meven_one hundred dollars question How can i release the process after execution using kind of int result = proc.start( KProcess::Block );12:24
meven_do i have to connect le kprocess to a slot or is there another way ?12:26
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meven_i am not lucky12:35
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Hobbseemorning all01:44
=== _neversfelde [n=neversfe@nrbg-4db44466.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RadiantFiregood morning01:45
jjessegood evening01:46
Hobbseedarn, kdeedu ftbfs due to other merges01:48
jjesseHobbsee: if i want to be running the bleeding edge version of debian is that unstable or testing?01:48
Hobbseetesting, i believe01:49
Hobbseealthough things seem to get uploaded to unstable a lot, and nto to testing01:49
Hobbseei'm not sure01:49
rbrunhuber_jjesse: the bleeding edge is unstable (aka sid)01:49
jjesserbrunhuber_: thanks01:50
rbrunhuber_jjesse: but it can be really unstable so you may want to have a look on sidux. which is sid but a bit "moderated"01:52
jjesserbrunhuber_: if i'm trying to work on dcoumenting both keep and adept which should i use?01:54
rbrunhuber_jjesse: you should use debian unstable then. Because debian is upstream for a lot of packages and not sidux (which is independent of debian)01:56
jjesserbrunhuber_: thanks thats what i thought, but wanted to make sure01:56
rbrunhuber_jjesse: It's dangerous though because maybe ubuntu is upstream for debian on your packages. So you have to be careful.01:57
jjesserbrunhuber_: its just a vm for both gutsy and debian unstable01:57
jjesseso if it crashes or bombs out i can just revert the snapshot01:57
rbrunhuber_jjesse: I did not mean dangerous as crashing but be careful who is upstream to whom the ubuntu packages may come from debian or kde directly.01:58
jjesserbrunhuber_: thanks i will be01:58
rbrunhuber_jjesse: This mean if you document the latest and greatest feature in debian this may not land in ubuntu and the other way round.01:59
jjesserbrunhuber_: i understand01:59
jjessefor adept i have to document different for debian and ubuntu because they have moved very far apart02:00
rbrunhuber_jjesse: but good luck on your docu writing. Thats always very appreciated.02:00
jjesserbrunhuber_: thanks02:00
jjessei hate it when i'm working in a vm and it always repeat key strokes :(02:40
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Hobbseehttp://www.ereslibre.es/?p=47 is seriously cool.05:16
Hobbseemanchicken_: ^05:16
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Jucatoradial menu! kool! :)05:19
Jucatoalthough they're too far from the center, imho05:19
Jucatounless hovering over a pie-section is the same as clicking/hovering over the icon itself05:20
=== Jucato wonders why that post didn't get into akregator yet...
Hobbseeit's here for me05:22
Jucatoah there...05:22
JucatoI set it to fetch every hour only...05:22
JucatoI bet the kcontrol kultists will be saying something :)05:23
=== Jucato likes/loves radial menus though :)
Hobbseeyeah - shiny :)05:25
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=== Hobbsee ponders dropping krfb from the default install, as it's unmaintained
ajmitchgo for it06:05
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Hobbseeiirc that was done with kwifimanager06:37
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nixternalthat is pretty sharp actually06:51
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mhbgood morning09:35
Jucatomoin mhb09:38
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
mhbJucato: what's up in here? Any important&cool stuff I missed? :o)09:43
Jucatoum.. none that I know of :)09:43
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Tonio_fdoving: your patch works nicelly09:54
Tonio_fdoving: I didn't notice any regression, so I'll probably include it tomorrow09:54
fdovingTonio_: great. as i explained in the mail, it's an issue when refreshing.09:58
fdovingand htis is a workaround only.09:59
