps in full screen
vidd_laptopwell...most of them08:30
maxamillioni only run iceweasel in full screen08:30
Myrttihttp://velhottaret.net/~myrtti/wp-content/gallery/screenshots/2006-10-13.png <308:31
shirishok guys how do I add the take screenshot plugin to the panel, its not there in Add items to the panel08:31
maxamillionshirish: yes it is, its installed by default08:32
vidd_laptopjust above spacer08:32
vidd_laptopit had to be added by default...otherwise i wouldnt have it08:33
shirishmaxamillion: i can see it in Applications > Accessories but its not in add panel, there is spacer but above that I have sensor plugin no screenshot plugin08:33
vidd_laptopmaxamillion, she must have installed xfce over ubuntu08:34
shirishvidd_laptop: he, not she, and yes I have installed xfce over ubuntu08:35
maxamillionshirish: "sudo aptitude install xfce4-goodies"08:35
=== shirish is a male
vidd_laptopshirish, it was a typo08:35
shirishI have already installed xfce4-goodies way back08:35
vidd_laptopyou should drop back 10 yards and punt.....08:37
vidd_laptopinstall xubuntu-desktop08:37
vidd_laptopget ALL the good stuff08:37
shirishI have already done that, but will still try it again08:38
vidd_laptoppersonally....i would apt-get remove x11-common, apt-get autoremove, apt-get install xubuntu-desktop08:39
vidd_laptopget rid of ALL that gnome bloat but good08:39
shirishvidd_laptop: I still want to hold on gnome so if i want to change, I can do it in jiffy08:39
vidd_laptopapt-get install ubuntu-desktop....bam...back to the bloat08:40
shirishvidd_laptop: I prefer aptitude so it would simply "sudo aptitude purge x11-common"08:41
shirishbb in a while, gotta make lunch08:41
vidd_laptopglad to hear that!08:41
vidd_laptop=] 08:41
shirishtil that time you guys carry on, I am going to have lot of queries for sure08:42
vidd_laptopwell...not about the lunch thing,,,,about the aptitude08:42
vidd_laptopyeah...you get this kind of wacked out wierd stuff wen you install gnome first08:43
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54a5e4a7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopbetter to do a clean install and THEN add gnome08:44
vidd_laptoppreferably as a dual boot!08:44
vidd_laptop=] 08:44
=== vidd_laptop needs to rack out....
vidd_laptopnight all08:45
deConany reason the install is taking FOREVER? its been on the language-pack-en-base for about an hour...1% for this first hour08:55
maxamilliondeCon: what are the specs of the machine?08:55
deConmaxamillion, ummm old. like a 400mhz P2 or so, with 128mb ram08:56
deConmaxamillion, probably pc100 with a 6.8GB hdd08:56
deConmaxamillion, IDE of course08:56
maxamilliondeCon: you might need to use the alternate installation iso image, i believe there were some issues with the latest ubuntu-base and machines with 128mb of ram using the liveCD (ubuntu-base is the core system that xubuntu is built off of)08:57
deConmaxamillion, oh it is the alternate08:58
maxamilliondeCon: oh ... huh08:59
maxamillionlemme check for bug reports08:59
deConmaxamillion, could be a bad HDD, but it should work08:59
deConmaxamillion, thanks08:59
deConmaxamillion, i'm hoping the text gui is just lagging behind the actual progress, although i doubt it09:01
maxamilliondeCon: been known to happen actually ....09:02
=== JohanSalim [i=G3b0ys@ip84-222.cbn.net.id] has joined #xubuntu
deConmaxamillion, *crosses fingers* ...how long do you think the avg install would be for an old box like this?09:02
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
deConunfortunately for me, the PC is also fairly loud, and its hooked up next to my bed :(09:04
maxamilliondeCon: honestly i don't entirely know but i would guess 2 hours09:04
deConmaxamillion, hopefully ack09:04
maxamilliondeCon: yeah ... i don't see anything in the bug reports on it09:04
maxamilliondeCon: try ctrl+f1 or ctrl+f2 and see if either of those gives you a verbose output of what its doing (i can't remember which function key does it)09:05
deConmaxamillion, in a different realm, i have a logitech keyboard that i'd like to fix the setup on...feisty full release...i have a remote I would like to use again, and to configure side scrolling with my mouse 3, as well as get full function of my keyboard shortcut keys09:05
deConany of the three will make me more happy09:06
deConmostly getting the multimedia functions out of the remote and keyboard09:06
deConmaxamillion: nothing..no response09:08
maxamilliondeCon: i have very little experience with the remote so i probably wouldn't be of much help09:08
deConmaxamillion: any ideas where i could find ubuntu/linux support for something so specific?09:09
maxamilliondeCon: hmm.... yeah, i think it is safe to say that the installation froze ... but at the same time there were reports of the installer "freezing at 85%" for a few hours and then continuing on like normal09:09
maxamilliondeCon: honestly, ubuntuforums.org or google will be your best bet for something like that09:09
deConmaxamillion, i can hear things working...but no GUI response. so it should be fine if i just let it run its course?09:09
maxamilliondeCon: i can't promise much, but as long as the hardware is chugging along its rather likely that things will result well in the end09:11
deConmaxamillion, right. i think i can configure some of the things through "keyboard shortcuts"..but the remote may be an issue09:12
deConone other off hand question, i have a dongle for input of video sources into my video card, and i like to plug gaming consoles in to use with my monitor, would you have any idea where to find, or what to do to enable this feature? In windows it is a proprietary driver? Should i just try it in WINE?09:13
maxamilliondeCon: it would probably be a feature of the graphics card driver ... what manufacturer makes the card? (ati, nvidia, etc.)09:15
deConmaxamillion, nvidia09:15
deConmaxamillion, researching now .... but i'm curious how to change default apps...like the music player. cuz i have the keyboard shortcuts working09:17
maxamilliondeCon: good news, nvidia offers the best linux configuration tool for graphics cards to date09:18
maxamillion!nvidia | deCon09:18
ubotudeCon: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:18
maxamilliondeCon: that is how to install the driver and then info on the tool ....09:18
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maxamilliondeCon: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-9755/README/appendix-t.html09:20
maxamilliondeCon: if that tool doesn't install automatically with the drivers, then just install the package "nvidia-settings" with the package manager of your choice09:20
=== naoise [n=naoise@c-67-182-233-160.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
naoisemaxamillion, apparently my remote works...i accidentally pressed the standby button, and of course ACPI doesn't work right yet09:22
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionnaoise == deCon ?09:24
naoisemaxamillion, yes...how do i change my name CLI style?09:25
BFTDwhere have you been09:25
BFTDits been weeks09:25
=== mrynit2 [n=mrynit@c-71-197-158-191.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
mrynit2how can iget XFree86 installed? this app i want says it needs 3.3.609:26
maxamillionBFTD: its been 1 week and i have been uber busy .... final exams, work, and now i have 12 days to find a new place to live because i didn't realize my lease is up reallly soon09:27
maxamillionmrynit2: xfree86 hasn't been current for years, xorg is the system that replaced it and retains reverse compatibility09:27
maxamillionnaoise: /nick <name>09:27
maxamillioni know09:28
naoiseit didn't change09:28
maxamillionnaoise: hmmm...09:29
maxamillionworked here09:29
naoiseugh, and now i can't click my power icon...wow i am having issues09:29
naoiseany ideas why my power icon slid off to the upper right corner where i can't see it09:29
naoiseit has been creeping the last two or three reboots09:30
maxamillionnaoise: screen position09:30
maxamillionnaoise: if its a CRT just move it, if its a LCD then auto-focus09:30
mrynit2i get this "You must have XFree86 installed." when i run the install file09:30
naoisefixed it, just moved my workspace things09:30
maxamillionnaoise: my LCD does that everythime it hybernates ... dunno why but it has something to do with X11 and the LCD, but i know it isn't linux's fault because my lcd at work doesn't do it09:31
maxamillionnaoise: ah ok09:31
maxamillionmrynit2: strange09:31
mrynit2no source09:32
naoiseoh, and btw, the install of xubuntu is running well, its at 20% now09:32
maxamillionnaoise: awesome09:33
naoise"/nick <decon>" should work?09:33
maxamillionnaoise: oh no no09:34
maxamillionnaoise: /nick decon09:34
naoisestill doesn't09:34
maxamillionnaoise: without the < >09:34
maxamillionoh ..09:34
naoisethere we go09:34
maxamillionnaoise: ahhh, yeah09:34
deCon...why doesn't my ACPI work? it just shuts off all xorg type things...my monitor goes black and even when i hit the physical power button, the computer continues, but no visual09:35
