willvdlwell, we want to lower the bariier for folks to vet apps12:18
=== ogra-classmate notices angry looks from the side from GF ....
willvdlbut make sure that devs can maintain the queues in the background12:18
pips1HedgeMage: the sign-on thing is high priority...12:18
ogra-classmatei'll rather say goodnight now ..... ciao12:18
HedgeMageEither it's moot or it's high priority...12:18
=== HedgeMage is confused
HedgeMagenn ogra-classmate12:18
willvdlpips1, why high?12:18
pips1sorry, *not* high priority12:19
pips1HedgeMage: explain what you mean by everything you want already exists as drupal contrib modules12:19
willvdlHedgeMage, our main concern is scalability and leveraging biggest developer pool12:20
pips1willvdl: by scalability, I suppose you mean, you want the performance of the application database to scale well?12:21
HedgeMagepips1: If I'm understanding what you want correctly, someone could submit a node with an application description, link to the app home page, possibly an attached file (package), and it should be rated and reviewed by many people, then passed on for review by someone of a special role, correct?12:21
willvdlpips1, no, I mean if we move to 6.0 or if we move parts of our webforms to the ubuntu-education site... flexibility more like12:21
willvdlHedgeMage, yes. It would be rated etc.12:22
pips1well, if it is done as a drupal module, we could easily use it at both edubuntu.org and ubuntu-education12:22
=== HedgeMage would use core Drupal + CCK (for a special node to make the form more intuitive) + upload (optional core module) for uploading the file + either 5star, review, or another voteapi module depending on the style of voting you want, then if you want to get really fancy add workflow and event so that when the reviews/votes hit a certain threshold, moderators/decision-makers are alerted
willvdlHedgeMage, the review process would tag it as: in Main? in Universe? need packaging? with reasons as to why it's held up or waiting etc.12:23
HedgeMagewillvdl: that's easy to add, it's just a CCK taxonomy form field (you could use a standard CCK field, but making it a taxonomy thing improves performance and allows more flexible searching/viewing by status)12:24
willvdlHedgeMage, the more I think on it, it could be really easy in drupal12:24
willvdlI like the taxonomy idea12:24
LaserJockbut in the end how easy would it be to get the data *out* of drupal?12:24
LaserJockcan we just do a DB dump?12:25
willvdlmatt nuzum reckons no LP authentication module yet, but openid should be easy and LP might get there12:25
HedgeMageLaserJock: yep12:25
willvdlLaserJock, yep12:25
willvdlcustom commandline query if you want12:25
HedgeMageLaserJock: basically to get everything you'd need two things: a DB dump and a copy of the files/ dir where the uploaded files are kept12:25
willvdlHedgeMage, it uses either postgres or mysql right? there is a choice?12:25
pips1HedgeMage: yes, I understand the drupal modules you are suggesting, but we are talking about validation ... i.e. we want to query dynamically if debian packages for a certain (edu) application exist already before a community member creates a new entry in the app db...12:25
HedgeMagewillvdl: mysql support gets a little more attention than Postgres, but postgres is still supported.12:26
willvdlHedgeMage, the files would stay in archive.ubuntu.com or packages.u.c or whereever12:26
willvdlwe would only link meta-data and our own commenting/vetting etc.12:26
HedgeMagewillvdl: ahh, so we're just linking to them?12:26
willvdldon't want to reinvent LP :)12:26
HedgeMageIn that case, just slap together a custom CCK type for it -- I'd have to code a submodule for the linking to a package field interface to make it more non-coder friendly, but that's certainly do-able12:27
HedgeMage(It'd probably be a weekend project, not horribly complicated)12:27
HedgeMageWhat kind of API does LP provide for pulling that sort of information?12:27
willvdlbut we wouldn't have to link to LP I don't think12:28
HedgeMageoh, just put in a link to the LP page?12:28
willvdlexcept maybe to get the seed file per release12:28
willvdlthe only way to check if a package is on a CD is to query the seed12:29
=== HedgeMage thought it would be nice to pull in everything but the file itself (just grab the metadata) for display in the drupal site to make it a more intuitive interface.