fdovinggrrr.. dead dsl and unstable gprs. :|09:59
Tonio_I don't expect a real bug fixing on kde3 now....10:00
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_fdoving: even if we have to report to kde10:00
Tonio_fdoving: btw the workarround is fine10:01
Tonio_fdoving: I'll be on my contrib day tomorrow, so I'll push the patch in10:01
Tonio_fdoving: and hopefully, as soon as I get my internet connection back at home (in 2 weeks) I'll be able to contribute every evening10:01
Tonio_just sucks that it takes so long to get someone to fix my internet connection issue.....10:02
Tonio_fdoving: your changes will be in soon :)10:02
Tonio_and once again thanks for the help10:02
fdovingok. i think i'll have to go make some calls, my dsl is dead too. died some time this morning.10:02
fdovingyou're welcome :)10:02
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viviersfRiddell, ping11:01
Riddellhi viviersf11:03
Riddellhow's impi?11:04
viviersfRiddell, just wanted to find out, what is the default kde for gutsy11:04
viviersfRiddell, its doing well :)11:04
viviersf3.5 or 4 ?11:04
Riddell3.5.7 (or possibly 3.5.8 if it exists)11:04
Riddellkde 4 won't be released until after gutsy11:04
Riddellso we'll put out an unsupported remastered CD when that happens11:04
Riddellgutsy+1 will also be KDE 3 by default since it's LTS11:05
viviersfwill kubuntu kde patches be applied to the feisty branch on your site11:05
Riddellhow do you mean?11:05
viviersfyouve got backports for kde 3.5.7 for feisty11:05
viviersfdoes gusty patches get applied to those11:06
viviersfjust making sure11:06
viviersfwell atleast those backports work better than feisty's kde11:06
Riddellin which way?11:06
Riddellah yes, people have been saying that's improved11:07
Riddellthey remove xinerama support though11:07
viviersfthey chose to move impi to gnome11:07
viviersfbut we still use kontact11:07
viviersfcos of kolab etc11:07
Riddellright, I noticed you'd got into that11:07
viviersfso its very important for kontact to work 100%11:08
viviersfyeh :)11:08
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_StefanS_anyone remember what that tool for searching (and adding) non-kde programs to the kmenu ?11:21
_StefanS_cant remember it :(11:21
_StefanS_ah yes !! :)11:22
Jucatoalthough non-kde apps should be added automatically to the menu, provided they have the correct .desktop file11:22
_StefanS_thanks alot11:22
_StefanS_I was thinking Xterm and so on11:23
Jucatoah yeah11:23
Jucatoxeyes :)11:23
_StefanS_nice :) exactly what I needed11:23
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LureRiddell: kdepim (kitchensync) needs opensync to build -> do you plan to request MIR for opensync?01:28
RiddellLure: not looked at it yet, if you fancy doing the MIR please go ahead01:30
LureRiddell: opensync in ubuntu/debian is rather old (0.19, latest is 0.22)01:30
Riddellyes, that probably also needs doing01:31
LureRiddell: not sure if we should wait for update first (0.30 should be out soon and lifeless is debian maintainer)01:31
LureRiddell: we could make kitchensync empty package for now...01:31
Riddellif kdepim works with .22 I don't see a point in waiting01:32
LureRiddell: problem is we have 0.19 and I doubt it is at all useful to try01:33
Lure0.22 is available by 3rdparties only (and it works for me and my nokia phone)01:33
Lurelifeless did not want to push 0.21/0.22 as 0.30 will change some stuff that will impact packagin, afair01:34
Riddellby 3rd parties?  it's not an official release?01:34
LureRiddell: official release, just not in debian/ubuntu01:34
Riddellwaiting for a future release is risky, it may get delayed, is there a release schedule?01:34
LureRiddell: http://www.in.fh-merseburg.de/~jahn/opensync-0.21/01:34
LureRiddell: according to Trac, 0.30 is "due in one week", but still 13 tickets opened, so I doubt it01:36
LureRiddell: but there are daily commits, so it may be true01:37
LureRiddell: but anyhow, we want working kdepim (including networkstatus) before MIR is granted (or 0.30 hits repo), right?01:37