deConmaxamillion, I <3 open source...you couldn't get knowledge like yours even if you paid a crappy company..and often, do not. THANK YOU so much09:35
maxamilliondeCon: probably because your motherboard doesn't support acpi and the kernel is just "forcing" the boot option09:35
maxamilliondeCon: anytime :)09:35
deConmaxamillion, oh...my mobo supports it09:35
maxamillionoh ... hmmm09:35
deConmaxamillion, i'm running a very nice computer, but for some reason..it didn't work in edgy, and it hasn't worked in feisty09:36
maxamilliondeCon: acpi is just strange to be honest, my friend bought a brand new top of the line ASUS mobo and had to wait 2 kernel releases for acpi to work on it09:36
maxamilliondeCon: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI?highlight=%28acpi%2909:37
deConmaxamillion, thanks...i think i'm going to refresh x because a couple things didn't work...brb..continuing the troubleshooting, hoping to teach myself more and more in the next couple semesters, and by taking intro to unix09:37
maxamilliondeCon: oooo, unix classes are good09:38
deConmaxamillion, should help me a lot on understanding this all?09:38
maxamilliondeCon: uhmm... yes and no09:38
maxamilliondeCon: more so just some background concepts because technically gnu != unix but gnu is very "unix like"09:38
deConmaxamillion, well it will be a start i guess...i'm hoping to teach myself everything i need to know on my own, since school sucks at doing that09:41
=== deCon [n=naoise@c-67-182-233-160.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
deConkk restarted09:43
deConeverything is back to normal, although it just asked me to reconfigure my firewall..as if i had never done it09:43
=== mrynit2 [n=mrynit@c-71-197-158-191.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionyeah ... good program09:47
maxamillionnot sure why it would ask you to do that though09:47
=== kumamoto [n=kumamoto@68-116-129-113.dhcp.ftwo.tx.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
deConill ignore it until there is a problem09:48
deConit shouldn't run as an icon on my taskbar should it?09:48
maxamilliondeCon: nope09:49
maxamilliondeCon: should run in daemon mode09:49
deConmaxamillion, kk thought so09:50
maxamilliondeCon: i run debian on my home machine and it even has its own output during the boot process :)09:50
deConi'm quite disappointed that the corporate scum of M$ can't release their greed enough to allow open-source users to have full functionality09:51
deConi switched over two months ago hoping to just lose gaming, but i keep running into more issues i can't seem to find a replacement for09:52
deConand i HATE rebooting09:52
=== predaeus_ [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
maxamilliondeCon: well, on one hand i can understand because they would lose ALOT of money and have to fire alot of employees but on the other idealistic side it does annoy me09:52
maxamilliondeCon: yeah ... rebooting is annoying09:52
deConmaxamillion, everyone would switch09:52
mrynit2are there any good linux fps games that will run on a 8mb agp 2 card09:52
deConmrynit2, have you *tried* ActionCube or nexuiz?09:52
maxamillionmrynit2: uhmmm..... nexuiz might09:53
mrynit2d/ling now09:53
deConmrynit2, it may be time to spend $40-100 on an amazing new card09:53
mrynit2im using the defualt install s3 drivers tho09:53
mrynit2this is the old p3 comp09:53
maxamillionmrynit2: yeah, the opengl rendering for it should make the game playable09:53
maxamillionmrynit2: its basically an open source clone of unreal tournament: game of the year edition09:54
mrynit2this card ran hL1 ok on win2k09:56
maxamillionmrynit2: yeah, then you should be fine with nexuiz09:56
deCondo you know if there is a *free* VoIP provider?09:57
deConfull service calls ?09:57
maxamilliondeCon: not since scype went subscription only .... no :(09:58
deConwe can only hope that people will prevail over profit one day.......one day09:58
deConi guess that will a large part of what i do with my CS MS09:58
deConcontribute to the community09:58
mrynit2 asterisk>10:00
maxamillionyeah, i am about to start my 4th year of my CS undergrad and then on to CS masters and i plan to be a core dev of something by this time next year10:00
=== mrynit2 [n=mrynit@c-71-197-158-191.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
deConmaxamillion, is there pay in the open-source community...i know its an oxymoron, but i know there are companies like SUN etc10:02
deConi'm finishing my AS this summer and then onto my CS/MS 4 yr10:02
maxamilliondeCon: there is alot of pay in open-source, like people with RedHat certifications make good money being technicians10:02
deConrather, 2.5 year10:03
deConmaxamillion, i guess this is the beginning to my long path10:03
maxamilliondeCon: yup :)10:03
deConits inherent to help in such a community, since my ideals are placed in socialism10:03
deConhows mythTV? is it as good as everyone speaks of it?10:04
maxamilliondeCon: not only that but alot of business user space applications are being written in multi-platform languages these days (mainly java) so you can code on linux, run on whatever10:04
maxamilliondeCon: yes, i am currently (slowly) building a DVR box for my living room that will run mythTV10:04
deConmaxamillion, interesting, so what languages do you hope to/actually do work with? i hear python is quite the hot language these days10:05
deConbut where is the pay, i'm generally doing a CS BS/MS program for the money, so that i can do my own start-ups and whatnot..i know it'll get me somewhere, i just want to make sure i'm not screwing others when doing so10:06
maxamillioni write in python for fun (and for classes that let us choose the language) but i will probably end up coding Java for a living10:06
deConjava is quite the popular language, what others are the big ones?10:06
maxamillionJava seems to be the hot language for application programming, php and python for web development, and ruby/ruby-on-rails also for web devel10:06
deConany idea how to run me through a mythTV install? ..i have the package and its open in Archive manager...10:07
deConahh, so mainly java for what i'm seeking...web does not interest me that much10:07
maxamilliondeCon: uhmmm... mythTV is in the repositories "sudo aptitude install mythtv" ... done10:07
kumamotomaxamillion: have installed ruby-on-rails?10:08
deConmaxamillion, then why would there need be an option to download?10:08
maxamillionkumamoto: nope, haven't ever touched it ... just know people who code it for a living10:08
maxamilliondeCon: for people not running debian/ubuntu10:08
deConmaxamillion, excellent...any idea for the extra themes/plugins?10:09
maxamilliondeCon: www.xfce-look.org10:09
maxamilliondeCon: www.xubuntu.org <---lots of resources there :)10:09
=== maxamillion admins the site
=== maxamillion is aware the css needs work
deConmaxamillion, actually i'm in ubuntu feisty...i was just hopping in here to talk about the other install i'm running, which is stuck at 65% right now..10:10
deConplus...its more busy in the main forum10:10
maxamillionyeah ... i think that is a known issue, it should pass given some time ... there were a few unexplained oddities in the feisty installer10:11
maxamilliondeCon: i have been a debian gnu/linux user for over 7 years now and i plan to start learning FreeBSD inside and out this summer and then onto OpenSolaris ... want to know as much *nix as i can :)10:12
kumamotoI have been playing with opensolaris using nexentaOS and if you don't have a bsd background man it is hell to work with10:13
kumamotosorry to butt in that was just my 2c10:14
maxamillionkumamoto: no worries10:14
maxamillionkumamoto: yeah, i have played with freebsd a little but don't know much about it ... plan to buy "The Complete BSD" O'Reilly publication and familiarize myself with the entire system10:15
deConhave you been switching in and out of main OS's...or running one main one, and switching over to others?10:15
maxamilliondeCon: always run debian or "a debian" on my home machine and just kinda play with others on the side10:17
deCondebian just work properly?10:17
maxamilliondeCon: interesting link: http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=independence <---shows how much of the linux world is made up of debian10:17
deConumm, so i ran mythtv, without doing something i think...and its running, but uh....ya..its on my main desktop10:17
maxamilliondeCon: uhmm... debian is stable and secure above all else10:17
maxamilliondeCon: you asked how to install it, not how to use it ;) ...10:18
maxamilliondeCon: you should be able to just exit the program and be back at your desktop10:18
maxamillionbut yeah ... "ubuntu is debian" just with alot of hack and slash stuff going on to make it more geared towards the desktop user10:19
maxamilliondebian is more of a "pure" gnu/linux distro ... so to speak10:19