=== HedgeMage is just kicking out ideas of course
pips1guys.. I need to go.. HedgeMage, I'm glad you're pitching in with this... but please, before you jump to any solutions, do read the specification in depth first, and we should elaborate the spec and the implementation bits a bit further before coming to any conclusions / hackfests :-)12:30
HedgeMagepips1: definitely... I don't have time for a hackfest for a couple of weeks anyway12:30
willvdlHedgeMage, meta-data like age applicability, localisation concerns etc. are not in LP12:30
willvdlthey have to go in by hand12:30
=== HedgeMage nods
HedgeMageI have to go too12:30
willvdlpips1, nighty. I will wrk on the spec more tomorrow12:30
willvdlHedgeMage, thanks a million12:30
pips1thanks guys.12:31
willvdlsounds like we have a solution. I'll put things down more clearly on the spec wiki page asap12:31
HedgeMagewillvdl, pips1 -- someone please email me a reminder if you don't hear back from me by next week12:31
pips1and just to let you know - I'm travelling from tomorrow until monday, so unfortunately, I'll only be able to pick up the ball on tuesday earliest12:31
HedgeMageI have a lot on my plate right now and don't want to let this slip :)12:31
willvdlI'm traveling from Sunday to Thursday12:32
willvdlbut will flesh out the spec first12:32
pips1uh uh, too much travelling all around12:32
willvdlHedgeMage, we envision this process/spec becoming a core part of app review in general12:32
HedgeMagecool :)12:33
willvdlplus, we need a new drupal anyway :)12:33
pips1willvdl: will you compile our discussion bits from above into the spec (pros/cons, drupal possiblities that HedgeMage mentioned - they are all valid)12:33
willvdlyeah, logging this call :)12:33
HedgeMagerocking :)12:33
=== HedgeMage goes back to work work
pips1use this info in particular HedgeMage: "HedgeMage would use core Drupal + CCK (for a special node to make the form more intuitive) + upload (optional core module) for uploading the file + either 5star, review, or another voteapi module depending on the style of voting you want, then if you want to get really fancy add workflow and event so that when the reviews/votes hit a certain threshold, moderators/decision-makers are alerted"12:35
pips1^^^ that a good summary of what would be needed drupal wise12:35
willvdlright, it's ANOTHER very late night for me :)12:35
willvdlsee you guys tomorrow12:35
pips1however, building "workflow" in will need a bit more effort that a weekend hackfest ;-)12:36
pips1see you next week12:36
willvdlpips1, we stage the development.12:36
willvdlbits at a time12:37
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ajmitchhello Burgwork12:39
Burgworkhey ajmitch12:39
HedgeMagepips1: I meant that particular feature would be a weekend hackfest :P12:41
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SolifugusIf I want to install in a lab for diskless workstations, what version of edubuntu do I need?  edubuntu-server?02:44
Burgundaviaclassroom server02:45
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Burgundaviahey HedgeMage02:46
SolifugusI don't see one called classroom server... just desktop, server, and server addons02:46
Burgundaviawhere are you looking?02:46
SolifugusAlso... is edubuntu gnome only?  I'd really strongly prefer kde02:47
Burgundaviayou can install kde02:47
Burgundaviabut the default is gnome02:47
Solifugusok.. fine then..02:47
Burgundaviain this case, you need the server cd02:47
SolifugusI need capabilities that gnome doesn't have. like kio slaves02:47
Burgundaviawhy are not downloading from edubuntu.org?02:47
HedgeMagehi Burgundavia02:48
SolifugusBurgundavia: I just googled for "edubuntu downloads"02:48
Burgundaviathe first hit I get in edubuntu.org/download02:49
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SolifugusBurgundavia: but doesn't that eventually lead to mirrors.. like the one i picked.02:50
Burgundaviayes, but is explains what each download is02:50