Luretherefore shipping empty kitchensync package as a workaround would be fine01:38
LureRiddell: btw, I see that you do not ship kitchensyn in your feisty repo at all...01:39
Riddellno, I just removed it from feisty01:40
RiddellI don't mind removing it from gutsy if that's the right thing to do just now01:40
=== hunger [n=tobias@pd95b0676.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
hungerHmmm... updating KDE without restarting the KDE apps is no fun:-)01:50
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Riddellkwwii: could i get an eps of http://muse.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu_akademy_banner.png ?02:14
Riddell(at some point soon, no immediate rush)02:15
sebasUrgh. The slogan totally sucks.02:15
kwwiiwait till you see the real one02:15
=== sebas digs up a better one from the slogan-repo
Riddellkwwii: we want that slogan, not the other one02:16
Riddellor a better one if sebas has one to hand02:16
kwwiiRiddell: did you clear that with Gerry?02:16
Riddellkwwii: no, but then he never cleared his one with me02:16
Riddelland nobody that I've asked likes it02:17
sebasShould I post them here and have people bike-shed about it, or just privmail? :-)02:17
kwwiiI think that you and Riddell can pick one :-)02:17
sebasLast time slogans were discussed on-list, it was a mess, everyone knows better, even if they don't.02:17
=== sebas emails Riddell, CC kwii
kwwiiRiddell: I have to basically redraw the whole thing in adobe illustrator, I'll try to get it done by tomorrow, ok?02:18
Riddellkwwii: you do?  why?  tomorrow is fine02:19
sebasThat's for the aKademy banner, right?02:19
sebasSo target group is developers, not users?02:19
Riddellsebas: yes02:19
kwwiiRiddell: because inkscape cannot create an eps02:20
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellkwwii: but can't AI import inkscape's SVG?02:20
sebasShould we go the community way then? I think so02:20
kwwiiRiddell: yes, but it will not support the kind of transparency I am using02:20
kwwiiand I still have to redo the cutting of the paths for the bleed02:21
kwwiiit is not a real problem, but I am working on something else atm :-)02:21
kwwiiI also need to touch up the advert from last year02:21
sebasHm, what about "Our desktop." ?02:22
sebasI'm not sure as to what to communicate, is there anything known from Canonical why they sponsor aKademy, what they want to express with that?02:22
sebasWe could otherwise get real geeky. As in "Downstream loves you!" or something similar02:23
Riddellsebas: they deliberately sponsor akademy higher than guadec to show their support for KDE to the otherwise skeptical developers02:24
sebasThen I'd say something snappy with 'downstream' of this meaning would be cool02:24
Riddell"all our customers choose KDE" :)02:25
Riddell(except Dell, but what do they know)02:25
sebasKubuntu - all our users use KDE02:26
sebasOr maybe "Eat *this*, Novell!" ;-)02:26
Riddellprovocative :)02:26
sebasYes, and pretty much not done as well.02:26
sebasI'd do "Downstream loves you!"02:27
RiddellI do quite like that02:27
sebasIt's definitely better than easy, good, perfect (or what was it?)02:28
Riddellrandom words that kwwii had in his head02:28
Riddellwhich is better than http://muse.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu_akademy_banner_1.png02:28
sebasI usually check slogans by putting them next to a brick and see if that applies. If it does, the slogan sucks.02:28
sebasHehehe, make that Ubuntu - GNOME and it's funny again.02:29
Riddellyes, the equation is wrong anyway02:29
sebasActually, that's one of the things Chris mentioned as well.02:29
Riddellwhich is?02:29
sebasHe talked about "star buntu"02:30
Riddellwould be nice02:30
Riddellwell, no, it would be a crappy brand, but would be nice to make things equal02:30
sebasBut hard, it's a messy identity that needs to be fixed.02:30
sebasOne would need to put quite some thought into this, goes with technical stuff such as "what's a desktop"?02:31