deConmore cli oriented?10:20
maxamilliondeCon: uhmm... yeah i guess you could say that10:20
deCondepends on distro..10:20
maxamilliondeCon: i do all of my system administration in the cli anyways so even on xubuntu i didn't really notice much of a difference10:21
deConso your more of a computing user, not a graphics user10:21
deConxubuntu for performance..10:21
maxamilliondeCon: pretty much ... i mainly just code10:21
deConwhat do you code? ....like what types of applications or why?10:22
maxamilliondeCon: i enjoy xfce and have used it for a long time (before xubuntu even existed) and i like a graphical user interface but there are just certain things i like better in the cli10:22
deConbecause i've become a computer user mainly because of gaming originally, and now i'm interested in being able to fix/admin everything about all my tech...since i have a psp, a python-able phone, and a few other similar devices10:22
maxamilliondeCon: i mainly just code for class and random stuff for work (i have a student level system admin job for my college campus)10:23
deConi'm a power-user that has suddenly taken an interest in how/why things operate, and what i can do to make them more appropriate for my power use...like i want to learn to add features to things10:23
maxamilliondeCon: yup ... open source is the place for you10:23
deConi hope so, cuz i was fairly lost, but i think i just need to give myself some time to learn10:24
maxamilliondeCon: yes, its a long road that will really just come to you in time ... its kinda one of those things that once you learn the basics... the rest will come to you in the form of experience10:24
deConits just so intimidating coming from such an area where the "how" doesn't really come into play...and there is an overwhelming amount of content because of the types of code out there...it boggles me and its hard to figure out where to start10:24
maxamilliondeCon: here is a good place :)10:25
deConwell thanks for the help, where are you from..cuz its late where i'm at10:25
maxamilliondeCon: Texas10:25
maxamilliondeCon: its 3:30am here10:25
deConutah here10:25
maxamillioni _should_ sleep ... but i don't have to wake up till noon tomorrow so i'm not too worried10:26
deConany ideas for a kid to start learning programming? next semester i think i'm taking intro to unix and this semester is intro to C++10:26
deConhaha, i tell myself that all the time, but the last week i've been up til four and woken at 2pm10:26
maxamillionC++ isn't a bad place to start, you will probably learn some good and some bad programming habbits that kinda come with the territory of the language (you will learn in time that C++ is a complete hack job of a programming language)10:27
maxamillionbut over all i think C++ and/or Java are good starting points10:28
deConi did java in 2003, but as an indy study in high school...so i half assed the hell out of it, and can't remember anything10:28
maxamillionC++ is good because it teaches you a decent number of "low level" concepts but doesn't let you completely shoot yourself in the foot without throwing a warning or two at compile time10:29
maxamillionJava is a very "safe" language10:29
maxamilliongood language, just very safe10:29
deConhow would you describe python? One of my very intelligent programmer/advanced networking linux user friends recommended checking it out because it was "perfect". And this guy seemed to be as power-user in the *nix world as anyone i had ever met10:30
deConhow do you fake actions in irc?10:31
maxamillionfake actions?10:31
maxamillionlike ...10:31
=== maxamillion this?
crimsunI've never heard of C++ as a hack job10:31
maxamillioncrimsun: you are kidding right?10:31
crimsunI've heard people say they strongly dislike, even hate, C++10:31
maxamillionwell, yes10:32
maxamilliondeCon: /me whatever10:32
=== deCon grabs old C++ and Java books and dusts them off
maxamilliondeCon: python is "perfect" in alot of ways, but imperfect in others ... its probably my favorite language to code in and it has a very solid foundation within the *nix community and i think its something that should be learned10:33
maxamilliondeCon: but i think you should learn C, C++, or Java before you learn Python so you truly appreciate what all python does for you10:34
crimsunPython is a great language for many, many uses.10:34
deConand my phone and PSP can use it!10:34
maxamillioncrimsun: i wrote a compiler for class in Python :)10:34
crimsunThere is no one language that does everything brilliantly (easily and efficiently)10:34
deConmaybe i should start there as an independent learning endeavor10:34
crimsunEverything depends on the requirements and the task.10:35
deConthey all have strengths and weaknesses, but python is favored..yes?10:35
maxamilliondeCon: if you learn python first then when you go to learn other languages you will say "omg, its so much easier in python... why don't they do it like <blah>?"10:35
deConmaxamillion, i literally went over to my 4+ year stack of textbooks and grabbed my C++ and Java books10:35
crimsunPython is awesome for creating an X Window System-based GUI application.10:35
deConmaxamillion, so i've heard...haha10:35
deConit has to start somewhere, i didn't even think i still had them10:36
crimsunIt's also brilliant for creating Web-based applications, frameworks, and whatnot.10:36
crimsunIt's brilliant for code generation and for sequencing.10:36
maxamilliondeCon: python is interpreted and slow, so it wouldn't be entirely geared for writing a server daemon in to handle high traffic .... for example10:37
crimsunIt would be madness, however, to write a realtime operating system that runs on an 80386 in Python.10:37
deConso how do you get so turned-on to code? ...i'm usually more of a browser/gamer....but i have ADD so i get distracted with small stupid things, its hard to stay on task for things such as coding....any tips for getting into it?10:37
maxamilliondeCon: its really just kind of a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment when you write software that does something productive and/or useful10:37
deConmaxamillion, i'm sure once i get myself some motivation, i can gain that10:38
deConjust need to work on myself first :P10:38
maxamilliondeCon: fair enough10:39
deConany recommends for ubuntu feisty...for programming software?10:39
maxamilliondeCon: heh... depends on how much torture you want to put yourself through10:39
deConack, no torture haa10:39
crimsunUbuntu's founder is a proponent of Python.10:40
maxamilliondeCon: well then you need to install a package called "build-essential" and that will get you C/C++ compiler (among other developer tools) .... python comes installed with the main system so no worries there and just use gedit for coding10:40
maxamilliondeCon: or if you want a nice IDE, try a package called geany10:41
deConso once my code is 'complete' and i want to test for errors, assuming its C++, how would i run it10:41
maxamilliondeCon: you would have to compile it with g++ and then execute the resulting ELF binary10:41
maxamillionok, i need to go to bed10:42
deConlater, thank you!10:42
maxamilliondeCon: it has been fun, i'm sure i will see you around the channel some other time10:42
deConoh yes10:42
maxamillioncrimsun: take care10:42
maxamillionnight night10:42
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deConcan someone tell me why this install has been taking 5 hours12:05
deConit stuck at 1% then continued...is at 65% and has been for 1.5 hours, just like it did at 1%12:05
Gerrono clue, did you have minor power outage or is it overheated?12:10
Gerroretry if you like12:10
Gerroxubuntu is a refined taste not a poor excuse to keep using extremely old hardware, what your cpu rate?12:12
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belcoHi all, first time here, newbie with xubuntu12:37
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MaxFramesi don't know how i got rid accidentally of the application bar i configured (lower panel)01:29
MaxFramesi can't figure out how to restore it :(01:29
Myrttidouble click on the remaining panel01:43
Myrttipick customize panel01:44
=== Naughtyboy [n=Naughtyb@] has joined #xubuntu
MaxFramesMyrtti: there is no remaining panel02:30
MaxFramesI have tried to open the settings manager and then clicking on "panel", but nothing happens02:30
MaxFrames(meaning that no settings window appears)02:30
MaxFramesi forgot to say that I had eliminated all panels except this one, so now I have no visible panels02:32
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belco@ MaxFrames: try Alt+F502:37
MaxFramesnothing happens02:37
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MaxFramesif I hit ALT+F2, a "run program" popup window appears02:39
belcotry then to type in xfce4-panel02:39
MaxFramesexcellent :)02:40
MaxFramesback to normal02:40
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makkiafter update no taskbar!! please help to return it03:08
