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Burgworkhmm, no beuno12:39
boredandblogginghi Burgwork12:39
Burgworkhey boredandblogging12:40
Burgworkhow goes the UWN rocking today?12:40
boredandbloggingjust been putting some links the last couple of days, I'll start writing tonight and filling out the standard info12:41
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Lipe_hello everyone01:54
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Lipe_beuno, can we test the crons tomorrow?01:59
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bordygah meatballhat's never around when I am! lol04:00
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boredandbloggingBurgundavia: its early in the week still, but the UWN is looking a bit thin07:35
BurgundaviaI have some stuff07:35
Burgundaviaplus I can write about the UDS07:35
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Tm_Tjuliux: pong09:57
Tm_They, only 2(?) days later09:57
juliuxbetter 2days late as 2 years late;)09:58
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juliuxhi jono 10:08
Madpilotmorning jono 10:11
Madpilotjono, was there any talk @ UDS about loco team hosting?10:13
MadpilotUbuntu Canada has been waiting a fairly long time to get things set up...10:13
jonoMadpilot: what have you done?10:13
jonosubmitted an RT ticket?10:13
Madpilotjono, we've got a ticket open, got a basic account, asked for a Drupal install, and are still waiting on that - long enough for Support Janitor to get irritating...10:14
jonoare you an approved team?10:14
Madpilotapproved as of Jan/0710:15
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=== jenda waves at juliux
jendajuliux: do you have any plans for June that would rule out me turning up on the doorstep?10:28
jendaI'm free 6/6 - 6/16, and then again towards the end of the month.10:29
juliuxjenda, what do you think about the 15. june?10:41
jendajuliux: sounds good to me10:42
juliuxjenda, then we have to ask pitti;)10:42
jendajuliux: I'll try to get a morning ride there and an evening/night ride back10:42
jendajuliux: would you or should I?10:43
juliuxjenda, your task;)10:43
jendahehe, ok10:43
juliuxbtw i will meet pittin in berlin at the linuxtag10:43
jendajuliux: when's that?10:44
juliuxjenda, next week10:44
jendaoh, pitti can't do it on 15.10:44
juliuxask 16;)10:46
jendaI can't on 1610:46
jendaI asked about 14, and he can't, either.10:46
juliuxthe week end bevor i am in hamburg10:46
jendahow about 26?10:47
juliuxwe can do it during the week;)10:47
juliuxsounds good10:47
jendaI don't mind weekdays10:47
jendajuliux: I reserved a ticket for 26.10:52
jendajuliux: Let's hope it works out ;)10:52
juliuxdid you ask pitti?10:52
jendapitti says it's cool10:52
juliuxlets hope the wether is good this day10:53
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jendahello toros 10:02
tsmithealmost an hour late there jenda 10:03
jendatsmithe: :)10:03
jendatsmithe: I was hard at work.10:04
tsmitheyou not gonna fail again then?10:04
tsmithehow's the translation?10:04
jendaI now know all 150 forms of nouns in latin, most of the 300+ forms of pronouns, and know my way around verbs fairly well... now just some syntax and I can go to bed :)... 10:05
jendaThe translation is tucked in a safe place in my mind.10:05
jendaI'll get back to it on 6/6 at the earliest.10:06
jendaThat day will also be my ubuntu membership anniversary :)10:06
jendaI think I should buy myself a present or something ;)10:06
tsmitheall the forms?!10:06
tsmithethat's a lot10:06
tsmithei wish i was that good10:06
tsmithestupid school options10:06
jendaI only know all forms of nouns.10:06
=== beuno is amazed at jenda's ability to memorize... stuff
jendabeuno: I suck at it :) latin is one thing... maybe the only thing I can memoriz.10:07
jendaI usually don't remember what I was doing 10 seconds ago.10:07
beunojenda: you remembered your membership date!10:07
jendabeuno: hehe10:07
tsmithei don't...10:07
tsmitheit was in the easter holidays i think10:07
jendabeuno: it's 6/6/6, and I found that out about a month ago :-D10:07
beunojenda: short term memory is a different thing, that's because of all the drinking...  :p10:07
jendabeuno: I don't drink!10:08
beunojenda: yes you do, you just don't remember  :p10:08
beunowe should check logs to see how often you go off and drink, you'd be surprised  :D10:08
jendabeuno: I don't boast about it on IRC ;)10:09
jendaLemme see... I had one beer yesterday... two on friday... three on wednesday before that... three on the other wednesday before that...10:09
jendaThat's not much by my standards :)10:10
jendajeez, not even one a day on average, more like half.10:10
jendameh... I now have to go allocate all those forms of pronouns to their meanings in my head.10:11
beunojenda: what size are those beers=10:16
jendabeuno: half liter, of course :)10:58
=== beuno will have to see for himself when he goes to visit jenda
beunoI still don't know where I'm going after the 24th, when debconf ends11:00
beunoI have about a week to float around11:00
beuno(within a very very tight budget)11:00
beunoand pargue still seems to be the best plan  :D11:00
jendawow :)11:02
jendabeuno: I have a couch ;)11:02
=== beuno moves prague up on the list
jendabeuno: You're very welcome on it, if you don't mind sharing a room with me for the duration of your stay... as my apartment only has one room ;)11:03
jendaHowever, it is in the center of Prague and has a very nice view of it :)11:03
BurgworkI just put in a talk idea for Ubuntu live about marketing in the community11:03
Burgworklets see if they bite11:03
jendaBurgwork: would be cool.11:04
jendaBurgwork: will that stuff be recorded for online view, or at least logged in some way?11:04
BurgworkI have no idea11:04
beunoBurgwork: yeap, and try and get all that stuff on video this time, I haven't seen anything from UDS yet  :(11:04
Burgworkthere was no video11:04
beunojenda: I don't minda at all, would be great to visit prague for a couple of days11:05
beunoBurgwork: exactly my point,  :p11:05
BurgworkI know11:05
jendabeuno: what dates are you thinking?11:05
beunobig community, an event like that should be available for everyone11:05
jendabeuno: I'm going to Dresden on 6/2611:06
beunojenda: probably 26th-28th?11:06
Burgworkchallenge is getting it working11:06
jendabeuno: well... I'll be back in Prague at about 4 AM on the 27th :D11:06
Burgworksomebody from the communtiy would need to step up and do it, basically11:06
beunoBurgwork: the filming or editing?11:06
beunojenda: I can adjust, I might go by london, I can idle there a bit more, or stay a day in warsaw, I haven't been there since 93'11:07
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jendabeuno: up to you :) I don't mind you being at my place in my absense, but I can't exactly welcome you here when I'm in Dresden :D11:08
beunoBurgwork: editing is much easier, one person over there has to film and upload, I think an effort should be made in that sense, I get *a lot* of information from those kind of events11:08
Burgworklets talk about it for boston11:08
=== jenda will do his best to get to Boston
Burgworkwe would need one video camera for each breakout room and one for the main hall11:08
beunojenda: we'll talk it over closer to the date, don't really want to complicate anything for you11:08
beunoBurgwork: that would be super-mega-great11:09
Burgworkthen you would need to wire the asterisk server into the video stuff11:09
jendabeuno: oh, it's not a problem at all - I can't wait to meet you :)11:09
jendabeuno: it's good to know the people you work with.11:09
=== jenda goes back to subj... conjugating.