sebasI'd say "the company is Canonical, the products are Ubuntu, antlbagguz (the new name for Kubuntu) and Snurkfroggl (the new xfce thing)" would work much better02:32
sebasPeople understand that a company can have different product lines for different needs (target groups), they don't understand than different desktops run on the same base system.02:33
sebasWe've been through that, though :)02:33
Riddellchanging the Kubuntu brand is pretty much a non-starter02:33
Riddellbut creating an umbrella brand would be nice02:33
sebasUmbrella branding is really hard to do, and I think it's quite impossible with the current situation (without renaming *all* desktop, which is even more a non-starter)02:34
sebasANother problem is that I'm not aware of a real product vision, such as "Ubuntu is for boring business use while Kubuntu is for exciting home users and extrovert weirdo's" or something like that.02:35
sebasTo me, currently it's "we'd lose customers if we don't offer KDE", and that's hardly a product vision02:36
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellthat's because both desktops are trying to cover as much market as possible02:37
Riddellno point in Kubuntu specialising if KDE isn't, and I don't want KDE to specialise02:37
Riddellsame for Ubuntu/gnome I'm sure02:37
Hobbseehi all02:38
jjessemorning Hobbsee02:39
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu-devel
sebasRiddell: Well, it's not about specialising KDE, but specialising the product.02:39
Riddellbut I want everyone to love us!02:39
Hobbsee* :)02:39
sebasKDE is raw product, to make it a 'real' product, specialising is good.02:39
sebasSure, it should be generally usable, but from a business POV, it makes sense to specialise.02:40
sebasBreadth can be bad, because it makes you lose profile.02:40
mhbIMHO we'd lose a lot of users if we specialised Kubuntu, which would result in less volunteers, etc02:40
=== Arby [n=richard@shiny.york.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu-devel
sebasFor KDE, we're trying to create sub-brands and get those out.02:41
sebasFor example showing KDE EDU as its own brand (sure it has other specialised software available, but by showing too much, you blur the strong message)02:41
sebasI'm not talking "let's do this", by the way. Only clarifying general concepts.02:42
mhbsebas: is there anyone in the distro market having a specialised KDE version?02:43
mhbmost of them have KDE and GNOME as (mostly) equal choices02:43
sebasmhb: Skolelinux for example, Xandros and Linspire as well02:44
sebasDon't think in distro's, think in products for target markets, then it makes sense.02:44
sebasFor desktops, it's also a geographical thing, Europe is more KDE territory, not offering KDE makes you lose large parts of the european market.02:45
sebasLikewise South America, lots of KDE fans there.02:45
_marseillais:) a friend of mine just told me that she wants mandriva in place of kubuntu because of kde's dragon missing in kdm login and delog.....02:46
sebasPoint is, you don't need to target those that ask for KDE, just make sure everyone knows that you're offering good KDE stuff02:46
sebasmarseillai: There you see KDE's strategy succeeding :-)02:46
sebasWhich is Make people aware and love KDE, then have them choose a distro which offers KDE02:46
Riddellmarseillai: show her our web site front page02:46
=== sebas rambled enough
mhbsebas: IRC's no good for long ramblings .o)02:47
sebasI'm escaping dealing with badly written webforms though.02:48
sebasKind of elusive behaviour02:48
mhbsebas: but you are having at least a bit of a point IMO02:48
sebasThanks :P02:49
=== sebas thinks about this stuff day and night.
=== apacheLAGger [n=me@N894P028.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_marseillaisRiddell, she find it just lovely!02:51
Riddellshould be enough dragons for everyone02:51
_marseillaisthe same in kdm and she's almost the happiest girl in the world02:51
=== Jucato thinks he could do that for _marseillais...