TheSheepmakki: press alt+f2, then type 'xfce4-panel'03:14
makkiits back thank you03:15
TheSheepmakki: save the session when logging out and it should stay03:16
makkiok thank you again03:17
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Broukenhi there. is there any way to force 100hz to different resolutions with ati's fglrx drivers in feisty fawn ? it just sticks to 85hz even when i change hz from the display settings to 100hz.03:44
belcoQ: Is it possible to tell Firefox what to use for RTSP protocol ?03:45
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CatoptromancyIs it possible to run a command line from another partition?03:53
CatoptromancyI can easily access my windows partitions with linux03:53
CatoptromancySo I can make a shell script that easily launchs a program in wine03:54
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ivohello, I'm trying to configure the wireless network at university but the wpa_gui "COULD NOT GET STATUS FROM WPA_SUPPLICANT"... I didn't get any further on the web, can anybody help me?04:44
TheSheep!wifi | ivo04:55
ubotuivo: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:55
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masked_marsoeis there any way to get the compose key function working?04:57
masked_marsoeas with regular ubuntu through keyboard options04:58
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thefirstdudeI'm having trouble reading dvds?06:49
thefirstdudewith suse, no problem, but with xubuntu I can't read 'em?06:50
thefirstdudeI go to /media/06:50
kiev3hello :) can anyone tell me whats the minimal requirements for xubuntu to run?06:50
thefirstdudeit recognizes it's a dvd06:50
thefirstdudebut not see anyfiles in it06:50
thefirstdudevlc can't play dvd either06:51
W8TAHok -- how do i override / change the password rules in xubuntu?06:51
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LectusHey! Are most people here using Xubuntu installed from apt-get xubuntu-desktop or a Xubuntu clean install from the CD? (just curious about it)06:57
W8TAHclean install from cd -- using alternate cd06:58
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thefirstdudehow can I tell apt-get to install missing dependencies for an already installed package?07:09
W8TAHid try just re-installling it and let it pull them in-- but im a rookie so who knows07:11
gnomefreakthefirstdude: if its installed it should have all depends installed also07:11
thefirstdudegnomefreak, it has like recommended files, and suggested files that it actually needs07:12
thefirstdudethat's what I wan07:12
gnomefreakthefirstdude: recommends and suggested are not needed at all but using aptitude will install them07:12
gnomefreakthefirstdude: remove it than sudo aptitude install package07:13
thefirstdudeaptitude vd apt-get?07:13
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gnomefreakaptitude grabs recommended and suggested packages were as apt-get doesnt07:16
gnomefreak.win 1007:16
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Catoptromancyisnt there a way to edit the xfce menu? Not the usual but the entries in "include"07:30
MaybellineCatoptromancy: in the menu editor, r-click the --include--, and say "Add external"07:45
deConive been working on this damn installation on an old box all night, and i just woke up to run its first boot....07:48
deConthis is what i get... /bin/sh:can't access tty: job control turned off *initrams)07:48
deConany ideas?07:50
deConi entered "yes" and now its just cycling a line of y's down the left side of screen07:52
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CatoptromancyMaybelline, I want to erase a menu item, not add one07:56
MaybellineCatoptromancy: Oh, you want to edit the debian system menu?07:56
CatoptromancyWine has it own whole menu system ill never use07:56
Catoptromancynext to system and office07:57
MaybellineCatoptromancy: if you don't mind hackin' a bit, check out /usr/share/menu07:57
MaybellineCatoptromancy: that might do somethin'07:58
Catoptromancythose are all programs under the menus07:58
CatoptromancyI want the whole menu gone07:58
Catoptromancyof Wine07:58
MaybellineCatoptromancy: I guess I don't understand.  You want the --include-- menu gone, or an entry ON the --include-- menu?07:59
Catoptromancyand entry on the include menu07:59
Catoptromancyill see if the 1 program I need wine for has source code08:01
Catoptromancywow lost my desktop08:06
CatoptromancyMy icon in thunar to move to desktop is gone08:07
Catoptromancywell I dont really need it anyway08:08
Catoptromancyseems all my stuff just downloads to home08:08
deConcan someone help me please? I'm at some sort of cli after first install on a 350mhz 128mb ram box. it says busy box then an error and a prompt08:09
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Matty_bhi :)08:10
Matty_bprobably hear this one all the time but i'm trying to install xubuntu on a EPIA 800 with a C3 CPU :) any tips?08:11
Catoptromancywhat happened to install?08:13
CatoptromancyTried Live CD?08:13
CatoptromancyAlternate CD is alot easier to install on more PCs08:13
Catoptromancyexpcially the older ones08:13
Matty_bahh yes i was told that...08:14
Matty_bthe live cd just freezes08:14
tonyyarussoVery much so - actually I prefer the alt even for new boxes, but that's me08:14
CatoptromancyIF your totaly sure you want xubuntu, jsut backup your files, and use Alternate CD08:14
CatoptromancyIve installed a few distros and Xubuntu by far the easiest and best looking08:15
Catoptromancyand fastest08:15
Matty_breally i got it running on an old 550 celeron ...it reminds me a bit of 3.1108:15
MaybellineCatoptromancy: check this out http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/08/04/howto-remove-menu-entries-from-the-system-menu/08:15
Matty_bas in windows obviously :)08:15
CatoptromancyTHX May08:15
CatoptromancyI just a clean duel boot, lost all my settings08:16
Catoptromancywine jsut wasnt working right for a few programs08:16
deConcan someone help me please? I'm at some sort of cli after first install on a 350mhz 128mb ram box. it says busy box then an error and a prompt08:21
TheSheepdeCon: what does it say above the busybox message?08:22
deConTheSheep, /bin/sh:can't access tty: job control turned off08:23
LectusCatoptromancy: What distributions have you tried?08:23
deConTheSheep, that is below it..then it continues to a prompt called "(initramfs)"08:23
deConam i missing something? isn't there a gui?08:24
deConwhen i hit help, it gives a list of commands...but i want to get to a desktop envior08:24
TheSheepdeCon: busybox is kind of an emergency shell that comes up when the system fails to start normally08:25
deConTheSheep, ugh...08:26
TheSheepdeCon: the 'job control' message is normal, as busybox doesn't have it08:26
TheSheepdeCon: the reason why you dropped to busybox should be above it08:26
deConTheSheep, any ideas? no other warnings are given before this08:26
TheSheeptry typing 'dmesg|tail'08:26
deConTheSheep: there is a message below about the tty, but that is it08:27
deConTheSheep, "tail" works...but no dmesg08:28
deConTheSheep: and its just a cursor blinking below, nothing has happened yet08:28
TheSheeppress ctrl+d08:28
TheSheepyou say there is no dmesg?08:29
deConTheSheep: correct, no dmesg command, ill try the ctrl+d....i googled the problem, and it seems to be a bug08:30
deConTheSheep: /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off08:31
CatoptromancyLectus, slackware, gentoo, debian, opensuse08:31
Catoptromancygentoo froze my old laptop, but still should have worked, slackware couldnt even get installed08:31
CatoptromancyI think I might have liked debian it had xfce08:32
pleia2it does08:32
deConTheSheep, should i try edgy instead?08:33
TheSheepdeCon: yes, that may work. you should also verify the cd from which you installed08:33
TheSheepdeCon: do you use sata disks?08:33
deConTheSheep: no they are IDE, and apparently the issue is on 6.10 as well08:34
deConTheSheep: I just can't find the fix yet08:34
LectusI've tried Mostly Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu... and also play a bit with Mandriva.... I like ready to run distros, as I don't have time to complex installations. I liked Ubuntu, but KDE seems to run faster and yet has more features. I liked XFCE (I'm running xubuntu now). I liked Xubuntu a lot, but it seems to miss a lot of applications available in ubuntu and kubuntu. Also, I didn't notice much perfomance gain by using XFCE instead of 08:35
LectusAll these choices are nice, but also confusing.08:35
pleia2Lectus: with the exception of some dock apps, you can run most kde and gnome apps in xfce08:35
TheSheepdeCon: the information you provided is not enough to say what is the problem -- busbox comes up always when the system fails to start08:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 96084 in initramfs-tools "boot - /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off" [Medium,Needs info] 08:38