beunojenda: exactly my thoughts, I'm going to meet a few people from Ubuntu at debconf too (mark being one of them)11:10
beunohave fun with that11:10
beunoBurgwork: random videos (like http://www.kbglob.com/downloads/20060202_new-world-order_keybuk.ogg) are so useful on understanding how things are being developed11:10
Burgworkthat looks like an upstart talk11:11
Burgworkthe reality that most of the sessions are not talks11:11
Burgworkthey are round tables and thus hard to video11:11
beunoBurgwork: right, I understand11:12
beunojust wanted to poke someone who's closer those kinds of the events11:12
beunoI can leave it alone now  :p11:12
boredandbloggingisn't there a UDS video on the fridge?11:13
beunoboredandblogging: a very cute one, yes, but not really useful11:13
beunonice editing, nice song (by jono, I think)11:13
beunojust doesn't really tell you what happened over there, what decisions where taken, and what ideas came up11:13
beunono one really blogged about it much either11:14
Burgworkright, that is major flaw11:14
BurgworkI had thought about that at the conference11:15
Burgworkproblem is, everybody is just so tired11:15
boredandbloggingif anyone cares, the ubuntu machines are finally up on the dell site11:16
Burgworkyep, saw that11:16
boredandbloggingbut that picture is insanely big11:18
Burgworkit is supposed to be11:18
jendaI'm not sure I like that - how long is it supposed to be up?11:18
beunoBurgwork: maybe take along someone who would be willing to be there mainly to document the conference?  doesn't canonical pay for trip expenses to some of the atendees?11:18
Burgworkyes, including myself11:18
beunoBurgwork: well, maybe considering taking someone along who's role would be to document it the best he/she can, it would be of *so* much value to the community...11:20
Burgworkya, that totally makes sense11:20
Burgworkit should be one or two people11:21
beunogreat, so will you poke the right people to make it happen?11:21
boredandbloggingbeuno: are you volunteering :-P11:23
Burgworkso what would a conference coverage team look like?11:23
Burgworkwe would need a roaming video camera, ala paul sladen11:24
beunoboredandblogging: lol, no, I would absolutely hate having to travel for free, and meet all kinds of cool people and have to blog about it    :p11:25
boredandbloggingmaybe some people to edit each days videos and post them before the next day's sessions start?11:25
beunoBurgwork: yeap, video camera in hand, probably a recorder too, for sessions that can't ben filmed, notes, etc11:25
Burgworkall sessions are recorded via asterisk11:26
beunoand then yes, people that can edit each day, but the person there would have to make sure as much is transmited via any means to the team11:26
boredandbloggingmight be a lot of video to transfer around if its edited off-site11:26
beunoBurgwork: wouldn't recording via asterisk requiere constant internet access?11:27
Burgworknot if the asterisk box is local11:27
Burgworkwe need pitivi to be working better11:28
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Burgworkthe other issue is that reporters really need to be bouncing around, not in sessions11:28
beunoBurgwork: network access then, sounds great, whenever available, but there should also be a portable camera11:28
beunoBurgwork: exactly11:28
Burgworkthere is network access usually11:29
Burgworkit has been getting better each conference11:29
Burgworkneed 3 minute power interviews at the end of the day11:29
beunowell, we can draft up on a wiki page...11:29
Burgworkthat works11:30
beunoand then present to to canonical, or whom ever takes the decisions on traveling sponsorship11:30
beunoBurgwork: how does https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReportingOnConferences11:31
beunookidoke, I'll start drafting it11:32
Burgworkif we can get a solid plan and somebody will to do it, I can push with jono to get somebody sponsored to it11:33
beunoBurgwork: I'd *love* to do it, I'll work on the draft, but if anyone else does it, I'm happy too, I just want to know what goes on  :D11:34
Burgworkhave you ever asked for sponsorship?11:35
beunoBurgwork: nope, never thought I had a reason to11:35
Burgworkback in about 20 minutes11:35
beunoI wasn't even sure there was sponsorship11:35
beunoBurgwork: k11:36
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Burgworkback now11:56
beunoBurgwork, started mocking up the spec: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReportingUbuntuDevelopmentConferences12:01
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