=== _marseillais prefer the actual
_marseillaisbut she prefer kde's dragon02:52
Jucatogive me a few secs...02:52
_marseillaiswhat's his name ?02:52
_marseillaisof kde's gradon02:52
_marseillaisyes Jucato now i remember02:53
=== _marseillais remember konqi dance video
Jucato_marseillais: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3080988.msg59783#msg5978302:54
mhbsebas: I thought the goal is "to provide the best KDE around"02:58
mhbsebas: best probably as in balanced in performance, usability and features02:59
sebasThat's hardly a goal, that's a means.02:59
sebasA goal would be  "Get 40% of computer users worldwide to use KDE desktops"03:00
sebasJust as an example, of course the 40% is just a joke, far too low.03:00
_marseillaisJucato, she find that very cool03:01
_marseillaisshe's happy03:01
JucatoI thought she'd be :)03:01
mhbsebas: yes, that's a goal of a product ... truth is, I sometimes think of kubuntu as a project, not a product03:01
_marseillaisand happy girl is just making me happy....03:02
sebasIn branding terms compared to the other Ubuntu things, it's more a product.03:02
sebasA project is quite a bad name for that, btw.03:02
sebasA project has a well-defined ending03:02
mhbsebas: yes, but compared to ubuntu a lot of things are lacking, no kubuntu marketing team for instance03:02
sebasWhich Kubuntu I think has not03:02
sebasRight, no marketing, exactly my point.03:02
mhbsebas: but if canonical supports the development of kubuntu, they have to have a good reason for that03:08
sebasYes, customers that want KDE03:08
LureRiddell, Hobbsee: kdepim temporary fix for build failure: http://muse.19inch.net/~lure/gutsy/kdepim.debdiff03:09
HobbseeLure: +++ /tmp/Ox7XvvA4y5/kdepim-3.5.7/debian/kdepim-dev.install2007-05-24 13:06:46.000000000 +0000 isnt needed, against my latest packages03:09
mhbsebas: then "providing the best KDE around" is the goal, isn't it? That's exactly what the customers desire.03:10
Hobbseebut those are correct against the current archive version03:10
mhbsebas: and customers are the reason why C. supports Kubuntu03:10
sebasThat's reacting to existing markets, while the biggest opportunities lie in new markets.03:11
mhbsebas: could be - the goals can be reshaped, of course03:12
LureHobbsee: right, I have used the version from archive03:13
LureHobbsee: feel free to adopt it to your version to fix build03:13
Lure_marseillais: you can switch back to old konqi logout with config file change...03:18
_marseillaisLure, yes Jucato show me how to do03:18
Lure_marseillais: yep, I see the link now... ;-)03:19
RiddellLure: great, uploading03:19
Jucato_StefanS_ is so going to kill me :)03:19
LureJucato: it is his fault anyhow - he has implemented the config option ;-)03:21
Jucatohehe :)03:21
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbsebas: what are your suggestion for the goals of Kubuntu?03:35
mhbsebas: we would have to define the goals, define the target audience, then perhaps an analysis of what the audience wants, then create specs (in LP) in accordance with the needs of the audience...03:41
sebasJep. That's the right way (roughly)03:41
jjesseshouldn't that be further discussed at the kubuntu mtg?03:41
sebasAnd a lot of work, too.03:41
sebasWhat's an MTG?03:41
mhbsebas: this topic fits well for the UDS discussion, I thought you were there03:41
mhbsebas: did you not talk about that?03:41
sebasI was there, yes, not really.03:42
mhbmtg = meeting03:42
sebasUhm, why during the meeting?03:43
jjesseisn't that were the kubuntu team discusses this so more people can add contrstutive criticism?03:43
sebasThis kind of stuff starts endless discussion of people who want to tell what they think while they totally lack the background. The perfect way to destroy a meeting.03:43
sebasNo, that's where decisions are being made. I don't see this.03:44
Hobbseeseems like ML material, maybe03:44
sebasEspecially not when nobody wants to put work into it.03:44
sebasFor me, I don't really have time I can put into it.03:44
sebasIt would be cool if some people started thinking about this, I can probably lend some experience then.03:45
sebasBut that means a lot of work.03:45
=== Hobbsee wonders what the target audience is anyway
Hobbseejjesse: that's teh ML.  not all kubuntu people can make the mtg03:49
mhbHobbsee: I don't think there is a target audience for kubuntu yet03:50
sebasI think there is, only nobody thought how to align Kubuntu with that.03:50
Hobbseewlel, no, but who would we want the target audience to be?03:50
sebasWhich means first finding out what it is.03:50
mhbHobbsee: that is the question03:51
LureHobbsee: that is the answer03:53
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=== nuu [i=neuro@host168-148-dynamic.55-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbsebas: IMHO we need to spread the word (what you said) a bit, in order to gain more attention and perhaps those sought volunteers04:02
mhbsebas: a mail into the ML perhaps04:03
sebasThat might work04:05
=== hunger is looking forward to a *long* thread with lots of rambling.