TheSheepdeCon: that error is normal, busybox doesn't have job control and will never have, it's not a bug08:39
deConTheSheep: so how do i bypass it to get to desktoP/08:40
TheSheepdeCon: you need to fix the real problem -- the one that caused you drop to busybox in the first place08:41
TheSheepdeCon: try pressing alt+ctrl+f1, f2, f3, etc. to see if there are no messages on any of the other consoles08:41
LectusI liked Kubuntu set of applications better (example: Kopete works better for me than Gaim). I think I'll install Kubuntu again, and just download XFCE and when I want a lighter window manager I login into it.08:41
=== bleda [n=Turk@unaffiliated/bleda] has joined #xubuntu
deConTheSheep: rebooting, will try...I may have to change BIOS things as well, its looking for ACPI and the box doesn't have that08:44
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CatoptromancyLectus, I actually delete a few programs on a clean install and put Kprograms08:46
CatoptromancyI dont really care what a distro comes with, if the program I was is still available08:46
deConTheSheep: well, i'm in BIOS, any suggestions?08:50
LectusI see... but it takes some time. I like all KDE programs, I just like XFCE better. So, for me it's easier to install Kubuntu and download XFCE than install Xubuntu and download KDE programs.08:50
CatoptromancyI think debian had gnome08:51
Catoptromancyvery meh08:51
Catoptromancyxfce does what I want, usually and looks good08:52
pleia2debian loads up gnome by default, but you can install xfce and kde (and enlightenment and fluxbox and a zillion others...)08:52
CatoptromancyI know08:52
Lectusbtw, I don't even know if it's possible to run KDE programs in XFCE (like konqueror). Is it possible?08:52
pleia2Lectus: yes08:52
Catoptromancyof course08:52
Catoptromancypretty much all programs Ive downloaded for any other  desktop work fine08:53
CatoptromancyKDE one work better usually08:53
Lectusahh... so I think I'll really install Kubuntu and just install XFCE. Will probably be a more confortable environment for me.08:53
Catoptromancywell Kubuntu and switched to XFCE really is xubnut08:54
Catoptromancyyou jsut get the default programs from KDE08:55
Lectusyes... I like the default KDE programs better, and I like both KDE and XFCE depending on my mood. :D08:55
deConTheSheep: wierd, i changed some BIOS settings (like silent boot) and now it is asking for A: boot disk08:55
Catoptromancyalways good to have a choice heh08:55
Lectusmy doubt is: Will the XFCE run faster than KDE even running KDE programs?08:57
deConugh, *shakes fist*08:57
deConi hate this install08:57
CatoptromancyWell XFCE is suppose to run faster as a base, the programs run by themselves08:58
CatoptromancyI find Kaffiene to work faster than gxine08:58
Catoptromancynot to mention gxine seems to be really buggy08:58
Lectusanyway, Kubuntu was quite fast when I tried (a lot faster than gnome on ubuntu)08:58
Catoptromancyk3b = total win, great program08:59
Catoptromancyheh ktorrent too08:59
Lectusyes... that's why I prefer KDE programs... I find the programs that come with xubuntu very poor08:59
Catoptromancyi erased gxine and abiword08:59
Lectuswhile kubuntu already comes with torrent programs and everything08:59
Catoptromancyits just a few second download08:59
CatoptromancyI rather downlaod exactly what I want, than erase ones that distro came with09:00
Lectusthe time I would spend installing the nice programs on xubuntu and removing the useless I would probably better install Kubuntu and just install XFCE09:00
deConso i changed my BIOS settings to silent boot, and now it doesn't detect my HDD09:00
Catoptromancywell its all what you want to do heh09:00
CatoptromancyI love choices09:01
=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-32-9.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
CatoptromancyI just setup duel boot, and spent over 20 minutes erasing programs off XP09:01
Lectusi love choices too... but they confuse me... I think I choose too much and end up not choosing anything LOL09:01
CatoptromancyXP installs programs, that you need to pay for later? Its like they just decided you wanted them09:02
Lectusthe problem is: I only have CD for Kubuntu dapper, and I'll probably wait for the new feisty to arrive (i ordered it)09:03
CatoptromancyI treid to downlaod feisty 3 times in Windows09:03
Catoptromancyended up installing, and ktorrent to finally get it09:04
Catoptromancyinstalling edgy*09:04
Catoptromancytook like a week to download debian09:04
Lectuswell, I like (Ku / Xu / U)buntu better than WinXP, because it comes with everything I need. On XP I would have to install office and such. But it's not the same thing on other distros like slackware. The "run out-of-the-box" thing is what I like in ubuntu and it's friends.09:05
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=== markku [n=ubuntu@line-12585.dyn.kponet.fi] has joined #xubuntu
markkuhello all09:08
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deConi need help setting up my wifi pci card in xub09:13
markkuHas anyone else experienced this kind problem when using xubuntu? When you start it your desktop taskbars wont be there09:13
markkudeCon what is wifi?09:14
markkunever heard about it before09:14
deConwireless internet09:17
deConCan someone please help me get my wi-fi card recognized and installed09:17
=== fraiddo [n=fred@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-164-174.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
markkuwho is manufacturer?09:18
markkuremember every manufacturer wont give drivers linux if they are non open source09:19
markkufor linux09:20
=== Catoptromancy_ [n=cat@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
markkui could help with dsl modems that requires password and username09:20
deConcrimsun, you around?09:23
=== Ubuntu_man [n=steven@g79095.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #xubuntu
=== eifzon [n=eifzon@unaffiliated/eifzon] has joined #xubuntu
eifzoncan i run xubuntu as server?09:27
markkuit should be possible09:27
markkuIf xubuntu doesnt have right program for it im sure you can find right packet for it09:28
=== ToHellWithGA [n=ryan@d5-207.rb2.clm.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
markkuwell i think it should have but im not sure09:28
markkui have my own problems with this lol09:29
markkudesktop daskbars wont work at all09:29
=== ToHellWithGA [n=ryan@d5-207.rb2.clm.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper__cheifzon: what kind of server?09:35
eifzonsys rec?09:35
hyper__cheifzon: what kind of server is that?09:35
hyper__chmarkku: press   Alt+F209:37
hyper__chand enter xfce4-panel09:37
markkui try that09:37
markkusecond i have to change vga cable to other computer lol09:37
hyper__chalr+f2 should open a terminal09:38
ToHellWithGAmarkku: you could use X forwarding couldn't you?09:38
hyper__chand xfce4-panel is the panels binary in xfce09:38
ToHellWithGAssh -X09:38
markkuX forwarding?09:38
ToHellWithGAit'd save you some of the back-and-forth cable moving09:38
deConcan someone help me setup wireless? for some reason during install, it didn't detect it09:38
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:39
ToHellWithGAdeCon: it depends a lot on your chipset09:39
ToHellWithGAif you have an ornery chipset it could be hard to get wireless working09:39
markkumight be chipset is too old09:39
hyper__chmy ralink chip just works09:39
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@pool-70-106-16-215.norf.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
deConToHellWithGA: netgear w311t09:39
hyper__chdeCon: tried the ndiswrapper?09:39
deConhyper_ch: uhh, no. not sure what that is09:39
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:39
markkubtw what means ACPI Force is required09:40
markkuwhen i start xubuntu it whines about something bios age09:41
hyper__ch!acpi | markku09:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:41
hyper__chno acpi... hmmm09:41
hyper__chdeCon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Netgear_WG311_v3?highlight=%28WifiDocs%2FDevice%2909:41
hyper__chmarkku: dunno09:41
markkuwell i try that alt+f2 now09:41
hyper__chwow, linuxmce takes a long time to boot the first time09:41
markkuafk a sec09:41
deConhyper_ch: it isn't showing at all. Should i restart and try a different slot?09:43
markkuback. Thanks ToHellWithGA, that command worked perfectly09:44
hyper__chdeCon: I don't have a clue... my card runs out of the box09:44
hyper__chif yours doesn't... then you have to figure it out yourself... I can't help there09:45
deConeh thanks09:45
ToHellWithGAyeah man, ssh -X is great *over a LAN*09:45
markkusudo pppoeconf have to be runned just once_09:45
ToHellWithGAyou don't wanna try it over internets.  it is slow09:45
markkuthen my network should work even after boot?09:46
=== hyper__ch is still 1st booting linuxmce...