SolifugusBurgundavia: yep.. that's true..02:51
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encompassAmaranth: are you the guy that made the Amaranth theme?06:34
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LaserJockmorning highvoltage08:25
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highvoltagemorning LaserJock08:49
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mcsddoes anyone know if the restricted drivers are loaded by default in fiesty?03:22
`6ogi would expect them to be03:23
mcsdhmmm lspci shows: 01:00.0 VGA comapatible controller: ATI TECH INC RV380 [Radeon X600 (PCIE)03:26
mcsd01:00.1 Display Controller: ATI Tech I03:26
mcsd01:00.1 Display Controller: ATI Tech Inc RV380 [Radeon X60003:27
`6ogdoes `lsmod |grep ati` or `lsmod |grep fgl` return anything?03:27
mcsdbut my resolution only goes up to 1024 x 76803:27
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`6ogsigh. i have to stop siwtching gui/sli irc clients03:28
mcsdlsmod |grep ati: cpufreq_conservative      8200   003:28
`6ogi was /trying/ to say: you probalby only need to reconfigure xorg03:28
mcsd...but then everytime I reboot the live cd it will revert back to the incorrect xorg.conf03:31
mcsdis there a way to include the correct xorg.conf into a live cd?03:32
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavMorning all03:32
`6ogum. there was some work done on that, but i dont know anything about it03:32
`6oghi sbalneav03:32
`6oghow you going mate?03:33
sbalneavDoing ok03:33
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haDo you know somebody a programm for nuclear chart like kalzium for periodic table?03:56
ha(for isotop table)03:56
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LaserJockogra-classmate: did you see my sync request bug for gcompris?05:20
LaserJockogra-classmate: all it needs is an ACK from you and for you to subscribe ubuntu-archive05:20
ogra-classmatenope, i have 110unread bugmails in my bugfolder atm let me look it up05:20
ogra-classmatethere you got your ACK :)05:22
ogra-classmatethe deps are right as well ?05:23
ogra-classmate(python version)05:23
LaserJockI'm pretty sure05:23
LaserJockfor 2.5 it was just a rebuild05:23
LaserJockI had StevenK build it on amd64 for me05:24
LaserJockjust to make sure the 64bit python problem was fixed05:24
LaserJockand I installed it and everything seemed ok05:24
ogra-classmateworst case ping me for such stuff05:24
ogra-classmatei have an qamd64 (even no amd64 os atm)05:24
ogra-classmateLaserJock: any clue what bug 115704 might be about ??05:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 115704 in gcompris "use gcompris on logout" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11570405:27
LaserJockogra-classmate: not yeat05:27
LaserJockwhen i was doing the sync I noticed that there were 24 gcompris bugs!05:27
ogra-classmateits a *bit* sparse05:27
LaserJockI'm going to try to go through those and see what can be closed, etc.05:28
ogra-classmatethere should be a bunch that is just leftover paperwork05:28
ogra-classmatei.e. fixed upstream05:28
ogra-classmate`anyway, i have to go mowing now ... else i"ll have a bad evening .... grass is starting to grow up to the window sill at points05:31
ogra-classmateand i'm overdue05:31
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tristan_can anyone tell me if sound is supported at the edubuntu thin clients?07:40
yuriyit is07:40
tristan_how do those thin client work? just with a xserver client on a remote server or what?07:41
tristan_didn't read the manual and stuff.. I know ;p07:41
LaserJockthe thin client gets a basic environment, kernel, X07:42
LaserJockthen sets up an ssh connection back to the server07:42
tristan_so it's actually the same as a normal setup?07:42
LaserJockin what way?07:43
LaserJockI mean, what the client sees should be normal07:43
tristan_well, like I installed with the debian netinstall in the past07:43
LaserJockbut there's a lot of complications07:43