jjesseisn't that what mailing lists are for?04:17
viviersfRiddell, can we talk about kubuntu kde packages tomorrow plz04:20
Riddellviviersf: sure04:21
sebasDid I miss the date for a meeting, btw?04:21
HobbseeLure: did you want to push that kdepim update, or do i?04:22
Hobbseesebas: i suck.   you havent missed it.04:22
LureHobbsee: Riddell already did04:22
sebasWould a note be sent to kubuntu-devel? (That'd work for me.)04:22
=== Hobbsee updates, then
Hobbseesebas: of course.04:22
sebasCool :)04:22
Hobbseesebas: the problem is that i suck, and really havent gotten back in control of anything since i get back.04:22
Luremeeting? we didn't have one for a long time... ;-)04:23
HobbseeLure: yes.04:23
sebasHobbsee: Not a problem, I was just asking myself if I missed something, which I didn04:23
sebast, which in turn, is fine. :-)04:24
Hobbseesebas: heh.04:24
Hobbseeit's really bad - i need to get in control again.04:24
Hobbseebut, i've done a lot of the kde packages for gutsy, so at least that's something.04:24
Riddellmakes me happy :)04:25
=== sebas too
Riddelltime for me to 0wn gutsy-changes, kde-i18n uploading04:25
Hobbseeuh oh.  i'm being emailed by the tech board.04:27
Riddelloh, do we need to all give testimony on how you should be a core-dev?04:27
Hobbseethink it's already been done, for the most part.04:28
Hobbseebut a word from you probably wouldnt hurt, being Mr Kubuntu, and all.04:29
Hobbseeseeing as everyone else has replied isnt a kubuntu-specifc person, for the most part04:29
Riddellwhere does this happen?04:29
Hobbseemotu-council mailing list, i think, who then sent it to the tech board04:30
HobbseeThe MOTU Council notified us of your interest in joining the core04:30
Hobbseedevelopment team.  Thanks for expressing your interest in further04:30
Hobbseecontributions to the development of Ubuntu.04:30
HobbseeTypically, we interview core developer applicants on IRC during a regularly04:30
Hobbseescheduled meeting.  However, based on the time zone you have indicated in04:30
HobbseeLaunchpad, this would be at 0500 local time, so I'm open to making a04:30
Hobbseedifferent arrangement for you to meet with us at a more reasonable time of04:30
HobbseeWould you like to propose a time?04:30
=== sebas asks himself if all that structure really helps or creates more overhead than necessary.
Hobbseesebas: dunno.  tech board is busy, so they fob work off to motu council.  motu council is also busy, but everyhting is on their ML anyway.04:32
Hobbseesebas: it's very beurocratic now, yes.04:32
sebasI've no idea how all that works, and somehow I refuse to learn it.04:33
ubotuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates for main and restricted, while https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/SRU is for universe and multiverse.04:33
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mhbmanchicken_: I've had a thought ... adept (especially updater) usually prompts a kdesu passcheck before any window opens...04:51
mhbmanchicken_: I think there should be a window before that, telling people why do they have to input their password04:52
sebasCan't that be passed to kdesu somehow?04:52
mhbsebas: not at this moment, I'm afraid04:52
mhbsebas: gksudo does that, kdesu don't, AFAIK04:52
manchicken_mhb: I'm wondering if kdesu had that in.04:53
sebasHm, it's dumb04:53
mhbmanchicken_: and another thing, why does adept_updater have a welcome screen?04:54
manchicken_A better question :)04:54
mhbthe user should know what it is before he submits the password...afterwards it's pretty clear he wants the upgrade to happen04:55
manchicken_Well, it's good to give the "these are the packages needing updates, wanna do it?04:55
sebasAnother dialogue you have to click away sounds annoying to me04:55
manchicken_sebas: Agreed.04:56
manchicken_I think maybe have better text in kdesu's dialog may be a better choice.04:56