hyper__ch(in vmware)09:46
markkuwell thanks anyway i think i can handle rest now when i have now taskbar >)09:47
hyper__chmarkku: you could make a launcher on the desktop09:47
hyper__chmarkku: so you can just double-click it to execute the xfce4-panel command09:47
markkuit fails to load at start? or it just made to be so?09:47
hyper__chor at least make a launcher that opens a terminal :)09:48
hyper__chmarkku: it should be loaded at start... you may want to check syslog why it fails09:48
markkuyeah guess so >)09:48
markkubtw xubuntu had pppoeconf?09:48
hyper__chI guess so... haven't used any dial-up device for years09:49
markkuhmm it is for dsl09:49
hyper__chisn't pppoe used for dial ups?09:49
markkuadsl and cable modems09:50
hyper__chmarkku: oh... ok... same funny stuff... nah, not cable modems09:50
hyper__chmarkku: at least not here09:50
markkudifferent code?09:50
hyper__chno clue... I plug in an ethernet cable in the cable modem and I'm directly connected to the net09:50
markkukubuntu had sudo pppoeconf to get adsl and cable modems work that need password and username09:50
hyper__chmarkku: nah, my cable modem doesn't need that... no username/pwd09:51
markkuwell then it is dchp i think09:51
hyper__chyes it is09:51
markkuor something like that09:51
hyper__chwell, I'm not hooked up directly ot the cable modem... because I have put a wifi router in-between :)09:51
markkudialup tool in kubuntu is KPPP09:51
markkudunno which one is in xubuntu yet09:52
hyper__chmarkku: no clue09:52
markkuwell i havent ever yet used wireless internet access but i think i will have to when i go to university09:53
markkuwell later now09:53
markkuthanks you guys were big help09:53
hyper__chit's convenient for portable devices.... but if you have a desktop it's not a must have09:53
markkuyeah nice for laptops09:54
hyper__chor pdas09:54
hyper__chor cell phones09:54
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=== aboyousif [n=aboyousi@] has joined #xubuntu
=== g1 [n=goran@dslb-088-076-186-032.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== schlumpf- [n=schlumpf@pD9E8DD2E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
g1Q: Using ThinkPad X20, when starting again after hibernate, the wireless isn't working and the sound also, help.10:06
schlumpf-hi i downloaded a file i unpacked it via tar xzf and now i try to run or install it.. but i dont know how the readme tells me to "make install" but i the console tells me then that "no rules are made to install..." what should i do?10:06
g1make install10:08
Maybellineg1: that's kinda a known problem with hibernation -- I get the same problem.  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-248843.html10:09
Maybelline!bug 5714110:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 57141 in Ubuntu "Sound doesn't work after restart, only works on cold boot" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5714110:10
Maybellineg1: also check out /etc/acpi/suspend.d/ scripts.  You might can tweak one to restart your sound & wireless stuff.10:12
g1no way to restart, I tried restarting alsa server10:12
Maybellineg1: Maybe you can check that it stops the alsa server in suspend.d, and then make sure it restarts in resume.d/alsa10:12
=== markku [n=markku@line-11763.dyn.kponet.fi] has joined #xubuntu
markkuback :)10:13
markkuthis all in one chat client is really useful lol10:14
Maybellinemarkku: gaim?10:14
Matty_bdoh still no joy with xubuntu :(10:16
g1from suspend.d10:16
g1if [ -x /etc/init.d/alsa-utils ] ; then10:16
g1  /etc/init.d/alsa-utils stop10:16
g1it should stop10:16
markkui found command for ACPI10:17
markkuand at boot it says ACPI force is required10:18
markkuMaybelline: Yup gaim10:19
Maybellineg1: there might be a message in dmesg about it getting suspended or resumed10:21
=== aro [n=aro@] has joined #xubuntu
markkuXubuntu didn't have ready torrent client?10:22
Maybellinemarkku: deluge rocks, FYI10:22
markkunever heard10:23
Maybellinemarkku: http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/10:24
=== adam0509 [n=benoit@stc92-1-82-227-107-105.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
markkui'm so excited about finding new interesting things in linux. I have used MS Windows now 11 years10:27
markkuMaybeline how about Ktorrent?10:29
markkudoesn't work with Xfce4?10:30
g1Maybeline: dmesg [ 4183.980000]  ac97 0-0:CS4297A: resuming10:30
=== merhojt [n=Jimmy@h68n1c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancy_ktorrent works with xfce10:32
Maybellinemarkku: yep, I don't know of any KDE or Gnome app that doesn't work with XFCE10:35
markkuwell one problem10:35
markkui'm totally new with linux so i need instructions to install it ^10:35
Maybellineg1: was there a suspend message before that?  That might be the problem, if it doesn't suspend properly10:36
Maybellinemarkku: open up synaptic in the menu, search for torrent, and then double-click ktorrent.  All dependencies will get installed automatically10:37
g1Maybelline:[ 2661.512000]  ac97 0-0:CS4297A: freeze10:37
markkuaa looks so10:38
markkuannoying do to double-double clicks to start certain programs10:38
Maybellineg1: what if you do a "sudo modprobe -r ac97" or whatever module is used?  Then, modprobe ac97 to get it back... just a thought10:38
markkuhmm got error10:38
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #xubuntu
Maybellinemarkku: actually, you can right click, and choose mark for installation10:39
markkuError: Dependency is not satisfiable: kdelibs4c2a10:39
shirishguys my file manager is not responding, any ideas how can I kill it10:39
Maybellinemarkku: Hmm, don't know about that one.10:39
Maybellineshirish: alt-f2, then type in gksudo killall xfce4-terminal10:40
markkui retry10:41
Maybellinemarkku: probably won't help10:41
shirishMaybelline: it didn't do anything :(10:41
markkulooks like i don't have right package installer10:41
Maybellineshirish: try gksudo killall Thunar (make sure your caps are correct)10:42
shirishok that worked10:42
Maybellinemarkku: sorry... I don't really use any KDE apps.  There are lots of gnome alternatives, if you're not set on Ktorrent10:43
markkuMaybelline: do i have right package? ktorrent_2.1.4~0jdong1~7.04prevu1_i386.deb10:44
Maybellineshirish: yeah... sorry, I meant Thunar the first time... oops10:44
shirishMaybelline: can u also guide me about torrent alternatives, gnome or xfce-based10:44
markkuwelcome to the club Shirish10:44
Maybellinemarkku: not sure... that looks like a preview release.  That can really make things more difficult.  There should be a Ktorrent in the default repos10:45
shirishMaybelline: I also thought it would be Thunar but wasn't sure, a noob as far as xfce is concerned10:45
shirishMaybelline: Ktorrent is there in the default repos, I had used it sometime back10:45
markkuwhat do you mean by default?10:45
Maybellineshirish: for both of you guys, I would recommend deluge.  It really does work great.10:45
markkuwell i was old utorrent user and ktorrent is just linux version of it10:46
shirishMaybelline: I haven't had good experience with it, have filed few bugs for deluge, will have to wait a bit for it to do something10:46
shirishmarkku: ktorrent is version  2.1.4-0ubuntu1~feisty1 in the repos10:46
shirishi.e. unless you are using gutsy or something like dapper about which I'm not aware of10:47
=== beli [n=beli@p213.54.17.201.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #xubuntu
belihi folks10:47
g1Maybelline: unloading the module ac97_codec didn't help10:48
Maybellineg1: did you reload it?  sudo modprobe ac9710:48
belii just did a fresh install of fresty fawn and i want to use wireless lan with wpa/wpa2 encryption.....howto do that?10:49
=== zen-afk [n=zenrox@pool-71-120-243-30.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
g1/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base says # Prevent abnormal drivers from grabbing index 010:49
