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slackwarelifeHi, some of you have used  PDC-Client-0.9 file ???07:02
slackwarelifehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DomainAuthenticationUtility (the link of this files)07:03
slackwarelifesection --> Client Configuration07:04
slackwarelifeit does not works well07:05
Burgundaviathat is ancient07:05
Burgundaviayou want ajmitch's authtool07:05
slackwarelifeauthtool does not work well too07:06
slackwarelifethe problem is how pam files are configured07:07
slackwarelifecommon-auth has a sufficient request directive about pam_unix.so after sufficient directive about pam_ldap.so07:08
slackwarelifecommon-auth has a request directive about pam_unix.so after sufficient directive about pam_ldap.so07:09
Burgundaviayou need unix, in case your ldap stuff fails07:10
slackwarelifebut it block dbus daemon07:10
slackwarelifethere is a discussion on dbus mail list07:10
Burgundaviathat would be a dbus bug07:11
slackwarelifeabout this problem07:11
slackwarelifebut if you set sufficient all directive07:11
slackwarelifethere is no problem07:11
slackwarelifeI do it in my enterprise07:11
slackwarelifeanother problem is the gnome-screensaver block07:12
slackwarelifeif you use the directive required07:12
slackwarelifewhen you block the screensever07:12
slackwarelifeyou are not able to sblock it07:13
slackwarelifeI try07:13
slackwarelifeI'm part of admins group of AD in bank07:14
slackwarelifeand we try to configure ubuntu like our windows machines07:15
slackwarelifebut the are many differences07:15
slackwarelifefirst in windows we are able to select the domain in login phase07:16
slackwarelifewe have 20 domain07:16
slackwarelifein ubuntu we must insert @domainname after userid07:16
slackwarelifethis is not some easer for user07:17
slackwarelifesecond, in ubuntu don't work the pam_ldap remember option07:20
slackwarelifewe need users don't be able to use the some password for 30/4007:21
slackwarelifeI try some how-to, but the file /etc/security/opasswd does not change07:21
slackwarelifethird. We need manager the password expiration by AD07:23
slackwarelifebut in ubuntu we don't recive any message at the time07:23
slackwarelifein windows we recive the message about the axpiration07:24
wasabiYes, i believe we know all about all of that.07:28
slackwarelifeWe need users are not able to disable the screensaver block (in bank when user is not using the pc we need the screen will block)07:29
slackwarelifewasabi: ok you know07:29
wasabiI have the same issues you do, for the most part.07:29
wasabiFor disabling the screensaver at least, you can use various gconf mandatory settings to do it.07:30
wasabidisabling that disabling, that is.07:30
slackwarelifewasabi: ok07:30
slackwarelifebut I don't want disable sreensaver, I want the user are not able to disable it07:32
wasabiI know. That's what I meant.07:32
wasabiYou can use gconf mandatory settings to lock the option to enabled.07:32
slackwarelifeok i see /etc/gconf dir right ???07:34
slackwarelifeother problems we found when we try to change the passowrd using gnome-about-me07:36
wasabii'm not sure how you edit that actually07:36
slackwarelifeok. I see the file. I see tre structure. I try.                        We are not able to change passowrd for local and ldap. We are able to change only for local or only for LDAP07:38
slackwarelifemy pam file are the same using in suse/novell client07:39
slackwarelifethis configuration solve many problem about dbus and gnome-screensaver07:40
wasabifile a bug? :007:40
wasabiProblems that you have, you should file bugs.07:41
slackwarelifeI don't thinj, the novell documentation has many lines about this07:42
slackwarelifethinj --> think07:42
slackwarelifeI read in this how-to about the dbus problem07:42
slackwarelifeand in dbus mail list07:43
slackwarelifei have recived a precision istruction in how I can change the dbus file config to use the pam file i optain using authtool07:44
slackwarelifethe problem is /var/run/console/your_user file07:46
slackwarelifeif you use the pam file make from authtool, this file is not make in phase of login, so dbus and hal stop.07:47
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(slackwarelife/#ubuntu-directory) Do you want to know other problems ???08:20
slackwarelifewasabi: have you done some other tests09:16
wasabisuch as?09:20
wasabiUbuntu just doesn't have that great of level of directory support yet.09:21
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