Jucatomanchicken_: maybe you don't have to click fetch updates to actually fetch the upates, just present the Apply Updates or Forget it button?04:56
manchicken_Jucato: My thoughts exactly.04:57
manchicken_Someone should draw up a spec for this :)04:57
Jucatoheh :)04:57
mhbyeah, I can do it04:58
mhbmanchicken_: but I think one dialog is enough04:58
mhbmanchicken_: and we can't get rid of the kdesu dialog, so I'd vote for better description on that one04:59
mhbsomething like - "Insert your password to upgrade your system." Command: adept_updater05:00
mhbinstead of the "Insert your password" line05:00
manchicken_I think those would be two different specs.05:00
manchicken_One for the kdesu issue and one for the adept welcome screen.05:00
manchicken_I'll do the adept welcome screen spec if you do the kdesu05:00
mhbsounds fair05:03
manchicken_Best wiki page URL ever05:03
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manchicken_Wow, the spec template got longer.05:20
=== DaSkreech waves at _Sarah__
DaSkreechmanchicken_: I haven't looked at the spec for Gib Yet. I'm betting we want Kubuntu to look prettier?05:21
=== _Sarah__ waves back to DaSkreech
=== lucky_lucas [n=lucas@167-209.5-85.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #kubuntu-devel
yuriymanchicken,mhb: any idea how to do the kdesu thing? i was thinking about that too but i couldn't think of a very good way to do it05:31
manchicken_yuriy: No idea.  Worst comes to worse we could just subclass the kdesu dialog and modify it :)05:33
yuriybecause one of the things with it should be that when the user sees that, they should know that they are launching the updater05:33
yuriylike some way to prevent having somebody else making a dialog that gives the same text the actual one does and have the user put in a password05:34
yuriyor am i thinking too much into this?05:34
manchicken_Well, I think that's a good question.05:34
manchicken_We should probably try to find some newer users and ask them these questions.05:34
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hungeryuriy: How will you make sure that nobody else just imitates what you are going to do?05:35
yuriyhunger: exactly.. no idea.05:35
=== hunger saw a windowing system once that made it possible to highlight windows run in a "root context" and made sure no other window ever looked like that.
hungerBut that was not X based;-)05:36
yuriybut anyways, other than _that, could we ship a file with descriptions for the commands that are launched with kdesu from the kmenu and patch kdesu to search that?05:36
mhbyuriy: well05:36
mhbyuriy: kdesu can already display a custom icon05:36
mhbwe could use the adept "package" icon to show that something with packages is about to happen05:36
yuriymhb: oh that's nice. does it? i've never noticed05:36
mhbyuriy: it does, AFAIK - try kdesu --help05:37
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DaSkreechmanchicken_: Gutsy05:38
mhbyuriy: then we could patch kdesu to be able to display a custom message instead of the "Insert your password." line05:38
yuriyi mean, on kubuntu right now, it doesn't show the adept icon when launching adept. would that just be a matter of changing the shortcut?05:38
mhbyuriy: most likely05:40
mhbyuriy: you never noticed? :o) some guidance tools (userconfig) uses this particular feature05:42
yuriyah, with the administrator button?05:42
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hungerNo updates today? What is wrong? Buildds still busy chewing through KDE?05:44
DaSkreechHi hunger05:45
hungerHi DaSkreech.05:45
Hobbseehunger: means i've been at uni, and no one else has done them.  although i thought kdepim went thru05:46
DaSkreechHobbsee: that's what you were building?05:46
yuriyhmm, there isn't really anything other than adept that uses kdesu in the kmenu is there, heh.05:47
Hobbseei havent touched kdepim in a day or so05:47
hungerAnyone working on a fix for knetworkmanager by the way?05:47
=== hunger has to run... bye!