g1options snd-bt87x index=-210:49
g1options cx88-alsa index=-210:49
g1options saa7134-alsa index=-210:49
g1options snd-atiixp-modem index=-210:49
g1options snd-intel8x0m index=-210:49
g1options snd-via82xx-modem index=-210:49
g1options snd-usb-audio index=-210:49
g1options snd-usb-usx2y index=-210:49
Maybellineg1: do lsof | grep snd and see what you get10:50
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)10:50
shirish!paste > g110:50
belinoone here using wireless lan with wpa/wpa2?10:52
Maybellinebeli: not me, sorry10:52
markkui'm using pppoe protocol10:52
markkusry can't help10:52
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
markkuits strange why there isn't a ready tool for pppoeconf10:53
markkuit confused me a lot when i started to use linux/gnu10:54
=== Catoptromancy_ [n=cat@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Maybellineg1: The only thing I can think of is to remove all the snd-related modules, then do alsa restart10:54
markkujust three different connection types for tools: Dial-up, DCHP, and wireless10:54
g1how do I find out what are the snd-related modules10:55
markkudunno, i'm totally beginner still10:55
Maybellineg1: lsmod | grep snd10:55
g1yes, should have thought of that10:56
shirishmarkku: there is some pppoeconf tool, hold on10:56
markkumy friend told code for terminal10:57
markkui didn't find a ready tool to set up username and password for dsl or cable modem connection10:57
g1FATAL: Module snd_cs4281 is in use.10:57
belimarkku: i guess the problem is that there are many different libaries tools relay on10:58
belisome use QT10:58
beliothers gtk10:58
shirishmarkku: just need to do "sudo aptitude install pppoeconf" in the terminal10:58
belithat's the problem with grafical tools....10:58
shirishits in the mains so shouldn't be an issue10:58
Maybellineg1: yeah, you'll have to killall the programs that are using the sound -- lsof | grep snd10:58
shirishthere is also something called xdialog which could be a front-end10:58
belishirish: he wants something gui like10:58
markkuShirish: I know sudo pppoeconf, but what i mean there aren't any "ready program tool" to set up them without opening terminal10:59
Maybelline!bug pppoeconf10:59
=== lysergide [n=sadistic@89-215-3-42.2072975527.ddns-lan.pl.ekk.bg] has joined #xubuntu
belimarkku: you are a newbie as you said yourself...one thing i can give you on your way to the linux alphageek....learn using console. not gui apps11:00
Maybelline!bug 5216711:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 52167 in pppoeconf "DSL configuration is suboptimal." [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5216711:00
belimarkku: but you are right with "there should be tools for the main ways to connect to internet"........in base!11:01
g1wow that was funny I killed a snd process and the desktop colors changed11:02
shirishactually pppoeconf is a pretty good tool, just need somebody to make a front-end for it using glade-gnome11:02
belishirish: or ncurses ;)11:02
belishirish: pppoeconf is doing well on the console11:03
shirishright, glade-gnome or ncurses11:03
markkuwhat hell is this11:04
markkusuddenly this thing opened 50 trash cans11:04
shirishactually it should be glade-gnome311:04
Maybellineg1: yeah, that what the xfce-mcs thing does11:04
g1how do I kill all the snd processes can I copy paste all11:05
Maybellineg1: not sure... especially if you're writing it into a script for resume.d/11:06
markkuBeli: Yeah i know, first day and i have learned how to set up bugged xfce4-panel when i boot computer, set up pppoeconf in terminal lol11:07
shirishbb in a moment11:07
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=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
markkui need small help with manual partion setting11:10
g1I guess cold start would help11:10
markkui don't know how to specify a partion for the root file system (mount point "/")11:10
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #xubuntu
Maybellineg1: yeah, that's what I do.  Edgy fixed the sound problem for me, but the wireless still doesn't come back from suspend11:11
markkuMaybelline how new computer you have?11:11
Maybellinemarkku: which one? lol11:12
markkulinux one11:12
markkuor suckiest one with linux lol11:12
g1Maybelline:I have no problem with the wireless because when I restart it, it works. But the sound does not11:12
Maybellinemarkku: I've got Xubuntu on a brand new X2 5000+, a P3-800 laptop, a Sempron 3000+, a Sempron 2400+ and an old compaq laptop... 266MHz, I think11:13
g1I hope this gets fixed11:13
Maybellineg1: in feisty?11:13
g1yes I run feisty11:14
markkumine linux computer is running on Intel 440ix chipset with 350 Mhz (Pentium II) and 128 Mb ram ;P11:14
Maybellineg1: what laptop?11:14
g1TP X2011:14
=== maxamillion notices a lot of new nicks in here since he last logged in .... a week ago
markkuI need help with install part: Manual partition setting --> How to specify a partition for the root file system (so i can get 9 GB of ext3, 10GB Fat32 and 1G Swap11:16
Maybellineg1: have you tried hibernate vs. suspend?11:17
g1I actually Hibernate, I don't suspend11:18
lysergidemarkku when u istall theres manual partiton manager11:20
markkuyou mean that window?11:20
Maybelline!bug 80893 > g111:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 80893 in linux-source-2.6.20 "[Feisty]  Inaudible audio upon resuming from suspend-to-disk" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8089311:20
lysergidemarkku hm ?11:21
Maybellineg1: looks like some people have better luck with suspend rather than hibernate, and some people found a new kernel that fixes the issue11:21
markkuwell i didn't get how to specify a partion for root file system... it says about i have to specify root file system11:21
markkui wonder how to do that lol11:21
lysergidemarrku go to the partiton u want to do as root , ENTER and then choose "/"11:21
markkuguess i will do it soon11:23
markkui was thinking to make this as server computer or download computer11:23
lysergidemarkku well , when i dont have it infront of me cant xplain it very well , sry dude11:23
shirishguys I don't know if this problem is known or not, but if I go through Applications > Settings > Screensaver Settings it gives me an error saying "XFCE settings manager error: No such plugin" any ideas anybody?11:23
shirishwhile I can do xscreensaver or xscreensaver-demo without an issue11:23
markkuso i need fat32 file type for windows so i can tranfer files to my other computer11:24
shirishhas this issue been reported or no?11:24
g1how do I see what am I running? which versions11:24
lysergidemarkku nope11:24
markkuShirish second i try that too11:24
lysergidemarrku w8 a sec11:24
shirishmarkku: sure, if you also get it then either I or you whoever can report it while the other one can subscribe to it11:25
markkui don't get error11:25
Maybellineshirish: what happens when you do alt-f2, xscreensaver-demo11:25
markkuit opens it nice and smoothly11:25
shirisheither by terminal or alt+f2 it opens nice & easy11:25
shirishI mean by going through the Applications > Settings > Screensaver Settings I get this error11:26
Maybellineshirish: sorry, mine works both ways11:26
shirishI have installed xubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu 7.0411:26
markkunot wise to put circuit screensaver on sucky computer lol11:27
lysergidemarkku u need read/write NTFS and FAT32 Mounter11:27
Maybellinemarkku: seconded... lol11:27
shirishMaybelline: for me that doesn't work & it opens up the settings manager11:27
lysergidemarkku you can install it with Automatix11:27
markkui have 2 computers... one is windows computer, one is linux computer without any second operating system11:28
=== zenrox [i=zenrox@pool-71-120-243-30.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
lysergidemarkku then why you want to be able to write on FAT32 or NTFS when u aint have another OS on the Linux System11:28
