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thorwilhi! does there exist an ubuntu font type, or the is the logo text outline only?12:23
kwwiithere is an installable font12:28
kwwiiubuntu-title is the name12:28
kwwiibut the font is not the best12:28
thorwilkwwii: ty. could you expand on 'not the best'? :)12:36
kwwiiit is simply not a very high quality font12:37
nothlitits been improved lately and added uppercase though12:45
nothliti don't think that version's in the repos12:45
thorwilooh, seems there are more than 2 versions12:47
nothlitthat otherone only concerns you if you want to use something other than english12:48
thorwilactually, i likely only need an u, a c and a k, if at all :)12:49
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darkmattertroy_s, lapo, plus the issue isn't so much one of the pixmap engine as it is lazy coding with gtk apps (and/or poorly document use of gtk in a given app,, take your pick)08:28
darkmatterthe problem is that a lot of applications... even the *lofty* HIG compliant ones dont make proper use of gtk08:29
darkmatterprogrammers zig when they should zag, etc... basically use cheap n hackish code on the ui level08:29
darkmatterwhich is why some apps are real bastards when it comes to pixmap08:30
darkmatteran app I keep using a reference (just because the use of gtk is so hackish) is Listen08:31
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