Hobbseehunger: already done in kdepim05:48
yuriyif adept is the only thing, then patching to add descriptions might be overboard, the icon would be nice though. <- manchicken05:50
mhbwell, patching to add descriptions will be useful elsewhere, too05:52
mhbnobody uses it because it doesn't exist - but if it did, I'm sure more apps could make use of it05:53
=== apacheLAGger is now known as apachelogger
nixternaloi oi mornin' mornin'!05:54
mhbnixternal: good morning!05:55
DaSkreechHi nixternal05:55
DaSkreechstill not telling mewhere tochange the files?05:55
manchicken_That spec is done.05:56
mhbnixternal: I'm triaging a report which states that Debian's KDE is faster than Kubuntu's ... you seem to be working with debian folks lately (IIRC), did you notice something like that?05:57
nixternalmy Debian KDE isn't faster05:58
nixternalit is the same if you ask me05:58
nixternalDebian KDE == stripped all to hell05:58
nixternalwell not stripped...but vanilla05:58
mhbnixternal: that's what I thought05:59
=== nixternal fires up debian
nixternalmhb: do you have any examples on what may be quicker?05:59
nixternalfrom login to desktop is quick, but that could be because I have stuff starting up on my lappy that isn't on my desktop06:00
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nixternalI just waited 30+ seconds for Adept to fire up after clicking the notifier icon on the bottom06:01
mhbnixternal: no, I'm waiting on the input from the bug reporter06:03
nixternalahh, ok06:03
=== DaSkreech ponders going to the doctor
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=== nixternal hasn't been to the doctor since the military...9 years
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DaSkreechnixternal: Cough and look to the left?06:25
nixternalthat was about 20 years ago for high school sports06:25
DaSkreechI think my eye is bleeding06:26
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DaSkreechOmgoodness konqueror and gmail are broken :)06:45
Hobbseewhat, again?06:48
DaSkreechIt was patched?06:51
DaSkreechI'm on a live cd so no updates :)06:51
Hobbseeoh so pre .06:51
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nixternalwhat is the kio thing for konqi that allows you to search packages?07:03
=== nuu [i=neuro@host168-148-dynamic.55-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu-devel
meveni have a simple question about C++07:09
mevenhow can i suspend a kapp until a kprocess sends its exited signal07:09
Hobbsee#kde-devel is a more appropriate place07:10
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yuriyhmm i think i'm going to make a kde-media tag for media/cd bugs. or do we already have something like that?08:23
Hobbseejust file lots of things upstream08:24
Hobbseeif you're working on the buglist08:24
Hobbseekde bugs08:25
Hobbseebugs on malone == buglist08:25
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_StefanS_Jucato: hey, hows that new monitor of yours?08:27
_StefanS_Hey Hobbs, Jucatoh :)08:27
RiddellDaSkreech: one the CD?08:28
DaSkreechRiddell: Yeah I found a bug/typo08:29
RiddellDaSkreech: what's that?08:29
DaSkreechRiddell: In the disctree/en/kubuntu.html it says that Kubuntu ships with KDE 3.408:30
_StefanS_Riddell: knetworkmanager, and support for LEAP is done. I depends on features in networkmanager 0.6.5, so I dont know if its ready for gutsy yet?08:31
=== _StefanS_ wonders
RiddellDaSkreech: that's just put together by heno from various places, probably about kubuntu08:32
RiddellDaSkreech: I'd really like to see about kubuntu and the those winfoss info pages improved for gutsy08:32
Riddell_StefanS_: is there a knetworkmanager release?08:33
Riddell_StefanS_: we probably have to wait for networkmanager 0.6.5 in any case08:33
_StefanS_Riddell: you're thinking 0.2 ?08:33
_StefanS_Riddell: not yet, should I just submit it upstream?08:34
yuriyRiddell: it's just html? improved looks or content?08:34
DaSkreechRiddell: Thought I'd just change it to something correct :)08:38
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yuriyanyways, is someone working on a new website? then the style from the website should be used on the docs, right?08:40
jjessethe sytle for the docs and website should match in my view08:42
jjessenixternal: what do you think?08:42
Lure_StefanS_: ubuntu still has nm 0.6.4 only, we have to wait for 0.6.508:44
Lure_StefanS_: but you should push it upstream (for 0.2)08:44
_StefanS_Lure: I will do that, and wait for it to come downwards into kubuntu :)08:45
nixternaljjesse: +++1111108:49
nixternalreboot time08:50
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yuriy(bug 103972) any chance of libarts1-mpeglib being installed by default?08:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 103972 in kdebase "Konqueror audio preview doesnt work" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10397208:53
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Riddell_StefanS_: sure08:56
_StefanS_anyone know how to have previous bash history available even though you quit konsole/xterm (shouldn't it be sourced automatically?)08:56
Riddellyuriy: content for about kubuntu, it's docbook in the ubuntu docs svn repository08:56
DaSkreechnixternal: I tried :-)08:58
nixternalwhat did you try?09:01
DaSkreechTo fix the file on the live Cd :)09:02
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meven_ www.dell.com/open that's done11:39
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