markkuso i need just fat32 file system where i can put windows files and then transfer them to "better" computer without problems11:29
shirishok can anybody guide me in xscreensaver-demo > Advanced tab there are 3 options for display when power management is enabled Standby , Suspend & Off can anybody give me the difference between them?11:29
Maybellineshirish: it doesn't work through the settings manager, but works from terminal, right?11:29
markkuwant know?11:29
lysergidemarkku hmm can't get your idea mate :X11:30
shirishMaybelline: it actually is not listed in the settings manager11:30
markkustandby : computer is standby but user is not making any action and os turns off screen11:30
markkuLyser hehe it is bit complicated...11:30
Maybellineshirish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VESA_Display_Power_Management_Signaling11:30
markkulets say this linux computer is just download computer11:30
markkuand windows computer is entertaiment computer11:31
shirishMaybelline: its listed as Settings with a menu where all are given, lemme give a screenshot11:31
lysergidemarkku then just connect the 2 PC's and copy/paste from Linux to Windows11:31
Maybellinemarkku: or samba or ftp11:32
markkubut windows can't read ext3 file system11:32
lysergidemarkku u don't need FAT32 partition to do that ...11:32
markkuoh there is better way to do it?11:32
lysergidemarkku the windows doesnt need to read em11:32
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shirishMaybelline: ok this is what it looks like http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/6632/settingsmanager1hs7.png11:36
shirishguys does the settings should look like that?11:36
Maybellineshirish: mine looks just like that, and it works fine11:37
shirishApplications > Settings > Screensaver settings in the drop-down list11:37
Maybellineshirish: what is the bandwidth monitor you have running, by the way?11:38
shirishits gnome-based, hang on11:38
shirishits called netspeed11:39
shirishok I get this error http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/9083/xfcemcsmanagersm6.png11:40
Maybellineshirish: have you tried a reinstall of xscreensaver?11:40
shirishnope, perhaps I should11:41
shirishanother thing do u guys know of something called lokkit? what is it? because I'm not able to get anything out of it11:41
Maybellineshirish: nope, sorry11:42
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lysergideshirish http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/linux/RHL-8.0-Manual/custom-guide/s1-basic-firewall-gnomelokkit.html11:44
markkuyou meaned tar.gz ending files?11:45
markkusource code ones11:45
Maybellinemarkku: sorry, what do you mean?11:45
markkuKtorrent install file lol11:46
lysergideshirish http://linux.about.com/cs/linux101/g/lokkit.htm11:46
Maybellinemarkku: why are you trying to install from source, and not using the one in Synaptic?11:46
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markkuhmmm np11:47
markkunow i got why it didn't work11:48
lysergideshirish http://packages.debian.org/stable/net/lokkit11:48
shirishlysergide: I did aptitude show lokkit & it shows what it is, also running it as sudo lokkit tells me what is there11:49
lysergideshirish sry i just found you info at the net , i haven't use this so can't rly tell you.11:49
shirishlysergide: I am grateful, no doubt its actually in the repo & gets installed with xubuntu I guess but by default it doesn't do anything11:50
lysergideshirish theres a lot of info and as far as i saw , u shoud answer few question asked by the programa and it will build personal firewall for u11:51
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shirishlysergide: i know that, what i mean I get an error like this11:53
shirishthis is when I try to access it via the Applications > System > Lokkit also there doesn't seem to be an icon associated with it11:54
lysergideshirish re-install it11:55
shirishlysergide: did a reinstall no effect11:58
lysergideshirish search for some FAQ in google mate , cant help you sry11:59
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=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@static-72-86-135-243.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
g1is anyone able to use the xkb-plugin ? or how do u switch keyboards ?12:01
cjaeso if I recompile my kernel it won't be updated via apt-get right??12:02
vidd_laptopcjae, thats right12:02
cjaewhat about before the generic kernel thing??12:03
vidd_laptopif you make a custom kernel, it will NEVER be updated via apt-get12:03
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
cjaevidd_laptop, thanx12:04
cjaeI need to try and recover video of an udf (I believe) written disc it was wrote by a hitachi cam dvd ram there was stuff on it windows (isobuster) but I forgot to recover it before I erased windows12:08
cjaewhat can I do/use to recover these .vobs I believe12:08
cjaethe dvd is -r mini disc12:09
vidd_laptopdid you FORMAT the drive?12:09
cjaethe camera was stolen12:09
cjaebut the disc remains but would not play in normal media players let alone app designed for camera12:10
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=== Sergo [n=sergiu@] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopsorry cjae no ideas12:10
cjaeIsobuster had a recover thing that found .vobs12:11
Sergohow to connect to computer that are in local area connection ?12:11
cjaebut I forgot to do it12:11
Sergolike \\
Sergoon win12:11
phibxrSergo, smbclient?12:11
vidd_laptopSergo, connect using what?12:11
cjaethanks anyway vidd_laptop12:11
cjaeanyine else12:11
Sergophibxr: with smbclient?12:12
Sergoi'l try12:12
Sergobut isn't there any utility that permit to connect with an Gui program?12:12
Sergoto local computer12:12
Sergovidd_laptop: i don't know12:12
phibxrSergo, if you mean 'connect' like in 'connect to a windows computer using sambia' smbclient should do it. i'm pretty sure someone should have worked out a gui for it after all these years. haven't been using it in years, so i don't know about that.12:13
Sergoconnect using my pc12:13
vidd_laptopare you trying to share files?12:13
Sergono, i'm trying to access shared files on local computer12:13
vidd_laptopremote login?12:13
phibxrSergo, "jags - Just Another GTK+ Samba Client" could do it, maybe.12:14
Sergothere is no login requet12:14
vidd_laptopSergo, you CAN do a remote login to your linux box from a windows machine....12:14
vidd_laptopbut what you want[i think]  is to access a file share on your linux box from your windows machine?12:15
shirishguys lokkit is installed by default with xubuntu right?12:15
Sergono, i want to access a windos machine using xubuntu12:15
vidd_laptopso i have it backwards....12:16
vidd_laptopsamba client is definantly what ya need Sergo12:16
=== vidd_laptop never goes digging on the virus swampholes on his home network
Sergovidd_laptop probaly but i never had useed smbclient12:17
vidd_laptopme iether12:17
Sergoonly some gui programs that allows to access windows machine12:18
Sergo=] 12:18
Sergoi'l try to use with smbclinet, hope i'l understand it12:18
vidd_laptopso use what you know12:18
vidd_laptopif it works on other linux distros, it will work on xubuntu12:18
vidd_laptopthey were most likely smbclient front ends anyway12:19
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portuliniHi all... I need some help getting my connection at xubuntu to work properly... who could help me?12:23
vidd_laptopwhat kind of connection?12:24
portuliniADSL. I can open google, but nothing else12:24
portuliniI can search on google, even, but can't open the results...12:25
vidd_laptopdo you connect via a router...or is the box plugged right into the modem?12:25
portuliniright into the modem, and from the modem to my ethernet card12:25
vidd_laptopyou have verizon dsl?12:26
portuliniNope, not from the US12:26

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