LaserJocksound is one of them07:43
LaserJockdevices on the client is another07:43
ogra-classmatecomplications ?07:43
=== ogra-classmate raises a brow
LaserJockwell, it's not like doing it on a normal machine07:44
LaserJockyou had to build that stuff in07:44
tristan_hmmz... not just installing Linux with a x-client?07:44
ogra-classmatebut it functions like normal07:45
ogra-classmatetristan_: not completely, but basically :)07:45
LaserJockI'm just saying it's a bit more complicated than doing X forwarding07:45
ogra-classmatethe chroot we use is tweaked in many ways from a normal basic linux system07:45
ogra-classmatebut the base is a mini ubuntu07:46
LaserJocktristan_: http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/handbook/C/ltsp-theory.html might be a good read07:47
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ograLaserJock, http://librarian.launchpad.net/7824279/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.gcompris_8.3.1-3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz :(11:21
LaserJockconfigure: error: Couldn't find gnuchess11:26
ograwell, i suspect its the one after that11:26
ogra./configure: line 27762: exit: please: numeric argument required11:27
ogra./configure: line 27762: exit: please: numeric argument required11:27
LaserJockhmm, yeah11:28
LaserJockwell darn it, I built it on an updated i386 gutsy pbuilder11:28
ograi'll look into it on the weekend11:28
LaserJockI wonder if it's a buildd problem11:28
LaserJockI don't see why it would, but I know there have been issues11:28
LaserJockogra: what about tuxpaint? think you can get that uploaded before the weekend?11:36
ogranope, next week is my big merge and spec review week11:37
ograi'm unlikely to find time before11:37
ograthe gcompris error goes over all arches11:39
LaserJockok, I'll try to look at it as well11:39
LaserJockI don't understand why it worked in my pbuilder though11:40
ogra-classmatewell, worst case we just add gnuchess to the build deps11:40
ogra-classmatemight make sense anyway11:40
LaserJockhmm, that line 27762 in ./configure is:11:42
LaserJock  { (exit please install the gnuchess package version 5 or above); exit please install the gnuchess package version 5 or above; }; }11:42
ogra-classmatehow does debian handle that then if its not a build-dep11:43
ogra-classmatehmm, there is a build-dep11:44
LaserJockso did the buildd just not find gnuchess?11:45
ogra-classmatethere is no gnuchess anymore11:45
LaserJockin the log I see: Note, selecting gnome-games instead of gnuchess11:46
ogra-classmateteacher@edubuntu:~$ apt-cache show gnome-games|grep Replaces11:46
ogra-classmateReplaces: gnuchess, gnome-sudoku11:46
LaserJockwell heck11:46
LaserJockgnuchess is old11:47
LaserJockbut it's still in unstable it seems11:47
ogra-classmatewell, i"ll talk to seb tomorrow if he"s around again11:47
ogra-classmatethere should be a transition plan11:48
LaserJockhmm, yeah11:49
LaserJockI'll have to take a look at my pbuilder11:49
LaserJockit should have picked that up I think11:49
LaserJockwell, I'm sorry oliver11:50
ogra-classmatenot your fault :)11:50
LaserJockit also built on Stevenk's gutsy amd64 pbuilder11:50
LaserJockso 2 gutsy pbuilders built it fine11:50
ogra-classmateits probably gone since the most recent gnome/games upload11:51
LaserJockthe last gnome-games was built on the 16th11:52
LaserJockanyway, I think seb128 or dholbach should know more about it11:53
LaserJockit looks to me to be a gnuchess -> gnome-games transition issue11:53
ogra-classmateits very likely11:54
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SimonAnibalOuch!!! Anyone familiar with APT enough to know what one's supposed to do when dpkg has a parse error in /var/lib/dpkg/available, and when you go check out the line it references you realize from there to the end of the file is the slightest bit garbled and corrupt?12:17
SimonAnibalI have no idea what could have done this...12:19

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